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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 6, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, terror threat. authorities in los angeles warned about a possible imminent attack on their subway system set for today. >> right now we do have specific information. >> the tip coming in on a special line from overseas. the station at universal studios targeted. the city on high alert right now. millions brace for a deep freeze spreading across most of the country right now. texas facing single-digit temperatures and snow creates a travel mess and dangerous commutes. 17 states now under winter alerts. and vice president biden hints at a run for president in 2020. the 74-year-old refuses to rule anything out. while former vp al gore meets with president-elect trump and his daughter, ivanka.
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>> i fun to to it be an sbesing conversation. and the oscars go to jimmy kimmel. >> and they decided that since i'm already right across the treat from where they do the show i was the closest person to host. >> he landed the season's biggest prize for the first time ever. >> thanks for the ride. how do we fire this baby up? >> is kimmel about to bring the heat? ♪ we do say good morning, america. a lot of excitement for the oscars and jimmy kimmel. as he said, his studio's right across the street. it's right there. >> he could just walk across the street. you know that. he's had a lot of fun in his after oscars show every year. and matt damon is banned from his show. he has a little running thing, i won't let matt damon on my show. here's a little clip from last year's after oscars show. what a way to get on "jimmy kimmel live."
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>> and also congratulations, he and his wife expecting their second child. he announced that as well. we begin with tough news. that breaking news, a terror threat in los angeles targeting universal city metro line. fbi now investigating the credibility of the threat. officials say it was specific and imminent. abc's matt gutman is on the scene in universal city with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. that tip warned of a terrorist attack at this metro station. this morning, just steps away from universal studios. you can see part of the l.a. sheriff's office threat interdiction unit here. they have set up barriers. have been checking people's bags all morning. that call came in to an international public safety hotline. the fbi believed it was credible enough to take the unusual step of alerting the public. this morning one of the gateways to universal studios bristling with anti-terror units. the fbi says a threat called in to a foreign public safety hot line warned of a terrorist attack on the red line metro stop just yards from universal studios.
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overnight, the area looked like an action movie set. from the air, you could see them overnight. canine units and officers with automatic weapons. the fbi announcing the threat monday night. >> the reason that we wanted to bring this information to your attention is that there is the imminent threat that it was to take place tomorrow. >> reporter: what differentiated this from others was its specificity and timing, just hours away and that it targeted a spot used by tens of thousands every day. >> right now, we do have specific information and we're trying to determine whether it is a credible threat. >> reporter: still mayor garcetti urging people to go about their daily business and even ride the metro as he will. >> in fact, i'll be boarding the red line myself in the morning at universal city at the stop there. >> reporter: officials are telling us the threat was broader than just the metro. but because there were obvious mistakes in it, it was deemed
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less credible. multiple agencies involved telling us security will will be beefed up here for awhile. george? >> thanks very much. let's bring in pierre thomas and, pierre, so specific this threat, an attack supposed to happen today and set off a real scramble among federal authorities. >> reporter: george, it's been an intense 4 hours, as u.s. law enforcement agencies debated how to handle this threat. george, my sources told me they simply ran out of time. that this threat was imminent. not enough time to discount or confirm the threat. so despite the skepticism of some officials, my sources said they had no choice but to warn those commuters. >> there's always so much concern around the holiday season. >> reporter: george, none of this happens in a vacuum. this is an intense moment for law enforcement. we're in the midst of the holiday season that they know al qaeda and isis would like to hit. and there's a backdrop of recent history with the one-year anniversary of the san bernardino massacre and attempted bombing in new york city over the summer and last week a man possibly inspired by isis tried to run over and stab
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people on the campus of ohio state university. intense times, george. >> cannot be too careful. pierre thomas, thank you very much. michael? >> thanks very much. now to that arctic blast spreading across the country. it looks like it's time to dig deep into your closets for those big coats, ginger. single digits in my home state of texas. near zero in chicago. blizzard warnings in the plains. >> it's here. >> all happened fast. >> it happened fast because we had such a warm fall. one of the warmest autumns on record for so many folks. and this is what happens when the snow first falls. this is in montreal, canada. that bus slamming into the cars. other cars slamming into them. that is a case of less is more when it comes to snow. they had a whole lot more in casper, wyoming. 7.1 inches and parts of i-94 shutting down in washington state and there are still winter weather advisories from oregon all the way through the blizzard warning in north dakota. even a few winter weather alerts in parts of the appalachians.
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and that will settle in and teens. europe talking about dallas. will feel like 22 by thursday. 2 in chicago. 17, cincinnati and here comes the core of the cold air by saturday morning, y'all. you'll feel it, robin. >> you say cold air, already minus 28 in bismarck. only minus 18 right now. >> warming right up. >> we got ten degrees warmer. >> that's true. all right, thank you both. now to the latest on that oakland warehouse fire. authorities are now considering murder charges as they investigate what sparked the blaze. and overnight, there was a tense confrontation at a vigil for victims. abc's kayna whitworth has more and joins us from oakland. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: robin, good morning. meme are are outraged. everyone that died died of smoke inhalation. and they want justice. the district attorney tells me she will leave no stone unturned. she has to figure out who knew what and when. this morning, with nearly 40 fatalities in the oakland warehouse fire, the district attorney is considering criminal charges.
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are there possible murder charges coming down the line? >> it's on the spectrum of possibilities. >> reporter: investigators trying to piece together how several dozen people could have lived in such disastrous conditions. the warehouse allegedly run by this man, derick ion almmena. >> they're my friends. they're my family. >> reporter: he and his wife have three children. their former nanny is speaking to abc station kgo. >> they would sort of do off and do their own thing and be gone for three to five days sometimes. >> reporter: past residents say they didn't know what they were getting into. >> it was a hell hole. it was a death trap. >> reporter: almost immediately after friday night's fire, the d.a. office launched their criminal investigation. >> when you look inside the warehouse there's no question that something was not right. >> reporter: according to city leaders the warehouse was completely uninhabitable lacking the proper permits for residential living. still people like max orr paid $750 a month to live there. did you ever feel unsafe living there? >> no, there was a lot of fire extinguishers because we didn't have a sprinkler system. there wasn't one in the billing. >> reporter: issues date back to 2014.
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just last month multiple complaints were filed for building violations. now police are also investigating the building owners. overnight at a vigil for the victims, oakland mayor libby schaaf greeted with cries of get off the stage and go home. by those protesting a lack of affordable housing and work spaces in the city. oakland has some of the highest rent prices in the country. and incomes that don't match. the councilman responsible for this district also tells me there are at least 200 other warehouses just like the ghost ship in this area not up to code. robin? >> have to keep that in mind. kayna, thank you. now to the latest on the trump transition. president-elect trump's meeting with former vice president and climate advocate al gore is in the spot light this morning. abc's tom llamas has the details and joins us from trump tower. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. it's another sign that the president-elect is meeting with people from both sides of the aisle. trump himself has been skeptical
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of climate change. but al gore says the meeting was, quote, productive. a meeting that was set up by ivanka trump. overnight, former vice president al gore sharing more details about his meeting with the president-elect and how daughter ivanka trump feels about climate change. >> it's no secret that ivanka trump is very committed to having a climate policy that makes sense. >> reporter: the meeting taking place at trump tower. gore meeting with the president-elect, who has sent mixed signals about climate change, once calling it a hoax, later saying he's keeping an open mind. >> the bulk of the time was with president-elect donald trump. i found it an extremely interesting conversation. >> reporter: abc news learning ivanka and her husband jared kushner are exploring a possible move to d.c. including informally house hunting. kushner, a senior adviser to the
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president-elect, is expected to have some kind of role counseling trump in the white house. this, as another one-time trump critic is speaking out about a possible secretary of state appointment. >> there's an expanded list. i'm on it. i'm honored and thrilled to be on that list. >> reporter: jon huntsman former governor of utah and ambassador to china now being considered by the president-elect. the expanding list a sign trump has yet to make up his mind on a post that includes mitt romney and rudy giuliani as contenders. now we also want to mention joe biden, the current vice president, known for his off-the-cuff remarks. yesterday telling reporters on capitol hill that he is going to run for president in 2020. when asked if he was joking he said this, george, i want to make sure i get it. he says he's not committing to not running. so we'll have to wait and see, george. >> we will, tom, thanks very much. jon karl here to talk more about that. i got to say i'm not sure it was all that off the cuff. i spoke to the vice president
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back at the convention. he didn't rule out a future run then, either. and you have to wonder if he has some kind of regrets over not running this year. >> george, do not think this was a joke. i don't think there's been a minute since november 8th that joe biden has not in some way regretted that he didn't run. and every day, people are coming to him and saying, if you had run, trump would not have won. but, look, he would be 78. winston churchill ran the second time he was almost 80 so could be a youth movement in comparison to that but this is not really what the democrats need. they had an election where they had elder statesmen lock out a next generation. they need a new generation of leadership. but, you know, biden's going to be an important voice in this trump era. >> no question. former vice president al gore also an important voice on climate change. leonardo dicaprio met with ivanka trump, as well. but this is really at odds with the positions trump has taken. >> trump was as anti-al gore as he could be.
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he was a friend of coal. he called climate change a hoax created by the chinese government. but i think the play gore is making here is trump is not ideological. we have seen him switch dramatically on positions. and ivanka has talked about climate change. look who he is meeting with today, the ceo of exxonmobil as a possible candidate. >> you have to watch his key appointments for epa and other agencies. thanks very much. we'll go overseas to the deadly war in syria. assad's troops advancing on the embattled city of aleppo after a u.n. attempted a cease-fire that would allow evacuations and delivery of emergency aid was vetoed by russia and china. alex marquardt is on the ground in aleppo right now. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is what the syrian government calls one of the liberated areas of eastern aleppo. one area they have retaken from the rebels and this one is significant because it was the first district that the rebels took four years ago. it is impossible to overstate the level of destruction that we have seen in this city.
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this morning we drove for miles from the western side of the city to the eastern side and this is what we saw, block after block, street after street of buildings that have completely collapsed. apartment blocks that have been totally devastated with homes, schools and businesses inside. and then there's the quiet. except for the relentless sounds of the battle raging not too far away it is eerily silent, a ghost town. this area was once home to more than 400,000 people. and now, just look around. there's barely anyone. in this three-week offensive to root the rebels out of eastern aleppo, some 30,000 people have fled their homes. the syrian army here backed by russia and iran is going for total victory. and this is what victory looks like. george? >> my goodness. what a stunning and sad sight. an entire city laid to waste. we thank alex for that. now to amy with the morning's other top headlines
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starting with wasteful spending at the pentagon. >> that's right. the pentagon is accused of trying to hide a report that exposed $125 billion in wasteful spending. "the washington post" says defense officials suppressed the study on bureaucratic waste because they were worried it would prompt congress to cut the budget. the report found will is nearly one back office pentagon worker for every active service member. the man police say killed former nfl football player joe mcknight is now under arrest. ronald gaszer is charged are manslaughter. he was released after least week's shooting. he was taken back into custody yesterday. well, the lawyer for a georgia father sentenced to life in prison for leaving his son to die in a hot car says he will appeal. justin ross harris showed no emotion as the judge handed down the maximum punishment with no possibility of parole. harris says his son's death was an accident. but prosecutors said harris was sexting and trying to get out of his parental responsibilities. new research about the
7:15 am
dangers of drowsy driving. aaa says drivers who get five or six hours of sleep per night are nearly twice as likely to get into a crash. the more sleep you lose, the higher the crash rate. finally, a police department in canada has officially apologized to nickelback for threatening to make drunk drivers listen to their songs. they were hoping nickelback's music would be an extra det deterrent. but they now say bullying in any form is wrong. i like nickelback. >> i know. >> why do they take so much grief? >> i don't know. ♪ be somebody i like their songs. >> i actually like nickelback, too. i'm a fan. >> ginger, what are you doing? >> no, i can't stay back here and not talk about nickelback. no! it would be like torture for me. >> really? >> yes. it would be bad. okay. there you go. >> there's my answer. >> apology accepted, nickelback. i'm sure you will accept them nothing to apologize here.
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jimmy kimmel, abc's late night comedian, he's getting a new gig as host of the new academy awards. and chris connelly has all the details. we saw chris rock kill it last year. you think kimmel is up for the challenge. >> i think he's got a great shot, michael. this year's excellent movies mean the 89th awards may feature tough choices. but this was not one of them. jimmy kimmel getting his first shot at the big gig and from the look of things he's rested, ready and in more than one way expectant. >> i read online today that in february i'll be hosting the oscars. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: his monologue saw jimmy kimmel confirming the big news. monday's announcement marks the first time the abc late night host has been given the academy awards gig. >> the producers and academy went through a long list of names and in the end they decided since i'm already right across the street from where they do the show, i was the
7:17 am
closest person to host, so -- >> reporter: for more than a decade his after the oscars show has been star-studded and famously funny. >> the meeting of the handsome mens club will come to order. >> reporter: from the boardroom at the handsome men's club. >> well, hello, o. >> reporter: to oprah in a bathtub. the oscar job comes after kimmel crushed it at this year's emmys. kimmel will join an impressive array of actors and comics who have had the big job. ellen degeneres' selfie that ruled the world highlighted her 2014 host stint. the last oscars saw chris rock smartly calling hollywood out. >> hollywood is sorority racist, it's like we like you, rhonda, but you're not a kappa. >> reporter: for some billy crystal remains the gold standard. ♪ you're a hit it's clear to see ♪ ♪ and you haven't yet hit puberty ♪ >> reporter: jon stewart, whoopi
7:18 am
goldberg, and hugh jackman have all done well. others, well -- >> all right, congratulations, nerds. >> reporter: kimmel has other big news too. >> my wife is hosting a baby inside her body so -- [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm hosting oscars and i had sex. [ cheers and applause ] two things as a teenage boy i never thought would be possible. >> reporter: as you can see hosting the oscars very much in kimmel's wheelhouse and expect a significant role for his on-air colleague guillermo, as well, michael. >> oh, yeah. >> that's going to happen. hey, chris, thanks so much. storms down south, ginger. >> some of those burn scar areas are a concern. right to tuesday trivia.
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>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco from abc7 mornings with clouds increasing, and heaviest rain certain thursday, another batch on friday and a third storm moving in on sunday into monday. today the temperature is narrow range at 54 to 56, and a biting breeze developing this afternoon. look how cold it will be tonight with our coldest need widespread frost inland, mid-30s to low 40s. my seven-day forecast shows with the moderate to half rain, thursday is going to be a "2", >> making the best of the fresh snow in illinois. that is the bumble from the "rudolph" movie. i have to say there is science behind the nickelback thing.
7:20 am
i'm not alone. >> send the study around. >> i will. coming up, we have the mistrial that is making headlines. the jury unable to convict an officer who shot a man in the back in broad daylight. we're taking you inside the jury room. becky worley on the end of checkout lines. the scoop on the amazon's brand-new grocery store. it's all coming up on "gma." come on r2! we gotta go! ♪ woohoo!
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good morning, it is 7:23, and i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. we got an update recording the oakland warehouse fire. no victims were found overnight so the death toll remains at 36. 26 familiars have so far been notified. only 15% of the structure remains unsearched so crews plan to shore up a wall before searching the final corner. power should be restored to the area by 8:00 a.m. alexis has a look at your traffic this morning. >> we have a major issue with race rail this morning. we have a semi stuck on the train tracks between fremont and great america. ace one has not moved in over an hour so major delays. thinking the tow truck will arrive around 7:30 and who knows
7:24 am
how long it will take to move that semi so it will impact ace three. and good news, westbound highway 4 the crash in boy point has cleared. seven to eight mile back-up,
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good morning, it is freezing cold in san ramon and napa and santa rosa, 31 and the rest of us in the mid-40s and around oakland and san francisco. high clouds coming in. what a gorgeous sunrise. hashtag it at nbc now. and 40s again at 7:00. 30s and 40s again, even colder tonight but look at the moderate to heavy rain on thursday. reggie. >> thank you, mike. coming up we'll hear from buzz auld ren talking for the first time since he was evacuated from the south pole. another update in 30 minutes and
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nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. i strive to be a positive role model for all children, children like my daughter chelsea and my granddaughter chelsea jr. >> that, of course, is kate mckinnon as hillary clinton on "snl." her hilarious impression earning her an emmy. the comedian is joining us live this morning with olivia munn in our next hour to talk about their new movie, "office christmas party." >> jason bateman was fun yesterday. >> yeah, it was. also right now all eyes on trump tower as president-elect trump fills his cabinet. also met yesterday with former vice president al gore at odds on climate change. but the former vice president called it a constructive meeting. and the president-elect heads to north carolina to continue his thank you tour.
7:31 am
los angeles on high alert after a terror threat was phoned in from overseas warning of a possible imminent attack on their subway system. security ramping up all around the system. and it is christmas time, just about. if you haven't bought your tree get ready for sticker shock. prices are soaring around the country. and we've sent abc's t.j. holmes out into the street to find a tree for us. so, t.j., how is it going? >> stra, it's going well. but you tell me -- you all tell me how much would you all give me for this beautiful, ten-foot norwood fir? >> ooh. here in manhattan? >> i got a six-footer for 150. it's ridiculous. >> you already got your tree? >> yeah, yeah. >> so 150 for a six-footer. we'll go 200 bucks for that, t.j. >> reporter: 200 bucks. you all are way off. i'm going to tell you coming up. you're going to sped so much on a tree in manhattan that you're going to expect it to come with presents underneath it already. that's coming up in just a bit. >> if that were only true. if that were only true. thank you. we begin with reaction to
7:32 am
that mistrial in south carolina where a former officer michael slager on trial for killing an unarmed black man. the deadlock came after several days of jury deliberations. steve osunsami is on the scene for us there in charleston. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the newspaper here in charleston says it all. deadlocked. and it's clear that the streets here listened to the appeals from the walter scott family, who begged for peace. it was relatively quiet last night. but michael slager wasn't the only one on trial at the courthouse behind me. so was policing in this country and the relationship between police and the plaqblack communs they serve on trial. but for michael slager's family, for his wife, his newborn son, his mother, this brought a sigh of relief. >> the court, therefore, must declare a mistrial in this case. >> reporter: after four days of deliberation in this racially divisive case with jurors deadlocked over murder and manslaughter charges, this mistrial means that this former
7:33 am
north charleston police officer will wake up in his own bed this morning. but still under house arrest and wearing a gps device on his ankle. >> until my family can see justice, no, there's no forgiveness. >> reporter: the only black juror, who was also the foreman, told the judge they just couldn't agree on a decision. two of the women on the jury cried. >> and that's the way our system works. >> reporter: in a statement this morning, the prosecutor says we will try michael slager again. the mother of walter scott who was on a phone call with her son when he was killed, silently raised her hands in court praying for strength. >> i don't care what man says -- i don't care how it looks, it's not over. y'all hear me, it is not over. till god say it's over. >> reporter: the man many think is the lone holdout juror, who wrote to the judge that he couldn't in good conscience convict this police officer, did not look the judge, the lawyers or the scott family in the eye. >> i'm sure we'll quickly hear from the rest of the jurors who
7:34 am
disagreed with him, what he was saying. >> reporter: michael slager is seen in this cell phone video shooting scott five times in the back as he was running away. when he fired the first bullet, scott had already run 18 feet. but slager says what the video doesn't show is the fight that happened before. in court, he told jurors that at the time when he started shooting, he thought scott was a threat. >> i fired until the threat was stopped, like i'm trained to do. >> reporter: slager's attorneys aren't commenting. he still has a federal trial that will take place next year where he is also pleading not guilty. robin? >> steve, i know you were in the courtroom for much of the sessions there. can you tell us a little bit more about the jury? >> reporter: well, the racial makeup of the jury is important here given the fact that race is such an issue in this case. there were six white men, five white women, one african-american, who was the jury foreman, appointed by the
7:35 am
african-american judge. and i can tell you that you could clearly identify by the body language who that lone holdout juror was. he was visibly at odds with the other jurors. and there was something else i would like to point out. some of the questions they asked. one of them was the notion of self-defense. whether police officers are held to a different standard in that area. the judge told them that there was one rule of self-defense for all people in south carolina. but, of course, defense lawyers argued that in some states there's a different standard for police officers, that they're given some protections in this area. >> all right, steve, thank you very much. we'll talk more about this with george. >> yeah, we've got our legal team here. dan abrams and sunny hostin. both here right now. and, dan, let me begin with you. the judge said it. this is the way our system works. that juror came under pressure, he stuck to his guns. >> look, you're told as a prospective juror at the beginning if you believe something in your heart, stick with your guns. you're supposed to listen, you're supposed to collaborate
7:36 am
with the other jurors. but what you're not supposed to do is come in with a preconceived notion and then not listen to the others. we don't know exactly what happened in terms of why this juror couldn't reach a verdict. but, you know, look, the video does say a lot here. and it is a difficult decision to understand. >> the definition, dan talked about preconceived notion, jury nullification. >> i think this is a classic case of jury nullification where a jury or a lone juror just tosses out the law and comes up with a not guilty verdict or just stops, stops deliberating. and that's, i think, what happened here. and i don't think it was necessarily a question of black or white. i think it was a question of blue here. officers are -- it's very difficult, george and dan, i think you'll agree, to convict officers. if you look at the stats, just the pure stats, since 2005, only 13 officers have been convicted in officer-related shootings. >> if sunny is right should prosecutors have been able to ferret that out in jury selection? >> yes. this is all about jury selection.
7:37 am
this is about how did this guy make it through on to the jury? because this isn't like a lot of the other police shooting cases. i mean you can sort of lump them all in together. this is the worst or certainly one of the worst i think that anyone has seen. >> because you've got video. >> right, you've got video and you've got him running away. i mean, even if there was a fight as he claims, right, even if there was a fight over his taser, he still, when you see the video, so far at way from him at that point. to claim that those two are connected and, therefore, that at that point he still feels he's in imminent danger is such a tough argument to make. >> not to mention that, you know, this was an unarmed person that was fleeing after a traffic violation. that is not something that you generally see a police officer involved shooting. >> the judge added voluntary manslaughter. didn't seem to make a difference. >> well, look, i think the jurors may have still been divided, the other 11, on
7:38 am
first-degree murder versus manslaughter. and a legitimate discussion/debate, which one is more appropriate? but the difference between no conviction at all and which one of those two charges is a huge, huge divide. >> i think it's clear that 11 of the jurors reached some sort of consensus for a guilty verdict on one of the two charges. >> so where do prosecutors go from here? >> they'll retry the case but i will say, again, this is a prosecutor's worst nightmare. this sort of jury nullification and it's very, very difficult to convict police officers in this country. >> i think they'll get a conviction in the next case. >> let's hope. >> thank you guys very much. let's go back to michael. >> all right, thank you, george. what is coming up on our big board? is this the end of checkout lines? the new amazon store that could revolutionize the way we all shop. plus, christmas tree prices are skyrocketing around the country. why is that? what's behind it? back in two minutes to discuss those topics. stay right there. check engine. not fun! but, you've got hum. that's like driving with this guy. all you do is press this, and in plain english,
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7:41 am
>> we made it. we welcome you back. it is time for our big board, and we're breaking down more of the morning's top stories. let's start with that move by amazon that could revolutionize the way we shop. the retail giant unveiling amazon go. the first ever checkout-free grocery store. allowing customers to walk in, shop, walk out. becky worley joining us outside their pilot store in seattle. tell us how it works, becky. >> reporter: yeah, sounds like it would work great. it would probably mean my trip to the grocery store yesterday, the traditional grocery store, would have taken about 7 1/2 minutes less. that's because we're talking about buying food with no lines, no checkouts. this is the prototype store here in seattle. it's not open to the public yet. the idea is that you would walk through these doors, your phone would scan you in as you walk in. and then you just put all your items in your bag and using cameras and sensors, it knows
7:42 am
exactly what you're buying and then automatically puts that on your amazon bill. they're using something that they call just walk out technolo technology, meaning that you never see a cashier. this is different from the just walk out technology we currently have which is called shoplifting. but this is also not -- this is not the scan-it-yourself, you know, no live cashier. i'm not a fan of those. are you guys? do you go to the live cashier or use that automated you do it yourself thing? >> and it keeps saying, scan item again. scan item again. >> well, i used to go to that one. it says go -- like have somebody come assist you which always bothered me. i might as well have gone to the cashier. but i like it. and this -- this sounds awesome. but it also counts complicated. what are the concerns? there's always concerns with something like this. >> well, you know, folks have mentioned that are amazon, a company known for automation and robotics, that there may be some loss of jobs. but the amazon people tell me as
7:43 am
many people work in this store as a traditional retail store. some concerns may be errors on your bill. if you've ever been checking out at a hotel and see the bill and you go, wait a second, i didn't buy $7 m&ms from the minibar. but they say returns will be pretty easy. >> okay, but i -- i -- i don't know. i don't know. >> i'll let other people try it first. then let it catch on. >> i know what she's saying. but i feel like it's going to eliminate a lot of jobs. i don't know if that's good. that's not good. >> i don't think everybody can go to it, though. seems like one of these things certain stores would do it but i don't think everybody will do that. because there are still people like myself who like to go in and interact and talk to people. and have that type of situation, so it's not going anywhere. becky, thank you. now you head out that door to buy that family christmas tree. you might want to carry a little extra cash. or stop by the atm on the way. this season tree prices are skyrocketing in many parts of the country, up significantly from a year ago.
7:44 am
and t.j. holmes is joining us out there on the corner near some trees and will explain to us. t.j., why are we going to pay more this year for christmas trees? >> reporter: well, stra, we're looking at pretty much a supply and demand issue. that has a lot to do with what we're seeing around the country, you take into account what's happening in tennessee. those devastating fires that have really hurt a lot of tree crops. you take into account the drought conditions we've seen in some places of the country in particular california which, of course, would hurt the tree crop out there. and take into account the pacific northwest where we get so many of our trees from in this country anyway, just over the past several years 2 million fewer trees were planted over the past couple years. and a lot of people are getting out of the tree farming business any way. so put that all into account and you have fewer trees out there and that could end up seeing some increases. now, the increases we're seeing between 3% and 10% doesn't sound like a lot. but in a season right now where people are trying to save money, they're trying to cut back. they don't want anything that's going to cost them more, stra.
7:45 am
>> you were going to tell us the price of the tree you teased us about earlier here in manhattan. describe the tree and give us the price. >> reporter: yes. you all said about 200 bucks for this norwood fir here. let me have you know. this tree will set you back about 450 or $500. >> what? >> not setting me back $450. won't send me back. >> you just went home on that one. >> i just went home. really? >> reporter: you all are surprised by that. if you like that, let me show you this. this is an exotic tree. it is called a korean fir. you pretty much cannot find these. this is a 16-footer. i'm not even going to have you guess how much this one costs because it has a comma in it. it will set you back $1,000 to have it delivered to your home in manhattan right now. now, again, this is an exotic tree, a korean fir, so that's not the norm. but give you an idea, still. hey, like you say, it's manhattan. >> it is. t.j., thank you. becky is just shaking her head there. >> we'll go camping and use a tree out in the woods. $1,000? coming up in two minutes, an important parenting alert as you
7:46 am
shop for the holidays. the brand-new report on kids' headphones. could some be damaging your child's hearing? come on back. come on back. ♪ la vie est belle la vie est belle, the eau de parfum. lancôme. available at macy's, your fragrance destination. what if an insurance company wasn't only there when things went wrong? because for every tornado... there's a twister. for every crash... an even bigger collision. and for every tailspin... well, tailspins. state farm understands that getting the most out of life doesn't just mean being there when things go wrong.
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it's about being here... in all of life's moments. when things go perfectly... right. ♪
7:48 am
and we're back now with that alert about headphones. a brand-new report out is raising big questions, could some potentially hurt your children's hearing? abc's nick watt has more. ♪ >> rock 'n' roll! >> reporter: yes, indeed, but are some headphones potentially hurting our kids? >> some of our testing they got as loud as a chain saw or a jackhammer. >> reporter: the study suggests 1 in 5 teens now suffers some hearing loss and some doctors blame headphones. >> i've seen kids as young as 7 who have had noise-induced hearing loss. they are listening to their headphones at full blast. you are really talking about listening to a rock concert on a daily basis. >> reporter: the wirecutter tech guide just tested
7:49 am
30 kids' headphones for safety. using plastic ear and some real-life children. >> they're fluffy. they're squishy. they're squishy. >> reporter: its report out this morning. >> there's no governing board that oversees this stuff. >> reporter: she says they all claim to limit volume to around 85 decibels. loud as a blender but safe according to the world health organization. >> the ones we consider the best are the puro. bt-2200. >> reporter: there is a failsafe limiter. 86 and change. but wirecutter claims other models went over the 85 db during their test. the headphones that received the poorest rating, kid's gear wired headphones. yep, my kids use them. >> the volume limiting part on these, it's already gone. >> reporter: what do you mean it's gone? >> your kid took it off. >> reporter: oh. with the limiter, wirecutter claims the audio level is fine. without, as loud as 110 decibels. >> too loud but i did like them. >> reporter: kidz gear told us in over 15 years we've never had a customer complaint on using a limiter when needed.
7:50 am
when volume limiter is used safe sound is achieved. any issue with volume is a user or configuration issue. >> i could play some justin bieber. >> reporter: please. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> the wirecutter gets a percentage of money from retailers for products sold through their links and articles. it's up to adults to monitor a child's overall noise exposure. headphones are my kids' christmas lists every year. i have never checked. i will now. >> there you have it. >> me, too. all right. we have a great hour coming up here on "gma." a powerful exclusive with country star naomi judd and opens up about something she's dealing with in hopes of helping others. and lara, what else do we have coming up. >> hello, robin. so much going on up here. we have kate mckinnon and olivia munn. they'll be here soon. and we're revealing kids' favorite toys for the holidays. kids of all ages, i would like to say. a focus group, including myself. trying out almost a hundred toys and we'll show you the best ones. "gma's" hot holiday toy roundup is brought to you by walmart.
7:51 am
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it is 7:56. good morning, i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. alexis smith has an update on the commuter alert near free non mont. >> ace train was not moving due to a semi stuck on the tracks between fremont and great america and the good news is the semi has been removed. ace one is on the move, 97 minutes late and ace three and five are feeling the impacks but in recovery mode. >> still freezing cold. good morning. that is up in napa and also in san ram on, the rest in the 30s and 40s and colder tomorrow. destination, 54 to 56 and narrow with increasing high clouds but it will be breezy. and the storm is coming up, we have three of them, starting on thursday. >> and we'll have another update
7:57 am
in 30 minutes and always on the news app and we hope you join natasha, mike, alexis and jessica and me for abc 7 mornings every week day from 4:30 to 7:00. we leave you with the gorgeous sun coming up over the bay bridge. the
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. terror threat overnight. authorities warn of a possible imminent attack on the transit system, the city now on high alert increasing security across l.a. the fbi investigating at this hour. ♪ stand by you naomi judd's health battle. the country star revealing her struggle with severe depression and how she hit rock bottom. >> if i live through this, that they can survive. >> why one of the biggest names in country music is staging a comeback with a powerful message for every woman only on "gma." new overnight, the cheap and easy way to increase male fertility that's as simple as standing up. dr. ashton breaks down the research right here. ♪ wonderful christmas time we're ready to party. kate mckinnon and olivia munn here live, and she's saying -- >> good morning, america. ♪
8:01 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> good morning, america. welcome to tuesday here in times square. we're up here a little earlier this morning with our wonderful audience. thanks for coming in, guys. >> get ready to laugh because olivia munn, you know her so well, michael. [ cheers and applause ] she is backstage ready to come out in a little bit. >> giving us that presidential wave, too. >> yeah. speaking of the holidays, we're revealing the hottest kid tested approved toys for the season. >> yeah, looking at one right here. >> what is that? >> a furreal friend. hundreds of kids got a chance to play with almost 100 of this year's toys, hottest toys. this guy is a furreal friend and he made the top of the list and he does things -- i don't know. you rub his belly. he eats stuff. he won't do anything for me but kids, he breathes fire, it's amazing. we'll tell you about the list coming up. some really good stuff. >> as soon as you turn away.
8:02 am
>> of course. he has not stopped until we're on camera. >> that's true. >> let's go to amy with the morning rundown. >> good morning, guys and the big story this morning, los angeles on high alert because of what's being called a specific threat against the city's subway. the fbi is investigating the credibility of that threat and abc's matt gutman is in universal city with the latest on security precautions. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, amy. you can see that the l.a. sheriff afs autopsy threat interdiction units are here in force. they're telling people to prepare to have their bags checked at any time. that tip was phoned in early monday. it was apparently a credible enough threat for a foreign intelligence service to warn the u.s. apparently, a male speaking english warned of a terrorist attack here just steps away there universal studios. it was deemed credible enough because of the specificity of the threat. there was probably a broader
8:03 am
threat attached to it. but because there were obvious mistax made in that, it was deemed not credible. officials are telling us to be prepared for more security here. >> thank you, matt. and prosecutors say criminal charges including murder could be filed in the oakland warehouse tragedy. city officials say the building was uninhabitable. the owners are under investigation while a vigil for the 36 people killed turned contentious with some people shouting down the mayor demanding more affordable housing in the city. well, president-elect donald trump resumes his thank you tour today with a rally in north carolina. meanwhile, trump is now facing some opposition from fellow republicans over his threat to use tariffs to punish american companies that move overseas. one gop lawmaker says the proposed 35% tax could result in a trade war. this morning, trump spoke to reporters after tweeting that he wants to cancel the $4 billion order for a new air force one. trump says costs at boeing are out of control. >> i think it's rid dick louse.
8:04 am
think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make money, but that that much money. okay, thank you. >> trump went upstairs to meet with former secretary of state kissinger. new claims about wasteful spending at the pentagon. "the washington post" reporting defense officials tried to suppress a report that detailed $125 billion in bureaucratic waste out of concern it might prompt congress to cut spending. the supreme court issued a ruling today siding with samsung in its dispute with apple. the court threw out a decision against samsung. the case moves to a lower court for more proceedings. and finally, yahoo! is out this morning with its most popular searches during 2016. number five was the olympics. number four was gwen stefani. number three was roblox, that's a popular video game for kids. donald trump you see there came in number two. and the most popular search of
8:05 am
the year was the election. not a shock there, guys. back up to you. >> not a shock at all. >> nope. >> shock and awe with "pop news." >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] are you ready? who here is a fan of justin bieber? >> yeah. >> a lot of beliebers. a lot of beliebers. i feel you are a belieber. i have very good news. justin just announced his first ever stadium tour in north america. [ cheers and applause ] i learned something new. a stadium is the biggest. arena -- because i was like he's done big concerts. but this is the big one. he appeared on "the ellen show" saying he's ready to hit the road in august 2017 this time kicking off in california with bigger venues than ever before. the 22-year-old admitting he is romantically unattached and not interested in dating at the moment. ooh. i got some claps over there. you feel you have a shot. >> she's sitting next to her husband.
8:06 am
>> can i get a woo-woo. so, it will not stop hordes of screaming fans from thinking they could be his baby. tickets for the tour go on sale this friday. the first show, august 5th at the rose bowl. >> huge. >> yep. welcome back, justin. i would really like to see him in concert. also in "pop news" this morning, one chicago family is raising the bar when it comes to christmas decorations. putting on an over-the-top light show while paying tribute to the late musician prince with the singer's iconic love symbol flashing "purple rain" guitar and moving pictures and words and even a rock 'n' roll santa. the family hopes to raise money for veterans and people with disabilities with donations from neighbors and spectators all for a great cause. last year, you know, they raised $25,000. [ applause ] >> great cause. >> yep. so -- >> that's awesome. >> raise money for their
8:07 am
electricity bill perhaps as well but a really good cause there. finally, ladies in the audience, i have a question for you. how many of you, well, do you forget things? you sort of forget where your keys are between work and kids? it's impossible, right. it's impossible to remember it all, but i have very good news. there might be a simple cure to this problem. according to a new study by magill university, there is a direct link between s-e-x and the growth of nervous tissue in the hippocampus which is the area of the brain that controls memory. it's true. the results showed -- >> hippocampus? >> hippocampus, yes. it sounds like a college for hippopotamus. but it's a part of your brain. and the results showed clearly that the women who had the best -- nookie, shall we say, had better memory recall.
8:08 am
[ cheers and applause ] there is a lady in the back of the audience, right, you said you have a photographic memory. you rascal. >> lara! >> you're doing a little stand-up now? >> no, i was just -- i was doing a little bit of the study. i was making sure that the findings from mcgill university were correct. >> this is not a "pop news" investigation. >> this is not. this is a real study from mcgill university, which, by the way is like the harvard of canada. >> it is, yeah. >> so if you have questions -- [ applause ] call them. >> so, if you cannot find your keys, you're trying to say make whoopie. i say ask your husband because he probably hid them on you. you know what i'm saying. >> oh, so he could get -- oh, nice. oh, two thumbs up. >> two thumbs up over there. >> oh, yeah, husbands everywhere are hiding things this morning. >> only you could think like that. thank you, lara. thank you, lara. coming up, it's the holiday season. as you know, we're unveiling the best kid tested and kid approved toys. >> yes, because it's time -- it is time to get moving. dr. ashton is here with a simple
8:09 am
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8:13 am
get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams at the mercedes-benz winter event. it's the look on their faces that makes it all worthwhile. but hurry, these offers end soon. thank you santa!!! we are back now with that new study about jump-starting your family and men's fertility. could it be as easy as getting off the couch and going for a walk? dr. ashton is here to break down the new research and, doc, tell us about this new study. >> so this all centers on exercise and male fertility. some past studies showed that exercise helped. others showed it didn't help. this study looked at four groups of men. one group did nothing and stayed on the couch. the other three groups did various types of exercise in terms of intensity, frequency, all exercise helped male fertility. but the group that did what was called moderate intensity had an increase in number, how they swam, their shape, their dna integrity. that's big bucks.
8:14 am
>> not how they swam as like in the man but you know what i'm saying. >> exactly. yeah. true. >> when you talk about intensity, how much exercise is it? just walking or is it running? is it lifting weights? >> not that much. could be as simple as walking or jogging on a treadmill four to six times a week for about 45 minutes and they saw results in as little as three months, so this is empowering for men. it takes two. they need to start doing something too to hold up their part of the bargain. >> infertility, 40% of it is on the male side. >> right, exactly. 40% of infertility for couples has to do with what we call male factor. so for a couple, there are a couple of things that men should do themselves. >> what can you do? >> number one, avoid hot environments, get that laptop off your lap. don't sit in the jacuzzi. avoid smoking, eat a healthy diet. and there's an over-the-counter product called pregprep for men, and it contains a compound called nac, which can help male fertility, as well. >> thank you, doc. we'll look into that if we need it.
8:15 am
coming up, robin's exclusive with naomi judd opening up about her private health battle. you don't want to miss it. stay right there. we'll be right back. we'll be right back.
8:16 am
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8:19 am
we are back now on "gma" with katie holmes and she's brought her favorite christmas snack. it's not a cookie, but we're doing the whole holiday cookie thing. yeah, michael. take one. tell us how it is. >> go for it. >> excellent. >> we'll talk to you a whole lot more coming up. in the meantim >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco from abc7 mornings with clouds increasing, and heaviest rain certain thursday, another batch on friday and a third storm moving in on sunday into monday. today the temperature is narrow range at 54 to 56, and a biting breeze developing this afternoon. look how cold it will be tonight with our coldest need widespread frost inland, mid-30s to low 40s. my seven-day forecast shows with the moderate to half rain, thursday is going to be a "2", we're going to have more with katie coming up. but now to our exclusive with our dear, dear friend, country music star naomi judd. she's written a powerful new memoir called "river of time"
8:20 am
where she opens up about battling depression and where her life is now. it's an inspiring story for millions of others who are also struggling. ♪ i will stand by you >> reporter: she is part of country music royalty, the judds, naomi judd along with her daughter wynonna skyrocketed to the top of country music fame. but six years ago when the touring ended and the spotlight faded, naomi hit rock bottom battling severe depression and anxiety leading to several stints in psychiatric wards and a heavy regimen of medication. today naomi is staging a comeback, not with music but with a powerful message in her new book "river of time." >> i have to say something right off the bat because i trust you so much. it's because i know people will realize i don't look like i usually look. my hands shake real bad. medication. nothing i can do about it. and my face, i feel like a
8:21 am
balloon, my face is all swollen because the medication. i really haven't been eating ice cream and candy. i really haven't. >> it's with that mix of humor and humility that naomi is sharing her story with the public. >> they see me in rhinestones, you know, with glitter in my hair. that really is who i am. but then i would come home, and not leave the house for three weeks. and not get out of my pajamas, not practice normal hygiene. it was really bad. >> why now, naomi? why do you share this now? >> because what i've been through is extreme. my final diagnosis was severe depression, treatment resistant because they tried me on every single thing they had in their arsenal. they really felt like if i lived 24ru this, i want someone to be able to see that day can
8:22 am
survive. because there's 40 million of us out there. >> there's always hope. my mother always said make your mess your message so you could help others. and that's what i get from reading your book. >> i think that's one of the reasons i wanted to write the book because i never acknowledged all the bad stuff that people did to me. >> as part of her treatment naomi had to confront a very difficult childhood that she says included being molested by an uncle when she was just 3 1/2 years old. >> i was a cute kid. i smiled and laughed and was very obedient. there's actually a photo in the book where typically, i'm posing. i got my hand on my hip and i'm, you know, grinning for the camera, and then grandmommy judd made me stand next to uncle charlie. and my personality is completely changed. and it's interesting where i'm holding my hands, like right here. and i look like i'm disgusted and terrified. >> when these things would happen to you and you'd go
8:23 am
running to an adult, you were so hopeful that they would just see the fright in you and ask you but they were not equipped. >> nobody was there for me. i had to realize that in a way i had to parent myself. we all have this inner child. and i needed for the first time in my life to realize that i got a raw deal. okay. now i'm a big girl. put on your big girl pants and deal with it. and i started in therapy. and i call it radical acceptance. every day i exercised, i would walk up to ashley's house which is a mile that way and i would holler at her from her front step. if she was home, she'd come out and give me a hug. >> a simple hug from her youngest daughter, one of many small and meaningful steps towards naomi's recovery. >> ashley and i are so stinking much alike. we have the same mannerisms. we both read a whole lot.
8:24 am
we both love new places. i mean there's such similarities. >> reporter: while her relationship with ashley has been steady, the same cannot be said for her relationship with wynonna or wy as she calls her born when naomi was just a teenager. >> from the day i knew she existed, it was the two of us against the world. and then, through the decades, we kind of grew up together. because it was really just the two of us. and i'm always telling her, if i had known better, i would have done better. so wy bore the brunt of all of the mistakes i made. and we talk about them. we've been through a lot of therapy together. >> reporter: in 2010 during their final tour and the filming of their docu-series "the judds" on own, tensions between the two reached a new high. >> i love her, but there are just times we need a break from each other. >> are you still on a break? >> yes. we're still a little estranged from each other, and that happens with mothers, daughters.
8:25 am
>> she's going to watch this. what do you think she'll think? >> i think she'll say, good for you, mom, for finally being willing to talk about the bad stuff. >> reporter: and with her husband of 27 years, larry strickland, by her side, naomi is slowly able to put the bad stuff behind her. what advice do you have for someone who has a loved one with depression? >> get ready to walk that path with them because they're going to need you every minute. >> reporter: taking each day as it comes, naomi is seeing the brighter side of life again. >> my everyday life is not only manageable, it's even enjoyable once more. i laugh a lot. i'm content and at peace because i practice radical acceptance every single day. please join me in telling the truth about depression and
8:26 am
anxiety to anyone who will listen. it's a disease of the brain. i've told my story. now you know and you can tell yours. you're not alone. i'm still here. >> and you better believe that naomi judd is still here. that was at her home outside of nashville. i get a little emotional because it was just -- she was just so incredibly open and she is mama jud. she is mama judd. and she just really thought it was time to share with people what she was going through in hopes that it would help others. >> i love that expression radical acceptance. >> if you had known better would have done better. that's a phrase -- >> key to life. >> now she's sharing. >> naomi's book "river of time" is out today. coming up, kate mckinnon, olivia munn, they're here live.
8:27 am
good morning, i'm natasha zouves from abc 7 mornings. the death toll in the oakland warehouse fire remains at 36. no more victims were found overnight. only 15% of the structure remains unsearched now. crews plan to shore up a wall before searching the final corner of the building. let's get over to alexis smith with traffic. >> good morning. and happy to report the ace trail doing much better now that the semi is off the tracks. five and seven getting into the south bay on time this morning. westbound 80 crawl ago long through the emeryville area and on the cameras and quick check of the drive times, 40 minutes along the stretch i just showed you and 30 across the bay bridge and san francisco to the airport, going to take you about 18 minutes. >> thank you.
8:28 am
meteorologist mike nicco will meteorologist mike nicco will join us c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! meteorologist mike nicco will join us i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works. brilinta helps keep my platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. it worked better than plavix. >>don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily, or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding, like stomach ulcers, a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. >>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help.
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good morning. our temperatures at least are off the frosty levels. but we are still close in san ram on and santa rosa at 33. the rest in the mid-30s to mid-40s. on the way to low to mid-50s under high clouds and sunshine. my accuweather seven-day forecast, the heaviest rain is going to fall on thursday. >> mike, thank you. we'll have another abc 7 news update in 30 minutes and always on the news app and
8:30 am remember you could join reggie, mike, alexis, and jessica and me for abc 7 m ♪or abc 7 m [ applause ] we can't say this enough, what a fantastic audience that we have and because -- >> so well dressed. let's take a look at their headgear. come on. [ applause ] >> definitely in the spirit, definitely looking the part. well, because you're so fantastic we have not one but two special guests we'll bring out right now. are you ready? [ cheers and applause ] from the hit "office christmas party," please welcome olivia munn and kate mckinnon. [ applause ] >> how are you?
8:31 am
>> mwah. >> hi, honey bun. >> what's up? >> keeping up. you were keeping up. >> hello. >> hi. >> good. how are you? >> hi, how are you? hi, love you. hi, how are you? good to see you guys. hey, guys, what's up? how are you doing? >> it's a roller. it's a roller. >> sort of a roller. >> oh. how did you get so high up? >> attractive studio audience. >> talking about "office christmas party," i want to throw a little topic out to everybody here. did you guys take christmas card pictures as kids? >> i just took mine. >> you just did yours. >> all lined up in front of the fireplace. >> matching outfits. >> yeah. >> how old are your kids? >> no, when i was a kid. my kids won't do it. no, we're not. >> olivia, it was black and white back then, yes. george, i love you. i love you. let's take one right now.
8:32 am
>> oh. >> get ready. say cheese. all right. there we go. it is done. [ applause ] now, the reason i did that, there is a new trend in christmas cards, it's not about the perfect picture anymore. it's what they call realness. you always -- i always had one of my brothers who always would mess up the picture. anybody else have that in your family? >> yeah. >> i think it was me. i didn't want to be there. sorry, mom. >> i like christmas cards like that. i don't want to see the perfect -- it's never -- it's never a great depiction of what your family looks like in that moment. >> yeah, because they say 15% of the cards that they sell now are traditional. the rest are real people with big mess-ups. >> i like the idea. >> so, we have some examples here. here's one example. here we go. snapchat, this family took the card, and then these are the pictures that they put at the top using snapchat filters. >> clever. >> pretty clever. and this one is a classic big eye roll.
8:33 am
>> oh, my goodness. >> that's what i call real. you know, he didn't want to hug his sister for christmas. >> but he did and that's the spirit of christmas. >> doing things you don't want to do. >> and this is our producer maria's twins, which reminds me of my days with my twins. >> saying get me out of there. >> i'd be crying too. that beard is too white. something happened there. >> i'm curious with our audience. who likes candid photos? [ cheers and applause ] at the moment. whatever happens, not perfect. and who likes perfectly posed photos? [ light applause ] >> really? >> that's great. >> there are two of you. you two should pose together and everybody else will do something silly. >> i'm a photographer. >> you're a photographer. >> oh. >> it's your profession. >> but you like perfect photos too. >> i have ocd. >> you have ocd. >> everybody is sharing this
8:34 am
morning. >> yeah. >> and your man sitting behind you saying, i know she does. >> whenever you see perfect pictures and look closely at everyone's eyes, it looks like sadness. >> blank behind. >> that's what i look like in most pictures. >> but you know what brings us happiness, your movie. >> yes. [ applause ] >> okay. okay. >> let's talk about that. >> it is. i have to say -- and i'm not trying to brag here. it's very funny. >> i saw it for the first time last night and it's -- yeah, i was like it's really, really funny and you're excited because you do movies and you never know if you'll be part -- >> you didn't see it till last night? >> no. well, did you? >> no. >> get a feel for what -- while you're filming it, you don't get a feel for how it will be? >> it was like the best time i
8:35 am
ever had when filming it, chaotic. >> so many pieces you don't get to see because all these different scenes and you put them together. you don't know what they'll take. with kate i ruined most takes because i was laughing uncontrollably. i didn't know how they were going to shoot it because honor honestly, i had to take a pen and stab myself under the table. honestly when she was on because she's so -- they just let her run. like here and just do whatever you want. >> ad-libbing all your lines. >> i did some and there's -- >> that's my hand after. >> oh, my gosh. >> it didn't work. >> you're ruining my takes. i was like, i'm so sorry. >> bless her. blesser, no, but the movie also has heart. it's a christmas movie about people, yeah, yeah, people come together. people learn to have a good time. >> oh, that's us together. that's us doing a -- >> i don't know -- >> i don't know if we're showing a scene -- >> that's a prom picture. there it is. >> you guys want to see some?
8:36 am
>> yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> let's take a look. >> it's winter. can we put dancer and prancer back in their stable? >> are you body shaming her right now? >> some people here might find your outfit offensive. >> well, some people might find your outfit offensive. >> and really confusing. >> oh, i thought it was clear. this is a multidenominalation holiday sweater. it has christmas, hanukkah, kwanzaa, everyone is included. [ applause ] >> you know, stellar, stellar cast. all the extras that you had with it and everything involved with it. did you go to holiday parties like the one that you just depicted? >> oh, it's very interesting. the holiday party in this movie went a little off the rails a certain way, and i can't say that i have been to one that
8:37 am
has, you know, flames and what about you, olivia? >> i've never gone to anything like this in my life, but this movie is not one you bring your children to, first off. >> oh. >> oh. >> don't. >> i love this scene. >> that was fun. i got to put on the snowman sumo suit, and we worked with a choreographer, and then this is how i ended up doing my dancing. that was a lot of fun and really rewarding. >> and hot. >> we worked with a choreographer, a really amazing choreographer, and she worked with jason and i and i stayed later afterwards and get to set and that's what i do. >> it looked pretty improvised. >> in the best way. >> authentic. >> yeah. yeah, it was supposed to be bad. >> so it looked like you had so much fun on set. what did you do when you had a little time in between? >> you know what is funny about filming a big party movie where things go wrong is that when you
8:38 am
get off the set, you just hang out on the set amidst smoldering wreckage, so there's like broken glass and pieces of garbage and empty beer bottles on the floor and you just sort of sit there and text amidst all of this. there was actually a manger on the set that i put my little cast chair in, and i sort of sat in the manger when we weren't filming. >> i wish someone had a picture of that. >> that was at least a sheltered environment. yeah. >> we did game night over at my -- she had to come in and out a lot because she was doing "snl." >> that's it, "snl," that's it. >> that's where we know you from. [ laughter ] it's early. [ applause ] >> before you do that, since you brought it up, "snl," hysterical, hysterical, hysterical. [ applause ]
8:39 am
>> come on. >> and we know playing hillary but you said -- who do you prefer impersonating? ruth? >> oh, yeah, i really -- well, no, i love them all. they're like my sweet babies. i love each of them in different ways. we're actually taking a christmas card together and i think -- >> are you really? >> no. >> all of that. >> we believed you. >> no, i would never do that, but the point is i guess, i guess, yeah, i really love doing ruth bader ginsburg because she just says whatever the hell she wants to say. and i get to dance as well which i really love to dance as well. so it's the best of all worlds for me. >> i love your bieber. your bieber is my favorite. it's so spot on. it looks exactly like him. when you do you're like --
8:40 am
>> i like the woman that's been abducted by aliens. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> that is a great one. >> so nice. i could go now because -- >> well, you know what, you don't go anywhere. but, everybody at home, make sure you go to the movies and see "office christmas party." >> ooh. you're going to love it. >> yes. >> you're really going to love it. >> it premieres this friday, everybody. and coming up, we're revealing the best of toys for the holidays. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
take a look at that. that is that special christmas card with kate mckinnon and olivia munn. the first of many "gma" christmas cards to come. what a crowd we have out here. very holiday-ish. i love this hat, yeah, you're right in the season. we're about to reveal the best toys of this holiday season. i know my kid, all he wants is tissue paper so i'm good but for hello, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. let's look at your day planner. still in the 40s at 9:00 but 50s in the afternoon with increasing high clouds and back in the 40s by 7:00. heavy rain comi that weather report brought to you by crayola. leighton, give me a big high-five. yes, so sweet from dallas. lara. >> thank you so much, ginger.
8:44 am
of course, nobody knows toys like these guys, kids, which is why we partnered with our sponsor walmart and they've chosen them for the kids campaign to find out what kids like. playing with almost 100 toys for sale this christmas and picked their top 25. we have five of those here along with jordan hembrough, toy expert. let's talk about what kids are doing. >> the hottest thing these days, licensed toys. everyone wants to license toys from movies and tv. that's what's hot in the top five. >> case in point, the "star wars" robot. this is r2-d2 but you need an iphone or ipad. >> iphone, ipad, most importantly this is a walmart exclusive. remember this here, walmart has over 400 toys that are exclusive to walmart. goes on missions, has sound effects. >> looks like the boys are enjoying it. >> having a great time with it. something for the girls or the boys.
8:45 am
>> my little pony explore equestria crystal empire palace. it was introduced first in the 1980s and 2010. good for girls and boys. male collectors are called bronies. this one lights up. has over 16 pieces and at 29.78 it is a definite bargain. >> this is gender neutral, as well, for boys and girls. >> paw patrol. "paw patrol" is a very popular animated series right now. says over 150 phrases. it goes on over 80 missions and at $59 you can't beat it. >> you like this. you think it's good? >> i like this. this is like gender fluid. good for boys and girs. >> so is this guy, this furreal friend. i had him on the desk for a lot of the first hour. >> wow. >> he like blows smoke and he eats marshmallows. >> done by our friends at hasbro and this is furreal friends which is priced at $59, which is a bargain.
8:46 am
he has a little marshmallow you can toast up and bring a unicorn and bigfoot, everyone to the big party. >> you like it? yeah? >> hasbro. >> big smile. >> i thought it was good too. i had fun with it. >> and for the younger kids, this is go, go smart wheels. >> this is the go! go! smart wheels treasure mountain train adventure by vtech. $39.82. 12 months to five years. it's an educational toy with music, sound effects. you can improve your motor skills by using small little blocks and putting them into the peg hooks. real fun. great educational toy. >> some interlopers trying to get in on the action. i think they do like this one >> all these are available online at and in store, check it out. >> and this is just five of the big hits. >> this is five. there's over 100. over 400. >> want to let everybody know you can get all the information on these toys on our website, on yahoo! happy early merry christmas. >> happy holidays. >> katie holmes is coming up live.
8:47 am
don't go anywhere. >> i love that. [ applause ] "gma's" hot holiday toy roundup is brought to you by
8:48 am
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[ cheers and applause ] i have to say we have an embarrassment of riches today and we are back now with katie holmes. [ cheers and applause ] >> for her directorial debut. it is a beautiful film. it's called "all we had." a movie where she plays a struggling single mother who is trying to start a new life with her teenager in a small midwestern town. we'll talk to katie in way moment. first, we want you to take a look. >> i was thinking, you'd make a great president, ruthie. with you as president, we wouldn't even need a vice president.
8:50 am
>> sure, mom. >> oh. [ applause ] first of all, it's great to see you as always. so proud of you. this is your first time out as a director. it's such a powerful film. why did you want this to be the story that would be your first as a director? >> well, i read this book by annie weatherwax and there was a line in the book where ruthie says, superheroes drive broken down cars and take their kids with them everywhere and i felt it was such a universal theme for all mothers and yet these two characters were unique in that they are really -- they're survivors on the road, and sometimes ruthie is the mom and rita is the daughter, and they're like sisters sometimes, and there was this "thelma and louise" quality to them, and i felt like it was just a story about humanity and healing and hopefully something that a lot of people can relate to. >> i think people for different
8:51 am
reasons it will resonate with them for different reasons. how was it for you the first time acting and directing in the same film? >> it was very exciting and powerful and challenging, but i had jane rosenthal producing it who was incredible, and i started prepping about a year before we started shooting and just compiling a lot of inspiration photos, watching a lot of movies. john cassavetes is one of my favorite filmmakers and assembling my team around me. you know, i worked closely with my cinematographer, my production designer and the cast and actually my casting director cast me in my first film. >> really? >> yeah. then she cast this movie, so it was -- >> small world. >> it was a small world and really the whole process was just very positive and really rewarding, and i worked with people that i love. >> and that -- it takes a village. >> it takes a village. >> and it comes through on the screen.
8:52 am
it's wonderful in the credits. you mention your daughter suri. because this is a mother/daughter movie. how did she influence how you did this film, your daughter? >> well, my daughter is an incredible little girl, and she was with me every step of the way, and i would be watching movies and like taking pictures of the screen for inspiration for composition of shots, and she would pause it and take some herself, and she means everything to me, and, you know, like every mom, you know, you just want to make sure your child knows how special they are so i thought, you know, years -- you know, years from now i think it'll probably mean more to her. >> a typical mother/daughter kind of in time. >> in time. >> in time that she will realize that. speaking of time, let's go back in time. what do you think it is about your character, do we miss her, joey, "dawson's creek"? [ applause ] that role really -- i mean,
8:53 am
years later, young girls are still talking about how that impacted them. why do you think that is? >> i -- >> look at you. you're a baby. >> a baby. a baby. [ applause ] i think -- [ applause ] thank you. i think it was the writing of kevin williamson. he created this world and these characters that really made teenagers feel heard because he had all of us talking with these big words and these thoughts and really expressing ourselves, and i think that it's really a testament to him and i just feel lucky i got to play her. >> to him and to the cast, and you are somebody that we are always cheering for. and thank you, katie, for continuing to share and this is so huge. [ applause ] "all we had," "all we had" opens in theaters nationwide this friday.
8:54 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
8:55 am
the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
8:56 am
[ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] what a great morning it's been. have a great day.
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8:59 am
hi there, good morning, i'm natasha zouves from abc 7 mornings. let's get a quick look at the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> hi, everybody. good news, the frosty temperatures are over. 30s and 40s right now but they are coming back tonight. temperature very narrow range 54 to 56 with high clouds and sunshine. get ready for wet weather. it is especially heavy on thursday into friday and another chance sunday into monday. >> no major blocking issues on the roads right now. just plenty of heavy traffic. here is northbound 101 at 880 in san jose. stop and go flow right there. and to 80, 10 minutes and from fremont to san jose, 20 minutes and highway 101 to county in the red. >> we'll be back for the midday news. and our reporting continuing on
9:00 am
our news app and remember, join, reggie, mike >> announcer: it's "live with kelly!" today, from "the office christmas party," jason kate mckinnon. and riz ahmed. plus, "broad city" actor ilana glazer is kelly's cohost today. ♪ >> announcer: and now, here are kelly ripa and ilana glazer! >> kelly: isn't that nice? >> ilana: hey, guys!


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