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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 7, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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recovery from the oakland warehouse party with the action the firefighters are ready to take. >> we are lending the names of more victims and how families are remembering those who died. >> also, many of us are looking for ways to help. what you can do for those displace. at 6:00 a.m. on wins, december 7th. i am regular were. >> i am natasha zouves. >> and, first, mike is tracking the rain. >> good morning, the rain is on the way. that is the key. this afternoon. we especially during the evening and overnight. right new you will see stuff on live doppler hd, and 19,000 but 7,000 feet the humidity is 3%. this is not reaching the ground. the frost will be around through 8:00. the temperatures will hit 50 with increasing clouds at noon. light rain at 4:00, moderate rain at 7:00. >> we have something going on on the westbound side of 580, trying to get over the
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richmond-san rafael bridge. this traffic camera seems to be extra slow. we do not have incidents but i will show you the backup. this is jammed for two miles. that is really heavy. normally we have a little bit of a backup but not this bad until manage is blocking. i will keep investigating and bring you that and the dry times in ten minutes. >> finishing the search for victims and finding a cause. there is progress on both fronts >> amy hollyfield is join us from fruitvale district. >> it is quiet. we do not see the around the clock operations we had seen for the past few days. in the hour we saw them hall out some debris and take it away in dump trumps but now it is quiet. the next steps are being planned. the lumber has been brought in to board up the building.
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they will do that as soon as they finish searching. they have said they will not be boarding it up until they feel they can look the victims' family members in the eyes and say they thoroughly searched all of warehouse. this we is found 36 victims inside. they said they do not expect to find anymore. officials say they have narrowed in on where the fire may have started. >> the refrigerator is being looked at administration a house offing fess but not identified at the smoke gun of "this is it." >> the city has declared a state of emergency and that will help those impacted by the fire. they can now seek state and fell funding. that can help the victims' families and reimburse the businesses in the area that have been closed for four days. the businesses are expected to start reopening today. the investigation? we are hearing from officials they have recovered cell phones with video from the night on
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them. they will be using that as they look into what happened. now on to new documents, three decades of public records related to the warehouse and the lot released last night. matt keller continues coverage from oakland. matt? >> yes, reggie and natasha, five minutes ago two new dump trucks arrived to remove debris as they work on the ghost ship warehouse. there is a vacant lot next to the warehouse, a total of ten complains made to the building department in the past 30 years. three for the warehouse and seven for the vickant lot, the most recent against the vacant lot last month, the mayor schaaf explains. >> november 14, illegal interior building structure, and on november 13, and i quote, "there are a ton of garbage piling up on the property, a lot of items left on the sidewalk, some of
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track, hazardous." >> one issue is the complaint for illegal interior structure has the address for the vacant lot but probably met for the warehouse, and that is pending as the inspector asked for access much the inspectors followed procedure in response to the complaints which are only from the planning andedding department. more can come from police and fire and alameda county. you can see all of documents released by the city by doing to we do want to honor the victims, we have more names, more photos to share, the coroner released nine more identities. billy dixon is from oakland. johnny. gi az, 34, and ara jo was 29 from oakland.
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amanda kershaw from san francisco, griffin madden from berkeley. vanessa that plotkin, 21, and started at uc berkeley five months ago. >> hannah ruax from finland. nicole segress was 29 from oakland. we alex vega 22, his girlfriend, michela gregory, also, died in the fire. we learn much more of each victim and what they have in common: their love for music and art. a father is coming here do home his season. the family of another victim arrived, and her uncle remember her fondly. >> she would standout among thousands of people you could
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spot her in a split second. she had a smile and very loud laughing sunrise. >> san francisco's green apple books and music, so many people feeling the loss of johnny igaz the music buyer at grown -- green apple. he was drawn to ghost ship to be with friends and music. >> you can help those displaced, take closing, toiletries, phone chargers, suitcases and gift cars to trackers located berkeley, doors open at six o'clock, and close at 5:00:45. >> people need hugs in these situations, necessity need a place for direction and we are trying to provide direction. >> those who were displaced can pick up items they need. organizers are taught accepting cash. if you want to give money go to
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www. youcaringorg. so far efforts on-line have raised $900,000. benefit concerts will help the victims and their families. bun is held the a bar on mission street in san francisco. there will be a performance starting at 7:00 p.m. singer and song writer will headline two benefit concerts to help the fire victims. the shows will tack place in emeryville at 7:00 and the other at 9:00 and honor ton street and add submission $10. you can show support to the victims by sharing this badge on facebook on our page. we have a lot of news. good news for muni riders, saying the agency is improving. >> the tragedy in oakland raising concerns the same thing could happen across the bay area. next, the investigation launched in another local city. >> it is cold to start and rain
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is on the way we will keep weather and traffic up through the date.
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i was watching the temperature in woodside but the cold air is draining to menlo park and there is possible forecast. the reporting stations are warmer than the neighborhood, 36 in redwood city and foster city is 37, and low-to-mid 40s, and 40s in oakland and hayward and in san francisco and the prosecute of us in 30s with san ramon freezing and same in napa to santa rosa. temperatures are 51 to 54. we are in the upper 50s to low 60s tomorrow. and, also, on friday. the rain coming in and it will bring warm air. it is a "1" on the storm-impact scale and a lot of this is going to be and for tomorrow's morning commute. i will have the hair by hour look. >> tomorrow will be a busy today. today we are okay with a quite start but it is getting busy and i give you big news on the dumbarton the eastbound side, the lighter side of highway 84 we had an earlier crash that is
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cleared and all lanes are open. northbound 280 before highway 87 we had this crash cleared for a while in san jose and now skit blocking right lane and check out the backup jammed to the 101 merge and down to 11 miles per hour. and this is still the richmond-san rafael bridge westbound 580 and congested and i tell you what i think is happening in 10 minutes. >> do you ride muni? there is a new survey that is give muni the highest satisfaction ratings since the poll began 15 years ago. 730% of r "excellence," or "good," a slow and steady trend of positive ratings since 2010 excellent by only 52%. the expanded service made an impact on the results and improved service.
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i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile. breaking news on the live desk. >> an airplane that crashed in pakistan we got new numbers and we have learned 42 passengers were on board and six crew members. a total of 48 people.
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officials do not think anyone could survive. new video, the first video of the scene from a pakistan media outlet, abc has learned the pilot was able to call in a distress call but unfortunately the aircraft weekend down 12 minutes later. the plane was headed from a city near the border with afghanistan heading to the pakistan capitol city. it has crashed. >> terrible. richmond officials are looking into what could be another ghost ship right there, warehouse at 21st street the city claims it houses an ungrown nightclub. the facebook video of the band performs there last month. >> the feeling like, well, it is okay, they are artists, just a
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bunch of kids having fun and no one, really, realizes the consequences until you have something like the fire in oakland. >> the richmond mayor said the warehouse not permitted or listened to be a concert venue and is not sure anyone lives there. there will be an inspection, in the property owner does not let authorities in there will be a war ran. >> a study of living in the bay area, nearly 30% of bay area residents are struggling to make end's meet. a nonprofit crunched the numbers and found 1.5 million people are not self-sufficient so they did not have a stable place to live and cannot cover the basics for survival. they say the key actual operate -- the key culprit is the the high price of housing. >> renters in san francisco could be able to choose their own internet provider. can you believe some can't?
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many business owners have engaged in illegal agreements that cut out competition among the providers. the san francisco board of supervisors approved legislation to end the agreements. the legislation aends the code to prohibit owners of apartment buildings from interfering with a chauffers intent. >> chilly this morning when you wake up. >> i did not notice when i was scraping the frost. it was cold. i noticed heater running all night. can't wait to get that bill. it is today the done. then we will turn our attention to the wet weather. live doppler hd is showing about 19,000 up where it is wet, but below that bone dry with humidity at 3% we need to saturate the legal before the rain is to the ground. 101 and 80, high clouds and sunshine, at 37 degrees. first this afternoon, rain and
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showers through friday. another round of wet weather monday and tuesday. today we continue out in the 50s and tonight it will be different, a lot of us in the 40s and in more frost and at 11:00, you will see the radar returns 4 to action it reaps the ground and some is moderate toward midnight and overnight hours through tomorrow morning and the breezes pick up so we have gusts and ponding on the roadway and it will taper over to light showers on thursday into thursday evening. rainfall amendments anywhere from .5" to 1" but i don't have double that in the mountains. saturday and sunday, dry, in the middle of all of the wet weather. we do not neat, and a lot of it will come tomorrow. >> we have heavy traffic westbound 580 at richmond-san rafael on the richmond side
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before the toll plaza. this has been like this for 20 or 30 minutes. it is unusual to be is slow with no incidents. it is solid for a couple of miles. using our speed tools you are moving at four miles per hour. we called c.h.p. and they said they do not know what is going on. there must be an issue at toll plaza. if you made it through and you know what is going on send a defeat. our drive times this morning, westbound 80, albany to the maze, looking good, and northbound 280 slow from the crash on 101 to 280 and cupertino in ideal let at 19 19 minute -- in the yellow at 19 minutes. >> and new to new york city with "good morning america" and what is ahead. amy? >> yes, good morning, next 19
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states from california to new york are under winter weather advisory as the arctic blast whips cross country and dangerous road conditions through the north as a new storm heads for the northwest. the overnight protests at texas a&m during the appearance by white nationalists and one of leaders of the richard spencer we sat down with him and more on what happened. we have an actor from a movie "passengers," here for us. >> pest products and michael finney talking your questions. >> big honor for facebook check >> big honor for facebook check job onings in the coming
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6:26 am ago which is the best tech company to work for in the bay area? >> according to the employees it is facebook based on employee reviews, pay, benefits, smart coworkers and transparent leadership. other tech companies making the top 20 this year include google, linkedin. >> next at 6:30 what we are learning of founder of the oakland ghost ship. >> trouble inside the oakland fire marshal's >> frozen water in the form of frost and liquid water that will fall start this afternoon through friday with half an inch per roll
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live where you live this is abc7 news. progress is the key word this morning as crews push toward finishing their search and recovery the ghost ship warehouse in oakland. they could finish by today but they want do make sure every inch is cleared. it is wednesday, december 7. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui, with jess yes and meteorologist mike nicco
6:30 am
and alexis smith covering that. mike, how is the weather? it is cold. it is going to be rainy. >> a quick change. forecast this morning in the deeper valleys to wet weather during the evening commute and that will last through friday. you can see a few radar returns but it will not reach the ground. until 4:00 this afternoon. look at gorgeous sunrise developing from our roof camera. temperatures from 29 to 44 through 7:00. upper 40s at noon and mid-40s to 50 with light rain at 4:00, and moderate rain dug the evening hours and the evening hours and temperatures in the 40s. >> northbound 2ity at highway 87 we had a two-car crash and they cleared it quickly and now the emergency responders are blocking the far right lane and you are beyond 101 on the backup. it continues to grow probably 2.5 miles. the bay bridge toll plaza shows the metering lights on early at
6:31 am
5:26 a.m. we will look at drive times next. we now know the names of nine more of the fire victims. all the city of oakland releasing decades of documents tied to warehouse with the death toll at 36. the identities of 27 have been relets. documents show a long paper trail of the warehouse including numerous complaints on the building and the lot next door. the city declared a local state of emergency to be eligible for state and federal money as investigators try to get a better idea where and how the four starts. >> 10% of the building left the recovery effort to end soon and happen today. >> amy hollyfield is in oakland this morning. >> it looks like they done, it is very quiet, i just talked to someone in the sheriff's office and he said they are now in clean up mode and the supplies
6:32 am
for the next step are already here and the lumber is what they will use to board up the building which is what they do when they finish the search they had said they were hoping to get the search done overnight but no rush because they wanted to make sure they were will very committed to doing everything they could for the families. >> we are pretty close to being able to tell the families we have completely searched this warehouse and let you know the fire department will be on the scene until we can look at family members in their face and say we have completely searched the warehouse and there are no more victims in the warehouse. >> they have found 36 victims inside the warehouse. they think they have found possibly the point where this fire could have started and are taking a hard look at the
6:33 am
refrigerator as a point of ignition much the city declare add state of emergency. that will allow them to apply for state and federal funds to help people impacted by the fire. the victims' families and the businesses shut down for four days. the businesses are expected to start reopening today. >> in oakland for abc7 news. the fire marshal has faced a number including including understaffing. oakland magazine reports the fire marshal and assistant fire marshal positions were open for three of the last fourer -- four years. the city hired the year. quick inspections over in-depth the inspections was to make as much money as possible for the fire inspection fees. the city did not comment. >> more of the photos and learning more of the victims in the tragedy including
6:34 am
35-year-old billy dixon. a musician and resident of oakland. to cleveland. 34-year-old johnny igaz oakland resident. he was deejaying. ara jo lived oakland, an artist and musician. 34-year-old amanda kershaw lived in san francisco. she is described by her husband as avid photographer and lover of dance music. >> griffin madden was 23 living in berkeley and graduated with kegs in philosophy and hit a door and slavic languages. >> hannah rua was 32 from begin land, at anything chicago with her fiance, alex ghassan who also died. nicole seegrest worked at the land lake theater.
6:35 am
the last victim was 22-year-old alex investigation good -- and his girlfriend also died in the fire. survivors say it was thoroughly impossible do find an exit as the smoke and flames engulfed the warehouse. jose is one of the last people to get out and he said by the time he opened his door the flames were in front of him. >> we saw one person, i saw her confusion, she was last, and i tried to guide her out. >> he said he tried to get his fire sting -- fire but in was not enough time. >> our reporter spoke with derick ion almena the founder. after an argument with the party rome motor and his friend in 2015 men filed for restraining orders against deash $saying they oured injuries but did not appear in court and the
6:36 am
restraining orders were denied. he was, derick ion almena, arrested on possession of stolen property on probation at the time of the weekend fire. >> former tenant said that people lived in trailers parked inside the first floor and in small areas throughout the warehouse as many as 18 to 20 people at a time. >> if you are choosing to live in a space like that you are not choosing it based on safety but based on the people you choose it based on the >> he paid $5,400 a month and charged tenants $400 to $1,500 for month and up to 20 people at a time, and derrick $said he was not in it for the money. we have a disturbing look at the ghost ship before the fire, and a woman lived in the fire for five months is shot this video showing a bathroom with hot waterpowerred by a prepain tank. temporary wiring will flowing
6:37 am
through the building and walls partly dismantled. >> the oakland fire is prompting calls for building safety across the country. >> jesse is looking at that at the live desk and several responses from major cities. >> particularly baltimore, los angeles and portland. i will start with portland. a leader wants do require sprinklers before a building can left a party or a special event. in baltimore, it is different, they have tale gone after some buildings this week with complaints someone painted of an art space and officials found major violations and condemned it, kicked out the tenants quickly in just a matter of a few days. in los angeles, city council are asking people to be vigilant and report any problems residents see because there are a lot of warehouses and buildings used for parties or concerts. >> now on to new documents three decades of public records related to the warehouse and
6:38 am
vacant hot released. >> since we last saw you, activity has died down and you still have the dutch trucks but it looks like they are assessng the situation on what did do next. 10 minutes have been made to the building department against the warehouse and the lot, three for the warehouse, the mayor schaaf plains. >> complaints were december, 2014, constructing house/structure without permits. september 30 of 2014, pallets, construction materials blocking the sidewalk. >> an issue is the most recent pending complaint for illegal interior building structure with the dress for the vacant lot but was likely meant in the warehouse. there are no visible street addresses for either the warehouse or the vacation around -- or the vacant lot. the mayor shove said building inspectors followed procedure
6:39 am
with complaints from the planning and building department. more can come from police, fire and alameda county. more information on this situation at >> our dodge of -- coverage of the oakland fire conditions on-line. we will send alerts through our news app when there is new information released. >> now, the accweather forecast. >> to the south bay in freezing temperatures but mid-to-upper 30s saratoga, sunnyvale, los gatos, san jose, alum rock, and the three in the 40s that would have been quicker, milpitas, mountain view and los altos. freezing cold in danville at 31 and novato at 31, mount tam, the sun is rising and the high clouds and communities are wet this or, breezy and wet on the water this evening and if you can, do some yesterday work this
6:40 am
morning before the wet weather rolls in. low-to-mid 50s today and nearly sick tomorrow and friday. afternoon day showing wet weather and freezing rain and sunny in the mountains from 4:00 this afternoon to 10:00 tomorrow morning. be careful. >> i finally got to bottom this issue on the richmond-san rafael bridge. we have been looking at the heavy traffic on our richmond camera and this is westbound 580 approaching the bridge and we do not have incidents reported, we talked it c.h.p. several types and they say, no, we don't have anything, it turns out we have a bridge inspection supposed to be done by 5:00 this morning and that is late and a far right lane is blocked with the shoulder, just beyond the toll plaza so in the meantime, take a look at to backup forms, four miles into richmond and you are seriously barely moving three miles per hour, four miles per hour, as you are closer to that, and if you can delay the trip, i highly recommend it.
6:41 am
21 minutes across the bay bridge and southbound 101 san francisco to sfo is looking good all morning and still in the green at 10 minutes. next traffic report minutes. >> we will hear from first responders in oakland about what the last if you days have been the last if you days have been like for them.
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6:44 am
we spoke with alameda county sheriff sergeant j.d. nelson about the last several days for his department's tireless team of workers. >> it is tough do removals. it is tougher to do the notification because you are getting families the worst news they will ever get in their life and you have to do that 36 times. what you see and the thing you smell when you are in there, they last never, they last with you your entire life. >> a lot of us are thing about them and it is nice to hear it in words. there are man pages set up to help families of the victims, and it is nearing the $500,000 goal. we have a link to the page at >> oakland natives and former
6:45 am
nfl stars johnson and lynch are raising money for fire victims and their families. their foundation is accepting online donations, and you can fine the link at you can make donations this person in oakland on broadway between 8h and 9th. >> now the sharks will hold a moment of silence before the game at the s.a.p. center and half of the shark's foundation 50/50 raffle tonight and saturday is donated to the american red cross. fans will be able to make donations to the victims. >> stanford university is facing a lawsuit alleging lax response to report physical and sexual abuse by the same student put women's safe at risk. the law states that the young man victimized at left four women starring in 2011. the suit said the university failed to promptly investigate and discipline him. a victim said she was unusually discouraged from making a formal
6:46 am
complaint and the university said they could not investigate another case because the victim would not come forward. the male was finally banned from the campus in 2014. >> president-elect donald trump is traveling to ohio for the second stop of thank you tour. the first stop was in north carolina where he officially announced he will nominate retired marine general james mattis for secretary of defense. >> american people are fortunate a man of this clark and integrity will now be the civilian leader acontinue the department of defense. >> the president-elect is inviting most bitter credittives to new york and we are tag about silicon valley leaders, sum machined to a round table discussion next wednesday were. >> i have a look at washington, dc, on the floor of senate,
6:47 am
where majority heard mcconnell is speaking and we are waiting because california senator boxer is about to give her farewell speech after a 24 year run, her political career has spanned four decades and boxer is 76, and apart from the senate she has senators 10 years in the house of representatives, six years on the marin county board of supervisors and the attorney general kamala harris will tear over her term. we will live steam it for you. back to you. >> congress will hold its first hearing on the california national guard bonus scandal where $15,000 bonuses given to soldiers to reenlist in the wars and the pentagon later said the bonuses were mistakes handed out by mistake and the veterans were on the hook for repayment. after weeks of media attention the white house and congress urged the pentagon to stop
6:48 am
seeking repayment of bonuses. >> the oakland city council scheduled to discuss a plan to keen the raiders in oakland and the alameda county board of directors met in closed session yesterday with the oakland city pro football group headed by republican any lott. the deal would give lott's group control of the coliseum property allowing it to negotiate a stadium deal with the raiders. both the oakland city council and the alameda county board of supervisors could vote on this dealing next tuesday. >> we are hearing linkedin is a step closer to a merger with microsoft. jane king has that in the money report. >> good morning, the microsoft and linkedin deal is expected to close in the next few days and the $26 billion deal has cleared the final hurdle. microsoft agreed do make concessions and keep microsoft products available to try values and another major hurdle between the merger between alaska air and virgin america with
6:49 am
antitrust approval so authorities do not think it will hurt competition, alaska had to scale back their partnership with eastern in to get it approved. talking dolls coming spreading secrets according to some privacy groups who single out a doll with a complaint filed with the federal trade commission said the toys collect and use personal information that children share with their toys. the company did not spend to a contact by the "wall street journal" with stocks flat today after 11 record highs since the election and the dow is up less than a point and nasdaq and s&p 500 slighter lower. >> it is cold. be prepared. especially for the bay area. bring an umbrella later on. >> i thought you were going do sing, "baby it's cold outside." >> brrr it is cold in here.
6:50 am
>> that works. >> good morning, from our east bay hills camera you can see the high clouds, we are going from frost to clouds to rain today from ice to liquid. a storm will roll in monday into tuesday. look how impressive the radar is looking, where a lot green, and looking, where a lot green, and it is bone dry back in the 40s. at 11:00 you will see a lot of radar returns. just evaporating. until 4:00 or 5:00. we the moderate rain develops and you can see the yellows through midnight continuing through tomorrow morning. wake up from bonding on the roads with all of us drive on slick streets transitioning to hit train by thursday into
6:51 am
thursday night and another wave on friday. that will put us at half an inch to 1.5" and double than in the higher elevation,. >> back to the richmond-san rafael bridge, this is turning interest an issue. we have a big stackup on the richmond side of westbound 580 before the toll plaza. caltran was doing overnight road worker with a bridge inspection and poured concrete but did not said the way they wanted and it is running later than they were spiced to. it was supposed to be wrap up by action and they hope to have the lane open by 7:00 this morning so it is ten minutes from now but right now, you are jammed. solid. at least four mile backup and maybe longer into the richmond area. i will have more information on that in a couple of minutes. >> look at the screen, the car chase is crazy. watch him clip the back of the bicycle the suspected d.u.i.
6:52 am
driver said out of los angeles the bicyclist is okay and the suspect losing his rear wheel and continues on, sparks are flying at 80 miles per hour and look at man in the truck, he takes it upon himself to block the suspect from getting away, watch it opening the door of the car and get out of there so the police can close in on the suspect. they arrested him. >> notes. apple will pay $450,000 to settle a claim that it mishandled hazardous electronic waste. apple operated an electronic waste spreading facility in corps attend without telling anyone and claims apple mishandled metal dust at the far at that processed a million pounds of waste before closing in 2013. apple said it was an overnight in paperwork and it did not affect the state health standards. >> back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know before you go.
6:53 am
>> it looks beautiful, the sky. but what is not beautiful is the traffic. traffic. the carmen carmen
6:54 am
these are the seven things you need to know before you go.
6:55 am
one, crews have only 10% of the ghost ship warehouse left to search. officials are focusing on the refrigerator as a cause. there have been 10 minutes against the warehouse and the lot next door dating back to 25. >> we learned the identities of nine more victims. death toll is now at 36 with crews not eng to find anymore bodies. to learn more of the victims we have profiles on >> three, look at the frosty conditions in the north bay valleys in the san ramon valley, temperatures are hovering around 30 degrees and the rest of us in the upper 30s to mid-40s. we are on storm watch this afternoon through friday. look the totals, it will be healthy. >> we have been keeping track of this for the last hour, major backups on westbound 580 from richmond area to the richmond-san rafael with late
6:56 am
bridge work blocking the right lane jammed for four miles. >> pakistan plane has crashed with 48 people on board, officials do nut -- not think anyone could survived. the plane descended at 7,000 foot in two ms before losing contact. wreck an has been fund near the afghanistan border. >> machines are marking pearl harbor day, 75 years ago this morning japan launched a surprise attack on the american naval base at pearl harbor. more than 2,400 americans lost their lives. events are taking place cross the united states and in the bay area. >> "time" magazine is named president-elect donald trump the "person of the year," the 90th time they named the person with the greatest influence for better or worse on the events of the year. hick -- hillary clinton was the runne
6:57 am
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parade good morning, america. a blizzard blanketing the north dropping more than a foot of snow. cars sliding and crashing. wind gusts over 70 miles an hour. temperatures plummet across the country, and the deep freeze moving east. 19 states now on alert. as a new snowstorm heads for the west. protests at a college campus overnight after a white nationalist leader is invited to the stage. >> white people are ruling right now. white people have tremendous amount of power. >> police in riot gear called in as thousands of outraged students storm the event. banding together. saints quarterback drew brees and other nfl stars appearing at the murder trial of the man accused of killing their former teammate, will smith, shot and killed in a road rage incident.


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