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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 8, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. good good morning, america. breaking news. an urgent manhunt for this escaped inmate accused of stabbing an officer at a walmart overnight. caught on surveillance cameras as he makes a run for it. >> we'll pursue this person and bring him to justice. >> police in hot pursuit right now. arctic blast. frigid temperatures spreading from the rockies to the east coast creating a travel nightmare overnight. now 20 states are on alert as windchills dip 30 below zero. up to three feet of lake-effect snow on the way and a major storm moving into the west. chaos on campus. a high school student armed with knives. >> back up. back up. >> threatening classmates until a school officer steps in taking one shot to stop him, then jumping in to save him. the teen fighting for his life
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this morning. basketball blow-out. lebron james and the cavaliers dominating the knicks overnight but the real competition off the court. >> there goes james and, nope. >> why basketball's biggest star was flipping out over the water bottle challenge. ♪ we do say good morning, america. you know a game is a blow-out when the players start doing this. >> unsuccessfully, i might add. >> good old water bottle challenge. they couldn't land it. there you go. i think he dove out there because, like, it's on the court, but the clutch player in the playoffs last year, kyrie irving lands it like a true clutch player does every time. >> our executive producer saying this challenge is driving parents all across the country crazy. >> i have girls. i'm okay with that.
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lebron made a little news with his hotel choice. a lot more on that. first breaking news, manhunt for an escaped inmate. authorities believe he stabbed a police officer at a south carolina walmart overnight and our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas is tracking the search. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, george. police believe this convict is armed and dangerous, and they are asking the public for help in finding him. there morning - -- this morninga massive manhunt for an escaped inmate serving life in prison. 47-year-old michael allen williamson slipped out of the mccormick correctional institution in south carolina at 8:50 p.m. police believe an hour after his escape, a female officer at this walmart. pictured on surveillance camera before the stabbing. >> she continued to pursue the suspect to get him off the street. >> reporter: the officer had been responding to a shoplifting call. authorities believe williamson may have escaped the prison in a food service truck.
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he was sentenced to life in prison in 1997 for armed robbery. authorities believe he received several disciplinary actions in prison, involving drugs and smuggling contraband. >> we really need your help. unfortunately, these things happen and we'll pursue this person and bring him to justice. >> reporter: police are urging the public to call 911 immediately if they see him. as for the officer who was stabbed, police say she has survived and thankfully is recovering from her injuries. george. >> thank god for that. pierre, thanks very much. now to that weather alert that's across 20 states. remember that snowed in door we showed you in north dakota yesterday? >> yep. >> well, robin, they finally made it out. somebody ventured out of the snow. >> sort of. >> saw a lot of snow in north dakota. not as much in denver but extremely cold, ginger. >> denver is 2 below zero in actual air temperature. this is really the only way to survive temps like that. the video out of denver, as snow was flying on the roads creating traffic nightmares. now that snow and, of course, the cold going to move east.
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check it out this morning. the windchill is 18 below rapid city, and 16 below bismark. it feels like 7 in chicago. even dallas feels like 22. then it slides east. we've been talking about thursday, now it's here. saturday is the one to look forward to for cincinnati at 10. 18, d.c., new york city, even atlanta will only feel like 20. you put that cold air over the relatively warm great lakes and lake-effect snow is already flying. my mom actually called me yesterday and said, there's going to be a snowstorm. i said, thank you, mom. there is going to be a snowstorm. you can see up to three feet in some of these areas that get it a lot. another storm i have to tell you about in a couple of moments. >> good old mom. >> momma knows best. >> that's right. thank you, ginger. now to the latest on the trump transition. the president-elect facing new questions about the future of his business this morning as he attacks the union leader of another one, carrier, the company he just visited in indiana after claiming he saved more than a thousand jobs there. abc's tom llamas is here. he has all the details for us. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. "the new york times" reporting
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trump may turn to his sons to take over his business while refusing to completely separate himself. that's not what he tweeted last week. check out what he posted up on twitter. wait for it. okay, maybe we don't have it. i feel it is visually important as president to in no way have a conflict of interest with my various businesses. this as trump is also staying very busy on twitter. overnight, another tweet from donald trump creating conflict. the president-elect going after an indianapolis union leader who criticized trump on cnn for inflating the amount of jobs he helped save at carrier. >> we're saving the jobs at the carrier plant from going to mexico. 1,100 jobs. >> and what they're doing, they're counting in 350 some odd more that were never leaving this country at all. >> reporter: then moments later, trump tweeting, chuck jones, who is president of united steelworkers 1999, has done a terrible job representing workers. no wonder companies flee country.
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but jones has a point. of the 1,100 jobs trump claimed to have saved, around 800 were actually being exported to mexico. trump maintaining his twitter wars as he continues to assemble his cabinet. one of his newest hires, an old friend, wwe co-founder linda mcmahon, hired to lead the small business administration. >> donald trump is in a world he is not familiar with. >> reporter: the president-elect himself once wrestled with mcmahon's husband delivering a sneak attack clothesline and later, trump getting inducted into the wwe hall of fame. we're pretty sure he'll be the only president ever inducted into the wwe hall of fame. >> pretty sure? >> reporter: we looked into this. donald trump is expected to nominate general john kelly for secretary of homeland security. he is a four star marine general, also a gold star father. he lost his son to combat in afghanistan. with this selection, trump would have the most retired generals
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in modern history working in his cabinet, and there could be more generals on the way. >> we will talk to martha raddatz more about that. martha, you know all these generals. during the campaign, the president-elect criticized the generals and said he knew more about military strategy than they do and yet has three in key positions and taking some criticism for over-relying on the military. >> you know, there is some concern on the hill, george. but the experience is vast, and of course, the approval ratings in this country for the military couldn't be higher. i also think as you said there is some surprise in president-elect trump's picks given what he said about the generals during the campaign. but i think those comments were aimed more at the administration and president obama has had his share of general officers over the years as well in the cabinet. >> and general kelly, as tom mentioned, a gold star father, you know him pretty well. >> general kelly has spoken very movingly about his son and his
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loss, but he has also spoken powerfully about how little some americans know about the sacrifice of service members which should dispel the myth about these general officers that they somehow are eager to go to war. they fight wars when ordered to do so you, but no one understands the costs more than they do, and how carefully the decision should be made to enter into them. kelly also brings, george, with him, experiences as commander. of southern command where he dealt with border and immigration issues. >> meantime, martha, another front, the president-elect getting a fair amount of attention with his meetings with former vice president al gore and leonardo dicaprio on climate change, yet his pick for the epa just announced this morning, scott pruitt from oklahoma, a real opponent leading in the effort to fight regulations on those issues. >> scott pruitt is a man who has basically battled the agency. he is now asked to lead. he has said the debate on climate change is far from settled and pruitt sent a statement released by trump today, the american people are tired of seeing billions of
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dollars drained from our economy due to unnecessary epa regulations, and i intend to run this agency in a way that both fosters responsible protection of the environment and american freedom for businesses. i see a fight upcoming, george. >> thanks very much. the weather may be dipping but the stock market is surging. the dow closing at another record high. rebecca jarvis is here, and rebecca, what is going on with the market? >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. and this is the opposite of what almost every expert was forecasting since donald trump elected. the dow up more than 1,200 points. investors are focusing on the president-elect's proposed policies, fewer regulations, lower taxes and infrastructure spending, and they are bullish on what that means for companies and businesses. since the election stocks have now hit record highs 12 times, which is ultimately positive for everyone's retirement savings account and, guys, that means
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that in just the last month, the typical 401k is up between $5,000 and $6,000 in just the last month. michael and robin. >> great news there. >> all right, rebecca, thank you. now to a dramatic school shooting caught on camera. a campus police officer in reno, nevada, firing on a knife-wielding student and abc's t.j. holmes is here with more on these terrifying moments. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: incredibly we saw the video of this incident almost immediately after it happened. a kid wildly swinging a knife in the middle of the school day in the middle of the school yard before being shot, and as you will see in the video, many of the kids, instead of running, what did they do? pulled out their phones and started recording. this 14-year-old student seen on camera wildly swinging at least one large knife is in critical condition this morning shot by police trying to stop him. >> shots fired with a student down at hug high school. >> reporter: investigators say it started as a fight between two students at this reno high school around lunchtime. >> back off. back off! >> let go.
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>> reporter: it quickly escalated when the 14-year-old boy pulls the knife in the middle of a crowd but the student refuses to drop the knife. the officer fires a single shot. >> he's going around telling everybody he's going to shoot and stop everybody so i mean he finally did it and he got shot. >> the officer gave verbal commands for the student to drop the knife, ultimately firing his service weapon stopping the threat. once the threat was stopped, the shooting officer immediately began to provide medical aid to the student. >> reporter: the teen is critically injured on the ground as the school is put on code red lockdown. >> officers are going classroom to classroom looking for potential other victims, looking for witnesses to the incident to make sure that the kids are safe. >> reporter: no one else was injured. detectives are now interviews witnesses and asking for any other videos like these. the officer is now on paid leave. and as i mentioned, as you can see in that, middle in the school day, middle of the schoolyard, kids standing around, and they were recording it. you might think kids take off
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and run, and that might have been the best thing to do, but these days, kids have these phones and now it will be an important investigative tool asking for all those videos. kids, give them to us. >> hard to see how the officer had that much choice. >> in that situation, you have no idea what's going to happen, and you have so many potential victims around as well. >> you do. all right, t.j. we'll move on to charleston, south carolina, where dylann roof is on trial for killing nine african-americans in a church sanctuary. steve osunsami is in charleston. steve, it was an emotional day in that courtroom. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. prosecutors say this is going to be a long and difficult trial for many in this community. one of dylann roof's relatives got so worked up and upset, she had to be taken from the court. she had a medical emergency. families of the victims were crying in their seats. the united states versus dylann roof is moving forward this morning in this charleston courthouse with even more testimony from first responders who raced to this historic black church after reports of the
7:13 am
shooting. police are telling difficult stories on the witness stand how they found nine people killed in the house of their lord in this basement of mother emanuel ame methodist church in june of 2015. >> we got two people coming out, an adult female and a child. >> reporter: in opening statements, the u.s. attorney spoke eloquently saying that parishioners welcomed 22-year-old dylann roof to their bible study, but little did they know how cold a heart he had. instead of a bible to study, the defendant chose to bring a .45 caliber pistol. roof with his boyish face sat in his prison stripes stared silently into space and roof confessed in a two-hour long interview recorded by the fbi. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: at roof's first court appearance the deeply religious families here spoke passionately about forgiving him. >> i will never be able to hold her again, but i forgive you. >> reporter: tuesday we heard from a survivor, the mother of 26-year-old tywanza sanders, who held on to her granddaughter, while she says roof executed her
7:14 am
son because he was black. she says he told our son i have to do this because y'all are raping our women and taking over the world. roof's lawyers admit to it all saying that he did it and telling us that they may not even call any witnesses. their goal is to save his life because prosecutors are asking for the death penalty. robin. >> all right, steve, thank you. the forgiveness those families are showing, remarkable. now to those tennessee wild fires. two teens are now accused of starting the deadly blaze that killed 14 and forced thousands of evacuations. abc's linzie janis is here with new details from the investigation. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, robin. these are very serious charges, the highest level of arson meaning prosecutors believe these two young people started these fires with intent to do damage. this morning, two juveniles in custody accused of deliberately starting the fires that killed 14 people in eastern tennessee. >> we are pleased to announce
7:15 am
that two people have now been charged for their role in starting the fires. >> reporter: authorities say they believe the fire was set the day before thanksgiving. within days, the blaze exploding. more than 14,000 people forced to evacuate the towns of gatlinburg and pigeon forge. >> people were basically running for their lives. >> reporter: travis cogdell says he had just minutes to get his parents out of their house, showing us what's left of it. >> the kitchen table was right there. >> reporter: he tells us he plans to search through the rubble for his father's purple heart. in all, nearly 2,500 buildings damaged or destroyed. the flames coming dangerously close to dolly parton's dollywood amusement park. the country legend pledging money to help every family affected. this morning, prosecutors say they may seek to transfer the two juvenile arson suspects to an adult criminal court. >> everything is on the table.
7:16 am
>> reporter: juvenile court laws prevent prosecutors from identifying the suspects or even revealing their age and gender. all they would say is that the two youths are tennessee residents. now, i heard from travis cogdell late last night. he sent me this photo of some of the 23 volunteers he says showed up to help him look for his dad's purple heart. robin, he says they found it. >> ah, that is great news. some big hearts there and kudos to dolly parton and all those who are doing whatever they can to help those families. let's get over to amy now with the other top stories. amy has new details about the oakland warehouse fire. >> that's right, robin. a shocking admission from oakland officials about the deadly warehouse fire. they say no building inspector had been inside that warehouse in at least 30 years. the fire killed 36 people, and city officials had been investigating safety complaints at that building just before the fire. one of them went there two weeks ago, but was unable to get inside. well, intense fighting is under way this morning in aleppo. syrian forces say they are close
7:17 am
to capturing the entire city and syrian president, assad, said today he is waiting to see if president-elect trump will be able to unite all the various forces in the fight against isis. well, there were some frightening moments on a southwest flight. passengers and crew rush to put on oxygen masks when their plane lost pressure after leaving dallas bound for houston. it landed safely back in dallas. no one was injured, but this is the third incident on board a southwest flight just this week. well, life expectancy in the united states has dipped for the first time in decades. according to the cdc, people are now living 78.8 years, down slightly, making it the first drop since 1993. health experts say the rise in obesity is likely leading to shorter lives by triggering heart disease and other deadly ailments. and finally, it seems like everyone has an opinion about one city's main christmas tree. take a look for yourself. this is the tree in montreal. it's kind of skinny, kind of leans to one side. some say it looks like something
7:18 am
from charlie brown. one tweet said it looks more like a sprig of rosemary. another. nothing like a nice flat top christmas tree. there's no point at the top if you can see. and also reminding us all, saying beauty is in the eye of the beholders. the folks said we delivered natural quebec tree and that's what it should be. natural is not perfect. some people say, sure, far from it. >> dignified tree. >> dignified. i like it. >> in the eye of the beholder. >> back over to ginger. look at that storm. the storm coming into the west so you can see in this monitor the rain and snow flying in california. i-80 at times had to be stopped because there were so many spinouts. there in truckee. the winter weather advisories and warnings for 22 states across the nation, seattle will get snow in this. your local weather in just 30 seconds. first though, the snowy cities brought to you by macy's.
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good morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco from abc 7 mornings. steady rain this morning. with pockets and waves of rain later today, all the way through friday. now here is something different, another storm will make saturday wet and next week is trending dryer. temperatures today warmer, mid-50s to about 60 degrees. toward tonight, we'll hang out in the low to mid-50s. definitely milder. my accuweather seven-day forecast, sunday is looking the driest this >> so if the saturday chill is not enough, the computer models for next week make this look like nothing. just to give you an idea. >> oh,no! >> that's what we have to look
7:20 am
forward to next week. >> december is here. >> don't smile so hard. coming up, the new alert about the holiday facebook scam that so many are seeing on their news feeds. and there a connection between the abduction of sherri papini and a teen that disappeared two decades ago? we have a lot more on that coming up on gm. ecades ago? a lot more coming up on "gma." "gm. a. ". ." and award-winning value from kelley blue book. giving drivers what matters most. that's how you become america's best-selling brand. shop now during the ford year end event. get a thousand dollars ford smart bonus cash on select models, on top of all other great offers. see your local ford dealer today. happso when do i start?yola. chemistry, baby! ♪air marker spraayer!!!
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good morning, i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. it is 7:23. that breaking news is a 6.5 earthquake near humboldt count, centered 100 miles off the coast. it hit at 6:50 a.m. and people reported feeling it as far south as santa cruz. no reports of any damage right now. you could follow us on twitter at abc 7 news for more updates as we get them. right now to alexis smith and traffic. >> we didn't feel anything in the studio here, reggie. but it is impacting mass transit in the bay area. so b.a.r.t. is slowing down. they are running at a reduced speed because of the seismic activity so about a 10-minute delay systemwide right now. and i don't think we'll see any major delays but i'll keep an eye on that. and the other story, it is wet and windy and now fog moving
7:24 am
into the bay area. so slow down and leave plenty of time for the drive this morning. >> we have seen plenty of
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and you could follow my forecst and also you could take a look at live doppler 7 with our news app. let's go outside if we can and take a look at what is going on. we have sfo arrival delays one hour and 52 minutes because of the wet weather. now as far as what is going to happen today. we've got the steadier heavier rain through the morning commute, thank you for cleaning that. and then we'll turn into drizzle with waves of light rain all the way through tomorrow afternoon. reggie. >> everybody, even the cameras need windshield wipers. coming up, the latest on the missing mom found alive in
7:27 am
california. does an old case shed light on what happened here. that is next on gma. we'll have
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and melissa & doug toys! plus, save on all battery-operated ride-ons! toys"r"us. awwwesome! we welcome you back to "gma." you're looking at the heavy snowfall in north dakota. creating tough travel conditions as you can imagine this morning. 22 states are under winter weather alerts. up to three feet of lake-effect snows in the forecast as ginger has been telling us. now a new storm is moving into the west. >> a lot of cold weather on the way. also right now new questions about the future of president-elect trump's businesses including his brand-new hotel in washington, d.c. and the foreign interests paying big money to use it. our chief investigative correspondent, brian ross, has much more on that ahead. this morning the student seen waving this knife is in critical condition right now after a reno police officer opened fire when the student refused to drop his weapon. the officer now on paid leave. the incident under investigation. and it is thursday, and thursday means it is "deals & steals" day.
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>> i think we have a very excited audience up there. that's right. tory has something for everyone on your holiday gift list and you have a reason to be, up to 77% off. >> yes. >> everything. >> love a good deal. thank you for that. now to the mystery surrounding the disappearance of that california mom, another young woman who attended the same high school also vanished years ago while jogging. abc's matt gutman joins us from los angeles with the new details. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the similarities at first rattled law enforcement. 18 years before sherri papini's story would captivate the country, tera smith, with the same look, also disappeared while out for a jog in the same town, but the biggest difference in her case, police had a person of interest. as investigators continue to scour northern california for those who abducted sherri papini, they're haunted by another young woman's unsolved disappearance. 16-year-old tera smith vanished in 1998.
7:32 am
was that in your head, oh, man, i hope this is not another case of a complete disappearance? >> absolutely it was and it was on the investigators' minds, in fact, there is a resemblance of tera smith and ms. papini which made it maybe even a little more eerie. >> reporter: this is the two of them side-by-side. both out jogging when they vanished. both went to the same high school at the same time in the 1990s. sherri even auditioned for the same role as tera's sister in the fifth-grade play. and both faces captivated the city in california. there are glaring differences. >> she and keith have been reunited. >> reporter: sherri was released weeks after her abduction. >> i ran past everybody and throw open the curtain and she was there in a bed and her poor face. and i just hugged her.
7:33 am
i just held her. i felt like i hugged her for, like, 20 minutes. >> reporter: unlike keith papini, tera's family never got that thanksgiving day miracle. >> brought back a lot of the memory of those initial days. >> reporter: and also unlike the papinis, smith believes he knows what happened to his daughter. >> we've known since the very first night. >> reporter: while no one was ever named as a suspect in tera's disappearance, terry smith has long suspected a local man. terry smith says keith sought out his advice as he grappled with sherri's disappearance. >> he wanted to know just how to get by day to day and then also dealings with law enforcement. >> reporter: and in many ways, keith is taking that advice, keith has what he calls an "a" team. friends who say they have set up a war room and continue to run a shadow investigation to find the abductors who are still out there. as for the man, terry smith still believes killed his
7:34 am
daughter, he has never been charged and continues to live in redding. now, while some of the similarities are uncanny, investigators tell us right now, the two cases are not related, guys. >> we'll talk more about that with abc news consultant brad garrett. when you look at these two cases what stands out to you? >> well, matt's pointed it out. blonde, young, petite, from redding, going out for a run. but, robin, once you clear away those half a dozen similarities there's nothing similar. tera was 16. she was dating a guy, much her senior, was married, had a child. had pled guilty to a rape charge five years prior to tera disappearing. she supposedly met with him. hooez admitted -- he's admitted apparently in the only interview he granted police that he did meet with her.
7:35 am
she wanted $2,000. he wouldn't give it to her and dropped her off, so i would say they're on the right track with that guy. >> so where do you think, though, the investigation goes with sherri's disappearance? >> well, sherri's case, you know, is all based on what evidence they can find, forensically from what she had on, restraints, et cetera. tips and are there any other videos out there, in or around where she was abducted and/or dropped off? but this case is going to heavily rely on somebody coming forward in my view. >> and hopefully that will be the case soon. all right, brad, thank you very much. we'll move on to that murder for hire retrial under way in florida. dalia dippolito was caught on tape paying an undercover cop to kill her husband in back of a jury. what are we seeing? >> it was a heated first day back in a courtroom in dalia dippolito's retrial with new attorneys now by her side, things actually got so combative, that at that point, the judge told both sides to start acting professionally. this morning, the woman accused of hiring a hitman to kill her
7:36 am
husband back in court. >> it is based 100% on her words, her actions and her intent. >> reporter: this time, dalia dippolito is arguing the police department was fame hungry, and represented with a new defense team, desperate to be featured on the "cops" tv show. >> that proves that she was feeling pressured. >> reporter: the hit man she allegedly tried to hire turning out to be an undercover cop. >> you know, he gets two in the head. >> i'm positive like 5,000% sure. >> reporter: all leading up to this. >> is your husband michael? i'm sorry to tell you, ma'am, he's been killed. >> reporter: dippolito says she was acting going along with the plan that she says she her then husband michael dippolito and former lover mohamed shihadeh had scripted for an acting project. giving her explanation to me in an interview last december. >> it was a show. it was a tape. that was the purpose of it.
7:37 am
>> you were acting in those tapes? >> yes. >> reporter: and earlier this year, testifying in a pretrial hearing. >> this is supposed to be something you guys are going to put online to get attention? >> going to put online so you can get publicity. >> on social media. right. so we can try to get an acting job from it. >> so this is acting? >> yes. >> reporter: while it's not known if she was expected to testify in her retrial, the contention among opposing counsel so intense the judge admonishing them in open court. >> you're going to start acting professionally. i'm not going to have this bickering between the two of you. >> reporter: now she is being retried after being convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison because an appeals court ruled the original jury pool had been tainted. the retrial is expected to last a full week. >> keeps going and going. >> all right. you know what else keeps going? the big board, and it's coming up. >> yes. >> on it, a new warning about a scam hitting facebook this holiday season. you may want to watch out for that. and what's the safest car in 2017?
7:38 am
our own david kerley at a crash test facility with the brand-new results and we'll have those when we come back in two minutes. >> there he is. >> he just walked out. >> there's our man. >> he just walked out. >> there's our man. man. pain from a headache can when make this...old, feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand. tylenol®
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time now for our big board where we break down the top stories. we start with the new report about the safest cars in 2017. overnight the insurance institute for highway safety released its list of top rated vehicles. our transportation expert david kerley is joining us now from that crash test facility. what did they find, david? >> reporter: they found that one in five of the cars they tested, george, that's 38 out of 190 got their highest rating. we've seen these crash tests before. you've seen them where they take these cars, brand new cars, and run them into a piling to test them. well, guess what, you hated this in school and they've done it now. they have changed the test so cars are now being tested not only on how well they survive that crash, but how good are
7:41 am
their headlights and do they have available automatic braking? now, i will tell you, george, toyota has to be pretty happy right now because they got the highest number of cars in that top 38. came in with nine, and honda got five of them. so toyota and honda, the highest rated of those 38 top cars. >> wow, good for both of those. how does a car get a great score as opposed to a car that doesn't -- gets a not so good score? >> reporter: well, it's partly that change of the test, michael. so let's talk about this. here's the honda ridgeline, one of the cars that got the highest rating and part of the reason if you look at the compartment that it didn't compact. that the driver was able to survive this. i mean, you can see what they did here by running this right into a wall and whatnot. this is one of the top rated cars. here's a volvo s90. and look. the same thing. didn't break down. the compartment looks pretty good. it didn't get the highest rating because of the new test. they think that this headlight doesn't put out enough light on the roadway, and therefore, it didn't get the highest rating so
7:42 am
new test, now the carmakers know if you want to get the highest rating next year, put in a better headlight according to the iihs. >> one more question. looking at those cars and george and i are both wondering what do they do with them after the test? >> yeah, there's a lot of them in this. there are cars all over the place. this is amazing. they sell them for salvage by the pound. and i got to tell you. these are car people that love these cars and think about taking $100,000 car, $150,000 car brand-new, and you run it right into a piling, it hurts their heart every time. >> the ones that are crashed are fully outfitted, the whole deal? >> yeah. yeah. it can be. you may not have every option on it, but, like, this automatic braking thing that's become very important that's available, yeah, the system is on or is optional that you can pay for it, so yep. the carmakers want to get that
7:43 am
highest rating and provide a car, and these guys sell it for scrap. >> you know, i'm a car guy. that hurts me. oh, man, just -- but it's great. it's for safety and people to know what's safe. >> i heard about you and cars, by the way, mr. strahan. >> yes, yes. i have a reputation. >> talking about your new car. >> be quiet. don't let anybody know. thank you, david. up next, the big holiday scam, targeting facebook users, the better business bureau is issuing an urgent warning, saying a gift exchange in your news feed may not be what you think. and becky worley joins us to explain. becky, what is going on? it's a new twist on an old scam. >> michael, the chain letter has gone digital. thumbs down. but i have good news and bad news. i'll give you the bad news first. facebook is now the venue for those annoying chain letters. send a gift. you'll receive 36 in the mail. the better business bureau is warning is about, something called the secret sister gift exchange. you tag six of your closest friends and then you post your home address in the comments. okay. first of all, you post your home
7:44 am
address on facebook? hello, identity theft. also do these things ever work? i mean i did all these chain letters as a kid. only once did i get something in the mail, and it was a pair of granny panties that said, i like candy. did any of you guys get a chain letter to work for you? >> that's a lot of information, becky, wow. >> overshare. i know, george, it's a lot for you this time of day. nobody gets these things to work. >> no. >> i've never participated in one of these, so i don't know. but if it's too good to be true, then obviously, it is. >> yeah. that's right. i mean, do they ever work? not really and the latest one is having a lot of posts on facebook, is a wine share salut, who can say no to bottle as arriving in the mail, but remember i promised you good news. for those of you who want to opt out, and you should, these things are illegal either in the mail or online. if someone tags you can opt out saying the u.s. postal service deems them fraud.
7:45 am
they're pyramid schemes so the usps and i give you full permission to decline with a good excuse, and i'm going to take my granny panties and my wine and get out of here now, guys. >> i don't know what to say. >> we'll move on. >> david, thank you, and becky, thank you, enjoy that wine. and coming up in two minutes, big questions about president-elect trump's brand-new hotel. who are the people paying big money to use it? and we've got new details about angelina jolie and brad pitt's divorce. that's coming up. hello moto. snap on a jbl speaker. put a 70" screen on a wall. get a 10x optical zoom. get excited world. hello moto. moto is here. the new moto z with motomods. save up to $400 when you trade in your old phone
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7:48 am
down the street from the white house. the president-elect's new luxury hotel seems to be the new in spot. the place for foreign governments and special interests to show loyalty to donald trump. the kingdom of bahrain rented out the presidential ballroom at an estimated cost around $100,000 to celebrate its national holiday. so we showed up to ask why here. last year you were at a different hotel. is this because mr. trump is the president-elect? >> i have no comments. >> reporter: the wealthy kingdom of bahrain certainly has good reason to court the incoming administration. its human rights record has been harshly criticized accused of torture, even threats of rape and other violence against political opponents. outside, as bahrain diplomats left, they still weren't talking. you don't want to say anything at all about why? as security men blocked our cameras. trump is so proud of his washington hotel, he interrupted his campaign to officially open it.
7:49 am
and now says the hotel will become even more valuable now that he will be in the white house. >> all you have to do is follow the money, and if you follow the money, it leads right back to donald trump's pockets. >> reporter: mr. trump, however he plans to resolve these conflicts, legal ethics experts say nothing short of either selling off the business or turning it over to a blind trust that doesn't involve his children will really do the trick. amy. >> so is there any indication he'll do either of those things? >> reporter: no indication at all. "the new york times" reporting this morning he's still planning to own the business and, by the way, up next is a holiday party being thrown by the government of azerbaijan which decided this is a good place to several thousand dollars, $10,000 to throw a big party. amy. >> we know you'll stay on top of it. brian ross, thank you. >> he will. coming up, "gma investigates" what's really in your makeup. lara, what's going on upstairs? >> all right. 17 days as you guys know until christmas. so of course, tory is with us.
7:50 am
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7:54 am
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"good morning america" is "good morning america" is brought to you by crayola. this holiday, the fun starts in the crayola aisle. fun starts in the crayola aisle.
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it is 7:56 and i'll reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. the breaking news is a 6.5 earthquake 100 miles off the coast of ferndale before 7:00 a.m. no reports of damage or tsunami warning. follow us on twitter for more updates. let's get over to alexis. >> half an hour ago they were slowing down but they check the tracks to make sure there was no damage from the earthquake and they are no recovery mode so at the worst point we had a 10 minute delay and shouldn't be bad heading out now. on 101 in san rafael, long back up. >> the rain is steady and heaviest this morning and drizzle in between as we head from about the lunch hour all the way through tomorrow
7:57 am
evening. we're going to go from a two, moderate to one light and another storm on saturday. reggie. >> thank you. another update in 30 minutes and always on the our news app and join us every week day morning from 4:307:00. gma
7:58 am
7:59 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., and we have freezing temperatures across the country. 20 states on a winter weather alert. dangerous driving conditions for morning commutes coast to coast as a major new storm barrels into the west. ♪ "gma investigates." what's really in your makeup? what happened when we took two common and controversial chemicals in everyday cosmetics and tracked just how much your body absorbs them? the results revealed right here. ♪ wonderful christmas time and get ready to party. jennifer aniston unplugged about the funniest movie of the season. >> you're going to look so stupid. >> then we'll finally have something in common. >> she's so mean. >> the cast of "office christmas party" revealing what really went on behind the scenes and they want you to wake up and join us. >> all: good morning, america. >> get up.
8:01 am
>> wake up. >> get up! ♪ and just 17 days till christmas, tory johnson here with great deals. and tory is saying -- >> good morning, america. ♪ feel it in my bones tory had a much more sincere greeting than jason bateman. and we've got a great audience here this thursday morning. welcome to all of you. >> we hope you're ready for big savings. tory is here with some amazing deals. look. she is loaded down. she is ready to go. save us some big bucks. >> load it up. you know, we're also on our great american christmas cookie search, so we've been searching for the great american christmas cookie. so many of you are sending in amazing recipes. take a look at this one, though. it sounds delicious. >> my cookie is a chocolate chip cookie that i created myself. i use extra flour, all brown sugar and a few other things.
8:02 am
but what makes this really special is that in the center of the cookie, i put a mini candy bar. for this recipe i used a mini milky way. happy holidays. [ cheers and applause ] >> i got the milky way. it's good. >> made my holiday happy. this is good. >> a little present under the tree in your mouth. in your mouth. all right. it was great and we have that recipe. please keep them coming. we want to see all of your recipes and we're live streaming every day on our website from bakeries across the country showing you all how to make these recipes, giving you the secrets of christmas so, get into it with pus. -- with us. the big story, a powerful quake off the coast of northern california. a magnitude 6.8 quake struck this morning 100 miles off the coast of eureka. felt about 15 to 20 second of shaking, but did not report any
8:03 am
damage in the down. the usgs was quick to say there is no tsunami warning, and no injuries reported. we'll stay on top of this story. in the meantime, we're tracking a big blast of wintery weather coast to coast. everywhere with wirpt weather alerts. i don't like seeing the pink on the map. let's go the ginger. >> not on the map. this is exactly why they say travel not advised when you're in the middle of a blizzard warning from steel, north dakota, on one of those highways. this morning we have snow flying from parts of oregon all the way to western new york. different systems but still 22 states now feeling that winter blast with warnings, advisories or more. the arctic air has settled in. it feels like 8 below in denver. 20 below, the feels like, in rapid city, chicago, and minneapolis, both the feels like in the single digits. of course this slides east, amy, and by saturday morning, tallahassee even feels subzero so much more to come on this and unfortunately that new storm in the west. amy.
8:04 am
>> thank you. donald trump is hold a rally in iowa tonight after announcing a batch of top tier appointme s appointments. he is calling scott pruitt a climate change denier. lauren mcmahon will run the small business administration. we are learning new details about the custody battle between brad pitt and angelina jolie. he has asked to seal certain documents about the couple's six children. the judge has rejected that request calling it an attempt to shield himself. and finally, the fisherman who had to put up with a free loader of sorts. the sea lion jumped on their boat and demanded snacks. he sealed the deal because he keeps barking and they keep feeding him. as if to say, we see you, lion.
8:05 am
>> we see you lyin'. i got it. >> i got it. >> that's our girl. >> how about some "pop news" there, lara? >> absolutely, robin, good morning, everybody. good morning to you guys. [ applause ] talk about a daring duo. christina aguilera and britney spears could be joining forces. wow. yeah, that's a good one, right? that's like my '90s dream team. though they haven't confirmed anything yet, the potential collaboration announced on twitter by one eagle-eyed fan sharing a screen shot uncovered on a music licensing website in which both pop stars are listed as the vocalist on a remix of britney's tune, "do you want to come over." that song originally appeared on britney's ninth studio album "glory." this version would likely make some noise if it is anything like the pair's last collaboration. >> put that screen shot back up. >> can we? i'm sure we can. i was enjoying that collaboration. but, yes, can we? we're waiting for it. wait for it, george. >> because one said britney spears and one said spears britney.
8:06 am
>> that's her alter ego. spears -- yeah. >> yes, and -- well, maybe there's three people in there. it's a trio, george. anyway, we'll keep you posted. they have not confirmed nor denied. we'll let you know if spears britney will be joining britney and christina aguilera for that remix. have you guys ever heard about in paris or been to paris and seen how people put locks on all the bridges? well, paris has plans to take their reputation as the city of love one step further. their environment chief bruno julliard announced ten tons worth of love locks taken down from the city's bridges will be available for sale to the public. proceeds, all of the proceeds going to helping refugees. tourists and parisians alike -- it's a really fantastic thing. you can see them there. you can buy these clusters of the romantic padlocks which are locked on the city's bridges by
8:07 am
lovers. the key is then thrown in the river seine as a sign of their eternal passion making good use of the 1 million heavy locks cut down to relieve the bridge from all the weight. the pont des arts almost collapsed a year and a half ago. all those locks had to be taken down. the sale set to take place early next year so a cool little idea, make a little money for a great cause. >> great cause. then finally, a man in fresno definitely not hungry this morning. pablo martinez, the first person to conquer the anaconda. >> oh. >> the anaconda burrito. the creation of this, it's three feet long, weighing way too much. meant to be shared but martinez, a professional eater, ranked 18th in the world, decided to tame that beast himself and ate the entire thing in 13 minutes. he says, no problem, burritos are his specialty. look at your face. the audience's face, really.
8:08 am
>> the audience. all of our faces. >> who doesn't love a good burrito? >> yeah, but -- >> anaconda. [ applause ] keep in mind, the anaconda was created to feed a family of four so congratulations. >> jacked up too. >> yeah. >> he's in good shape. >> yeah, well, he's a power eater. >> a three-foot-long burrito. that's a lot. >> i know. i know. i just -- i like -- i'm just going to say thank you and "pop news" is done because i'm looking at -- i'm getting the stink eye from robin. >> what is that? >> i think we have our air-conditioning on. it looks like i'm crying. nobody here is making me cry. it's just i think we have the air on in here so don't worry. don't worry about me, george. >> don't cry for lara or argentina. >> don't cry for me or argentina the rest of the day. >> thank you, lara spencer. >> you're welcome. [ applause ] coming up, we're investigating the chemicals in your makeup. our surprising results just ahead.
8:09 am
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[ cheers and applause ] [ cheers a we are back now. did you all notice there's an empty cookie plate here? michael's plate -- >> that wasn't my plate. >> and this one too. >> we both -- >> give me that. >> okay, okay. we're back now with our behind the beauty counter series. americans will spend more than $60 billion on cosmetics this year and for the first time in nearly 80 years the industry could face increased scrutiny by the government. abc's congressional correspondent mary bruce, you went behind the scenes to find out. you took one for the team. >> we did. good morning, robin. you might think the government regulates all the chemicals in those lotions, creams and sprays that we all use, but it doesn't but now a new bill would give the fda more teeth and it's
8:14 am
gaining traction so this morning we're putting my makeup bag to the test to see how much of these chemicals our bodies may be soaking in. >> reporter: every morning, ali uses over a dozen beauty products containing countless chemicals. >> i don't really think about the products that i use in my bathroom. >> reporter: almost none of them regulated. only 11 chemicals have ever been regulated by the fda for use in cosmetics. and believe it or not, no safety tests are required before beauty products hit store shelves. now lawmakers and celebrities are hoping to change that. with legislation that would require the fda to evaluate the safety of at least five chemicals a year and give the fda the power to recall dangerous products. it has the endorsement of nearly two dozen beauty brands and stars like gwyneth paltrow who says consumers deserve to know the products they use every day are safe. "gma" wanted to see if our bodies are actually absorbing the chemicals that we're
8:15 am
slathering on, so we put my medicine cabinet to the test. we looked at two common chemicals, parabens, a preservative and phthalates, controversial chemicals and the cdc says the health effects of low level exposure from these are unknown. after getting a baseline measurement of the chemicals in my system, for three days, i used only products containing these chemicals, and for five days, i cut them out completely, using only low chemical products for my daily routine. four days, no chemicals. now it's time for the last test. we took samples at each stage of the experiment. let's go. and sent them to the california department of health for review then met up with university of california-berkeley researcher kim harley for my results. so, how did i do? >> you went up to 386. >> what? when i switched to using products with the chemicals, the level of parabens in my system went off the charts.
8:16 am
>> you had a tenfold increase in. >> and when i changed to the low chemical products? >> your levels basically plummeted. you went down to 6. >> to 6? same story with the phthalates. >> reporter: a sharp increase when i used products with the chemicals. look at that spike. the personal care products council tells abc news, families can feel confident they are protected. manufacturers use the best science and latest available research to ensure safety before products hit store shelves. we check back with ali to give her bathroom a chemical checkup. >> one thing that i would tell you to look for first is fragrance. look for products that have shorter ingredient lists and fewer chemicals that have names that you can actually pronounce. that would be a good start. >> now, if you are concerned about the chemicals that may be in your system from all of these products, the good news, as my own test shows, is just a few small changes can have a pretty big impact in a pretty short
8:17 am
amount of time. >> do we know what effect those chemicals have on the body? >> the big question here is simply the unknown. the government says they don't really know the full impact of all of these chemicals, and that's why you're seeing so many calls for the government to get involved. >> you're seeing so many companies -- there's a product that i've been using from beauty counter. they have a list of chemicals that they will absolutely not use, so there are companies that are aware of this. >> a lot are trying to take out the guessing work and help consumers figure out what's in these products, but still, the best method is to turn around that bottle, squint, look at the long ingredient list. and figure out what is in the product. >> you're young. you don't have to squint. i'm the one that has to squint. am i right? yes, put on the glasses. thank you, mary. looking good and you can get more information on our website. michael. all right, robin. you know what? coming up, tory is here with "deals & steals" to check off the gifts for everyone on your list. look at that.
8:18 am
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smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car. welcome back on "good morning america." back here on "good morning america," we have our little snowy trees. you said you wanted to see snow. >> i want to see some snow. >> you've only seen it three times in your life. sorry. we don't have it. you know where you have to go, west michigan or maybe western new york because lake-effect snow is flying already this morning, and you can see more than two feet. you want to take a drive after? that's what we'll do. that's the big picture.
8:22 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco from abc 7 mornings. steady rain this morning. with pockets and waves of rain later today, all the way through friday. now here is something different, another storm will make saturday wet and next week is trending dryer. temperatures today warmer, mid-50s to about 60 degrees. toward tonight, we'll hang out in the low to mid-50s. definitely milder. my accuweather seven-day forecast, sunday is looking the driest this weekend. >> all right.eekend. all right. it is time now for "deals & steals." we have a rowdy audience especially that lady in the orange dress right there. she is just causing a stir up here. that lady right there just causing all kinds of trouble. >> i love you! >> but tory johnson is here. and, tory, you got gifts for everyone on the list. >> we do and we partnered with all of these companies to be able to bring you a little something for everybody starting first up with ora delphine.
8:23 am
i got lots of oohs and aahs in the studio this morning, in fact, people who bout them previously from us through this brand. these are genuine leather bags, satchel that comes in six colors and then there's the saddle bag which you can wear cross body and comes with two different straps. >> wear it two different ways. >> two different ways. the oh, so trendy embroidered guitar strap style. you got it. >> nothing better than seeing the guys go ooh. >> i know, they're trying to emulate your oohs and aahs. anyway, huge assortment from delphine. you can't go wrong with these to treat yourself or splurge on someone else. normally depending on what you choose the bags up to $395. our deal is slashed by 77%. so they are $78 to $89. >> $78. >> really good deal. >> time to do it. >> what i love about this, a single piece. serafina. i put one in a little gift box there for you. >> thank you. >> single piece. it is a wrap bracelet and wraps around several times or wear it as a choker or long necklace.
8:24 am
>> you're just messing with me now. >> but the key is you got a lot of sparkle with that that's what's fabulous. that little piece adds a lot of sparkle. there is a way to personalize it if you wish. big discount on these. normally $58. these are slashed by 65%. 20 bucks and it comes in a gift box. can't beat that. okay, from my spa life, what i love about face masks is it doesn't matter any benefits it promises, for me it means 15 to 20 minutes of just unplugging, doing nothing, sitting still while your face is just a little moisturized. >> we all need that. >> that's what the gift of face masks does, i think, so this is a big assortment. all different fruit scents. there's either a six-pack or the big collection of 12 depending on how much you want to spend either using it for yourself or other people. $21 to $42 but these also slashed in half so $10.50 to 21 bucks. >> you know what, with all these like flavors when somebody goes, i just want to eat your face,
8:25 am
they can really -- >> they can. okay. ideal fashions. big variety of watches. there's a great selection for men. there's also more online for women. wood, leather, stainless steel, i mean just a variety. they all come in boxes as well. a watch is always a fabulous gift. these range from $60 to $112. we slashed them in half, $26 to $49 and free shipping from ideal fashions. >> wow. >> okay, back by popular demand, accessory concierge, this is the big blanket scarf. look. i pulled one out for you. this is the blanket scarf. we got four models over here. we've got bitten, deb, tony and jessica. these are great. guys, girls, you cannot go wrong with these. we have new colors and a new assortment with the pom-poms on it. big discount, normally $30 to $45, slashed in half, $15 to $22. you can't go wrong. so super soft and then last, you and i were playing with this. go ahead. this is a tiger. but it turns to -- >> an elephant. i like that. >> a dragon switches to a
8:26 am
unicorn. there's six different styles to choose from. these are supper cuddly. i think all ages kind of laugh and have fun at these. big discount normally $20, these are slashed in half. 10 bucks. you can't go wrong with this. from flip a zoo. >> one of my favorites. hedgehog that goes to the turtle. i love it. >> there you go. >> tory, you continue to do it. i don't know how you do it. you're amazing and we want to thank these companies for these great deals and get them on our website, go check it out, okay? coming up, "collateral beauty's" edward norton is here live.
8:27 am
that breaking news, a 6.5 earthquake centered about 100 miles off the coast of ferndale in humboldt county. and no tsunami warnings at this time. follow us an twitter for any updates as we get them. alexis, what is going on with traffic. >> it is wet out there. it is definitely messy. but i do have good news in the north bay, southbound 101 in san rafael, around san pedro, we had a crash blocking the two left lanes and that cleared a few minutes ago but a hefty back up from the novato area. and a new problem for highway 17 on the southbound side just past the cats blocking the right lane and nothing reported northbound bound but long delays on
8:28 am
8:29 am
the area that saw or experienced the least amount of rain is starting to see some sunshine down in the south bay. this is 280 and 17 right now. that is what will happen to the rest of us. steadier rain will transition over to pockets of rain or waves of rain. now all the way through friday, a stronger storm is coming in saturday but still a one, light on the impact scale. reggie. >> mike, thank you. we have another update in about
8:30 am
30 minutes and always on the news app at join us every morning from 4:30 to 7:00 and ♪ welcome to my house [ applause ] we say this every time. this is the best audience today. [ cheers and applause ] every single time. >> that woman was interrupting -- >> wasn't she good? that shouldn't have been me. let's keep it going. getting close to christmas on this throwback thursday. we'll look back atlers to santa. everybody sent their letters when they were kids. now we know about them because everybody shares them. facebook, instagram and some favors right here. sam wellson from nevada, sorry to put my glasses on, please leave before 6:00 a.m.
8:31 am
my alarm goes off at 6:00 a.m. p.s.i. my stocking is on the left. also, deer santa i've gotten good school grades. i was thinking if i could have a brand-new handbrake bike for christmas. please, another ps, who is your real mom? >> what? >> actually -- >> inquiring minds want to know. >> bailey knight, 7 years old, erie, pennsylvania, dear santa, for my number one ticket i want tickets to did to my third thomas rhett concert on the floor and as close to the front row, whatever you can get, santa, love bailie. >> do you ever remember writing a letter to santa. >> oh, yeah, it was a ritual. i'm glad people are still writing them. >> do you remember what you asked for. >> i was obsessed with snoopy. anything snoopy. you could dress up your snoopy.
8:32 am
i'm dating myself. i remember wanting to go from the footbrake to the handbrake bike. a huge deal. >> my guys have an insurance policy. they send us a list every single day. >> they don't want to wait. have you gotten yours yet. >> one year asked for a train set and a -- like least electric car sets and santa brought me both. it was the greatest christmas ever? wow. >> yeah, george, it was a big christmas. >> that was a big christmas. >> i was like -- >> you never know. >> do you remember the stingray? the banana seat. >> oh, yeah. >> popping a wheelie. i could pop a little wheelie. you could ride with your wheelie. >> not a big wheel. >> i'm talking about on your bike. could you pedal. >> yes. >> i couldn't stay up. i could pop it and -- >> no, you'd ride it. >> you guys are learning a lot today. >> none of it is useful. sorry none of it is useful. >> topic two, want to talk about
8:33 am
this. you heard of like the fake -- i you called it the same thing. t-rex. when you're like, oh, let me get that and your arms are too short to get the bill. in fact, geico has a commercial where they play him. they call it alligator arms. >> gator arms. >> very, very funny and a very real thing. it turns out that according to a survey 30% of women, there he is, ooh. almost. just can't quite get there. 30% of women do the wallet reach and offer to split the bill but actually don't really want to. and then some guys are catching up on to this and have a new way -- gosh, 27% of men will take their dates up on the offer and send them a ven mobile. >> what? >> nothing says kill the romance then sending a venmo bill.
8:34 am
>> yeah. >> that's right. almost 2017, 73% of men still assume they should pay the check after a first date. 54% of women offer to split the tab on a first date and 50% of sickle men say their number one concern in their love lives is how much do i spend on the date? so big questions. >> 54% of the women offer to split the bill but whether they say 0% really don't want to. >> no, more than that. 30%. >> 30% really don't want to. >> who says it doesn't it but doesn't mean it? who's ever done it. >> if a woman really wants to pay the bill doesn't that mean she doesn't want a second date. >> not necessarily. >> or she's a feminist. >> not split, pay. >> i don't think it means that at all. >> for me it's about just the way i was raised, i guess, is i -- i'm on a date with you, i'll pay the bill. you know, just average man.
8:35 am
if we went to lunch i would feel bad if you paid the bill. >> good to know. good to know. >> make sure you eat before you show up, though. >> you are generous. every time we go out to eat with colleagues these two guys they are so chivalrous. did i say that right, shrivelous. >> yeah. >> i want to get a show of hands. purpose on a date and your date took you up on the offer to split it, would that make you less interested? raise your hands? yes, right. >> every lady from texas was like, yes. >> yes. >> is that a generational thing. >> maybe. i don't know. i think that -- >> the young peep, what do you think? you only have the young peeps back here. >> never mind. never mind. >> anyway, i thought that was interesting. chivalry still lives. >> chivalry. that's the word. yeah, that's it. >> that was very interesting but we have someone else, you know. >> very interesting. >> who is very interesting. very talented. bringing a special guest to the
8:36 am
table. you know him from "fight club ken "birdman" and starring along side will smith in "collateral beauty." put your hands together for edward norton. >> good to see you. good to meet you. good to see you. michael, good to see you. [ applause ] >> ah, oh, my gosh. >> welcome. >> wow. >> we were talking earlier. we couldn't believe one of the movies darby we were talking about how much we loved "primal fear". >> you're going all the way back. >> 0 years ago. >> my childhood. >> does it seem like that long ago, though? >> it does seem like a long time ago. especially when i see these pictures and i think who is that child? >> you look just the same, though. >> that child was great. >> thank you. >> the roles that you have had. that's the first time many of us saw you but you are an actor's actor. you bring everything and especially in this last role
8:37 am
that you're in and -- >> this was a -- we have a tremendous cast with will and helen mirren, kate winslet, keira knightley. [ applause ] i've been lucky. i found myself of late in these terrific ensembles and this is another great one. this is just a tremendous, tremendous group of actors and will's incredibly beautiful performance, it's a very -- he plays a person who is grieving and the rest of us try to get him out of his paralysis and i think it ends up being one of those films that's -- in the vain of "it's a wonderful life" it touches on serious subjects about what's most important in life but with a lot of good humor and a little bit of fantasy and it's a nice movie for the end of the year. >> it really is. >> i walked out saying this is a perfect movie for this time of year and make you appreciate everything around you and takes time to appreciate it and you set it up. we'll watch a little clip of it so check it out, "collateral beauty." >> number two, we'll lose the downworth account because that's
8:38 am
always been your relationship and they're not feeling the love as you might imagine so that's going to happen. whatever, though, because we've got an offer from omnicom and it's real, 17 bucks a share. please consider it because, yeah. yeah. because they leave us total creative job and let everybody keep their jobs which i know you care about because you love these people. good talk. [ applause ] >> and naomi was here and talked about how will always messed with her on set. was he joking around with you? >> he has an incredible ability to flip the switch from doing his magic to then being the completely like jocular and funny guy. mostly when i was around we were both quite obsessed with "hamilton" like everybody else in the world and will always had a little -- suddenly you would hear a piece of the soundtrack just start from the corner of the soundstage and he's -- will
8:39 am
lives up to all of his reputation for being a sweet and grounded and very talented guy. >> does it make it easier on set or do you like to stay character. >> we play best friend answer partners so i think that falling into -- finding that we had a really easy rhythm together was just -- fed the film. it made it -- it made it easy. he's a great dance partner. he's also -- will is the only person who can pull up -- his trailer in soho which is only three stories lower than trump tower and people in their fifth floor loft are saying why am i looking out my bedroom window and seeing will smith at the gym. where anyone else would have a mob complaining he turns it into a block party and everybody is singing "summertime" in their underwear. it's crazy. i've never seen anybody charm a crowd like him ever. >> dame helen mirren was on for
8:40 am
your film and she said that it was unlike any experience she had. she said all the gals in the film, which is an amazing cast, all british and she said nobody went back to their trailers, maybe except will to do nis workout but it was such a jovial crew that you guys really, really bonded. so it's got to be a giant relief and fun to go to work. >> it is and sitting around -- when you have like the brit pack of helen, kate and keira knightley all around you, it's -- there's no reason to leave really. it's like to me -- yeah, and they're all -- they all have caustic british wit and sense of humor. we loved it. >> this acting is working out for you. but we have a throwback -- really working out for you well, throwback thursday, baseball? baseball? >> baseball? where did you get that? yeah, third base. third base, i wasn't, you know, your caliber of athlete but i was -- i do the -- i threw out -- i did get -- i was a
8:41 am
baltimore orioles fan and i was at cal ripken's rookie game and final -- i got to throw out one of the final pitches. >> iron man. >> may not have made it professionally but you did make it. >> doing just fine. >> thanks. >> "collateral beauty" hits theaters december 16th. thanks for coming in. >> thanks. [ applause ] afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
8:42 am
the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. who says i shouldn't havmy doctor.very day? my dentist. definitely my wife. hey wait. we have better bubbles.
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make sparkling water at home and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water.
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♪ welcome back to "gma." all season long we are celebrating macy's annual believe campaign and as part of the program macy's is now launching a new campaign to help share the love. #santaproject. take a look. >> i like christmas because i get to see santa. >> santa is coming and there's no time to waste. grab those markers and tablets and send your list without haste. ho, ho, ho'ing across the internet, a new macy's movement inviting saints nick's fans to post video, photos and messages of belief using the #santaproject. >> i believe in santa because he's like a real friend to me. >> he gives presents to all the good little children. >> all to keep the spirit of christmas alive online for generations to come. >> i believe in santa because i know what belief can accomplish. >> even celebrities are joining in. >> every year santa always brings moi exactly what i want. >> you can also give back by
8:45 am
mailing a letter to the big man up north in a macy's believe box or on their website. they will donate $1 up to 1 million to make-a-wish and help make lots of dreams come true. [ cheers and applause ] so what do we say, guys? >> all: we believe. >> we totally believe. you can help bring joy to children with life-threatening medical conditions by just dropping a letter at your local macy's or submitting one online. you can go to our website to find out more good morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco. moderate rain continues through 9:00 and then it will become lighter rain at noon and then scattered showers toward the afternoon. evening hours, all way through friday, with a secondary storm coming in saturd >> don't take the hat off yet. all right. amy, woo he'll head back up to you. >> thank you. "office christmas party," one of the funniest s of the season and i got the chance to
8:46 am
sit down with the hilarious cast. take a look for yourself. >> tonight the decisions you make will have consequences that will haunt you for the rest of your professional lives. >> love the movie. laughed my bleep off. it was so funny and -- >> what's a bleep located. >> where is the bleep? >> no longer has a bleep. >> i no longer have a bleep. >> she laughed it off. >> i was going to ask who was most like their character? i feel like we're looking at it. >> i think it's important to be part of the holiday spirit. >> where did you get these? >> better if i didn't say. >> yeah, get into the spirit of it, know. >> i have to ask you, courtney, it was a departure for you. >> yes. >> we're used to seeing you serious, you know, johnnie cochran, was a comedian lurking in there -- >> i laughed every time i saw him. >> what did you do to him. >> i feel alive. >> think he meant to swing there. >> so, jennifer, i understand this role started out potentially as just a cameo then it evolved into something much more. is that right? >> tricked into it. >> a smaller part.
8:47 am
that's how they got me. three days of work. >> you'll see. you'll look so stupid. >> then we'll finally have something in common. >> she's so mean. >> you're the tough one, mean one, cruel one. is it fun to play. >> absolutely fun to play it's so far from who -- >> that's not you? >> i'm so not dead inside. >> how well, t.j., did you and jennifer know each other. y you had a physical scene. >> you suck that back in. >> it's like you almost spit on her. >> there was a train about to pull under the station, her face about to be the station but it didn't end up happening. i don't know why but we fell into the brother/sister chemistry. >> he's like such a gentle giant. >> that's not true. >> it is true. you're the gentlest -- >> i broke a stapler the other day in did you? >> i hit it too hard. >> why? >> because i'm a giant. >> i can only imagine what it was like like a party at work.
8:48 am
did it have that feeling? >> the studio comedy ensemble movie is like the one you want because you only talk every, you know, page and a half and you got, you know, the budget of a studio thing and -- >> jason has passion -- >> he just wants to speak once every page and a half. >> page and a half, i love that. my contract. every page and a half i got three lines. >> little flash naps. three-quarters of a page. >> how do you keep a straight face when you're working with such -- i mean i have a laughing disorder. once i start laughing i can't stop. >> which is the fun about seeing a movie in a movie theater. not to pump the movie but generally in comedies. >> no, pump the movie. >> don't go see this movie. hang on. do not go see this -- >> exclusive, stay away. take a flash nap. >> come on. >> you will not be napping watching this one. "office christmas party" hits theaters tomorrow and coming up look what we have.
8:49 am
our gift wrapping showdown.
8:50 am
8:51 am
♪ all right, it is time for ow final "gma" holiday make-off, everybody. we're facing off in a gift wrap rumble to win the golan wreath, okay. diy expert nicole farb is back with us. she partners with our sponsor michael's inviting everyone to personalize gifts this saturday from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. and for every person who attends michael's will donate $1 to the starlight foundation. so, great cause. thank you so much, michael's. okay. sometimes you go to somebody's house. the decoratings are under the tree. they are part of the decorations. i mean the presents are part of the decoratings. how do you make that happen? we need help. >> i've got you. three ways, use the glitter. you know i love my glitter. this is an elementary school
8:52 am
trick. i like to personalize gives like an "m" with glue and crazy, crazy, dump, dump, dump then we'll make a big mess but shake it off. oh, hey. see. right. >> i like that, okay. >> second one is go big with the bows. y'all have a lot of bows. >> go big or go home. >> put a bunch of them on there. >> stop it. >> ginger. >> i know. >> all right. we're all fired up because we've been having this little chagoury challenge and, amy, i think you're the only one -- >> thank you for pointing that out. i've lost every time. >> amy, we are all winners. so we're going to decorate our presents here. we have 30 seconds. >> you have 30 seconds. >> based on creativity and basically how much stuff. >> how much pizazz that present has. how much does it pop? ready, one, two, three. make. oh, michael got the glue,
8:53 am
glitter, glitter, glitter. ginger is using it. that's awesome. awesome. oh, look at this. here we go. here comes amy. amy's going for it. going for it. >> put on this. >> amazing. amazing. seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. >> okay. >> somebody forgot to shake theirs off. >> boy, you skipped the taylor swift part. shake it off. >> revealed when you get the gift. >> oh, hey. >> who is the winner? >> i think ginger's got it. >> what? [ applause ] >> we'll be right back. >> we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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breaking news is the earthquake and after shocks off the coast of ferndale, a 6.5 hit before 7:00 a.m. that is about 100 miles off the coast. the after shocks slightly weaker. one of them was a #.9 and the other a 5.2. the one that, the one highlighted in blue, was closer to the coast than the original earthquake. follow us for more on twitter at website 7 news bay area for more updates. over to mike for a look at wet weather. >> we'll look ahead. good morning. we know it is raining in most areas except for the south bay and you could see the waves of showers that will continue today, tomorrow and another storm with a little better chance of heavier rain but it is still a one on the storm impact scale. light for saturday. >> we do have sky 7 up. they are on the way to a fatal collision in the south bay. so this is in san thomas
9:00 am
expressway just before campbell. we have all lanes blocked, and southbound and begun this is a >> announcer: it's "live with kelly!" today, from the new film "20th century women," annette bening. and recording artist, actress and host rita ora. in a special holiday performance from singer-songwriter sarah mclachlan. plus, actor scott wolf will take a seat at the cohost desk. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheering and applauding] and now, here are kelly ripa and scott wolf! [cheering and applauding] ♪ >> kelly: what, what, what.


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