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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. downed trees, power outages and road wrecks, in the bay area the weather is impacting thousands. hello, i'm eric thomas, one of the big spots is in oakland where a downed tree is blocking lanes, that is where our abc news reporter sergio quintana is. what is the impact on traffic? >> reporter: well, i want to show you right off the bat this is northbound highway then. you can see one lane is open to traffic but one is not. that is because a huge portion of this 200-top tree is still
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laying in one of the lanes. this is where it snapped. a wrecker actually pulled part of it off the furthest lane from me. but i want to show you southbound highway 13. check that out. most of the tree is still across both lanes. there is an area here where the tree snapped. let's show you a picture just moments ago there was a car that was caught under that point right where the tree snapped. the highway patrol tells us there was someone driving down the freeway here. he -- in kind of slow motion saw the tree as it was coming across the freeway. and he tried to stop. but inadvertently landed right up where the tree came down. he was not injured, however, we understand he was pinned inside of his car for a while until the emergency crews got here. they had to cut away some of the branches to get him out.
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coming back live i want to tell you it will take a while for crews to get the massive tree. they will have to come in here with power saws and cut away and take it away. so if you are driving on highway 13 through oakland you will have to be patient and possibly diverted through the surface streets to get through here. reporting live, i'm sergio quintana, abc 7 news. thank you, rain heavy at times fell almost all throughout the day. people carried umbrellas to ward off the rain, same story in downtown san jose where pedestrians did their best to keep from getting wet. we have a first look at the accuweather forecast. >> hey, that is right. well, the rain was continuous. that was a challenge today. live doppler 7 showing us light rainfall starting to move towards the south bay. so this entire system is sliding south. it was heavy at times. and check out these impressive
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rain totals. down towards the santa cruz mountain, they got almost four inches of review in the last 24 hours. also the big hitter, mt. st. helena, two, san francisco less than an inch, and san jose had the lease amount of rainfall, under 4/10th of an inch. but they will see more rain into the evening hours. our animation showing the rainfall heading to the san mateo bridge, by 7:00, rainfall still in the south bay and then clearing out later on this evening. now you will get a break tomorrow but don't put the umbrellas away. another big storm heading our way, eric? >> and there were many problems caused, drivers facing delays, in santa rosa, the tree fell just after 8:00 a.m. it also knocked out electrical and telephone wires. right now traffic is agebeing
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allowed through the area, but only one direction at a time. >> another fallen tree kept pg&e crews busy, ten homes and businesses lost power because the tree landed on top of power lines very early this morning, with drivers seeing flooding when mark west creek overflowed near santa rosa, and spinouts kept the authorities busy as you see the car there that spun out and hit the divider in southbound interstate 280 in san francisco. one of our video technicians shot this video just this afternoon. the chp is investigating whether wet weather and alcohol caused a crash that left one dead and three others injured happening early this morning on southbound highway 101 south of the third avenue exit. one of the three people taken to the hospital suffered major injuries, the other two had minor injuries, with the crash closing lanes along the highway. but they opened several hours
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later. and a reminder to track the storms any time with the abc 7 news app, download the app for free, and enable the push alerts to get breaking news as they happen. in oakland today, federal investigators say the rain has not interfered with their effort to find the cause of last weekend's deadly warehouse fire that claimed the lives of 36 people. investigators are working through the weekend to try to determine what caused the deadly fire. the atf ruled out a deadly refrigerator but atf says they're looking closely at multiple sources. the atf is on site to take photographs of the fire. and also, the ghost ship fire oakland community came together to help. more on the story. >> reporter: yes, eric, many people are still coming to the scene for the first time today.
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it's extremely hard, even now to wrap their minds around what happened here a week ago. we know many of the victims were artists. so today their artist friends turned to what they know best, art, to give back and remember. sometimes music says what words can't begin to express. the piedmont highlanders pipe and drum band simply played to remember all 36 victims who died in this warehouse fire. >> my nephew is one of the musicians who lives in one of the warehouses here. and he had lost two of his house mates during this fire. >> reporter: billy narver wanted to honor her nephew's friends. >> but he is running a lot of gatherings at his place to pull people together. >> reporter: this close knit community of artists are coming together. >> 10% of our profrt profrts a
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to the oakland memorial victims. all of our pieces are one-of-a-kind, that is half the fun for me working with unique material. >> reporter: finding joy is a way to deal with their painful loss. they are also donating proceeds to the fire relief fund. >> artists understand what other artists' lives are like, and there but by the grace of god go i. and it was such a tragic event, i can't even let my head go there. >> reporter: this somber scene is still hard to understand. and the what ifs are there for those who linger, but those we talked to admit a little bit of art helps with the healing. there will be several benefits for the ghost ship fire victims today, a concert will be held at the bottom of the hill, all proceeds to be donated to the victims' families. there will be a memorial also
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going towards victims families as well starting at 9:00. another benefit held at the hemlock tavern, starting at 9:00. and you can show your support for the victims by wearing this badge on facebook at facebook abc 7 news. and san jose police searching for a driver tonight who drove away after killing a pedestrian. a man died just after 3:00 a.m. this morning, the witnesses say the car was heading eastbound when it struck the man. they are trying to determine the identify of the victim who is the 18th person to be killed on san jose streets this year. and president-elect donald trump is taking a break from the transition to watch a game. abc news reporter mary bruce has
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our story from washington. >> reporter: prime seating for the president-elect. donald trump taking a break from the transition to take in the army navy game in baltimore saturday. even answering questions for cbs sports. >> is it a humbling thought that in six weeks you're going to be the commander in chief of those guys? >> it is humbling. it's a great honor but it's a great responsibility. >> but before we ghe got to the game, trump hit twitter, lashing out about complaints he will stay on as the abc representative for the apprentice, the trump team is fighting back on an article that said russia interfered in the u.s. election to help trump win. individuals connected to the russian government reportedly provided wikileaks with hacked e-mail as part of a wider operation to boost trump and hurt clinton's chances.
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trump's team was quick to question the credibility of the cia saying these are the same people that said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. >> u.s. intelligence believes they're behind the leak, why don't you believe it? >> i don't know if they're behind it. i think it is public relations, frankly. >> and now the intelligence agency found that russia hacked the rnc, but didn't have information on the public networks. >> they're writing the conclusion they came to was that the rnc was hacked. it was not hacked. they're basically trying to attack vladimir putin for a sitting president to attack the u.s. agency to defend russia is quite an amazing situation. >> mary bruce, abc news, washington. there is still much more ahead on the abc 7 news at 5:00, after a pair of car
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and that's why covered california is here. to help californians who need health insurance get it. so you'll be ready next time life happens. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. developing news now from overseas where at least 15 people have been killed after explosions outside a soccer stadium in istanbul, turkey, at least 69 others were hurt. the security cameras you see here captured the blast. the attackers are thought to have used car bombs that targeted riot police. witnesses heard gunfire after the bombings and ambulances were seen rushing to help the injured, the blast happened at the center with turkey's top two teams.
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and happening in a special ceremony today, they rebuild following a devastating fire two years ago. ♪ ♪ music filled the hall. the multi-purpose hall that doubled as the place for religious services the last two years. today, the holy cross community blessed the ground where the new church will stand. >> it means a lot. a lot of people here have really grieved a lot, seeing the old church going up in smoke, so to say. now they hope that it gets back on its feet. >> they hope to have the new church ready just in time to help celebrate easter. and still to come, how the generosity of first bay responders help to make children's dreams come true. and are you ready for a break? we'll get one tomorrow. but another big storm is
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santa claus brightened a lot of faces in san jose's international airport today. one of the police helicopters helped santa finish his journey from the north pole. police officers from several bay areas worked alongside santa to help children with cancer, people brought gifts ands received presents of their very own. >> thank you so much for this event. i really love it and it's awesome. >> a lot of these kids, this is the memory they will have. so it's a very important day to share with everyone. >> cop's okay cancer foundation volunteers spent three days stuffing the san jose police day's helicopter with toys, engagement games and snacks for today's
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special guests. all right, good evening, everyone. we have live doppler 7 really busy. some green all around the bay area heading south towards san jose, continuing moving south through the bay area. also heading up to the tahoe area, there is rain and snow. in fact, there is a flood advisory. so if you can hold off driving this evening to or from tahoe, until about 10:45 p.m., moderate to heavy rain you could see minor flooding with small streams moving higher and faster. so the drive will be much safer tomorrow morning. all right, we'll look at the top of the golden gate bridge there, seeing fog there as the camera comes into view. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s right now. mountain view 61, san jose, 62. moving on we'll show you sfo where we have some gray skies and the roads are still wet from
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all the rain we got today. temperatures also mainly in the upper 50s, except for santa rosa, 55, napa, nevada, 59, livermore,59 degrees, a beautiful shot looking at emeryville out towards the clouds in san francisco. so the showers will taper tonight. tomorrow, cool, finally sunshine. and then another storm is coming next week so be prepared for that. our forecast animation shows that it will just be cloudy in the north bay so most of the rain south of san mateo and down towards san jose. in the next few hours it will continue to slide south. so by 9:00 this evening, san jose should be clear, still seeing light rain falling over south towards gilroy, and then by midnight, we'll see the clouds push away. tomorrow some high clouds move in but mainly a dry sunday for us. overnight lows on the cool side
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in fact chilly in the north bay only upper 30s in santa rosa. napa, 38, mid-40s in the bay, mid-oakland, san jose, 47 degrees. so make sure the kids have their warm pajamas on tonight. and finally tomorrow we can be outdoors and enjoy some of the sunshine in the afternoon, it will be a cool one, highs mainly in the 50s, so san francisco, 53, oakland, 56, and san jose, 57, the next storm, on the impact scale ranging from one to five will be a two moderate. coming in from tuesday to wednesday, some areas in the north bay getting up to three inches of rain, less than that as we head farther south. so a chance of rain tuesday and wednesday is when we'll get the rain with showers lingering on thursday, and the accuweather seven-day forecast shows sunshine for tomorrow. temperatures mainly in the upper 50s. clouds increase on monday. on tuesday is when we get ready for a next storm.
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and this is where we have that continuous rain, tuesday, wednesday, showers lingering into thursday, so more rain once again and then hopefully drier next weekend. >> all right, francis, thank you, thank you for joining us. good to see you. >> yeah, i was running around a bit. >> yeah, so with the big ship and the black nights, a big rivalry. >> no better rivalry in college football since army and navy, ♪ ♪
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when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can.
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welt, college football was partly built on the army/navy game, this 117-year rivalry is one of the best in the game, army's 14-game losing streak against navy is the longest stretch in this great rivalry. the black knights setting the tone, mid-shipman sean white, setting the tone, england recovers for army. and the offense takes it another way, 7-0, black knights, 87 yards, scoring the second touchdown of the game. 14-0, army at the half. then in the fourth, fakes a toss, watch this run, breaking several tackles, 41 yards for the score. two picks ran for 73 touchdowns, navy up 17-14, bradshaw gets it right back running in for the nine-yard score, black knights,
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16 on the ground, army wins the game since 2001, ending their 14-game losing streak against navy, students going crazy, maryland storming the field for everyone standing for the great tradition of the two schools, playing their song. >> every soldier in the fox hole all around the world, for brandon jackson. for chuck stretsman, to the long gray line, boy, it's a long time coming. i'm just so proud of this team the way they fought. what a second half. i couldn't be more proud. all right, sharks host carolina, 7 and 9, at the sap center. lost two straight including last night against the ducks in both losses, san jose got behind, came back, sharks struggle to find the back of the net, 23rd in the league averaging 2.4
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goals per game. joe pavelski says it's not time to panic. >> we keep playing our game, we feel confident. not giving up a whole lot. we believe in everything here. one of those things you just -- a season like this you got to push. >> golf, silly season, the frankly shootout teams of two players face off in a ryder cup format. they made quite a combination, won this event in 2013, today, second shot on the second hole, about a foot away. go to 17, english, birdie put to put his group in first. he got it. jerry kelly and steve stricter right behind him. allows kucher the short putt for the win, heisman trophy presented in about 30
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new at 6:00, northern california water could be redistributed under a new federal law and what is being done to address concerns over the rising cost of college here in california. well, not even rain could wash out an annual holiday tradition in san francisco. abc 7 news was at union square when many people gathered in santa claus shoes gathered for a way to raise money for
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santa-con, others worry tonight, the deep freeze from coast to coast, an arctic assault, snow, ice and frigid temperatures. >> i'm wearing snow boots but i can barely walk. >> buses stopped in their tracks. spinouts on the highways, and the polar blast on the way. wind chills below zero from washington state to maine. breaking political news, donald trump's likely pick for secretary of state, and the award that man once received from vladimir putin himself. plus new intelligence claims that russia interfered with the election here. tonight, why trump is taking on the cia. the explosions outside a major soccer stadium, the powerful blast knocking people to the ground miles away. the images just coming in. the road rage attack that killed an nfl star, the shooter taking the stand.


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