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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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sergio, what's the status? >> reporter: last time we talked, that tree was laying across both lanes of southbound highway 13. i want to show what crews are doing. they've managed to clear it out of both southbound lanes. the massive tractor, they're going to attach a couple of chambers chains to it and physically pull what's left of what's laying on the northbound lanes across the barrier. then they're going to cut it apart and sweep the rest of it off of the freeway. now, when chp officers came through, they found that there was a huge tree that had come across the freeway, and they found something else. >> my partner gets out of his vehicle. immediately hops over the center divide and sees that there's a driver still trapped inside his vehicle. my partner along with other motorists go to extract the driver out of his vehicle. they break branches out, get the driver out. and he -- the driver was
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uninjured. >> reporter: the driver told chp officers that he could see the massive tree as it was falling on to the freeway and didn't know if he should speed past it or slam on the brakes. he close to stop, and his camaro skidded under the tree as it fell and snapped across the northbound lanes. the car didn't get much damage, and the driver escaped unharmed, thanking his lucky stars that the trunk broke instead of falling on top of his car. we've seen crews work quickly. they managed to cut apart the huge portion of the tree that was laying across the southbound lanes. so we're expecting them to be able to open up both directions of highway 13 pretty quickly. reporting live in oakland, abc7 news. >> thank you very much for that. a warning for bart riders. there's a major delay at san francisco and the peninsula stations. bart is blaming power issues. the bay area's rain is expected to ease up at some point tonight, but not just yet.
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on stanford's campus, it poured today. that didn't stop the diving teams from practicing. the rain hit marin county hard overnight. this video was from green bray where the down pour continued. and rain case loads over much of the bay area tonight, although you see some of the buildings outlined in light for the holidays. the san mateo bridge is slick with rain. for the latest on the storm, let's head over to our meteorologist in for drew tonight with live doppler seven, frances? >> good evening. we had continuous rainfall throughout the day, but it's starting to leave the area. live doppler 7 showing the rain headed down toward the subway and san jose and in gilroy. the areas of green there. and check out how impressive the rain totals were today in ben lomond, over four inches. mt. st. helena, almost 2.5 inches. around the bay area, a few inches. san francisco, over .8 inch.
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in oakland, one inch and .3. and a lot less in san jose. but they'll continue to get more rainfall the next few hours. animation shows by 8:00 this evening, some of the green, the light rain, still falling over parts of the south bay and monterey. 10:00 it continues heading south. mainly in the clear around the bay area. you can put your umbrellas away for tonight and tomorrow. but not for long. we have another storm heading our way next week. eric be? >> thanks for the info.. flooding shut down southbound lanes of the great highway. they're closed from lincoln to slope. right now not clear when the lanes will reopen. here's conditions up in the sierra at heavenly resort. plenty of rain there, as well. not quite cold enough for a lot of new snow. tahoe's next chances for snow are on tuesday. a seven-year veteran of the santa clara police department is in jail accused of domestic violence. fellow officers arrested daniel bird early this morning. investigators say when they
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responded to the call just after midnight, a woman he had been dating had visible injuries. bird was off duty at the time. he's been placed on paid leave. a man accused of stealing mail in the south bay is in jail. police in milpitas arrested felix tapland last thursday. he was a passenger in a van that had expired registration. officers searched the van and found more than 12 grams of meth, drug paraphernalia, and a backpack filled with stolen mail from different addresses in san jose. the rain didn't stop people from honoring victims of the ghost ship warehouse fire at the scene and at a different artist colony across town. we have more live from the fire scene to tell us about it. lonnie, it was a somber tribute. >> reporter: it sure was, eric. it's still hard for many to wrap their minds around what happened here a week ago. but today, a group. bay area artists turned to what they know best -- art -- it remember the victims. this somber scene is still hard
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to grasp. the whys and what ifs for many linger. those we talked to admit a little bit of art helps with the healing. >> i was nervous about coming. not because of the piping, but i thought seeing that site for the first time. it's horrifying. >> reporter: one week after the tragedy, people are honoring the warehouse fire victims. >> artists understand what other artists' lives are like. and there but by the grace of god go i. and it was such ape tragic event. i can't even let my head go there. >> reporter: this close-knit community of artists coming together through their artwork at the crucible art gallery in oakland. >> 10% of profits are going to the oakland prior memorial victim relief fund. >> reporter: laura shields makes jewelry from old book covers. >> all of our pieces are one of a kind. that's half the fun for me is, you know, working with in unique material. ♪ >> reporter: the piedmont
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highlanders pipe and drum band play to remember all 36 victims who died in this warehouse fire. >> my nephew is one of the musicians who lives in one of the warehouses, he and he lost two of his housemates during this fire. >> reporter: billie narver wanted to honor her nephew's friends. >> he is running a lot of gatherings at his place to pull people together, too. >> reporter: sometimes music says what words can't begin to express. in oakland, lonnie rivera, abc7 news. >> you can wear this badge that you'll find on our facebook page, in turkey, two people dead after bombings outside of a soccer stadium. ten suspects in custody. surveillance video shows one of the blasts going off in istanbul. 166 people were wounded. sources say the attack appears to have targeted police.
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27 of the dead were police officers. it happened after a match between two of the country's top soccer teams. one of the blasts was a car bomb. the other was a suicide bombing. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have called for a federal probe into russian interference in the election. the "washington post" and cnn have cited intelligence sources who say they believe russians worked to undermine the election and get donald trump elected president. they believe a covert russian operation used hack force gain access to personal information and emails of democrats, as well as republicans. however, the republican information was never revealed to the public. the president has ordered a review. the president-elect's transition team released a statement not denying the accusation and seemingly attacking u.s. intelligence credibility. it said "these are the same people that said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. the election ended aid long time ago in one of the biggest electoral college victories in history. it's now time to move and make america great again." the cia has yet to officially
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comment. top republicans are worried about the man expected to be named secretary of state because of his close ties to russia. rex tillerson is a friend of russian president vladimir putin and has even earned the award of friendship from the russian government. as ceo of exxonmobil, he's worked on projects in russia since the '90s. senators lindsey graham and john mccain have questioned the pick. >> i have obviously concerns of reports of his relationship with vladimir putin who is a thug and a murderer. but that's the -- we will have hearings on that issue and other issues concerning him will be examined. >> donald trump's team said it will make a final decision sometime this week at the earliest. coming up on abc 7 nud7 new 6:00, water could be redistributed under a new federal law. another sign cuba is reforming as google moves in. and what's being done to address concerns over the rising cost of college here in california. those stories and more coming up.
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today's storm is level two. moderate rain. gear up before you go out and drive safely.
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major changes to california's water policy are headed to president obama's desk. last night congress approved
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changes in how much water is pumped from the sacramento and delta areas to san joaquin farmers. senator barbara boxer who co-authored the bill said it hurts endangered species including native fish. google has struck a deal with cuba to bring fast internet to the people. eric schmidt will formally sign the deal monday. it will give cubans access to google's global cache network that stores content for all of google's sites like gmail and youtube. the agreement is a sign cuba is more willing to work with u.s. companies. in the past it may have been seen as a possible threat to national security. coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, the special bay yerevan that brings holiday score to dozens of kid -- holiday cheer to dozens of kids fighting cancer. expect a respite in the rain. don't put away the umbrella yet. next, the accu-weather forecast.
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2016 heisman trophy front-runner has changed so many times this season, it's up for grabs. today in new york, lamar jackson, deshaun watson, baker mayfield, dee dee
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a new state poll shows democrats and republicans agree on one thing when it comes to the rising cost of college -- the public policy institute of california took a statewide poll and found 57% of californians have serious angst about the cost of higher education. most californians agree the state's colleges on high quality. democrats and republicans disagree on how to bring tuition down but agree on one source of funding. >> increasing government funding for scholarships and grants for students. so i think that that's something that we saw widespread support across demographic groups. >> the poll also shows widespread support for a state bond that would fund construction projects on college campuses to ease some overcrowding problems. santa claus teamed one local police officers to brighten the holiday season for kids battling cancer. abc 7 was at san jose national airport when santa arrived aboard a police helicopter. the cops care cancer foundation hosted today's celebration of life inside the san jose police
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department's helicopter hangar. each patient received a gift from his or her wish list. santa even brought gifts for their siblings, too. good evening. we're still see something light rainfall in parts of the south bay with live doppler 7 showing you the areas of green. that shows the light rain south of san jose toward gilroy. also want to take you to the sierra. we're seeing heavy rain and a mix of snow and rain. the pink and white there. pretty tough driving. if you can hold off until tomorrow, you'll be better off. there's a flood advisory in the areas of green until 10:45 tonight. moderate to heavy rain. this is causing street flooding and also some of the small streams running higher and faster. we'll take you back to the bay area with a beautiful view. the brooklyn briday bridge and clouds -- the bay bridge and clouds moving by. mountainview, 59 as well as san jose. gilroy, 60 degrees. half moon bay, 54 degrees. and you'll notice it's clear on
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the cameras. not much rain falling in san francisco at this time. more beautiful lights across the bay bridge. most temperatures everywhere are mainly in the 50s. santa rosa cool at 53. nap anovato, in the upper 50s. this time, we're looking toward some of the low clouds over san francisco from the east bay. so the showers are going to taper tonight. tomorrow will be cool, mostly sunny. so it will be a nice break from the rain. but another storm headed our way next week. so i'll show you the animation. in the next hour or so, we're going to see the showers diminish and taper off. they'll be mainly south. san jose. and then they'll creep farther south in the next few hours. by 9:00, most of the bay area is dry. and you could see some light rain falling down toward gilroy. and then by midnight, all clear for us. some rain lingering in parts of monterey. then tomorrow, cool, when we start off. finally no rain in the forecast for sunday. so if you're going to do early
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morning shop, last-minute christmas shopping, bring your jacket. it's going to be chilly especially in the north bay. lows will only -- will cool down to the upper 30s in santa rose a37. napa, 38. san francisco, milder, 37. oakla oakland, 45. tomorrow cool, we will see sunshine in the afternoon. and even in the morning. highs mainly in the 50s. san francisco, 53. oakland, 56. san jose, milder, at 57. bringing the storm impact scale for the next storm, five is severe. this next storm will be a moderate storm, tuesday through wednesday. and we expect one to three inches of rain in the north bay. quite a lot there, as well. up to three quarters of an inch in the south bay. the forecast animation, a continuously wet week. tuesday, wednesday, more rain continuing into thursday with a slight chance lingering into
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friday. and you see that with the accu-weather seven-day forecast. so sunshine tomorrow. if you're wanting to get outdoors and let the kids out, you can do it then. grab a jacket. on the cool side. clouds increase on monday. the next storm, level two, moderate tuesday into wednesday. and the showers continue. looks like we'll get sunshine next weekend, but it will be cool once again. >> all right. thank you. louisville's lamar jackson has been a heisman favorite since august. clemson's deshaun watson, the only finalist in the playoffs. no one was more important to the team than michigan's jabrill peppers. and oklahoma quarterback baker mayfield and wide receiver dede westbrook, a rare pair of teammates up for the award. these were the nominees for the 2016 heisman trophy, and the winner is -- >> lamar jackson of university of louisville. [ applause ] >> lamar jackson, the youngest ever to win the heisman at 19 years old. he had 30 passing touchdowns along with 20 rushing tds.
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leading his loufl cardinaisvills to the 9-3 record. he becomes the first from the university of louisville to win and was look at the watch all season. he did more for his team than perhaps anyone in the nation, thus the award. the man of few words gives thanks. >> i wasn't nervous at first, you guys, because i didn't know who was going to win in award. but to be up here, it's crazy, man. these guys are great. i'm just happy right now. i told my teammates, i wasn't going cry by the way. but it's not easy right now. >> well deserved. college football is partly built on the army/navy game. the 117-year rivalry is the best in college football. but of late, navy has owned army, winning every game since 2001. army's 14-game losing streak against navy, the longest stretch in this great rivalry. the black knights setting the tone on the first drive. midshipman sean white, 14-yard run. xavier mossa forces the fumble. england recovers for army. the offense would take it the other way. andy davis caps off the 14 play drive.
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7-0 black knights. second quarter, davidson, 28 carries for 87 yards, scores the second td. 14-0, army at the half. and the navy quarterback scores in the third. in the fourth, navy fakes the toss. going to break several tax elms. 41 yards for the score. he threw for 89 yards and two picks. ran for 73 and two touchdowns. navy up 17-14. army's quarterback, ahmad bradshaw, gets it back, runs it in for nine yards. black knights, 316 yards on the ground. army wins for the first time since 2001, ending their 14-game losing streak. 21-17 the final. students going crazy in maryland, storming the field. they sing the fight song. here's more -- >> all around the world, for brandon jackson, for chuck stretsman, to the long green line, i mean, just -- it's a long time coming. just so proud of the team, the way they fought. what a second half.
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i couldn't be more proud. >> and hosted by memphis, game three of four on the root in five nights. this is a match-up of the top offense in the nba. against the grizzlies. and first quarter, message face 1 -- the 11-2 run. dub just 16 in the first. second quarter, zach randolph left hook and the foul. grizzlies up 15. kin kevin duringan, the only warrior on offense, buries the three. the warriors' worst first half this season. and the franklin templeton shoot-out. teams two of players face off in a ryder cup format. matt kutcher with harris english. they came in second the past two years. today combined for a round of seven under, second shot on the second hole. kutcher's approach stops a foot away. 17th, english the birdie putt to
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put the group in first. got it. 28 under. jerry kelly and steve stricter behind them. they needed it to take the lead -- slides by. allowing kutcher the short par putt for the win. kutcher and english win the franklin temple ton shoot-out. complete highlights, sharks and hurricanes and more from the heisman ceremony at 9:00 and 11:00. hope to see you then. eric, i don't think it was a surprise to anyone that lamar jackson won. >> no. great athlete. looking forward to seeing him in the nfl. thanks. next on abc7 news at 6:00, the red coats are coming. san francisco's annual invasion of s
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tonight at 9:00 on, kofy-tv 20, the new place of bob ship for a dong gagds -- on a congre southed out by fire. and classmates of draven mcgill host a concert in his honor. not even rain could drown one of the largest and most notorious pub crawls in san francisco. droves of people dressed as you know who gathered for this first day of santa con. organizers had called it off for the day because of rain. santa con started as a way to raise money for charities. critics see it as an excuse to
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get drunk and rowdy. santa con resumes tomorrow. why do i think some santas didn't let the rain stop them anyway -- pull crawl one, one crawl two. >> lots of traffic, too. >> we'll look for that. that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. have a good evening.
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