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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  December 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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a cliffhanger in pacifica where all the wet weather is ravaging a cliff. all of our recent rain is creating an expanding erosion problem. cornell bernard is in pacifica where the wet weather is renewing problems along a sliding cliff. you spoke with neighbors. >> reporter: neighbors are worried. the recent storms put quite a number on the only foot path to the beach. >> just came back this morning and saw it's been wiped out.
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>> he can't believe it. the only coastal access path is gone, after a 30-foot section of the path buckled and collapsed into the ocean. >> in terms of the section of the beach, i don't know how to get down there now. >> reporter: david moorehouse shared this drone video of the hole. a neighbor is worried. >> a lot of people are scared. those who live close to the and the properties are -- the values are going down. >> didn't take an el niƱo to do this. >> reporter: and this apartment is even closer to the edge. >> this section that you see here is what went out on thursday. >> bartad to live here until the
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city yellow-tagged the building last winter and erosion made them unsafe to how. now a popular foot path has faithed. >> these cliffs are sandstone and sand and there's water draining through them. >> i don't see how this will be pacific. >> the pacifica city manager says at the access path is private property, owned bay nearby apartment community. no response from management. in pacifica, abc7 news. >> you can see crews removed a large tree that fell and blocked the road in san mateo. it took several hours to chop up the tree. pg&e had to repair some pound -- downed power lines. >> looking at the exploratory ya campaign, drew tuma says more weather is on the way.
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>> we're seeing a brief break in action. it's cool but dry. look at the past 12 days. adding up the numbers nicely. san francisco, two inches of rain this month. three inches in mill valley. drier pockets around san jose. the monthly, a half an inch of ain't. since october 1st, still above normal. santa rosa, 167% of normal. the week ahead, turns busy. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, tracking a trio of storms that brings rain and could bring strong potentially destructive winds. so we'll tell you what to expect in forecast. >> king tides ban tied and tuesday and win theyry rice to
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seven feet. kick tides are when the earth is closest to the sun. you can track the storms with the abc7 news app. now to the tragedy in oakland. investigators with be buie row of alcohol, tobacco and firearms remained at the scene. they just left the scene an hour ago and will have an update on the investigation on tuesdayment they're looking at legallal items as a possible cause of the fire at that time claimed 36 lives during a party. "the new york times" is investigating the owner of the building. oakland has issued fines to her for years for conditions at other properties she owns elm "new york times" says it has been unable to locate here.
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>> abc7 news was atop knob will win the bells of grace catholic tolled in honor of the victims. the church has 44 bells. those bells rang 36 times, one for each person who died in the inferno. grace cathedral has prided itself for supporting the bay area's artistic community. tonight there will be a benefit concert for victims at the san francisco mezzanine. you can show support for the victims by sharing this badge on facebook. a solo car crash claimed two lives this morning in east san jose. it happened just after 4:00 a.m. on south capital avenue at excalibur drive. investigators say the car was heading south on south capital when it hit the center divide
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and crashed. flames quickly engulfed the car. man faces charges in connection with a sexual assault case involving a nine year girl. the police arrested 52-year-old john longston in contra costa county. he faces three charges. police say the arrest follows a tip to officers. his bond is sit at $1.5 million. on to the trump transition now, with donald trump facing new questions about russia and the president-elect's likely pick for the top diplomat is raising concerns. >> i think it's ridiculous, just another excuse. i don't believe it. i don't know why. >> reporter: donald trump once again taming aim at the u.s. intelligence community. the president-elect reacting to a "washington post" report that the cia has found russia interfered with the u.s. election to help trump win. for months trump has shrugged off-roz involvement despite past
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intelligence reports. >> i think the democrats are putting it out. >> reporter: trump says he doesn't need daily intelligence briefings. >> i get it when i need it. i don't have to be told -- i'm like a smart person. >> russia is likely to remain a key issue with news of the president-elect's likely pick for secretary of state. rex tillerson is the exxonmobil ceo with business ties to put's regular jim. in this video you see him shaking hands with put receiving the order of friendship award. >> it's something that could be a huge advantage to the united states. >> but lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are skeptical. juror john mccain on cnn. >> i have concerned reports of his relationship with putin, who is a thug and murderer. >> the three-good cab goldman. >> john bolton is known for
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being extremely hawkish. >> still a big cheer ladder for the hawk war. if he wag the undersecretary for tillerson aim an automatic no for bolton. >> turkey is observing a national day of mourning after two terrorist bombings. the explosions killed 38 people and wind us 155 others near a soccer stadium. most killed were police officers. a turkey-based kurdish militant group claimed responsibility for the attack. another bombs an at orthodox crunch which in egypt killed 22 people. a news agency said the assay handle lobbed a bomb into a church. on friday, six policemen were attacked. the attack bore the hallmark office islamic militants fighting the government.
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millions of americans are dealing with weather-related problems across the midwest. drivers had to dig cars out from the snow? cleveland in chicago snow plows hit the streets as the first flakesland on the pavement. one man woke up early. >> have to get ahead of it.
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if not we'll be stuck trying to get out of the parking and everything. so me and my son, trying to clean it up before it gets any worse. >> the storms affecting travelers as well. airlines delayed and cancelled hundreds of flights at hubs like chicago in detroit one flight never got to gate. it skidded off to a grassy area. the passengers were unharmed. in sierra, searchers found a body believed to be that of a missing skier next to the mt. rose ski resort. the man and another ski ervanished yesterday after ski lifts were closed. the other score escaped from an avalanche. our recent stormy web site contributed to once in decades flooding in the sierra nevada. this riverside retreat is
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dealing with serious flooding. streams are running higher and faster over the west slope of the sierra. a flood advisory expired last night. >> drew is tracking the timing. >> we finished the weekend on a dry note but we'll have rain and wind. the timing ahead in the accuweather forecast. >> also, go boldly. an event today where "star trek" fans got to explor
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>> i remember this as a child, and the pain that i went through because i was the same kid wanting gifts at christmas and wasn't getting them. know how much joy and happiness it brings to the children and it's my passion. >> target provided dig deep with $140,000 in discounts. >> generations of "star trek" fans celebrated a half century of boldly going where no one has gone before. we joined trekkie ted hyatt regency hotel in burlingame. some began enjoying reruns, spinoff busy books later on. these trekkers say they're one big family. >> this group is very open, accepting of every thought of ideology, approach, lifestyle, in every way. very accepting, very open-armed. >> i think we saw walter koenig
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there, the original khekov. some roof the first people to see the upcoming "star wars" film seemed to like it. >> majors weapon test. we need to know how to destroy it. >> "rouge 1. a "star wars" story" previewed in los angeles. many operatessed the movie on social media, including actors will wheaton and ray wilson. the movie hits theaters on friday. >> in accuweather you get not need the umbrella but will get a workout this weekend. the rain is making an attorney.
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live doppler 7 showing moisture in the atmosphere. it's not reaching the ground, just helping to prep our atmosphere for the rain that is heading our way starting on tuesday. current numbers out there, you felt the chill today, after the rain yesterday, that front in wake of it brought cooler air. 52 in san francisco. right now concord 51. tomorrow it's a really quiet start to at the new work and school week. on your monday planner you'll need the winter jacket first thing. we start out with temperatures in the upper 30s, around the bay in the 40s. limited sunshine through the day. the sky very similar to right now. a lot of clouds but it will be a chilly afternoon with temperatures only in low to mid-50s, like they are right now on the storm impact scale on tuesday, we're tracking a return of rain. a one on tuesday, highs totals
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in the north bay, lowest totals in the south bay. so future weather, watch the time stamp. start this off on tuesday. for the tuesday morning moute, mainly dry. could be an isolated sprinkle but the action picks up in the afternoon on tuesday and it's a steady light rain. it won't be high. as of rainfall. rainfall estimates a quarter inch through the heart of the bay area, little higher in the north bay and lower in the south bay. when you see numbers like that in mountain view, a lot of those areas may end up without precipitation. but a stronger storm lingering on wednesday. it looks to be a two, a moderate storm. the rainfall will be a wide range. this north bay, one to three inches of rainfall is likely. outside of the north bay, it
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looks like less than a quarter inch of rain. across the region it will turn breezy, so forward weather, wednesday, this front moves to the north and will stall over the north bay. so outside of the north bay just see an isolated shower. in the north boy it will be a soak, so the accuweather seven-day forecast, limited sunshine on monday. tuesday, light showers, one on the scale. wednesday, breezy for anybody, winds near 30 miles-per-hour and a soaker in their north bay. thursday, a 2 on the storm impact scale. some models bring heavier showers and stronger winds. we could have to upgrade that number. by friday, lingering shower and then saturday and sunday drive with sunshine returning, see a three. >> might see the first three of the rainy season. how does its feel to be second
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offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today. >> only the 49ers could blow a 14-point halftime lead against the jets. started out well. after a jimmy ward pick, colin kaepernick, the toss to carlos
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hyde. niners up 7-1. hyde, 141 rushing yards in the half. ended with a career high 193. 47 yards here, sets up the touchdown. our, phil dawson, two missed field goals, this one 48 yards. niners lead at the half. dawson nod use the -- not used in the sect second half. howell made it 17-12. jets have not had a two-point conversion since 2010. the tie it up with 45 seconds left. the 54 feared goal. going to overtime. niners had it first but go for it on fourth and one. carlos hyde gets stuffed. jets get the ball were in field goal range but powell breaks loose. niners or 1-12. >> just like the last call in the game, i said that one is on
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me. made the call to go for it, fourth and one, and we didn't get it. made the wrong decision. >> raiders had the weekend off after losing to the chiefs thursday night. they play sunday. >> titans, the play was on the other side of the feel. harris would return to the game. then talib would go after harris. then derby loses the football. titans win, denver drops to 8-5. >> warriors and minnesota after getting hammered by memphis. they had a much better first half than yesterday.
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second quarter, thompson all alone, lays not. later, steph curry to draymond green for three. then steph draws two defenders. draymond hits another three. he had 15. arors -- warriors enat the half. >> to the pitch. game went to. six until round, the score for the cardinal. donewell needs to score to extent the match and it's epstein again. stanford wins 5-4 in penalty kicks. more from the niners at 6:00.
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coming up at 6:00, the new california law that could result in a statewide shortage of bilingual teachers and the wild rescue in middle of a quiet bay area neighborhood. a high school stunt in illinois is enjoying viral fame for this classroom reactions. that's jalen brooks, amazed by animals in this zoology class. this is a huge hit. steph curry is following him now. on twitter. >> i got to take that kid to the zoo. >> that's it for abc7 news at 5:00. thank you for your time.
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we'll see you begin at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." we're tracking the arctic assault. heavy snow and treacherous travel. a plane skidding off the taxiway. hundreds of flights canceled. the trouble coming for the morning commute. and the bitter cold on the way. the russian connection? president-elect trump saying there's no way hackers backed by russia tried to help him win. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> but tonight, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle calling for an investigation. wave of terror. two deadly blasts at a turkish soccer match. and the new attack at egypt's main christian church. most of the victims, women and children. gps fail? a family stranded in a snowstorm deep in the woods. why their gps took them on a road to nowhere. and, lifesaver. the incredible video.


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