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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 11, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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there. the bay area getting a brief break from the weekend rain. a series of storms is lined up off our coast and getting ready to roll in. when? you'll find out. good evening. i'm eric thomas. from power outages to downed trees crews had their hands full. in alamo cleanup crews took time chopping up two trees hundreds of years old, a few of the many that fell across the bay area. highway 13, a tree fell across the entire road shutting down traffic for several hours, crushing that car. the driver was not injured already in the sierra, rain not seen there in decades causing problems for people near the truckee river. and a massive snow storm is on the way there. and back here in the bay area, looking live from our emeryville
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camera, quiet. but the break from rain won't last long. let's check in with drew tuman. >> the temporary local in the showers today. the weekend started off with a lot of rain and it has added up over the past 11 days. december so far wet in a lot of spots. san francisco over 2 inches of rain. mill valley over 3.5. hayward and oakland 1 to 2 inches almost of rainfall. but you do see some dry spots mainly in the south bay. san jose and palo alto, less than 1 inch of rain so far this month. but you look at the rainy soap as a whole since october 1st and we're doing pretty well. from san jose at 102% of normal to santa rosa at 163% of normal. these numbers will rise this week as we have several opportunities for wet weather. future weather hour by hour throughout the door tomorrow morning no weather issues. mainly cloudy skies. temperatures starting in the 40s. by afternoon we'll see peeks of sunshine. a quiet start to the new work and school week. overnight into tuesday morning
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the clouds will increase, then that rain, you can see it will arrive in the afternoon. we'll time out the rest of the system and show you a much stronger system moving in on its heels that has the potential to bring damaging winds with it. our recent storms have washed out a popular path to get to the beach. abc 7 was in pacifica when are a 30-foot section of the only coastal access route off esplanade avenue fell into the ocean. this is drone video showing a large green pipe now exposed. feet away more earth underneath the apartment building at 310 esplanade, putting it closer to the edge. two neighboring buildings have been demolished because of erosion. >> these cliffs are stand stone and sand. water's draining through them, especially after periods of rain. i don't see how this is going to be stopped. >> the coastal access path is private property opened by an
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apartment community. management has not responded to our phone calls. in the sierra tonight, searchers found a body believed to be that of a missing skier near the mt. rose ski resort on the nevada side of lake tahoe. the man and another skier body vanished yesterday after ski lifts were closed because of avalanche threats. the other skier escaped the avalanche. the victim's body was located in about ten feet of snow and avalanche debris. now to developing news tonight. a police chase ended with officers shooting a suspect in sonoma county. you can see where the chase ended at a shopping center on old redwood highway in windsor. investigators received a report of a driver trying to ram a pedestrian intentionally at about 5:30 this evening. officers tried to stop the car but the driver kept going. they say the man ran from the car after shopping. the suspect was rushed to a hospital, no word on his condition. developing news in san francisco's inner richmond. at least one person went to the hospital after a car rammed head-on into a muni bus at sixth avenue and california street. witnesses say the toyota was
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going the wrong way on california when it slammed into a parked bus at the terminal for the 44 line. firefighters had to use special tools to free the driver from the mangled car just after 9:00 this evening. alcohol, tobacco and fire arms agents finished collecting evidence and left the scene t today. a benefit concert is being held right now, and sergio quintana has the story outside the scene. >> reporter: we're told this event sold out this evening with all proceeds going to one of the funds that will benefit victims of that fire in oakland. the main headliner, moby, is expected to take the stage in half an hour or so. love for oakland was center stage inside the mezzanine. on one of the walls a slide show
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choreographed to the music features the victims of the ghost ship fire. >> i've participated in ghost ship. my heart goes out. i just -- there are no words. >> i hope they collect a lot of revenue out of this to help the families. >> reporter: the headliner is deejay and producer moby, who flew in just for the show are you chelsea dolan, a dant music producer, is one of the victims of the fire. she had been a feature performer here before. another victim, barrett clark, was an in-house sound engineer. in oakland the parents of another music artist spent time at the burnt-out warehouse. their son, joseph matlock, went by a different name. >> joey casio, from a casio keyboard 20 years ago. >> reporter: the matlocks are from washington and wanted to see this place before returning home. >> we've discovered a whole community of people that loved joey.
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and he loved. the community we didn't even know existed till now. >> reporter: at the ghost ship, derrick ion almina has come under criticism because of the dangerous conditions. the warehouse is now surrounded by a temporary fence and the building is red tagged, warning it's unsafe to go inside. in egypt this morning 25 people were killed in a bombing at cairo's largest christian church. witnesses say a woman planted explosives in a bag during sunday morning services. abc 7 news reporter lilian kim spoke with people at the bay area who have family in egypt. >> the holidays have taken on a more somber tone for at least one bay area community. we spoke to people from the middle east at a holiday gathering in the south bay. ♪ >> reporter: it was a christmas
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celebration. members of eastern churches from all over the bay area came together for the holidays at the antioch church of the redeemer in los altos. except tonight, sadness amid the celebrating. this morning they woke up to the horrible news of 25 people killed at cairo's main coptic cathedral during sunday morning mass, most of the victims women ask children. >> we were enjoying celebrating, going shopping, enjoying with the families. some of those people now are going to celebrate christmas missing one or more of their family members. >> reporter: many have extended family living in egypt and say worrying about their status as minority christians has become never-ending. >> if i'm worried about anything it's their safety. it's not about how they're doing financially or if they're going out much. >> reporter: middle east christians have been target in the bay area too. this church burned to the ground in ar an soar fire 14 years ago. a piece of charred new testament found amid the ashes. opened up to the part that
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teaches to turn the other cheek when faced with evil. that's apparently what helped the corner gra gation move forward and that's their hope for their brothers and sisters in egypt. >> i think they're going to continue to go to church, continue to pray, and their faith is going to carry them on. >> reporter: septembering optimism and prayers from halfway across the world. in los altos, lilian kim, abc 7 news. turkey observed a national day of mourning after two terrorist bombings. the explosions in istanbul killed 38 and wounded 155 others at a soccer stadium. investigators say most of those kill wednesday police officers. a turkey-based kurdish militant group claimed responsibility. there's a conviction tonight in the killing of former nfl star will submit after a week-long trial, jurors found cardell hayes guilty of manslaughter. hayes said he thought the retired linebacker because he feared smith would shoot him first. police found a loaded gun in smith's car but no evidence he had grabbed it or fired it. hayes faces up to 40 years in
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prison. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, tonight after a cia report saying russia interfered in the presidential election, both parties are calling for an investigation. but donald trump says that's not necessarily. also, local police officers halfway across the country stand until solidarity with fallen comrades. a big change tomorrow for drinking water in the south bay. will you be affected? stay with us. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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cheers in texas for a group of san leandro police officers who completed today's dallas marathon. they tweeted this video. the officers ran the marathon to
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honor five officers who were shot and killed in july. nine other dallas officers were hurt in that ambush. officers from around the bay area and across america zoned the team in dallas. ornaments honoring the fallen officers hang on this tree in santa rosa. some santa rosa dispatchers decorated that tree each night, each ornament representing an officer kill in the the line of duty in this year in communities across america. with 40 days until president-elect takes office members of both parties are calling for investigation into whether russia influenced the race that got him elected. the republican national committee republicans were not targeted, says republicans were not targeted. donald trump is rejecting all 17 u.s. intelligence reports that say the russian government led an election hacking effort. >> they have no idea if it's russia or china or somebody.
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it could be somebody sitting in a bed someplace. ridiculous, i think it's just another excuse. democrats are putting it out because they suffered one of the greatest defeat in the history of politics in this country. >> his comments raised concerns over whether he trusts u.s. intelligence. donald trump also admitted today he has chosen not to receive the classified presidential briefing on a daily basis, saying he gets it when he feels he needs it. there's bipartisan concern about the president-elect's likely pick for secretary of state. exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson has deep ties to russian president vladimir putin. >> obviously concerns of reports of his relationship with vladimir putin who is a thug and a murderer. >> the goldman, generals is, and gazillion fairs. we now know the silicon valley executives set to meet with the president-elect this week. apple ceo tim cook, facebook's sheryl sandberg, and alphabet
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larry page will attend wednesday's mead at trump tower. executives from microsoft, cisco, intel, and oracle will also be there. they're expected to talk about tax codes, regulations, and trade deals. mr. trump has blasted amazon in the past and called for a boycott of ann bell. aapple. dirty but safe. those words best describe a group of kayakers after being freed from mud in marin county today. firefighters reached two adults and two kids. one key yak got stranded 200 yards from dry land, the other 500 yards offshore. >> they just were unfamiliar with the tides and they got caught by the diminishing tide. they were able to walk the people in using paddle boards. >> nobody was hurt. firefighters also tell us the children who were stuck were 7 and 8 years of age. starting tomorrow, san jose will no longer be the nation's big epps city without fluoridated drinking water.
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most city water will have the auditive after a project by the santa clara water district. a 1995 california state law requires water providers to add fluoride. supporters say it reduces tooth decay in children. critics though believe it is not safe. it's a franchise that's lived long and prospered, celebrating half a century of star trek today. abc 7 news was at the hyatt re jaengs hotel for star trek 50 years mission car. for some there's more in space than just science fiction. >> we have quite a few people from spacex here today. i've come across a few people from the actual nasa that have named various planets after episodes or characters that have appeared in series. >> a speech from the original captain kirk, william shatner, highlighted today's activities. we'll start off the week on
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a quiet note. showers return tuesday and they will intensify as we go throughout the week. live doppler 7 showing a quiet scan. we started off the weekend on a soggy note with downpours. tonight it is quiet, although chilly. out there right now, temperatures haven't fallen far from afternoon highs. only mid 50s this afternoon. we're holding at 51 in oakland with cloud cover overhead. 50 in san francisco right now. 51 in san jose. cooler in the north bay, 43 santa rosa. napa at 45. so take a look at your day planner on monday. no weather issues to talk about. just grab the winter jacket first thing. temperatures starting out in the 30s in the inland. by afternoon cloud cover break down, afternoon sunshine. it will be brisk, temperatures on the cool side, only in the mid to low 50s. those clouds will increase overnight into tuesday. that's when we bring back the showers. the storm impact scale tuesday afternoon, this is going to be a 1, a light system starting out tuesday afternoon.
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light showers. with weaker systems, they really have a hard time getting into the south bay. so we do think low totals in the south bay, higher total in the north bay. hour by hour, first thing tuesday we are dry. it's tuesday afternoon, 4:00 in the afternoon, we see those light showers beginning to move into the north bay. into the evening hours. not out of the question to see showers develop south of golden gate. this front wants to focus energy in the north bay. notice early wednesday morning much of the wet weather is focused north of the golden gate. that will be the theme through wednesday as well. future tracker rainfall totals will show a wide range with this first system motor of the golden gate. more than .5 rain likely. hayward, san jose, likely will not need the umbrella tuesday into wednesday. but everyone is going to need rain gear as we get into thursday. we are tracking a stronger system arriving. on the storm impact scale, a 2
11:20 pm
right now. moderate storm thursday. widespread soaking showers. that does include the south bay as well. could have pockets over 3 inches of rain. with this system we could see strong wind gusts. future weather will pick it up thursday morning. the green is widespread, even heavier downpours with the yellow. and it does look like thursday will kind of be a wash-out of a day. by thursday evening you can see heavier downpours even developing in the south bay as well. something we're going to be tracking very closely with this storm on thursday are the wind gusts. future tracker wind gusts, take a look at this early thursday morning along the coast point together fact that we could have wind gusts over 50 miles per hour. even into the afternoon on thursday, we could have wind gusts in our urban areas over 40 miles per hour. so we're going to keep tracking this and the next 24 hours if guidance holds true with these wind gusts we'll likely have to raise that storm to a 3 on the storm impact scale with the threat of downed trees and
11:21 pm
downed power lines. the seven-day forecast, it's a quiet day out there. clouds, sunshine, dry. morning late showers on tuesday. returning breezy wednesday with north bay sprinkles. thursday that's the day we have widespread rain, the possibility of some very strong winds, then a lingering shower on friday is possible. we'll update the forecast starting tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. thursday looks to be a soaker of a day for all of us. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, a high school student proves learning can be fun after all and make you an internet hit too.
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and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these.
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a high school student in illinois is enjoying viral fame for his classroom reactions. you can see for yourself why this video has been viewed over 2 million times. jail help brooks, amazed by the animals in his zoology class. i would figure that's where you'd see animals. another student posted the
11:25 pm
video, it's a huge hit. most exciting for jalen, he's being followed on twitter by steph curry. speaking of steph curry. bounce-back tonight after a rough night last night. >> i wish this other team in the bay area could do that. the niners blew a 14-point lead against the jets. the warriors came back from their loss last night taking care of the t-wolves. p is for permission to indulge.
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as we're getting barbecued in memphis, the warriors' streak of not losing back-to-back games on the line this afternoon in minnesota. a furious fourth quarter kep the
11:29 pm
streak alive at 111 games. they had a much better first half than last night's 38 points. second quarter, klay thompson, 16 at the half alone against two defenders are. steph curry behind the back to draymond green for three, he had 15 of his 18 in the first half. 30 seconds left in the second, draymond the block, steph the breakaway, easy finish, dubs up 2 at the half. third quarter. monster put-back. andrew wiggins will bury the three. dubs down 10 heading into the fourth. they didn't have a field goal in the final six minutes of the third. they go on a 25-4 run. kevin durant gives the warriors the lead, he had 22. warriors win 116-108. 111 games without back-to-back losses. >> down 10 but 12 minutes is a long time with this team. start with the defense. we're switching, playing a great
11:30 pm
force, getting the ball to glass, running the break. we're near impossible to stop. i didn't think it could get worse but the niners blow a 14-point lead and found another way to lose against the jets. it started well. colin kaepernick, seven-yard toss to carlos hyde, 7-0 niners. 47 yards here set up a sean drone touchdown. 14-0, two scores in five minutes. however, phil dawson missed two field goals this from 48 yards. niners led 17-3 at the half. powell a tough five-yard touchdown run cuts the lead to five. the jets with their first two-point conversion since 2010. 17-14 niners. jets tie it 45 seconds left. 50 yards. in overtime niners get it in field goal range but decide to go for it on fourth and 1.
11:31 pm
carlos hyde is stuffed. jets get the ball back in field goal range. powell breaks loose for a 19-yard touchdown, he had 145 rushing. 12 straight losses. jets win 23-17. niners are 1-12. >> just like the last call of the game, you know, that one's on me. it's my responsibility. i made the call on the 36 yard line, fourth and 1. didn't get it. i made the wrong decision in that decision, that's all on me. >> it's something we have to be able to fight through, we have to be able to change this course we're on. when we're in these positions we have to make plays at the end of the game, finish the game, be able to pull out a win. >> i'm embarrassed for them. the aebs 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. our extended plays of the day around the nfl coming up. much more to come on abc 7 news at 11:00. think about carrying around a physical map. a warning after a family relied too heavily on their gps and got lost in
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stand back, ya hear! breakout the syrup because denny's new fluffier, tastier, better rudolph pancakes are here for the holidays.
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good evening. tonight, a police chase ended with a police shooting in sonoma county. it happened at a shopping center on old redwood highway in windsor. investigators say officers were chasing the driver after he tried to run over a pedestrian. at least one deputy shot and wounded the man. in san francisco, witnesses say a driver going the wrong way on california street slammed head-on into a parked muni bus just after 9:00 this evening. firefighters had to use special tools to free the man. paramedics then rushed him to a trauma center. it appears nobody on the 44 line
11:36 pm
bus was hurt. across the bay area, a day of cleanup after this weekend's storms. in alamo, two heritage oak trees fell. one caused minor damage to a home, no one was hurt. drew will be back to tell us about a stronger storm later this week. a popular beach access path in pacifica collapsed and is off limits tonight. the path on esplanade avenue crumbled during recent storms and more earth underneath the cliffside apartment building continues to give way. cornell bernard is in pacifica with the story. >> i think there was something that was waiting to happen. >> reporter: regina loves to walk on the beach, but now she can't get there. the only coastal access route off esplanade avenue was wiped out after a 30-foot section of the concrete path buckled and collapsed into the pacific during recent storms. >> it's terrible. a lot of the people are really scared. those who live close to the ocean and the properties, their
11:37 pm
values are going down. >> reporter: abc 7 news viewer dave moorhouse shared drone video showing a large green pipe now exposed. a clear view through the hole down to the surf. >> it didn't take el nino to do this. >> reporter: feet away, morers underneath the apartment building at 310 esplanade has crumbled, putting it even closer to the edge. >> so this succession thection out thursday. >> reporter: he used to live here until the city yellow tagged the building last winter and demolished two other buildings on esplanade last march after erosion made them unsafe to occupy. now. >> now a foot path has failed. >> these cliffs are primarily sandstone and sand. there's water draining through them, especially after periods of rain. i don't see how this is going to be stopped. >> reporter: the city says it will survey these cliffs below tomorrow. as for the foot path, it's considered private property owned by the apartment community
11:38 pm
next door. so far no comment from management. ♪ abc 7 news was atop san francisco's nob hill when the bells at grace cathedral tolled in honor of the ghost ship warehouse fire victims. the massive episcopal church has 44 bells in its ka relevant lon. they rang 36 types, once for each person who died in the inferno. grease cathedral has prided itself on supporting the bay area's artistic community over several decades. >> we have to cherish all the freak and the weirdos. >> green day singer billy joe armstrong took a moment during last night's concert to pay tribute to the artists killed in last week's ghost ship fire. this video was shared on instagram. armstrong made a plea for affordable housing. he dedicated "boulevard of
11:39 pm
broken dreams" to the victims. show your support to the victims of the tragedy by sharing this badge on facebook. you'll find it on our page, to developing news in the east bay. i-580 just reopened after a car hit a pedestrian on the freeway. all eastbound lanes of the highway were closed near cutting boulevard in richmond at about 10:30. a medical helicopter came out to take the victim to the hospital. no word on the condition. the highway reopened just after 11:00. people in the northeast are bracing for the same snow storm that caused headaches for million in the midwest. shovels came out in south bend, indiana. up to 13 inches of snow fell in neighboring michigan. no matter where you looked, snow made driving dangerous. a delta airlines jet slid into mud and ice while turning off a snowy runway in detroit. the flight had just landed from buffalo. none of the 70 people on board the md-80 was hurt. one man praised the crew for handling the mishap.
11:40 pm
>> they did a good job keeping everyone calm, got us off the plane in orderly fashion. people off the ground were awesome helping you off the plane, on the bus, telling you exactly where to go. they did a good job. >> today's storm grounded other flights, about 1,200 at o'hare international alone. snow in oregon this weekend messed up one family's gps and had them miles away from where they needed to be. gloria riviera has the warning for families when headed into winter weather. >> reporter: this snow-packed road stopping one family in their tracks. >> the next thing we know, we started sliding. we got stuck. >> reporter: the sandquists. mom, dad, 9-year-old daughter, and family dog all on the way to california from their home in oregon. their gps mapping the shortest route. just one problem. it took them up this unplowed mountain road. snow socking them in. no shovel, no cell phone service. >> i'm not even sure if i had a shovel what i could have dug out.
11:41 pm
>> reporter: the family hunkered down until morning when ron hiked two miles to typed help. the family reaching 911. search and rescue getting them back on track and issuing this warning for all drivers. ". gps and map systems can steer folks in the wrong direction during winter travel where conditions are poor." >> it was scary, especially because to the left was a downgrade, quite a steep one. >> reporter: this is not the first case of a gps mishap. this driver followed her gps straight into canada's frigid ontario bay. she made a quick escape but her car was a goner. >> that was gloria riviera reporting. on to the story of a young life saved in florida all because of a sheriff's deputy who knew cpr. shakira nelson walked into the dmv and her 15-month-old son stopped breathing. hills borrow county sheriff's deputy steve donaldson had just retrained in cpr three weeks ago. >> the overwhelming responsibility of this job is
11:42 pm
never understood until you have a baby like corey in your arms and he's not breathing. >> i look at the video and i said, thank god for deputy donaldson. because without him, my baby wouldn't be here. >> deputy donaldson wasn't even supposed to work that day, he was filling in for another officer. san francisco's north beach, volunteers donated toys to the salvation army. the gifts will eventually brighten the holidays for tower thousand families. a group called dig deep raced the money to buy toys for children ages 8 to 16. one of dig deep's founders hope his efforts provide a brighter holiday than the ones he experienced as a child. >> as i remember as a child, the pain i went through, because i was the same kid, wanting gifts at christmas, and wasn't getting them. i know how much joy and happiness it brings to these children. that's why it's my passion. >> target provided dig deep with $140,000 in discounts to buy this year's haul of toys.
11:43 pm
meet a high school senior with big dreams. this young man got some great news this weekend and his whole school was there cheering by his side. rain return toth the bay and so too does
11:44 pm
11:45 pm
11:46 pm
when ivy league dreams come true. not just for one talented senior but his whole school as well. john donovan has more on a day one young man is sure to never forget. >> are you ready? >> reporter: the way everybody's looking at the young man typing into that keyboard, they're all in on this moment. rooting for him. his name is winston and he was born in the dominican republic to a mom who had a dream of better things for her son. >> as an immigrant, sometimes we cannot have maybe so much of a heritage to leave to our kids. but education is the main thing we can definitely get door them. >> reporter: which is why she moved to the u.s., got
11:47 pm
established, then brought 9-year-old winston to live here too. >> it's been tough for her, it's been tough for me. >> reporter: winston enrolled at democracy prep harlem high school, which made him part of the school's first senior class. the first class to apply for college. yes, winston had a goal. >> i decided architecture fit me the most. >> reporter: going to the ivy league, cornell, one hard school to get into. which this week was sending out e-mails to its early applicants. that's what this is, winston going to his e-mail to find out if he got in. >> yes! >> reporter: that's his mom he's hugging. >> i turned to her, she couldn't say anything, she was crying, she was waiting for that moment. >> reporter: the really nice thing, look at everybody else. hugging as if they all got accepted. congrats, winston. to your mom and to your school family too. john donovan, abc news. the rain is gone but we've got more storms on the way.
11:48 pm
>> december, typically one of our wettest months. that's going to come true later on this weekend's rain returns. outside, let me show you what tomorrow has in store. highs on monday, partly cloudy skies in the afternoon, will be chilly, temperatures only low to mid 50s. the jacket going to be your best friend tomorrow. into tuesday afternoon, that's when the rain begins. light showers, a 1 on the storm impact scale. and this really does look to be sort of a north bay situation. 4:00 in the afternoon tuesday, light showers in the north bay. a couple of sprinkles certainly possible south of the golden gate into tuesday evening. notice that front focusing energy in the north bay through wednesday. we'll see probably more than .5 inches of rain in the north bay. outside of there, much lower totals. it might be dry around san jose. into the sierra, a winter storm watch goes into effect tuesday morning. 4 to 8 inches above 5,000 feet, over the passes as much as 1.5 feet of snow. 80 and 50 are going to be a mess, 2 to 4 feet possible at our highest peaks. seven-day forecast, we'll show
11:49 pm
you we are tracking a quiet start to the week tomorrow. showers in the afternoon tuesday. turning breezy wednesday. a stronger storm too on the storm impact scale thursday with rain and wind. a lingering shower friday. saturday another chance is possible. if they had rainouts in football this would have been a good day for it. >> it would have been. i'm going to start my own thing, every time i can't play golf because of the rain i'm going to go 1, 2, 3 -- >> the rainiest day on the seven day always. >> week 14 in the books. must be time for your plays of the day. we have an extended version as
11:50 pm
who won the game, who won on the dancing show... ...i mean, if i watched that show.
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week 14 in the books except for "monday night football." as playoffs picture starts to come into focus, our weekly tour around the league with your "plays of the day." tampa's won five straight, now
11:53 pm
tied with the falcons for first place in the nfc south r. 16-11 the final. miami quarterback ryan tannehill takes a hit, fears a torn acl, season over. but they get the win. miami runs a play at the 3 yard line with 9 seconds to go, they're able to call a time-out with 1 second on the clock. and andrew franks gets a 21-yard game-winner 26-23 miami. cardinals loss meaning seahawks could clinch the nfc west. russell wilson threw five interceptions. randle had two. aaron rodgers threw three touchdowns, two to jordy nelson. rams have lost eight of their last nine. cal bear jared goff threw two picks including this pick six by deon jones. then he was stripped by beesly, returned that 21 yards for a touchdown. that's what you call a rough day. falcons win 42-14. here's jared after the game. >> what was the pressure like
11:54 pm
from the fans and the noise that you were experiencing? >> it's l.a., i'm pretty used to it. >> okay. coach zimmer returned from the sideline after missing the last game with eye surgery. he saw this great diving catch by stefon diggs. 25-16, they're now 2-11. vikings are a game out of the playoffs. lions remain first in their division, defeating the bears. matt stafford was good enough for this touchdown run, turned out to be the game winner, 20-17 final. steelers le'veon bell, player of the day, 298 yards from scrimmage including a franchise record 236 on the ground and three touchdowns helping pittsburgh win over the bills. >> i'm satisfied with the win. i don't really -- i'm not going to worry about the stats, i'm just glad i got healthy, we got the win, we're going to go home and enjoy the win. browns would love to win, instead they're on their way to the first overall pick following
11:55 pm
the loss to the bengals. robert griffin iii returned but cleveland trying to get tricky ends up with a pick. and the carolina panthers defeat the raiders' next opponent the chargers. philip rivers three interceptions, sacked for a safety, 28-16. washington snapped their two-game losing streak, beat the eagles on the road. watch this catch by desean jackson. willie mays-esque. 27-22 washington. giants beat the cowboys sunday night. dallas has lost two games this the year both to the joints. eli manning and odell beckham jr. combined for a score. and those are your plays of the day. college hoops. 12th ranked st. mary's coming off their first loss of the season hosting uc irvipe. 1.3 seconds left. stolen by jordan, makes it from half court, 35-25 gales. second half.
11:56 pm
josh lan dell steals it, goes the other way, and throws it down. st. mary's with seven steals. jordan ford added 12. st. mary's improves to 7-1, 84-53 that final. to the pitch, ncaa championship game. stanford/wake forest. game went to penalty kicks. andrew epstein with the stop. sixth round. warner for the cardinal scores, they go up 5-4. epstein. oh, my. stops it again. he sets an ncaa record with an 0.34 career goals against average in the layoffs. stanford wins their second consecutive national championship 5-4. production assistant lauren, a stan gourd grad, is very happy with this final. this is the abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino and it's time for the 49ers to blow it up. general manager, head coach,
11:57 pm
maybe even their president. there's been talk the yorks are thinking about relocating jed, their son, getting some real football people in there to run this. because they're just falling farther and farther behind. >> chip ease only been there for a minute. >> and he'd walk away with $18 million if they let him go. >> you can fire me for $18 million. thank you, that's it for tonight. abc news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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to be a private matter between himself and the first lady. (camera shutters clicking) he is grateful for the continued support and respect of privacy by the american people. any questions? (reporters shouting questions) cy? eric? is it true? what it is is a private matter. but the first lady made it a public matter. i don't speak for the first lady. i speak for the president. (reporters shouting questions) so he's not even going to answer the simple question? the president did answer. what did he say when he heard this?


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