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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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can you see a few sprinkles are possible across the north bay in the hills. from our east bay hills camera, you can roll off the day planner, 39 to 50. the same as this time yesterday. notice at noon, sunday spots 55 to 56 with more sunshine and grab a coat. we will be back in the 40s by 7:00 and more on rain next. alexis? >> our trouble pot has been the bay bridge and one crash had two reported one before the toll plaza and one after, and it was cleared to the parking lot. i don't believe either is blocking anymore at this point. keeping a close eye on the situation with the metering lights on. westbound 80, 22 americans and 16 minutes across the let of the bridge, and southbound 101 to the airport it is look okay at nine americans. we are hearing of a vehicle that went into a building in oakland and i will have a more specific
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location next. >> blame it on uber and lyft. part of the reason the streets are congested is because there are too many ride-hailing companies on the road. amy hollyfield is at van brian van de ness to explain. >> drivers hate to see uber and lyft get all of the blame saying traffic is always bad in the city. according to a story in the "san francisco examiner" officials say uber and lyft are to blame for making it so bad. there are 45,000 of the driver on the streets of san francisco compared to only 1,600 taxis. some point out those uber and lyft companies are providing jobs and helping people get around. >> the traffic will be bad regardless and it does add a lot
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of vehicles to the city don't have an option. >> the local legislature wants uber and lyft to make new regulations. uber and lyft did not comment. >> thank you. look at your scene. police are hoping you recognize this man found unconscious in alameda on saturday. officials have had in luck identifying him. you can see him in the hospital. he was wearing a black coat and sweat pants with a shirt mazurati writtennen it. >> mountain view police are investigating high school students who shared inappropriate pictures of other teens on-line. according to the palo alto darrylly post the suspects and victims attend mountain view high school and officers say the picture were shared on drop box.
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they report there are two victims, both minors. the case is prepared to go to the d.a. to decide whether chances are going to be filed. >> crews are out in pacifica to assess damage after part of the coastal access collapsed into the ocean. a view are shared this drone video showing a large pipe now exposed. the access path is priest property -- is private property own by a nearby community. >> crystal springs road is reopened after this mess. a tree fell yesterday at 6:00 a.m. and blocked the lanes. it took hours to get it:ed and cleaned up. president clinton had to repair -- pg&e had to repair downed power line. >> king tides are expected tomorrow and wednesday. they will rise more than 7',
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when the earth closer to the sunday l -- sun and the moon is closest to earth. >> minnesota is enjoying snow and up to 1 foot in upstate new york. >> there is a a news conference tomorrow after the onsite investigation on the ghost ship fire. they still do not think the fire was started intentionally. there is a chance the cause is ruled "undetermined." a map team came in fred to help ot with a benefit for the victims. a deejay flew in for the show with proceeds going to the victims' family. >> i have participated in ghost ship events and my heart goes out. there are in -- no words.
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>> two victims were laid to rest , include the young of the victim, draven >> we have to cherish the weirdness. >> green day singer, billy joe armstrong who took a moment at the oracle arena to pay tribute to artists who lost their lives in the ghost ship fire. this was posted on instagram. armstrong mid-a plea for affordable housing dead indicate "boulevard of broken dreams," to the victims. >> daughtery but safe, kayakers are doing well after being freed from the mud in marin county. firefighters frogged -- trudged through the thick mud and were stranded from dry land 200 yards to 500 yards. they were unfamiliar with tides and got caught. they walked back in using the
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paddle betters so necessity were not stuck in the mud. >> first say the kids who were stuck were seven and eight. >> a big change today for drinking water in the south bay, which neighborhoods are going to be affected first. >> florida woman accused of hiring a hit man to take out her husband with critical evidence that should be thereon out according to the defense attorneys. that is what the bay bridge toll plaza looks like with plaza looks like with information on weather
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>> we have a "2" or "3" on thursday. but, first, minor flooding, today, tomorrow, and wednesday. this is at the golden gate and it will be later at san rafael and floods the usual areas usually 20 or 30 minutes later. waking up in the mid-to-upper 40s in san francisco and 50 in the financial district. most of us in the mid-to-upper 40s until the north bay low-to-mid 50s. we top out at 56 to 59 and warmer. cooler tomorrow with the storm bringing wet weather to the in the bay and low-to-mid 50s and a brief warming trend with 60s before the strong storm hits on
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thursday. alexis? >> i have more information on the vehicle that possibly went into a building in oakland area. we have not confirmed anything but it is around foothill and 23rd. at street level, no major delays. a new problem westbound 80 at fairfield area blocking the two center lanes. another problem, south end of san francisco at 101 and 280 connection. more on that ahead. >> san jose is adding floor ride to the water, 230,000 in east san jose and santa teresa customers of san jose water company will receive the floor ride -- the fluoride starting today. it is being introduced in stages. supporters say it reduces tooth decay and critics have said it
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isn't safe. san jose is the largest city without fluoride in the water. >> a city will bring high-tech learning straight to local neighborhoods. >> peet's coffee getting a big jolt, a major expansion they are planning in the coming planning in the coming stay ♪ who's the genius who puts a girl in heels on a subway grate? miss monroe, eat a snickers. why? you get a little cranky when you're hungry. better? much better. this scene will never make the cut.
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>> we are back at a 6:13. and united states defense secretary is condemning the attack in istanbul claiming the lives of late and injured 155 others near a stadium. most of those killed were police officers. carter said the united states remains committed to working closely with turkey in nato. a turkey based group chased responsibility. >> carter continues the trip to iraq. the defense secretary met with soldiers there yesterday. cartser thanked them for the sacrifice those have made to drive out islamic state millen taxpayer from moss -- state mill tenths from mosul. forces have killed or injured 2,000 fighters. >> woman accused of trying to hire a health man to murder her husband will take the stand.
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this video where she said show is 5,000% sure she wanted her husband killed. on friday, her lawyers argued that the florida police department staged the encounter and posted it online to the tv crew for "cops." she was interviewed last december. >> did you want your husband dead. >> no, absolutely not. >> did you hire a hit plan to kill your husband? >> in. >> this is a retrial and a court reverted her conviction in 2014. the chief analyst will weigh in on "good morning america" next. >> chelsea manning is now at goal of 100,000 signatures so the white house has no respond. manning was convicted of espionage after leaking a million science testify documents to wikileaks and the former army soldiers asked president obama to shorten her 35-year sentence down to the
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time she has served which is just sex years. the white house now has secretary days to spend to the petition. >> peet's coach is expanding and will only a second roastry in virginia at 175,000 square feet larger than one in alameda producing a million pounds of coffee each week. here is an interesting note, peet nervous in lafayette and san francisco and all bringing in the most sales among the 240 united states stores. >> people will need to have coffee this week. to get through the week. >> especially thursday, thursday going to be the toughest day, today, toll, wednesday, in the in the bay and then the rest of the us are hammered. you can see the ferry building and the flag is blowing. that is a dry breezy. that will bring us more sunshine. and a dry and milder afternoon.
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tomorrow through friday our strongest storm is thursday and friday. temperatures are cooler 30s in the north bay valley and the san ramon valley and the rest of us in the low-to-mid 40s. at 9:00 tomorrow, nothing, absolutely nothing, but watch from behind me, the rain is coming into the north bay by the evening commute and it is thicker in the overnight and zip down to san mateo bridge and push northward on wednesday the strong southern breezy developing so the first storm mainly in the north bay and you can see it with our totals and they are not south of san carlos or east of the north bay hills but around the bay, possibly up to half an inch in santa rosa. here is what will happen a low to the north and the south and this is bring the energy from the north, and this brings the moisture from the dropers so we will have our strongest storm of season rolling in on thursday, and that is how it is looking, looking moderate and it has strong tendencies to be a "3"
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and the gifty winds and with potential for more trees falling and more power outages and we will keep an eye on thursday into friday morning and the weekend is quieter. alexis? >> looking at the san mateo bridge, we briefly had an issue around the toll plaza and beyond it so it is cleared and it is moving along okay, and filling in and slowing down on the westbound side. back to the forward area, westbound 80, we have a multi-car crash with two of the vehicles able to get themselves off to the right shoulder and the third is working on that so hopefully that will be clear soon, and i mentioned a problem we briefly had at 101 and 280, my system doesn't want to stay on the map on the connection, northbound 101 to northbound 280 crash involving a google because cleared to the shoulder and it is minor. we will look at the drive times next. all the san jose public library is offering more than books, it has a tech bus.
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it is rolling out the new high-tech set of wheels the 39' customer bus is a mobile laboratory hoping to get visitors more excited about science, engineering and the arts and math of the state-of-the-art technology including a 3-d printer, a laser cutter, and video cameras and microscopes. it is free. the bus will be at the camden country center on saturday. contact the library if you want to see it. >> tourists in southern california got a huge surprise hitting the whale watchingback pot. this video was taken, first they saw a pod of six killer wheels and he thought it was cool but then, more starting popping up, and more and more and more. the group spotted dozens over several miles. wherever they looked they saw orcas. by the end of the tour they counseled more than 50 whales!
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>> i went to alaska and just go to los angeles! >> ready to get into real estate? now is a good time to invest. >> i am watching breaking news from oakland, a nasty car crash with some streets should down. >> first black friday and then cyber monday and now is green monday, you could find extra good deals online today. >> but, first, stephanopolis surveillance photo -- stephanopolis ahead. >> chaos on roads across the country with thousands of flights delayed and canceled, and the storms are sweeping the and the storms are sweeping the north with the details on t
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breaking news from the live desk. in oakland a car crashed into a building. what you are seeing is the large investigation. you can see sky 7 is getting to the scene and you can seat underbelly of the car. police officers are there shining a light on the car. they are looking at power poles
6:24 am
that are down. it is very dark. we have heard there was possibly someone trapped. they are searching around the vehicle shining flashlights on the area. this is happening on foothill closed now between 23rd and miller avenue. the building the vehicle crashed into has a sign saying "foothill point laundromat." this is in word if anyone was inside or how many people were inside the car. we are trying to get better information. i will keep an cry on the situation. i will let you know when we get new details. >> at the crash looks bad. >> happening today, if you missed out on deals on black friday and cyber monday fear not because today is green monday. this is the shopping holiday that is the third busiest online shopping day of the entire year.
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this is the last full week where sites offer free shipping on items guarantee to make it in time for crime. if you look for tools or jewelry the time to buy is now. if you want to buy decorations are on fitness christmas wait until the day after christmas. >> now ask funny. marcus has a question on housing market. michael finney has the answer. >> is the housing market going to continue to increase? or decrease? >> great to talk with you in walnut creek. the short answer, no one knows. you can be sure overtime prices will go up but there are a few times when they drop back a bit. if you are here for a long haul prices will go up over the long haul so you pay want to save for a downpayment and you will look like a financial genius. in the short-term, the bay area
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is a mixed bag. san francisco rents have dropped 3.5%, contra costa county rents have gone up 6.5%. good luck. happy holiday. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it and share it # askfinney. or go to finney. >> oakland raiders' players sign autograph in exchange for toys worth $20 or more. several players and the raiderettes will meet fans with toys benefiting toys for program. >> we are tracking a big sinkhole causing big problems on the coast. >> travel trouble, winter
6:27 am
weather is causing big concerns in the midwest and east coast. >> starting as soon as tomorrow, half of us are going to get rain tuesday and wednesday. all of us will get a pounding on thursday into friday. thursday into friday. it
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>> good morning, south bay, let's get up and get going. >> on monday, december 12. i am natasha zouves.
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>> i am reggie aqui with meteorologist mike nicco and traffic reporter alexis smith. jessica castro is work on breaking news right now. we will start with the weather. >> quiet this morning. but not the rest of the week of the injury it while we have it. >> we will get your monday off, gray with clouds on live doppler hd. from the exploritorium at pier 15 the clouds and fog developing. temperatures are in the low-to-mid fete through 7:00 and mid-50s throughout the afternoon and sunshine breaking through the clouds, grab the sunglasses and let the umbrella dry. you need it starting tomorrow. alexis? >> good morning, i believe i have good news if you are traveling in the fairfield area, westbound 80 we had a three car crash before this area and it is now cleared but stop and traffic but not bad. heavy through the bay bridge toll plaza to the maze because of a couple of earlier crashes.
6:31 am
they are both now cleared. breaking news from the live desk. the breaking news from oakland where a car crashed into a building. it is hard to see. it is dark. the flashing lights show the car is flipped upside down. the top is on the bottom. on the street. you have the underbelly of the car delivered upside down. police are around the area. it is dark. power poles have been knocked over. the car crashed into two buildings, another building first and landed where it is now flipped upside down. this is in the foothill point laundrymat and it is becoming the area. pg&e arrived on the scene of the avoid foothill there could be
6:32 am
backups. dark. we are work the scene to get you more information when i have additional details i will pass it language. >> the c.h.p. has reopened a south bay exit ramp after clearing up a messy accident. this happened at 3:30 on highway 101 near willow road exit in menlo park a minivan crashed into a tree and it cam crashing down on the exit ramp. officers saying the two people inside the van with alcohol and drugs appear to be a factor. >> today, cruise are looking at a huge sink hope blocking a path to popular beach in pacifica causing a lot of worry for those living above the path. matt keller is in pacifica. matt? >> yes, you cannot say you weren't warned you have yellow caution tape here, you have a big sign boarded up, and it says beach access closed and we look down the cliff, you can see the
6:33 am
giant sinkhole at the bottom of the path and it will be very dangerous to go for a walk on the beep. check out video from viewer, a 30' section of concrete path buckled and fell into the ocean. a large pipe is now exposed and the view from the hole to the serve, the only coastal access pipe in pacifica. >> it is very worrisome. a lot of people are scared. those would live close to the ocean. and the properties, their values are going down. >> feet away, it is now being moved closer to the edge, the building was yellow tagged last year and two other. ings were de3408ished.
6:34 am
the coastal access pipe is private property own by an apartment community. here is a look at the big sinkhole below and there is a sign saying "caution do not pass, searching hole reported and to be repaired asap," but this hand over the weekend. if you fail to acknowledgment this warning it is at your own risk. there are go, you had your wanting. >> the weather could bring messy weekend through the bay area in local me, crews chopped up two trees hundreds of years only. one tree fell on top of a house. this want just in alamo but reports of downed trees across the bay area including san francisco, berkeley, and san mateo over the weekend. in oakland, a tree fell crass highway 13 on saturday. it shut down traffic for several hours. you can see it smashed the car.
6:35 am
the driver did not get hurt. >> look at this situation in the sierra, heaviest rain in decades causing flooding problems with this video from the riverside on interstate 880 with mainstreams in the sierra run higher and faster than normal and more snow is expected as the storms move through this week. can you track the storms with our news app by enabling the push alerts to get winter weather advisories. >> there is a news conference tomorrow after completing the investigation of the ghost ship warehouse. a.t.f. investigators arrive on monday and on friday a special mapping team flew in to help fiend a cause of the fire. officials ruled out a refrigerator and said they are reevaluating everything
6:36 am
electrical. the block that was closed for nine days is open. the parents of joseph mat s lock flew in from washington and went to the site. most knew him by a different james, joey kacio, starting from the key board 20 years ago when he first started playing and he covered a community of people that loved joey and he loved. >> the musician mobey headed a concert in san francisco with a slide show showing all 36 victims. >> the bay area's religious communities remembers the victims. the bells at grace cathedral tolled 36 times yesterday on nob hill for each victim. >> can you show your support by sharing this badge on facebook.
6:37 am
>> survivors of another tragedy along with staff and family held a moment of silence identified the pulse nightclub overnight. today is the six month anniversary since the massacre in florida. the moment of silence was held at 2:02 a. when the gunman started shooting. investigators rules it a hate crime and act of counterterrorism. napes of the 49 victims are read at a memorial service. >> police in southern california are searching for a second suspect in a violent hated crime on saturday at a mosque northwest of los angeles. investigators say in man john madison and another man asked to use the restroom a but the worshiper locking up the mosque said no and madison stabbed the we areshipper who was taken to the hospital and is
6:38 am
expected to survive. the november may have been attacked because of his religious beliefs. >> two police officers were shot while serving a drug search warrant after knocking on the house and announced who they were and walked inside and someone opened fire. the officers were hit. they returned fire. they are both expected to survive. the suspect is dead. >> the president of justice department said a suicide bomber caused the explosion that killed 24 in a church bombing. a funeral service was head for the victims. mourners gathered next to the main cathedral where the bomb want off yesterday. police reported 25 victims and it turns out the 25 person was the bomber. most victims were women and children. three men and a woman have been arrested. >> we were in los altos where a church service was held. some members of the community said they have family living in
6:39 am
egypt and are worried. >> police shot a suspect after he led them on a chase that ended up at a shopping center with investigators say they receive add report of a suicidal driver identified as 49-year-old christopher eastwood of san francisco trying to hit a pedestrian and police shot him in the shoulder after he held up the object that was a bicycle lock. he followed the officers who tazed him and took him into custody. the injuries are not life threatening. >> look at this mangled mess, the driver of toyota rammed head on into a muni bus while going the wrong way on california street. the bus was packed at terminal at 6th. the driver was taken to the hospital. nope inside of the bus was hurt. all the east coast is get hit with snow and sleet and dozens of drivers flipped their cars east road. parts of new york with slammed
6:40 am
with 3' of snow and in he up to 30 inches blanketed the roads. drivers are warned to stay home dug the storm. >> if you fly at all, you will want to call ahead to make sure your flight is still going because more than 3,700 flights are delayed through the country because of the winter storms and 800 flights have already been canceled. >> at home we have cloudy conditions and milder-than-average at 50 in san jose and average low is 42 degrees and most of us in the money 40s and mountain view at 50, and 50 in san carlos and low-to-mid 40s in the north bay and mid-40s in our east bay valley. you have brakes in the cloud cover and a colorful sunrise. light breeze on the water and chilly, and walnut creek is 45
6:41 am
degrees under clouds, and 56 to 59 degrees today, and we are in the low-to-upper 50s tomorrow and 60s shows up on with not all of us getting the rain until thursday. >> i will enjoy it while it is calm and descents traveling conditions and the prosecute of the week could be different. >> in the central valley, it is look okay and we have our typical backups westbound on 205 and to 580 toward the altamont pass and we are done to nine miles per hour on 205 and up to 21 closer to the pass, so it is slow but that is nothing out of ordinary. we have had a slight and smooth commute from the north bay, southbound 101 looking good, and the golden gate bridge shows no issues with visibility and we have dry pavement. westbound 80, 34 miles and it is slow down westbound 80 across
6:42 am
the bay bridge is 14 and san francisco to sfo is in green at 10 minutes. >> >> next, thousands of people are ditching their cars for uber and lyft in san francisco and the city said it is teach of a good thing when it comes to traffic. >> the deadline to get the shopping done is fast approaching for the holidays. when you need to get your orders when you need to get your orders in to get your gift by chris
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>> breaking news from the live desk. >> welcome back, more breaking news in west oakland, a deadly crash involving a transit bus, a pedestrian was hit and killed and the bus is from east bay para transit, happening now, this is 40th which is closed in the area, a highly traveled street. we do not know how many were in the bus and we do not know who was at fault but there are five police units in the area and we will gather the information from the live desk. >> a rough morning in oakland for all kinds of car crashes. >> uber and lyft are now everywhere in san francisco and this morning a transit agency is accusing the ride sharing boom for making traffic congestion worse in the city.
6:46 am
>> amy hollyfield is at van ness and mission to explain all of this. >> good morning, drivers say this is a tough one, they love uber and lyft but they hate traffic. according to to "san francisco examiner" officials think uber and lyft are to policemen for the bad congestion. there are 45,000 uber and lyft drivers on the city streets compared to only 1,800 taxis. drivers say it is bad on the roads. >> remark is crazy. not going down it is growing. more cars on the road. parking is a hassle. what can you do? it is the city. >> they would like more regulations put in police to handle the services and uber and lyft did not comment for the story.
6:47 am
>> interesting. >> president-elect donald trump's senior adviser kellyanne conway is on "good morning america" talking about the russian hacking, with 17 agencies concluding russia tried to interfere say they hacked into the distance and r.n.c. computers but only got into the d.n.c.'s server. the president-elect dismissing the findings and united states intelligence officials called the dismissile "concerning." kellyanne conway splens why mr. trump has an issue with the results. >> what he said yesterday is what he is calling laughable and ridiculous, the specific conclusion that one russia did led to his victory and hillary clinton's defeat that is what our beef is. >> much more coming on "good morning america" including fall intermediate for the president-elect's commons regarding china. >> new jersey governor chris christie turned down several positions in the administration, rejecting officers for positions
6:48 am
including homeland security secretary, veterans affair secretary and united states ambassador to italy. the report said that he did not think they were a "good fit." >> silicon valley tech leaders will meet with president-elect on wednesday, notable because made their disapproval of the campaign well-known and criticized the tech companies, as well, and blasted amazon at one point and called for a boycott of apple. the technical leaders are expected to talk about tax codes, regulations and trade deals and the invitation came from his son-in-law kushner, chief of staff reince priebus and peter thiel. >> internet access could be easier when you visit downtown napa. jane king has that story and more. >> good morning, the new year will include a new look by napa leaders into a public wireless internet system. the napa valley register said
6:49 am
city elected officials will study the costs scope and features of a wi-fi when that used buildings to host the transmitters feeding data to smart phone and tablet users. chipolte have rejected drive throughs but an analyst said that could change. one made the change and now it is half of a restaurant's business in ohio. chipolte will look at that. >> christmas mounting to get the christmas gifts on time and it is important to know the order dates to ensure on time arrival. for free shipping ordering by december 16th. get the package there by december 25th. >> the real story is oil, not stock with oil upst up and
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mixed. meteorologist mike nicco? >> good morning, everyone. beautiful day unfolding from our exploritorium with sunshine on this monday after a damp weekend. it will be dry today but this is the only day it will be dry, our next storm is tuesday and wednesday for the north bay and the stronger storm will touch all of our neighborhoods and today the temperatures from san francisco and half moon bay and fremont at 56 and san jose is the warm spot, and 2359 degrees. tonight it will be cloudy and dry, 30s in the san ramon valley and the rest of us in the low-to-mid 40s. by noon, scattered showers and by action, steady rain cross the north bay and could dip to the san mateo bridge. this is it. then it will retreat to the north as a southern breeze kicks
6:51 am
in and milder temperatures. look at the discrepancy in the rainfall totals nothing southbound of oakland, and up to half an inch in the north bay. we will turn our attention to thursday and friday the storm is borderline "3" because we are going do have winds and moderate-to-heavy rain, we will watch that because it could be the strongest storm this season. alexis? >> back to live desk, a fatal crash involving a para transit bus and a pedestrian and it is fatal. clearly they will need an hour, likely longer, to do the investigation. this is at 40th two blocks to the west of the mcarthur bart station, a busy corridor and i have not seen a huge backup yet but in this is here long as we get further in the commute it will be a big issue. in the south bay we are hooking
6:52 am
better with san jose 280 at 17, the nobody side is moving along just fine and a check of the drive times, richmond is great and 24 across the san mateo and 13 across the dumbarton bridge. >> animal advocacy group peta is urging sfo to stop serving perk after they announced this big is part of the assisted therapy program. the airport introduced this big to calm travelers at sfo and now they want pork to be taken off the menu. pigs used for food are subjected to cruel treatment. peta will put vegan ads through the airport. >> a venture capitalist is among 20 forming a new group to protect the environment. the brown is committed to invest $1 billion in the break through energy ventures with a goal to provide access to reliable and
6:53 am
affordable power, food, goods and other services without contributing to greenhouse emissions. bill gates and jeff bezos are among the other big names. we return in 90 seconds what we return in 90 seconds what with you need before you
6:54 am
>> here the seven things you need to know. number one is breaking news a
6:55 am
deadly crash in west oakland, a pedestrian has been hit and killed in an accident involving a para transit bus at 40th near the bart station at mcarthur. >> more breaking news in oakland, a car scratched into a laundromat bringing down a power line and possibly trapping a person in the car. the driver may have hit another build first on foothill between 23rd and miller avenue. >> those are both having traffic impacts this morning and we had a couple of crashes around the bay bridge toll plaza so heavier than average traffic approaching the tollbooths, westbound highway 4 to the maze coming in at 38 minutes. we have a chance of a sprinkle in the north bay but today is the dryest moving failure, -- forward, dry and close to average this afternoon. >> the a.t.f. has finished third investigation into the deadly
6:56 am
ghost ship fire with a news conference tomorrow to discuss where the investigation stands. >> six, today crews assess the damage after the coastal collapse over pacifica with the path washed out sending it crumbling to the ocean. >> 74th annual golden globe nominations were announced today with the wheners -- with the winners announced january >> i am excited about the top movies. >> and that includes ryan reynoldss as a star in land. >> mike, we had several days of >> mike, we had several days of rain and we see you in 25
6:57 am
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right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. good morning, america. new warnings as millions hit the roads this morning. this massive 33 car pile-up shuts down the highway and thousands of flights delayed. this plane slides off the detroit runway and firefighters forced to battle this blaze at a snowy ski resort. now another deep freeze moving in. windchills plunge below zero. 20 states from california to new york on alert. trump versus the cia. the president-elect rejecting reports that russia interfered with the election, trying to help him win. >> i think it's ridiculous. i think it's just another excuse. i don't believe it. >> now we're hearing from russia this morning, as lawmakers from both sides of the aisle call for an investigation. trump's senior adviser kellyanne conway joins us live. late night verdict. the shooter in


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