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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 13, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> good morning, bay area, let's get going. >> good morning at 5:00 a.m. on tuesday, december 13. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. with alexis smith and jessica castro and our weather with mike
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nicco. >> we have a few sprinkles on live doppler hd so watch out. from mount tam there is not a lot of cloud cover and it is dry. anything that falls will be few and far between. mostly gray until this afternoon and evening. a better chance of scattered showers light showers with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s. alexis? the only issue this morning is with ace train. the problem has been solved with a a freight train blocking the tracks at tracy but the power is back and it is cleared. it is only seven minutes delay and not too bad. they could make up some of that. ace three and five should be on time. we look at the south bay in a few minutes. >> alexis, thank you. an emergency at a starbucks in mountain view. firefighters are trying to figure the cause of one person to fell sick at the store at juntion avenue.
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they got a call at 12:40 for a potential haz-mat situation with the clean crew there. nod would on the problem the someone was loaded interest an ambulance. firefighters say one person was treated at the scene but released. >> president-elect making big picks for the team. >> choosing exxonmobil c.e.o. tillerson as secretary of state a front runner over the weekend and officially named this morning. the ties to russia are expected to be a big condition for the senate which still needs to confirm the pick. we have learned that former texas governr rick perry is named secretary of energy. when trump was on the campaign trail perry called him a cancer of conservative but as the president-elect has said he is open to rivals joining. >> the time to prepare for the storm is right new. particularly in marin where a wanting is going out about the double whammy of rain and king
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tides. >> our reporter is in flood-prone mill valley. >> they are ready. this park-'n-ride parking lot is already closed and known to glad because it is such a low spot so no cars are being allowed to park here now. the city of mill valley is not just focused on the parking lot the sandbag stations are in place which you can get for home or business. the office of emergency services has sent out alerts. marin county has important information their website about how to properly prepare. >> we also include a document on our website on the proper we to set up sandbags because a lot of people do not know how to do it. be prepared. have flashlights. have a family communication plan. be prepared to sandbag if the need awries and there is severe
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flooding. >> a look into what mill valley braces for when heavy rains move in. this is shoreline hour two years ago. they worried it will flood later this week again. the rains combine with the king tide. an extremely high tide that causes flooding when it rains. officials encourage residents to sign up for alerts so they can reach everyone. all you have to do is t your zip code to 888777 and you receive information on the storm. now to the tragedy in oakland. a.t.f. is plan telling update the public on the investigation this morning. >> we will bring it to you at 11:00. you can watch it on our news app. friends and family and strangers continue to show support bringing flowers and signs and candles to the scene. as we lend, first responders finally have the opportunity to pay their respects.
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a bagpiper at sunset following him for two blocks from a fruitvale fire station to the ghost ship warehouse where the firefighters, paramedics red cross workers coroners, police officers and deputies. they all share a common bond, a common emotion because they worked here on site somehow and in some capacity during the ghost ship tragedy. >> our hards have been heavy so we gather to remember in our own way as first responder community. the oakland fire bell tolled 36 times. in memory of the 36 lives lost. >> it helps with the healing process. it was mentally and physically demanding on the first spenders. >> i cannot process it in one
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night. no one can. it happened every time and this bring as bit of a closure but it changes how you move on from this point. >> images of the fire are something the community and the first responders say they will first responders say they will never forget. >> very tipping tribute. >> now, breaking news overnight, a shooting at a crowded apartment at sacramento with several people hurt. jessica castro has the information at the live desk. >> % looking for the gunman: four people were hurt when the gunman shot through a closed door of an apartment. one woman was critically injured, shot in the head. three others are listed in "serious," condition and one victim is a teenager. there were 16 people inside the apartment at the time including
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some children as young as four. police think the begin man is an ex-boyfriend of someone in the apartment but they are not sure in the person acted alone. reggie and natasha? the arraignment for east palo alto man accused of killing a would-year-old girl. police arrested the 24-year-old man last month after an autopsy report revealed now mail. it is not clear what specifically led to the police to him. he was are add few difficulties after -- days after she was rushed to the hospital. >> despite issues with bay area officials airbnb has generated $600 million in economic activity this year. according to the oakland times the short-term rental company has significant increases in ghosts compared to last year with 550,000 total in san francisco and the east bay. airbnb calculates the gifts -- ghosts generated $47 million in
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san francisco, $128 million in oakland and berkeley from october of 2015 to october of 2016. all the children's fund in san mateo needs your help. we will look at empty shelves with toys from nine to 12-year-olds desperately from games, crafts, sports gear always popular. it helps low income and foster children with higher than normal need for the toys, with several ways to help out at now the accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> the highest tide is 7' at 10:10 this morning. 7' tomorrow at 10:57, wednesday we are below the 7' threshold but there is still flooding at 11:45 and friday back down to 6.5 foot. in san francisco, 49 to 50 and
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glen park is 51 and freight 48 in portrero hill. richmond and union city, same thing. beaumont is 51. pleasanton and pittsburg at 47. san jose is 48. temperatures are cloudy with seasonally cool at 56 to 60. tomorrow we have a subject of milder breezes from the south. upper 50s to mid-60s. the rain-cooled air moves in on thursday with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s. we will talk more about the gusty winds on thursday and the rain that will accompany them up to 45 miles per hour with the damage it creates. alexis? >> that will be a busy day on the roads with the rain and trees down. right now, more ideal conditions 280 and 17 in san jose, the inbound side coming to us is
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light. check out this traffic map, mostly green. closer look at the south bay we have all green on the traffic maps in the san jose area and northbound 101 even gilroy to the morgan hill area in the green. >> drive times come up at 5:20. >> surprising number of us are taking psychiatric drugs and experts are concerned about another finding. >> and bill cosby returns to court in his trial with a big court in his trial with a big decision for the judge
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breaking news is international. we have reports of mass seven killings in aleppo, syria, a u.n. report just released said they were "killed on-the-spot." now we are lending that dozens of children are still trapped inside a building that is underfire. it is according to the u.n. yesterday the agency said they received reports 82 civilians were shot on sight by pro government fors this week, many inside their home. this video shows no living soul on the streets and the u.n. said this morning a few moments ago that hundreds of young men are
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missing. all of this happening as the syrian government has been fighting the rebel forces for four years now trying to regain control of aleppo. new research estimates that one in six american adults takes at least one psychiatric drug over the course after year. the report from the journal of the american medical association shows more than 80% of those taking medications recorded long term use. experts say this is worrisome because many of the drugs are not recommended for long term use and carry a number of serious side affects. the most common drug was the zoloft, antidepressant. >> shooter targeted two people and jose ramos of watsonville is a "person of interest" according to the police. there were serious injuries and investigators are look for a white honda. >> investigators wonder in there
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was a medical emergency before this crash dying after the minivan slammed into a tree. the toyota suddenly veered into the peed an along rohnert park expressway and the driver was 75 bill cosby is appearing in court for a pre-trial hearing in pennsylvania. he is facing three counts of aggravated sexual assault for drugging former temple university employee constand. the hearing is focusing on 13 other women who claimed he assaulted them and whether their testimony is allowed in constand's trial. the trial is set to start in june. >> in the first look new evidence in the case against dylann roof. >> he is accuses of going on a shooting rampage in a south carolina church. here are the details. >> in the first look, we expect in court to hear from police here arresting dlyann roof in north carolina after police say he ran from the murder scene of
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the historic black church in charles ton. a flock was pulled from the back seat under a pillow and a burned american flag in the trunk and a list of other black churches in the charleston area he said he considered other targets. the video confession played this court is cold flooded. >> why did you have to do that? >> i had to do it because somebody understood do something. black people are killing white people every day. >> we have the latest from the courthouse at 7:00 a.m. with the "first look," for abc from charleston. >> and there are new allegations at wells fargo that employees signed you customers for a low confident life insurance policy without their knowledge and without their permission. the allegations were made by
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three former employees who filed a lawsuit last week against the insurance giant to those calls that they opened fake accounts. >> google is providing cuba with fast are internet service and said it will help speed up access to the programs and services including youtube and gmail and will not be expanding access to intent on the island. cuba was the most restricted internet in the hemisphere. officially google offered to dramatically improve internet access but cuba rejected that offer. >> people in the midwest and the northeast cleaning up after the major winter storm brought feet of snow and now the storm has moved out, the brutal cold blast this morning moves in. wind chills are below zero for millions and thursday will be the coldest for the midwest with cities hike chicago and green bay feeling more like it is 20
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degrees below zero. >> watching the video i feel chilly. they are looking at thursday. our thursday is totally different reason for weather. >> different in the bay area but in the sierra, 1-to-2 foot foot of snow is possible on thursday so get there today. good morning, everyone, from south bench, looking along the western span of the bay bridge it is dry. we have sprinkles, and cloudy and 8:00 with spotty light showers. more moderate rain is across the north bay tomorrow and a few spotty showers for the rest of us and thursday we get the heavy rain and the gusty breezes and rain and the gusty breezes and potential for power identity we have not heard of anything getting wet yet. all through the day and tomorrow, from 7:00 this morning to 7:00 this evening, we are going to have scattered showers.
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tomorrow night we will turn our attention to the north way with showers moving down and pause points, remember that, kid, pause pounds, thursday only through the afternoon with waves of moderate to half rain. weapons gusting to 45 miles per hour and rainfall potential of 1" in the south bay and 3" in the north bay so it is a "2" and borderline on "3" still and it will last through friday morning and saturday and sunday and monday we will have sunshine and 50s. alexis in all the studio gremlins got into your weather system, mike. now, a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, in major issues we are hearing from c.h.p. they will run a traffic break east of the toll baths but we are not sure of the reason so we are getting to the bottom of that with in reports of collisions in the area and no metering lights but give it 10 minutes. a look at the central valley you are heavy getting out of the
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tracy area westbound 205 to 580, 15 and 19 miles per hour. and this morning, in the green, southbound 101 santa rosa to petaluma, same westbound 580 castro valley to the maze is 14 minutes and 280680 split to highway 85 in the green at 12 minutes. >> the end of an era in hawaii for what was a sweet business. the last sugar mill wrapped up their final harvest yesterday, announcing they would stop making sugar after racking up big losses and it used to be a major sugar producer but the industry is shrinking because of competition with let cost users overseas. >> a win in the effort the olympics to los angeles. the bill would provide up to $250 million to offset any unexpected confidents.
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los angeles, paris, and budapest are in the running. >> the biggest names in soccer is taking home the biggest prizes, the prestigious balloon on door for the 4th time which means he is "player of the year," helping madrid win the champion and he helped portugal win the 2016 championship. that all means a pretty good player. >> the seven things you need to know as you start your day and a bay area mayor is getting well-known. >> and santa's reindeer could be having trouble hauling the having trouble hauling the christmas presents.
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dobecause you've got ams lot of cheering to do! get fast sinus relief...with vicks sinex. and get your head back in the game. sinex. the congestion, pressure, pain to clear your head, medicine. so you think santa will like these... red and green m&m's? i don't know! i never met the guy! whaaaaa! he does exist! they do exist! uhm... santa? >> before you go, firefighters are trying to figure out what sickened members of a cleaning crew at starbucks in mountain
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view this morning. they were called for potential haz-mat situation and one person was treated and released at the scene. >> tracking scattered sprinkles moistening the atmosphere before the big storm wednesday into thursday. can you see with the rain approaching we have a storm-impact scale "1" light on wednesday and "2" to "3" moderate to strong on thursday. >> a quiet start in the traffic center and the only trouble was with ace train with freight interference with a train that lost power this morning. it is cleared and ace one was able to leave seven americans late and it is improving. >> four, breaking news from the live desk a police officer in nashville, tennessee shot and is expected to survive, we just learned. police are in a stand off with the shooter at a motel, barricaded inside. >> a.t.f. agents give an update on their investigation into the ghost ship fire in oakland.
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though wered with up the investigation this weekend. we will bright i to you at 11:00 a.m. and on news app. >> president-elect donald trump is officially picked exxonmobil c.e.o. rex tillerson as secretary of state. he has a history of history of ties to russia. the former texas governor perry is expected to be neighborhood as secretary of energy. both picks still need senate confirmation. >> lyft is teen up with a senior company to help transport elderly to medical apeoples or social events and saying it will help the 3.6 million americans who miss or late to appointments because of transportation issues. ever wondered what a politician does when running late for a public appearance? he sings in the car. san ramon mayor and his friend is doing the driving. the driver picked "my girl," for their version of "car pool
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karoke." ♪ i guess ♪ you say ♪ what can make me ♪ feel this way ♪ my girl ♪ talking bout my girl >> the mayor and the driver sang 50 while heading to the reawards dinner of the champion bird of commerce. >> research is showing that reindeer in the arctic have been shrinking in size the last two decades and the average adult weighs 12% last than it used to more than 100 pounds. scientists say this is climate change with warmer winters mean more rain which freezes the snow and prevents the reindeer from getting to the food that is buried below. the reindeer lose their calves or they are born smaller.
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>> we have a full 90 minutes of news including deciding the future of the raiders with hearings where you can tell officials what you think should happen to the team. >> race against time, the reason crews in pacifica are working fast to stabilize a big sinkhole opening up on a popular trail. >> major gold heist in europe >> major gold heist in europe with dramatic new video.
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good morning, east bay, let's get going. good morning on tuesday december 13. i am regular. >> i am natasha zouves. >> we have jessica castro. we have alexis smith. and we have mike nicco. we are keeping our cries on the thursday morning commute. >> it is a embassy
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just getting ready for the rain. fog in petaluma and a few sprinkles. rolling out our day planner, 40 to 52 with microclimates and mainly gray, mid-to-upper 50s, 55 to 58. and spotty sprinkles on the light side from 4:00 until 7:00 and mid-to-upper 50s at 4:00 but upper 40s to low 50s at 7:00. grab a coat. alexis? >> the commute is okay so far. i have a potential issue in south end of san francisco southbound 101 a solo vehicle collision. the person does not know what they hit but it sounds like they hit something. they made it to the right shoulder. we have c.h.p. on the scene. no backup. that is the light are side of things. looking outside at golden gate bridge it is light and early
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morning commute and a few coworkers had sprin in to work this morning. a minor issue in the san jose area so we will take a closer look at that and it is on the northbound side of 101. we will take a closer look at that and the details are next. >> donald trump is tweeting about why he is picking exxonmobil c.e.o. rex tillerson as secretary of state. he tweeted this about 45 minutes ago "the thing i like best about tillerson he has vast experience successfully dealing with all types of foreign governments." and former texas governor is expected to be chosen the next energy secretary leading the federal department that he once said he wanted to eliminate. the senate of core has to confirm both of those publics. >> the bay area preparing for the next round of storms.
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flooding is a big concern in marin. they bracing for king tides, the high tides caused by alignment of the sun and moon and earth. residents are preparing for power outages, some without power for days and even a full week after a bad storm. >> that is the problem. all of the trees. the oaks are dying from the bugs. that is the many thing. it is a pain not having power. >> officials are remind all of us to have flashlights and batteries ready for emergencies. >> in pacifica crews are worried the storms will do more damage to a seawall that is washing away. worker are trying to make repair pouring concrete to shore up the base of the wall and will fill the hole with sand and re-create the walkway. two workers had to rappel down the cliff to see how much of the base washed out.
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crews hope to finish the job before the rain arriving. speaking of rain you can track when it will arrive on our news app by downloading it for free and enable push alerts so you know what is happening when we do. >> federal investigators will update us on the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland, paying respects to the 36 victims last night led by a bagpipe. an officer said it helped bring closure with the processing taking time. scene is a gather place for those backed by the fire. the photographer bette davis does not know the victims but knew the showing chicago was a home for artists and will cover the tragedy in a documentary on oakland. >> knowing that people it will lived in there and what appalls me is there are so many complaintses by the city but oakland or the people who were in charge of oakland did not seem to care. >> the news conference is scheduled for 11:00 this morning and we will bring it to you on
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our midday show and watch it on the news app. >> we invite you to show support further you haves and their families by sharing this badge on facebook. an american airlines flight headed for sfo had to make an message landing in arizona take off from charlotte and diverted for phoenix, landing there before 9:00 last night. passengers got on a new plane a few hours later and touched down here in san francisco at 2:30 this morning. another emergency landing last night, a bomb threat, from houston to frankfurt was diverted to john f. kennedy in new york with someone calling in the threat to lufthansa headquarters. that plan had to turn around as it was heading over the ocean. the passengers continued at the new many.
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>> major gold least in europe getting $1 million in gold. jessica? >> this coming in, a video which is tough to watch. my job is dropping, huge flames and the aftermath of a theives stole a huge amount of gold. it happened near paris, france, thieves surrounded the armored truck, drove it off the highway and stole what could be month than $1 million of gold. they locked up the two delivery men inside, and the hurt. the cars were burned out and parked with a get away car and police are suspecting -- searching the surrounding area. >> today in the disaster keep raiders in oakland a vote is expected on a coliseum land deal proposed by the group head by nfl halt of famer ronnie lott.
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officials met with the group yesterday the first then gent -- first known joint meeting between the parties. the oakland city council will vote their meeting at 5:30 tonight. the nfl has a meeting in dallas tomorrow to discuss the issue. >> 49ers are on a historic losing streak and we are hearing c.e.o. could lose his power. it is reported that his parents, who own the 49ers, could replace him to put an experienced football coach ahead of the tomorrow. a source said this is not true according a report this mike shanahan part of the coaching staff, could be stepping in. >> palo alto police chief is retiring after spending the last 35 years with the force. he. continue in his badge in a new weeks joining the department in 1982 and was named best chief in
5:37 am
2008. he said "it was time." police captain watson is interim chief until a new chief is hired. the accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> that tame of the contrary for king tides. the golden gate bridge 10:10 at 7.1' at 6.8 on thursday. watch out for the flooding away the bear shore especially in san francisco to mill valley. if you are heading through the valleys we have 44 in danville to 47 in concord and pittsburg and pleasanton. the fists an the bayshore and los gatos at 48. and vallejo at 49. santa rosa at 41 and pacifica at 48. out and about today there are cool conditions and you may have
5:38 am
to dodge sprinkles and mostly good on bay and the roads because the spotty showers will not amount to much. the golden gate bridge shows the presses are light in the mid-50s to increasely 60 and in the low-to-mid 60s tomorrow and back mainly the upper 50 and 60s on thursday and each day the rain is more intense. i have the look next. i want to take you down to san jose with a few crash on northbound 101 before you get to the 880 split closer to 13th street. four vehicles are involved possibly a couple more, and the three right lanes are blocked. message crews are responding quickly but the backup is growing quickly and we are down to 13 miles per hour. i will follow-up with that in the next few minutes. the bay bridge toll plaza shows the metering lights are on for continue mens and anying in and the drive times, doing okay through the walnut creek area
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southbound 680 and westbound 24, westbound 580 tracy to dublin is up to 46 minutes. hackers hit a medical testing company that a lot of us use in the bay area, and will coming up how they were able to breach its security. >> arm robber target as man with a disability call caught on camera and police are particularly anxious to get the robber off the streets. >> you can keep track of weather >> you can keep track of weather and traffic conditions on t
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breaking news. >> breaking news in san jose, police increase a stand off situation with an armed man. matt keller is at the scene near clayton road. matt? >> an intense scene this morning. 15 minutes ago we saw several unmarked police cars coming by with lights and sirens to the scene. they passed by us and now they have this whole road blocked. it is story road running parallel with arthur avenue. that is where they have a barricaded man inside a him. that has been going on since 1:43 this morning. manage must have happened in the last half hour. it has caused the police to react and respond. we have seen units arriving and
5:43 am
officers with rifles out and about. they have their gear on and it is an intense situation. they are going do keep the road and we were closer to the scene but we were backed off 15 minutes ago. we had to repark here. there are a lot of people in the neighborhood woman be impacted in 15 minutes i will let you know about that with an update. >> thank you, matt. police hope you can recognize this man, captured on surveillance video, considered a suspect in a h monday. detectives say he was wearing a cleveland indians baseball cap and drove a black 2009 or newer four door acura with paper plates. an investigation is underway to find out who hacked and exposed personal data of 34,000 people after a breach of a nationwide medical testing
5:44 am
company gaining information including birthday and laboratory results and in some cases telephone numbers. they obtained the information last month through the app that patients use to get their test results. >> and an arm robber want after a man who has disabilities. look at this surveillance video september 5. police say the suspect on the bicycle intentionally ran over the man on the sidewalk. he helped victim up and pulled out a gun, stole the the man's cell phone and rode off after kick the victim to the ground. the victim has limited speech and gave a description of the attacker between 16 and 25 wearing a dark shirt and beani >> someone knows something or recognize the suspect call us and helpfully we can get this guy off the street. awoman who lives in the area said the woman walks there all
5:45 am
the time and he is a very nice man. for leads have been strong enough so for to make an arrest. acity college of san francisco made a $39 million mistake and have to pay that amount back to the city. according to the audit the college could not prove it talk thousands of students in online sources from 2011 to 2014. folks say they do not suspect fraud but the college certainly mismanaged the way it tracks partial. they have to pay $3.9 million a year for a decade that will severely impact their budget. google could be veil the latest self driving technology according to "usa today" the company could reveal a proto time type from the partnership with fiat and announced in may they will install technology in 200 vans and according to report released to the media site they are pivoting away from plans to
5:46 am
create a steer will focus on other technology. what wrong with this sign? this is in such road in marin, northbound 101 should read "mill valley." not "mill valley road." caltran acknowledged the goof and promise as next and is in the process of changing out signs throughout the county to signs that have a better reflective material. oops. >> thinking of buy, tickets for "hamilton." decide quick and drain your bank account. >> spend it all. we were overhead all of people waiting out of the theater to get their hand on tickets on sale to the general public yesterday and a limited number of tickets are still available on the website and they are running $523 for prime orchestra seats.
5:47 am
>> no! >> yes. >> it is about alexander >> it is about alexander hamilton told through help >> finally, a musical, the most american of art forms reflecting that world on stage is something really powerful. >> "ham continue," runs march through august with resale for $2,500! >> okay...there is a song in the show called "helpless," and that is how i felt. >> you were so strong, your integrity above your emotional breakdown threshold because you did not get your tickets. >> group hug later. now, live doppler 7 hd shows nothing out there, a few sprinkles through 9:00 and we will have to wait until the
5:48 am
afternoon for scattered light showers and the same tomorrow. the storm that is strong of the is thursday into friday. look at temperatures tonight, 49 in santa rosa and everyone else in the home 50s not much of a drop off. at 7:00 this morning, cloudy and by noon a few spotty showers developing. they pockmark all of the neighborhoods in the evening and overnight and through tomorrow. it is the south bay and our east bay valleys are mostly dry. same dug day tomorrow, along the coast a few showers but most of us fall in the north bay. now, our winter weather advisory in lake tahoe at 10:00 in the morning to 4:00 tomorrow, 2 to 4" at lake level and 12" butting if lake thursday, 1-to-2 foot foot of snow. do not try to travel into the
5:49 am
sierra on thursday and friday. alexis? >> back to san jose i have a little bit of good news for drivers on northbound 101 where we had a crash over 10 minutes ago and several vehicles involved, 4 to 5 vehicles and it is before 8:80 with all haves pushed to the right shoulder but clearly we have a decent backup and that is south of the 280 and 680 submit down to seven miles per hour. in problems from the north by on southbound 101 or westbound 580 castro valley to the maze. 280 and 680 submit to highway 85, that is well into the red and take you 27 minutes and now it is cleared, i am hopeful we will get that speed up shortly. looking at 880 coming to us that made it past the collision it is wide open.
5:50 am
>> alexis, thank you. new at 6:00, campus overcrowding at the most prestigious universities forcing some students interest long commutes. >> dramatic video of a high-rise on fire. we will show you what contributed to the flames spreading to quickly. >> imagine repairing heart damage with a simple hill, local damage with a simple hill, local researchers on
5:51 am
damage with a simple hill, local researchers on lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
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breaking news from the live desk in philadelphia where the bill cosby case will be heard with folks move manage and out throughout the morning. the attorneys asking the judge to limit the anybody of women who can definite against bill
5:53 am
cosby. prosecutors want to call 13 women to the stand to sho behavior going back. usually only the accuser of the crime in question would be able to testify. some 50 women have come forward to accuse him of assault those claim is happened over a 50-year period. we are waiting to see what the judge decides this morning. >> to be clear those are just ladies the hallwaying in to do with the case. >> dubai skyline looked like this for a few hours. scary. considering how far away the camera is from the high-rise. the flames were racing up the skyscraper overnight, and the building was evacuated and they got everyone out in time before anyone was hurt. officials say the flames were moving so fast because of a strong wind and because in dubai skyscrapers have a highly flammable material coating many of the buildings. >> check your kitchens because a
5:54 am
recall was announced this morning involving food processors, specifically, the blade inside can crack overtime and pieces of the metal blade could break off into the food. there have been dozens of come employments. the recall involved eight million units some right here in the united states, sold between july of 1996 through december of 2015. we have more specific information on our website at abc7 news come. >> san francisco symphony is striking a note for equality. they are canceling two tour concerts in north carolina because of the highly criticized law that overturns protections for lgbt people, or the bathroom law. the musicians' decision follows similar declarations by san francisco officials and other institutions. >> the storm-impact scale scale on wednesday is "1" or light,
5:55 am
and a "2" on wednesday to nearly $(3) -- nearly and on thursday morning, by 7:00, it is moving into the hat of the bay, and heaviest around noon, and all the way through about action, and, then, by 10:00, it is tapering. we will get 1.5" in the south by to 2.5" in the north bay, and our fastest winds in the north bay are at 1:00 on wednesday, but they are around 5:00 thursday when we will see the damage. >> in san jose it is recovering northbound 101 because we had an earlier crash at 13th before 880 with all lanes now back open for 15 minutes, and, still, we were at fur miles and now we are longer than that at this point, maybe 4.5 miles but the speeds are pick up. hopefully, that will thin out even further. westbound 580, tracy to dublin,
5:56 am
you are in the yellow at 48 minutes and so far it has been good from the central valley but if you use vasco road to get down into the central valley and tri-valley we are hearing of a new crash. that is ahead at 6:00. alexis, thank you. imagine taking a pill to reverse the damage from a heart attack. a search team is work on that potential break through right new. unlike other muscles, hearts can not repair themselves and there is a therapy that changed we scar finish use into living beating heart m that you can see on the scene and it tracks heart cells into changing and they found two projecting -- promising chemicals. >> we have to refine the process to do it safely in people. >> human times are still probably years away but in successful researchers say after a heart attack people can take a pill, have healthy cells transplant islamabad their heart or do a combination of both of those. >> the breaking news in san jose
5:57 am
that could impact people heading to work. >> california has been named worse in the nation for drivers. >> we are tracking breaking news in nashville, tennessee, where an officer has been shot. >> the incredible amount of money airbnb said they are pimping -- pumping into the bay area economy. say
5:58 am
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breaking news at 6:00al, police are in a stand off with an armed man in san jose this morning. matt keller is at the scene. this has been going on for several hours? >> it has been an intense scene the last half hour. i talked with an officer. he said that is because the special operations emergency unit was called in half an hour ago. they decided they needed
6:00 am
specialized people to come in. they are used to going into the hopes and taking care of hostage situations. i asked the captain if it was a hostage situation but they are still trying to determine. they do have the manpower, however, to deal with the situation. the last five minutes we saw the mobile command unit where they will have their command post right here on story road and they have an armored vehicle to go along with all of swat team members who arrived on the scene. i will have my frommer look to o -- my photographer to look to the side several people are standing here on the sidewalk. they were evacuated from arrest their avenue where the stand off is taking place with a dozen or so folks evacuated from their home the they got a income on the door from police this morning saying get out we have a stand off situation


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