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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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they decided they needed specialized people to come in. they are used to going into the hopes and taking care of hostage situations. i asked the captain if it was a hostage situation but they are still trying to determine. they do have the manpower, however, to deal with the situation. the last five minutes we saw the mobile command unit where they will have their command post right here on story road and they have an armored vehicle to go along with all of swat team members who arrived on the scene. i will have my frommer look to o -- my photographer to look to the side several people are standing here on the sidewalk. they were evacuated from arrest their avenue where the stand off is taking place with a dozen or so folks evacuated from their home the they got a income on the door from police this morning saying get out we have a stand off situation taking place
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around the corner from you and he got out of the homes. i asked if they knew the people involved and they did not, they got out quickly. they are dealing with that, this morning. officers are here on the scene blocking off story road and not letting any traffic go in or any people go in as the negotiations take place. this will be an ongoing situation with the message units coming up with a plan whether to go in and we will be part of the plan and i am sure they want to talk to the opinion need the home and begin negotiations that will end peacefully and maybe they can quinn the -- convince the gay to come out. we will be here all morning along. >> thank you, matt. the other big story this morning is the weather. >> rain is on the way for some of us as early as tonight. >> we had a few sprinkles but that is it until tonight. can you see how dry it is. we will talk about what will
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happen today as we look from mount tam. in the mid-40s to low 50s same as yesterday. hanging out in the mid-to-upper 50s at noon. a spotty shower will develop. notice the temperatures are staying mainly in the mid-50s with a bigger storm tomorrow and the biggest storm on thursday. details ahead. alexis? >> i take to you two problems, northbound we still in recovery mode. that was because of an earlier crash before 880 again for 20 minutes. still, at fur miles of heavy traffic remaining and a new problem southbound vasco road south of highway 4 we have a multi-car crash and one is still blocking. an update on these and the backups. >> the time to prepare in this week's storms is right new, particularly in marin county where a warning is beginning out about the double whammy of the rain and the king tides.
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>> amy hollyfield is in mill valley this morning. >> good morning, mill valley is not taking any chances, they have shut down this park-'n-ride parking lot, with no cars allowed this week base the rain is coming and the slot is known to flood. here is a look at the flooding on shoreline highway that mill valley dealt with two years ago and they are concerned this will happen again this week and mill stream struggles because it is let lying and has extremely high clouds calking tides the combination leading to floods. some are plotting what areas to avoid this week. >> i will try not to get on the freeway at the shore because of king tides. that will be closed. the traffic will be difficult. it will be very tough to get in and out of mill valley. >> sandbag stations are in place so people can protect their homes and businesses. marin county has sent out alerts
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to people to get them preparing and they want you to check your flashlight batties have a -- batteries. the storm will bring winds which could knock down trees and loss power. are you on list to get the alerts? are maen county said all are you to do is t your zip and marin county will give you alerts on what is happening with the storm. >> you can track the apropping storms with the news app and we have live doppler hd on the app and we will be able push alerts with winter weather advisories to the phone. >> an emergency at starbucks in mountain view with fires trying to figure out what caused one person to feel sick at the store at junction avenue. they got the call at 12:40 for potential haz-mat situation. a cleaning crew was there. there is no word on the problem
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but in the video you can see someone being loaded into an ambulance, firefighters say one person was treated at scene and released. >> the a.t.f. is updating their findings after completing their investigation on sunday and necessity riled out a refrigerator as a cause and said they are reevaluating everything electrical in the building with the news conference at 11:00 this morning. if you are on the go you can watch it on our news app and >> breaking news from the live desk. >> this is breaking news update in nashville, tennessee, with a police officer shot. swat is in the hotel attempting to arrest the alleged shooter. we have seen the stand off with the gunman for several hours. a nashville police officer has shot overneat trying to serve a
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warrant. he was shot in the shoulder. he is expected to survive. hopefully it will end passfully. >> today the arraignment for an east palo alto man accused of killing a would-year-old girl. police arrested 24-year-old last month after an autopsy report revealed now play. it is not clear what specifically led police to him arrested a few days after the girl was rushed to the hospital the live-in boyfriend of the girl's mother. >> deputies are looking for a shooter who target two people in southern california, and jose ramos of watsonville is a "person of interest" yesterday. both had serious injuries. investigators are looking for a white honda. >> airbnb has had several problems with bay area officials but now they are touting they generated more than $600 million
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in economic activity this year according to the oakland times. airbnb has had significant increases in gifts compared to last year. 550,000 total in san francisco and the east bay. airbnb calculates those guests generated $478 million in san francisco and $128 million in oakland and berkeley from october of 2015 to october 2016. >> students are enduring a long commute but not for the reason you might have imagined, why some are forced to travel from campus to san francisco to get to class. >> wells fargo scandal is, expanding and why insurance customers need to be >> there is the toll plaza in >> there is the toll plaza in its crowded
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>> now the king tides at gate bridge peek at 7:10 and the threshold is 6.5' on friday and then they are over. on the peninsula 49 in foster
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city. and redwood city. mid-to-upper 40s in woodside and menlo park and pacifica and daly city and elsewhere in the mid-to-upper 40s inland to 50 around the bay and heading through the day we are in the mid-to-upper 50s and 60s in hayward and san jose and warmer tomorrow mid-60s and cooler breezes on thursday with the rain mid-50s to around 60. the rain is next. alexis? >> i take you back to our traffic maps a collision beyond walnut boulevard several vehicles being involved. one is blocking the road. it is backing up southbound on vasco road. trying to recover southbound 101 santa rosa to petaluma all good in the green and westbound 580 was video valley to the maze, and 101 to highway 85, we are up to 27 minutes and now down to 22 and that is due to an earlier crash before 880. it is lacking
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berkeley from the live desk. castro valley crews are on the scene of a deadly fire. it is at a home on groveway a
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tanglewood drive. the garage is damaged. the fire broke out at 2:45 in the arctic. there are no dailies on who was killed. all they will say it was an adult who was there alone when the fire break out. i will show how you big the fires are from the fire department. a firefighter with alameda suffered a minor injure and taken to the hospital. we will track images and bring you updates as they come in. >> we are tracking breaking news from syria, more than 100 children could be trapped in a building underfire in eastern aleppo as the government fights to regain control of the city. the n said they received reports that 82 civilians had been shot on sight by pro government forces many killed in their hems. the syrian government has been battling rebels for four years to retake the remaining area of easton -- eastern
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>> an officer shot and killed a 73-year-old man at 12:30 this morning in bakersfield. the man had a gun when they opened fire. >> the familiar said that he did not own a gun. it is not clear what started the shooting, but his family said he was suffering from early dementia and police came to the home several times before without incident. in officers were hurt. berkeley is so packed some are forced to 2 1/2 hour commutes for university students accepting more than 400 than they planned for so the school has to use a.c. transit to because students to san francisco to take classes at the extension building. housing is also an issue new, and curing to our media partner, berkeley offered student spots in other colleges' domes in east oakland. >> california is the worst state
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for drivers, no mistake. the worst. it is official according to a new report with relatives showing the average commute time is 26 minutes. >> as we know most bay area drivers driveway more than 26 minutes and insurance costs are factor. in california, it costs on average $900 a year. california also has the highest auto theft rate. driving fatalities, one death per 100 million miles driven. >> how about some good news? >> depressing. >> all very dark. >> very dark. >> it costs me $3,000 a year in gas to commute. when it was up to $5,000 it was $4,000 a year. ridiculous the. >> this week you need a boat! >> that would be easier. thursday the storm is looking like a gully
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the roof camera shows what will happen cloudy and cool today interest spotty light showers and more showers tomorrow and a touch heavier and more scattered across the north bay and the heavy rain and gusts come in on thursday. right now, nothing is happening, it is dry, however there are a new sprinkles possible through 8:00. temperatures tonight are milder than this morning low-to-mid 50s in most neighborhoods. at 7:00 cloudy and showers and overnight most of that is pushing into the north bay. it will stay there mostly tomorrow through 7:00. this is still a "2" but the latest data is showing i can bump it up to a "3" with nasty winds. up to 1.5 to 3" of rain on the we for thursday into friday and damage is possible. in the north by through the
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morning on thursday and 9:00 it is in the heart of the bay and it stalls and it is stronger by noon and another wave of strong showers moving in during the afternoon and early evening so we could get up to the 2.5" of rain. sunshine and quiet this weekend. alexis? >> the roads have not shown too many issues. you can see the bay bridge toll plaza it is congested. the metering lights have been on an hour. traffic maps show green. taking a while to fill in. northbound 101 in the south bay has been a hot spot before 13th, a multi-car crash and still trying to recover. 15 miles per hour down to eight miles per hour. off of the 280 and 680 split so expect the delays. if you are with us today we had issues with a freight train that
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lost power but it is new on the move so ace one had some delays but the rest of the delays are on time. >> "good morning america" next at 7:00 right here. >> a look from new york city at what is ahead. amy? >> good morning, next on "good morning america" trump announcing this morning he has picked rex tillerson as nominee for secretary of state known for close ties with russian as called come for an investigation into the russian involvement with the election running over all the latest in the trump transition. after his mother fell through the ice a young boy's 9-1-1 call saved her life with temperatures set to lung this week further we will show a demonstration how you can survive a fall into icy waters.
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stay tuned. >> thanks amy. >> thanks amy. >> next, there are eating out. >> stay tuned. eating out.
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>> a london company is hiring an emoji translator thought to be first of its kind. they need to have a passion for emojis which is an emerging field but one dominated by software not live people. emoji are not considered a language. >> not yet. >> yet. >> yet. >> google has a dial with the cuban government to provide faster internet service. google said the deal will help speed up cuban access to the programs and services such as youtube or gmail. cuba has the most restricted internet in the hemisphere. google offered to dramatically
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improve internet access but cuba rejected the offer. >> now ask michael finney. we have larry with a question on food poisoning. >> michael finney has the answer. >> i was at a hotel and my wife and a number of people got sick from eating their food, reported to the hotel manager and the hotel manager said they were going to "investigate," and get back to me. they never got back to me. what is my next step? >> larry, great meeting you at our event in walnut creek. you should follow-up with hotel management and find out what occurred. you can file a report with the county health department. in california that is who keeps lack of these things. since several people got sick, you should encourage them to report the issue, as well. thank you for searching, he was wearing a vietnam veteran
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hat. >> if you have a question use # askfinney. or go to >> the san francisco marching band is appealing a suspension. they accuse the administration of wanting a lucrative after they had non-confirmist spirit spills over into embarrassing behavior so they were punished and cannot perform until the summer. there have been four violations of alcohol rules in the last year and a half. >> a we have breaking news from san jose with a stand off between police and an armed men. >> make-or-break day to keep the raiders in oakland, the two important votes happening today. >> a chance of scattered l showers today and the strongest
6:27 am
season's storm is ready for thursday with minor flooding and winds and moderate-to-heavy rain. >> no rain right now as we look outside at the bay bridge. outside at the bay bridge. we will keep your weather be a park ranger, i got really excited.
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breaking news from the south bay. san jose police in a stand off with an armed man.
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people are evacuated. this is unfolding near story road and arthur avenue. there is a very heavy police presence. matt keller on the ground. matt? >> sense i -- since i last saw you more police officers have arrived. an hour ago the call want out for special operations to come to the scene. a man is barricaded in a home on arthur avenue that runs parallel to this road. we are at command pest. they have several command post vehicles. they have armored vehicles in they have to go into the home and take this home. several have been evacuated from the neighborhood. we talked with a woman. >> i honestly did not know what to specific. something big. this never happens. we have a safe neighbor.
6:31 am
this was shocking. it started around 1:40. officers were called for a family disturbance. they contacted the family outside the home. they said a man was inside armed with a gun. he was threatening to harm himself. he is refusing to come identity. it could be a while. the area is blocked off all the way to clayton road. the goal is to get the man out without harming himself, his family or officers. the p.i.o. has arrived and will talk to the captain and command staff and come back with an update. when we get that update we will bring you the information. back to the studio. law is a series of storms approaching the bay area. mike? >> yes, literally the calm before the storm.
6:32 am
the wind chills or on live doppler hd but they do not exist right now. look how dry it is. that is not going to be the case starting tomorrow. you have today to get ready. mostly cloudy in san jose and the least likely area to deal with the scattered light showers around today as we head into the afternoon and evening. we are starting off dry with sprinkles at 40 to 52 hanging out at 45 to 58 through the afternoon and down for 55 this evening. alexis? >> the south bay we have a couple of trouble spots northbound 101 still trying to bounce back from an earlier crash south of 880. this is clear for him an hour. you are jammed south of the 280 and 680 split. a new problem nobody 85 north of highway 17 interchange a new collision that is blocked so more information on that. we have san francisco bay ferry cancellations in less than 10
6:33 am
minutes. >> in pacifica cruise worried the upcoming storms will do more damage to a seawall that is washing away. workers are facing a shore up the concrete wall, after rappel down the side of the cliff to look at how much of the base has walked out. they hope to finish the repair job before the rain comes. can you track that with our news app by enabling the push alerts. >> federal investigators update us on the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. first responders paid respects to the 36 victims last night. it was led by a bagpipe marching through the street. an officer said it hopes bring closure but processing what happened will take time.
6:34 am
a photographer bette davis did not know the victims but knows skit a hope for artists and will cover the tragedy in an uncoming documentary about oakland. >> knowing people were living there and what apaws -- appalls me is there were so pan complaints but the people in charge did not seem to care in oakland. >> the news conference is 11:00 and we will bring it to you live and you can watch it on our news app live. >> you can she -- show support by sharing this badge on facebook on our page. >> american airlines flight heading for sfo had to milk -- make an emergency landing in arizona and was diverted from charlotte to phoenix before 9:00 p.m. last night. passengers got on a new plane this touched down in san francisco at 2:30 this morning.
6:35 am
another emergency landing last night, as well, a bomb threat. a flight heading from houston to frankfurt was diverted to john f. kennedy after someone called in a threat to lufthansa. officials did not find anythin suspicious on the flight and the airline said the passengers continued their flight on a new plane. >> the effort to keep the raiders in oakland a vote is expected ton a coliseum deal proposed by the group headed by ronnie lott. officials and members met with lott's group yesterday the first known joint meeting. alameda county supervisors held a public hearing and vote at 11:00 and the oakland city council take their vote at 5:30 with the nfl meeting tomorrow in dallas. >> 49ers are on historic losing streak and we are hearing a c.e.o. york could be losing his power.
6:36 am
cbs reports that judd's parents who own the 49ers could replace judd to puts an experienced football mind in charge. the 49ers are one in 12 with little hope for the future. this is not remotely true according to a source including that mike shanahan, once part of the 49ers coaching staff, could be stepping in. >> big changes from president-elect donald trump this morning picking his secretary of state: choosing exxonmobil c.e.o. rex tillerson. his ties to russia are expected to be a big concern for the senate which still needs to confirm this pick. the president-elect explained his decision on twitter saying he has vast experience dealing with all types of foreign governments. we have learned that former texas governor perry will be chosen as the next energy secretary who then leaves the very department he once said he
6:37 am
wanted to eliminate. >> there is word that when time rival carly fiorina could be joining president-elect's administration, as well. customers captured the former hewlet-packard c.e.o. arriving the trump tower and is considered for director of national intelligence. you could remember in october she called on trump to quit the race after a video emerged of him bragging about sexually assaulting women. >> king tides are back. look for flooding around 10:10, minor flooding today. it starts to taper tomorrow and, still, 7'. look for flooding. it will be minor. but it will be there. around mill valley. milder temperatures in the south by at 48 in santa clara and 53 in los gatos and san jose at 51. danville is coolest at 43; calistoga is 42. in san pablo, 48.
6:38 am
50 at half moon bay. cloudy and 51 at sfo and no flight arrival delays reports. on the activity planner, cool conditions, but mainly dry until the afternoon and light breezies on the bay and spotty showers on the road during later part of the evening to the overnight hours temperatures are in the upper 50s to 60 and upper 50s to mid-60s tomorrow and thursday we are in the upper 50s to forly 60 each day the rain will get progressively more widespread and heavier on thursday. that is next. >> a look at the ferry commute an issue from the san francisco ferry 6:40 a.m. alameda to san francisco and 6:30 from oakland to san francisco is not happening because of mechanical issues. that will be a full boat so get this early. our traffic maps show a new
6:39 am
rollover northbound 101 in the bayview district south of 280 at silver and third. a vehicle flipped. it is on its side and on the left shoulder. i imagine we will have message crews blocking one lane. right now nothing is block but slow down. the bay bridge toll plaza shows metering lights on since 5:28. it is stop-and-go and heavy approaching the tool -- tollbooths. >> from abc7, breaking news. i promise an update when the public information officer came and spoke to the media. here is here now from the san jose police department. what happened this morning, albert? >> the police department is currently working a barricaded situation. at 1:45 officers responded to the 320 block of arthur avenue in east san jose and officers arrived on the scene they were
6:40 am
presented with family members saying the father was inside the home and there was a commotion between the family and the people inside the home exiting the house and said the father was inside the home with a gun threatening to kill himself. we have listened this is a six-year-old daughter in the home right new with the father and we are currently in contact with the far trying to get him for release the daughter and we have our swat team negotiate and convince the father to come outside with the daughter or allow the daughter to come out. right now this is developing information. we will provide the information as it is available. there have been evacuations in the neighborhood. it is a flaw -- fluid
6:41 am
>> has the man threatened the daughter? >> not that we know but the situation is occurring now. we want him to peacefully come out of the home and our concern is for the safety of the six-year-old daughter. >> how long do you expect this road to be closed and the negotiations to last? >> sometimes they do not have a timeline. we hope for a peaceful surrender. we are in constant contact. hopefully we can get it resolved. >> do you know why he accident want to come out? >> no indication. nothing to share. >> do you consider her to be a hostage? >> we have in reason to believe she a hostage but the negotiations continue as we speak. i will provide information as it is available. >> to clarify he is communicating with you? >> that is correct. he is in constant contact with a
6:42 am
hostage negotiator and hopefully he will surrender peacefully. >> how do you talk to him? window? cell phone? >> i don't know the mode of communication i believe through the home phone or cell phone. we will provide the information when it is available. >> is that a good time when he is talking? >> if sign. thering in to indicate he is going to harm his daughter but we want him to surrender and get this resolved. >> any indication drugs or alcohol involved? >> at this point, no. >> thank you, albert, the spokesperson for the san jose police department. he said the father has his six-year-old daughter inside the home, he is armed but not coming out. they are not say she a hostage. they are in constant contact and they say that is good news he is
6:43 am
speaking with the hostage negotiator good sign that he is speaking with swat. >> how many people have been evacuated from the neighborhood? >> let me find out that. >> how many people have been evacuated? >> at this point it is just the surrounding homes, i know the immediate home and surrounding homes, so, probably, a good three or four homes but we are still trying to evacuate and get into the surrounding home. >> you are making sure the adjacent ones are evacuated. >> that makes since with a dozen people on sidewalk evacuated and it maps up to four homes they have come from. >> get it.
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>> breaking news from the live desk in san jose, an armed man barricaded inside a home. we have learned his six-year-old daughter is in the home with him. he is armed with a gun. he is threatening to harm himself. he is not threatening to harm his daughter. he is refusing to come out. right now police are trying to negotiate with him to surrender peacefully. this is happening on arthur road which is parallel to story road.
6:47 am
right now, story road is blocked off to clayton road. we are on the scene gathering more information. special operations just got to the scene. we will keep you updated. our team is watching the story. >> thank you. we will switch gears the san francisco symphony taking a stand against inequality. jane? >> yes, good morning to you. friend symphony announced they had canceled a pair of april concerts in north carolina to protest the new state law curbing anti-discrimination on protections for lgbt people. the orange center said they were inspired by the mayor of san francisco who decided to bar city employees from publicly funded positions to travel to north carolina on business. in january, the financial services giant, american express, will expand paid parental leave policy for mothers and fathers to 20 weeks at physical pay, another six to
6:48 am
eight weeks for women would give birth and require medical leave. full time and part time employees there for a year are eligible and the company will help financially tore pains looking to adopt. apple airpods are not ready in time to serve a stocking stffers in some cases. there are reports of a few on the shelves here and there but apple will, according to the "wall street journal", said they would ship in october but not in time for christmas. ought dow -- the dow jones industrial average and s&p 500 are at record levels. an interest rate hike is expected. back to you. >> note to self. the when getting a closeup of your ear with an ear pod, pluck your ears. >> if you have a large screen was rough. >> a last commitment over big
6:49 am
bundle of joy at a texas zoo. >> may, the the orangutan expecting a baby and she is getting a baby shower with a gift registry for thing she gift registry for thing she needs including >> who done enjoy dolly but... >> everyone need as little joy in their life. >> mike? >> another day to let the umbrella rest or until the evening hours. we have a storm from the north and we have one coming up from the south bring energy and moisture and we will be socked in with clouds and scattered light showers in the afternoon and they will mainly be across the north by tomorrow with strong storms hitting all of us thursday into friday at 7:00 this morning to noon and at noon you can see the scattered light showers developing and through the neighborhoods at 5:00, they could make a little bit of
6:50 am
wetness on the roads and it moves to the north overnight and stays there tomorrow but for the santa cruz mountains and on saturday night we turn our attention to the next storm. i did it, i put it up to a "3" it will be a strong... >> no! >> no! >> moderate-to-heavy rain gusts up to 45 miles per hour, with urban and flooding out of this. from 7:00 to 5:00 in the north bay but 5:00 on thursday morning, to 9:00 it is moving into the heart of the bay and we get the yellows and oranges moving in through the afternoon and evening and that is the moderate-to-heavy rain and by 10:00 it is under winding and the rainfall totals during the evening commute, a couple of hundredths and 1" in san jose to 2.5" in santa rosa.
6:51 am
we. get extended sunshine and dry weather friday afternoon through monday. >> new sig-alert a crash i told you about northbound 101 in the south end of san francisco. we have a rollover collision between silver and third two haves involved total in the crash one flipped on its side and that made it off to the left shoulder where it is landing. we have the far left lane blocked and c.h.p. included the signature alert say they are not sure how long it will block. if it is a rollover it will be there a while. good news in the south bay northbound 85 we had an incident north of 17. it is gone. residual delays remain. 280 at 17, moving along >> look at your screen do you see something wrong with this sign? if you are familiar with the north bay this is no such road in marin. the get sign northbound 101
6:52 am
should read "mill valley." not "mill valley road." caltrain acknowledged a mistake and promise a fix. they are in the process of changing the signs to signs that have better reflective material. >> city college of san francisco made a $39 million mistake and have to pay that back to the city according to the audit they could not actually prove it taught shows of students from 2011 to 2014. officials do not suspect fraud but they mismanaged how they tracked close participation so they have to repay $3.5 million a year for a decade. a year for a decade. stay tuned.
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6:54 am
>> here are the seven things you need to know before you go. breaking news in san jose a six-year old girl is in the middle of a barricade situation with her father who is averaged. police say he is threatening to kill himself but not threatens his daughter unfolding at a home on arthur avenue not far
6:55 am
story and clayton road. >> breaking news from the live desk one person is dead after an early morning fire in castro valley. the victim is an adult home alone when the fire started. one firefighter suffered a minor injure. >> series of scattered light showers today and tomorrow. on thursday, we have a storm that is coming in and it will hit us hard. i just pushed it to "3" strong on the storm-impact scale. >> quiet morning. we have trouble now. if you are on northbound 101 heading into san francisco this is day to a crash involving a flipped vehicle and the far left lane is blocked between silver and third. avoid that. take 280. >> firefighters trying to figure out what sickened members of a cleaning crew in mountain view with a potential haz-mat situation and one person was treated at the scene and the starbucks is back open. >> all eyes on oakland this morning as a.t.f. agents give an
6:56 am
update into the investigation of the ghost ship fire and we will bring the news conference to you at look and on our news app. >> in the past half hour picked risk more -- pick rick perry as energy secretary the department said he wanted to eliminate. and he picked alex secretary of state. >> we have a "3" from mike nicco. >> hitting hardest on thursday and then move north and it will be a remember in the north by in the morning and the rest us, in the afternoon. >> we do not get very many "3" for the storm-impact scale so for the storm-impact scale so that is getting our att
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spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget. good morning, america. breaking news. just moments ago. president-elect trump announces his pick for secretary of state. nominating exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson. and now rick perry's going to be energy secretary. the agency he once tried to vow to eliminate. >> it's three agencies of governments when i get there are gone, commerce, education and the -- what's the third one there? let's see. >> overnight, trump also tweets clues about how he'll handle his own business empire. dangerous arctic blast, the most brutal cold of the season moving across the country this morning. 13 states are on alert. the national weather service warning the public about frostbite. and windchills plunge below zero for millions. the west bracing for a pineapple express. heavy snow and flooding on the way.


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