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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 15, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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that will be a new factor in the storm we have not season in previous storms. in san rafael, this is highway 101. we had the rain hitting here, first, and the c.h.p. is putting out a wanting telling everyone to eleven for work early and plan for a slow commute. there are words on twitter, tweets on how there were traffic collisions in marin county yesterday morning when the light rain fell. they are picketing that to happen today. we are expecting heavier rain today. the marin county is ready realizing this is where it is going to hit the hard of the and first. preparations have been taking place all weak. some people have learned good tips including traffic concerns
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make good sand sandbags. hopefully they will be ready. >> thank you. many bay area cities have sandbag filling stations ahead of the storm and some clue palo alto and menlo park and richmond and martinez and walnut creek. bring your own shovel. we have a list of locations on our website at >> up to half a not of rain is expected today in the santa cruz mountains which is a serious situation in the loma fire burn area. matt? >> good morning. do i look prepared? i have my rain gather and rain pants on. if you are in the santa cruz mountains you have to be prepared. right new we are not seeing the big stuff, it is a drizzle. that will soak you. it is coming down right now.
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if you stand outside for five minutes you will be drenched. check out the video. it is from scotts valley the past hour. driving in the mountains is always dangerous. always a threat of a crash on highway 17. with the rain is the possibility of rock slides and debris flow. that let is real for people in the area where the loma fire burned in september and october. those areas werevilled of vegetation and 4,500 acres burned. several agencies are trying to pinpoint the vulnerable spots so people have to be extra careful. driving conditios are slick. slow down. safety is a big concerns you used to highway 17 and used to speeding but two miles back that way i saw c.h.p. officer parked on the side of the road ready to ticket you if you speed by him.
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>> east bay mud crews preparing for the next round of rain by testing sewer overflow yesterday near jack london square that possibly alerted to a false spill into the water. all the sensors are new the we upgrade them in august. this is the first time we have seen this disconnect between the instruments. we wanted to make sure there was in overflow but there is no physical evidence of an overflow. >> they monitor the levels as the rains move law today. >> a lot of news from pacifica. the city will hold a news conference to discuss plans to demolish another cliffside apartment building due to coastal erosion. officials say an owner has neglected a building that now is at risk of crumbling over the cliff and now threatening public safety. two neighboring apartment
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buildings were torn down this year. can you track the storm with our app with live doppler hd on app. you concern able push alerts to get >> last night two people were dead at a gas station, one at the scene and one at the hospital. no word on suspect or motive. >> is search underway in the south bay who is "armed and dangerous." investigators say a dispute over a dog may have led 47-year-old mark weber to attack his neighbor with a baseball bat. there is a warrant out for assault with a deadly weapon that could be upgraded to attempted murder dependingen -- depending on the injuries. all the suspect and victim live next door to each other in morgan hill. the neighbor called police on friday saying the men were
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fighting. >> it was an argument over a dog, the victim's dog. >> officers arrive neither would 18 the door or phone and they left. two hours left police got another call. the suspect, mark weber, told a family member he had bludgeoned his anybody to death with a death and was now going to proceed to hurt himself. >> police rushed to the scene and evacuated the court. >> they had the tank thing come the guy with the gun at the top and all of the swat gear, tons of cops. >> officers looked through a window and saw a large amount of blood found victim the he had major injuries to his head, body, arms and legs. the suspect, mark weber, was nowhere to be found. >> we consider him dangerous based on what happened between him and the neighbor. >> he is not afraid of him. >> i don't think he is armed and dangerous but he is scared. he is not a bad man.
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>> investigators believe he is still in the area. call police if you see him. breaking news a citywide alert issues for c texas. all the city is warning residents not to use the tap water for anything. it is because of an unknown chemical substance. no drinking, brushing your teeth, showering, nothing, until further notice. you can see the long leans at the grocery stores. boiling or adding a disinfectant will not make the water safe. the substance could have contaminated the water because of a recent back flow incident in their industrial district. the bright spot here is the centers for disease control does not think the substance will cause any long term side affects but the city is being extra cautious. just in case.
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as oakland recovers from the deadliest fire in its history there is an unbelievable amount of support with benefits on-line and in person for shows affected by the ghost ship warehouse, $1.6 million being raised. it will help the families of the 36 victims along with the approximately 20 artist whose lived there. we saw venues each night holding fundraisers after the fire. >> do you drive along our bay area bridges? the tolls could go up by $3. accord to the marin independent george the metropolitan transportation commission wents to basketball revenue to fund several projects and include all of the bridges but the golden gate. it is estimated $3 toll hike brings in $381 million each year. the idea is still in the early stages but they hope to get it in front of lawmakers.
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mayor schaaf said the money is better to spend on affordable housing. >> uber does not appear to pit the brick on testing their self driving cars in san francisco. >> that is despite calls from the dmv the tests are illegal. they just started the testing in san francisco yesterday. now it is say they have to stop the self driving car experiment. uber does not believe they need a permit because a driver is still in the consider monitoring it from behind the wheel. according to the "san francisco examiner" they say they should have been notified about videos on the street. a reporter is not surprised by the way the company is rolling this out. >> it is kind of the m.o. for uber, launch things first and then sort out the deals with the regular charities later. >> we will watch this closely, with dmv threatening potential
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legal action if they do not comply. so far, 20 other companies have received dmvps. >> a taxi driver posted this camera of a self driving vehicle running a red light the driver has been suspended and it was due to the driver. >> meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> we are on storm watch. at pier 15 you can see the drizzle to light rain falling but the steady written is to the north. we have an urban small stream flood advisory until 6:00. the national weather service has been talking with us and they will have an update shortly. winter weatherwe will have this afternoon to 10:00 with the
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damaging southern winds gusts up to 50 miles per hour when we could see the debris in the roads from tree limbs, trees themselves and power outages and the santa cruz mountains a flash flood warnings until 4:00 tomorrow only. king tide is here at 11:45 today just when the heaviest rain is moving in to the bay area. we could see a higher swell than the >> you are busy anticipating a busy day on the roads. we starting off decent. here is a look at our traffic maps with live doppler hd on top of that. not too much happening in the immediate bay area. it is windy. we have a high wind advisory for the bay bridge. we shift north of santa rosa that is are we see the heavy downpours and it is coming for
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the rest of us. a new collision for our stockton commuters' you bet to the 205 merge a five car crash happened 20 minutes ago with debris in the middle lane that is blo president-elect donald trump narrows the list for press secretary. coming up the woman with strong ties to the bay area who has the inside track. >> half the country is gripped in a deep freeze with challenges in a deep freeze with challenges for millions of peoplestay
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yahoo's aniest massive security breach affecting a billion users could be threatening their sale to verizon, which is not likely related to the one announced in september. that affected 500 million users. with two of the largest hacks ever months of each other verizon could back out. verizon acquired yahoo in july for $4.3 billion but a spokesperson told "new york times" that it would review the impact of the new development before reaching a final conclusion. >> intelligence officials say russian vladimir putin was
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directly involved in the election hacking scandal spokesman is saiding from vladimir putin that it is "funny nonsense." there will an hearing next month. president obama has ordered a full review be complete before he leaves office january 20th and then intelligence foes say they will release details. >> cable tv host with democrat -- deep ties to san francisco could join the trump administration as press secretary, a fox show host has met the tomb three times about the gig. she was married to lot lot governor and former san francisco mayor newsom. she was a federal assistant district attorney, who prosecuted the january 2001 dog mauling. >> as we brace for the storm a deep freeze is backing millions of other americans so be thankful. this is a look at conditions in
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cleveland, ohio, with heave snow causing a lot of issues. we have incredible v coast to coast. >> thunder snow lighting the sky in western new york. an intense snow band is moving south of buffalo bring white-out conditions. watch as the lake affect snow building and moves inland. two hikers were recused by rangers after suffering from hypothermia. from the northeast to the great lake as bone chilling plan coast arctic air is engulfing the northern half of country and with the wind chill parts of the midwest and new england could fell like 15 to 30 degrees below zero. forecast bait can take place in a matter of minutes. >> mostly in this situation
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frostbite and hypothermia which are dangerous to life and him. >> drives in portland, oregon, stuck for hours, with schoolchildren in a hear -- terrify situation. >> i was treated out. i wanted to make sure my kid was safe. >> i talked to people in portland and they were freaking out. the rain we are having here seems like a relief compared to what others are getting. >> for the drought, but it will be so heavy we will have severe side affects. in richmond it is a light rain. we will have heavy rain and wind gusts in the evening. showers near the coast overnight and cooler and more dry breezes tomorrow. the leading edge of the wet
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weather santa rosa, winds to mt. st. helena. the toes originate from the north. it will not be code today. we are in the 60. with heavy rain. storm-impact scale is still a "3" gusts up to 50 miles per hour, 2 to 5" of rain, and maybe 6" in the hills. at 5 o'clock, until 9:00, the heaviest and custody difficult rain in the north bay of the rest of us will be wet from time to time 9:00 to noon it moves into the heart and yellow and oranges not going away and headed to 4:00 to 7:00 and then it is out of here by midnight but for the shows near the coast of the rainfall potential is 1 to 2" and it is chilly tonight, 30s and 40s and expect 30s and 40s for lows and 50s for high with a lot of sunshine on saturday. >> the richmond side of the
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richard -- richmond-san rafael 101 and wet. but it seems to be more a mist or heavy drizzle. the golden gate bridge shows zipper trucks widening the southbound lines. our traffic maps show a new problem for the altamont pass, westbound 580 before north flynn a new crash in the left >> breaking news from the live desk. >> the breaking news is from north carolina. there is a huge search underway right now for an escaped inmate that assaulted a sheriff deputy and escaped from a hospital last night near fayetteville. his name is edward moore arrested for bank robbery and being treated at a local hospital when he escaped. he managed to get the deputy's
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taser and ran out the front door. he carjacked a car at hospital but ditched the car a short time later. he is considered "armed and dangerous." a new plan for san francisco's parks and other green spaces now coming underfire and some city leaders say thousands of trees have to go. >> is this still good to eat? washington wants to make the answer easier to find out. >> the postal service has a new app if you send a gift in priority mail you can send personalized multimedia agreementing to the recipient and those getting gifts can use the app to send thank you. all the new smart shoes from underarmour you tell you if you are not ready to work out with sensors reading your muscle fatigue and the app will tell
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you to go forward or rest. you to go forward or rest. >> we
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the storm-impact scale is a "3" today. that is a strong storm the look out for flooding and hazards and power out averages. stay ahead of the storm with the news app from abc7. welcome back. happening today bay area park leaders are voting on a plan to include cutting down 18,000
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trees in the bay area. the recreation park management proposal focuses on cutting down 15,000 at pacifica owned by san francisco. nine other areas would be impacted, as well, saying that many of the trees are not healthy and should be replaced, one for one with native species. activists argue they are adding more brush and they say you need to plant three trees for each you remove to prevent climate containing. >> natasha's mom thinks that sell buy dates or a gentle suggestion. >> and it turns out that the federal government agrees. this is interesting. new guidelines on labeling foods and the department said that expiration phrases are confusing and that leads to a lot of products being lone away when they are not actually spoiled. now it just wants do use one
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phrase "best if used by." that is just a recommendation. the oversight of the usda covers fresh produce, meat dairy. most packaged goods fall under the f.d.a. >> this is the day that "star wars" fans have been waiting for with "rogue one," hitting the theaters. check out the fans in los angeles. there are still tickets available in the bay area. rogue one is expected to have the second biggest december oning ever after last year, "the force," pilling in $2.1 billion we do not have a hanz but we get a look of darth so, perhaps, we will only be slightly behind that. and abc is supporting toys for tots in cooperation with
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"rogue one," and on saturday and sunday you can doughnut a new unwrapped toy to make the holiday brighter for kids all over the bay area. >> the heaviest rains fall on i-80 through the afternoon and south down to possibly the grapevine when we get to the evening hours. heavy, wet, heart attack snow is in the sierra starting at noon. through can tomorrow. if you head up there go now but it will be windy. look at this, temperatures below zero all day extend and more warmth and snub for monday and tuesday and wednesday. after today's 2 to 4' of snow, nothing. alexis? >> that sounds good. right now we are looking all right across the bay area and if you are around santa rosa notice of there you are looking at soggy conditions and everyone else is breezy but seeing the mist and drizzle and walnut creek 680 moving along fine and
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looking dry on the camera. westbound 580 tracy to dublin has a crash. that is before north flynn. it is blocking left lane at 31 americans. no things southbound 680 out of dublin and north 85101 and cupertino in the green at 16 minutes. the update is at 5:00. >> doctors thing the con joined friends from the sacramento area who had surgery at kin's -- children's hospital are doing well. this is the video of the two-year-old girls now recovering relatety well after the 17 hour separation. the twins were born with only three leggs and the third leg was an normal and the bonds were removed to use the skin and muscle during the operation. we wish them well. >> back to the weather, heavy rain and wind gusts is just the beginning are the most powerful storm in many months.
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>> one concern is flooding, and what a san francisco neighborhood is relying on to keep the water away. >> major humanitarian operation underway right new and i let you know what is happening in syria. >> imagine seeing this on your patio, what is more surprising patio, what is more surprising than the
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good morning, north bay, let's get going. >> pounding rain and wind gusts, the bay area will see all of that and more and a stronger storm of the own is moving in as we speak. >> good morning, it is through, december 15. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. this is jeic


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