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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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do not worry if you have not seen rain it is head your way. it is thursday, december 15. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. with alexis smith and meteorologist mike nicco and jessica castro. the "3" storm is here. >> yes and the rain more intense than overnight. live doppler hd is showing the best radar returns and steady rain over to petaluma hill road in santa rosa. we have steady rain down to san rafael and kentfield and pockets of rain and drizzle but the heaviest rain in eureka is to the north. the best wet is in the not bay, noon to 4:00 in the industrial bay and moving into the south bay at 7:00 hour.
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alexis? >> not doing too bad. so for this morning we had an earlier crash through vallejo westbound 80 before the cartinez bridge. it is picking up the last couple of minutes. in fairfield westbound 80 beyond highway 12 interchange we have wood in the roadway that people are swerving to avoid blocking the left lane. the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge, wet in several areas. drive for the conditions. >> major area of concern this morning for flooding and mudslides, the santa cruz mountains. >> up to 6" of rain expected today in the burn area. matt is there. matt? yes, is with -- i was told by someone i look like a wet noodle. it is drizzle all morning, and i
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have my photograph others an expert on the santa cruz mountains and an expert on driving highway 17. what are the conditions looking like to you? >> bad. people are drive close together, you have fog, you have wet conditions, poor visibility. it is tough. you have to drive slow and cautiously. >> what happens on days like this? >> get ready for an accident at any time. >> slow down. be prepared. if you live in the area where the loma first burned from when it rains in mid-ok, 4,500 acres of scorched land have no vegetation to hold back the dirt so rocks came tumble down in the roadways and there is serious concern of the possibility of rock slides and debris flows. there is a possibility of crash
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on 17. c.h.p. traffic incident information page shows on monterey side, only talking about the santa cruz mountains and santa cruz area, there are only two incidents to report. that is great news. people of slowing. they taking their time. they are being careful in the mountains. new this morning for the first time this season san francisco putting public works put out temporary flood barriers at 17th known for flooding with installation starting last night. the barriers minimize the flooding during heavy rainstorms. san francisco is the only major urban area in the country that utilized that technique. >> we are keeping a close eye on the north bay. all the bulk of the rain the richmond-san rafael bridge wet roads and flooding is a concern. amy hollyfield is to the north.
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amy? >> yes, the story here right now is the wind. there is a little bit of rain but the wind is blowing it and knocking it sideways and giving me a cold feeling. it is cold this wind. in addition to grabbing the rain jacket grab something to cap you warm like the gloves and hat. here is rain video from highway 101 on valve in san francisco and what the c.h.p.en withs you to look out for, why they want you to leave early for work and plan on slow commute. watch for standing water. keep more distance between you and the car in front of you. marin county is ready. they have been preparing all week. people fell prepared -- feel represented. people are preparing for this in a good state of mind. text alerts will be sent out in the area, and letting them know of hazards and trees downed and
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power outages and sandbag stations are open all week and marin county braced gore this and it will hit hard and the store right now is the wind. many would like to see the reservoirs overflowing after years of drought and east bay mud reports storage is better than this time last year, reservoirs are at 80% capacity. >> better than average prescription through the start of the rainy season including incredibly wet october so we just keep wanting more of it. >> not as propsing in the sierra, the snow pack is below average. >> rain means snow here in the sierra. snow fell on tuesday and this is what it looks like in soda springs. several feet of snow could fall. if you are going to the snow this weekend we will have the latest road and resort conditions in a few minutes. you can track the storms with our news app with live doppler hd on the app and enable push
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alerts to get weather advisories on the phone or tablet. >> not only are we going do have rough weather in the bay area but creating headaches across the rest of the country, if you have a trip heads up we are seeing growing delays this morning and there is a lot of snow all oh the east coast and the middle of the country, ohio has dozens of flights canceled or delays, new jersey is 2 enough-hour delays, new york, 1 1/2-hour delays. 363 flights around the nation are delayed, 72 are canceled and most along east coast with the big dots. if you are traveling, call ahead leashing sfo or oakland. pack your patience. >> berkeley police are asking the public for help to find a woman who has been missing since thanksgiving. 51-year-old olga seigel was last
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seen sweeting her sidewalk outside her apartment. family and friends are worried. >> there was mixed signals coming from an nfl owners meeting about the futurer of the prayers in oakland. the commissioner does not think a stadium addresses the long term issues in oakland and said the league will continue to would on its. raiders owner is maintaining his commitment to move to las vegas. >> another delay for the long awaited suicide barrier on the golden gate bridge and what could force officials to pick a new construction company for the project. >> partnership promising to make your commute easier. >> and the bay bridge toll plaza >> and the bay bridge toll plaza shows live doppler hd in
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>> in walnut creek it is quiet. we had drizzle earlier. on the roads, there will be heavy rain so it will be dangerous. caution at the coast because of the king tides. quiet on the eastern side of the san mateo bridge.
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temperatures are low 60s and mild. upper 40s to mid-50s tomorrow. upper 40s to low 50s saturday. chilly. our fat of the gusts are 26 in san jose, 23 in san carlos, 26 in can cord and 28 in half moon bay, and they will peek as we head to 1:00 in the north bay and they will hit moments of our neighbors in the evening hours from 5:00 until 7:00 and they will pull back with power outages and trees downed during those teams. >> our camera right now is bounce, around from time to time and the breeze and we have a high wind advisory for the bay bridge this morning, so if you coming down westbound 80 through emeryville and crossing the bay bridge hold on tight in a high-profile vehicle. looking calm in san jose right now, we at 880 looking fairly dry and hopefully not too breezy for the commute, and drive types are heavy in the central valley, westbound 580 tracy to dublin is
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an hour and they minutes and southbound 680 from the tri- valley or northbound 85 through the south bay. we could have a new problem on highway 4 and we will check that next. >> frighten site -- sight that has a bay area couple on high alert. on high alert. >> stay tuned.
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>> there is a picture from sfo camera. it is wet. if you have lived here for any amount of time you know when we have weather we get delayed. we have some of the incoming and arriving flights, delayed up to three hours and 13 minutes. a rough time to fly out of sfo. if you take photos of where you live post them #abc7now. you could she your photos right here on abc7. >> good day to splurge for lounge access. >> circumstance circle of life was rally for residents at a home when a mountain lion drag as dear off the front porch in hillsborough. the lion killed the deer b
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bring it to the porch to east and then dragging it away. mountain lions are common but the family is using this as lesson for their kids to be careful and aware when they go outside. >> the long plan for suicide net for the golden gate bridge could face more delays. the higher of the two property bidders is filing a claim against the lower bidder citing compliance issues. if the claim has in merit the committee will recommend giving the project to the lower bidder coming with $142 million price tag. if the claim has merit, both brings will most likely be tossed out because the committee can not fund the higher bid which is $174 million. >> there is a citywide alert in corpus christi, texas, not to use the tap water. for any reason. there is possible contamination from "unknown chemical." they are awaiting results to confirm if the water is safe.
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you can see how long the lines are at the grocery stores because everyone wants bottled water. officials think it was called by a back flow incident in the industrial district. what a mess! >> this is not a mess. it is a mess a little. cheering and crying. three components made it the most intense game of rock, paper isisers of all time. >> ready? >> do you believe this? so dramatic. those are tears of joy. >> i want that title under my name. >> we will work on it. >> the girl in the gray beak out 98 other girls. she is so exited because she won
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a prize for winning this. >> she now will be part of a special spinoff performance group, the star of her own situation going forward. >> nothing about that makes sense. i love japan. >> i do, too. >> you have to go with rock every time, right, doesn't that beat everything? >> it loses for me. >> that is my strategy but what do i know. we are okay for the commute, and look at southbound 680edly walnut creek we are not seeing any major blocking issues and it is filling in, and this is a more dry camera. a new issue for highway 4 traveling westbound in the antioch area, a crash best hillcrest and one of the vehicles hit the center barrier block the left lane and update is ahead. conditions are going do change and be worst during the day. >> i have 87 in san jose and 101
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and 880 and 280 and 17 as the south bay is not seeing much. heavy rain and gusty wind for all of us today, my first highlight, showers near the coast, and cooler and dry breezes tomorrow. radar is showing the line of rain, the steady line out of mill valley in santa rosa, and it is staying up to the north, and the low then brings up the moisture with it to accelerate south. still, a "3" on the term -- storm-impact scale and 1 to 2" rain, 2 do 5" in the hill causing flooding. from action until 9:00 yellows and oranges and reds, moderate to a rain in the north bay. at noon it opens up and floods in. scattered in nature but from the north bay it will be the most intense along the cold front manufacturing through the heart of the bay from noon to 4:00,
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inland east bay and the south bay from 4:00 to 7:00 or 8:30 and towns to scattered showers leaving us by midnight tonight. rainfall this morning, not much but the north bay and 1 to 2". the most impressive are 1 foot of snow until 6:00 tomorrow in sierras. white-out conditions. highs in the 50s and quieter this weekend. the ski report is back. >> alexis? >> the toyota lake tahoe report, and now, we are okay as tar as base snow, squaw and alpine 15 to 25" base and north star is up to 23" base and heavenly, 23", and drive types are all around three hours. no chains but that will change through the day.
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diamond peak 24 to 36" base and mount rose is 40" base and three hours and 24 minutes. leave sooner. rather than later. next manufacture's has -- next, michael finney has an alerts for anyone receiving free hotel offers. and taking on tesla with this future-looking car. future-looking car. stay tuned.
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>> waking up to a rainy day, taking you back outside of the santa cruz mountains expecting up to half a foot of rain today. particularly dangerous situation because of the loma fire burn area at risk for mudslides, flash flooding, and all of us in the bay area will see impressive rain. we will keep you posted. >> tesla is getting competition from another bay area car maker,
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showing off their if you electric sedan. lucid posted this video with the new electric car called "air." our media partner got a first look at the car in fremont and we hear the electric sedan comes with a sticker price about $85,000 so hop you are saving up. the car is perfect for anyone look for a luxury investigation of electric car according to the menlo park company. they are taking orders on their website. >> new, ask michael finney. >> a question on hotel and casino offers. michael finney has answer. >> i received an offer from a prestigious casino hotel in none california for free stay overnight and i caused them several times and never got any answer and i want to find out if it is a scam or a put on. >> yes, great to meet you at our ask michael finney even.
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this odd and you could be right it could be a scam but it could be legitimate. call back and ask to speak to the hotel manager, that way you get a straight answer. if he or she doesn't know what you are talking about it could be a come on from a third party trying to sell you or an identity theft scream. you were smart to call and ask. happy holidays. >> if you have a question is for michael finney record it on your smartphone or tablet using # askfinney. areyoureadytoshelloutmoremone yatbridgetolls? themovetobringinmillionsfor impro vementprojects. waituntilyouhearwhatpolicesay setthis. agowhatsetthismanoff.
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two high schools are closed together, and i will explain exactly why, we getting new information to ourly. >> are you mentally and physically ready for the strongest storm in nine months? strongest storm in nine months? heavy rain, wind
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and that you can make a place for everyone. spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget with ikea. good morning, east bay, let's get up and get going.
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>> it is 6:30 the green on live doppler hd showing where the rain is. right now. our level "3" storm is here. we are all going to get drenched. >> it moved into the north bay first and the roads are wet at the richard bridge. audrey at the toll plaza and drivers will notice the wind. the complot is not easy and wait until the evening commute. i am reggie aqui. i am natasha zouves. >> we will get you through the storm starting with meteorologist mike nicco. >> get physically and mentally ready for today. on the north bay the steady rain has moving back and forth on live doppler hd from santa rosa and st. helena north and dips down to petaluma. ahead of that we have drizzle to scattered showers to the santa cruz mountains and a whopping arrival delay of 3 hours and 13 minutes at sfo.
6:31 am
heaviest rain in the north bay through 7:00 and the rest us through 4:00 into the south bay by 7:00. alexis? that is not a great start. looking at our traffic maps i have two blocking issues, first is not causing a delay westbound 4 before hillcrest avenue a vehicle spun out facing the wrong way and the slow lane far right lane is blocked and it is soggy south of san it rose southbound and northbound we i would we have crashes on either side of the ride. southbound side a vehicle is off the roadway and want through the fence. slow down. take it easy. it will only be worse. >> mike is telling us the storm will be stronger later today and it is already coming down, though, in the santa cruz mountains. >> we have watched the progression and matt keller is brave the elements. he dressed for it along highway 17. >> good morning, the progression of me getting wetter and wetter
6:32 am
but i want did do something i will call the mud test because we will see how much the ground is taking in this water and how much morning ground can take. the backgrounds is hard and it is grow. that is good because the ground can take in more moisture and more rain that comes this afternoon. the ground cannot take any moisture is the asphalt on highway 17. it is wet. drivers are having to slow down over the summit. it will be an interesting commute this morning and afternoon. this video shows scotts valley driving in the mountains is addition. there is always the threat of a crash on 17 when it rains. with the rain comes the possibility of rock slides and debris flow, a very real threat where the loma fair burned. those areas were stripped of the
6:33 am
vegetation. close to 4,500 acres burned. several agencies tried to pinpoint the vulnerable areas so people in the area have to be extra careful. so will we, driving conditions are dangerous. i was coming up hour from the santa clara county i saw did rocks the side of my 50 in the middle of the road and i saw a c.h.p. officer on the side of the road to ticket anyone who is driving at unsafe speeds in the wetter conditions. more traffic is moving law and traffic is slowing down on the northbound side. you have to be careful and be presented to stop because you never know when something will happen in front of you. hopefully people will heed that advice. where matt is we are seeing rain and we see a lot rain in the north bay. say the wind is the big issue to start. our reporter amy hollyfield is on scene. what is going on? all the weather is causing
6:34 am
problems. i talked to a c.h.p. officer getting a call to head who rohnert park for two accidents on highway 101 one in each direction. it is wet. with have video of what we dealt with driving through north bay, san rafael and highway 101. the advice from c.h.p. is to leave early for work, expect a slow commute, watch pore -- for standing water. people necessity there will be problems but they are ready to deal with the weather. >> i'm excited. we need the water. it will be exciting to see in our droughtents. we have to put in a french drain. that is not cheap but i will take that over the alternative. >> there is an urban and small stream flood advisory in place but the rain not the only factor to deal with. another part of this story is
6:35 am
the wind. it is more windy than wet. that concern is it could mean trees and power lines could come down. it is also a cold wind so you will want to bundle up not just reach for the rain jacket and pit the gloves on. maybe a hat. maybe a hat. it is chilly. >> firefighters are peace -- busy removing downed trees and limits. remember, always be look out for any >> areas have set up sandbags ahead of the storm including in walnut creek and richmond. you need bring your own shovel and we have a list of locations at >> crews are represented for the
6:36 am
next round of rain by testing sewer everblow sensors at the oakland estuary after a false alert to a spill in the water on saturday. all the electronic sensors are new upgraded in august. this is the first time we have seen this disconnect between the instruments. we wanted to make sure there was in overflow but there is in physical evidence this was an overflow. >> they will continue to monitor the levels as the rain moves in today. all the city of pacifica will hold a news conference to discuss machines to demolish another we cliff side apartment building because of the coastal erosion. residents were forced to move out in january last year and the owner has neglected the building and now at risk of crumbling over the cliff. two neighbors apartment buildings have been torn down earlier this year.
6:37 am
developing news in the east bay. police investigating a fatal shooting in east oakland that left two people dead. it happened at a gas station near 989th at 9:00. a victim died at scene. the other died at the hospital. no word if there are suspects or a met i. >> a search is underway in the south bay for a man armed and dangerous. here is a look at him, investigators say a dispute over a dog may have led 47-year-old mark weber to take his neighbor with a baseball bat. the suspect and victim live next door to each other in morgan hill. a neighbor called police on friday afternoon saying the men wee fighting and officers could not find anything. they got to scene later they looked through a window at the victim's house and saw a lot of blood. the victim was taken to the hospital with major injuries all over his body. all the suspect mark weber told family member he had bludgeoned
6:38 am
his neighbor to death with a bat and now going to proceed to hurt himself. >> i don't think he is armed and dangerous. he is scared. he is not a bad man. >> police are emphasizing that he is armed and dangerous and they believe he is in santa clara county. >> breaking news from the live desk. >> breaking news, two schools were just closed for the day today because of a chemical spill involving lincoln elementary and mantega high school, with police already evacuating some people, orders others to shelter-in-place while they get a handle on the situation. i will machine tore the -- i will monitor the developments. >> if you dry across the bay area bridges listen to this. tolls could go up by $3!
6:39 am
considering to the metropolitan transportation commission they want to best revenue to fund several projects. it includes all bridges but for the golden gate bridge. officials estimated $3 toll hike brings in $381 million each area, does it in the early stages to be in front of lawmakers soon. in san francisco yesterday, mayor schaaf said the minute would be better spent on affordable housing. what do you thick of a potential $3 price hike? the accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> on the exploritorium at pier 15 we have had .02" of rain the last 12 hours. you request see it is wet. we had a small stream and urban flood advisory in marin the until 6:00. the weather service said it will be reissued later today. mendocino is until 4:30 this
6:40 am
afternoon. i will put it on social media app for you to see. winds are the big issue at 35 to 55 gusts through 7:00 p.m. and damaging winds in the south bay until 1:00 p.m. when we can have tree lips falling, tree falling, leaves, and power outages. the burn scars from santa cruz mountains and the national forest flooding, from 10:00 this morning to 4:00 tomorrow morning and king tides hit at the heavier rain move out of the north bay to san francisco at 11:45. our temperatures today top out in the low 60. >> looking at a bouncy traffic camera in emeryville, and maybe not too bad but it was shaking. that is a indication how windy it is. westbound 80 through emeryville stretch crawling along but not too bad. i am watching mass transit and a lot of you are considering that
6:41 am
because the roads are bad for the p.m. commute and san francisco ferry is saying they are paying close tax to the weather conditions and it could impact the service so they will issue updates if they have to cancel trips or have severe delays. i will pass those along. drive times this morning westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze 32 mens and westbound 80 across the babe another 18 minutes and southbound 101 san francisco to sfo not any delays only 12 minutes but we have major delays this morning. two blocking issues, and i will get to those in less than ten minutes. all the incoming flights are throw hours delayed at this point. >> this is a possible tool to outsmart traffic, with a data share partnership to provide real time traffic and road condition information. waze will share information collected by the users by cell phone on traffic and road conditions and in return the mtc will share similar information
6:42 am
from the freeway service patrol during the morning and evening commutes. >> uber self driving cars are the buzz in san francisco. but not everyone is on the bandwagon including, oops, the d.m.v. with that fight coming up. >> time to send off the gifts, the major
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be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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>> yes, it is rainy outside. more rain to come for bulk of the bring today. this is a push from the santa cruz mountains expecting from 4 to 6" of rain. certainly a dangerous situation with the burn area from the loma fire earlier. they are expecting potential mudslides and flash flooding and we expect potential flooding in the north bay. >> if you take photos or video where you live post it #abc7now. can you see your photos here. >> uber does not appear to put the brake on testing their self-driving cars in san francisco. >> there setting up to be quite a battle. the d.m.v. ordered uber to stop the experiment on self driving cars because they did not get proper permits. uber said they do not need permits because this is a driver in the car b
6:46 am
san francisco's traffic division said they should have been notified of the vehicles. a reporter is not surprised way uber ruled it out. >> that is the m.o. for uber launching things first and then sort out the deals with regulators later. >> the d.m.v. is threatening possible legal action. 20 companies have received d.m.v. permanents to it was their self-driving cars. >> a camera from a taxi driver, an uber self driving car running a red light. uber said it was human error and there were no passengers. the driver is suspended. >> we have breaking international news on the justice department air flight that crashed back in the spring. officials are saying this morning in egypt they found traces of explosives on the victim's bodies. now a criminal investigation is
6:47 am
underway. all 66 were killed in the crash in the mediterranean. no one has claimed to attack the plane. >> major development. >> this morning, american airlines is facing a big fine for keeping passengers waiting on the tarmac. jane king has that story. >> good morning, american has been fined for keeping passengers on the tarmac for 3 enough hours paying $1.6 million fine. there were a number of flights remained on the tarmac for more than three hours without passengers an opportunity to deplane and facebook wants it do scripted we series like netflix and amazon saying they are in talk with tv studios and other video producers to license programs including scripted shows and game shows and experts
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free shipping day is tomorrow, december 16 when pore then a thousand retailers offer free shipping with no minimum order, packages are guarantee to arrive christmas eve, the full list is unveiled at midnight and you can seen up for mail reminder. stocks are back in the green after a pause yesterday and up 40 points and s&p 500 is higher along with the nasdaq. this is the difficult "star wars" fans have been waiting for, "rogue one," hits theaters tonight. fans are lining up. we checked and there are still tickets available in the bay area. rogue one is expected to have the second biggest december movie opening, ever, after last year's "the force," and it pulled in $2.1 billion around the world. disney is our parent company. abc7 is supporting toys for tots
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donating new unwrapped toy as any season dealer to make the holiday prettier for kids. >> we have green on live doppler hd and the rain is moving in, where do we see it now? >> in the north bay and you can see from hayward west along san mateo bridge it is bone dry and this is the center of the heaviest rain during the evening commute. live doppler hd is showing from mt. st. helena, great, and north, the leading edge of our storm is, the light steady rain. there have been other areas where the mountains credited rain overnight including mill valley and san rafael but you can see the oranges and yellows and the reds developing to our north and that will slide to us and pick up the failure momentum. it will be quiet in the south bay and 280 and 17, dry and almost here. are you ready physically and mentally for what is a long day
6:50 am
on the roads and heavy rain and gusty winds calmer weekend and chilled sunshine still a "3" on the storm-impact scale because of the 1 to 2" of rain and 2 do 5" in the hills and flooding with wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour. you can see the yellows and oranges and reds and at noon in the skim at 4:00, it is in the heart of the bay and ready to manufacture into the east bay and thing so bay as we wind down the evening commute at 7:00 or 8:00, the heaviest rain wines down and by midnight it is over. rainfall tolls are pretty light in the commute manley in the north bay and around san francisco and nearly three-quarters inch of rain in the south bay to 1.5" in the in the bay and at noon, 1-to-2 foot of snow to get through the sierra. >> we have not been too bad and i take you up to a couple of blocking issues both in the
6:51 am
clean up stage. westbound 4 before hillcrest, we have a crash blocking the right lane and i believe it is off to the shoulder and we never saw the backup through antioch. and amy hollyfield is reporting we had crash on northbound and southbound 101 near golf course drive. one is cleared the other on the southbound side had a vehicle off the roadway and crash through a fence and it will take longer to clean up and, really, the right shoulder is blocked and we do not see delays. we have the heavy mist, the fog, and drizzle in the area, and i an guessing it had something to do with that. 101 in san rafael still moving along okay here and a last drop on the camera lens dealing with the road spray and not too bad on the richmond-san rafael bridge but, boy, conditions will be worse through the day. hearing of a new crash in san jose and we will look at that next. >> emory role pice rescued a dog that was stranded under a pier
6:52 am
at the marina, and that is officer bringing the animal back up to safety on tuesday. the dog was later reunite the with its owner would reported the pet missing monday night. >> good for the officer. >> back in 90 secon >> back in 90 secon stay tuned.
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6:54 am
get ready for a lot of rain, the first big storm in nine months is moving across the bay area right now and a look from highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains and we have not seen major damage, just a few toppled trees. amarch 11 seemed so long ago but that is the last time we dealt with things like today. here is a look at live doppler hd you can see scattered showers during the come might but the south bay and the heaviest and steadiest moving into the north by by 9:00 and the rest of us in the afternoon. >> you want to be presented for those tough driving conditions later today and right now not too bad if most areas but we have a new crash on northbound
6:55 am
101 in san jose before tully road these vehicles total involved and we have one lane blocked and the backup is growing. >> four, from the live desk it is not just us, weather is a mass around the nation and more than 300 flights are delayed, accident canceled this morning already and most airports along the east coast are several hours behind schedule. >> sfo has problems already. >> five, bay area bridge temperatures could be gone up by $3. they are hoping to raise toll on all bridges but for the golden gate in order to bring in revenue for several traffic improvement projects. >> a mountain lion dragged a deer away from a family's front porch. the homeowner said it was if naturing and frightening and a good lesson for theircies to be aware of their surrounding. >> good news if you are hoping to get medical insurance or
6:56 am
coverage through comp california. the deadline starting january 1 has been extended from today to saturday night and that is due to a huge surge in new enrollments, so you still have some time. >> i got a text and it could be my husband, worried about the evening commute, and you talked to them? >> he should be worried. you are going did have bridges where you blown sideways with pond on the roadways through the evening. it will be a midnight mayor. >> ouch. >> yikes. >> looking at alexis and shows that look. >> don't drive. if you don't is to. >> 1-to-2 foot in the sierra and white-out conditions. >> so a chance to download our news app so you can see live doppler hd and when dill hit so maybe you can leave work early for your safety. see you in 25 minutes. see you in 25 minutes. be safe,
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right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. good morning, america. life-threatening cold and snow spreading from coast to coast. more than 100 million people in its path. a rare snowfall paralyzing an entire city. this school bus sliding down the street. colliding with cars, these two hikers rescued surviving more than 30 hours in bitter temperatures. now a major storm targeting the midwest and northeast. bringing more snow and cold, 30 states are on alert. new overnight top intelligence officials tell abc news that vladimir putin was personally involved with the hacking that interfered with america's presidential election. new details about the russian president's role. his denial, as well as president-elect trump meets with tech titans, the heads of apple, amazon, google and more. >> everybody in this room has to like me a


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