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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> our mount tam camera is shaking. it will not be rain but it will be the winds that could impact the commute. >> a good morning, it is friday, december 16. glad you are here. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui with jessica castro and meteorologist mike nicco and alexis smith with important traffic information. important traffic information. but first, mike? >> windy this morning. it has chased away the winter weather advisory other than a slight chance of a shower near the coast today. the wind on mount tamalpais are 32 and gusting do 51 miles per hour. 39 to 50, significantly cooler this morning. low 50s this afternoon. a lost sunshine. breeze conditions. it will not feel like the 50s. dress for the 40s.
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alexis? >> we have a commuter alert with a major delay at bay fair. bart has a switching problem at the bay fair station and no trains are able to move beyond bay fair and no trains are leaving bay fair. they said initially 20 minutes but new "major," delays so they do not know, i anticipate fining another way to work. if you are driving, it is okay. we have high wind advisory for san mateo bridge but we are friday lit as far as volumes. >> some people in the east bay wake up in the dark after the storm. >> matt keller is in fremont. matt? >> good morning, nothing worse than making up with a blinking alarm clock saying 12:00 because you realize power is out and you will be late for work. that is reality for a lot of
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people in the fremont neighborhood. in the past continue machines, a pg&e trucks with park by us and suddenly we heard a loud "pop," the street like came on and now truck is gone. he said they are trouble shooting and hope to fine the spirits to get the power on and maybe that just happened. the pg&e map shows where the outages are, 3,242 customers without electricity. we are showing the outage from walnut and beyond the bart tracks. we drove beyond the bart station and it appears the power was on and the hope is that everyone has their iphone and i have have five alarms i set on my iphone to wake up. can you not have the flashing 12:00 or we are in a last
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trouble. >> so annoy. >> look at damage at portola valley a large tree let crashed on to a home at 1:30 this morning. you can see it want through the roof. there was someone inside when it happened. no injuries were reported. an inspector needs to determine in the home is inhabitable. a tree fell on a house and a more said and there is debris and damage but no injuries. pg&e crews are working to turn the power on in the area. the tree came down last night at 10:00. >> in marin, there were evacuations so look at this video from the ross valley fire department camera, how fast san anselmo creek rose starting with calm conditions and then it turns into something to see, residents in san anselmo heard the flood sirens, got an alert
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and it was the cue to "get out. >> we took it seriously. we got everything off the floor we could and we put up our floodgate doors. >> we are relieved the rain stopped. in the nick of time. >> evacuation orders were lift at 6:00, and at the height it was 1' away from jump the banks. >> santa cruz county bear creek road is closed because of a mudslide. a resident ditched her car on the shoulder of the road. >> had to walk home in the ray not the first time, it won't be the last. i live here and the slide has been coming down all day. i an not surprised we cannot pass. >> santa cruz mountains saw steady rain for several hours and drivers had to watch out for rock slides. we have great photos and video of storm but we want to see more
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so share photos of the storm so share photos of the storm where you live #abc >> something we have been watching firefighters rescuing a man stuck on the side of a cliff clipping for life on the rocks. he was trapped there for hours. screaming for help. his resolution causeers say he was 100' down, dark, wet, 15 miles per hour cold hour is what he said. >> very grateful. >> absolutely. i am sure he was happy. i was told he mit have been down there a couple of hours. >> it is hard to hear but he was grateful. we go not know why he was on the cliff in the storm but he is okay.
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cold, certainly but all right. >> our coverage continues what one county is doing to track the creeks. >> and a warning if you are using laser lights on your homes. homes. all the backup is be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do,
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and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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i have bad news if you are taking bart today in the bay fair area. our bart routes and zooming into bay fair it is backing the orange, green and blue lines confirming it is a switching problem with bart. that means the trains cannot move. they cannot leave or move through and now they are saying it is a "major," delay so it is not going to be cleared soon. the roads in the area at 238, wide on. decent conditions at 880. a delay southbound. 92 is okay. we are seeing fed "lite" volumes if you want to skip out on the delays that is a good opening. the bay bridge has a crash
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partly blocking fremont off ramp with no major delay but it is heavy to the toll plaza. we will check with meteorologist mike nicco. it is more dry but still windy. >> still breezy up to 14 degree cooler this morning. we will start on east bay or in the east bay 49 in berkeley, and 44 in el sobrante and orinda is 42 and 50 around oakland and alameda and richmond and hayward and 50 in san care lows and everyone el in the 40s and our king tide, the last one, hitting at 12:33 with minor flooding. as for as temperatures: don't trust the thermometer. it will say low-to-mid it will feel like the 40's.
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chilled snub -- sunshine for sunday. a chance of rain in the back half of the seven-day forecast. >> contra costa county using monitors for track the run off in creeks and canals. this is pine creek yesterday during the storm: a photo from 1995 showing the water can rise in a couple of days running hard and fat before low the conquer avenue bridge. play it safe. >> a blow for law enforcement surveillance programs that makes it harder to track your social media posts. >> and a wild story with employees fending off a thief. employees fending off a thief. stay tuned.
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>> new this morning, venezuela is a country without cash right now. the country's most widely used bank notes are out of circulation. the country is falling into chaos. they were supposed to get new notes to replace the current notes but they have not arrived in the banks or the a.t.m. machines. people are having to out credit cards or bank transfers to pay for anything. this is video from venezuela this week the people have been
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rushing to exchange paper money for new coins. the new bill is made worthless by the government on purpose. it is aimed at fighting mafia smuggling the notes out of the country but the new ones have not arrived so there is chaos much venezuela is in an economic crisis under terrible inflation and this has caused havoc and long bank lines this week. >> that is a crisis. >> a warning of a popular trend in holiday d.c. -- decorating with laser lights that could distract pilots. laser lights like this one and similar brands are fly off the shelves and who would not want these, but the parent company said they comply with f.d.a.
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guide lines, with instructions recommending the use are not project the laser lights at or in the flight path of an aircraft and avoid direct eye contact. in november of 2015 the california coast guard pilot was blasted by a laser while flying. >> very surprised a christmas decoration sold commercially right now off the shelves has the power to illuminate an aircraft. >> "good morning america" will have more on the laser light wanting at 7:00 a.m. >> twitter is takes steps to chose down social media surveillance by law enforcement partnering with "data miner," that collects tweets and delivers to clients. the aclu found that the company was selling the software to a fell data collection center in los angeles. the aclu said territory sent twitter sent a letter say they cut access and will not provide the tools to state or local
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government customer. >> would be robber picked the wrong store to target. look at this surveillance video, a gunman walked interest an adult store east los angeles on wednesday hoping to score cash and the cashiers were not having it, they pelted the suspect with. well...anything they can get their hands on toys much police say it is not a good idea to challenge anyone with a gun especially when the with a gun especially when the weapon is: to san jose for the comic-con in april. the three day and single day passes visible for adults the tickets run you $99 and $50 respect ofly. in word if she will bring gary,
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her dog, would travels with >> and we are support for tots and you can donate a new unwrapped toy for kids. >> but, first, back to alexis. what is going on with bart? >> i have good news in the last couple of moments. i will take you to sky 7 over the bay fair bart station. we had a major problem a switching problem at bay fair no trains moved from the last 3 minutes or so and we saw the trains moving again and bart is saying that is an earlier problem but here is the bad news, they are saying there is -- not an exact timeframe but the major delay system wide while they recover but the folk are lining up to get on to the
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next train and have been waiting in the cold for a while. this did not happen yesterday thankfully. not too bad. >> better conditions but there arrested versusties such as the winds. they will bring a chill into the air. they are from the west at 18 to 29 andis bumpy. winter returns with the chilly breezes and cold this morning, saturday through monday and trust is possible, calmer and cool and dry weekend. our fastest wind are at sfo and up to 29, 4 in up per hour at anyone and possibly 25 miles per hour during the evening come not. but there is a chance of rogue showers, not one but a couple of
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rogue showers along coast. it could clip the santa cruz mountains and maybe the marin county cost. by 4:00 they are falling apart. we will talk about the seven-day forecast in lake tahoe after the dumping yesterday we have snow showers this morning but look at the sunshine for sat and sunday temperatures are in the system digs for lows and triple digits or 30s for highs and we will have lows in 20s and 30s tomorrow morning and sunday morning and possibly monday morning with highs with sunshine in let 50s. a dumping of snow hit yesterday eager to her about that, toyot lake tahoe report? >> i have that. we are still waiting for an update on at tolls from most of the resorts and a few have increased, and squaw and am pipe 15 to 35" and heavenly is 23" base give it a couple of mores and they will increase, the main difference between yesterday and
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today you have to use chains as you travel up to the sierra so it could be treacherous conditions this morning and it looks like my clicker does not want to cooperate and we have bart trains on the move this morning. >> aaa said more american than ever before will travel this holiday season 123 million hitting the roads orfully between december 23 and january 2, 1.5% more traveling compared to last year. 94 million will be driving. >> "7 on your side" and michael finney is tackling your questions next. >> fast approaching deadline to make sure your gifts get to your loved ones on time. >> we keep track of what is happening with your weather and traffic.
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>> now, larry from walnut creek has yes of almond and soy milk.
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>> meteorologist mike nicco has -- michael finney has the answer. what you is the difference between am monday and soy milk. is one better? >> great question. it depends on way are look for, almond milk is made from ground almonds and because of that it has more california jim and lower in calories, soy has more pre-teen but less sodium. both are naturally lactose-free and low in saturated fat. which should you choose, talk with your health care provider on can they think is bet for you. thanks for the question. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it on your smartphone or tablet. you can see your question answered right here. time is run out to get your gift
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mailed. there is time for express delivery but you will have to pay up, the post office said you have until next week to get out your christmas cards. >> airport travel. that is ahead. >> and the damage done as the big storm moves out, some residents will spend the day cleaning up. >> and breaking news in indianapolis, a bus crash with several kids on the bus and how they doing. >> major issues with bart this morning a switching problem in bay fair and the trains are moving stop now at the bay fair station. station. we have lingering delays
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>> san francisco sunset district with a big mess after a crash that left damage cross an entire city block and how witnesses are describing the dramatic scene. >> people cross the bay area waking up to images like this, several areas where trees came down on the cars and the clean young effort is going to last well into the weekend. >> a picture from our camera and you can see slight shaking there with the rain gone and winds could be a problem as you head out the door this morning. it is friday, december 16.
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i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui, it is 6:30 and i am with jess yes and meteorologist mike nicco and alexis smith. mike? >> the winds have been an issue and you have another more on that? >> we have a major bart issue this morning. we will take you back to sky 7 over bay fair station right now and we had a switching problem for an hour at this point and they were able to get that resolved so that is the good news and the bad news we have major delays around the system with a ripple affect across the system and with a switch, problem that means the trains cannot move coming in or leash station with quite a few people stacked up on the lat norm and not look too bad. if you want to skip bart we are seeing friday "lite" volumes and slight delays on 880 and 9. a couple of crabs but, firsts we will check with meteorologist
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mike nicco and much more ideal drives conditions. >> they are dry. good morning, everyone, live doppler hd is showing a few rogue showers along the north bay coast and they could clip the north bay coast and the santa cruz mountains as we head through the morning into the afternoon otherwise it is partly cloudy and winter is become with the breezes at 10 to 17 miles per hour on the embarcadero in san francisco and temperatures are cooler this morning 40 to 50 and we will top out in the low-to-mid 50s and we get cooler as the breezes come in in the afternoon, you do not need the raincoat. >> thank you, mike. you could be waking up to damage with issues from one end of the by to the other, a tree crashed down into a house in the north bay, one of the hardest hit areas, and we will get to our reporter in san anselmo. >> yes, you have to see this damage, you are looking at what used to be the carport of a him
6:32 am
and destroyed mercedes under a tree that came crash down with a lot to clean up today. it was 10:00 last midnight inwith the true fell on the home in san anselmo. no injuries were reported. there was so much rain here they had had to evacuate downtown. the alarm was sounded by city officials and businesses put up the flood doors and get out. they take rising creeks seriously familiar with what it does. >> we are conscious of the effect of the flood. say the back side of the willing is over the creek? >> literally. it flows under the building. >> look at the time-lapse video of the correct from the ross valley fire camera at 12', 1 foot away from spill office the banks, but the rain stop just in time and spared downtown so there was in flooding and
6:33 am
everyone was allowed to safely return, the power is still out for a couple hundred customers and pg&e and here trying to get it turned back on. >> in the east bay crews are expecting to being become out this inform remove a large tree that fell on the house in danville and landed right on the home near old creek road last night. the tree decorated for the holidays and no one was hurt. residents dealt with fast moving floodwaters and our reporter caught up with a him owner who said the two crooks -- creeks overflowed sending a couples inches of waters below her home the. >> has it been this bad before? >> no. two years ago we had flooding but nothing like this. >> she will wait for the water to subside and get fans and dry it all out.
6:34 am
the inside of her home is okay. >> a story we have been talking about all morning, c.h.p. and marin county said lucas valley road is back opens closed after this happen, a tree fell and blocked the road near sky walker ranch if san rafael and took out power lines. it now is cleaned up and the road is become open. >> at look atsfo where we are watching delays and cancellations. if you are flying out of there, you can see what is going on with the flight with seven cancellations and 33 delays but it was worse yesterday and they had 381 delays and 137 cancellations. >> pg&e making progress restoring power. in fremont, the out agency -- outage is down to 1,600 without
6:35 am
power. in the north bay 1730 -- 170 without power. peg put crews across the state on sand by just in case the storm caused major issues. >> you can track storms with our newsup with this feature live doppler hd and make sure you enable push alerts for the weather advisories. >> san francisco police are investigating a crash involving six or seven cars. two people were taken to the hospital with significant injuries. seven had minor injuries at 11:00 last night. a speeding driver's car did not stop until it knocked over a fire hydrant causing a geyser to shoot into the street. >> we are all stopped and i was
6:36 am
just chillin' and the car is smacked and bounces, hit this, the truck takes it in the bag end, smacks into the back of me and he then hits another gentleman over here. all the driver was going 65 miles per hour and people believe speed was a factor. >> negotiations are continuing over whether uber has to stop their self driving car service san francisco. city and company officials concluded the meeting with no clear resolution. the city said testing needs to stop until uber get as permit from state regulators. uber said they do not need a permit because the investigations still have a person behind the wheel monitoring. the state has threatened legal action. we are aware that uber self driving cars were on the streets last night.
6:37 am
>> san francisco supervisor is asking uber and others to work with the city to develop traffic safety measures according to the "san francisco examiner" drafting an open letter to support vision zero the mandate to end traffic delegates by 2024. the supervisor is dressing tour bus companies and commuter shuttles. a washington state officer is in serious condition after being shot during a gunfight in mount vernon. he is in custody. it started last night. officers responding to sun getting shot. they arrived and the suspect opened fire. the gunman hid inside the home and forced neighbor to evacuate. the suspect has not been arrested but has been arrested. the officer has had surgery and the condition worsened overnight. breaking news from the live desk. the breaking news, 25 kids hurt in a bus crash in
6:38 am
indianapolis but they do north have life threatening it was on a highway earlier this morning, two school buses crashed into each other. several firefighters and police crews are on the scene. injuries are said to be "minor." we sought ambulances on the scene earlier with children able to get out of bus walking along the sidewalk. you can see from the images they are on an overpass and there is sunny on the ground so it could have been worse. the kids with minor injuries but we watching the >> commuter alert. we are in recovery mode but we still have major delays for bart riders and that is around the system. we are over the
6:39 am
section. we had a switching problem for 45 minutes trains could not enter or leave the bay fair station. if you take bart you can seligering delays. they are bunsing back. the problem has been fixed. we have some delays stick around. honestly, nature too bad of a day to drive. we had a crash on lower deck of the bay bridge at treasure island a spinout was blocking the middle lane but they cleared it. the baby -- westbound side is heavy interest san francisco. another rollover westbound 580 in the dublin/pleasanton area. but now we will check with meteorologist mike nicco. it is more dry but we have wind. all the breezes or winds have changed, they are significantly more dry and cooler up to 14 degrees cooler. dress warmer. 41 in los gatos.
6:40 am
the hills, cooler. 40s in the south bay to 50 in mountain view. in any arm and am many, but 40s in danville and half moon bay at 49. walnut creek has the highest rain totals in the east bay valley: 1.75"! dry on the road, caution with breezy bridges, choppy waves on the babe and out and about it will be cooler. san francisco is officially at 1.33" of rain, and not so breezy tomorrow low 50s and rebound into the low-to-upper 50s sunday with another chance of rain in the back half of the forecast. >> troubles for drivers in the east bays how last night's storm caused a big hole near a busy street. >> heads up for parents this holiday season, the government is issuing a warning of the high-tech smart toys that could put your children at risk. >> but george stephanopolis and
6:41 am
what is ahead on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> tough wores from president obama for vladimir putin, president obama is promising to retaliate for interfering in our election. the f.b.i. now is investigating vladimir putin and we will have the
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>> good morning, i am alexis smith and i will take you to sky 7 over the bart station and there are foes standing around on the platform but i have the good news the trains are on the move again. if you are with us half an hour ago, nobody, no trains were able to move into or out of bay fair but they got that resolved, and right now we are look at residual delays and that had a ripple affect so bart is still saying major delays around the system and they are starting to make up that time, hopefully, we will be become do normal in the next 15 or 20 minutes and i will have an update in less than 10 minutes. >> sinkhole is causing trouble in an area of valley view drive. pg&e said the crews were there doing pipeline work and they filled the home with paving material and the problems with the material did not set because of the rain and it opened up a hole. police had to close off a lane and we do not know when the crews are back to repair the
6:45 am
damage. >> quite a scene on the peninsula, the tree came crashing down outside of a home in east palo alto and it crashed two cars park on beach street, fortunately, witnesses say anyone was hurt and crews cleared the debris off the sidewalk so people could walk through but it needs to be cleaned up. >> nba players are not immune to the traffic that a lot of us were stuck in last note in the commute. members of the new york knicks members of the new york knicks were stucked on the bear -- the bus arrived with an escort from the police and arrived 45 minutes before tip-off. >> do nut do that on your own. officials are reevaluate the roads at yosemite national park after it was closed because of flooding concerns so visitors and catchers and hotel guests all enoughed to get out before 5:00 a.m. as they closed the
6:46 am
lanes, officials were worried the river could flood into yosemite valley and that is the first time in six years yosemite had to close all major roads because of the storm. >> a berkeley resident said the woman you see on last stole her out and opened a number of fraud length lines of credit at businesses around the bay area. authorities say they used the credit to buy several thousands of merchandise at a costco and a target in vallejo. she has a distinctive tattoo on the left side of her neck you can make it out in the photo and has waste of weight length brown hair and the connection to the man in previous photo is not cleared but considered a "person of interest" in case. >> and police are looking for unsuccessful smash and grab robbers they men smashed displace cases at a jewelry store yesterday afternoon at
6:47 am
12:20. reports indicated shots were fired but it was now true of the would robbers got away. >> patients are upset about a new trend in health care. jane king has that story and more in the money report today. jane? >> good morning, this is a disturb trend we have seen popping up, doctors and hospitals asking patients to pay in full before their treatment, with medical offices keeping patient credit carts on file and will charge even for treatments in the thousands before performing the treatments, with the higher the detect ill the less like there they were to pay. >> and now, a senate report highlights privacy and security issues with chip's toys with the smart toys at $2.8 billion industry collecting personal information from parents and kids. an unnamed toy maker said they could save information logged on to children's tablets for 10 years. the lawmakers recommend the ftc
6:48 am
keep a closer eye on this and the toy mayors improve security. >> a camera shot the latest cover of "sports illustrated" the first cover photo shot entirely with a smartphone, the december issue features dwayne rock johnson and the photographer atapped -- attached extra equipment, the stocks are higher and in the green up 40 points for the did caley >> to be fair it is lard to tick a bad picture of him awhat smart phones do is amazing. >> that is true. >> in rogue one has you ready to act out your "star wars" fantasy we have something for you.
6:49 am
>> strike back at mission bay boulevard north at 4th street and this is video of the battle last year and it was lit and we checked out the event 600 people planned it show up for this and los angeles and seattle host battles. if you think this looks like a galaxy far, far away, they might but they have been renamed because of the legal settlement this does not allow them to be called what we know they are which are light >> i feel like i am 100 years old. >> my thoughts exactly. >> back to the commuter alert for bart. sky 7 over the bay fair bart station where we had the trouble earlier today, a switching problem on the track. the trains could not move and this lasted half an hour or 45 minutes but they filibustered the problem -- fixed the
6:50 am
problem. there was a stackup. here is the lingering delays, system wide, and bart is causing it a major delay but they are starting to make up the time. hopefully we will get back to normal but for now i would expect delays. in the tri-valley we have a problem 580, they reported a rollover westbound 580 but they switched it to the eastbound side but i have delays eastbound and westbound 580, use caution in the area and expect stop-and-go traffic law that stretch. we have had friday "lite" volumes westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze is 24 minutes and 16 across the bay bridge, and southbound 101 san francisco to sfo is in the green at 10 minutes. >> heard from kirkwood mountain 1 to 1.5' of snow but the heavy wet base-building snow, not the powder you love to ski in.
6:51 am
that could be possible later next week. beautiful shot from lake tahoe with the winter to 25 miles per hour for the wind. from pier 15, that is the picture. partly cloudy, chilly breezies and frosty nights ahead and sunny and dry this weekend. a chance of flooding and the napa river is receding from st. helena to calistoga with 11,000 threatened but not too of damage. gusting to 29 at sfo and oakland is 24 and the rest of the us in the doug difficulties but the wins will pick up around 20 to 30 miles per hour. so the low-to-mid 50s will feel cooler. a chance of shower on coast with cold air over warm moist air or water, and a chance of a rogue
6:52 am
shower along the coast and it could clip the santa cruz mountains in the afternoon hours and will dissipate, with temperatures from the my 20s in our deepest inland valleys to upper 30s elsewhere and in the 30s and 40s and sunday night into monday and warmer on tuesday and a slight chance of rain on thursday. enjoy the quiet weather. >> we. drives in south san francisco will have to start slow down on the main roads, and police dropped the speed limit from 4 to 35 miles per hour on el camino real through south san francisco and caltran recommended lowering the simultaneous -- speed limit to reduce citizens. other areas in city have 35 miles per hour speed limit. all the city will demolish the apartment building that is hacking at -- hanging at
6:53 am
cliffing because they cannot wait for the property owner to do something. >> and, now, our instagram photo of the day, with more great of the day, with more great photos on but there's so much more to it. here's how benefiber® works. inside us are trillions of good microflora that support digestive health. the prebiotic fiber in benefiber® nourishes them... and what helps them, helps you.
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clear, taste-free, benefiber®. be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ >> here are the seven things you need to know.
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expect delays if you right bart, with trains moving again at bay fair after a system-wide fair after a system-wide identity agency after identity >> three cars are involved right here with three left lanes blocked but the road will be cleared quickly. we have the backup building. expect delays. >> three, people across the bay area are waking up to new damage following the storm yesterday. look at the downed trees, rain swollen creeks and flooding. pg&e crews are restoring power to 1,100 customers in fremont. >> four, keeping an cry on -- ee on breezes a dry and chilly breezy with temperatures starting off cooler 39 to 50 and we will not warm up, 49 to 52 wih the breezies, though, it will fool -- fee cooler than
6:56 am
that. >> san francisco firefighters rescue a man from the side of a cliff over the beach, 100' down behind a home. he was hang on for dear life and screaming for help when firefighters arrived and pulled him to safety. >> sick -- a have caused a crash involve six or seven cars. two people were taken to the hospital with significant injuries. one of the cars did not step until it knocked over a fire hydrant. >> officially free shipping friday if you are not shopped out. a thousand retailers including target and best buy offer free shipping and guaranteed delivery before christmas online. today is the deadline for fedex standard ground so if you want did get it deliver before christmas get there today. >> it will be pretty crowds. >> we continue on-line and twitter and on facebook. we will see you in
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, president obama vows to retaliate against russia for interfering with our election. >> we need to take action, and we will. >> now u.s. officials tell abc news putin is a target of the fbi's investigation. president-elect trump slams the white house as hillary clinton speaks out saying putin had a grudge against her. and winter whiteout. life-threatening cold and snow for more than 100 million. this truck sliding on ice slamming into a bus. and a nearly 60-car pileup shutting down this interstate in pennsylvania. the northeast slammed with two feet of snow, and now more is on the way. 38 states facing alerts right now. an abc news exclusive. 20 years after jonbenet ramsey's murder, a grand juror speaking out for the first time about the


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