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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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people were driving the streets. >> that's where abc news worther vic lee joins us live. >> reporter: it was a horrific accident. the 800 block of stockton, as you can see, is still closed and no word when police will reopen it. you can see the bus shelter and the car wedged in it. ten people were returned to the hospital and five to san francisco general. the latest sorority four are in serious condition and two downgraded from critical. the fire fight is being evalu e evaluated and the rest were taken to other hospitals there, nurse apparently not at serious. this is security camera video from a and look at the top left portion of your screen. >> debris shattered every.
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>> tom was one of the many witnesses to this accident at stockton street near clay right at height of the lunch hour. 12:45 in the afternoon. the gray toyota crashed into a bus shelter. >> somehow that vehicle veered and hit another vehicle and subsequently hit the muney structure. >> this man saw the whole thing. >> the car -- i see him garbage can and there was a bus stop there. >> the car side sweeped a mercedes and then hit a nissan before plowing into the bus showalter. tom was right in the path and was bucky. iies that, that's it. he got lucky.
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>> aaron pesk won raps the area helped to be nearby. >> he helped load one of the individuals into thence ambulance. >> many of them were bleeding and bloods all over the sidewalk. kind of a pretty horrific scene. >> police are intercrews this with enas it was happening. >> vic lee, abcpy in. >> people saw it for miles and happened at the diehl wreck iin park and that's where laura anthony is live with us. >> reporter: hi, dan. it took a lot of matter and noam to put out this fire. once it was out, fire investigators say more than 220 cars burned. that's about a quarter of the lot. the cause still under
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investigation. the thick black smoke could be seen for miles and. flames were as high as the hoses on the ladder tracks trying to and neighbors -- i was sitting in the drive when i heard like a big explosion and i got out of my car and i saw billowing black smoke and i was very startled. >> about you have vehicles in approximate imrite of. teams why contra costa county haz-mat and fish and wildlife and the u.s. environmental protection agency were all on scene to afess the aftermyrt. including potential contaminants
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in the smoke. >> the wind actually helped us. it causes mixing and dispersal and really what we needed. couldn't have asked for met er the owner was cytoed for two violations and both abated near may. >> you can see the column of block scene from the scene and mu must. the flames incidencify practically exploding above the cars. >> ten minutes after, that firefighters were starting to get a handle on it. their aerial water surprise beginning to make an impact. >> and the black smoker finally
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turning great. prmpt you did see how more than 100 requests absolutely. >> nears all hulls and in it's safer and shapes it with the a w. >> david chun was taken into custody at the pleasant hill best buy where he works. fifth investigators say he was responsible forfeiting the 25th june fire and some day he were -- they charges of.
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>> yesterday's somy way be and the well traveled linked is partially closed right now. this is why. yesterday's heavy rain caused the asnality to give way on what's known to locals at the old san jose lane. crews have blocked off one lane and is ernlging people to did slowly throat i area >> storms watched -- between vichy avenue and wooden. >> this video a lot of cleanup on the crowned, sxwlfrm want looks a lot different.
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>> business owners need this time of year or any time of year. in san sell me this is the time of year. what did you tell me two days ago. >> >> i told you it wasn't going to flood and thank god i'm right. >> reporter: here's one of three time lapse needs by the fire department. that's san anselmo creek right being, righting, righting and inside the fire st. can look. 25 feet is when it rite the billing will. >> it speemd like sparks were
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flying. >> that's al will bework barry barber who ran the cleanup crane says falling folks are more common than you think. >> when is the last time before this? >> two weeks ago. >> take out lowlands, a business and cable. >> i asked when i moved in if it flooded here and i was tolt ever had. >> in portola valley a large tree lim crashed into a home overnight and the rim went out the way through the roof. there was one person inside at
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the time but no injured were reported and an inspector needs to check the home to determine if anyone can live there, and in east palo alto this tree came crashing down outside a home crushing two cars parked on beach street. unfortunately, but good thing is witnesses say no one was hurt. >> >> and a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> half a dozen and why amazon
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. will the alameda county sheriff's office says two officers at the center of an
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exis ses you have force case are no longer with the department as of 5:00 this afternoon. the two are facing criminal charges in response to the videotaped beating of stanislav petrov following a high speed chase back in 2015. in an e-mailed statement deputy wieber writes although detective wieber is no longer with the department no final determination on criminal or misconduct allegations have been mate. once complete he'll believe he's -- deputy osborne save the goal chain to an incident and witnessed it possibly as a prifnlt he's not been charged criminally. petrov is currently in federal custostod custody. sky 7 over fifth and harris-in street as police
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respond to reports of shots fire just before 1:00 p.m. officers found a number of shell casings on the street and no suspects. they are still investigating exactly what happened. so far there have been no injured reported. utah authorities have arrested 36-year-old miguel rodriguez on suspicion of shooting and killing -- they found new young men suffering from gun shot wounds. one pronounced dead on the scene. arrest details have not been released. abc 7 news has retained the services of payment and 36 people lost their lives in a huge warehouse fire two weeks ago and prosecutors lighter
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returned a criminal activity. show has decided huey newton, the hang else and most rows recently raymond chow. this time of year many people anticipate special gifts in the mail. the sheriff's office says several thieves have been taking gifts before they even neighboring inside their homes. sneefrp yes, kristen, i'm inside the main post office here in san jose, and you can see all of the boxes, sea of boxes coming through this conveyor belt here. a lot of these boxes are gifts that are intended to go to homes throughout the county where light lightly. >> we paid for it, we pout it. it's something for our tomly and you tuck itch.
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>> that sense of violation quickly turned to release when they let her knew that she had them. >> the tickets will part of a christmas gift and stubblefield is one of other victims. six people were arrested tied to a string of pfrm package thefts. the thief was caught with packages in tow in this san francisco neighborhood. >> when i realize the they would speed away and throw packages outside the window to avoid being caught. >> this shows gifts being ripped off from a couple tino storage facility and this wan 32-year-old james mickey. >> these two sums in kurpt noh.
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it captures the license plate on their vehicle, too. both are accused of taking packages of books and our just sent out the e-mail and is thankful for the sheriff depp ice quick eakss and not -- and determined not to let anyone else ruin christmas. a power outage at merritt college has forced the legend basketball classic to move to laney college. 15 boys and girls basketball teams from across the bay area, sacramento and the rest of the country will face off in the second annual games. it's not yet been. >> but we'll see. as so often support case after a storm it becomes very, very cold. cold and thrower.
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we needed this break. >> and it will be cold out tllt next 12 to 24 hours. we're tracking the goldest air so far this season. we'll see widespread 20s and 30s early tomorrow morning sews it's a good idea to take the pets inside and take care of your pipes because it will get chill out there. live doppler 7 showing you after a strong storm. 3 on the stoirm pact scale. it's cleared out of here and in its wake tanweer. >> over 3 inches in santa rozzio and eke land over an inch and even in the south play >> at the hire it is a and that
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clear sky behind us boughtically so the forecast is calling for former mornings but vops into chilly but pretty. a slight chance of more wet weather on. that is personal ossing to our chin. 50 in san francisco and a cool 45 in san rammer, and 50 degrees in heyward and the big story overnight tonight. the coldest setting and look at these numbers in santa rosa and nap a. dropping into the 20s. the freezing mark and 33 in concord and 37 overnight in rnl sfris so and 37 in palo alto. a free warning for many of our value its and a dangerous cold and upper 20s to lower 730s and bring the -- the moderate has
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represents to. mid to upper 30s and many of our urban stars so a beautiful looking day to start out the day and by 4:00 the coast not even hitting 50 degrees and most of the spots hovering right around 51, 52 for the afternoon highs. future tracker says mother nature is on repeat for your sunday morning and widespread 30s so the winter jacket is definitely going to get a workout. monday also looking chill as well. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. sunshine and we have chilly temperatures on your saturday. repeat it again on sunday. it's bright and brisk. another chilly morning monday and then temperatures begin to rise. a little.
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>> by thursday interest ease a chance. >> thanks. something to eat and something to wear on your nails. it's funny's fried free stuff next. >> and scientists call it a point. why it's important to study. that story and
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a reversed course on a prif sigh policy. it would allow all readers to improve the app's machine reading technology. this sparked outrage after it announced the change. evernote let down its users and no data will be chaired with t vrt. >> the new mobile became has already 5 million downloads since it became available yesterday. this smashed the ir. it the game marks a shift in the anyone doe strategy as the loft. it's our friday training. 5:22 specifically which means
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products they love them. >> this has a blendy olive oil and sea salt that makes it more spreadable. >> that is good stuff. >> $25 bucks worth of stuff. >> what do we do? >> what do you do. go to and check in there and we'll give you all the instructions you need to move on and move fast. remember, these are all a limited supply. >> i'll share the butter with you. >> thank you, good stuff. bobcat triggered a remote camera on the ridge and this amazing photo is the rough. check it out, an unintentional selfie with the iconic golden gate bridge. they hoped to get a photo of a cougar roaming in that area. >> instead it captured the much smaller cat striking this pose. and thanks for this incredible picture as well above the
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transamerica pyramid building in san francisco. >> share your pictures us on social media. you may see this on air or online. boy, that's a kocool shot, isn' >> so much prettier to be above the traffic. >> next at 5:00, dirk out smiles. throwing down high 5
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coming up at 6:00. >> we're not counting on the city to have our backs with us. >> oakland residents on edge. tonight why they are fearing the worst two weeks after the ghost ship fire tragedy. >> also, california's election results are now official. plus the bay area county with the highest voter turnout in the state. and 7 on your side michael finney shows you an easy way to take advantage of a money-saving fool that most of us simply passed by. join us for a lot more coming up at 6:00. 'tis the season of giving
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and imagine if it came from the golden state warriors. >> now that is a gift. today the team paid a visit to kids in the san francisco bayview neighborhood and lieian melendez was there for all the excitement. klay thompson! >> for these kids meeting the golden state warriors was almost as good as winning the willy wonka and the chocolate factory's golden ticket. for one whole afternoon kids from the bay view shot hoops, played games and made lasting members with members of the team. >> my favorite team in the world sews that's why i was excited. >> it was exciting because like on a real game they are so short hand when you see them in person they are tall. >> i remember when i was their age i met a pro athlete and it meant a lot to me. >> steph curry and kevin durant welcomed kids and their smiles. for ania it was a moment she will never forget. >> first time seeing you in person. >> going to keep that picture forever and ever and ever. >> yes. >> today's event is part of
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warriors season of giving to kids who live in underserved communities. >> to see these kids having this much fun, that's what it's about. >> today a lesson learned of the never hand over your microphone to a wannabe reporter. >> this is andre iguodala here with lyanne melendez. >> what does it mean to be reporting for such a report for the golden state warriors. >> it means meeting you and seeing that you guys do a great job with the kids. >> the kids here seemed to agree. >> this like means the world to me. >> in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> how fun is that? >> lyanne always gets the best assignments. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley, for drew tuma hand michael finney and all of us here, thanks for being with us and hope you join us at
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6. bye for now. see you in a bit. tonight, president obama on russia. was vladimir putin himself behind the hacking during the presidential election? the president reveals what he told putin. his warning to russia's leader. and will the u.s. now retaliate? the winter storm moving across the country tonight, just as the weekend begins. and the major fire in wind chills well below zero. multiple injuries tonight. the car plowing into a bus stop, several waiting to board the bus. the new video tonight. the student who brought guns to school. his parents, who noticed them missing. they race to school. and the takedown of their son. the jonbenet ramsey case. the new turn tonight involving dna. and now, right here, the interview. the grand juror breaking their silence. and, the famous voice this week, and so many americans who heeded the call. can you guess our person of the


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