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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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san francisco. the freeze warnings in the interior valley, north bay, east bay, south bay, and again tonight where temperatures could drop into the 3020s. we still could see some 20s this morning around the frost advisory. sfo very busy. temperatures from the upper 20s to low 40s. sun coming up not until about 7:20. we will see a cold afternoon. we will detail the forecast coming up. >> lisa, we will see breaking news overseas this morning. a tsunami threat has been issued following a powerful magnitude 7.9 earthquake offer the coast of new guinea. the quake struck just before 3:00 this morning our time. it's the blue dot. the quake was deep at 61 miles deep. at deep they cause less damage than shallow ones. but tsunamis are possible at some locations in the south pacific. several aftershocks have hit. the largest magnitude.
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6.3. it sits on the ring of fire where earthquakes are common. developing news out of the san mateo this morning. investigators are investigating a shooting near a bowling area that left a man injured. it happened around 10:00 last night at bell matea that was on olympic avenue. the victim was taken to the hospital and is in stable but serious condition. it appears the victim was targeted scary moments on a high rise building in san francisco after the seventh floor catches fire. the high rise on camden drive next to san francisco state university. two people inside the building were displaced. >> the flames in the window of a high rise caught the attention of matthew mill. around 7:30 he drove on the boulevard heading toward 19th avenue and reported this video. san francisco state university students who live in the building didn't realize the severity of the situation at first. >> we thought it was a false
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alarm but not the real thing, and especially next door. >> the twelve-story apartment building is on camdon drive. the fire broke out in a unit on the 19th side. the women left the their apartment without jackets thinking they would be let right back in. >> my roommate said it smells like smoke and we thought they were joking and we got outside and there was policemen coming in the doors. >> they extinguished the flames in less than 30 minutes but called for backup just in case. >> it was a precautionary matter because it was a high rise. we were able to put it out quickly. >> firefighters dumped burned debris from inside the unit while is investigators worked to determine the cause. the red cross is helping two displaced residents. in san francisco, abc7 news. we have breaking news out of south san francisco this morning.
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a two-alarm fire burning at one home. the fire started before 4:30 on bay park circle, two blocks from a south city fire station. it's unclear what started the fire or if anyone was inside the home when the flames broke out. we will be tracking that story throughout the morning. we are getting a new look this morning at terrifying moments after a car careened into a bus stop in chinatown yesterday afternoon. still photos taken bay witness showed the aftermath of the event. we have the details. >> reporter: an anxious crowd watches from behind police tape as city workers sweep up broken glass and take apart a crumpled muni shelter piece by piece. ten people were injured when a car came barrelling down stockton street and slammed into a busy bus stop. >> it was like, bam! really loud. >> raymond heard it happened. he stepped out of his photography studio and took
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these pictures of the immediate aftermath. the toyota crushed against the metal support beams. a man with a bloody face missing a shoe. a woman dazed and hurt on the ground next to her grocery bag. a man comforting her. first responders tending to injuries. raymond said an elderly woman was driving with a passenger when she somehow lost control. >> the lady driving the small car, and they hit this, and the y-one, and then gave it full gas and hit the bus stop. >> security video from a grocery store shows the impact and people scrambling to get out of the driver's path. the supervisor who represents chinatown was this the area when it happened. he helped load one of the victims into an ambulance. >> there were a lot of individuals on the ground, many of them bleeding. there's blood all over the sidewalk.
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it was kind he have a pretty horrific scene. >> all of those injured are expected to survive. abc7 news. california's attorney general has issued a warning to uber to stop testing self-driving vehicles on san francisco streets. attorney general camilla hairs sent a letter yesterday asking uber to adhere to california law and immediately remove self-driving vehicles from the state's roadways until they comply with all applicable statutes and regulations. it comes after the dmv issued a warning to uber to get permits before testing autonomous vehicles. >> there was a question about how much enforcement vehicle they had, but they have the ability to go after a company. >> uber said the vehicles are not autonomous and should not be regulated as such. they require active human control like the autopilot device on test vehicles.
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some called the response disheartening. >> the fact they are continuing to operate on city streets is they are doing so not just illegally but unsafely. >> video shows an uber self-piloted vehicle running a red light in san francisco. uber said it was human error and the driver has been suspended. >> the city of richmond has red tagged a warehouse after fearing it could be another ghost ship. the warehouse near near espee avenue and 21st street has an underground nightclub called burnt ramin. they will be served a list of things needed to get back inside. a roaring fire that destroyed more than 200 cars may have been an electrical problem in one car. firefighters were called to an auto yard in richmond parkway around 7:00 yesterday morning. a fire quickly spread between vehicles stacked upon one another, and waking the neighbors.
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>> i heard an explosion and i got out of my car and i just saw billowing black smoke. i was very startled. >> crews had to use so much suppressant foam to put out the fire it looked like it snowed. to the north bay where people spent the day cleaning up downed trees and soaked belongings, authorities had to use a crane to remove this tree on the road. they received more than 1,000 calls for help in marin county alone. a large rockslide forced a closer of highway 101 in an area until at least monday in napa county. sky 7 overhead showing the trees, mud and rocks that fell onto the lanes of south wooden valley. caltran suggests using highway 128 as an alternate route. in the south bay crews are still cleaning up after thursday's storm and it may take them quite a while. there are hazards on smaller
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roads throughout the santa cruz mountains. public works said the storm had a tremendous impact on the county. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo explains. >> cars have to go single file on this washout. you see the earth washed away below. it's one of two places the assistant director of public works said suffered permanent damage in thursday's storm. they said it will require long-term repairs, as will so cal san jose road. it serves as a popular bypass for commuters trying to avoid highway 17. it will be down to a single lane indefinitely. county crews and pg&e continue to tackle several other spots where repairs can be made. for example, bear creek road has reopened after this mudslide
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forced an overnight closer, but public works say it will take weeks to dig out from under all the damage and restore drainage throughout the county. in santa cruz county, abc news. >> thank you, katie. from rain to cold weather. >> from one extreme to the next. 29 degrees in danville. good morning to you. 31 livermore. it's been sitting at 32 in santa rosa. 10 degrees warmer here in san francisco at 42. i'll have the rest of the numbers and when we get out of this frosty weather pattern in just a few minutes. >> burrr! thank you. the force is strong with this crew. a special battle that played out in the streets of san francisco. >> this means the world to me. >> dishing out smiles, throwing down high-fives, the warriors take over a bay area school to
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. >> burr, it's cold out there. a live look from our exploratorium cam at pier 15. the big chill hits. lisa argen is going to have the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. the san francisco's district attorney's office is not dropping charges against a suspect. the suspect is the man in this video, 32-year-old michael smith. smith became uncooperative when officers were trying to detain him after an armed robbery in july. the jury acquitted him of
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four counts of battery on a police officers. the jury was unable to reach a a verdict on other charges. because of that, he may face a second trial on those charges. part of this building sold for $13 million. the largest amount paid for a condo in the city in the last five years. venture capitalist thomas perkins owned it, and it is billed as the highest and largest condo in northern california. now james ramsey, a veteran of oracle, has the keys. a realtor, greg lynn, said ramsey believes the tower's problems are solvable. >> he's convinced the building is going to have a promising future. >> the 60th floor property offers expansive city views, two bedrooms, two and a half baths, a chef's kitchen, a state-of-the-art entertainment system, and drum roll, please, best of all, two parking spaces.
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energy swords were aglow in san francisco last night as an epic battle returns, helping people who suffered a great loss in recent weeks. [cheers and applause] abc7 was at the spark social in mission bay for the glow battle tour. it used to be known as the lightsaber battle, but our parent company, disney, forced them to change the "star wars" related name. the organizers weren't too a distraught, they say the spirit remains the same. >> people are the best medium for the arts. if you take 1,000 people and give them a glowing sword, it looks amazing. this year 10% of proceeds will benefit families of the ghost ship fire victims. this is the season of giving. imagine if it came from the golden state warriors. the team paid a visit to kids in
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san francisco's bay view area yesterday. lyanne melendez was right there with them. >> let's welcome them to san francisco, 35, forward, kevin durant! >> for these kids in the bay view, the holidays came early. for one whole afternoon they shot hoops, played games and made lasting memories with members of the team. >> they win all the games. >> is this the best gift ever to see them? >> yeah. it was exciting because, like on a real game, they are so normal but you see them in person and they are tall. >> we give positive reinforcement that anything is possible and just have fun and enjoy your youth while you can because it goes by like that. >> steph curry and kevin durant welcomed kids and their smiles while shaun livingston did a few one-on-ones at the ping-pong table. >> it means the world to me. i wouldn't miss it. >> it's part of the warriors
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season of giving to kids who live in underserved communities. >> to see these kids having this much fun with their heroes, that's what the season is about. >> the kids weren't the only ones having a jolly good time. >> you guys do a great job with the kids. >> i'm just a coach. i'm just a coach. i'm interviewing. >> can't argue with a team that's spreading a little cheer. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> road closers to yosemite national park were lifted yesterday just in time for the weekend. thursday's stormy weather made driving conditions too treacherous in the park. they closed highways 140, 41 and 120 into yosemite but this weekend the park service is ready for big crowds eager to see yosemite in the winter. >> we do our best to keep the roads open in yosemite valley throughout the year. we don't anticipate having tire chains restrictions for the coming weekend.
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>> the system dumped heavy snow in the sierra at the 9,000-foot mark. at the meadows 35 inches of fresh powder fell. >> now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning. the last two systems have been relatively warm so they got some rain on top of the snow back. but upper elevations above 8,000 a feet doing fine. right now live doppler 7 picking up on a lack of cloud cover. does it cold out there. below freezing in many locations. santa cruz is 33 degrees, going for a high a of 46. and the rest of you continue to drop. 47 in oakland, 38 in mountain view. good morning, gilroy, right at freezing. there is just a little bit of wind out there. while some locations in our interior valleys continue to drop, a slight north wind keeping some of the numbers up around fairfield. the north wind at 6. it's 60 degrees. check out santa rosa and livermore, freezing or below.
6:18 am
and napa the 33. we will look at another frosty morning tomorrow. i want to she you the calm winds from the north bay. also around the san carlos airport where you are in the 30s. but just enough of a wind here to auloi allow temperatures not to drop much further this morning. but we are colder than yesterday. 14 degrees colder in the inland east bay and san jose. hopefully you are protect being the people, the plants, the pipes, the coldest air of the season. a live look outside from our exploratorium camera. the monday is awfully frosty. bright and brisk throughout the afternoon and a slight chance after shower on thursday. probably not even on our storm impact. i want to show you the mornings for saturday, sunday and monday across the mid-west and northeast just to let you know that we are in good company. in fact, these folks, wow, 19
6:19 am
below in chicago. this is sunday morning. and all that air coming from manitoba all the way to the northeast. so some of these lakes not frozen yet so they had that a lake-effect snow, and on top of it. 10 below in detroit with 10 above in senate, right through monday. you contrast that to our low 50s in the south bay, it's going to be okay. along the peninsula low 50s from san mateo to redwood city. 52 mountain view. upper 40s along the coast. in the north bay temperatures will be anywhere from about 48 bodega bay, 52 in santa rosa. and near east bay same thing, low 50s san leandro, pittsburgh and antioch. tomorrow morning in santa rosa, another frosty one. average lows in the upper 30s. we will be below freezing and then look at how the temperatures cooperate, right until the first day of winter, which is wednesday. the accuweather seven-day forecast, low to mid-50s right on through monday, at best, with upper 40s an the coast.
6:20 am
the frosty morning tomorrow along the peninsula. freeze warnings in the interior valleys. by the first day of winter, we are a little milder. as the sun comes up later and later on december 29th the sunrise is 7:25 and sunset at 5:00 p.m. >> it's cold out there, but chicago takes the prize. 19 below? >> ouch. >> just ahead, even bobcats want to take in this view, the unintentional selfie high
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here's what is coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." >> good saturday morning. coming up on gma, millions of americans from coast-to-coast are dealing with snow, ice and bitter winds this morning. plunging temperatures this weekend has some parts of the country nearing 40 below zero with the windchill. we are tracking this dangerous weather. and in politics president obama and donald trump are at odds over holding russia accountable. we will talk about how it affects trump's choice for secretary of state. and finally, one virginia's phone is ringing off the hook.
6:24 am
kuisenart customers have been reaching her instead of the appliance plan over recalled food processors. we will tell you how she's handling it. that's all coming up. thank you, paula. >> relationship site e harmony getting a little less personal with their clients. of the dating service announced this week it's no longer requiring users to answer about 150 questions before signing up with the service. e-harmony said that's starting in january. the more in-depth questionnaire will be optional. the process of creating a basic profile will take no more than 10 minutes and the site will only require users to answer a few questions. there is a new warning about a popular gift on many kids' wish lists. experts say hackers may be targeting so-called smart toys that connect to the internet. some toys record videos and conversations as well as collect e-mails and passwords. a new center report said fisher-price's smart toy bear was found to be vulnerable.
6:25 am
fisher-price said they fixed the problems. experts say to read the privacy policy to learn what information it collects and be sure to change default passwords the toys come with. the latest star wars movie "rogue one: a star wars story" is already a record-setter. thursday night's opener is the biggest for any movie this year in tickets sales. the parent company disney is the first "star wars" spinoff that doesn't directly involve the main characters of the "star wars" family. today and tomorrow donate a new unwrapped toy at any nissan dealership to make christmas brighter for everyone. take a look at this. a bobcat triggered a remote camera hidden in the hills on the woodlands and resulted in this unintentional selfie with
6:26 am
the golden gate bridge in the background. national geographic photographer set up the camera trap hoping to get a photo of a cougar roaming the area and instead it got this smaller cat striking a pose. looking good, bobcat. still ahmed, no questions asked. a bay area city is holding a gun buy-back event, hoping to make the streets and homes safer during the holidays. and housing fears. those who fear they may be
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>> good morning. we are starting a look with the weather. hears meteorologist lisa argen. >> do you want a look? you know it's cold. how cold? we dropped into the upper 20s in danville. below freezing in livermore and everyone is in the 30s except san francisco and the coast. so we will look for some colder numbers in the next few hours. but the reason why some of you may hover where you are, a little bit of wind. the north wind enhancing the cold air and allowing temperatures to perhaps stay at their current readings in some neighborhoods. another freeze warning tonight's. cold air not going away anytime soon. hopefully you protected the plants and pipes and the pets.
6:30 am
the frost advisory right along the peninsula. looks nice at the beach but its below freezing there and just in the mid-50s today. cornell. >> thank you. we have an update to breaking news we were following in south san francisco. we just learned the fire burned a two-story house on fay park circle, just two blocks from a fire station. started just before 4:30 this morning. one family is displaced. one person was injured and treated at the scene. the fires officials say there is significant damage to that building. they are working to find the cause this morning. >> and happening today, san francisco police are teaming up be united playas to host a gun buy-back event. the organization is an anti-violence group that holds its annual event at their headquarters in the summit neighborhood. $100 will be given out for handguns, $200 for semi-automatic weapons, with no questions asked. the buy-back runs from 8:00 until noon on howard between
6:31 am
sixth and seventh streets. after eight years, president obama has just slightly more than one more month left in office. early this morning the president and his family arrived in hawaii for their final holiday vacation while he is still in office. yesterday president obama held his final scheduled press conference of the year focused primarily on the russian hack of the democratic national committee computers and how it affected the presidential election. president obama vowed retaliation. >> president obama: it is also important for us to do it in a thoughtful, methodical way. some of it we do publicly. some of it we will do in a way they know, but not everybody will. >> president obama stopped just short of naming russian president vladimir putin was the mastermind of the meddling. he chastised republicans to warm up to putin who he claimed has tried to weaken america. there were more than
6:32 am
14 million ballots cast in the election. the turnout was the highest in eight years. more than 78% of voters went to the polls. marin county had the highest turnout at 89%. they said there's no evidence of voter fraud in california, despite accusations from donald trump. >> we take it seriously. anyone who has evidence or information of voter fraud, please bring it forward. >> california officially certified the vote yesterday. hillary clinton won the state handedly, taking home more than 2.4 million votes than mr. trump.
6:33 am
>> the deadline to enroll in covered california has been extended again. you have until monday to sign up for insurance coverage that starts on january 1st. >> if you go without health insurance you roll the dice of potentially getting a 200,000 bill if you show up in a hospital that yo can't pay for. >> 94% of californians have healthcare which is a record high. covered california say there will be a rate increase next year on average of about 13%. construction in a long awaited suicide barrier at the golden gate bridge will begin next year. loved ones packed the board meet to show their support for the suicide net. the board unanimously award add contract to an open firm to do the job. the $204 million project will take three years to complete. before the vote family members addressed the board, urging them not to delay the project any further. >> the security guard reached out and tried to grab my son, jesse, but only got the backpack as my son was dropping the backpack and went over. so security people are good, but they aren't a net. we need the net.
6:34 am
>> the suicide net will be built 20 feet below the sidewalk and extend 20 feet out over the water. abc7 news has learned that the ghost ship warehouse founder has retained the services of a san francisco attorney. sar the a. they said they are working with him in a pre-charge capacity. 46 people lost their lives in a four-alarm fire approximately two years ago. there was a criminal investigation saying murder charges were a possibility. >> the attorney has defend add number of high profile clients. the fire put a spotlight on issues of building safety and code violations of that prompted fears of eviction among people who live in buildings like that in oakland. dozens of them gathered yesterday for a community meeting with city officials and tenants rights organizations. melanie woodrow has that. >> fed up and afraid.
6:35 am
dozens of oakland residents voice their concerns about possible widespread evictions. >> we aren't counting on the city to have our backs. >> 36 people were killed in the ghost ship warehouse fire, shining the spotlight on other situations in buildings that might not be up to code. >> the reaction from the city and property managers and owners has been so swift. >> representatives from legal service groups, including evictions offense center, attended. >> we don't have any protections for the clients we are trying to serve. it's like being in court with both hands tied behind your back. >> we can draft the policy but then there is an administration cost and at the same time the legal folks have to review it. and sadly that takes time. >> we don't have that time. they don't even have time to find a better place. >> a spokesperson with the mayor's office writes:
6:36 am
>> people here agree it's not just artists who are impacted. >> it takes this sad situation to address it and it's been happening for years. >> i have to sleep in my car because i can't even afford a studio. >> the attorney said he hosted the meeting in response to numerous inquiries his office received about tenants rights after the fire. in oakland, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> the city of richmond is turning toward microapartments to tackle the housing problem there. homeowners can convert a spare bedroom into a legal separate housing unit. some regulations have been relaxed. it's aimed at empty-nesters who have spare bedrooms. >> what they can do s take one
6:37 am
or two bedrooms and convert them to a legal dwelling unit a separate entrance and rent it out. >> richmond is one of 8 cities to take advantage of a new law allowing so-called accessory units. they hope the new policy will add up to 10,000 new housing units. happening today, the berkeley police and fire departments will distribute thousands of toys to children this holiday season. more than 3,000 toys will be given to kids in the toys for tots program. you can still donate today. bring a new, unwrapped toy to any berkeley fire station or to the public safety building on martin luther king, jr. way. the distribution starts at 8:00 this morning. also happening today, san francisco saint anthony's foundation starting their annual a christmas donation drive. they are still looking for donations, especially baby and men's minutes clothing and shoes. they also accept toiletries and new children's books and toys. it runs every day until christmas eve at saint anthony. that's on golder gate avenue in
6:38 am
san francisco. >> hundreds of families getting a chance to do some holiday shopping this weekend. abc7 was at the salvation army community center on turk street yesterday inside a shopping bazaar full of toys and gifts. more than 18,000 low-income families are taking part to shop with their children. they say the toy and joy shop is unique, and it includes teen department stocked with electronic and cosmetics and other things teens often put on their wish lists. >> still ahead on abc7 mornings, see why new technology that tracks the water levels this -- in streams use as lot of old equipment, but pretty reliable. here's a live look from our walnut creek cam. burrr, it's cold out there. lisa argen is tracking the big chill.
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>> it's pretty cold above mt. tam right now a beautiful shot looking over the east bay hills. lisa argen will be along in just a couple second, in fact, to tell us what you can expect where you live. happening today, the golden gate national cemetery in san bruno hosting a wreath-laying ceremony. it's one of more than 1,000 locations taking part in national wreaths across america day. the annual event serves as a
6:42 am
reminder of the memory of those who served our country. the ceremony starts at 8:45 this morning at the cemetery in san bruno. i'm guessing it you are headed out there, grab your coat and gloves. chilly out there. >> i just checked mt. tam for you, 28. >> a wow! >> 29 danville. it's freezing out there. that's why the national weather service has a free warning in effect be and a frost advisory along the pensins law. it will be again sunday morning. it's 31 in livermore. we will talk about how we recover this afternoon, and the first day of winter next week coming up. >> all right. also next, sharks rookie makes his highly-anticipated nhl debut and makes it a memorable night, as well. rick
6:43 am
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6:45 am
>> good morning. we are tracking a fire in san jose from our san jose cam. it appears to be near downtown close to highway 101. we don't know at this point what is on fire but we see significant flames there. we have a call into the fire department to try to find out more information on this. we will get it to you in just a second. some parts of the bay area still cleaning up after thursday's big storm. this is a time-lapse video of a creek rising during the storm. turns out heavy rain is really the best time for the u.s. geological survey to adjust
6:46 am
the sensitive equipment that monitors creek levels. as abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom explains, it's also a golden opportunity for science. when a rain storm has creeks looking like this, the u.s. geological survey brings out strange objects that look like this. >> is this a torpedo? >> that's a definite no. it's referred to as a sounding weight. >> it's lowered into the water, carrying instruments like this. >> whenever it makes a revolution, it makes contact in the chamber and mays a physical sound. >> it's a measurement process from days gone by. >> 20 revolutions in 40 seconds. >> though they did replace the slide rule with a tablet. >> 1.78 feet per second. >> using equipment from yester-year isn't something they do for fun. they have been taking measurements from this spot for centuries, and they try to be consistent. >> we use the same instruments over and over again so we get consistent data. >> it shows an average year, after four exceedingly dry ones. and last year's above average rainfall. with each measurement they also
6:47 am
chart the depths of the creek to calibrate the digital sensors that tell water managers when to open and close dams. >> and development has had another effect, pollution. >> the bottle into the chamber, the lid closed, and we are ready to grab a sampler. >> there big, brass fish is a set meant strainer. when the rain stirs up the dirt, it's a perfect time to see what else is flowing in the streams besides water, things like potassium, chlorine, maybe mercury. >> let's see what we've got. >> this, too, is old technology. >> at actually, this looks like it it was a bottle. >> while you may not drink what's in it, the fish will. >> this will all flow into into the east bay and we want to see what's flowing into the east bay there. >> jonathan bloom, abc7 news. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning. temperatures continue to drop in
6:48 am
some neighborhoods. a quiet saturday in terms of air quality. we are looking at the awfully cold temperatures. here's a look from mt. tam where it looks pretty nice out there. a glassy bay and relatively calm winds. 42. san francisco is 37 and oakland, mountain view 38. san jose dropped another degree at 36. gilroy is freezing and just a little bit of wind on the coast, 41 degrees. so other numbers around the bay are below freezing. 33 napa. by the delta north wind about 6. allowing for temperatures to stay up slightly. 33 concord. we haven't forgotten about you. and compared to yesterday, it's a little bit cooler in most locations. but we do have a bit of a wind out there. so some neighborhoods will begin to recover in the next hour. but everyone is anywhere from about 9 to 14 degrees colder. we have the coldest air of the season today, tomorrow and into monday. widespread 30s.
6:49 am
hopefully your plants made it through the night last night because it was almost as cold, and the pets inside. and the pipes, maybe a trickle of water going. it will still be below freezing tomorrow. so recovery for the average lows. just above freezing there. cold mornings this weekend, even into monday. bright and brisk. dry averages. we will increase the cloud cover a little bit during the week and we could see maybe a few sprinkles on thursday. i want to show you what's happening in terms. the highs across the state. in the 20s in chicago. a rain-snow mix in st. louis. kind. mild in dallas. but all of this cold air sweeps to the northeast. so if you remember, they had a lot of snow the past week or so. and waking up to windchills 36 below freezing, above freezing in minneapolis but looks what happens into sunday. we are looking a the 19, minus 19 in chicago, and it just gets
6:50 am
colder into the eastern seaboard. this is monday where they will be below zero. dangerously cold. we are looking at highs across the state about 5 degrees off from our average. 37 in the sierra nevada. this morning waking up into the teens. as we will be below average in the afternoon, it's all relative, right? because we will have the sunshine and with light winds, wind-protected areas should feel okay. 51 santa clara. remember we have the frost advisory again tonight along the peninsula there. low 50s for most, 49 in san francisco. north bay freeze warning, interior valleys again through tomorrow morning. east bay 50arinda and low 50s in the east bay. you look at san jose, they will be chilly again tomorrow. accuweather seven-day forecast, cold averages, it will be brisk. and wednesday is the first full day of winter. i shouldn't say first full day, winter arrives on wednesday. and then it's quiet the rest of the week. >> did you notice as soon as the
6:51 am
rain moved out thursday, the temperatures took a nose dive. >> yeah, it's winter. >> in sports tonight, warriors try for their 24th win of the season. golden state takes on the trail blazers at oracle. tip-off at 7:30 p.m.. tomorrow sharks back in action in chicago. last night san jose had a chance to take sole possession of first place in the pacific division. here's where i can quan with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. >> after taken ninth overall in the draft it was finally timo time. timo meier made his nhl debut. they left him take the ice by himself. where did everybody go? san jose took a man in the first period. defenseman david schlemko scores his first goal as a shark. it was soon 2-0. again, on the power play, joe thornton behind the net. feeds patrick marleau for his
6:52 am
eighth goal of the season. to grab the spotlight. he gets rebound and scores his first nhl goal on his first nhl shot. the sharks led 3-0 after one. montreal's carey price might be the best goalie in the game but after a goal in the second, the fourth goal, he takes a seat. 4-2, the final. timo meier was pleased with his debut. >> it's fun to get the first goal. i think more important we got the win. i think still can improve a lot on my game. it's the first game. you are going to make some mistakes and be nervous. but it was a great experience. i really enjoy it and really happy we got the win. >> over at maples pavilion, stanford and their fans were feeling like dancing. the cardinals had their way with cal state east bay. one of the nine steals here. he lays it up and in.
6:53 am
reed travis powered his way to 24 points and 13 rebounds. he takes this one strong back to the hoop. stanford led by 20 at the half. now it's michael humphrey with the two-hand flush. high school football had madison playing isn't san jose's valley christian for the final. here's valley christian. they take the lead. it was 17-14, warriors. but they could not stop eric buchanan who ran for 159 yards and two touchdowns. the war hawks win 21-17 and capture the division 2 double-a state championship. and that is sports for a saturday morning. tonight the warriors play host to portland. i'm rick quan. have a great day. next, spreading holiday joy. the big annual event at glide memorial church.
6:54 am
6:55 am
be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker.
6:56 am
he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ here are the winning numbers from last night's $59 million manage millions drawing. nobody picked all six numbers. tuesday night's jackpot increases to $67 million. happening today in san francisco, the glide memorial church will distribute more than 10,000 toys to kids. hundreds of volunteers come together to sort and give away the toys. but glide still needs your help. they ask the public to donate new, unwrapped toys or gift cards. you can drop them off at ella street in san francisco. the giveaway starts at 9:00 this morning.
6:57 am
if you shall headed out there are, shopping, or whatever you are doing, bundle up. >> good advice. we have another hour of the a frost advisory. temperatures should begin to recover but they have a long way to go. 29 danville, 32 no sought the toe, below freezing in santa rosa and at freezing in napa. highs today below average. 49 on the coast and low 50s for the inland valleys. once again, frost advisory around the peninsula. freeze warning in the outlying areas that will see 20s, perhaps, with widespread 30s. then it will take through monday afternoon before we begin to modify the overnight lows. and tuesday morning. wednesday winter arrives. milder then and maybe a few sprinkles on thursday. a good idea to clean up today's shopping, do whatever you need to do. >> a quick update to a fire we told you about. we checked with san jose fire
6:58 am
and they aren't working any fires there. is not a fire burning currently in san jose. that is good news. the news continues now online, on twitter facebook and instagram. abc7 news continues at 8:00 this morning. of course, "good morning america" is coming up next. whatever you are doing this weekend, hope you have a great day! oh no. oh no. i hate this belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach. but there's so much more to it. here's how benefiber® works. inside us are trillions of good microflora that support digestive health. the prebiotic fiber in benefiber®
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good morning, america. new this morning, the dangerous travel. winter weather snarling the start of the holiday getaway. cars and trucks skidding on slick roads. unable to stop. trucks overturned. hundreds of flights canceled. plus, the life-threatening cold just around the corner. russian hack attack. president obama making it clear who he holds responsible. >> not much happens in russia without vladimir putin. >> cybersecurity experts explaining all of the signs pointing to the kremlin. and why hillary clinton says vladimir putin was bent on revenge. the new twist in the robert durst saga. the real estate heir facing murder charges. allegedly making a shocking admission about the interviews


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