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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  December 17, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> announcer: this is abc 7 mornings. good morning, it is saturday, december 17th. i'm cornell bernard in for chris nguyen. let's look at the weather, chicagoey out there. here's lisa argen. >> it is freezing cold in some neighborhoods, the national weather service has allowed the freeze advisory to expire, except we'll do it all again tonight. sheer here is a live look of the clear conditions. i want to show you the numbers that are below freezing still. danville, 28. livermore, oakland, 36. it should be about 37 this time of year, so below average lows. this morning, we're 15 degrees
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cooler in some spots. 13 degrees coolner livermore. mount tam, the numbers are still fringe you had. we'll see highs in the 40s by the afternoon. that's going to be along the coast. another day of frosty temperatures to come. we'll have the outlook for pre-christmas and pre-hanukah coming up. we have news out of south san francisco this morning, one family is displaced after a two alarm fire left their home significantly damaged. you can see the flames there. it started just before 4:30 this morning on bay park circle. right across the street from the south city fire station. now, fire officials say one person was injured, and treated at the scene. investigators working together today to try to determine what exactly started that fire. scary moments for residents in a high rice building in san francisco after the seventh floor catches fire. the high rice on cambon is right next to san francisco university. two people were displaced.
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katie utehs has that. >> reporter: flames, shooting out of the window of a highrise caught the attention of matthew mill. he drove headed towards 19th avenue, and recorded this video. san francisco state university students who live in the building didn't realize the severity of the situation at first. >> we had a lot of false alarms, but never the real thing. >> reporter: the 12 story a apartment building is on cambom and the fire broke out on the 19th avenue side. they left the apartment without jackets, thinking they would be let right back in. >> it smells like smoke, we got outside and there was smoke coming out of the door. >> reporter: firefighters say they distinguished the flames in less than 30 minutes. the call for backup, just in case. >> we struck a second alarm fire, as a precautionary measure, because it is a
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highrise, we were able to put it out quickly with two hose lines. >> reporter: firefighters dumped burned debris, while investigators work to determine the cause. the red cross is helping two displaced residents. in san francisco, katie you 'ti'ti utehs news. san mateo investigating a shooting, happening around 10:00 last night at the bowling avenue on olympic avenue. officers say the victim was taken to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds and is listed in serious but stable condition today. no suspect has been arrested ye. police say it appears the victim was targeted. we are getting a new look this morning at the terrifying moments after a car careened into a bus stop. showing the aftermath of the accident that injured ten people. around lunchtime yesterday. abc 7 news reporter, aliyssa harrington has details.
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>> reporter: anxious crowd, and they take it apart piece by piece. they were injured in an horrific crash, when a car came barreling down the street and slammed into a bus stop. >> bang, like that. really loud. >> raymond heard it happen, he stepped out of his photography studio and took pictures. the toyota crushed against the metal support beams. a man with a bloody face missing a shoe. a woman, dazed and hurt on the ground next to her grocery bag. a man comforting her. first responders tending to injuries. raymond says an elderly woman was driving with a passenger when she somehow lost control. >> the lady, she drive the small car, they hit this. and then after that, she give
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full gas and hit the bus stop. >> reporter: security video from a grocery store shows the impact and people scrambling to get out of the path. aaron peskin, who represents chinatown was in the area when it happened and helped load one of the victims into an ambulance. >> there were a lot of victims on the ground, a lot of them bleeding. there is blood all over the sidewalk. it was kind of a pretty horrific scene. >> reporter: all of those injuries expect today survive. aliyssa harrington, abc 7 news. california's attorney general has issued a warning to uber to stop testing self-driving vehicles on san francisco streets. she sent a letter yesterday asking uber to adhere to california law and immediately remove its self-driving vehicles from the state's row ways until uber complies with all applicable statutes and regulations. the warning comes after the dmv issued a notice for uber to get permits before it can test
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autonomous vehicles. >> there was question about how much enforcement mechanism the dmv had, but the attorney general has the ability to go after a company. >> in a conference call yesterday, uber said the vehicles are not autonomous and they require active human control like the auto pilot feature on tesla cars. they called uber's response disheartening. >> the cars are continuing to operate on city streets, they're doing so not just illegally, but unsafely. >> a self-piloted vehicle car ran a red line and uber said it was human error, and the driver has been suspended. the city of richmond has red tagged a warehouse fearing it could be another ghost ship. near espy avenue called burnt ramen, but not permitted or licensed to be a concert venue.
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richmond's mayor says those who occupy the warehouse will be served a list of things needed to get back inside. a roaring fire that destroyed more than 200 cars may have been an electrical problem and started in one vehicle. firefighters were called to an auto yard at a richmond parkway at west ger trude road. waking neighbors with popping sounds. >> i was sitting in the drive when i heard a huge, like, explosion. and i got out of my car and i just saw billowing black smoke. i was very startled. >> crews had to use so much suppressive foam it, looked like it snowed. cleaning up downed trees and they had to remove a crane that crashed on to two cars. public safety dispatch center received more than 1,000 calls for help in marin county alone. a rock closure, for highway
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121, at least until monday in napa county. sky 7 was overhead, showing trees, mud, rock, that fell onto the lanes of south wood and valley. cal tran suggests using 128 as an alternate. south bay is still cleaning up after the storm. there are hazards throughout santa cruz mountains. it had tremendous impact on the county. katie marzullo explains. >> reporter: cars have to go single file when you look beyond the jagged edge of the asphalt, you can see the earth washed away below. one of two places public works says suffered permanent damage in thursday's storm. steve wheezener says it will require long-term repairs, as will socal road. it serves as a popular bypass
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trying to avoid highway 17, and it will be down to a single lane indefinitely. county crews continue to tackle several of the other spots where repairs can be made. for example, bear creek road has reopened after this mud slide forced an overnight closure. but public works says it will take weeks to dig out from under the damage, and restore drainage throughout the county. in santa cruz county, katie marzullo. developing news overseas this morning, a magnitude 7.9 earthquake off the coast of new guinea, 3:00 our time. it is the blue dot you see in the map. usgs says it was deep at 61 miles. deeper earthquakes cause less damage than shallow ones. it did trigger a tsunami warning, but the threat has passed. it sits on the ring of fire, where earthquakes are common. back to the bay area where
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we'll dealing with chilly temperatures. i've got to find my gloves. >> we're going to do it again tomorrow morning. some of the outlying areas reached the upper 20s, but still at about 30 in the coldest locations. a live look from santa cruz, you're hovering above freezing, but one of the warmer locations, a 6, i'll tell you about highs in your backyard and then the frosty lows again tonight in a few minutes. great shot of the beach. next, the force is strong with this crew. the special battle that played out in the streets of san francisco. >> this means the world to me. >> dishing out smiles, throwing down high-fives, the warriors take over a bay area school
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san francisco district attorney is not dropping charges, even though a jury deadlocked on a verdict. the suspect is the man seen in this video, 22-year-old michael smith, and resisted officers when they tried to retain him back in july. on thursday, a jury acquitted smith of four counts of battery on a police officer. jurors were unable to reach a verdict on three other counts of battery on an officer, and resisting arrest. the d.a. is not dropping the
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charges, smith may face a second trial. san francisco's millennium tower may be sinking, but inside sales are not. the building's grand penthouse sold for $13 million. the largest amount paid for a condo in the city in the last five years. venture capitalist perkins owned it. now craig ramsey has the sou southby's says it is solvable. >> the 60th floor property offers expansive city views, two bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a chef's kitchen, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, and best of all, two parking spaces. energy swaords were a below helping people who suffered a
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great loss in recent weeks. abc 7 was at the spark social and mission bay for a globe battle tour, used to be known as the light saber battle, but disney forced them to change the "star wars" related name. organizers weren't too distraught. they say the spirit remained the same. >> people are the best medium for arts. and so if you take 1,000 people and give them a glowing sword, it looks amazing. >> this year, 10% of proceeds will benefit ghost ship fire victims. 'tis the season of giving, and imagine if it came from the golden state warriors, they visited the bay view area, and leann da melendez was there. >> let's welcome forward kevin durant! >> reporter: for these kids in the bay view, the holidays came early, but one whole afternoon,
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they shot hoops, played games and made lasting memories with members of the team. >> they win all the games. >> reporter: and is this the best gift ever? to see them? >> yeah it was exciting, because on a real game, but when you see them, they're tall. >> we need opportunity, bigger than basketball. we want to give them positive reenforcement that anything is possible and enjoy your youth while you can. it goes by like that. >> reporter: steph curry and kevin durant welcome kids and their smiles, while shawn livingston played ping-pong. that's part of the warriors season of giving to kids who live in underserved communities. >> to see these kids having this much fun in front of their heros, that's what the season is all about. >> reporter: the kids weren't the only ones having a jolly old time. >> you guys do a great job with the kids.
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>> i'm just -- i'm just a coach. i'm just a coach. i'm interviewing. >> reporter: can't argue with the team that's spreading a little cheer. in san francisco, leann melen z melendez. road closures to yosemite national park were lifted yesterd yesterday. the driving was too treacherous into yosemite, but for this week, they're are deed for big crowds, eager to see it in winter. >> we do our best to keep the roads open throughout the year, and we don't anticipate having any tire chain restrictions for this coming weekend. >> heavy snow was dumped at the 9,000 foot mark. 35 inches of fresh powder fell. good morning to you. the sun has been up for almost an hour. so we're beginning to turn this day around.
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a little bit any way. it was 29 this morning at the livermore airport. and some 20s up in patetalumaped we're looking at conditions that will improve throughout the day today. but you know what? it is going to take some time. we're looking at numbers all around the bay today below average. here is a look at mount tam, where numbers range from 40 in san francisco, 36 in oakland, san jose, good morning, gilroy, just above freezing, and east bay hills, lots of sunshine. few clouds around, we're going to need that to warm up. santa rosa, 30. napa at 33, and freezing in livermore. we talked about the airport there. tomorrow, it will be just as cold or maybe even a few degrees colder. so the lack of wind is one thing that allows the temperatures to really plummet. you can see barely any wind out there. if you have just a little, like the delta this morning, temperature was at 40, an then the wind bottomed out.
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it stopped, and dropped to 34. here is lake tahoe. boy does that look pretty. right now, in tahoe, it is 15, truckee. slight chance of maybe just 0.10 of an inch of rain. freeze warning until 8:00 tomorrow. widespread 20s, and hopefully, you're bringing in the pets and covering those sensitive plants. around the bay here, this is the frost advisory through tomorrow, 8:00. and including san francisco. overnight lows in santa rosa should be about 37. we're just hovering around 30 again tomorrow, and then the rest of the week shouldn't be as frosty. i want to give you an idea of this arctic cold front bearing down in the plains. look at the minus 7 in fargo. 72 in dallas, in between, boy, this is the wind-chill factor this morning. across much of chicago, 8 degrees, look what happens tomorrow. minus 19 in chicago. that's what it will feel like.
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it gets even colder, right on through the eastern seaboard into monday. so back to reality, it doesn't feel so bad here. temperatures as much as 5 to 6 degrees below average, we'll see highs around 50 in san francisco, 49, half moon bay. 51 in san jose. tonight, in san jose, you'lling looking at once again, temperatures about the same in the 30s, slowly modifying temperatures, the accuweather forecast, freeze warning tonight, interior valley, afternoons, little change, until the middle of the week, a few more clouds and then winter arrives on wednesday, and wouldn't you know, it will feel just a little warmer. still keeping a slight chance of showers in the forecast on thursday. so it is a tradeoff. whether it is a nice tradeoff is debatable. >> i suppose we can't complain after seeing the temperatures in the midwest. >> canceling flights in chicago because they're expecting more snow. >> incredible. i can still whine about it. i have to get my gloves out.
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just ahead, even bobcats want to take in this view, the
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you've likely seen the price match guarantees of many retailers, but when is the last time you've taken advantage of one. michael finney says now is there a better way. >> reporter: shopping these days is more enjoyable for katherine bernard. she has found a no stress way of finding the best items she wants.
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>> a great way to be able to get money back without thinking about it. >> reporter: katherine uses para bus, the app and website automatically scans your receipts and helps you cash in on price match guarantees. >> it is so great, because they're able to keep tabs on which r when any of the prices change so you don't have to keep watching them. >> reporter: the terms vary for different retailers. banana republic will give you a one time adjustment if the price goes down 14 days within your order. amazon will match a select group of competitor prices for up to 30 days, but only for tvs. and best buy, they'll match competitor prices, but only during the return and exchange period, which for most items is 15 days. confusing? no worries. para bus keeps track of all that four. >> we saved well into the millions of dollars. >> reporter: the 26-year-old founder of the app, and in less than 16 months, his company has been acquired by capital one bank. >> we've surprised a lot of
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people when we first came out and had this much traction. >> reporter: para bus will match it for you. that's something katherine has never done for herself. now, all she has do is enjoy her now found money, which is returned to her, via her credit card or through the mail. >> i think i've saved, you know, over $50 in the last couple of months. it goes into my savings account to possibly put toward future holiday shopping or gifts or birthdays. >> reporter: right now, they only work for online purchases, but has plans folks paneled. users are charged a 25% fee for any money that's refunneled. now, if you need help with a consumer issue, i want to hear from you. my hotline is open from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 415-954-8151. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. new warning about a popular gift on many kids' wish list. hackers may be targeting smart toys that connect to the
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internet. some of the toys record videos and conversations as well as collect e-mails and passwords. a new senate report says fisher price's smart toy bear was found to be vulnerable. fisher price says it has fixed the problem. experts suggest read the privacy policy to find out what information it collects and be sure to change the default passwords the toys come with. latest "star wars" movie "rogue 1" already a record sett setter. thursday night's opening is the biggest for any movie this year, $29 million in ticket sales. the movie from the parent company, disney, is the first "star wars" spinoff that doesn't involve main characters of the skywalker family. we're supporting the toys for tots program, bring an unwrapped toy to make the holiday brighter for children everywhere. a remote camera hidden on a
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ridge, and this amazing photo. the result, the untension nal selfie with the golden gate bridge. steve winter set up the camera, hoping to get a photo of a cougar roaming the area, instead, it got this cat striking a pose. i see a christmas card picture, right there. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, no questions asked. the bay area is holding a gun buy back event, hoping make streets and homes safer. and housing fears those who fear they may be
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good morning, we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather and time to bundle up. here's lisa argen. >> hey, cornell. that's right. it may be some of your little friends have their sweaters on, the dogs going for a walk, because it is certainly cold out. still, with the sunshine, here is a live look outside, where you see nothing blue skies. half moon bay has dropped to 36. san jose, 36, mountain view, upper 30s, oakland has dropped into the mid 30s, and speaking of oakland, a live look from emeryville, and freezing in livermore, a few degrees, awfully cold in hayward this morning. numbers any where from 12 to 14
8:31 am
degrees colder by the bay. so your forecast, in san jose this afternoon, everywhere else in the low 30z. we'll detail the week leading up to christmas and hanukah coming up in a few minutes. san francisco police is holding a gun buy back event, hosting in the soma neighborhood, $100 will be given out forehand guns, $200 for semi-automatic weapons, with no questions asked. the buy back runs from 8:00 until noon on howard between sixth and seventh streets. after eight years, president obama has less than a month left in office. early this morning, they arrived in hawaii for their final holiday vocati holiday vacation. he held his last press conference of the year,
8:32 am
focussing on the russian hack and how it a fektdffected the presidential election >> it is also important to do that in a thoughtful, methodical way. some of it we do publicly. some of it, we will do in a way that they know, but not everybody will. >> president obama stopped short of naming russian president, vladimir putin, as the mastermind of the med delg. he chastised republicans for warming up to putin, who he blames for trying to weaken america. it is official, the november election in california was record breaking. there were more than 14 million pal lots pass past the 2008 election. more than 75% of registered voters went to the polls, marin county had the highest turn out at 89%. alex padilla says there is no evidence of voter fraud, despite
8:33 am
the accusations of donald trump. >> we take them very seriously, from the president-elect to any c california yan, please bring it forward. >> padilla certified the vote yesterday. hillary clinton won the state hand handedly, taking 4.2 more million votes. health insurance to cover california has been extended. they have until the end of monday to sign up for insurance coverage that starts on january 1st. >> people think i'll gate around to it. the danger is, you don't get around to it. going into january, without health shurinsurance, you're go to get a $200,000 bill that you can't pay for. >> 90% of californiaians have health insurance now, and there will be a rate increase on average, about 13%. construction on a long awaited suicide barrier at the golden gate bridge will begin
8:34 am
next year. loved ones who committed suicide packed the bridgeport meeting to show their support. the board unanimously awarded a contract to an oakland if i were to do the job. the $204 million project will take three years to complete before the vote, family members addressed the board urging them not to delay the project any longer. >> security guard reached out and tried to grab my son, jesse, but only got the back pack as he went over. so security people are good. but they're not a net. we need the net. >> a suicide net will be built 20 feet below the sidewalk and extend 20 feet out over the water. abc 7 news has learned that ghost ship warehouse owner has retained the services of san francisco attorney tony serra. he would only say they're him in a precharge he managed the ghost shop war
8:35 am
house where 36 people lost their lives two weeks ago. prosecutors have launched a criminal investigation, saying murder charges are a possibility. serra has defended a number of high profile clients, including hughy newton, hels angels and raymond chow. code violations have prompted fears of eviction among people who live in buildings like that across oakland. dozens have gathered yesterday for a community meeting and tenants rights organizations. abc 7 news reporter, melanie woodrow has that. >> i'm tired. >> reporter: fed up and afraid. dozens of oakland residents expressed their concerns about widespread evictions. >> we're not counting on the city to have our backs. >> reporte >> reporter: 36 people were killed, shining a spot auto light on other situations on buildings that may not be up to code. >> the reaction from the city
8:36 am
and the property managers and owners han about so swift. >> reporter: representatives from legal service groups, including eviction defense center attended. >> we don't have any protections, it is like having both hands tied behind your back. >> we can draft a policy, but the administration has cost it out, and the legal folks have to review it. and sadly, that takes time. >> we don't have that time. we don't even have time to like cry about our friends. >> reporter: in an e-mail response, they write this administration is committed to working with residents, landlords, safety experts and the diverse array of community members, most impacted by the regional affordability crisis. people here agree, it is not just artists who are impacted. >> it takes this, this sad situation to address it, and it has been happening for years. >> i had to live in my car, because i can't even afford a studio. >> reporter: attorney john burris said he hosted the
8:37 am
meeting in response to numerous inquiries he received about tenant rights after the fire. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. city of richmond is turning toward micro apartments to tackle the housing crisis there. a new law took effect that allows the homeowners to turn a spare bedroom into a housing unit. additional parking and separating utilities are relaxed. it is aimed at empty nesters who have spare bedrooms. >> they can take one or two bedroom ans convert them to a legal dwelling unit with a separate entrance and rent it out. >> richmond is one of eight cities to take advantage to of a new law. they hope 10,000 new housing units. the berkeley police and fire department is distributing toys to kids this season. more than 3,000 toys will be
8:38 am
given. you can donated to. bring an unwrapped toy to any berkeley fire station or to the public safety building on martin luther king jr. way. it runs through 11:00 this morning. st. anthony's foundation starting the christmas curbside donation drive. they're looking for donations, especially baby and men's clothes and shoes. they accept blankets, toiletries and new books and toys. curbside donation runs everyday through christmas eve at st. anthony's on golden gate avenue. still to come, why the new technology that tracks the water level and streams uses some old equipment, but pretty reliable, though. here is a live look from the san jose cam. beautiful shot over town down there, it is but chilly. lisa argen is tracking the big chill. she'll be
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. good morning. here is a gorgeous shot from the sutro tower cam. the golden gate bridge there. if you're looking for holiday weather, you've come to the right place. lisa argen will have the forecast coming up in just a bit. happening today, the golden gate cemetery holding a wreath ceremony, taking part in national wreaths across america day. the annual event serves as a reminder of the memory of those who served our country. the ceremony starts at 8:45 this
8:42 am
morning, just a few minutes, at the cemetery in san burno. gl grab your coat and gloves. we're getting into the 30s in so neighborhoods. lake tahoe, we've got temperatures in the teens at the airport. 37 today, and they have a descent amount of snow, despite the rain that came. how much longer will be in the chill and just about close enough to christmas, and hanukah to give you an idea of the forecast. that's coming up. >> i want to go up there. do you want to go. >> let's go. also next, sharks rookie makes his highly anticipated nhl debut, and makes a afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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good morning. we have a shot of highway 101 in downtown san jose. it will take your car a little warmer to warmup this morning. not your imagination, it is chilly out there. lisa argen will have the forecast. some parts of the bay area are cleaning up after thursday's big storm. this is a time lapse of the video. it turns out, heavy rain is
8:46 am
really the best time for the u.s. geological survey to adjust the levels. jonathan bloom explains, a golden opportunity for science. >> reporter: when a rainstorm has creeks looking like this, the u.s. geological survey brings out strange objects that look like this. >> is this a torpedo. >> definite know. it is a sounding weight. >> lowered into the water, carrying instruments like this. >> whenever it max a revolution, it makes contact in the chamber, so it makes a physical sound. >> reporter: it is a measurement process from days gone buy. >> 20 revolutions in 40 seconds. >> reporter: they they do replace the slide rule with a tablet. >> 1.78 feet per second. >> reporter: they've been taking measurements at this spot for more than a century and they need them to be consistent. >> we try to use the same instruments over and over again. >> reporter: that data shows the east bay on track for an average year after four exceedingly dry
8:47 am
ones. >> 1.7 feet deep. >> reporter: they also chart the depth of the creek to calibrate the digital censors to tell waterman injuries when to open and close dams. >> it is much flashier due to urban development. >> reporter: and another effect, pollution. >> it goes into the sampling chamber, and the lid is closed and we're ready grab a sample. >> reporter: this is a sediment s samp sampler. things like potassium, colhlori, maybe mercury. this is old technology. >> this is at one time a milk bottle. >> reporter: you may not drink what's in it, but the fish will. >> it will flow out into the east bay and we want to know what's going in there. >> reporter: in bless -- bless san ton, abc 7 news. >> good morning, trying to tough
8:48 am
it out and not turning on the heat, this is probably the morning you did. sheer a live look at doppler 7, you'll notice the lack of cloud cover what the headline is, and outside, you can see how blue it is in san francisco. but it is still cold. it has been about 40 all morning long. 36 in oakland. 38 in mountain view, plenty of 30s from the south bay. gilr gilroy, half moon bay, holding at 39. golden gate bridge, great visibili visibility, from the sutro tower camera, still freezing at livermore, 29 at the airport. by the delta, 46, 40, and it dropped to 34 within one hour when the wind backed off. nap na, 33. and santa rose ta, colder locations. lake tahoe view. very pretty, the higher elevations received snow, and lake level, not too much snow. but it will be awfully cold. 7 in truckee this morning. cold mornings throughout the week.
8:49 am
most of the week, and then by thursday, could see perhaps a 0.10 inch of rain, san francisco, north bay, but tonight, another freeze warning for the interior valleys, south bay, right on through 8:00 tomorrow morning, with cold air in place, we could temperatures even colder sunday morning. maybe some 20s arriving. we had a few 20s this morning, and the frost advisory through the peninsula and closer to the bay here. so once again, it is going to be an awfully chilly night. how cold? we should be in the mid 30s for santa rosa and this morning, hovering to the upper 20s, tomorrow morning, not much different. it will be modified just a bit and they'll stay that through the week. this dramatic arctic front bearing down into the plains. look at the temperature in dallas, just moving through oklahoma right now, and behind it, the coldest air of the season for the nation, where this morning, they're canceling flights in chicago, trying to get everyone out of town. because it is a rain/snow mix in
8:50 am
st. louis. here are the lows this morning, the wind chill. then sunday morning, minus 2 in detroit, minus 22 in chicago. and then by monday, yeah, you're still awfully frigid. all throughout the northeast as well. so there is a bears game tomorrow, could be the coldest ever in chicago. highs today in the low 50s, 5 degrees off from average highs, and 5 degrees cooler than yesterday. in san jose, cold, little change. it will be just above freezing but in the 30 ds. sunny and chilly, frost advisories, and then by monday, slowly coming up a little bit into tuesday, wednesday, winter arrives and thursday, maybe a slight sprinkle and i'm going to go out on a limb and say hanukah and christmas, it could be dry. another passing shower early next week. so it is looking pretty quiet through december. >> no white christmas ahead here? >> in the mountains. >> i saw the forecast in the midwest, i feel bad about
8:51 am
breaking out my east coast jacket, but it is cold out there for us, right? >> yeah. >> thanks, lisa n. sports tonight, the warriors will try to win their 24th win of the season, golden state warriors take on the trail blazers at oracle arena, tip off at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow, the sharks back in action in chicago. last night san jose had a chance to take sole possession. here's rick quan with the sports. good morning, after being taken ninth overall in the draft last year, it was finally timo time, and sharks timo meyer, pregame hazing as his teammates let him take the ice by himself. where did everybody go. san jose took command, defenseman, david scores his first goal as a shark. soon 2-0, again on the power play. joe thorton behind the net, beats marlowe for his eighth
8:52 am
goal of the season. going to the net, the 20-year-old gets a rebound and scores his first nhl goal on his first shot the sharks led, 3-0 after one. montreal's kerry price may be the best goalie in the game, but makes it 4-0 in the second, price takes a seat. san jose wins its fourth straight game. he was pleased with his debut. >> something you dream up, and it is always special to get the first goal, and you know, i think more important, we got the win. you know, i think still can improve a lot on my game. it is my first game. got to make some mistakes, being nervous. but i think it was a great experience. i really enjoyed it. i'm happy we got the win. >> over at maples pavilion, stanford an fans were feeling like dancing. the cardinal had its way with cal state east bay, robert cartwright with one of the team's nine steals, lays it up and in. read travis, 24 points and 13
8:53 am
rebounds, takes it back to the hoop. stanford led by 20 at the half. now michael humphrey with the two-hand spluflush. high school football, madison playing san jose's valley christian for the division 2 double a title, valley christian takes the lead, miles kendrick in the end zone, 17-14, warriors. they could not stop eric buchanan, two touchdowns, the war hawks win 21-17, and capture the division 2 double a state championship. that's sports for a saturday morning. tonight, the warriors play host to portland. i'm wrik qu i'm rick quan, have a great day.
8:54 am
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. hundreds of families getting a chance for holiday shopping this weekend. abc 7 news was at the salvation community center on turk street yesterday inside a shopping bazaar. there it is. over 1,300 low income families taking part in the two day event to shop with their kids. the toy and joy shop is unique, it includes teen department that is stocked with electronics and cosmetics and other things teens put on their wish lists. happening today in san francisco, the glide memorial church will distribute 10,000 toys to kids, hundreds of volunteers will come together to
8:57 am
sort and give away. glide still needs your help. they're asking the public to donate new or unused toys or gift cards. it starts at 9:00 this morning. if you're headed out there, grab your jacket and gloves, bundle up. >> and tomorrow, too. just above freezing right now to the low 40s, plenty of airport delays along the east coast. keep it in mind. nasty across the nation. we have no delays here. 49 at half moon bay, later on. 50 in san francisco, low 50s for santa cruz, and do it all again, almost a carbon copy, getting slightly warmer on wednesday. right on through hanukah and christmas, it will remain dry and cold. not cold like we're having this morning. and then next week, maybe a shower or two, but it looks pretty quiet out there. make sure you have the layers and gloves. >> crank the heat up and stay warm.
8:58 am
lisa, thank you. thank you fo for joining us, along with lisa argen. college football game action. north carolina central takes on gramling state. then at 12:30, houston battles san diego state in the las vegas bowl. abc 7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. news continues online, twitter, facebook and instagram. we hope you're having a great weekend. take care, everybody. thanks for joining us.
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