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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 19, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. deadly deep freeze. at least 19 killed from oregon to maryland. icy conditions spark hundreds of accidents. >> oh, my god, y'all. >> this fiery tanker crash in baltimore part of a deadly 67-car pileup. planes slide off slick runways. people trapped on board and at baggage claim for hours. thousands of flights delayed or canceled. now another shot of arctic air blasting the nation this morning. the electoral college expected to make it official for donald trump today. a last-ditch effort from celebrities and protesters to keep him from office as new questions arise about russia's role in the u.s. election, and senators on both sides of the aisle call for a new investigation. highway nightmare caught on camera. >> oh, my god! >> an out-of-control car
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pinballs across the road, plowing into a light pole. >> what the -- >> good samaritans racing to the rescue. we hear from one of them this morning. >> i'm a trauma nurse. ♪ jump, jump jumping for joy. the cowboys' star running into the end zone, leaping into a salvation army kettle. the rookie celebrating his record-breaking touchdown, but he could now face a major fine. what he says he'll do to turn that penalty into a gift for the holidays. and good morning, america. happy monday. how about that jump yesterday in we should take another look. >> boom! celebration, right? and then, i thought it was cute. he jumped in the salvation army kettle. apparently, the nfl didn't think it was so cute. because they're now saying ezekiel elliott may be facing a
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fine. i love his reaction. he's like, fine me. i'll match the money and give it to the salvation army. doubling down. boy, it was cold in so many cities yesterday. the nfl playing through all of it. you have to look at this. this is the bears game. check this out. carey, hit so hard, the decal comes right off his helmet. >> that is incredible. >> that is something. and then vikes fans in minnesota staying strong through the frigid weather. look at that. they're using the fire to stay warm. also, more importantly, perhaps, to keep their beers from freezing. because that would be a tragedy. >> boy, is it still cold. take a look outside here in times square. that woman with the red scarf. couldn't see but her eyes a few minutes ago. >> smart woman. >> 19 states under winter weather alerts right now. schools closing in chicago and surrounding cities. ginger right here tracking it all. >> here's the thing. it's not just north dakota, south dakota, chicago, minneapolis. now we're talking about dallas. look at this picture.
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a frozen fountain in dallas. the cold made its way on south to texas. i want to show you the arctic cold numbers. so we have got the windchill on. houston feels like 20. south padre island dipped below freezing now. you know it's serious. kansas city at 15 below, and right there in chicago itself, 27 below, and that's where we find our eva pilgrim. she wrote me this weekend, i know you have a lot of experience in the cold. i'm a south carolina gal, what do i do? you look good. you survived weekend, eva. >> reporter: oh, your tips were lifesaving. it's freezing here in chicago. actually, it's below freezing. the real temperature is 12 below zero. it feels like 27 below. and these frigid temperatures are causing problems in the air, and on the roads. fatal freeze. dangerously cold temperatures creating havoc on the highways,
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leaving at least 19 dead this morning. in baltimore, this truck careened off interstate 95, exploding into flames. >> oh, my god, y'all! >> reporter: a stranded motorist watched helplessly as truck after truck -- >> stop! stop! >> reporter: -- drives straight into the inferno. at least 20 injured and 3 dead on a day where the maryland police responded to 377 accidents. in oregon, a large chunk of ice smashing this windshield after falling off a semi truck. pileups from new mexico to north carolina. and in chicago o'hare's airport, planes sliding off the runway in chicago, landing in the grass. no one hurt. >> it's cold in chicago, just the way you like it. >> reporter: the subzero windchills not stopping the nfl. players and fans bundled up in denver, kansas city, and chicago, where it was so cold, a hard hit combined with negative 4 windchills -- >> that's unreal. >> reporter: -- sent one
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player's helmet sticker flying straight off. it was unreal. to put it in perspective, we have boiling water. i'll toss it into the air here. you can see a lot of it turns to snow. that is how extreme these temperatures are out here this morning. amy. >> i was just talking, eva, to the meteorologist in chicago, tracy. she was telling her viewers, good news, guys, it's going to get to 30 this week. they were excited it's almost at freezing. that's how cold it is. the winter storms are looming over a record holiday travel season. thousands of flights have been delayed or canceled in just the last 24 hours. now millions expected to hit the road. and the sky this is week. david kerley is at the airport with more. david, good morning. >> reporter: usually holiday travel is not much fun. and already for day, the day just starting, 100 flights have been canceled. folks are moving through the
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lines, but just yesterday, more than 1,500 flights were canceled. more than 5,000 delayed. what a mess in denver yesterday. it looks like it was one airline's problem. frontier. hundreds and hundreds of bags stuck in baggage claim. one flight from atlanta, the passengers say they were landed and on the tarmac in denver for five hours before they could get to a gate and get off the aircraft. denver international says this was frontier's issue. other airlines were not having a problem there. quite a mess. the only good news, amy, it's spread out over the week when people travel. that may help. the big question is the weather. airlines are worried about the weather. >> it looks like a nightmare over the weekend. a problem at l.a.x. there was a power outage. it didn't last very long, but it created some significant issues. >> reporter: two power bumps yesterday evening. the real problem is it put the computers down and it took about an hour to get the computers back up. about a half hour in delays.
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baggage claim down for a good part of the evening. they're trying to figure out what happened. that tells you how important the electricity is for us getting home for the holidays. >> very important. thank you so much. let's go back down to ginger. ginger, you have to good news? it's going to be 30 in chicago. >> it can't keep going down. you see 58 below or so over the weekend. you will go up eventually. let's look at the winter weather alerts. california, parts of arkansas, hard freeze warnings. even burrbank with a frost freeze warning. and through the week it is going to get milder and milder, even bumping up to almost the canadian border. the numbers, y'all, for boston, 25 to 43. dallas from 37 to 63. things are getting better. so we are going to warm up. then you don't want get a white christmas in a lot of places. i'll save that bad news for another day. >> we'll take the good news now. we move on to the latest in the trump transition. it is a decisive day as presidential electors meet in all 50 states to cast their
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votes. that is pennsylvania's state capital in harrisburg. that state a key state for donald trumpmp. extra security is in place. cecilia vega is here. you're tracking it all. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning to you. donald trump's opponents need just 37 electors to go rogue today. a handful have said they plan to. but despite this last-minute push for a different outcome, the president-elect is poised to twin electoral college when members cast their votes. from celebrities making a last-minute appeal -- >> republican members of the electoral college this message is for you. >> reporter: -- to protesters marching on the national mall. and an online petition with nearly 5 million signatures. this morning, an unprecedented push for the electoral college not to pick donald trump when they cast their votes today. 538 members convening in every state capital and the district of columbia. a formality normally, but this year, all eyes on them as
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trump's poenopponents hail for hail mary. the vast majority of electors insisting they're not changing their vote. >> it really shows a lack of understanding of our democracy. it shows an honest lack and disrespect. >> reporter: trump praising the electoral college this weekend. >> i never appreciated it until now. how genius it was. what they had in mine mind. >> reporter: before, calling it a disaster for democracy. still amid accusations of hacking in the election, 80 electors signing a letter asking the director of national intelligence to provide them with classified briefings before they vote. and hillary clinton's campaign manager endorsing that request. >> what did trump inc. know and when did they know it? were they in touch with the russians? i think those are still open questions, and the electors have a right to know what the answers are. >> reporter: the trump team pushing back hard. >> the entire nonsense about the electors trying to use the russian hack issue to change the election results is really unfortunate. i think that actually undermines
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our democracy more than any other conversation that we're having right now. >> reporter: no laughing matter, but certainly fodder for "snl." >> this is elf on the shelf. he is fun. you just put it right here next to your internet router. >> reporter: "snl" is not letting up on this one. so the intelligence agencies have all but denied that request by the electoral college memb s members. today's votes, not counted officially until january. >> that happens in congress. thank you. let's talk more now about senators chuck schumer and john mccain, who are leading the bipartisan call for an investigation on the russian hacking allegations and the election. take a look at what senator mccain had to say. >> whether it would have affected the outcome of the election or not is the reason why we have to have a select committee. if they are able to harm the electoral process, then they destroy democracy, which is based on free and fair
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elections. >> our chief foreign correspondent terry moran is in russia. terry, you have been talking to people inside the kremlin. what are they saying? >> reporter: good morning. talking to russian government officials, people close to putin's inner circle. i have to say they are laughing at us. they think this is a joke. they look at the post-election chaos in the united states, the controversies in the electoral college, the call for congressional hearings, and they are taking sliging dlieking del. there were cheers in the russian parliament on election night. state-dominated media is mocking the americans. you talk to ordinary russians, they don't believe it. they think it's embarrassing for the united states. they can't believe that any hacker, and the russian government is absolutely out now denying they had anything to do with it, but that any hacker could undermine the election. >> what is their take on donald trump? >> reporter: well, that's interesting amy, because they
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didn't want hillary clinton. it is striking the hatred you feel from russian government officials for hillary clinton. they saw her as an enemy or threat to russia. but they don't know donald trump. they see him not as some american liberals do as putin's poodle, but an american national igs, that they hope that they can do business with. amy. >> all right. very interesting. terry moran. thank you. >> let's get more from cokie roberts and jon karl. let's begin. we want to get to russia in a second. let's begin with the electoral college protests. we haven't seen this focus since the 2000 election. >> well, and even then, wasn't as intense as it is now because it's spurred on by social media and all of, that and these ads in t in the paper. all of it. we have seen protests before with the electoral college. and pretty much every four years, there's a challenge. but then it's over. >> even if some people change their vote, it's not going to
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change the outcome. jon, one thing that may change. we're starting to see some signs from the donald trump camp that once we get by this electoral college vote today, he might start to move towards accepting the conclusions of the intelligence community that russia was involved in the election. >> we heard that from reince priebus. who of course, is his incoming chief of staff, said that if the president-elect, then, president gets presented with evidence from the intelligence community on this, that is convincing, he would accept the conclusions. we'll see if that happens. this is something that's been fundamental. from the start, trump has dismissed the possibility. and george, if he accepts it, it raises a very interesting question for president-elect trump. what does he do about it? will there be retaliation taken against the russians? >> that's what i wanted to follow up on. we heard from president obama on friday saying there will be retaliation once the final report comes in.
7:14 am
but kellyanne conway, president will ha -elect trump's senior adviser, saying he won't necessarily follow through on that. >> it's hard to imagine president-elect trump, who is talking about warmer ties with russia, starting, as one of his first acts of president, starting retaliation. against the russians for something that arguably helped him get elected president. >> you have the pressure in the republican party. >> absolutely. and historical pressure. republicans have been the party of opposition to russia. the soviet union before that. the hard liners. for them to suddenly say, oh, it's all fine, is a problem for them and for trump. i think it's a bigger problem if he doesn't accept the intelligence. because these are the people he is going to be counting on for the next four years to tell him what is going on around the world. >> cokie, jon, thank you. overseas where evacuations have resumed in the war-torn city of aleppo, syria. thousands of civilians and rebel fighters have been trapped in that city in freezing temperatures, days after the
7:15 am
takeover by government forces. the evacuations were delayed sunday after militants who were opposed to that plan set fire buses that were supposed to carry people fleeing the city. but today, russia and france are supporting a new compromise that will allow the united nations to monitor those evacuations and make sure aid is delivered. >> that is so critical. >> it is. the latest on the manhunt going on in arkansas after a road rage shooting killed a 3-year-old boy on a shopping trip with his grandmother. the suspect is on the loose. abc's adrienne bankert is on the story. good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: it's cruel and senseless. somebody pulling out a gun because they were in a hurry. police are hoping to find the man who shot a toddler in a fit of road rage. this morning, the manhunt is on for a driver who opened fire on this car, killing an innocent child in a deadly case of road rage. >> this is probably one of the most frustrating things that you will encounter in your career
7:16 am
when it involves children. >> reporter: kim king macon says she was taking her two young grandchildren on a shopping trip in little rock, arkansas, saturday night. coming to a halt at this stop sign. waiting to make a turn in the pouring rain. that's when police say the driver of the car behind her honked his horn, apparently angry she was going too slow. investigators say she honked back. that's when the man allegedly got out of his vehicle, firing his gun. macon driving off, pulling into this parking lot, where she discovered her 3-year-old grandson, ason king, had been shot. he later died at the hospital. >> we're asking if there is anyone who has investigation pertaining to this case, please come forward. >> reporter: detectives now offering a $20,000 reward for the killer they believe was driving a 2003 black chevrolet impala. police say the family is completely innocent, and had no prior relationship with the gunman.
7:17 am
unimaginable grief for this family. there's still very little description of the suspect. they hope any information from the public will help. >> so senseless. >> reporter: you see those pictures, your heart just breaks. i mean, a 3-year-old child. >> incredibly sad. adrienne, thank you so much. now to hollywood, celebrating the life of a legend this morning. zsa zsa gabor, the hungarian beauty just as famous for her love life as her many acting roles. >> i don't want to be remembered as a woman who married so many times. but i married so many times, and i fall in love. i'm very impulsive. i marry too fast. the man is that nice to me, i go. i don't need alimony. i go away, i can work. i married so many times because i fall easily in love. >> she came to the u.s. in the late 1930s, quickly becoming a household name along with her sister, eva. she starred in "green acres." she was known for her extravagant lifestyle and many marriages.
7:18 am
she had eight husbands, in case you were counting. including conrad hilton. if you're over a certain age, you'll remember her on the talk shows calling everyone "dahlink." here's one of my favorite quotes. she said, i'm a marvelous housekeeper. every time i leave a husband, i keep the house. still making us laugh. >> all summed up in one sentence. thank you, very much. let's go become to ginger. >> i'm going to call you both dahlink today, just in honor of zsa zsa. look at the snow cover. i wanted to bring back last year's. it was a mild december. this day last year, only 38% of the country covered in snow. today, 55%. but like we were just talking about, the warmup on the way. it's not going to last all that long. your local weather in 30 seconds, but first, your select cities brought to you by walmart.
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good monday morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco. let's take a look at your accuweather highlights. freezing cold and black ice possible through 9:00. spare the air today. no wood burning allowed. frost inland tonight. milder around the bay and the coast and a chance of rain on friday and christmas sunday. today our spread is about 53 to 56 degrees with increasing high clouds. tonight 30s just about everywhere except for san francisco. and out toward the coast. sheer my accuweather seven-day forecast, warmer today on >> there is beauty in 15 or 30 below zero. and it looks like this. duluth, minnesota. that's the steam rising, and you see that hart theart that forms. >> it warms your heart. >> until you walk outside.
7:20 am
tlanhanks, ginger. coming up, college football star under fire. disturbing new surveillance video shows him hitting a woman. big question, should he play in a huge bowl game? will he get to the nfl? and a horrible accident at a wedding. a tree crashing down as the wedding party posed for photos. the investigation right now when we come back. wedding party posed for photos. the investigation right now when we come back. hd 4 ♪ ♪ it's just a cough.our cough, sfx: woman coughing you'd see how often you cough all day. and so would everyone else. that lasts up to 12 hours.s fast, powerful cough relief
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good morning. it is 7:23, i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. we have an update on the delivery truck driver who crashed on 680. we have learned that he has died from his injuries. this is in danville. he overturned this morning near diablo road after ramming into an abandoned suv on the side of the road. as a result, spilled packages from the truck are still blocking two lanes. alexis, how does it look out there. >> it looks terrible. all of the surface streets are backed up and we have probably six to seven miles of back-up on southbound 680 because it merged with everything out of the walnut creek area where we have the tro right lanes blocked, that is a sig-alert. if you could take b.a.r.t., that is a good bet. down to just 4 miles per hour.
7:24 am
and 680 past highway 84, the two left lanes blocked and two other sig-alerts and i'll tweet those out.
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should i say it -- baby, it is cold outside. i said. it look at that, 27 in san ramon, 28 in the north bay. frost around most of the neighborhoods through about 8:00, possibly 9:00. that also means black ice is possible. look at that gorgeous sunrise on our ex plor torum camera. 50s by 4:00 but it is a spare the air. no burning of wood today. rain is possible christmas, reggie. >> coming up, new surveillance video of a star college football player attacks a woman. the reaction over his return to the field is next on gma. another update in 30 minutes.
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that is our mt. tam cam giving us
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without that annoying lactose. good, right? mmm, yeah. lactaid. the milk that doesn't mess with you. this is a rebellion, isn't it? i rebel. >> welcome back to "gma." "star wars rogue one" ruling the box office this weekend, with a massive $155 million opening. just one other movie has ever beat that december record. we're going to tell you which one that is coming up. >> do you know? >> i think i know. >> i think i know. now i think i'm wrong. we're all going to find out in a little bit. also right now, the electoral college casting their votes today. let's look at the pennsylvania state capital. in harrisburg, 20 electors will vote. the process, usually a formality. this year, a lot of pressure from trump's opponents to to keep him from office. also now, 19 states on alert for winter weather. the arctic blast spreading across the country right now.
7:31 am
thousands of flights canceled or delayed in the last 24 hours. and with just six days until christmas, guess what? it is peak mailing day today. the u.s. postal service says this will be their busiest day for cards, letters and packages. and now amazon is warning, you may not get your packages on time. is there a pilot shortage? we'll have that coming up on our big board. we will have that, but first, we get the newly released video of a star football player from the university of oklahoma seen punching a female student in the face. and a pretty startling incident. it's back in the spotlight as running back joe mixon prepares for a bowl game. abc's ryan smith here with the details. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: gorge, joe. joe mixon is one of the top running backs in the nation leading the oklahoma sooners to one of the biggest bowl games. but as seen in this video video of that brutal attack on a co-ed leading many to wonder if
7:32 am
he should be playing at all. a warning, the video is difficult to watch. he's known as one of college football's most electrifying players. but this morning, oklahoma's star running back, joe mixon, is under fire for his actions off the field. this newly released video of him punching a co-ed sparking outrage. the incident happening in the early morning hours of july, 2014. student, mia molitor walking into this cafe. mixon not far behind. the two speaking briefly. mixon appearing to walk away. shoved by molitor. mixon tries to make her flinch, then sucker-punches her. knocking her out cold, and cooly walking out of cafe. molitor's jaw broken, several bones fractured from the attack. mixon suspended his freshman season for the incident. the video under wraps until an oklahoma court ruled it public record friday. but in an odd twist, mixon's own lawyers releasing it. >> he didn't want the distraction to follow the team into the bowl game. i think he made the decision to sort of rip the band-aid off. >> reporter: mixon issuing in statement after the incident.
7:33 am
a group of apparently drunk people started harassing us. the situation got tense. a woman shoved me. i reacted poorly. i struck her. adding, i am sorry. back on the team in 2015, dodging questions last season. >> what did you have to did the get back on the team? >> um -- >> do you have any regrets at all, to anything, joe? >> no. >> reporter: now, many in college football outraged at the university and coach bob stoops, arguing mixon should have been kicked off the team for good. >> you look at that video and say, if that doesn't disqualify someone from playing football at oklahoma, what would? >> reporter: now mixon once poised to become a high round nfl draft pick, could find that punch has put his football future in jeopardy. >> what team would say, i think it's a good idea to draft a guy who was seen throwing this devastating punch on video? >> reporter: now mixon entered a plea deal, and as for the woman punched, the video was released just hours before her graduation.
7:34 am
her lawyer saying she is still processing her emotions from the video's release. >> that's really something, and it's created new pressure on the university to take action. what is happening there? >> right now, they seem to be poised to just let him play. they said he was punished for a year. suspended. he served his time, essentially. and that he's trying to turn over a new leaf. it looks as if they are going to let him play in the bowl game. >> but he has no regrets. >> that's the interesting thing. his comments seem to show somebody without a lot of remorse. people are going to have a problem with that. >> let's bring in dan abrams for more on that. there's a civil case going on as well. what impact does this have on that? >> well, look. the video is the civil case. it's the heart of the civil case. i'll tell you, her lawyers messed this up. meaning in 2014, you have a year to file the civil lawsuit. they filed a civil lawsuit on certain claims that just didn't make sense in this case. negligence. this is an assault or battery.
7:35 am
that's what the claim should have been. instead, her lawyers filed the claims of negligence. which the judge threw out recently. the only claim that's remaining is intentional infliction of emotional distress, right? the problem for her, with that kind of claim, with these facts is she waves him over to -- >> we want to show that over on the tape. >> she waves him over, and then pushes him. he seems to be walking away. she then hits him again. this is in no way to defend what he did, right? you're looking at this as a legal matter and trying to prove intentional infliction, meaning he intentionally inflicted emotional distress, it makes it harder when you look at that video. which again, comes back to the issue of they should have sued for battery, assault, the basics in a case like this. >> does it imply forethought? >> no, not necessarily. there has to be conduct where he was seeking to create emotional distress for her. his defense will be, i may have been wrong. i shouldn't have hit her, but i
7:36 am
certainly wasn't trying to create emotional distress. she called me over. she pushed me. i overreacted. again, not to be defending him in what i'm saying, but as a legal matter, the claim on the table is not an easy one for her now in the context of the civil lawsuit. >> what does this mean for the nfl if he's drafted? >> i think it will be tough for him. you talk about ray rice and some of the other cases that have been out there. and now you're looking at him going into the league. whether he was right or wrong, he should not have thrown that punch. and he admits that. it will be a very dicey issue where he gets drafted, if he gets drafted at all. >> thank you. what a case. now we move onto a tragic accident at a wedding in california where a tree came crashing down as the wedding party posed for photos, killing one person. injuring at least five. abc's kayna whitworth has the story. >> reporter: this morning, a woman killed, and a child in critical condition after this giant tree came crashing down on top of them at a wedding party. >> we just watched some little kids go flat under the tree.
7:37 am
it's crazy. they were just running for their life. >> reporter: moments before tragedy struck, the group was celebrating, taking wedding photos underneath a 100-foot tall eucalyptus tree. but with no warning, it topples down. >> they're taking pictures. and all of a sudden, it just collapsed. >> reporter: several family members trapped underneath the tree. police and firefighters scrambling to rescue the victims. >> respond to the persons trapped incident. >> reporter: emergency crews using chainsaws to cut away branches. while members of the wedding party waited and prayed. one victim receiving cpr at the scene. >> there was a lady with this little baby, and i didn't know what to do, but she was screaming. >> reporter: five people rushed to the hospital, including a 4-year-old girl. now fighting for for her life, suffering from a serious head injury. officials now investigating what caused the tree to fall, saying california's long-term drought followed by heavy rains may have
7:38 am
affected the tree's health. >> we have seen this happen. trees are stressed. and as noted, we did have a large amount of rain. so there's some reason that the tree failed. >> reporter: i want to show you the tree. you can see there behind me, rt tos had to cut off the all the branches, and that debris field covers a half acre. that would have been hard for anyone to escape. they are bringing in an arborist to investigate. within the next day or two. george. >> thank you, kayna. that's so sad. coming up on the big board. a dangerous morning for black ice. we'll tell you how to stay safe. pilots for the largest retailer, amazon, warning of possible delivery delays. will your holiday package arrive in time? we're back. in two minutes. we're back in two minutes. ay package arrive in two minutes. in two minutes. i. . . . . . .
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7:41 am
national weather service issued an urgent warning to drivers on sunday. ginger, we're going to begin by getting an update from gio, who was out there in fairfield, connecticut. show us why the black ice is so hard to spot. >> reporter: hey, george. good morning. listen. that term, black ice, is a tad deceiving. because really this stuff doesn't have any color. it is invisible. that's why it's so hard to spot. we found some here in connecticut. this is that black ice we're talking about. it's going to match whatever color the ground is, okay? so show you how dangerous this is, i have a hockey stick and puck. here i go. i can almost play some ice hockey right here on the road. that's how slick it is. that's how almost wet it is. that's how it's going to be on the road. that's why it's just so dangerous for the cars when they are driving. they're not going to be able to stop easy on the road. you have to watch for that. you just have to look for the sort of slick ground. especially when the temperature is this low. guys, back to you. >> so scary when you hit those patches. >> it is.
7:42 am
i was upstate this weekend. we saw two cars spun out in dramatic fashion. over guardrails. tell us why black ice -- how does it form? it's invisible, literally. >> what happened in the northeast, as you saw, we went from very cold on friday to much warmer over the weekend. the snow starts to melt and puddle and pool. and then we see the temperature drop. well below freezing again, so it almost flash freezes in a way. you can also have fog or condensation just sitting over the road, and then when the temperature drops, it can freeze as well. the temperature drops, it freezes. i grew up having my mom tell me, careful, there's black ice out there. it's one of the most dangerous things on the road for sure. >> because you don't want to brake on it. what do you do? is it about driving slowly? >> there's the normal ones. you don't turn. you can't turn into it necessarily. you kind of keep it straight. don't brake. but this is good. if there is a patch of snow, go for the snow because that would give you more traction than the black ice would.
7:43 am
>> thank you, ginger. up next, crunch time for holiday shopping. less than a week before christmas. and now pilots flying for the world's biggest retailer, amazon, are warning customers they may struggle to deliver gifts in time for the big holiday. becky worley is joining us with more on that. so okay. becky, are our packages going to make it on time? that's what everyone wants to know. >> it's hard to know, amy. this is a "he said, she said." but it's the pilots saying there will be delays. amazon saying, everything is fine. so here's the deal. amazon, they are trying to rely less on third party shippers, ups, and fedex. amazon is so big, they have been able to contract with cargo companies and have just amazon shipments across the country. the pilots' union for the jets saying they're being mandated to work overtime to get the shipments delivered. the pilots went on strike last month. you may remember, but a federal judge ordered them back on the job. they're now talking directly to consumers by taking out ads on facebook saying, shipments could be delayed.
7:44 am
but, and this is a big but, amazon told us they have rebalanced capacity to ensure no disruptions, and they have added, they are confident in their ability to serve their customers, so we will see. >> they say they're going to do it. walk us through the deadlines we're facing right now. >> i know. it's really that crunch time. we all want that free shipping, but sorry. [ buzzer ] that deadline has passed. it gets the buzzer. it was last friday. we may see a few sites offering last-minute shipping. but don't count on it. okay? now we move onto standard shipping. this is a tick tock. ups standard shipping cutoff is today for most outlets, including amazon. you'll pay for it. not as much. not as much as expedited shipping. cha ching. ouch. procrastination hurts. drop dead deadline for most stores, noon, 12/22. that's thursday. that's also amazon prime members. that's your deadline, but i'm just saying. don't wait, you guys. get her done.
7:45 am
>> i've had the shipping cost more than the item. >> i have done it, too. >> worst feel egg in the world. you could always print out what you got them and just wrap up the -- here's what you're going to get in just another week. >> ali has stuff lined up. today i'll get the bill. >> thank you, becky. thank you, ginger. coming up in two minutes, that high-speed medical emergency caught on tape. how good samaritans helped save a man's life. plus prince harry celebrating christmas early with william and kate. what he's saying about his mother, princess diana. what he's saying about his mother, princess diana.
7:46 am
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7:48 am
>> reporter: good morning, george. panic, concern, danger. eyewitnesses had all these emotions and more. they watched this scene unfold in real life with their own eyes. a motorcyclist got it all on tape. what he also captures is the compassion of strangers. >> owl -- pull over! pull over! >> reporter: these are the harrowing moments caught on a florida highway. a car careens out of control. coming dangerously close to catastrophe. [ horn honking ] >> what the -- >> reporter: watch as the driver, apparently having a medical episode, crashes through the streetlight and keeps going. >> what are you doing? pull over! >> it was almost like a pinball machine. he was literally back and forth, you know, four lanes of traffic. banging off the walls. >> reporter: despite blown-out tires, the cadillac picks up speed, crisscrossing the highway. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: slamming into a guardrail. >> pull -- you need to stop! >> reporter: before finally coming to a stop. >> bro, you need to stop! stop. you all right? >> reporter: the driver appears disoriented.
7:49 am
but he is somehow okay. >> get out of car. it's smoking. >> we have to get you out of the car. the car's smoking. >> reporter: nearly a dozen good samaritans jump in to help. >> i'm a trauma nurse if anyone can tell me what's going on. >> reporter: and they make sure he makes it safely to a hospital. we did speak to the driver over the phone. he prefers we don't use his name, but he wanted to say he thanks everybody who helped him. according to the florida police, after he was transported to the hospital, he refused treatment and walked out. we still don't know what the medical episode was. because he wasn't able to prove that something happened because he refused treatment at the hospital, they ticketed him for reckless driving. >> you could tell he was listless. he wasn't all there. something was going on. >> reporter: he seemed like he was in a state of shock. and something had gone wrong. >> the ticket is still outstanding? >> reporter: dorg police, they told us last night, they issued a ticket. he hasn't paid it. they haven't rescinded it. >> wow. all right, linsey. glad everyone is okay. thank you. coming up next, we have a new parenting alert about screen time.
7:50 am
one doctor calling it as addictive as drugs. dr. besser here to help you find the right balance for your kids. for our kids, too. lara, what's going on upstairs? >> hi, amy. hey, george. you guys having a good time? we're ready for you to get up here. great audience. a special interview with jennifer lawrence. talking about her new movie. being a role model, and who she can't live without. we'll tell you coming up on "gma." hi, we're the hulford quads. (laughter) we're in 8th grade. technology is the only thing that really entertains us. i'm gonna use this picture on sketchbook, and i'm going to draw mustaches on you all. using the pen instead of fingers, it just feels more comfortable for me. be like, boop! it's gone. i like that only i can get into it and that it recognizes my fingerprint. our old tablet couldn't do that. it kind of makes you feel like you're your own person, which is a rare opportunity in my family. (laughter) so basically we have two production options... hey guys, i gotta call you back.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
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it is 7:56, good morning i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. if you haven't gone outside yet, get the extra layer. you need it. hi mike. >> the watches and warnings will end but the warning will be around until 9:00 and still the threat of black ice. 53 to 56 this afternoon. so chilly. today spare the air day. no wood burning. likely also on tuesday and wednesday and rain on friday and christmas sunday. >> the commute is so bad. i will take you back to danville. no changes southbound 680, due to the deadly crash involving the flipped delivery truck. now on top of that, we have a problem southbound 680 in concord. looking at an hour and a half from concord into danville. >> on second thought, don't go outside. work from home. coming up, guarding your kids
7:57 am
against serious screen addiction during the holidays. that is next on gma. we'll have another update in about 30 minutes and always on the news app and join natasha, mike alexis, jessica and me every week day morning from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. agine a world where the holidays are about joy again. where days are filled with magic instead of madness.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. deadly deep freeze. bitter wind chill and icy conditions. hundreds of zepts on the roads. planes slide right off runways. more than 6,000 flights delayed or canceled. 19 states under winter weather alerts right now. parenting alert. are your kids so glued to the screens that it's turning them into junkies? tough question ifser the doctor who says all screen time is downright dangerous. dr. besser breaks down what you need to know. new this morning. will, kate, and harry team up for a christmas party, as prince harry reveals he never really dealt with diana's death. what he's saying about his mother now. and why he says he buried his emotions for 16 years. ♪ i want to try everything and michael one on one with jennifer lawrence. every question on the table.
8:01 am
and wait tl till you hear her answer to this. >> there's one person, you can't include me, you had to be stuck with on a ship for 90 years, who is it? >> as she says -- >> good morning, america. and good morning, america. welcome to this fantastic audience here on a monday morning. a lot of great christmas sweaters. >> i love it. >> we have a lot to get to. first lady michelle obama with melania trump. the first lady sat down with oprah to talk about the advice she was going to give the incoming first lady. we'll have more on that coming up. >> all right. looking forward to that. a lot of planning going on behind the scenes for wednesday. it is going to be our fifth annual ugly sweater competition.
8:02 am
>> take it very seriously. >> viewers have been sending in their pictures. this one from denise in ridgewood, new york. using this plant for inspiration. i can never remember. sit poinsettia or poinsettia? >> i say poinsettia. can i borrow that? >> a fire hazard. >> no fire hazard this year. but big surprises coming your way. i want to show you two ores. 9-year-old madeleine. in her custom elf on a sleigh sweater. this one took a lot of work. >> oh, wow. >> 140 hours from cindy's mother, barb, from michigan. it's a sweater for four. as you can see. we could do that and call it a day. >> we could. >> fonzie, let's get up here and get in that foursome sweater. all right, not. >> we'll start off with some news. dan harris downstairs. >> i'll save you from what appears to be an inappropriate discussion. >> exactly.
8:03 am
>> here you go, george. this is for you. the extreme weather creating a travel nightmare. look at the luggage left behind after more than 100 flights were cancel add the denver airport because of snow and ice. some people stuck on the tarmac for five hours. 19 deaths now blamed on the weather from coast to coast. most of those due to slick road conditions and the bitter cold. the wind chill in chicago this morning, 26 below zero. it was 58 below zero in south dakota. ginger is here with the latest. >> south bend, indiana, broke a record. 13 below this morning. this picture is from texas. it goes -- that cold goes all the way south into texas. that's what we wnt wanted to start out with. the arctic cold reaching almost the entire nation. it feels like 10 in albuquerque. 14 below in kansas city. 11 below in detroit. things are about to change big-time. that freezing line through the midweek will get all the way up to almost the canadian border.
8:04 am
a lot of folks will see big-time warming. chicago goes from 14 as a high today back to the freezing mark. that will feel just tropical. dan? >> yeah, i don't know about tropical. but i'll take it. thank you, ginger. police in arkansas are offering a $20,000 reward this morning as they search for the man who killed a 3-year-old boy in a road rage incident. detectives in little rock say the boy was riding in his grandmother's car when the shooter, who was behind them, got upset because she was not driving fast enough. the electoral college is expected to make donald trump's victory official today. protesters are gathering in several state capitals in a long-shot effect, trying to get them to block donald trump. people are citing hillary clinton's win in the popular vote and claims about russian hackers. speaking of which, intelligence officials have turned down requests about 80 members of the electoral college to be briefed on the investigation. trump's team is demanding hard ed that russia did, in fact, meddle in the election.
8:05 am
a group of senators is demanding an investigation. before heading to hawaii on christmas vacation, first lady michelle obama sat down with oprah. as george mentioned earlier. she revealed details of her meeting with melania trump and the advice she gave to the incoming first lady. >> that's one of the things i said to melania. when you get to place when you can digest all this and you have questions, because, you know, you don't have questions the day after the election. it's just sort of like, you're looking around the house and like, what do you want to know? i don't know what i should know. i knew that. my door is open. that was the nature of -- >> the current first lady promised to do whatever is necessary to ensure a smooth transition. and finally, in honor of my friend, and role model amy robach, a fresh entry in the stupid criminal file. take a look at this surveillance video out of new york. this guy broke into a restaurant called sexy salad, where he ate, according to the owner, 11
8:06 am
bananas and bunch of other stuff before he passed out on the floor. he was gone by the time everything showed up. he left behind an important clue. his driver's license. [ laughter ] so i think he qualifies for amy robach's stupid criminal category. >> a great entry, dan. >> he did you proud. that was incredible. >> that was really good, i feel it, dan, thank you. >> so many questions. so many questions. >> we'll let those hang and move on to "pop news." >> good morning, everybody. happy monday to you and you. prince harry is quickly becoming known as the prince of the people. the release of a new documentary cementing that reputation, entitled prince harry in africa. it follows him on his return to africa. marking the tenth anniversary of the charity he founded there. to fight aids and hiv. he admits he never really dealt with the death of his mother, princess diana. he turned to charity work
8:07 am
because he hoped somehow it would make her proud. now he sees it as an escape from the spotlight and palace formalities. harry determined to make a difference. just like diana did. sometimes, he said, he sees himself simply as a ginger-haired guy who is pretty good at making kids laugh. >> he's always right there with those kids. >> he really is. the force strong this weekend "rogue one" the latest in the "star wars" movie franchise, soaring into hyperspeed at the box office. scoring the second largest december opening in history. $155 million in ticket sales here in north america. close to $300 million worldwide. the only movie to beat that december record. >> that's what i thought. >> last year's "star wars." >> that's what i thought. then i second-guessed it. >> i thought it, too, but was afraid to say it. >> we're on a roll. the box office analyst jeff back says this is the king of all
8:08 am
franchises. so congratulations. in case you hadn't heard, "rogue one" is set before the events of the classic 1977 film. telling a story of a group of rebels on a suicide mission. to steal plans for the imperial death star. fans say it may be the best "star wars" film to date. >> it could start a series of its own. >> and the cgi technology they used to bring people back is incredible. >> i'm excited. did we mention that disney is the parent company? we have talked about it a few times. but, you know, put your money where your mouth is. it's a great film. finally this morning, the mvp of the detroit red wings and anaheim ducks match on saturday was not a player. it was a tiny superfan named mason. he unwittingly took over the jumbotron. every time he gets on the jumbotron, the crowd goes wild. anyone else, a bevy of boos. take a look. [ crowd cheering ]
8:09 am
[ crowd booing ] [ crowd cheering ] [ laughter ] >> it went on like that five or six times. so cute. a mix of awesome and cute. the 2-year-old received -- the honorary man of the match from the detroit red wings. i'll say he earned it. gave everybody a lot of smiles. that is monday's "pop news." >> thank you, lara. speaking of kids and screens, we have something more serious. a parenting alert. as your kids settle in for the holidays, new concerns about screen time. dr. besser here with that. dr. besser here with that. she n! ♪ (tea kettle whistling) (sighing)
8:10 am
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4. queso. 5. nap. 6. sudoku. 7. tambourine practice. i think i made my point. they'll give you an offer for your car, you take seven days to think about it. ♪ we're back now with the new concerns about kids and screen time. as your children start their winter break, one doctor is warning all that tech time could be as addicting as drugs.
8:14 am
his articles are getting millions of views in "the new york post." and sparking a big debate. mara schiavocampo is here with what that report says. good morning, mara. >> reporter: amy, good morning. it is getting an awful lot of attention. kids spend an average of seven hours a day in front of some kind of screen. now that doctor is arguing for many kids, any screen time is too much. it can be addictive and lead to disorders. this morning, one doctor arguing that all screen time is worse for children than previously thought. adding some technology from smartphones to tablets, to video games is downright dangerous. and could even turn kids into psychotic junkies. you're calling it digital heroin. you think it's that serious. >> it affects our brains. and reward centers in similar ways. >> reporter: his articles have gotten millions of views.
8:15 am
the author of "glow kids" saying any screen time for young kids including from video games and interactive educational programs, can be bad. possibly leading to adhd, anxiety, depression, psychotic effects. why? he says because it's simply too much for children's developing brains to handle. overstimulating their reward system. interfering with reality. affecting normal development. >> most of us will drive a car at some point. i'm not throwing my 7 or 9-year-olds the car keys just yet. they're not neurologically equipped to drive a car yet. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. the american a academy of pediatrics saying some screen time is okay for younger kids. some educational programming is beneficial. the doctor says when it comes to kids under 10, the key is to go cold turkey. what is your advice? >> my advice is to hold off as much as possible.
8:16 am
an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. i treat teenagers with tech addiction. it's extremely difficult to treat once that child has fall sboon the rabbit hole. >> reporter: he says that not all screens are equally bad. he sees the biggest problems from interactive screens, with violent video games. if your kid does have to use something for school, he says to try a desktop computer. >> all right, mara. dr. richard besser joins us. this is my world right now. i have teenagers in my house and younger kids as well. and this doctor compares mobile devices to -- he calls it digital heroin. what you to make of that? >> i don't buy that. i'm a pediatrician and parent. i know we have to limit screen time. linking it to heroin, for one, it's not fair given what we're dealing with in the opioid crisis. if you left kids on their own, they're going to use screens far more than we want them to. >> definitely. >> definitely. there's no doubt about that. we have to limit it. it's not fair to say it's
8:17 am
equivalent to heroin. >> what about the doctor making a claim to linking screen time to the rise in adhd cases. >> adhd is on the rise. a lot of it is because we're recognizing it. the data showing it's from screens, it's not good. you look at kids with adhd and you look back, a lot of kids with adhd had more screen time. they may be harder to manage and the parents were parking them in front of screens more, not that it was caused by the adhd. >> okay. so let's talk about management. let's give advice to parents. i try to have the kids put the mobile devices in the kitchen before bed. limit it to a couple of hours. >> those are good things. let's compare kids 2 to 5 and those 6 to 12. 2 to 5, the parents should be doing wit a child. use an educational app. like the sesame street apps. shown to improve education. never use it as a babysitter. limit it to an hour a day. the older kids, 6 to 12-year-olds, you want to select
8:18 am
together those sites that are appropriate for your kids to use. only use those. go over behaviors. so they're not exposed to cyber bullying. no screens during family times. meal time and bedtime. balance it against their other activities. there is a website that lets you put in time for reading, sleep, other things. you'll come down to no more than one or two hours. and that's all -- >> you didn't tackle teenagers. >> the website takes you through that as well. >> good, because i'll be reading that one. coming up, one on one with jennifer lawrence. ♪ what if an insurance company wasn't only there when things went wrong? because for every tornado... there's a twister. for every crash... an even bigger collision. and for every tailspin... well, tailspins. state farm understands that getting the most out of life doesn't just mean being there when things go wrong.
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back here on "gma," a lot to celebrate. stacy's 40th birthday. plus, we're celebrating our tenth annual warm coats and warm hearts coat drive. we've been collecting coats all season long. we have our coat tally. are you ready for this? 63,463 coats so far. that is so special. you can also donate a gently worn coat at your local -- good monday morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco.
8:23 am
let's take a look at your accuweather highlights. freezing cold and black ice possible through 9:00. spare the air today. no wood burning allowed. frost inland tonight. milder around the bay and the coast and a chance of rain on friday and christmas sunday. today our spread is about 53 to 56 degrees with increasing high clouds. tonight 30s just about everywhere except for san francisco. and out toward the coast. sheer my accuweather seven-day forecast, warmer today right now, oscar-winning actress jennifer lawrence, the "passengers" star sat down with michael strahan. to talk about her new movie and who she can't live without. take a look. >> there's something else going on here. i love sci-fi. i love watching sci-fi. it was a genre i didn't see for myself. once i read it, it was just unbelievable. what do we do now? >> reporter: it's a nail-biting, out of this world thrill ride.
8:24 am
in "passengers," jennifer lawrence and chris pratt leave earth behind, to journey 120 years into the future for life on a new planet. >> hello? is anybody here? >> do you know what's going on? >> reporter: when something goes terribly wrong. >> we woke up 90 years too son. >> reporter: do you think that is something you would be able to do? >> as things are right now, i can't see saying good-bye to everyone i know and love. and just peacing out. i think the journey sounds amazing. if i could bring people, maybe i would. >> reporter: if there was one person, you can't include me, you had to be stuck with on a ship for 90 years, who is it? >> she's not a person. i couldn't leave without pipi. >> reporter: pipi? pipi. >> not longstocking. lawren-stocking. that was very upsetting in "vanity fair." pipi was irate. >> reporter: she's your dog? >> yes. pipi called her people. we're on a date.
8:25 am
>> very nice. >> took you long enough to ask. >> reporter: the decision at the end of the movie that puts you in a situation where it's a bigger choice. >> yeah. would you leave love? you die, i die. >> reporter: have you thought about that? would you leave love? >> i guess it depends on the love. is that really mean? does it sound supercallous? depends on the love? >> reporter: well, some love is better than others. >> i mean, if you're facing get raelgly good job and kind of the love that you're with. maybe it's momentary. then you choose the job. you feel like this is love for the rest of my life, then screw the job. >> reporter: one of hollywood's most fearless actors, the oscar-winner is not afraid to speak out on issues she cares about. publishing essays on equal pay and the recent election. >> i didn't mean to speak to only people who voted for hillary. i meant to speak to the divide for any presidential candidate being very extreme is scary. left or right. for me, i was the star of "the hunger games."
8:26 am
i had a lot of 12-year-olds and 11-year-olds and i know that they look up to me and are listening to me and watching me. when the election happened, i couldn't help but think of those girl who is were 18. i completely understand when people say, just shut up and act. but for me, there are times when i feel a need to speak to those girls. >> reporter: you're very aware of your position, if you want to call it that. i think it's appreciated. >> oh, thank you. >> reporter: and i appreciate you, jennifer lawrence. >> thanks, michael. >> i appreciate that interview. great job, michael. "passengers" looks fantastic. opens nationwide wednesday. coming up, the pressure to find the perfect gift. how to make sure you buy something that people won't want to return.
8:27 am
good morning, i'm natasha zouves there abc 7 mornings. let's head over right to alexis smith for the latest on the issue on 680. how is it looking. >> not any better. it is worse. the two right lanes blocked in danville so southbound 680, the same problem since just after 3:30 this morning and now we have a new sig-alert, southbound 680 past 242 in the concord area, the two right lanes are blocked there. avoid it if you can. we're approaching two hours concord into danville. >> thank you. it is also a cold start for many of us in the bay (my hero zero by lemonheads)
8:28 am
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hi there, freeze warning and frost advisory expiring but it is still cold in many of the neighborhoods continuing through 9:00. a look at sutro tower, high clouds and sunshine today. mid-40s to near 50 at the noon and then 49 to 53 at 4:00. spare the air likely today through wednesday and some rain friday and sunday. reggie and natasha. >> hey mike. we'll have another update in about 30 minutes and always on the free abc 7 news app. join the whole team, reggie, mike, alexis, jessica and me for
8:30 am
abc 7 mornings week days 4:30 to 7:00. the news continues with gma. [ cheers and applause ] i thought the first time you came across you were supposed to talk. welcome back, everybody. monday morning here on "gma." heading into christmas. a lot to talk about. i guess it's all in that theme today. >> about giving gifts. 1 in 3 gifts you give is actually returned. it's like a pretty high threshold. >> i really try hard. >> that's a good batting average. .333. >> that's why i don't give gifts. >> you don't? >> well, i shop for one person. my wife. i'm pretty sure that she doesn't return them. >> that you know of. >> i don't check the jewelry box that often. >> debra cohn is studying why people don't like the gifts they receive. and she identified several
8:31 am
reasons why. we'll start with the first one with a clip from "friends." take a look. >> this one's from me. >> oh. >> it wasn't on your list. hopefully, you'll think it's really fun. >> a scooter. [ laughter ] >> stick to the list. always stick to the list. >> that is very good advice right there. >> that's an example. how many of you have gotten a gift where it's like, to you, for me? hey, your husband gets you a big screen tv right before the game. look, honey, look what i got you. it's for him. that's one of the things you shouldn't do. don't buy a gift for the person out of spite. like, a mother-in-law giving her daughter-in-law -- >> a good piece of advice. >> like giving her a set of cookware saying, since i know you can cook, right? thought this might help. don't buy gifts because you feel obligated. it feels like -- the one that gets returned.
8:32 am
and also, this is the one i don't know. they say that people return gifts when people give them to them because they're opulent. like they're bragging. look what i bought you. >> i have no problem with those. >> i'm totally fine with that. >> i want to make more friends like that, actually. >> please, brag away. [ applause ] >> around the holidays, will smith who was here last week. gave great advice. he said just do it -- give gifts all year long on day that doesn't make sense. otherwise you end up getting stuck. >> it's true. >> i like giving experiences. they can't return them. and i also think they don't break. you don't lose them. >> they're memories. [ applause ] >> can you -- can you give experiences out of spite? >> possibly. like the mother-in-law says you'll be with me at the spa for three days.
8:33 am
>> you're going take cooking lessons. >> i got that. i had that happen. >> we say, oh, we're going on vacation for christmas. great gift. then the list comes in. >> it's like it doesn't count. all right, well, obviously that was stressful for all of you. are you done? >> this is like therapy. >> are you done shopping? >> i am done shopping, yes. >> you are? >> today, i will be finished. >> how about you guys. you close? >> no. >> no? no? tomorrow. all right, good. today, just relax and enjoy. topic two talking about goody bags. speaking of unwanted gifts. how do you feel about having to make them for your kid's party? >> look at all the nos. >> boo! isn't this a birthday party you're attending. for the birthday girl or boy? why does everyone attending get a gift, too? >> i don't know. they're fun to open. [ applause ] everybody needs a pencil. >> then you get these back from your kids. i feel strongly. there's crap all over my house. i don't even want it. >> i'm used to being the grinch
8:34 am
in this group. but you guys are tough. >> i'm the grinch on this one. and then, you invite the entire class because that's what you do. then you have to come up with 30 gender-appropriate gift bags for everyone. >> you can tell amy has strong feelings on this. >> i can feel the -- i can feel the rage wafting right off of her. my 2-year-old had his birthday last night. and, there were gift bags. >> oh, happy birthday. >> i enjoyed opening them. i didn't know what was in them. my wife made them. >> they were not for you. >> i enjoyed it. nonetheless. >> what's in a goody bag for a 2-year-old? >> there was a ball you can throw around, that i immediately started to throw around. >> we made some. these are rubber duckies. a car. give this to your son. happy birthday. >> thank you. >> you want know what a grinch i am? my kids weren't looking, i would be like, trash, trash. they didn't even miss it. >> they're watching now. >> the reason we're talking
8:35 am
about this is a woman -- >> this will be discussed in therapy. >> later in life. yeah, that's true. be careful of that. one mom posted on her blog, scary mom, she said no more goody bags. she says putting together the perfect mix to try to impress kids is a total waste. kids don't appreciate it. so why bother? >> i throw them away and they don't know. >> it was a recent post. hands? is anybody going to bag the goody bag? is it over for the goody bag? you can still -- [ applause ] >> all right. >> i'll miss them terribly. >> let me change the subject from scary mom on my left here. um. who here makes new year's resz lugss? >> i do. i do. >> a smattering of applause. if you make them, a new study shows your chance of succeeding, less than 10%. >> wow. >> i would say that's about right. >> i have to say -- i don't mind
8:36 am
keeping the -- sticking to the resolution. for any length of time in a significant length of time. i actually think 10% is not that bad. >> oh, boy. are we getting to the name of your book? >> i'm not talking about that. >> you like that percentage, don't you? >> i'm not talking about that. what i'm saying is, if it's important to you, you have to try and try again. a lot of things are tough to do. if you do it ten times, you'll get there. that's the extent of my math. >> congratulations. i think i love new year's for the opportunity for a clean slate. and to say, you know what? i can do something a little bit better. i love it. i take it seriously every year. with mixed results. i agree. try, try again. >> do you have one? >> i haven't given it thought. i just always want to try to live a little better. do things a little -- >> they end up in the same universe. >> be a better mom. >> mine are to take all my vacation days. like that's always, like, the
8:37 am
last few years. >> did you hear that, guys? that was for our bosses right there. >> silent after i said that. silence. >> do you do one? >> i do little ones sort of through the year. i think just if you get close, it's good enough. >> mine is to make better goody bags. >> aw. >> i do want to cut back on sugar. last night, at the aforementioned birthday party, i had so much cake that i have frosting coming out of my pores this morning. i do want to cut back on sugar. >> i can't unsee that. >> sorry. >> it's all right. we love you. >> thank you, dan. coming up, marion cotillard is going one on one with amy. she'll tell us how she'll celebrate the holidays. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
8:38 am
all seems beautiful to me. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always believed the holidays should be about joy. where days are filled with magic, not madness. it's why we have amazing prices on thoughtful gifts, everyday. let's bring back the holidays.
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back here on "good morning america." you have to see, grandma sandy is in georgia. she's on facetime with us this morning. wanted to say hi. that's awesome. she's screaming right now. she told her, scream, grandma, scream. we also are screaming because it's so exciting. our macy's annual campaign is in effort. bringing joy to children with life-threatening medical conditions. macy's will donate for every stamped letter to santa claus that you drop off at a believe box at a macy's or submit online. now you have to see this story. i got the meet this young woman. she's so special. it's meg. a girl whose dream about to come
8:41 am
true. >> my real technique is really big, fluffy powder brush. >> reporter: she's a makeup maven who stars in her own youtube tutorial. >> i love makeup because it's really fun to experiment with. >> she believes makeup helps connect people as humans. that everybody is the same as everybody else. >> reporter: at 8 months old, she was diagnosed with brittle bone disease. >> i'm completely humbled by her resilience. she puts a smile on her face and keeps going. >> reporter: now 13 years old and thanks to make a wish, the beauty queen headed to macy's to meet their glam squad. and pampered her with products to help her perfect future lovely looks. it's meg! i'm so excited. let me give you a hug. putting her skills to the test, she stopped by to teach me a thing or two. >> you don't necessarily want to just put it on the apples of your cheeks. you want to bring it up here, too. >> it looks really pretty. you're hired.
8:42 am
>> thank you. i got so many opportunities to do things i've always wanted to do. thank you so much macy's and make a wish. >> oh, i love that girl. she has a real future. a nice touch. meg and i made a behind the scenes video. you can see it on her youtube page, meg quigley. good morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco. freezing cold temperatures in by 9:00 and high clouds and sunshine and low to mid-50s today. it is a spare the air. so no wood burning all the way through midnight. spare the air likely tuesday and wednesda >> we have such a crowd today. you got real quiet. hi, georgia. we were just saying high to the whole state this morning. such a great crowd. we have one upstairs, too, george. >> back here with cokie roberts to talk about her new children's book, "ladies of liberty."
8:43 am
the women who shaped our nation. here it is right there. welcome. this is your first time with the audience. >> it is. it's a great group. >> and this book, a real labor of love for you. >> it is. i have written two grown-up books about the founding period. i never knew they were grown-up books but they are. "founding mothers" and "ladies of liberty." the publisher wanted children's books of each. "founding mothers" came out a few years ago. now, "ladies of liberty" with the fabulous illustrator diane good. she has delightful pictures here. sacagawea with her baby on her back. you know, she has had to do what lewis and clark did, marking across the country, riding horses, but she had to do it with a baby on her back. >> louisa adams. >> the only other first lady to be born outside of the country. >> melania will be the second. >> melania will be the second. louisa's father was the american consul in britain.
8:44 am
her mother-in-law, abigail adams called her a half breed. but she felt that her vocation was to get her husband elected president. which she wrote in a letter to john adams. it's hardly new that first ladies are playing this role. >> one thing that is new is talk about ivanka trump working in the white house. maybe having a formal role. we have another one there. eliza monroe. >> she was president james monroe's wife. she was sickly. and also, the white house had been burned by the british right before that. she had a lot of work to do to furnish it. and her daughter, elida hay, played the role of first lady. everybody hated her. >> why? >> she was mean and haughty. she had been raised in paris. he had been the ambassador there. she had gone to fancy schools with royalty. and thought she was royalty.
8:45 am
that doesn't work well in america, as you know. >> it does not. all of our kids coming out of hamilton love the music. introduced to historic figures, including eliza hamilton. >> she a wronged wife. alexander is not my favorite. >> despite the show. >> despite the show. you know. he went off and had the duel and got killed, leaving her penniless with seven children. that's not a nice thing to do. she worked with isabella graham, a character in the book who you probably don't know. who was this remarkable scotswoman who came to america poor. was widowed with a bunch of kids. started a fancy school here. all the government children went. george washington's granddaughter, martha's granddaughter went there. her real mission was to help the poor. she started an orphanage with eliza hamilton. thankfully, we have the records. it's still in existence helping children in new york today. graham-windham is still here. helping new york's children. >> talk about a mission. first lady obama wants everybody
8:46 am
to get moving. she has the organic garden in the white house. there she is there doing the exercise. this is something we have seen all throughout history. >> absolutely. first ladies have always had something going. people think it started with eleanor roosevelt. not. martha washington lobbied government for veterans benefits. she had been at camp, we know about valley forge. she was at camp with the soldiers for eight long years of the revolution. she wanted to make sure they got what was coming to them. >> what a perfect time for a book like this to come out. >> it is a good time. a lot of people saying, oh, women have been beaten down again. we didn't reach the goal of presidency. but women have come back and fought throughout our history and done it. these women did it with no legal rights. married women couldn't own property. no political rights. they still went forward and forged a better nation.
8:47 am
they wove the social safety net to make america a better place. >> important lesson. i'm going to bring it home. thank you, cokie. come up, marion cotillard on her new film. come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. i'll make the cocoa. get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams at the mercedes-benz winter event. it's the look on their faces that make it all worthwhile. thank you santa!!! now lease the 2017 c300 for $389 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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(avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ we're back now with oscar-winning actress marion cotillard. she stars in "assassin's creed." one of the season's biggest blockbusters. we sat down to talk about the movie. and the real reason she turned down a role that she really wanted. and how she's celebrating the holidays. >> do you have keys? >> never needed them. >> reporter: she's a siren on the silver screen. oscar-winner marion cotillard, starring in blockbusters like "the dark knight rises." >> i'll take the couch. >> you'll sleep on the roof. >> reporter: and "allied." >> what do you want from me? >> your past. >> reporter: now, the
8:50 am
award-winning actress stars alongside michael fassbender. she plays a scientist who taps into people's memories to connect them with their ancestors. it's a bit of a departure for you. what made you want to take the role of sofia? >> i didn't know anything about the game. it was a mix of an entertaining movie and at the same time, very profound questions about humanity. >> reporter: if you could go back have you thought about where you think it would take you to look back into your ancestors? did it get you curious about your own personal family history? >> yeah, absolutely. i wanted to do research on my ancestors a few years ago. i wanted to do it by myself. it's too much time. my name is dr. sofia rankin. at 6:00 p.m. yesterday evening, you were executed. >> reporter: she is french, but admits the english accent is
8:51 am
not always easy for her. >> i remember turning down a movie that i really wanted to do, because i had to have a perfect american accent. and i didn't have enough time. >> reporter: how difficult is it for you to -- is the american accent actually hard? because it seems so easy to me. i'm kidding. i'm joking. >> oh. try french. >> reporter: i can't even say -- i say pred a manger. movies is something we like to do. do you have a holiday tradition? >> not traditions. just spending time together. it's not a tradition. it's just a joy to be reunited with the family. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> a joy talking to her. "assassin's creed" opens nationwide on wednesday.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
only six days until christmas. beyonce is getting into the holiday spirit, flawlessly decking the halls.
8:55 am
6 million people checking her out in front of her tree. look at that. it's fabulous. oh, wow. it's all situation. >> but, are you really looking at the tree? guess who else is getting into the holiday spirit? ginger with her fabulous christmas tree topped with. what is that? >> it's a barbie. i always top my tree with a barbie. my dad gets me a holiday barbie since i was 6 or 7. every year. so i have them all in boxes. and i opened one for the top of the tree. >> i love tradition. >> even if it's a barbie. have a great day, everyone.
8:56 am
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good morning to you, i'm natasha zouves from abc 7 mornings. yes, there is a chill in the air so the latest on the temperatures from meteorologist mike nicco. hi, mike. >> hey, everybody. the freezing temperatures are thawing out, some of the coolest spots still. this afternoon, 53 to 56 with a few high clouds. freezing cold possible inland again tonight. 60s until friday when rain rolls in and more rain for christmas. no change with our danville situation. a lot of crashes out there this morning. still the worst situation. southbound 680, the two right lanes blocked and some long delays back into concord with the crash southbound 680 past 242 as well. >> thank you so much. it is time now for "live with kelly" and i'll be back at 11:00 for the midday news. i hope you join me then.
9:00 am
our repor continues on our free abc 7 news app. you could join the whole t >> announcer: it's "live with kelly." today, academy award winner kevin costner, and we want you to be our guest with a special performance by "disney on ice." plus, some lucky member of our studio audience could leave with a fistful of holiday cash as we kick off "live"'s holiday games. also, actor scott wolf takes a seat at the co-host desk. all next on "live"! [upbeat music] ♪ >> ♪ your body's poetry >> announcer: and now, here are kelly ripa and scott wolf! [sia's "move your body" playing] >> ♪ move your body ♪ i wanna feel you move ♪ to the music >> kelly: hi, scott. >> scott: it's like i'm marching. it's like i'm marching. >> ♪ move your body >> kelly: i like it. >> scott: i don't know what that is. >> kelly: [laughs] oh, yay. hi, guys. thank you. thanks a lot.


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