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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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when my wife and i got married, we talked about the places that we wanted to life, and number one on moy list was the city of san francisco. >> a new police chief has been named for the city of san francisco and says this job is his dream come true. good afternoon, everyone. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm ama daetz. mayor ed lee introduced the new chief today at a news conference and abc 7 news reporter vic lee was there and had an exclusive interview with the new chief william scott. vic? >> reporter: ama, it was a surprise to many in the law enforcement community, including the police union which had supported interim chief tony chaplin but i found the new chief to be well informed and very frank. >> my wife and my son brandon
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and tyler, because they are the force that really drives my life. and i couldn't do it without them. >> reporter: that's a side of a veteran cop that the public may rarely see. 452-year-old william scott was also open and candid about himself and his feelings when we sat down to talk, first some controversial issues he'll face. tasers, which they used at the lapd. >> reporter: you support toysers? >> i do. i've seen the good in investigate ability to have an option, a less lethal option which is a good thing. >> reporter: and restricting police from shooting at moving vehicles, a proposed reform which the police union opposes. scott says that policy was also in place at the lapd. >> there was some contentious back and forth and at the end of the day when the policy changed we accepted it and we're fine. 272 reforms, and i've read them
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all. they are reasonable, and we're going do our best to get that done. >> reporter: to get that done means convincing a police force that has seen only three outsiders as chief in recent decades. all three had challenges getting the support of the rank and file. >> everything starts with relationships. >> reporter: scott says it's like when he became captain of a new station in los angeles. >> i made an appointment every day to talk to at least two or three people, even if it's just for ten minutes. because it allows to you get to know people on a one-on-one basis and then you can do the other things that you need to do in order to really lead. >> reporter: he feels the same with the police union which has often been at odds with the department. >> union or management, we're all police officers here to do one thing, keep the city safe and do it the right way. >> reporter: well, i also asked him a question posed by others and that is if san francisco is simply a stepping stone to his applying for chief at the lapd where he's been for 27 years.
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he has been mentioned as a successor to chief charlie beck. his answer that this city, san francisco, is where he always wanted to live as young man. it's taken him this long to get here. back to you. >> vic, what's the reaction been so far to chief scott, and also amongst the rank and file because there was probably significant support for thenny chaplin for this job. >> reporter: well, you're right. i think everyone now wants to give him a chance. a lot of people, you know, were at the presser, d.a. gascon, a former lapd police officer and depp think chief and deputy of the supervisors, a lot of community activists, and about the only negative thing i heard was his being an outsider, that he doesn't know the people here or the scandals that's been, you know, happening. >> all right, vic. thank you. here's a look at chief scott's background, a military kid and moved around quite a bit before his family settled down
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in birmingham, alabama and earned his accounting degree at the university of alabama. he was sent to south l.a. on the day. that the 1922 riots broke out there and worked his way up through the ranks and was promoted to deputy chief in 2014. we have breaking news in vallejo after a shooting inside a pawnshop. sky 7 is above the intersection of springs road and rolling wood drive where police are investigating. you can see some of that police tape there and the "vallejo times herald" reports someone opened fire during a robbery. one person and a dog are dead and another person was injured and transported to the hospital. we do have a crew headed there now so stay with abc 7 news for any breaking news update and follow us on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. >> good afternoon, everyone. take a look at live doppler 7. we are tracking some high clouds passing through the bay area right now. those clouds will hold our temperatures up, so this morning
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we did notice that it was cold outside but not the 20s that we saw yesterday morning. below freezing santa rosa and livermore and 31 degrees and san jose. you were at 35 degrees and made a nice recovery as you take a look from our mt. tam cam. there's plenty of sun and the temperatures are in the 50s and 60s right now from san francisco to half moon bay. kgo roof cameras seeing wispy cloud filtering the sun and temperatures in the low to upper 350s from santa rozada to livermore. one other live picture. this is a hazy view. wood pollution is actually adding to the poor air quality from our east bay hills camera along with the high clouds so there's a spare the air alert up now. another one in effect for wednesday and moderate air quality for most of the bay area and here's an hour by hour look at your evening planner 50. s at 6:00. a few clouds at 8:00. 10:00 p.m. it's turning cooler and by midnight temperatures in the low to upper 40s. we're tracking a storm and our
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live doppler 7 you can track with our abc 7 news app to help you keep trafblgt storm. i'll be back with the detailed hour by hour forecast come up. ama? >> thanks, sandhya. breaking news out of mexico where there's been an explosion at a fireworks market. >> look at that. you can just see and heart explosions as that giant plume of smoke rises above the open air sap pablito market outside of mexico city. nine people have died and as many as 70 people are injured. preblg nbc aick -- pyrotechnics major industry in that area. >> abc 7 news reporter lonni rivera has the details. >> he was a wonderful person, and he loved life, and he always saw the bright side of
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everything. >> reporter: parents and friends of 16-year-old jack lewis retrned to hillside near lake merritt. the site has become quite a memorial for lewis, a teen remembered for being authentic and add venturous. >> and we miss him a lot, and we -- it's unbearable for us at times, and at other times, you know, we -- we have nice happy memories of him and it keeps us going. >> last december the 16-year-old and friends came here to celebrate a friend' birthday. jack and a few others climbed a tree, a tree limb snapped and crushed lewis and killed him. the city of oakland chopped it down shortly after that, but the attorney john weiner says the same true was pruned and given a blue mark before the accident. >> that's an indication that the tree is dead, dying and dangerous, and the city of oakland despite knowing that,did nothing to protect the citizens. >> reporter: legal team's findings has led to the
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discovery of other aging trees at the lacks. this arborist showed us two other diseased trees nearby and she says they are also prone to having falling branches. >> the tree is in the process of failing and it has decay at the base. >> the area is well-traveled and popular for tree climbing. >> reporter: he was just being himself when this tragedy occurred. >> the teen's family knows this legal action can never take away the pain, but it might be prevented and hopefully encourage the city to better manage dying trees. in oakland, lonni rivera, aches 7 news >> a firefighter's helmet-cam captured the rescue of two people from a concord apartment balcony. >> we've got you. we've got you, buddy. >> scary scene. this video provided by the contra costa county fire protection. crews showing boys escaping as downstairs injuries and both
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out around 2:00 p.m. and the complex destroyed eight units and sent a 5-year-old girl to the hospital with smoke inhalation and that fire caused nearly a half million dollars in damage. >> the california supreme court has halted the voter -- approached measure that would speed up death penalty appeals. today the court put proposition 66 on hold to give it time to consider a lawsuit challenging the measure. the lawsuit says the reform measure would disrupt the courts, cost more money and limit the ability to mount proper appeals. last month voters rejected a measure that would have repealed the death penalty and narrowly approved proposition 66. a 23-year-old man has been arrested for vandalizing a high school in santa rozada leaving $100,000 in damage. this as students were set to attend their final day of classes just before christmas break. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield has the details. the staff at cardinal newman high school in santa rosa had a huge mess to clean up this morning. the vandal who attacked this place left behind more than
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$100,000 worth of destruction. it was broken glass all over the floor. mud on the walls from where the vandal threw the potted plants and papers scattered all over the place and even a broken statue that was created in 1966. students say they don't just see this as an office. it is more personal than that. >> coming in here and seeing the glass all broken. it just seems like a part of that's where my home has meant a little bit destroyed, and it's weird. >> the attacker even pulled the fire alarm which brought firefighters to the scene first and they saw the person throwing things, they called the sheriff's department who arrested the vandal without incident. they say they took 23-year-old andrew faulkner into custody. the faculty here does not think he's connected with the school. three classrooms lost windows in the rampage. they were boarded up so students could take final exams today. >> reporter: uncomfortable kind of seeing someone else come in and had this angler and damaged
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our school like this. >> i don't feel scared. i feel really safe in this community and i think everyone just needs to come together, and we can definitely get through this. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, a wild chase on bay-area freeways with police right behind a stolen tow truck. the chase and the suspect coming up. >> had kind afternoon craze run of skill and maybe a little bit of luck mixed in. >> bittersweet win for a "jeopardy!" contestant on a winning streak on the show days after she lost her battle with canc cancer. and giant piles of toy proved the bay area is generous place and the group is lending a helping hand. >> and we're closing in on an afternoon commute right here and a pretty good look at the golden gate bridge and skies are clear and traffic moving nicely in both directions.
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a stolen tow truck led to a wild police chase. began this morning at a tow yard in san leandro and quickly moved across the bay bridge and through san francisco and down the peninsula. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is live in san leandro now with the details. cornell? >> larry, a lot of up wanted excitement here today. this is san leandro towing where the front gate has been repaired and a suspect rammed the gates early this morning driving a stolen tow truck. that suspect was finally stopped by police. he's now in jail. a stolen tow truck blows through the bay bridge toll plaza with police in hot pursuit and the chase following 24-year-old
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suspect moses miller looked more like a motorcade escort coming off the lower deck of the bridge into san francisco. >> took the truck and rammed right through the gate and not much you can do. >> reporter: toeing owen e butch archuleta said he was going in to retrieve his chef silverado pickup impounded by police and miller was driving without a license. he used the flatbed tow truck to ram the gates and a tow truck driver heard the commotion and tried to stop him. >> and the driver jumped in forklift and blocked the vehicle in and he wound up taking our tow truck instead. >> reporter: after the brimming the police chase hit the streets of san francisco and back on to highway 101 is where miller suddenly stopped. >> for some reason stopped the -- the tow truck and then just backed into our patrol vehicles and in fact rammed the patrol -- two different patrol vehicles three different times. >> here's the result. one patrol car had a shattered windshield and the officer was
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not hurt. a spike strip was placed to stop the truck and can you see it driving off with two flat tires. the chase ending up highway 101 with brisbane with the suspect running away from the truck. >> actually had to tackle him. >> reporter: that tow truck back at archuleta's yard with lots of damage and missing tires. >> holidays and everything happened. i'm glad somebody didn't get hurt >> reporter: suspect is charged with auto theft and assault with a deadly weapon. family this tow truck. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. oakland police are investigating a serious crash involving an ac transit bus. that bus hit a tree and an suv on oak near tenth street. no passengers on board at the time. the bus driver was hurt and everyone in the sufficient is okay. the bus and the suv is heading in the same direction on oak when they crashed. >> health officials identified the bacteria that killed three people and sickened 22 others after they ate a thanksgiving
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day meal in antioch. it's one of the most common food borne illnesses in the u.s. a church group hosted the dinner at the american region hall. the health department wasn't able to pinpoint what caused the illness and everyone who got sick and ate mashed potatoes and relatively around the same time. uber plans to meet with officials from the dmv to discuss the on going issues over self-driving cars in san francisco. lawyers from unier, the attorney general and the dmv will meet tomorrow. the state has threatened to sue uber if it doesn't get proper permits for the self-driving cars and immediately stop picking up passengers. uber contents it doesn't need any permits since the vehicles are not fully autonomous and there is a driver on board. >> more changes coming for drivers on vanness avenue are coming for drivers and a major thoroughfare in san francisco. starting today construction crews are removing the existing median including the median trees between pacific and silver
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street. all left turns were moved except at broadway, lombard and hayes street. it's part of a three-year improvement project to improve bus lanes down the center of van ness and it's expected to be complete ed completed in 2018. >> today firefighters and police officers played a different role as santa helpers. abc 7's matt keller has the story. >> reporter: park your fire trucks outside and 'tis the season for toys. >> we were at target and they opened up an hour early and allowed us to come in and do extra shopping. >> reporter: south side firefighters and police picked up extra gifts to fill in the gaps for the big giveaway on thursday to 800 local families. >> seeing all the looks on our -- our folks' face and all the people that volunteer, you can see just how much this christmas spirit gets shared. >> thank you. >> reporter: in mountianview, more firefighters getting into the christmas spirit. the firefighters charity
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organization paid for and passed out 435 bags full of food, including turkeys as part of second half vest food bank's brown bag program. >> it allows them to be able to have that special holiday deal with a tirk and all the fresh produce that they are getting today as well so it's really a great thing for them. >> reporter: say credit heart service in sap jose has been doing their holiday food program since 1964. 3200 low-income families will receive a box filled with all the goodies needed for a special meal. >> grateful because i've only been working for two weeks after being off ten months. there would have been no way i could have gotten my son anything >> reporter: big fun comes on thursday. that's the toy box program here at sacred heart community service. parents get to come in here and pick two toys and one book for their kids. in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> look at all the toys. >> i know.
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good job. time to check on our weather and larry is complaining it's too cold. >> it is too cold. >> wasn't that cold today. >> it wasn't that cold this morning, you're right, ama and larry. larry is used to hawaii weather, and so this is a little cold. temperatures were below freezing in a few spots. >> very tender. very tender. >> we know that. >> he's fragile. >> tomorrow morning perhaps you'll be smiling a little more because it's not going to be as cold. let me show you right now live doppler 7, and we'll talk about what's going on. we do have clouds moving into the north bay. expecting those to continue to pass through as we head into tomorrow morning. a live look from our golden gate bridge camera with plenty of sun out there and with the sun out it does feel better as it did. not as cold as tomorrow night and we do have a storm arriving on friday. that should also hold our temperatures up so we'll get milder. tomorrow morning though we'll still be near freezing and not as cold as this morning as i mentioned. mid to upper 30s and in our inland valleys and 40s along the
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bay and coastline. for your afternoon temperatures will be on the mild side. we're really looking at upper 50s to low 60s with plenty of sun. just in case you decide to go head to the beach and enjoy this nice weather i do want to warn you about a beach hazard statement for your wednesday. there's a risk of rip currents and sneaker waves and we bring in the storm impact scale for your friday and we have a moderate strength storm between friday and saturday morning. light to moderate rain and early estimates put us as half an inch to an inch and a half and the storm intensity won't be as strong as we last saw. it will be a wet windy friday and your getaway a bit dicey and can the a.m. and north bay is getting wet. windy ahead of the storm. by 1:00 most of the bay area is looking at the rain and moderate pockets of rain and the evening rush will be the sloppy one going into 8:00 p.m. and still raining pretty good and then it turns to scattered showers for your saturday morning before it all winds down and another system comes through and here's a look at your rainfall totals.
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this is once again early estimates. most of you will be between half an inch and an inch and a quarter. in the sierra this does turn to snow so a winter storm watch late thursday through saturday evening. 1 to 2 feet of snow with gusty winds. expect whiteout conditions. chain controls and perhaps a good idea to hold off to travel and get up there before the storm arrives because it's going t dump in the money thaps. lock at this. it's going to be a nice white christmas for some of you up there headed up. 20 inches at kirkwood and 10 at donner. download the abc 7 nuts app to help you track the storms and here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. a spare the air alert for the first day of winter tomorrow at 2:44. the seasons change. sunshine for your thursday and a two on our storm impact scale for friday with wind and rain and showers saturday morning and they will be followed by a dry start to christmas day, but at night some rain comes in, and we have a one on our storm impact scale for monday with wet breezy conditions and lingering showers going into tuesday. larry and ama?
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>> thank, sandhya. >> coming up, we have a special treat and a tribute for warriors fans. how you can get your hands on a
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the boyfriend of a "jeopardy" contestant who died this month is speaking publicly. cindy stowel won her fifth consecutive episode on friday night. she began taping back in august. three weeks after she auditions she revealed she had six months to live. she passed away on december 5th. her boyfriend watched her compete. >> she's had kind of a crazy run of skill and maybe a little bit of luck mixed in, and it's just been -- that's kind of been a real -- a real bright point among kind of obviously some other tragic circumstances the last couple of weeks. >> her winnings, so far more than $80,000, will be donated to cancer research. she will appear again on "jeopardy!" tonight at 7:00 right after abc 7 news.
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the golden state warriors will honor one of the best players in nba history, the late nate thurmond at tonight's game against the utah jazz. the first 10,000 fans at oracle arena will get a free limited edition big nate bobbledhead. tonight marks the 50th anniversary of nate pulling down 24 rebounds in one half against the lakers in 1966. that is a warriors west coast franchise record. nate died in july of leukemia at the age of 74. he was a part of the abc 7 family co-hosting pote game shows with me for years. the warriors are wearing a number 42 patch on their uniforms this season in big nail the's honor. stef curry once again proving himself to be an outstanding community leader and a charitable nba player. two pairs of shoes that he wore during games are being auctioned off on ebay this, to raise money for victims of the deadly ghost ship fire in oakland. they feature custom designed and they are autographed by the two-time mvp himself. the warriors, along with players and curry's brand under armour
4:27 pm
have already donated $150,000 to the cause. well, coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00. >> just amazing how a peaceful, festive, happy atmosphere just changed instantly. >> a country in mourning. we have new details about the search for the berlin suspect who police say is still at large. >> plus, one month until the presidential inauguration. preparations under way right now and the new twitter war between the president-elect
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we're following breaking news out of vallejo at the pawn advantage show on spring road. one person and a dog was killed and another person was taken to the hospital. it happened during a robbery. stay with abc 7 news for breaking updates. here are some other stories making head loins at 4:30. police arrested a vandal accused of causing $100,000 in damage to cardinal newman high school in santa rosa. they said andrew faulkner broke glass and smashed pot plants and damaged a statue installed nearly half a century ago. san francisco introduced a new police chief today. william scott has served is a the deputy chief in los angeles for the last two years. scott said there will be some changes at the department which has been plagued with scandals
4:31 pm
involving racist texts and police shootings. abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana tweeted a picture of debris after a missing man died in a deadly crash. his family wants to know exactly what happened. coming up at 5:00, sergio talks to investigators about this mysterious death. meanwhile in germany, the manhunt for a terror suspect is back on. a man was the held overnight in connection with the berlin christmas market attack. he's been released. 12 people were killed. at least 45 others injured. abc 1 news reporter elids beth hur joins us live from new york with the late on the investigation. eliz bert? >> well, larry, police say the man detained yesterday. there just wasn't enough evidence to link him to the crime, and so police turned to the public for help and today they told us they received more than 500 tips but still no new arrests. a symbolic show of solidarity with berlin's brandenburg gate illuminated in the colors of the
4:32 pm
german flag. >> just amazing how a peaceful, festive, happy atmosphere just changed instantly. >> reporter: this as eyewitnesses still in shock. >> there were people lying on the floor. we weren't sure if it was red wine or if it was blood. >> reporter: joined the nation and the world mourning the innocent victims. >> i think it's important that we are here and show, no, we're not frightened. >> the usually bustling christmas market is now boarded up and a growing member call marks the site of the horrific carnage as families begin to share pictures of their lost loved ones including this 37-year-old polish truck driver allegedly stabbed and shot toe death when his truck was hijacked. german police now confirming they are still looking for the man who stole that truck admitting they initially arrested the wrong man. with the suspect still on the loose, berlin is back on high
4:33 pm
alert. it is the second time in just six months a truck has been used as a weapon of mass destruction in europe. in july an isis follower killed 86 people celebrating bastille day in nice, france. and isis is now claiming they also inspired this attack praising the attacker as their soldier. reporting live in new york. i'm elizabeth hur for abc 7 news. larry? >> reporter: elizabeth, what's the u.s. response to this, and are any americans among the victims? >> well, we learned today president obama actually called the german chancellor last night to offer his condolences and to offer any and all help. as far as the victims are concerned, we also learned today, according to the u.s. state department, at this point no americans have been identified to be injured or killed in this attack and they are working with local
4:34 pm
authorities to make sure they get to the bottom of this. >> elizabeth hur in new york. the body of the slain u.s. ambassador flown home today. a turkish honor guard carried andrei karlov's flat-draped coffin. he was shot dead as he delivered a speech at a photo exhibition. he the suspect was killed moments after the shooting. they believe the assassination was linked to russia's involvement in syria. we're now 31 days from the inauguration, but before president-elect donald trump can be sworn in he'll have to pay out millions of dollars, this as a top republican weighs in on whether mr. trump had help winning the election. more now from washington. >> reporter: the president-elect's big payout to plaintiffs, $25 million, to settle the class action lawsuit against trump's now defunct for-profit real estate seminar that alleged trump university
4:35 pm
defrauded students. the lawsuit is one of dozens trump or his organizations face, and that money is due two days before he's sworn in as the 45th president. the reality senate majority leader mitch mcconnell didn't think we'd see. >> i didn't think president trump had a chance of winning. >> reporter: during an interview with kentucky education television mcconnell staying there's no question about the russian' attempts to win the election calling it a serious issue. if the russians did in fact try to get trump elected. >> if they were trying to elect donald trump, my guess is they are going to be -- they made a bad vest because look who he's picking for the cabinet. >> reporter: as mcdonnel has come to trump's defense a one-time friend is jabbing back after bill clinton told reporters trump doesn't know much but one thing he does know is how to get angry white men to vote for im. the president-elect tweeted bill clinton stated that i called him after the election, wrong. he called me with a very nights congratulations. he doesn't know much.
4:36 pm
clinton responding on twitter today writing here's one thing donald trump and i can agree on. i called him after the election. one month out from the inauguration, the presidential inaugural committee has launched its official website. not many details are available yet, but there are plans for a kickoff concert with diverse performers as well is at swearing in and inaugural parade. environmentalists are cheering a decision today by president obama to ban drilling in a large area in the arctic and the atlantic ocean. he designated the bulk of u.s.-owned waters in the arctic and certain areas in the atlantic to off limits to future oil and gas leagues. this move will test president-elect's promise to open up the nation's untapped energy reserves. hundreds of flight cancellations may leave frontier airlines passengers stranded for days. the airline cancelled 70% of its flights over the weekend after a snow storm hit colorado. these passengers in florida are still feeling the effects.
4:37 pm
to add to the misery many flight crews were snowed in and unable to get to work. the airline is also struggling with large numbers of unclaimed bags that are stacking up as a result of all the flight delays. and southwest had some problems of their own. the company announced it was investigating issues with its website. the company says those issues have been resolved and the website is back up and running. >> remember richard marks, the '80s soft rock singer and he's back in the news to show a harder side. how he helped take down an unruly passenger. >> and i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. expect significant snow in tahoe. you'll want to carry the chains beginning thursday night. >> at 4:37, another check of the afternoon commute. this is a live look at 10 is 1 in san reaf ale, northbound is the oncoming traffic and looking
4:38 pm
good in both
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4:40 pm
'will 0s rocker richard marks is being called a hero. his wife daisy fuentes posted these pictures of her husband helping subdue a passenger on a flight from vietnam to south korea. the man started to attack the flight attendant and passengers. she says marks was the first to try to some the man. can you see marks here in the
4:41 pm
center of the shot. two passengers were injured and the man was arrested when the flights landed in seoul. >> bay area rocker journey is among latest additions to the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. >> believe it or not, this is journey's first nomination despite selling 90 million records worldwide and having 18 top 40 singles. what do you have to do to get nominated? a lot of names on the list you recognize joan baze to pearl jam. the 32nd induction ceremony takes place april 2nd at the barclays center in brooklyn. >> check out live doppler 7 and many of you looking at snipe and there are some high clouds passing through the bay area. the clouds will be replaced by rain very soon. temperatures are going to actually come up tomorrow morning so many of you will be in the mid to upper 30s for the coldest spots. as for as thursday you'll notice mostly 40s and then friday the
4:42 pm
chill returns. it's going to be another cold start especially for our inland valleys. afternoon highs for wednesday so it's going to be a nice day. sunshine, up 0ers to low 6 offs and check out the rape chances the next seven days. they are going up on friday. pretty much a guarantee it will be wet and snow showers on saturday and more rain coming through between sunday and tuesday and for the holiday weekend we're expecting rain. christmas day we'll take you into sunday night and rain chances begin to appear but it's really going to come through on monday for many of you as some you head back to work and head back to, school. head back to work, school it off. spare the air alert for wednesday and winter does begin and air quality will continue to remain poor. thursday we're expecting sunshine and then we've got a couple of systems coming through. two on our storm impact scale on friday and one for saturday and then another one for monday going into it's. ama and larry? >> thank you so much, sandhya.
4:43 pm
>> still ahead at 4:00, only days away from christmas and the crunch is on for shoppers and retailers. last-minute rush and why this year is even busier than ever. >>p on your side's michael finney, think the bank is charging you tomorrow
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only a few days from christmas. have you finished your shopping yet? millions of americans are trying to get last-minute online orders completed and lauren lyfter with more on how to get your packages under the tree on time. >> reporter: 750 million packages will be delivered this season and for procrastinators it's not too late to get yours delivered by christmas. today is the last day for sending packages via first class mail but you have a little longer for two-day delivery options from other carriers. >> this is the super bowl for us. >> reporter: and here's a hack for those still trying to score free shipping. you can subscribe to amazon's prime service for 30-day free trial and get the two-day free shipping. just have to remember to cancel that membership come january. >> this year more options for
4:47 pm
fishishing your holiday shopping as late as christmas eve. some stores will allow you to order online and pick up in the store. also in certain areas, big chains like macy's are partnering with startup for same-day delivery and there's amazon prime now service with available three two-hour delivery placed by 940 p.m. on christmas eve the post office you have until friday to ship priority mail express and usps will even deliver the packages on christmas day. lauren lyfter, abc nuts. >> the san matt sees a woman going into an apartment building once, not twice and grabbing
4:48 pm
presents left for residents. she then drives off in a gold sufficient. san mateo police are asking if you have any information. the final chapter nearing for volkswagen, the ongoing emissions schedule sglucht volkswagen has agreeted to a second major secheltment in the emissions scandal. this is video from volkswagen that we're showing you right now. the latest settlement involves a recall of 83,000 three-liter diesel vehicles built between 2009 and 2016 and vw has the option of buying the cars, fixing them or terminaing the leases. these are notp 40 vehicles rolling away ever being
4:49 pm
put in park. the accident comes six months aft after. big banks made more than $8 binyon with a "b," billion dollars from consuperers who are paying overdraft fees in just the year's first three quarters. that's the conclusion of the california public from research group call piller. it findings come on the same day the dew charitable trust concluded those fees are too high. many structure these's in just the right way. the sidewalk with -- is open monday through friday from.
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you can also roach my hon my facebook page and on abc 1 >> thanks, michael. a gerry studdsy on shut. the study published in the hang in of how much you should be besting. thissy in research is if you had. >> you're talking about how bad the suctionary is thinks it's look and bebabe. winter can be has doubts to your health. >> reporter: winter weather is here for most of the country. it certainly feels like it. if it's not technically winter yet and that can be dangerous, an international study of 340 locations found that cold weather is responsible directly or indirectly for times more
4:51 pm
deaths than hot: "the chicago try bup" say farm sits don't gir as march as they did with. it did find independent stores had the highest fail united states. found in. a new study doubling. researchers found foe mail doctors were likely to moll recommend tailses preventive everyoneures rand pregnancy changes a bomb's-yard line for pruning, brr were when think
4:52 pm
yilt this is jip king. here's to your health. >> a national conversation about clothing size and self-worth. dina posted these the photos showing the various sizeds of her close and the cases the. . >> she's a counsellor and. notice a vie are a right of sides in her clats et. >> up gheks. a new span to to get more keaches in the high sky. >> the list can iia reasons off the flowway and his wife finds the body. and howie is session from california is taking another
4:53 pm
step forward. michael skinny has who won the game, who won on the dancing show... ...i mean, if i watched that show. same with my banking. with my bank of america mobile banking app, i can see my accounts all in one place. i can easily manage them and if something doesn't look right, i'm going to know. plus, i can set up alerts to help detect unusual activity. so i feel secure.
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coming up at 8:00 is "toy story that time forgot" and "shrek the halls" followed by "the year 2016 go the "followed by the news at 11:00. desperate to hire more teachers, san francisco unified is in the business of offering a credentialing program. this is not exactly new. the mt. diablo and others have their own school program. >> at the beginning of the school year san francisco unified didn't have enough teachers with full credentials. the conclusion to accept those working to get them. >> because of the great
4:57 pm
recession teaching jobs were lost and layoffs discouraged potentially newcomb es. >> several have come up less comprehensive credentialing program. here's now works. candidates receive onsite and online training and much send six weeks in the summer. instead of being taught by college professors it will be -- that they will be taught directly by the people professional. that's less than what it would
4:58 pm
cats elves. >> when are the implications of that if you're paying your employee to be crane. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. the deadline for the first program is january the 16th. we're posting all of the details for you on our website at the police so public library is reviving a chain was shut down more than a den aids the new technology could cost nearly $7.5 million. you can get the latest news any time with the abc 7 news app
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a and. all be the first to know about breaking news where you live. that will do it for the "abc 7 news at 4:00" i'm larry beil. "abcy 7 news at 5:00" beginning right now. >> my heart came out. i was and a bay area mom. >> a young love was in going on a drug. >> and san francisco hires a new police chief, and, of course, not everyone is happy about it. >> the iowa patrol is looking for answers. the innies try after a man died when his car careened off the freeway and his wife was the one who found his body. good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm ama dates in for krinsy.
5:00 pm
>> and i'm dan ashley. the whole thing is as shocking as it is strange. let's show you where it happened at interchange of high ps 101 and 10-2. right now the chp is trying to figure out exactly how is this going to cap of the. this is some of the wreckage from the emdenz. they is bran plummeted 30 feet from the freeway interchange. his wife found the sell phone and she reported by reporting her husband missing and i don't know at what she point she started using the app to find my phone to -- to try to locate her husband. >> reporter: the mers doze sedan


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