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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> and i'm dan ashley. the whole thing is as shocking as it is strange. let's show you where it happened at interchange of high ps 101 and 10-2. right now the chp is trying to figure out exactly how is this going to cap of the. this is some of the wreckage from the emdenz. they is bran plummeted 30 feet from the freeway interchange. his wife found the sell phone and she reported by reporting her husband missing and i don't know at what she point she started using the app to find my phone to -- to try to locate her husband. >> reporter: the mers doze sedan somehow carroned off the
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interstate room. we were having our christmas parrot in our. i was surprised to see the police an core another's office here sart. case it -- we came out here to look and beexpected to see crumbled concrete on the overpass and there was nothing. >> we drove through the interchink and no skidmarks on the barrier well so it's not clear what. >>
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>>. happening now. police are searching for a shooter after one person was killed inside a pawnshop. police were called to pawn advantage on springs road just after 3:00 this afternoon. they found two people shot. one was taken to the hospital. the "vallejo times herald" reported a dog also died. two masked men went inside the store just before the shooting. >> hundreds of retired police officers and firefighters in sap jose could see lower retirement benefits because of a miscalculation. records show 3 up. employees she had nearly $1 million in retirement overpayments. director of san jose retirement services says the bay area news group and overpayments were based on incorrect payroll information from the city. so what to do, a vote to decide whether to reduce. >> he got emotional today when introducing his family.
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>> my family is here with me so i want to introduce my wife and my son brandon hand my son tyler force that drives my will be and i can't do it without them and am so excited to meet and get to know the men and women in this police department because those of us really dedicated and committed there's one thing we have in community. we care about the communities we serve and we care about the service and from what i can see that rings true here. >> here's what we know about the incoming chief. he's a 27-year veteran of the los angeles police department joining in 1989. scott is the highest ranking african-american in the department. he worked his way up the ranks and was promoted to deputy chief in 2014. phil scott will lead in the wake
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of. >> carol. >> kaeng, i don't know, what he calls the city families and community leaders to introduce them to the new chief. >> as time progresses people know who i am. >> san franciscans are getting their first look at bill scott, a man who will lead the new police departments through several areas of reform. the u.s. justice department recommended 272 changes and some community activists are applauding the fresh face >> you need an outsider to be a change understand and someone who understands what a modern police department looks like and can naply those licenses to sfpd.
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>> reporter: the reform began under the interim and today he was gracious to the mayor's choice. >> we're in. there are those shocked and disciplined. >> i know noni would yes and now he was gascon thinks it would be different. the city and captain than they were six or season years ago. the. community is demanding that it will be somebody that's a reformer. >> the lapd enacted major reforms over the past decade so the president of the san francisco police commission
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believes since deputy scott was first man over there he houns had you it will take. in. >> and tonight at 6:00 reporter vic lee toy the albeda and that could have out offed him from his and and the stays ekes including a pattern of impatience and sarcastic remarks and abuses of authority like threatening jail and cover says he's being singled out to make his professional life miserable. uniers' attorneys are taking the drivers' seat in its effort
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to test the self-driving cars in san francisco. the lawyers will meet with dmp initials and the kate sew. last years. >> in the north bay, a man goes on a wild and at the truck trust. wayne friedman is there live with the story tonight. wayne? >> they are saying, dan, it's about $100,000 damage in the school. it happened this time last night and faces charges or burglary and felony vandalism and being under the influence of drugs. at cardinal neumann high school in santa rosie this is not how to they expected to peck the the
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many. >> dev ly. a and. it felt like our home had been trashed. >> the department and hits crew arrive toed to see the sheriff. >> every window broken, potted plants on the wall, trophies, banners on the wall. water running. >> there's no aparent connection between the suspect and the school and wasn't anyway until last night and there's no malice today from students or from staff. >> i were ask him why he's so angry and how he -- why he had to express himself in this way. >> no, these are not the ideal kirks for a comes there's no
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dodge to our and we'll come back and work together and if we need help we have a student body willing to do that. >> well, still ahead tonight, are local tech companies profiting from terror groups? why the allegations are being raised. >> and the three people who died after eating in antioch. we now know why. details just ahead. >> i'm abc meteorologist sandhya patel. enjoy this last sunset of fall. winter brings this storm and the hour-by hour forecast coming up. four wells, hard or soft sided. 7 on your
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he was -- he was a wonderful
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person. >> that's a mother talking about her 16-year-old son jack who died last year when a tree fell on him in oakland. the family is now suing the city of oakland. they say the tragedy could have been avoided. that tree limb broke off and crushed jack lewis last december. it happened along lake merritt near fairyland. abc 7 news reporter lonni rivera has more. >> he was a wonderful person. and he loved life and always saw the bright side of everything. >> reporter: parents and friends of 16-year-old jack lewis returned to this hillside another lake merritt this. site has become quite a memorial for lewis, a teen remembered for being authentic and add venturous. >> and we miss him a lot. it's unbearable for us at times. he was like somebody you can always hang out with. he always made time to hang out with you and stuff like that. >> last december the 16-year-old and friends came here to celebrate a friend's birthday. jack and a few others climbed a
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tree. >> he's kind of hopped up on it and then snapped. >> a tree limb snapped and crushed lewis and killed him. the city of oakland chopped it down shortly after that, but attorney john weiner says the same tree was pruned and given a blue mark before the accident. >> that's an indication that the tree is dead, dying and dangerous and the city of oakland despite knowing this did nothing to protect the citizens. >> reporter: the legal team's findings have led to the discovery of other aging trees at the lake. arborists denise briton showed us two other diseased trees nearby and says they are also prone to having falling branches. >> the tree is in the process of failing, and it has decay at the base. >> reporter: the teepees family knows this legal action can never take away the pain but it might be preventive and hopefully encourage the city to better manage dying trees
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n.oakland, lonni rivera, abc 7 news. a common bacteria killed three people and sickened 23 others at an antiac thanksgiving dinner at the veterans memorial hall and put on by the golden hills community church. today a county help officers told abc news that tests at a cdc lab identified the back the yeah, one of the most common bacteria in food borne illnesses and is found in human intestines and usually koss no harm. >> most food-borne illness causes minor disease and most of the people who got sick in this particular event had symptoms for a few hours and then they were find. >> investigators were not able to pinpoint which dish contained the bacteria, turkey or mashed potatoes made at someone's home and brought in to share hat that thanksgiving dinner. a vote-approved measure to speed up the process for death row
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inmates is on hold. the california supreme court wants more time to consider a lawsuit challenging proposition 66. the reform measure would disrupt the courts and cost more money and then limit proper appeals. supporters of prop 66 are calling the lawsuit. >> families of the pulse nightclub massacre are suing facebook and twitter. they claim isis used social media to spread its message which led to the deadliest terror attack since 9/11 and accused the companies of profiting from the relationship with isis. facebook says it takes swift action to remove content when it's reported. turkey has blocked access to facebook, twitter and the what's yap following the as nation of the russian ambassador. they are trying to determine if the off-duty police officer who killed the diplomat planned the
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attack alone. the ambassador was speaking at a photo exhibition. police shot and killed his assailant. twitter's chief technology officers used the social media platform tied to announce miss departure from the company k.adam messenger tweeted after five years he's leaving twitter to take some time off. >> he replied to the tweet thanking him for everything he's done and he also wrote that he appreciates everything that messenger stands for. >> if you're traveling you need new luggage there are certain things to look out for. >> 7 on your side's michael finney is here with some things to keep in mind. >> everything nearly is black. >> actually can we address that. "consumer reports" survived 65,000 readers and combined their satisfaction scores with research to help make shopping for your next piece of luggage an open an shut case. >> what is important to people when they select luggage?
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>> look for durability and lightweight. afford ability and durability. >> and i like it to be bright. >> experts at "consumer reports" say considering several key factors can put you ahead of your pack when you're shopping. >> and you have two choices, hard side or soft. >> nothing beats hard shell suite cases to keep fragile items from being creased. newer plastics can be both rigid and lightweight and soft sided bags are lighter still and can press more easily to fit into the overhead bin. one way to gauge durability is to give the handle a good shake. >> make sure that the handle feels solid and make shower that it telescones up and down really smoothly and you want to make sure it telescopes flurn into the case so can you pit it into
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the overhead very easily. >> four-wheel spinner bags are easy on your bag and let them take you through and to pull them over cobblestone streets in europe. >> and consider color. it's helpful to find your bag in a sea of black. "consumer reports" warns against relying on size claims on the label. you've seen those reports here. looking for a carry-on bag instead. take a measuring tape to the store to verify the dimensions themselves including the wheels, outer pouches and any handles that stick out because the airline takes all of that into account, so the little box might be carry-on. >> nothing worse than getting
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there. >> boy, the is up sets in the bay area are just let's bring in meteorologist spat yell. >> tracking a storm heading towards friday and right now it's a stunning view thanks to the high clouds and the pollution adds to that extra after glow to the sunset. we do have a spare of air right now and also for your wednesday. poor air quality in the north bay and moderate for the rest of the bay area. illegal to burn and i do have good news. it won't be quite as chilly as it was this morning. temperatures well another and below 30s. passing clouds will be reduced by rin. live look from emoryville. though mid-50s oakland to
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mountianview. another live picture from our santa cruz picture. temperatures, 42 in livermore and 50s around santa rosa and another stunning zhu as we playbook towards. the storm arriving on. yes, it's going to be chilly but we'll be in the mid to upper 30s for the coldest inland valleys because if they are out of school they will be ought and a. it's a milder wednesday and if you're heading to the coast there will be a sneaker wave and rip currents and current waej and behave have a beach impact scale.
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we'rebrooking in a and early ages hovel an. 9:00 p.m. friday, rain in the north pay. it is going to be a tough arrive for the afternoon. if you're work,ing 1, even in the 5:00 hour widespread rain is expected and it will be windy as well so a slow going commute and slow going for your getaway. holiday shopping to do still have time to do it without nothing to lug your own. >> the rainfall totals why about an in to an inch/3ly 4. expect wyatt chout generals rand this is -- we're talking 17 inch
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esat south lake had a toe so just in time for a white chris mat. >> stein. >> a 2 on the the storm impact skate on money and wet and breezy conditions are expetted, dap an averagea? >> what a pattern. >> it only takes seconds froog this to graph. t the. next, then at 5:30 with david muir. >> break developments coming up in the christmas terror investigation. the truck hijacked and he had just called his i have "world
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news tonight" is next. >> coming up, college or kids? the
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california has an embassy in russia for those wanting toy is veed from the u.s. san diego resident louis marinelli works in russia as an english teacher and leads the group that hopes to turn california into an independent country. he publicized the opening of the embassy of the independent republic of california in moscow on social media tweeting we need their vote at the u.n. marinelli is also married to a russian national. a birth control delivery app called nv ercs is offering new use users.
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it shows donald trump delicately hold willing a pack of birth control bills. the president-elect would cut access to the affordable car act and free birth control for several women. >> crews showed how an improperly placed cree can quickly many you can could not place the troe near any too the here the or apples. of that will tale >> that's tips are oweceptionly
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important in searches like lobs ly. we want to thank news vower ben for this pick tower from sonoma county that he called vineyards in the sky. share your pictures with
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coming up at 6:00, a abc 7 news exclusive. >> my intent is to do just that. get to have the people get to know me and let's start there. >> only abc 7's vic lee sits down with san francisco's new police chief are. what he says is his biggest challenge. >> around from san leandro to san francisco and beyond. we track this morning's crazy chase involving a stolen tow truck. >> and see what started at a local apple event that has now
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united to you teenage game developers across the world. it's all coming up in half han hour or abc 7 news at 6:00. >> call it a a royal car peel. prince william drove the whole family to buckingham police. well, the power of a green has reached new heights and you really have to take a look at this to believe. >> a drone create the by sfung gives a new eat to. >> yeah, the drone was system be best. >> pretty cool, the sdroep absolutely massive. 16-rotor ma shown and it's so big that it takes two people to care they thing. >> kind of more of a helicopter. >> all right. "world thus tonight" with david muir is next. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz in for
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tonight, the manhunt. the christmas terror attack. what we've now learned. authorities believe the driver of the truck was hijacked. he'd been eating in a diner and had just called his wife. tonight, isis now claiming responsibility. and authorities here in the u.s. now on high alert. images coming in right now of the explosions in mexico tonight. in an open-air market, fireworks ignited. at least 60 injured. homes set on fire. also developing, the new video from inside the assassination. the russian diplomat, gunned down. tonight, we learn, the shooter was a member of the police riot squad. the travel nightmare in this country, just days until christmas. the passengers and their luggage, piled up. and this image coming in tonight.


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