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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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video like this, an uber self-driving car running a light in san francisco last week has raised concerns about the safety of those vehicles on the road. good afternoon and thanks for joining us today. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. state and city officials have called on auber to pull those cars off the road, and so far uber has declined, but today the company did meet with state regulators to discuss this issue. abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana has been following the story and joins us live from san francisco with the latest. sergio? >> reporter: larry, this warehouse in the south market district is where uber houses the autonomous driving vehicles. so far since we've been here we haven't seen any of them go in or out of this warehouse. unfortunately, we also have not
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heard much about that closed door meeting with state regulators and uber. on the day uber announced it was launching its self-driving car service, a cabbie shot this video of a self-driving uber car blowing through a red light. the company hats since said that car was not in self-drive mode, but the car bryden windmire was. >> during course of our trip through the street of soma it made two illegal right turns, while in self-driving mode across a bike lane. he was invited to ride in one of uber's autonomous vehicles just before the company announced its robot car service. christopher witnessed a different uber car run a red light. >> the driver did not have his hands on the wheel and was actually looking at the passenger who had his laptop open and was looking at his laptop and the two were having a conversation and they were completely shocked. >> reporter: as uber meets with state regulators over its autonomous vehicle project, one thing is clear, authorities don't know how many dangerous
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situations its cars may have experienced. that's because uber is still operating without a permit from the dmv which would require reports on these glitches. uber's robot cars have been on city streets for months, but state jumped in only after the company announced they would start pick up customers. before last week uber told the dmv those vehicles were only mapping, not driving you a ton mouthsly. mayor ed lee says he's personally talked with co-founder travis calanik. >> he should not be operating the driverless technology on our streets without the permits. 20 other companies have not had a problem getting the permits. >> the mayor is not sure uber police can impound the robot cars even if they are operating without a permit. >> reporter: and in case you're curious about what uber has to say about any of this, we are, too, and we've asked them multiple times for any kind of a comment and so far nothing this
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afternoon. sergio quintana, abc 7 news. unattended bags at three different terminals caused delays today at los angeles international airport on one of the busiest travel days of the year. one bag in a screening room was cleared but two more unattended bags were found. one under an outdoor bridge and another in a men's restroom. we just looked at the arrivals and departures log at l.a.x. right now there are no delays. an investigation is under way after an early morning crash killed two theme near faire field. sky 7 shows how little is left of those two cars after that collision. this happened on peabody road near hammond drive around 7:30 this morning. more live from fairfield with the late. wayne? >> reporter: in fairfield this is the car crash that pretty much everyone knows about but there's a lot they don't know about, like who are the two victims. fairfield police think they have clues who those drivers are based on the license plate in that vehicle but we may not know until tomorrow when the coroner makes it official.
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these, remains of a head-on collision. the charred shells of an suv and lincoln sedan in which two people died after being burned beyond recognition. >> they suffered some pretty serious burns and beyond that it doesn't really -- doesn't really suit any purpose to describe many more. >> reporter: sergeant jeff osgood of the fairfield police department has spent 32 years on the job and describes this scene as being particularly disturbing. it could have been worse if not for a passerby who stopped and pulled the badly burned suv driver from the flames. >> really just trying to do the right thing. a pretty self-less act and pretty here nick my view based on what i know about the situation >> reporter: rest is still a mystery, how it happened. which car strayed into the other lane and whether alcohol was involved and why the cars caught fire. >> it's pretty unusual in my view. i said, i've been a police officer for a long time and seen a lot of traffic collisions and never seen two cars catch fire
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the way these did. >> reporter: roughly 12 hours after the accident, peabody road reopened to traffic. no sign of what happened here except black scars on pavement. in fairfield, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. in san jose, the search is on for the driver who hit had a 3-year-old boy and took off. authorities say the boy was walking a dog with his grandfather near rowhampton avenue and vancouver court when the dog ran into the street. the boy chased the dog and the boy was rushed to the santa clara valley medical center and may have internal injuries. a mother and son are recovering after a freak accident overnight. the chp says this all happened when a 17-year-old was having car trouble and pulled over next to the center divider on southbound 680 in san jose just before 101. he called his mom for help, and when she was approaching the scene she slammed into the pickup truck causing her car to roll over and slam into her
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son's. well, all is calm and all is bright across the bay area right now but a storm is on way. here's doppler 7 currently showing calm conditions with mainly sunny skies and here's a look at our rain chances over the next seven days. a 10% chance tomorrow, late tomorrow night and 100% chance of rain on friday with the storm ranking two on the storm impact scale so let's get right to the scale. this will be a storm on friday of moderate intensity and expected to produce three-quarter of an inch to half an inch and a quarter to three-quarters of an inch in most urban areas and afternoon winds will gust 30 to 40 miles per hour. here's the forecast animation starting at noon tomorrow after a mainly sunny day. clouds will increase in the afternoon and evening hours and then as we look not overnight hours going into friday morning it's going to be a mess. rain will arrive suddenly and with a surge around the time the morning commute begins by 8:00 friday morning, looks like all of the bay area will be covered by at least light to moderate rain, moderate to heavy in many
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locations. i'll give you a closer look at how long that rain will last and what christmas weekend looks like in just a few minutes. larry? >> thank you, spencer. speaking of surge, look out for high surf if you're headed to the beach this evening. waves as high as 20 feet are expected in some areas. a beach hazard statement has been issued for marrin', monterrey, san francisco, sonoma counties through 6:00 and the biggest impact is half moon bay rate near mavericks and to get the latest warnings and weather alerts download the abc 7 news app and enable the push alerts. a modesto man has pled guilty to stealing $500,000 worth of wine from a world renowned wine country restaurant that. happened at the french laundry on christmas day in 2014. it was closed for renovations at the time. federal prosecutors say david acknowledged conspiring to steal the pricey wine bottles from the restaurant. he's scheduled to be sentenced in march.
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san mateo police have the sketch of a suspect who shot a man several times. the gunman is a hispanic man in his late 20s or early 30s, 5 foot 10 with a mustache and beard. the shopping happened in the parking lot of the bowling alley. it appears the victim was target. he's still hospitalized but is recovering. the holiday season is hey among the happiest times of the year. turns out it's also among most deadly. an associated press analysis found that unintentional shootings spiked during the holidays. new year's day was found to be the year's most likely day for accidental shootings. among several factors contributing to this increase are alcohol, hunting season and poem who receive guns as gifts. cities are stepping up inspections of illegal living spaces because of the deadly ghost ship fire in oakland that has many artists worried about evictions. abc 7 news was in san francisco city hall as activists delivered 10,000 petitions asking for a moratorium on unsolicited
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selections and to waive permit fees. the board overseeing the inspections will take up the issue next month. these departments might be a bit embarrassed because it looks like they weren't doing their job, but i think there's a balance that can be struck between helping people get these buildings up to code and these buildings to be safe. >> while the meeting was still going on, inspectors visited this artist's living space near the farmer's market. abc 1 news also got a link side. we'll have react from the artists living there tonight at 6:00. late declines in the stock market prevented the dow from topping the 20,000-point mark. >> health care companies such as merck and pfizer had the biggest losses in the dow today. fedex fell 3% after earnings failed to meet wall street expectations. the dow overall slipped 32 points and the nasdaq also down 12. standard & poor's was down five points. icle's public employee
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retirement system voted to reduce the rate of return on investment from 7.5% 207%. the move could put a bigger burden on governmental agencies who will have to shell out more in pension contributions. governor brown says the move is more reflective of the financial returns they can expect in the future. this will make for a more sustainable system. coming up at 4:00, a vote on repealing north carolina's controversial bathroom bill hits a snag. we'll have the late on today's political wrangling. up next, netflix and marvel hacked. what hackers were targeting and what you need to look out for. this year i think i collected maybe about 150. last year i collected maybe about 250. >> this little guy is a one-man gang in the christmas battle to give every child a toy. how this boy's hard work is really paying off. and taking a live look now at our toll plaza over the bay
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bridge. traffic is moving in your fast track lanes, but if you have cash, you're stuck right now. stay with us. we're back after a qui
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in north carolina the controversial bathroom bill passed into law this spring could soon be repolled but it's not going well. this after the governor called for a special session to row consider the law limiting lbgt rights. so far republicans have been unable to craft legislation repealing house bill 2. abc news reporter elizabeth hur has the details. >> reporter: a special session in north carolina statehouse
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with the opponents and supporters of the so-called bathroom bill determined to let lawmakers know where they stand. >> we don't have a discrimination problem in this state. >> most people want to use the bathroom they are comfortable with. >> reporter: it was back in march house bill 2 was signed into law banning people from using the bathroom of the gender they identify with. opponents call it discrimination against the lbgt community while supporters of the law maintain it's all about safety. >> what we want is protection of our women and children from sexual predators walking in on them. >> reporter: it's a law that even cost the state some big businesses, paypal pulled hundreds of jobs out of charlotte. the nba and musicians followed suit cancelling major events. and then fast forward to this week. after charlotte lift ad local anti-discrimination law site which is actually led to the legislation.
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lawmakers are being asked to consider repealing the state law. >> this is tarnishing our reputation as a state. >> we are discriminating aainop >> to be quite honest i think some of you now don't particularly like the bill for political reasons. >> reporter: whether there is enough support to fully repeal the law remains to be seen. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. a new campaign could end up banning marijuana billboards from all state highways. five state lawmakers have introduced a bill which would ban the ads featuring medical and recreational marijuana. they say it's an effort to prevent the marketing of mott to minors and some have already appeared here in the bay area. >> hackersk over net. ics's twitter account and they claim to be testing security. they are known for taking over high-profile social media accounts. >> they tweeted the sam access
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staff member's account. netflix kept deleting the tweets and told the customers their company was on the problem and they are also claiming responsibility for hacking twitter accounts for some of marvel studio's upcoming film. they named twitter handles as well as black panther, kept in the america and guardian of the galaxy franchises fell victim. disney is parent company to both marvel and abc 7. a new kind of intersection made a debut. abc 7 news was on hand as officials unveiled what they call a protected intersection. it's the first of it kind in the city, raised concrete islands were added around pike paths and walkways to slow cars down as they turn right from division on to ninth street. >> before the redesign of this intersection, cars would often speed right through where we're standing, cutting across the bike lane and a very long cross for pedestrians. >> reporter: this intersection is a major thoroughfare for cyclist in the morning rush
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hour. 25% of the traffic on the streets is from people on bicycles and the city is hoping to protect poverty barriers at other intersections with high collision rates. >> you may notice something different the next time you drive along van ness avenue in san francisco. abc 7 news was on the busy street as workers began chopping down trees in the center media. it's to make way for muni's revamped rapid transit system which will include center lanes for buses. in all 86 trees will be cut down. the city says it will plant 200 new trees when construction is finished. a little pop quiz. what's the most annoying word or phrase you can think of? for me it's ama has the day off. but for you, according to a new poll, most people think it's whatever. >> whatever. >> whatevs, according to the marist college poll in a word
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ear says the 38% of americans and no offense is second and then they won't say something and the third is, you know, right? age does matter on this one. i'm surprised like -- like, like? anyway, among americans under 30, i can't even came in at number one. yeah, i guess i don't hear that one a lot. i'm not in that crowd i guess. >> just saying. >> ama is not under 30, but looks it. >> thank you. >> he saves himself. >> whatever, what's the weather? >> i know, right? >> i can't stand that either. >> i'm just saying it's going to rain in a couple of days and it's going to get wet and things are looking good. here's the live doppler 7 and it's like sunny right now. a few clouds will move into the picture late tomorrow, but we've got nice clear conditions for a while. check out the western sky and the soon-to-be setting sun from our east bay hills camera. what a beautiful picture.
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59 degrees in san francisco and 63 at oakland and san jose and 60 in mountianview and 59 at half moon bay. this is the view from our mt. tam camera looking down on to the bay under mostly clear skies. right now santa rosa checks in at 62 degrees. mid to upper 50s at napa, "the new york post"a and 60 at concord and this is the view at the golden gate looking northward under clear skies. clouds will move in late tomorrow. our next storm arrives friday and it's going to be a drench, and we'll have a chance, a late evening chance of some showers on sunday which is christmas day. a low temperature tonight, by the way, still spare the air day and it will be again tomorrow. low temperatures under clear skies tonight and will drop to the mid to upper 30s in our inland valleys. we'll see mainly low 40s right around the bay and then tomorrow under mostly sunny skies until late afternoon or early evening. we'll see highs ranging from mid-50s at the coast to mainly mid-50s inland and around the bay all but one or two inland locations may top out at 60
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degrees. for the air quality, another spare the air day as i mentioned. wood burning sill legal on a spaur the air day. north bay will have the poorest air quality and other regions will have moderate air quality. the approaching storm coming in on friday ranking two on the storm impact scale. a storm moderate intensity producing three-quarts of an inch of rain and a quarter to three-quarters of an inch of rain in the -- winds gusty at 30 to 40 miles per hour. here's the forecast animation starting early morning friday and by 5:00 a.m. as the morning commute begins. we'll see at least light to moderate rain covering most of the bay area and moderate rain will blanket a lot of the bay area by mid-morning and that rain will continue that pattern into the late afternoon hours. finally break up into pockets of light rain and showers. notice the cold air will produce snow in the mountains to our north and east even as the storm breaks up late friday night. we project rainfall totals will range from half an inch to
4:21 pm
throw-quarters in most locations and there's snow in the sierra. we have a winter storm watch in effect furs evening into saturday evening and a warning in effect from friday morning to saturday afternoon. look for up to a foot and a half of snow in some spots and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. things cam down over the weekend with just slight chances of showers here hand there, but friday is the day for big rain, big rain. >> oh, well. >> and wind. >> thanks, spencer. coming up, getting divorced is usually a somber occasion, but for one bay area couple it's anything but. the unusual way they are celebrating the end of their marriage. and 4:21, a live check of the afternoon commute. this is 101 in san jose as it almost always the case, southbound is backed up big time. northbound much, much better. 880 over the top and moving nicely in both directions. back with more on "abc 7 news at
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a bay area family is marking the end of a marriage in an unusual way. divorce, of course, can be a very difficult time for families but one berkeley couple decided to celebrate their split and threw this lavish divorce party. they sat down with abc news reporter nick watt. >> reporter: they threw a party. >> happy divorce. >> reporter: 24 years of marriage over. you're celebrating the death of something. >> no. we are not celebrating the fact that we're getting divorced. we're celebrating the way we did it. keep the friendship that we have and keep as much of a family groupg as we can have together. >> we just did a lot of self-examination and realized we had fallen out of love. >> reporter: when it happens to a singer -- ♪ i'm never ever getting back together ♪ >> reporter: they warble mournfully. not this pair. >> the first dave being divorced we had the party two kids, by
4:25 pm
the way. >> bittersweet at all your parents getting divorced? >> i didn't think it was sad at all. people know them that this is something they would totally do. >> reporter: any sticking point, like an old crosby, stills & nash album? >> none. >> we figured out we didn't care about this stuff. just things. this girl and her sister who is not here are the most important things to us. i think there's a lot of animosity when couples separate due to the finances. >> reporter: they war like the roses. >> i am the one who found this house. i bought everything in it. >> with my money! it's a lot easier to spend it than it is to make it, honey bun. >> both much poorer than we used to be, but, again, just things. >> reporter: they actually exchanged gifts. >> you gave her a toast every oven? >> reporter: how do you make this work? >> it's a lot work and humility and sacrifice and discussion and careful thought. >> and professional health. >> reporter: they are still finishing each other's
4:26 pm
sentences. any chance of reconciliation? >> no, but's super cute but now available. >> reporter: nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> well, a phoenix waitress is celebrating after she received a big tip she wasn't expecting. sarah clark got a $900 tip, $900 tip on a $61 bill. that's nearly a 1,500% tip. the couple who left it wrote a note saying this is god's money. we gave it -- he gave it to us so we could give it to you. couldn't have come at a better time. sarah is pregnant and due at any time and his fiance is having surgery this week. >> merry christmas. >> yeah. coming up on "abc 7 news at 4:00," obviously this place what is not protected enough. >> new protections under way at heavily traffic shopping areas around the world as police search for the suspect in that berlin attack. >> plus, new details are coming
4:27 pm
in about next month's presidential inauguration in washington, d.c. >> you remember this guy, he ran off with a bucket of gold flakes worth more than $1 million and now police say they think they know where he mi
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the holidays don't officialy begin, until it's time to make: flaky, delicious, piping hot things. golden brown and sticky things. fresh out of the oven, why can't they cool things? new things, old things. and blink and they're gone, those went fast things.
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make the oven one of the things they're most excited to open. it's baking season. warm up the holidays with pillsbury. and here's what's making headlines at 4:30, investigators
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are looking into dui as the possible cause of a two-car accident in fairfield that killed two people early this morning. a passerby rescued the driver of one of the cars who suffered life-threatening burns. new at 5:00 p.m., b.a.r.t. police are releasing never-before-seen body cam video in the arrest of a man at the embarcadero station last july. melanie woodrow will show us the new footage coming up in a little while. a recall toer u.s. postal worker has been charged after investigators found about 4,500 pieces of mail in the woods outside atlanta. some of the mail has since been delivered, but other letters were just too damaged. today we're learning more about a suspect in the deadly attack at a holiday market in germany. officials say the man they are now searching for has known ties to islamic extremist groups. abc 7 news reporter marcy gonzalez is live in new york with more on manhunt happening right now. >> ama, the associated press is now reporting that german authorities actually had this
4:31 pm
suspect under surveillance for months up until september after getting a tip that he was trying to get weapons to use in an attack. tonight he is on the run and considered armed and dangerous. german police desperately searching for this man wanted in connection to monday's deadly attack at a berlin christmas market. this wanted poster being shared across europe calling the 24-year-old tunisian national anis amri. this is a suspect but not necessarily the perpetrator. police are following up on more than 5 up tips as they search homes trying to track down the man who hijacked this semi, fatally shot its driver and plowed through this packed holiday market killing 12 people and injuring dozens of others. >> obviously this was not -- this place was not protected enough. >> reporter: isis claiming smoenlt for the massacre that
4:32 pm
was carried out after a recent message posted by the terror group encouraging supporters to use trucks to drive through public gatherings. while at scene some of the remnants of the chaos are being cleared as other christmas markets across germany are opening for the first time since the attack under heavy security. >> don't want to let the terrorists win so why should we stay away? they would be winning. >> reporter: as many as 12 victims are still hospitalized listed in serious company. meanwhile, there is now a reward worth about $100,000 for information leading to an arrest. ama? >> and marci, we're hearing with this attack there are now new concerns about the big new year's eve gathering in new york where you are. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. the nypd and fbi and homeland security all mentioned in a bulletin that was put out today that specifically talks about the new year's eve celebration
4:33 pm
here in new york and concerns about lone wolf attackers, but they say there's no specific threat. it's just asks officers and agents to be especially vigilant. >> the number of victims from a massive fireworks explosion in mexico is expected to rise. 32 people are confirmed dead. this is just outside mexico city. 17 people were hurt 1313 chirp. it's the third explosion alternate market since 2005 and just last month it was deemed the safest foyer, factory in latin america. today president-elect donald trump called the berlin truck an attack on high temperature. mr. trump made the remarks to the immediate alt and standing behind the precht was retired general flynn, the choice for
4:34 pm
national security adviser and he sauce the violence in germany and during the campaign he said he would crush and destroy isis. donald trump said he could have won the popular vote if he had tried. he campaigned to win the electoral count and that it was more difficult to do. the final tally shows hillary clinton won the popular vote by more than 2.86 million votes. and we're getting a look at the events scheduled for president-elect donald trump's inauguration. the inaugural swiring-in ceremony will be friday followed by the parade and then the inaugural balls and then the national prayer service held hat national cathedral. >> alleged killer and billionaire robert durst was in a los angeles courtroom arguing about the murder trial.
4:35 pm
the 73-year-old was profiled in the twast hbo documentary called "the jinx" and will stand trial for the murder of his best friend 16 years although. >> alleged killer robert dufrts during a hearing about what evidence will be allowed in his upcoming trial. >> we're concerned about putting selective pieces of evidence out in the public. this is a public proceeding, your honor. it's going to be a public trial. >> reporter: durst, charged with the 2000 l.a. cold case murder of his close friend susan berman accused of shooting her shortly before she was to talk to authorities about the 198 it of durst's. burst caught on a hot mike in
4:36 pm
the bath ram -- bathroom was heard saying this. >> i killed them all. >> and durst being interrogated in 2005 the. >> did a whole long weekend when i did the interview for "jinx." i was on meth. >> basically the prosecutors are arguing that this tape should be admitted into evidence. the defense is saying that it was improper, that it wasn't a voluntary statement. >> durst has pleaded not guilty to the first-degree murder of berman. his trial is expected to begin next we are. laurnl lifter, abc 7 news, los angeles. >> a man being accused of stealing a bucket of gold flakes worth $1.6 bill crop. first told you about this theft last month. it's believed 53-year-old julio novello was caught in the act on the snains video here.
4:37 pm
he reportedly crashed the 68-pound bucket off the back of an armored truck in manhattan and nobody was pig attention. he was believe to be in the laefngs area. mark curbingberg introduced his new invention. >> yes, that's morgan freeman as jarvis, but just how real is this? >> i'm michael finney. ask finney is just ahead so i'm taking your questions on facebook and twitter. just post your questions to ask finney and i'llans them in a little bit. >> i'm spencer christian. here comes another
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facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is showing us his new artificial intelligence assistant named jarvis. >> good morning, jarvis. >> good morning, mark. it's saturday so you only have five meetings. >> kind of a light day for zuc. zuckerberg built jar jis to serve of as a digital assistant around his house. jarvis appears to make toast, teaches zuckerberg's daughter max to speak mandarin and helps zuc dress for the day, firing a new clean gray t-shirt and the
4:41 pm
video is tongue in cheek. jarvis won't do all these things and he'll and -- stop her. she's getting away. do it now! snoorm jarvis is named after the digital as tap the from "the iron man" film. he needs more ideas for jarvis and is asking users to leave comments and will build some into the next program. >> my question is how much do does -- a que lines. kind of like a special. you don't even know what the price is, you'll do it for less. >> here's live doppler 7 and clear skies over the bay area right now and through most the day tomorrow sunny as well with highs ranging in the mid to upper 50s and going up to the sierra the next day cloudy skies
4:42 pm
and on thursday and friday it's going to snow and saturday a bit slippery so unless you're traveling by way of sled drawn by reindeer i suggest that you get some snow tires and chains. a some coming our way on friday and ranks two on the impact scale. the storm gradually tapers off in the cold evening. tomorrow is a spirit air day, by the way. bear that in-minute. air quality will be poorest in the midday. saturday on christmas eat. a minimally dry comup
4:43 pm
>> and why the said says they are the criminals. >> what can you do getting
4:44 pm
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4:46 pm
a bay area community is getting mixed messages about the safety of its water. >> it's been an issue for a while and now the state and county are taking action and it affects people who live in property on los alamitos row. >> vic lee brought us this story only on abc 7 news and today vic met with the landlord. vic? >> reporter: well, larry, the state says it will have some enforcement action soon. the counties have ordered the landlord to get the required permits and make sure that there's potable water for all the residents by january 15th or they will shut the place down. the landlord is defiant. he says he's doing more than everybody's requiring him to do. >> no runningwater. we cannot bathe. we cannot cook. we have to use bottled water. >> reporter: the tennants of twin creeks properties, an old resort that's been converted into an apartment complex and say they have been out of potable water off and on since
4:47 pm
november. the state water resources control board is telling them to use only bottled water. the agency says the spring was being used as a water source and it was being contaminated. >> we ordered them to disconnect. >> reporter: owner says a well on the grounds supplies most of the water. the spring was a backup which was used when some of the pipes froze during a cold spell. the pipes were reconnected defying the order. >> expected by the water board agency and they have full knowledge of these issues. >> reporter: he says the water tested on his hone and the e. coli is gone. the state water agency disagrees. >> this spring does not receive treatment and the water system has never thought a mc
4:48 pm
and it's not backed up by any statute or law and as a matter of fact it is criminal. >> morosi says he's the victim of oppression. the state says he's violating the law. there's more to come. vc lee, abc 1 news. >> and it's time now for ask finney. 7 on your side's michael finney is here answering questions. the first comes from marcus in richmond who asked the housing market in the bay area going to continue to increase or decrease? >> nobody really knows. much like calling the stock market, then you're trying, and here in the bay area prices might drop, the year after but over time they will go up so the sooner you can get in the better off you're going to be. get a downpate together and maybe buy outside of the bay area and november your way is.
4:49 pm
why is it going to keep going up? have you looked at other people. it's really nice that people want to live here. >> my wife and a number of other people got sick from eating food at a hotel. i reported it to the manager. they said they would investigate and never got back to me. what's moy next step? >> i'm not at all surprised. you have you had. other people got sick, too, i would really encourage you to contact the health department and let them know what happened. this could be an ongoing problem. that's who handles it in the state. the county health department. i've been getting a lot of phone calls from different scammers saying i owe a lot of money and if i don't pay up i'll get arrested. >> if you've got a copper line,
4:50 pm
land line phone there's not much they can do. in you have nice over internet procalls you can no for your spell phone, there's a few apps. >> and if they call from the same number i have a question and i don't feel like going all the way down to your office. >> give me a call on the hooltine open monday through friday. and of course, you can always reach me through abc 1 if for instance you want to call the number. >> thank you, michael. today's wellness report healthy foods may not be as pricey as you think. >> and massage may be just the gift you should give yourself this holiday season. here's jane king. >> reporter: a new study says
4:51 pm
healthy foods may not cost as much as people fear. psychiatrists at ohio state thought people were shying away from organic, fresh and natural foods because they felt it was just too expensive. now the researchers say people shouldn't use prisds as an indicator of how healthy foods are. there are good for you foods that are affordable. stress can extend to dogs as well. the journal applied animal behavior reports on pets who were anxious saying they develop gray hair muz will prematurely and essential oils like chamomile might help reduce pet stress and talk to a veterinarian as options as well. processed meat could be bad for asthma, ham, sausage and salami. a preservative nitrate used in such meats could aggravate the air waves and this time of year joy and stress. matages is are an excellent natural way to reduce that attention. they do have a financial interest in there,and massage
4:52 pm
therapy pivots say they get twice a month for moderate stress or if you're dealing with a medical challenge once a week. >> panda versus snow man and in this case the panda is coming out on top, partly because snowman really can't defend himself this. started innocently enough with a few scratches from the panda at the toronto zoo. the panda wants to do some climbing and trying to get to the top. >> conquer the the mountain. he's on top and then he's going to -- takes his head off. down he goes. i think actually we should show panda videos fda. >> i think so, too. >> does a somersault or either that or koalas. if you want to see the whole video and it's captivating actually, really cute. go to our website, he's going attempt another climb.
4:53 pm
>> one at a time. >> and kind of tuckered out. >> the is the place and i tweeted out on my account as well. >> abc 7 news at are 4r does continue. >> it's hard work but it pays off. >> south bay boy shows the real spirit of the season and what he's doing to give back to others year after year. >> right now dan is here with a look at what's ahead at 5:00. >> coming up next, how safe are our fruits and vegetables? state officials have some guidance on that tonight, fires and the future of our forests. and why uc scientists are sounding the alarm and suing mcdonald's. why one man says the extra value meal doesn't have a lot of extra value. those stories and
4:54 pm
zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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heroes a look at tonight's "primetime lineup. it's "the goldbergs" followed by "american house wife followed by
4:57 pm
"modern family and then hat 10:00 p.m. game changers with robin roberts and then stay with us for the news at 11:00. if you're looking for hope we have somebody you think you really ought to meet. at a time when kids are so focussed on what they can get, this is a boy focused on what he can give. here's abc 7 news reporter matt keller. >> reporter: you can tell joey childs isn't like most 11-year-olds. watch him handle this forklift at his parent's business silicon valley moving and storage in san jose. >> going forward slowly. >> reporter: if are you real want to be impressed checks what edone for the marine's toys of clerk and we're prout of him. he benl a heart blocker. the fire fighters graders start in september by making his flier. >> i print off a lot of them and go street by street and door to door and i talk to people about
4:58 pm
it and tell them what it's about and that's how i do it. >> reporter: that's very dedicated. >> it's hard work but it pays off. >> reporter: donations roll in and depolice officers. year for the paf five-day years it's cole in here and get so see the case and i houb to dnch i think he will be an outstanding ma something like that, i think. >> joey is still collecting toys, he has his e-mail address still set up. go to our website if you want more informaton hon how you can help. in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> way to go, joey, that maizing is aing.
4:59 pm
get our news any time with the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts and be sure to are ask for -- >> get down. get down on the ground! down on the ground! >> get down, get down. >> new videoryignates the debate over the use of force. see the police point of view as b.a.r.t. police. deal with a suspect. >> new concerns about uber. how one says a second self-driving uber ran a red light. >> i'm tracking the first storm of the season. i'll have all the details and hour by hour forecast coming up.
5:00 pm
>> turn on your side. >> stop, stop, stop! >> for the first time we're getting a look at b.a.r.t. police body cam video from a controversial arrest this summer. it's an arrest some day vovd excessive force. good evening. i'm ama daetz in for kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. thanks for joining us tonight. tonight an internal affairs investigation is under way into that arrest. meantime, the man arrested was acquitted by a jury on many so of the battery charges against a peace officer. arabs 7 news reporter melanie woodrow is outside the hall of justice with more on the story. >> reporter: dan, ama, the san francisco district attorney is deciding whether or not to retry this case. at issue whether b.a.r.t. police used excessive force while arresting michael smith and if they did whether or not his response in resisting the arrest was reasonable. >> get on the ground! >> reporter: the public defender says this b.a.r.t. police


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