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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  December 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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next. i'm ama daetz in for kristen sze. >> and i'm tonight, breaking news. the new federal bulletin involving new york's times square. after the christmas terror overseas, this evening, the federal security bulletin concerned about times square and new year's eve. we're live in manhattan tonight. and breaking developments overseas. what we have now learned about one of the suspects in the terror attack, after that truck was hijacked, the driver killed. that suspect now on the loose, considered armed and dangerous. the massive explosion, the death toll growing. more than 30 people killed in that market. some of the young victims now being flown to the u.s. the dangers police face in this country. the body cam just released. two officers gunned down, responding to a domestic dispute. one wounded officer trying to save his long-time friend. the deadly crash.
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the plane going down just moments after takeoff. one crew member surviving. and the major new storm brewing tonight, just as millions travel for the holiday. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. and we begin with fast-moving developments, after the terror attack in a christmas market overseas. and tonight, the concern right here at home. a new joint federal bulletin out today, including the nypd, the fbi and homeland security. the call to all of those agencies to be especially vigilant, writing of their concern over possible lone wolves, mentioning times square and new year's eve celebrations. of course, millions of people will gather in times square. they say there is no specific credible threat, but that they are concerned. abc's linsey davis leads us off from times square tonight. >> reporter: after the horror of that christmas market attack in berlin, the truck plowing into that market, tonight here in the u.s., that urgent joint bulletin released just today.
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the target? times square. the annual massive new year's eve celebration. each year, a strong police presence during the event. this year, authorities warn, there are no specific threats, but they, quote, remain concerned about unaffiliated lone offenders and homegrown violent extremists targeting the event. writing, they are particularly concerned due to, quote, their ability to remain undetected until operational and willingness to attack civilians and soft targets. their ability to exploit increased crowd dense tity to perpetrate a mass casualty event. the bulletin goes on to cite the recent terror attacks in san bernardino, orlando and nice. >> and linsey davis live with us tonight from times square. i want to reiterate what we said at the top. this bulletin does not list a specific credible threat, but they are concerned tonight, warning law enforcement to be vigilant, and for americans to be vigilant across this country? >> reporter: exactly. they want everyone to be particularly vigilant. it's estimated that a million people are going to crowd right
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into this area in times square, a little more than a week from now, to watch the ball drop. david? >> linsey davis leading us off tonight. linsey, thank you. all of this comes, of course, as linsey reported there, after that terror attack overseas. a truck hijacked. the original driver killed. then, the truck, of course, plowing into that christmas market. well, tonight, the urgent hunt now for a suspect considered armed and dangerous. a warrant has been issued in germany and all across europe for the arrest of this man, an asylum-seeker, believed to have ties to radicals. tonight, german officials say they had been tracking him for months. and now, the obvious question. if he was in trouble before, how did he slip through? abc's matt gutman, again from berlin. >> reporter: tonight, a europe-wise dragnet for this man. 24-year-old anis amri of tunisia. germany warning he could be armed about dangerous. according to a german lawmaker, amri's wallet and i.d. were found in the cab of that battered semitruck after it bulldozed through this crowded
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berlin christmas market, crushing stalls, killing 11 and injuring dozens more. amri was long on the radar of german terror officials. today, the a.p. obtaining this alert going out to international police, noting he has used six aliases in three countries. he came to germany in 2015 seeking asylum, but it was denied. officials concerned about his ties to radical islamists and allegations of petty crime. germany then tried to deport him, but he didn't have the paperwork to prove he was tunisian, and so he stayed. according to the a.p., german authorities had him under surveillance until september, after getting a tip he was trying to obtain weapons for an attack. today, police searching this home for refugees, where he's believed to have stayed. police aren't saying amri drove the truck into the market. that semi believed to have been hijacked just hours before the attack, as its driver was hauling steel beams from italy to germany.
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that driver seen on this surveillance camera at a diner after calling his wife. his dead body was found in the battered truck. german officials saying he'd been shot, but no gun was found at the scene. the attack jarring germany and its stoic chancellor, angela merkel. she's being increasingly challenged for her decision to welcome more than a million migrants. tonight, protected by police in riot gear, members of germany's far right gathered near the site of the attack. the voice you hear behind me is from a neo-nazi group. and past this line of doz ps and dozens of officers to keep the peace, there is a pro-immigration rally, that is far larger. in other parts of berlin, a different response to the tragedy. the city's famed christmas markets open once again. cranes placing these concrete barriers at the alexander place market. protection, should the unthinkable happen again. >> and matt gutman joins us live again tonight from berlin. and matt, i want to get back to
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this fast-moving investigation. the suspect was on their radar for months? >> reporter: that's right, david. german officials say they were conducting surveillance on amri for months, but for some reason, called it off in september. last spoke about him in november. after that silence until the attack. and as that manhunt continues for him, german officials here at the site of the attack say they've wrapped up their investigation. that market opens up again in the morning. david? >> matt gutman with us again tonight. thanks, matt. and president-elect donald trump asked about the terror overseas. he did emerge briefly after an intelligence meeting at his mar-a-lago resort in florida today. reporters asking him about the terror attack and about his plan during his campaign for a muslim ban in this country. his nominee for national security adviser, retired lieutenant general michael flynn, was flight behind him. >> in the wake of the violence in europe and turkey on monday -- >> terrible. >> have you spoken since president obama since then? >> what's going on is terrible. in fact, we have intelligence here right now. but what's going on is terrible.
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>> has it caused you to rethink or re-evaluate your plans to create a muslim registry or ban muslim immigration to the united states? >> hey, you know my plans, all along, i've been prove to be right, 100% correct. what's happening is disgraceful. >> you saw the security in times square. security being stepped up across europe, as well, especially at tourist sites, where americans will be among the holiday visitors. in london tonight, at buckingham palace, there are strict new controls in place at this hour, and abc's lama hasan is outside the palace tonight. >> reporter: tonight, scotland yard tightening security at one of london's biggest targets, buckingham palace. the threat level is at severe in london. helicopters patrol from the air. on the ground, armed police are on high alert. extra security barriers now in place. all the roads around the palace will be closed off for two hours during the famous tourist attraction, changing of the guard. tonight, queen elizabeth and prince philip, normally at their
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estate for their christmas holiday, are at buckingham palace, but not for security. the palace telling abc news, both are suffering from, quote, heavy colds. >> lama hasan with us live from buckingham palace tonight, which brings us to the other headline there in london. not only security concerns, but concerns over the health of the queen and the prince. what more do we know? >> reporter: oh, absolutely, david. we are being assured tonight that there is no cause for concern. the queen and prince philip have simply decided to delay their trip to sandringham because they have these heavy colds. david? >> lama hasan with us tonight from buckingham palace. lama, thank you. we turn next to the deadly explosion in mexico, that death toll rising after a disaster at an open air market where people were buying fireworks to celebrate the holidays. there is word tonight, some of the youngest victims are being brought to hospitals here in the u.s. the chain reaction disaster sending rockets shooting hundreds of feet into the air. the smoke hiding the horror on the ground.
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abc's kayna whitworth in mexico city tonight. >> reporter: from the sky tonight, this is what remains of the market after that deadly chain reaction explosion. rows of charred stalls and burned vehicles. firefighters battling the blaze. devastated families searching for loved ones. this woman said, everything is gone. at least 32 killed. 60 sent to the hospital. this 13-year-old boy airlifted to a texas hospital for treatment. fireworks are a grand part of mexican culture during the holidays. 80% of the country's supply comes from this region. a series of explosions local media reports lasted for 12 minutes. survivors running for their lives. a town and a country in mourning, days before christmas, as officials investigate what triggered the explosions. this is not the first accident they've had. in 2005, there was another explosion at this market. but david, it was just two weeks ago, that the city said this is
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the safest fireworks market in all of latin america. david? >> kayna whitworth there in mexico city for us. kayna, thanks. back here at home tonight, newly released body cam video showing the moments before two georgia police officers answering a call over a domestic dispute were then fatally shot. the officers were also childhood friends, and the last act for one of them was to try to save the other's life. abc's gio benitez with that video tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the body camera video of a georgia police officer's final moments. nicholas smarr, and his partner, jody smith, were responding to a domestic violence call earlier this month. >> come here. >> reporter: you can see the suspect right there down the hall, minquell lembrick. but he runs off, and the officers immediately give chase. but as the two officers close in, the suspect pulls out a gun and opens fire. both smarr and smith were severely wounded.
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officer smarr tried saving his partner and best friend with cpr until his own last breath. smith dying later at the hospital. in the last year, there's been a 68% increase in deadly police shootings. in this case, there were only 16 seconds between the knock on the door and the first shots fired. >> the domestic violence call is the number one most unpredictable type of call police officers answer in this country. >> reporter: and david, after a manhunt and standoff with s.w.a.t. officers, the suspect ended up taking his own life. this video tonight really highlights the dangers that officers face every single day on the streets. david? >> gio benitez with us tonight. thank you, gio. next this evening, the american grandparents pleading for the freedom of their little grandsons, their daughter and her husband. they've been held hostage by the taliban for years. the little boys, born in captivity. in newly released video tonight, the grandparents seeing the boys together for the very first time. and they are hoping president-elect trump will be
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the one to make a deal to bring them all home. here's our chief investigative correspondent brian ross tonight. >> we have waited. >> reporter: these are the faces of the littlest american hostages. now 4 years old and 18 months, born in captivity after their parents were captured by the taliban. their grandparents saw them together for the first time in this new video. >> he's a little boy, looks like any american little boy. >> he's adorable. you just want to reach out, you know, and hold him. and that's very difficult. >> reporter: tonight, those grandparents, lynn and jim coleman of stewartstown, pennsylvania, are making a plea for donald trump to do what president obama has not, to make a deal with the taliban to get their daughter caity, her husband josh and their children free. >> there are some people that are just really good at that, and some that aren't that good at that. >> reporter: you think donald trump might be better than barack obama? >> yeah, i do. yeah, i do. >> reporter: and the colemans say they have spoken with senior trump advisers about putting more pressure on pakistan to
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help make a deal. >> i think the new administration might be more willing to put pressure on them to make this happen. >> reporter: this will be the fifth christmas in the coleman household without caity, who once took charge of decorating the tree. >> merry christmas, everyone. >> reporter: their hopes pin now on whether donald trump will break with longstanding u.s. policy and make a deal with the terrorists to get this family home, if president obama cannot. brian ross, abc news, stewartstown, pennsylvania. >> brian, thank you. next, to the extreme weather at this hour, as holiday travel kicks into high gear. new storms firing up in the west at this hour, striking tonight. snow in the midwest tale, falling on lambeau field. the packers at home there on saturday. no surprise, there will be snow on the ground there. let's get right to meteorologist rob marciano, he's live along the west side highway here in new york tonight, with the forecast for millions that are traveling this week. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. well, as you know, the frozen tundra of green bay, no stranger to snow, but we have big changes on the way with these western storms. let's take a look. the first one spinning into
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southern california tonight. the second one is bigger, we'll have more widespread rain and mountain snow there in through friday and saturday. very difficult driving conditions. but both of these are going to pump up the warm air into the u.s. look at the temperatures come christmas day, into the 40s, 50s and 60s. some of these spots were below zero earlier this week. david? >> i spotted 74 in new orleans. let's go. all right, rob marciano, thanks. the holiday shopping crunch is on tonight. millions of last-minute shoppers feeling the pressure. but there is still time to get some pretty good deals. and believe it or not, some of the items you can still order up until 9:45 on christmas eve. here's abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: tonight, tis the season to procrastinate. how many last-minute shoppers do we have here? >> one. >> reporter: 3 of 4 shoppers waiting right up until christmas to get it all done. >> it's certainly a buyer's market. create your own discount by asking for a lower price. >> reporter: many retailers also letting you shop online and pick up in-store, including
5:45 pm, where you have until 6:00 p.m. on friday to shop and 6:00 p.m. christmas eve to pick up. >> you can also get cash. you can also get gift cards. >> reporter: using websites like deal news, you can even find them at a discount. finally tonight, amazon offering eligible customers what they're calling procrastinator's delight. order through prime now before 9:45 p.m. christmas eve and you'll have it on your doorstep by midnight. and remember, many things like tickets, subscriptions, memberships to your favorite services, they can all be purchased online and given electronically right up until christmas. david? >> rebecca jarvis, thanks again to you tonight. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the deadly crash. the jet going down just after takeoff. the plane clipping a fence at the end of the runway, crashing into flames. you see it there just moments later. one crew member surviving. the fedex truck carjacked with christmas packages inside. that's the driver holding onto
5:46 pm
the door. it's happening more often. we'll have that. and later here, the final "jeopardy!" clue. you'll get a chance to answer it yourself, but you've got to hear the story of the amazing woman who gets it right. she is inspiring so many. her story is america strong.
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5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning. 24 hours and zero heartburn, it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10 straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed next tonight, the fedex driver trying to fend off a carjacker. his truck filled with gifts, making those trucks prime targets. here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: tonight, holiday package thieves are shooting straight to the top of the naughty list. watch this fedex driver near phoenix, running to stop armed suspects from stealing his truck, jumping and holding on as it speeds away. this is the peak week for deliveries, and the shipping surge is bringing out the grinches. but this year, porch pirates aren't just finding plenty to grab from your doorstep. thieves are also going for the mother lode, package-filled trucks. in chicago, police say these two suspects targeted a ups driver, pointing a gun at his head. the u.s. postal service on the lookout, too. >> this time of year, it's a
5:49 pm
crime of opportunity. >> reporter: that fedex driver in arizona wasn't hurt. his truck later found, police tweeting, "christmas is back." and david, detectives in arizona are still trying to figure out exactly how many packages were taken from that fedex truck, and to find the suspects. they are still on the loose tonight. david? >> the hero driver trying to hold on there. clayton, thank you. when we come back, the new headline tonight about breast cancer and whether surgery in some cases is necessary. and then, that deadly plane crash. the cargo jet going down just moments after takeoff. one of the crew members surviving. this is your daughter. and she just got this. ooh boy. but, you've got hum. so you can set this. and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for so if she should be here, but instead goes here, here, or here. you'll know. so don't worry, mom. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected.
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5:53 pm
the boeing 727 hit the fence, then slammed into the ground, bursting into flames. five crew members were killed. one did survive. there is news tonight on breast cancer. a new study reporting more than 14% of women with early stage breast cancer opted for unnecessary surgery to remove both breasts. researchers claim that many patients choose to remove healthy breast tissue because surgeons don't make it clear that removing healthy tissue doesn't necessarily reduce risk later on. that study in the journal "jama surgery." and we have more on our website. when we come back, america strong. the final "jeopardy!" clue, the champ, and her incredible story. tonight, her one wish. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys...
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finally tonight, the "jeopardy!" champ, and her one wish. >> this is "jeopardy!" >> cindy stowell had always dreamed of being a contestant on "jeopardy!". >> from austin, texas, cindy stowell. >> she earned a chance to appear on the game show this summer, and began taping her episode just three weeks later. >> what is adams? >> yes. >> what is the peach state? >> correct. >> what is the joy of cooking? >> cook, yes. >> this week, you might have seen cindy wracking up her score, battling stage four colon cancer while competing. and it turns out only host alex trebek and a few of the staff members actually knehe orchestr? >> yes. >> last night, the final "jeopardy!" clue. the category, 2016 u.s. olympians. >> if this u.s. state was a country, it would have been in the top ten in gold medals with 14. >> that famous music playing. and it turns out, the only
5:58 pm
person to get it right was cindy. >> and she wrote down maryland. that is right. congratulations, young lady. >> of course, that means she'll be on again tonight. it is a bittersweet run. cindy's boyfriend, jason hess, revealing the news on twitter that with the game show taped, cindy died on december 5th. "in the early morning hours, cancer took the best friend, partner and pub trivia teammate a guy could ask for. love you always." and cindy's wish w prize money be denated to cancer reser research to help others like her. and cindy will be back on tonight, and we'll be watching. good night. charred cars and questions
5:59 pm
after a deadly accident. in answers from a man who saved one of the drivers. >> as far as we can tell, he does not seem willing to comply. >> and deny me due process. >> only abc7 news follows up with the people in charge of a community that hasn't had safe drinking water for weeks. >> new at 6:00, a rock formation with a religious meeting on a southern california beach in the week before christmas. >> this community doesn't have safe drinking water and we may be into the new year before it is resolved. >> the landlord is telling us why he thinks the state is wrong. >> the property is in a rural part of san jose, a former resort with cottages converted
6:00 pm
into >> the state says it could impose fines and the county has been asked tone sure there is potable water or else they'll shut the place down january 15th. >> the tenants of kwin twin creeks properties say they've been out of potable water off and on since november. >> no running water, we cannot bathe or cook. we have to use bottled water. >> the state water resources board is telling them to use only bottled water. the agency says the landlord was


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