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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 22, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning, bay area. let's get going. >> it is 5:00 a.m. it is thursday, december 22nd. >> time to get up and get going. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves, and alexis smith is here with the traffic and meteorologist mike nicco. not is cold? >> not so cold. no frost just a select area in the north bay with fog forming and we will watch black ice. petaluma is half a mile. that is jump between half a mile and a mile and the fog on the move down to san tab -- pablo bay. the fog will list at 9:00.
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31 to 48 are the temperatures. cooler than yesterday. we are in the same ballpark this afternoon under sunny skies. this evening, 46 to 50. >> the only people i saw on way in were a couple of u.p.s. trucks making deliveries. now, 280 and 1 there is a report of a collision on the ramp or the area. ing in on the traffic maps. we still have all green so trying to get to the bottom of that, but, over all, we have light volumes and we do have fog. starting this morning, parents will gather to choose gifts for children at sacred heart. 6,000 children get toys for the holidays. matt keller is in san jose. matt? >> good morning, how special is this? we are in the toy box at sacred
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heart community service. you can see the item they have. parents can come in here and shop for their kids and pick out two toys and one become. >> we feel it is important that families feel they have some say and they can choose the toys rather than us. >> this is what it looks like when the shoppers hit the toy box 6,200 were signed up, but there are toys for babies up to age 18. the vent so high in silicon valley, up to 75% of the family income can go to housing so sacred heart community services wants to help people to have a chance to give toys to their kids without dipping into their own bank account. they still need 2,200 toys for the teenagers, so if you would like to donate go to we set autopsy link to sacred
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heart's website. >> thank you, matt. a woman walked away from a really bad crash in santa clara county but ended up in handcuffs. look at the scene on skyline boulevard at highway 17. emergency responders found the william's car down an embankment, trapped inside, with a windshield smashed and airbags deployed. officers got her out of the car and brought her up to the hill and go her a sobriety test and ended up in handcuffs and taken away. >> high speed chase involving c.h.p. ended in a fiery crash with firefighters here drenching the suspect's charred sedan. officers tried to pull over the susect for speeding on southbound 280 at 11:00 but he took off and went more than 100 miles per hour. the driver tried to get off the road but crashed and rolled. paramedics took him to the hospital where minor injuries. >> police are investigating a
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deadly head-on crash yesterday in fairfield with two people being killed. sky 7 shows how little of the two cars were left after they caught fire. this happened after midnight on a rural stretch of the road between vacaville and forward. a good samaritan pull add man out of the burning s.u.v. and save his life. >> he was yelling the whole time because his election were caught on fire and i was traying to pat it off. >> thank goodness for oscar. two other people were unresponsive and he could not get do them in time. their identities have not been released and the coroner could tell us their names today. >> friends and neighbor remember a man whose life was cut short during an armed robbery, the owner a pawn shot was shot and killed and
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employee was injured. >> it breaks my heart. >> candles honored a life cut short. >> it is so sensely you cannot wrap your head around it. 49-year-old pawnshop owner and his beloved dog were shot and killed dug an armed robbery. >> he bought his dog, copper, with him all time he opened the pawn show three years ago and became friends with neighbors. >> two nice guys helping the community and trying to make a living. >> an employee who confined to a wheelchair was shot and wound >> really good people and it hurts that it happen close to where i live. former co-worker said that he knew the risks owning a pawn shock. >> he will said they can have what they want, take it for life is worth jewelry or money in the drawer.
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>> two armed men wearing hoodies got away. >> they killed this wonderful soul. and robbed his family of his presence, his love. timothy pult leaves a wife and two childrens. friend set up this gofundme page to help with funeral and medical expense happening today, san francisco police officers honor and pay tribute to one of their own who died in the line of duty 10 years ago. officer brian severo was shot in 2006 by an escapee from a state work camp. the officers die from the injuries the next morning. another officer shot and killed the gunman. extent the public is invited to remember the officer tuvero in the community room dedicated to him onth. it will be open from 9:00 to 6:00 p.m. >> in the east bacon cord police ask for your help to identify a monday who took off with $200,000 in jewelry from a sears department store.
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detectives say this man caught on surveillance video hid inside the store of the shopping center on friday and likely waited in a storage room in the back of sears until everyone was gone. investigators say he then stole 130 expenses rings from a case but was not discovered until saturday morning when employees got to work. on surveillance video he casually walked around deciding what to take. >> he was casing the areas and we see him smashing the jewelry case and taking merchandise. he may have left through an exit door that has quick release bars. people hope the public can identify him because he made no effort to hide his face. >> police say a man accuse evidence attacking his neighbor with a baseball bat has turned himself in. the 47-year-old mark weber surrendered last night at police headquarters, with a dispute over a dog may have led him to attack his neighbor who was
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taken to the hospital with major injuries. investigators feared he could take his own life, as well. >> residents of appeal's only mobile home park celebrate not one but two victories, yesterday we told you the santa clara housing authorities voted to make an offer to buy buena vista mobile home park to keep owners from shutting down and a judge decided the city has to determine exact relocation costs for each unit before allowing owners to close the park. this reverses an early decision to accept ranges of relocation costs. right now, then, buena vista mobile home park will stay open. >> the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we will open up the weather window an area that cooler this morning with temperatures in the mid-30s. we will look at the air quality with all of us under the burn ban again until midnight and when the rain comes in it will bring refreshingly clean air. specifically, it is 36 in walnut creek, and 37 in concord, and we
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have 35 in san ramon and dublin, and highway 4, pittsburg and antioch and brentwood, 45 to 48. the rest of the neighbors, 47 in oakland and vallejo and san carlos at 41, pacifica is 48, and frosty code temperatures, and i am getting concerned, 32 degrees, all throughout the north bay and fog, black ice is going to form on bridges and overpasses, something that alexis and i will watch, i have not heard of any but it is a possibility. 56 to 60 our warmest day moving failure because tomorrow's rain cooled air 50 to 56 degrees and chilly breezes for saturday, 50 to 53 degrees. we will look at that rain next. alexis? >> i got a few more details of the collision in the south bay so we knew it was on northbound 280 but not sure if it was closer to highway 17 or 87 and on the connection from northbound 280 to northbound 87, three vehicles involved but
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fortunately no injuries but a couple of tow trucks and hard to tell if it is a blocking situation or not, but, again, that is on the ramp so not seeing any delays. zooming out and head up to the north bay this is what mike was talking about dense fog between santa rosa and san rafael, and pretty chilly temperatures, too, so look out for slick conditions, and c.h.p. has issued a dense fog advisory between sears point and 101 is where it gets the thickest so low down, increase the following distance and take it easy. we will look at the bay bridge commute, it is light at this point coming up at 5:20. >> ikea has settlement over a product that caused three deaths, with a huge amount they will have to pay the families of three young people killed by falling dressers. >> an e-cigarette explodes and >> an e-cigarette explodes and cashes fire in a back pocket and
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>> a snow of message from the jewish and islamic and other faith communities saying "no to racism and yes to justice." >> ikea has a settlement after three children were killed by dressers that tipped over at $50 million. they took place in 2014 and 2015 with dressers from ikea with
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children no older than two died when the dressers toppled. they said all dressers should be anchored to the wall and she have issue add massive recall. >> new video of another e-cigarette exploding and this is stunning. this is a a man on a city bus and just put one in his pocket and look at that, it explodes catching his pants on fire. he ended up in the hospital. first responders took photos of the charred battery and you can see it. it is believed that something possibly loose change may have shorted out the battery. that is concerning. >> experts suggest removing e-cigarette batteries between vapes and put them in a protective case. >> oakland police offering a $10,000 reward for information that will lead them to the person who stabbed a man to death. we were over the scene on oakland's moss wood park.
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police say the victim was stabbed several times. it is the 82nd oakland. >> semi-truck driver is under after arrest driving while drunk. >> it was caught on camera. here is that step. >> in the "first look," commercial semi-truck weaving out-of-control with the driver very, very drunk. >> off the minnesota highway, you can she we swerving off to the right shower, hitting a sign, struck el telling get become on the road, and then crossing several lanes of traffic before finally stopping. that want the end of it, and the driver barely able to walk much less drive shutting down the entire highway because he was crawling on it. >> driver, 48-year-old jonathan check was transported a wal-mart trailer, but work for a
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third-party company at the time. >> you been into the alcohol? >> yes. >> we have more of the disturbing video at 7:00 a.m. that is the first look from gma from new york. >> you probably remember this next story, new york city police have identified the man accuses of stealing a bucket of gold flakes worth $1.6 million. we told you of this last month, in this video the new york police department believes a 53-year-old was caught in the act on surveillance cameras grabbing the 86-pound bucket off the back of an armored truck in manhattan. the suspect walked away with the heavy bucket in broad daylight. he is believed to be in the los angeles area and still at large. >> yahoo owned tumblr is become in operation after being hit with a denial of service attack yesterday. a hacker floods a site with so much incoming traffic the site has to shut down.
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tumblr said the personal information of users was not compromised. all the amount of people under 33 living at memorial is at the highest point around the nation in 75 areas. about 40% of the millennials, people 18 to 34 are living with family. that is the highest mark since 1940 after the fowl end of the great depression. high residents and tough mortgage standards is the reason the number is so high. >> the most annoying word or phrase can you think of? according to a new poll most think it is "whatever." the word irritates 38% of americans and no offense, but 20% of people say that is the most irritating. i don't understand the next one, why ever hear then say, you know, right? i am irritated they are saying
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that. able matters on this, among americans under 30, i can't even -- that came in at number one. >> i hate the word "moist," unless it applies to cake and i'm for it. >> every forecast from now on... >> you know, right, it will have moist in it? >> stop it! >> cannot. >> my goodness. no moist air, but we will call it humidity? does that satisfy everyone? several of our bosses don't like thed word "moist." temperatures is 32 with black ice forming on some bridges and overpasses this morning in the north bay. keep an eye on it. alexis and i are watching it. you can see "spare the air", the fourth, last mild afternoon.
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christmas weather but next week is trending dry. the temperatures show 56 to 60 so very immediate day to be outside, and touchdown, floodgates are opening with wets weather and coming in quicker and not quite have so much moisture with temperatures in the 40s. it is still a "2" on the storm-impact scale from a third to 1.25" in the north bay with breezes causing damage. and with this coming in hot, in a small narrow timeframe, we have flooding possible, urban flooding. at 4:00 you have light-to-moderate flooding but by can it is all again the scattered showers bring know to 4,000 feet and it will taper and pull over to the coast. all the rains coming in, christmas afternoon, through monday morning, tuesday and wednesday, dry. alexis? >> we see the commute thin out.
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the bay bridge toll plaza shows no metering lights. our traffic maps show a report of a new collision in the last few americans, eastbound 580 beyond the 238 interchange in castro valley, possibly one lane is blocked but in delays in the area and we have very light volumes. southbound 680 highway 4 to walnut creek is only six minutes and you are in the green. same westbound 24 walnut creek to highway 13, nine minutes and westbound 580, tracy to dublin is one of our only slow spots from the central valley. we have fog and icy conditions. that is ahead. >> stolen tesla was involved in a police chase, a short police chase, the owner reported it missing in san mateo county yesterday afternoon, and authorities traced the signal to 280 and trailed it rather than pursue it, once the driver got off on 6th street in san francisco, the c.h.p. tried to pull it over and that is when
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the driver took off, only able to make it a block before getting interest gridlock at south van ness and mission and was arrested and the passenger ran off. >> kayne west has canceled the european leg of the st. pablo tour. last month, kayne west scrapped the remaining first days for 2016. the difficult after that announcement he was hospitalized for nine days. his behavior this past year has become a problem for a lot of fans. there were seeps of trouble here in the bay area but he want on a lengthy rant at a concert in san jose saying that he didn't vote in the presidntial election but if he had it would have been for trump. >> phoenix waitress is celebrate after a big tip she did not expect. sarah clark got a $900 tip on $61 bill. that is a 1,500% tip. the couple wrote a note saying "this is god's money, he gave it to us so we could give it to you." she said it could not come at a
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better time, pregnant and due at any moment and her fiance has surgery this week. >> million pulls town a starbucks for a latte and a surprise that had her yelling for joy. for joy. kellyanne conway turned
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>> three, we are look at light volume so for this morning and we are concerned about dense fog advisory in the north bay between san rafael and santa rosa c.h.p. has issued a dense fog advisory along highway 37. chilly temperatures with black ice. >> search underway for four people who ran from this scene after they crashed a car into a thrift store in san leandro on east 14th street. that is a jaguar and we do not know if it was stolen. c.h.p. said the four people who ran off were young, possibly in their teens. >> san francisco's police commission is voting to adopt new changes to the "use-of-force" policy. officers will no longer be able to employ chokeholds. they will in longer be able to shoot at moving vehicles, except in extraordinary circumstances. >> the president-elect campaign manager, kellyanne conway, will serve as counselor to the president, she he --
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she accepted the position. >> the queen of england approved of prince harry's relationship with an american actress dating for several months. the two have not yet met and do not plan on doing so over the holiday. >> this is what could be the old ever garden ever discovered, the plant has a texture like poe state toys but takes like sweet chestnut found in british choppia with its own rock wall created 3,400 years ago. >> i'm confused. i need to know more of the story. >> young coast guard officer has >> young coast guard officer has the surprise for his i miss you so much! >> the heart warming video taken at 6:00 a.m. at starbucks.
5:27 am
he had bun in south america for ten months but he made it home for the holidays. >> seven-year-old in indiana was determined to spread holiday cheer ask add local mcdonald's for a job to help needy kids in the community have a christmas to remember. the manager at first said no, he is seven. but the boy would not take no and finally done done made him an honorable employee and now he is wipe down tables in the store and all the hard earned dollars are beginning to toys for tots. >> we have a full 90 minutes of news including the reforms just approve for the san francisco police department. >> a taxi driver accuses of attacking two women after picking them up outside an east bay bar with police looking for even more victims. >> and technology is keeping trains with bart m
5:28 am
trains with bart m more information on that story
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good morning, east bay. let's get going. >> good morning, it is >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> and jessica castro is usually here, but she is gone. and we have alexis smith. >> not portland, portland, permt just today for the holiday. >> good morning, i am mike nicco. now, live doppler hd is showing on a serious note the visibility in petaluma, three-quarters, so there is a a last moisture in the air and the temperatures is 32 and the moisture will freeze
5:31 am
on exposed surfaces like bridges and overpasses, so black ice is possible. from mount tam we will look at clear conditions and it is cooler this morning. 12 hour day planner running through temperatures mainly in the mid-to-upper 50s with sunshine on the menu for lunch. high clouds rolling in at 4:00 to 7:00 signaling the beginning our next storm. and it will be rainy tomorrow at this time and it will be heavy. alexis? all the commute is light. who are slowly starting to fill in at the bay bridge toll plaza and a couple of moms ago i weighinged up here we did not have the metering lights on but probably in the next few minutes they will flip. >> the drive times show it is light. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze at 18 minutes and 10 minutes across the bay bridge and southbound 101 san francisco to sfo only nine minutes. >> the central valley is coming up in less than 10 minutes. >> bart is tired of people
5:32 am
illegally parking in the lots so new they are beginning to milk new they are beginning to milk them pay -- make them >> yes, bart is hoping this will convince people they need to pay for packing. here is the breakdown, the fine for not paying to park is up to 55 up from $35. if you park in a permitted spot it goes from $4 to $75. bart figures out some people were willing to take the risk because they thought a fine of d35 was cheaper than driving and parking in the city. some drives think once a parking cheater always a parking cheater. >> if they get away with it, it is okay. if they are caught that is the punishment so what is $35? i pay so i don't have to worry
5:33 am
about it. >> a man said he did not pay one day and nothing happened so enforcement is scattered so people take the risk. the cot of packing is not going up, just the fine. in is in affect john -- january 2nd. >> bart reveals new details of delays with the extension into the south bay. according to the stroke report, delays are blamed on decades old train systems to the new systems because the old system is 44 years old. bart said when it is worked out they still have to undergo weeks of testing. >> a south bay taxi driver is accused of sexually assaulting two women. the 30-year-old julio sanchez was arrested last week.
5:34 am
sanchez picked up an intoxicated woman outside of a bar october 29. they say rather than giving her a ride home he took her to his own house. investigators say she woke up while being assaulted. investigators no at least another victim, an acquaintance. ⌞> we hope there are no other victims, the next we have leads to us believe there could be other victims. >> sanchez was driving for checkered flag yellow taxi which has an address listed in mountain view but that address does not exist. police say they are working with police in other cities now in investigating the legitimacy. >> uber is look at other states to test the self-driving c legally with dmv putting testing for 16 cars that were not
5:35 am
properly permitted. uber said they used for mapping and not to carry passengers. the permits supposed to require reporting of new issues and uber has balked at that. uber released a statement saying "we are now looking at where we can redeploy the cars but are 100% committed to california." the mayor said that uber is welcome on city streets when they get the proper permits that 20 other companies had in trouble doing. >> for the first time in more than 20 years, san francisco's police department is making changes to the use of force unless. last night the police commission voted unanimously to adopt the new guide leans emphasizing the sanctity of life and aiming to reduce deadly encounters. officers can no longer emily chokeholds. in addition they are not allowed to shoot at moving cars which drew objections from the pass
5:36 am
union. the commission added language that accounts for exceptional circumstances. >> it adds common sense language the officers wanted to see to protect them in the vent they have to do something to protect the public. ultimately there is something in there nor everyone. not only will the rank and file adjust to new "use-of-force" policy they under new leadership and the chief of police, bill scott, from lapd, will be sworn in next month. >> as millions are ready to travel for the holidays passengers at lapd are dealing with major headaches after getting hit with rain, construction, and the busiest days to travel. there were major traffic jams to get to the airport and when you got to thant people were stuck on the runway for hours waiting to take off and taxiing to the gate. finally they were re-routed to other airports such as phoenix and sfo. we check the lamb website and it
5:37 am
is not shaping up to be a very good day to take off with dozens of flights delayed, some even canceled, and we checked with sfo earlier and they said so for they have future seen a big impact here. >> the effort to repeal north carolina's controversial bathroom bill has failed. a special meeting last night took hours. nothing contained. it requires people to use the restroom according to the gender listed on their birth certificate forcing transgender people to use a bathroom with a gender they do not identify with and, clued the lgbt community from anti discrimination protections. democratic lawmakers are accusing we republicans of bait and switch by preventing local governments from passing antiscream face laws for at least six months. >> i don't know if you think the public is stupid or we are stupid or who is stupid. >> we never said we would come in, in december, and repeal
5:38 am
this. >> both sides of the aisle are angry the spell session cost $42,000 for no action. >> in california a new law is in affect january 1 barring state agencies requiring their employees to travel to states with laws similar to north carolina's bats room bill. it is aimed at protecting state workers from facing discrimination, but the law also banned employees from being reimbursed for officer-involved to states that have such laws. all the chief of the california schools wants districts to declare themselves self havens and sent a letter to the superintendents asking them to follow lead of the sacramento city. they declared schools safe haven to protect students against deporting and hate speech. donald trump promised strict enforcement on immigration. >> now, construction for the warriors arena in san francisco
5:39 am
looks to be starting next month according to the "business times." they will start work on the $1 billion arena in january. this despite open importants would still fight it claiming it would cause air pollution and grid look. the excavation and soil retention work will start next month. the date could be announced after the holidays. >> san mateo police have a sketch of a person who shot a man outside of a late 20 or 30s, hispanic, with a beard. it happened on friday at 10:00 in the parking lost the bowling alley. the victim was targeted. he is still in the hospital. h is recovering. >> bell monday police want you to look at this home surveillance video. officers need your help to catch this guy who stole a package from the porch of a home on tuesday around 1:15 in the
5:40 am
afternoon, so if you have information to help police, give them a call. all the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> i heard through our local nighborhood site that we had a truck driving around our neighborhood two days ago looking for packages. crazy. >> now, san rafael is not foggy and the temperatures are running above freezing, the north bay possibly could have poor air quality today and we had a little bit in vallejo at midnight and everyone right now is run good to moderate. no burning up until midnight. the other concern, 30 in rohnert park and 32 with american cannian and novato and black ice is possible. across the north bay until 8:00 this morning. 35 in san ramon. we have lafayette at 38. newark is 39. everyone else is in the 40s and san francisco is at 48 and oakland at 47. on the water today, fog at the san pablo bay and commuting it will be foggy if you are on the
5:41 am
roads and exercising, we have poor air quality. walnut creek is quiet at 680, and nice day tomorrow nearly 60 but low-to-mid 50s tomorrow with the wet weather and a chilly breeze and the low 50s saturday. we will look at that hour by hour rain full, tomorrow, coming up. >> 680 moving along fine through walnut creek and one of our only slow spots bay bridge toll plaza not is bad at usual, but we got the metering lights flipped on in the last ten minutes and the that as few minutes to come from the pays. >> still seeing mostly grown this morning but you are seeing white and that is the visibility layer from live doppler hd on our traffic maps, between santa rosa and down to san rafael, and suth of there, the brighter the white the denser the fog and you can see along 101 it is thick. at highway 37, c.h.p. issued dense fog advisory which now is cleared from the boards but it is still thick it is chilly up
5:42 am
there, too, we could have black ice. >> tracy to dublin is 35 minutes and that is not too bad out of the central valley. southbound 680 is looking good, and between 101 and cupertino in the grown at 16 minutes. police say this man took advantage of generosity of his neighbors, coming up, the scam he is accused of running that has police searching for victims. >> though water to drink, bathe or cool with, a landlord is or cool with, a landlord is explaining why dozens of the
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welcome back. a napa man is accused of appealing to people's kindness and conning them out of cash. police want you it see the photos of him. photos of him. an money for. but it was a fraud. he was arrested. if you game money to the man, you can get it back. >> man posing as a pest control worker is wanted for trying to steal from a business in hayes veal. he has a complete haz-mat suit, and goes inside and signs in at
5:46 am
the security desk and as the secure officer caps him trying to steal computers you can see what happens. he is out of there real quick as the security officer chased him. >> hands to your side. >> this arrest had less to an internal investigation involving bart police. you are looking at the body camera footage made public of the encounter that happened in july. it shows bart police arresting michael smith at embarcadero station. the deputy police chief denies police use excessive force. he said the officers super bowled to a report of an after cap american man possibly armed who threatened to rob man. smith was with his pregnant woman. >> i was just scared. i divinity know what to do, i was scared for everyone. >> she said she believes the officer would place add neon her back while she was belly down caused her to miscarry. smith was acquitted of battery charges and the jury was hung on
5:47 am
four other counts. the d.a. could re-try the case saying the video showed in court was edited. >> german police carried out raids looking for at the suspect behind the berlin market attack, but in arrests have been made. four of the suspect's southerns were arrested but a prosecutor is denying that. 24-year-old anis amri is being looked for by police, they tried to deport him but amri did not have paperwork so he stayed in germany. the attack killed 12 people. and two americans are among those injured. we know one of them is from texas. >> we are hear from the landlord whose tenants are getting mix messages on the safety of their water. it affect those who live in rural san jose. an old resort has been converted to an apartment complex. the tenants say they have been
5:48 am
out of safe drinking water off-and-on sense november. the control board said the landlord was illegally using a spring as a water source and it was con contaminated with e. coli. the hand lord said the spring was a backup that he used when the pipes to a well froze during cold water. >> it has been inspected by the water board age and they have full knowledge of this. >> he said he does not need a permit because the spring was grandfathered in back in the 40s. he said that new tests show the e. coli is gone. >> the state said he is breaking the law. we will keep watch for new developments in the story. >> and with our weather a history you are ready to head to the airport to hit the roads. mike? >> southern california is a problem with a soaking down this, who we are under clear conditions we could have issues trying to connect through there. tomorrow, the storm is over the pacific, and look at the cold air, with the clouds behind it. that will coming in, for the
5:49 am
weekend, we will take bout what is happening outside. can you see a few stars if you look hard enough. hazy sunshine, no burning until midnight. tomorrow the storm is move in faster but not so wet as yesterday. i am dreaming of a wet christmas. white if you in lake tahoe. i will show you the 3' of snow. but, first, back at home, 56 in san rafael and vallejo and palo alto and san jose and morgan hit, 60, the warm spot, and rain is moving in tonight, yellows and oranges and mild in the 40s. storm-impact scale scale is a "2" because of the moderate rain to showers. it will be heaviest in the morning. through 4:00, it is mainly in the north bay and after 4:30 to 6:00 it moves into the heart of the bay. by 8:00 county it is over and the ways of showers with brief pulses of moderate to moderate-to-heavy rain roll in. snow levels are down to 3,500'.
5:50 am
we will get a dusting. christmas afternoon is wet and monday and tuesday and wednesday, all dry. >> the traffic map shows light volume. no fog. the only trouble spot this morning is northbound 80 a three car crash they are trying to get cleared. i don't think it is causing any delays. i am having a hard time confirming if it is blocking. mass transit is great but we have schedule changes for the holiday, the sunday schedule for the 25th and 26th the capitol corridor is on the weekend schedule and no service for the san francisco bay ferry on christmas day. the fog is in the north bay, but we do not see teach on 101 camera. >> if you look for the perfect gift for the warriors fan and you really, really generous, time is running out. bidding on the custom shoes warn
5:51 am
and signed by steph curry ends in eight days. the price right new is at $10,000. he wore them last week against the nick, and $9 the for the ghost ship he wore before the game. certain% of the proceeds -- 100% of the proceeds go to help the ghost ship victims and their families with $1.3 million raised so for. >> florida drivers are pulled over for speeding but not getting tickets. >> do not they away the remainty shipping boxes you have, you can use them to do good for others. use them to do good for others. >> is your lipstick s
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> a grocery store then for healthy options is sued for cook the books. whole foods employees in washington, dc, claim that some managers cheated them out of thousands in bonuses. this is a nationwide problem they say. they have a program where department are rewarded for coming under budget. a class-action lawsuit accuses managers of shifting surpluses to other departments to make it appear necessity broke even so they could avoid bonuses. the grocery store fired nine managers for the practice. whole foods is "investigating." >> many of us order online so we have a lot of empty boxes during the holidays and now can you use the boxes to do good. the post office is going to pick up your amazon boxes or whatever box you have and, but there is a catch: put something in there to donate to goodwill. "7 on your side" and michael finney told us of this on abc7.
5:55 am
fill the box with donated items such as colleaguing, for example, but do not put electronics in there. print out a mailing leave from www. it will be delivered to the nearest participating goodwill. >> coming down to the wire for holiday shipping dead lines the last day to ship for second day air and tomorrow you can pay next day air but pay for saturday delivery. and tomorrow feddings uses first overnight or priority, or two day and saturday delivery fees applied the tomorrow is the deadline to mail packages by prior to express through the postal service. >> we have a storm stuck in the southern part of california today, mid-to-upper 60s, and another is going to enter the northern section department in between a lot of sunshine and upper 50s to low 60s through the central valley. 4:00 tomorrow and 4:00 saturday, nothing has changed 1 to 3' of
5:56 am
snow? the sierra. 22" at donner. 19 at kirkwood. at least. at lake tahoe right new, you can see it is quiet. we will have a chill in the air for christmas at 32 degrees. alexis? >> the bay bridge toll plaza the only slow spot we have metering lights on after 5:30 this morning. so it is a light preholiday day we cannot escape that. we have light volumes approaching, westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze is 16, and nine minutes to the airport. >> the f.d.a. is cracking down on lead in beauty products such as lipstick and eye shadow, releasing new guidelines yesterday limit lead to no more than ten parts per million. tests on hundreds of lip products found the highest is seven parts a million and the f.d.a. admitted most products are under the any limit but they want guide lines to ensure that
5:57 am
products are less addition. >> santa is about to arrive in the south bay with a last minute rush by volunteers to make the holiday great for thousands. >> another twist in the battle over appeal's only mobile home park the people who call it home do not have to fear eviction for now. >> california's birth rate drops to a record low. more peo be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in.
5:58 am
we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
5:59 am
good morning, south bay, let's get going. in 30 seconds, it will be 6:00 a.m. and you can hit the snooze button. welcome to thursday december 22nd. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui with meteorologist mike nicco and traffic reporter alexis smith. jessica castro is off for the holidays today. it will be rainy tomorrow. that is an issue for a lot of people traveling. >> this time tomorrow. it may not be as big an issue as we talked about when it was coming in, during the morning to the afternoon. our biggest issue is freezing
6:00 am
fog, black ice likely on bridges, overpasses, and elevated surfaces around petaluma at quarter-mile visibility and temperature of 31 degrees. bay bridge we do not need to worry great from south beach 31 to 48, and toward noon we are 56 to 58, high clouds rolling in 54 to 57 at 4:30, and the clouds are thick are at 46 to 50 as we head into the evening hours. it will be quiet right new but it will change this time tomorrow we will talk about it next. >> golden gate bridge is looking good, with really light volumes if you coming from the in the bay look out for that potential black ice and the reduced visibility. drive times westbound 580, tracy to dublin is only 37 minutes, 20 westbound antioch to concord is 2 minutes, and southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco is in the yellow at 18 minutes. we will lock at the s


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