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tv   Nightline  ABC  December 23, 2016 12:37am-1:08am PST

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this is nightline. >> tonight, fight or flight. ivanka trump and her young children allegedly harassed on a flight by an unruly passenger. >> he was upset. he walked on as soon as he saw her and started shaking. >> a man and his companion removed. a look at other travelers who famously flew off the handle. plus kacrafter party. the etsy open call competition attracts entrepreneurs from across the country. with millions of profits on the line, which will take the cake. and struggle no more. almost 30 years after
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good evening. thank you for joining us. a startling i said dent in a new
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york airport today. ivanka trump and her family allegedly accosted and harassed by a passenger who apparently couldn't check his politics at the gate. tonight we hear from others on board who witnessed the incident. fight or flight. an unruly passenger removed from a jet blue flight after reportedly harassing ivanka trump according to airlines. >> he said you ruined our country now your flight. >> reporter: she was seen in coach going to hawaii with a layover in san francisco when the man began yelling. >> he started shaking as soon as he saw her. he was agitated. if i was security, i wouldn't take a chance. >> reporter: a college professor claiming it was his husband involved, tweeting ivanka and jarod flying commercial. my husband chasing them down to harass them. has after the altercation, changing
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the story writing ivanka and jarod on our flight. my husband expressed displeasure in a calm tone. jet blue overheard and kicked us off the plane. their twitter account you tweeted. jet blue saying the decision to remove a customer from a flight isn't taken lightly, and they accommodated the party. >> once the door closes and we're in the air, we have fewer options to deal with it. we take these issues seriously on the ground, and we will tend toward removing someone from a flight if we think their behavior will create a bigger problem in the air. >> reporter: many were shocked to see the family seated in coast. a contrast from her lifestyle. she's not the only one. proving they're just like us when it comes to air travel. >> many times we see celebrities sitting in coach because they want to fly under the radar. >> ivanka's reported inquisition
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capping off a holiday season for travel. >> we're going to see about 5 million people travel over the weekend. this is a time we're concerned we may have problems on the plane. when we're going to take extra precaution to try to keep the problems on the ground. >> reporter: today's incident the latest in the string of aviation altercations this december. >> we spoke a different language on the plane and we're getting kicked out. >> reporter: a youtube prankster posting this video from a delta plane claiming this time it was no prank. that the airline removed him and a friend after passengers heard him speaking arabic. >> delta airlines are kicking us out because we spoke a different language. you are racists. >> reporter: delta saying action was taken after a disturbance in the cabin resulted in more than 20 customers expressing their discomfort. the company is conducting a review. and to inflight hero, richard marx this week helping detain an unruly passenger. ♪
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>> he was there waiting as the man pulled the staff by the hair. according to his wife. >> he was attacking passengers. he attacked the crew and a couple passengers trying to calm him down. >> reporter: she captured the incident and posted it to social media. here holding a rope was used to restrain the passenger. ♪ >> reporter: the guy should have known better. in capping off an odd month, this woman in this video being dragged off a delta flight after the airline said she failed to comply boarding and baggage check procedure. these disturbances surprise bug not uncommon. last year nearly 11,000 unruly i said dents, 40 % of the airlines saying they've diverted a flight within the last 12 months because of an unruly passenger.
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and forget snakes on a plane. drunks on a plane are a bigger problem. nearly 23% of the cases involve intoxication, and now on social media there's often someone documenting the flying faux pass. like this freakout at 40,000 feet. >> this guy who was sleeping just woke up out of nowhere and started flipping out. >> reporter: this passenger punching and kicking as crew struggle to detain him. >> i was nervous. i wasn't sure what the guy was trying to do. >> authorities saying that mid care meltdown was a medical issue. >> can someone -- look to yourself, sir. >> reporter: then there's this guy. growing more irate by the moment in a heated exchange. >> i'm only 28. i make 4 million a year. what do you do? nothing. >> [ bleep ]. you're right. i'm a loser.
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i own six houses. >> reporter: but all that cash, not enough to keep him on the flight. >> i did not sign anything. i will be filing a lawsuit. >> go ahead, jay ski. >> that man telling cbc los angeles that ptsd is to blame. >> i'm standing up for my mistakes. i'm not blaming anybody but myself for the actions that i did. >> flight attendants have to maintain order. we're trained to react quickly with direct commands so we're not hurt and the passengers are not hurt. >> reporter: sometimes it's crew members that lose it like this captain. seen ranting in the aisle on a flight from new york to las vegas. the co-pilot had to get an off duty pilot on the plane to
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replace him. >> he kicked the door. he kicked the door. it almost buckled. he says, it's me, let me in. this is where we take the plane down. >> reporter: the pilot's wife eluding to health issues, saying he was not intentionally violent. celebrities like ivanka today aren't just a target. sometimes they're the pump traitors. >> he hasn't released his tax returns which means he's either not that rich, not that charitable, or he's never paid taxes in his life. >> warmer. >> reporter: displaying ivanka's father, remember alec baldwin's inflight break down. the star tweeting flight attendant on american reamed me for playing words with friends while we were at the gate. >> he didn't want to get off the phone. they had to remove him. >> reporter: later going on saturday night live to jokingly
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ask for -- >> the star later apologized. tonight sources say ivanka trump and her family are unscathed. bumpy start to a holiday get away, but nothing a drink can't fix. next, the super bowl of crafting where a 10 grader and businesswoman from austin compete for hand crafting glory. can they take their successful etsy products and go big time? later, learn how to lose light the oprah pin fri way. iabs knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? what if you could... love your numbers? discover once-daily invokana®. it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. a pill taken just once in the morning,
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>> tonight with only two shopping days until christmas, we take a look at what's been called the super bowl of crafting. we follow some do it yourself entrepreneurs as they turn out for the pressure filled opportunity of a lifetime. who will come out on top? here's abc's chief business and economic respondent. >> reporter: it is the season for holiday shopping. where can you get everything from a unicorn horn to homemade jewelry? etsy has you covered. a holiday market in the heart of new york city catering to those looking for a unique and locally crafted present. >> can i point them out? >> reporter: earlier this year we were there as top etsy sellers have a chance to take their businesses to the next level. >> hey, guys. i'm here in my studio. >> reporter: meet 16-year-old zandra cunningham.
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on weekends, a budding beauty entrepreneur. >> we get the order fulfilled. >> reporter: tonight she's packing up her homemade exfoliators and body scrubs and driving from buffalo to brooklyn. >> we're excited to see the rest of new york. >> reporter: with her parents to see if she can turn her home grown hobby into the big time at the etsy open call. the super bowl of crafting where entrepreneurs can land major accounts with top retailers like macy's and whole foods. >> i'm kate lip, the owner and design. >> reporter: kaitlyn runs her business out of her home in texas and is carting her wears to new york with dreams of mass market success. how difficult was it for the people who are here today presents their products to get here? >> we have the hard job of picking between 1400 people and choosing only 36 that could be
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here today. >> reporter: and those people who are presenting here today, what's at stake? >> they could get purchase orders from these retailers. >> reporter: this is a game changer for a lot of companies. >> it is. >> reporter: etsy, home to 1.7 million active sellers with more than 40 million items for sale can mean very hefty business for sellers like these. this man has sold more than 6,000 wooden cake toppers with prices ranging from 27 to $500. this lady, over 6,000 door mats priced up to $62 each. at this guy, over a whopping 19,000 of his whimsical art prints costing up to $395 on the site. >> open call is officially beginning. >> reporter: a contract with one of these megastores can take it even further. these diy business owns are selling everything from cheese
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boards to kids costumes. we caught up with amy from whole foods and patrick from paper source. what does it take for people to get into a company like whole foods. >> we see products every day. it helps to know everyone and hear their story. >> what's been great about being here is virtually everybody i've met is representing some type of product that is truly that unique, handmade. >> reporter: kaitlyn knows how much is at stake. what does it mean to get your company in front of these companies? these big businesses? >> i think it's major. it's really hard to build those personal relationships. so having this one on one with the buyers and putting a face behind the name has been so valuable to me. >> reporter: this is a real world shark tank. >> kind of, yeah. >> reporter: little low studios charges 4.50 for one of their homemade cards. with the golden purchase order on the line, kaitlyn prepares to
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pitch her studio. >> there is a notebook that's lined in here for jotting down notes, of course. but then there's also a graft sketch book that is included. so you can doodle away if that's more your -- >> what's the cost? >> $7. >> zandra who creates owl her products, the younger here by far, has been pitching all morning. >> reporter: if you walk away from here with a deal with one of these big retailers, what does that mean for your future? >> it means all the time in the studio, the late nights and sweat, blood and tears that went into the product and getting it to where it is and all the sacrificing, it all means something. >> reporter: time to put on the shark tank music. next at bat, whole foods. >> how did you come up with recipes? >> the idea came from my dad. when i was nine, i loved lip
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balm. he said make your own. that's when i decided i was going to make it. seven years later, it's changed to this. >> reporter: what does it take to stand out among the best of the best? this is one of your favorites? >> it is, actually. >> reporter: we caught up with an etsy super seller at her home studio in brooklyn. this is your work? >> yes. >> reporter: which is the most popular? >> the brown stones. >> reporter: she began selling her products eight years ago. and you can now buy her pieces at whole foods. this is your job? >> yes, full-time. >> reporter: and when did it become your job? >> i illustrated for a living 25 years ago. and the product line started in 2008. that's when i opened my etsy shop. >> reporter: back at the open call the judges are ready to deliberate after hours of pitches. >> what are the standouts? >> zandra because of her being a prodigy. she's 16.
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she's a standout. >> reporter: and now the moment they've all been waiting for. >> little low. come on up here. >> this person is demonstrating an amazing ability at a very young age, to go after her dream and inspire girls to feel comfortable in their own skin. so we are so excited to be carrying zandra. [ applause ] >> reporter: a huge day for our sellers. >> i can't wait to see your things in macy's stores. >> yeah. little low. a name to remember. >> reporter: how does it feel? >> i'm super excited. >> reporter: as a dad and mom how are you feeling? >> i want to do laps around etsy. i am over the moon excited for her. >> it's fantastic. all the hard work. resiliency, it pays offer. >> reporter: for night line, rebecca jarvis in brooklyn.
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finally tonight, there's little less of oprah to love. it's been nearly 30 years since oprah wheeled out a wagon filled with 67 pounds of fat to illustrate her staggering weight loss. >> i used to carry it around every day. >> reporter: today her journey is making headlines. the 62-year-old announcing a milestone in her mission. >> since i started weight watchers, i struggle no more. >> reporter: oprah's struggles with weight have been well documented. >> it's using and abusing food. >> reporter: and relatable. >> i love bread. >> reporter: this summer saying weight watchers has finally helped her live her best life. >> i've everything i love, pasta. >> reporter: it hasn't always
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been that way. oprah getting real in october in her series about that fat wagon moment. >> looking back, i got to tell you, it's hard for me to watch. because you can see that my ego is on flamboyant display. >> reporter: now the star encouraging people to live the life they want with a new weight watchers campaign. >> i lived well while losing weight. it's easier than it's ever been. >> reporter: it was a late my ang lieu who did one of the wonderful things about oprah, she teaches you to keep on stepping. thank you for joining us. we're online and on facebook. thank you for company, america. good night.
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