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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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heading out of town it could be a rough ride. hello on this friday, december 23rd. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. we have meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning. >> and we have sue hall here for alexis smith. mike? not many are commuting, but you are bring rain. >> yes, so just stay home. cozy by the fire. not a "spare the air" day so that is a bright spot. it is cleaning us out. look at that, red, yellow, orange, through 50 to 60% of the entire bay area. let me show you what is going on now with the movement of this steady rain moving through the heart of the bay sliding into the south bay the next couple of hours and be out of here by 8:00. then we have showers and storms on the way. you can see from the san mateo bridge at .04". at noon into the afternoon,
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brief heavy downpours and not so widespread but they have hail and snow this evening in the mountains. sue? >> we will look at a couple of problem spots, c.h.p. has a dozen solo spinouts and hydroplaning incidents so we will get to the more serious ones with an accident now southbound 680 with a backup at 20 minutessedly to get to area before the bridge. westbound 580 near lakeshore in the clearing phases and i am seeing slow traffic. again, thebly requires ponding or is an indication of ponding on the roads so take extra caution just a mess. >> if and the rain is on and it will be wet arriving. and matt keller at terminal two monitoring conditions.
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matt? good morning. it is coming down. the secret to success for a reporter in the rain is awnings. it is getting very busy at sfo. a lot of people want to get here early to get on their flight early. the storm is expected to cause real problems with delays and cancellations. i checked and we are now at six cancellations. there are 13 delays. passengers cross their fingers they take off on time. >> you look prepared. are you just conditioned about weather? >> going to seattle. >> the rain here, the rain there, it is all the same. >> yes. >> any concern of delays? >> hope not. >> everyone hopes not. the sfo duty manager is expecting the early flights to get out on time and the real problems starting after 8:00 a.m. and so many want to get home for the holidays officials expect 5.7%
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6.5 million are traveling through sfo starting thanksgiving but you can don't loud our news app and you will know it is raining. the app is right here. no coincidence, it is lit up like a christmas tree. you can see the doppler. that is nice. it is festive. we have a lot of rain. >> it is not just sfo but rain is falling on the live doppler hd and across the entire bay area. >> we want to see what it looks like where you live, share #abc7 now. you can see the drops on the lens and the wet weather and trafficking conditions in the north bay. lonnie? >> it is coming down steady. it has pick up and we can tell you in the past couple of minutes rain is going here in the drains and over here the
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wind is picking up, just in the last couple of minutes. we have state flag and the united states flag behind us here and, boy, it has been moving and getting c and raining. it said 25 miles per hour. boy, they are going through the booths quickly. rain is coming down steady and picking up. this is the hard of the we have seen the past couple of m we want to update you on breaking news from malta. more than half of passengers on board a hijack the plane have now been released. the libyan commercial flight was diverted to the airport in malta an island in the mediterranean. there are 111 passengers on board and seven crew members and 70 of the passengers have disembarked and the two
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hijackers threatened to blow up the plane with grenades. we do not know their specific demands. negotiators are on the scene. we will bring you updates through the morning. >> more breaking news italian police have shot and killed the only suspect in the berlin christmas market attack. italian officials confirm that anis amri died in a shootout this morning in milan. this is video we have gotten in and the sun is up, the shootout happened in the middle of the night. police stopped amri at a routine check point and asked for his i.d. he pulled a gun and shot the officer. the officer is in the hospital but expected to survive. 12 people died in berlin when the truck ran through a christmas market on monday. >> in the east bay, the c.h.p. investigating another freeway shooting on interrogation -- interstate 580 with eight bullets shot at a car. two men in their 2
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taken to the hospital the one victim was shot in the cheek and the other had bullets in both right and left leg. driver was able to pull off the freeway and stopped to call 9-1-1. the two men were targeted. >> police in santa cruz are looking for new leads in an unsolved murder case going back four decades. 19-year-old deborah cargill was kidnap asked killed 41 years ago yesterday. she was going to college and working at the grocery store in san jose and last seen in the parking lot on the way to work. her body was found the next day in the river in santa cruz. her family and a hard-working detective never gave up. they hope someone, some day, will be held accountable. >> all this time trying to push it aside but you can't. >> in this job we don't forget
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these things. we don't forget the looks on the family's faces. we don't forget what we find. you don't forget it. >> touching interview from the detective, the santa cruz police have launched a cold case website to generate leads in this case and others. >> berkeley fire department is investigating a dangerous ammonia leak at a research laboratory yesterday afternoon. this was a lethal level of the substance but the fumes did not escape so no one was hurt. firefighters wore protective firefighters wore protective suits and breathing >> california drivers you have to dig deeper in pockets with registrar's going up in april with the money not used to help maintain our roads. no. it is used fore the pension for motorcycle cops. the retirement fund for the c.h.p. is worse off than any
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other managed by the california public employee retirement system with registration going up $10. >> holiday package thief caught on camera. it is not the first time. it is not the first time. stay tuned.
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>> this is the golden gate bridge and you can see pools of standing water, with ponding on the road from .13". in san jose and 280 and 17, it is also dealing with rain but on a lighter scale. we will look at the east bay start, no matter where you are, the altamont pass, highway 4 from discovery bay through the san ramon valley, moderate-to-heavy rain and the darker reds falling from san francisco all the way down to the airport and over to pacifica and the back edge of this is now moving through san rafael and vallejo and that is where it turns over to showers. if you step out, stay dry by
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dress for temperatures in the upper 40's to 50 and mid-40's in the north bay. temperatures today, tomorrow, and the next day, low-to-mid 50's, and going to be chilled sunshine tomorrow and a frosty start to christmas but we will end up with sunshine and low-to-mid 50's. storms are next. sue? >> we have a beads morning and traffic alert in a70 base of the hydro planing and standing water and green indicating whether that could impact the drive and the blue is the potential for standing water and hydroplaning. there are a dozen solo spinouts so we will get to the more serious accidents southbound 680. two lanes are traffic are blocked. and you can see slow traffic in the northbound direction but it is a good solid 30 minute barkup and eastbound 580 we have an accident and minor slowing approaching the scene. we will have more of the pulling and ponding accidents in a few
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minutes. >> if you think there are more people on bicycles on san francisco streets, you are right. changes made to accommodate that extra bicycle traffic. >> shocking murder in a small >> shocking murder in a small northern cal honey bunches of oats. it's all of this, this, this, and this. it's the mother of all cereals. it's that, and that, and all of that. it's the most cerealriffic cereal. in all of history. yeah, it's that good. honey bunches of oats. this. is. everything.
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you are waking up to a "2"
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on the storm-impact scale no matter where you live. the rain is even getting all you in the south by who have been begging for rain. you have your pre-christmas wish. we will check with meteorologist mike nicco in a couple of minutes. >> many are doing last minute christmas shopping and sore thieves. this is from chicago, and also from employer, dressed up as a pizza deliveryman and taking what is on the front porch. authors across the country are doing their best to deter the crimes planting fake packages with tracking devices but it is hard to keep up. that is not right. >> investigators in shasta want to find a killer who walked into a gas station and set the cashier on fire. the sheriff responded to a fire at the gas station an hour east of reading where they found david wicks with severe burns to the body. he was flown to the hospital where he later died. investigators thought it was an
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accident until they looked at the surveillance video and saw this man coming to the store, throw flammable liquid on the clerk and light hill on fire. people in the small community are stunned. >> i see him regularly coming here and he was always smiling and we all have bad days and wake up on wrong side but he always made you feel better. >> cannot imagine what would lead do this. investigators found a bicycle four blocks away believed to belong to the suspect but in sign of the suspect. >> a new report finds more people in san francisco are riding their bicycles during the week increasing by 8% this past year and is growing faster than any other transportation mode in the city. to meet demand they have installed 465 bicycle racks and built four miles of new bicycle lanes. >> now, over to sue hall, behind you have the bay bridge toll
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plaza, the good news, for 6:17 in the morning it is not backed up. >> we have metering lights turned on at 5:37. it is wet. there is flooding. hydroplane potential, and slick, slick dry conditions. look at the problem areas again, the blue indicates potential for standing water and the green is weather impacted your drive heading to the by natasha bridge and an accident is still blocking the lane for a good 20 meant delay and four or five vehicles involved now eastbound 580. delays up and over the dublin grade. >> we have the weather open on san rafael, and we have a third of an inch and some of the entry coming up from the cars as they head southbound. in walnut creek the rain is up to moderate with only .0" but
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.06". downpours including hail and locally gusty wind and mountain snow in the evening. christmas morning is white. with frost. storm-impact scale is "2" because of the moderate to half rain and gusting wind. in the santa cruz mountains we have moderate rain. you could get snow in the evening. in the south bay can you see the yellows and orange ons at 237, 101 and 880 near levi stadium with moderate rain starting to develop in your neighborhood stretching all the way up to palo alto and redwood city and san mateo and to sfo where it is heavier right now. the delays fast and furious. 7:00, the steady rain towns to showersbly 9:00 -- showers by 9:00, and not so much coverage in the afternoon, so it will be
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breezy and watch the color coating from 7:00 to 9:00 with pinks and whites in the mountains. winter storm warning to 10:00, 1-to-2 foot possible in the sierra and gusty wind. chilly sunday morning christmas afternoon looking sunny and sunshine and warmer through the rest of the wreak. time for the toyota lake tahoe report. tell us, sue? >> getting better. winter storm warnings and the tahoe report has snow in the forecast with chains required on some mountain roads. 89 at alpine and chain controls with four hour drive from the bay area. north star, also, 89, and no chains on 50 headed to heavenly and that is a good bet we will follow that. to sugar whole, always a fun place and the closest from the bay area there are chain
6:21 am
requirements three hours and 40 minutes, 50 sierra ski ranch and kirkwood all go with no chain requirements. that is the toyota lake tahoe ski report. >> flight 007 ready to take off. >> new life for a closed theater that could ease the housing crisis. >> "7 on your side" and michael finney had a tip for parent whose need to finish christmas shopping. shopping. stay tuned.
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breaking news. at 6:24 on friday before christmas. there are some people heading to work or doing last minute
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shopping but hopefully you are shopping but hopefully you are at be safe on the roads. san jose state university eyeing a theater to house students. early rendering suggest it would be a tower with 20 stories and 500 apartments and retail and dine on the bottom floor. >> now, ask michael finney. justin from dublin has a question on holiday gifts. "7 on your side" and michael finney has the answer. >> michael, with christmas i don't know what i want but with the baby now, what would benefit me and my baby? >> it was great to meet you at our event in walnut creek. with so many great gifts to choose from, here are two ideas,
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one is a classic shape sorter to match the shapes with the correct opening and the best gift is interacting with your child, the first three to five years are the most crucial in developing a child's brain so thing of flash cards or books and often little record players and singing along to your baby to help their cognitive growth. happy holiday. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it on your smartphone or tablet and share it on social media # askfinney. or go to our website. >> next, we are still tracking breaking news from malta a hijacked plane still on runway and we have details just in from the scene. >> another shoot on an east bay freeway and what police are saying of the attack as they search for leads.
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the storm-impact scale is i with yellows and oranges and reds and moderate-to-heavy rain, hydroplaning on the roads and a hydroplaning on the roads and a back half
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good morning, south bay, let's get going. >> we are following two major breaking news internationally. in the period train a plane is hijacked with more than 100 people on board. in italy, police close in on the berlin market attack suspect. new details emerging in both stories. >> at home, the holiday travel rush. this is a look at conditions at sfo with weather certainly being a problem for people who are trying to get out of town for the holiday. look at the ponding. >> first, a look at our roof camera, the embarcadero and rain is falling across the bay area no matter where you are. we will go to our mike nicco. >> that is moderate rain. quarter of an inch falling in san francisco last half hour. the batch with the reds is moving through oakland, piedmont, alameda, san leandro and castro valley and hayward to union city and newark and to fremont. on the back side of the cold front we turn it over to showers
6:31 am
when we get the thunderstorms with hail, downpours and gusty winds. you can see the moderate-to-heavy rain falling and the importanting on the roadways. dress for temperatures in the 40's, 50's this afternoon. sue? >> wet and sloppy, the bay bridge is light and they turned on the metering lights on. the weather is affecting the drive with the green and blue is hydroplane asking ponding which you saw at sfo. southbound 680, an accident is slow things for a good solid delay and toward dublin we have an accident and we will update that with flooding there, as well. new developments in the past few minutes from malta, a hijacked plan is sitting on the tarmac and 109 of the 111 passengers have been released.
6:32 am
a look at the scene as we focus on the door. the flight was diverted after two hijackers threatened to blow up the plane. in the past few minutes we have seen a man in a dark suit or uniform step in and out of the plane talking on a cell phone. it is not clear if he is crew or a hijacker. we do not know their demands but negotiate airports are on the scene. in europe, the suspect in the berlin christmas market attack is dead. pet killed anis amri in a shot out in milan this morning. the sun is up and the scene remains under investigation. it happened in the middle of the night after police approached him, he pulled a gun from the backpack and started shooting. an officer is jurisdiction but expected to be okay. how did he end up 600 miles
6:33 am
away? he passed through france and arrived in italy this morning by train. >> if do you not need to go out stay where you are and enjoy this from the comfort of your home. the rain is coming down all over. >> this is the warriors we have seen in the past couple of hours and i can tell you the rain in berkeley is colder, the drops bigger. we when across the richmond bridge it and has been steady, falling the past couple of hours and picking up more near the bridge wind gusts and wetter. in the east bay allow yourself enough time to get over here. we are hearing there was a six-vehicle accident and if you are heading in that direction c.h.p. is still clearing up the
6:34 am
scene. there are no injuries reported but expect we delays. can you track the storm using our news app with live doppler hd on the app. enable push alerts to get weather advisories to the phone. >> c.h.p. said a car riddled with bullets on a freeway was targeted. this is the third shooting on 580 through oakland in the last these weeks. the two victims met in -- men in their 20s were rubbed to the hospital. they said someone shot at them as they got off eastbound 580. the driver pull over and called 9-1-1. both victims were conscious but were pleading badly. >> victim had a bullet wound in the left cheek. the other victim had two bullet holes in his leg and one in the right. >> on monday two people were fired at on 580 near grand avenue. the driver of a mercedes shot
6:35 am
into another vehicle. that driver missed both people. the suspect then sped away. >> november 30th, someone at people at fruitvale accident and a man and woman were injured but no arrests have been made. >> there was a house fire in oakland hills starting a after 10:00 first responders calling for help moments after arriving. the homeowner said the lights were flickering and he smelled smoke, and his daughter was yelling and he ran outside. >> our concern was did everyone get out, and watching it get bigger and bigger. >> the house is not a total loss but can you see parts of it are severely damaged. all five family members are okay. not sure about the two cats the family own are the lizards that were in the home. his wife is a science teacher and brought the lizards home for christmas break. >> new details in the ghost ship
6:36 am
warehouse fire. the owner of the oakland warehouse has hired an attorney the fair broke out three weeks ago today killing 36. this is a photo of the tone -- attorney that has been fired. the own we -- owner has southeastern california attorney keith bremmer. possible charges could include murder. derick ion almena leased the building and rented space to 20 other people. it was not zoned for residential use. >> we have new developments in a sexual assault investigation involving two east bay high schools. a 15-year old high school student will face charges. concord police arrested him last month after a 15-year old girl at a increase by high school claim she was assaulted after a football game. police released the boy because they said the investigation was "ongoing." yesterday police revealed the 15-year-old is facing sexual
6:37 am
assault charges. the father of the boy told our media partner that the incident was "consensual." >> starting today, only one courthouse in all of alameda is open through the rest of the year. the others closed because of budget issues. the courthouse on washington street in oakland is the only courthouse that be opened. there will be staff available for mr. trump matters in addition -- for emergency matters and all courthouses are open tuesday january 3rd. >> now, the accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. all the rain was coming down at moderate-to-heavy levels with ponding and nonstop drips. we had quarter of an inch over the hour span so thank you for braving the elements and getting that. two hours and 15 minutes is the initial arrival delay average at sfo. oakland and san jose are doing okay. we had the heaviest rain rolling
6:38 am
through sfo and you can see it right down there. it is moving off to the east bay and we will slight over there and look at the east bay hills and mountain into the lower elevations around the bay to the san ramon valley with heavy rain ponding happening all over the place. here is a look at emeryville you can see how slow it is and the entry coming up from the cars. wet roads on the road today, caution, on the water, choppy waves, and spotty downpours and .16" on the east side of the san mateo bridge and you can see it is coming down heavy. low-to-mid 50's get used to cooler weather today. more on the chance of thunderstorms next. >> flooding, ponding that is the story this morning, green on the traffic maps indicate weather that affect the drive and blue means it is potential for standing water. we have several problems on the eastbound section of 580 and one at the richmond parkway on the right shoulder solo spinout and one near canal street blocking
6:39 am
the middle lane, a minivan blocking the middle and the blue is potential for flooding and standing water. new accident southbound 280 an overturned vehicle with slow traffic back from we we and a problem southbound 880 near high street is cleared out of the lanes and, still be slow traffic and a major accident involving four or five vehicles on the dublin grade eastbound 580 we will check back on that in a few minutes. >> we have sad news to share on the oldest and most dedicated warriors fan. sweetie has passed away at the age of 107. her real name is helen brooks. we have profiled her several times recently. she want to warriors games when she could and watched them on tv when she could not die yesterday morning surrounded by family and friends. the warriors said her presence at oracle arena during the
6:40 am
championship was as big of a thrill for us as it was for her. our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends during this difficult time. >> her favorite player was draymond green and slow a proud papa this morning, this is draymond jamal jr. he flew home for his son's birth and met -- missed the game in brooklyn. >> travel double -- trouble if you are heading out for the holidays with delays expected for thousands. >> two hours, plus. buying a new mac? consumer reports is not consumer reports is not recommending a certain computer.
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- ♪ bargain market ... now it's stuck in my head. >> in berkeley, rain impacting the drivers and we heard from our reporter on the scene earlier and said the drops are large.
6:44 am
it is cold. people are not slowing down. take your time. >> share the conditions where you live #abc7now. we can put it on our website and our social media and alert our viewers. all the sfo the rain is lighter than before. officials are expecting big delays. our reporter matt keller has been talking to passengers. how are people holding up? >> yes, doing pretty well. they are trying to stay dry. that is the big thing at sfo. the rain has been coming down today. people are trying to get their luggage out as fast as they can from the car and go inside. i am getting an update and i checked the website on the delays. i collected delays and it shows there are 38 delays at sfo and there are ten cancellations. that is a big deal. we have the delight board and you can see what i am talking
6:45 am
about, a lot of those arrivals, those either big issue, look at the changes, one, would, three, four, a handful "on time," you need to be prepared if you are picking someone up. the departures are looking good. the duty manager said the planes on the ground this morning that stayed overnight will get out okay this morning. after 8:00 a.m. the arrive we saw and the departures are going to be the big issues. security lines are a big issue, as well, it is a big line and we have seen the line come out here and this is a little bit shorter and that is good news and the t.s.a. is recommending people who are flying domestically get here two hours early and
6:46 am
international flights get here three hours early. check the flight status. you saw the delays they are rolling in. be prepared. >> i checked f.a.a. site and it said two hour and 15 minute delays for incoming flights. yikes! >> look at this video, we are getting a look at the rush to save this young boy. he is terrified and dangling from a ski lift. cell phone video caught the minute-by-minute effort to pull him to safety. the boy got stuck on wednesday when the backpack caught on the lit at the mountain when he tried to get off. it kept him from plummeting to the snow and the lit was stopped regulation cueers tried to get him down. the strapped caused serious pain in his arm. ski patrol tried to comfort the boy. >> i need you to take and deep breaths. we know your arms are hurting but take deep breaths. >> i hurt so bad.
6:47 am
i can't. >> they got the tall ladder to him and moments later got the harness around the child and were able to lift him to safety. >> record 14.6 million people voted in california in the november primary and the turnout at one county is incredible, according to the marin i.g. 89% of register voters in marin cast their ballots 127,000, and sonoma was second over all in california, with a turn out of about 87%. >> russian president vladimir putin said he would accept an invitation to visit america if the president-elect invites him. put end resonded after the annual press conference this morning and he talk about president-elect donald trump's tweet saying the united states must expand its nuclear capability. vladimir putin state the president-elect said that during the campaign and there is nothing unusual about it. vladimir putin said and i quote,
6:48 am
"nobody except us believed that he could win." >> google will take on the smart watch market. the apple mac book is facing criticism. we have that story in the money report. jane? >> the battery life of the new mac book pro is inconsistent and the nurse time "consumer -- fire "consumer reports" is not recommending the purchase. security reports did not get consistent results apple got. >> google will have two smart watches next year and if the reports are true they will have round displays with built in independent from the smart phone. >> california is number two among the states for the innovation, scoring number one on patent activity and high on
6:49 am
tech activity and research and development. massachusetts is named "the most innovative state." >> stocks are quiet this morning mixed and hardly moving and not even close, at 81 points away from the 20,000. >> i went to the warriors brooklyn nets game and look he has his warriors shirt on, dancing two whatever they were doing last night. they got back lane but he is a big warriors fan. i wanted to share that. >> and merry christmas to you. >> this is the cool of the thing other than jane's song a natural know knox encourage captured in duluth, sea smoke. never knew there was a word, when the temperature of the air above warmer water cools at a rapidly rate below zero. the negative 38 degrees when
6:50 am
this was shot on sunday near lake superior. mike used to live in minnesota and i have been there numerous times and we almost want there for christmas. i am glad we didn't. >> will not find that on the chamber of commerce website. sea smoke is amazing and it is fog but i will not get into the vapor water pressure and all that stuff but you nailed it how it develops. >> now, sfo is quarter of an inch of rain and it will be wet all day. san jose and 101 and 880 not is everyone rain but, still, slick, and you can see rain to showers, thunder and hail. most of next week is seasonal. the south bay has oranges developing and some of the heavier rain is making it into your neighborhood and the heaviest rain is offer to
6:51 am
walnut creek, 688, 24, it will an bear. crow canyon road from san ramon and dublin grade, the heavier rain is falling moving to the east and it will be around another hour or so and we will switch over to the showers and possible thunderstorms. how did that happen from 7:00 to 9:00 the steady rain is over and the showers, some yellow, some brief downpours and even small hail, and by noon, they are around and you can see it dips. a little. at 5:00. through the evening the possibility of snow is moving in as the storms dump into our mountains with snow level down to 2,500'. santa cruz, north bay mount and lake tahoe is 1 to 2 feet of snow, but, fine, sunshine on sunday. my seven-day forecast after
6:52 am
frost this morning, low-to-mid 50's chilled sunshine on christmas afternoon and the rest of the forecast is along, dry. >> we have hot spots on the roads and it is wet. mike talked about the dublin grade and we have a big problem, and the green is weather affecting the drive and blue is puddling you have seen all morning. an early accident southbound 680 is cleared and delays improve. the problem spot is four or five vehicles eastbound 580 you can see the solid stretch of red stacked up to the 238 for a good stacked up to the 238 for a good solid 35-minute delay waiting the parkway at ask natural an accident with a mini cooper
6:53 am
blocking the lane. a lost standing water. >> we come back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know. >> we keep you in touch with the weather and traffic and look at weather and traffic and look at all of the rain
6:54 am
here are seven things you need to know before you go. number one is weather. you can see the moderate-to-heavy rain in the san ramon valley and through the
6:55 am
altamont pass heading off to the east and will transition to showers in the next couple of hours. thunderstorms are possible with brief heavy downpours and small hail and gusty conditions. >> slick roads, flooding, pooling, indicated by the blue. the green is weather affecting the drive. not so much red on the sensors. we have a big problem spot eastbound 580. multiple vehicles involved and a 35-minute delay from 238. >> if you are flying or driving give your extra self time. we are seeing ponding on the roadway at sfo and certainly delays with six cancellations, 6.5 million will flight owe of sfo between now and january 2nd. >> we have good news for four, breaking news from overseas, hostage situation is over. this is malta. new video shows the hijackers
6:56 am
driven away. the flight was diverted after they reportedly threatened to blow up the plane and all 118 on board, passengers and crew, all safe. >> anis amri the suspect in the berlin christmas market attack is dead. italian police killed him in a shootout in milan this morning. investigators say he arrived by tran 600 miles away from berlin. >> a family in oakland hills escaped this house fire that broke out at 10:00 p.m. and grew past. it started in the garage. a lost damage. but he is happy everyone made it out. >> seven, still time to do good this holiday season, lefty o'doul's toy drive is under way in san francisco with volunteers accepting curb side donation until 11:00 tonight and tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. >> in is my impression of everyone waiting for people at
6:57 am
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>> merry christmas and h good morning, america. breaking news. the christmas market terror suspect gunned down in an overnight shoot-out after going on the run across europe as new footage emerges of that truck barreling into the holiday crowd. flus new terror plot thwarted in australia. five men suspected of planning a christmas day attack arrested after overnight raids. breaking news right now. a potential passenger plane hijacking. unfolding on live television. 118 passengers on board, and the military rushing to the scene. christmas travel nightmare. a messy start to one of the busiest travel days of the year. back-to-back storms sweeping across the country, creating vond at the airports. 19 states on


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