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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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good afternoon, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm ama daetz. >> we begin with breaking numpingts "star wars" actor carrie fishy is hospital highsed in critical condition after suffering a heart attack on a flight from london to los angeles. >> abc 7 news anchor dan ashley is here with the latest details. >> thanks very much. emergency crews were waiting for the 60-year-old actor's 11-hour flight to land halt l.a.x. so they could rush her to the hospital. paramedics continued to perform cpr as she was taken off the plane. listen now to this audio recording from the united airlines pilot alerting control tower personnel of the med chal emergency minutes before landing. >> coordinated medical person pell for the gate. we have some passengers, nurses assisting the pass jerks an unresponsive passenger of the
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they are working on her right now. we'll have them seated in a couple minutes and shownfully on the deck in knife. >> reporter: fisher rose to stardom as princess leia in the original "star wars" series and is also known for being outspoken about her struggles in hollywood and her mental health issues. fisher's "star wars" co-stars took to social immediate could show their support. mark hamill tweeted a it is 2016 couldn't get worse. sending all our love to carrie fisher and peter mayhew wrote thoughts hand prayers for our friend and everyone's favorite princess right now. carrie fisher. fisher recently published an autobiography titled "the princies di pararist." larry, ama? >> thanks so much, dan. turning to our weather now. get ready for a cold and wet weekend. this is a live look at mt. tam where you can see the wind is blowing right now. >> heavy rains fell all across the bay area most of the day.
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driving conditions slick and windy, especially while crossing the bridges. you can see a tree there that fell on pershing drive in san leandro and if it's raining here that's got to mean snow in the mountains. >> check out this live look at heavenly money than resort where the snow continues to fall and a winter storm advisory is in effect through tomorrow morning. >> we have team coverage for you. abc 1 news reporter wayne freedman will be joining us live in the north bay and we start with meteorologist drew tuma and a look at the income. drew? >> larry and ama. what an active morning we had and still at this hour showers dotting the landscape. let's thank you right down the street level into the south bay we go. live doppler 7 showing for the most mafrmt we see light greens on the screen. east palo alto approaching sun evale around san jose and this is light rain and the leftovers naff soaking that we got this morning. it's moved into the higher elevation around tahoe. we have the snow showers and full effect and it's bringing a fresh bring et just in time for the holiday weekend.
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earlier this morning it was a 2 and right now it's a light storm. we have scattered showers and the chance there of an isolated thundershower popping that up could have some hail. future weather as we go throughout evening. we do notice you stay rather unsettled. approaching 8:00, 9:00 and the chance there for a shower. won't be widespread and don't be surprised if you see a downpour later on this evening. take a look at the all-important holiday forecast coming up. >> thank you so much, drew. >> let's get to abc 7 news reporter live in the north bear where they are cleaning up after tonight's storm. wayne. >> good afternoon, ama. from what we hear from experts like drew in the north day, had had a bit more than half an inch of rain and you might call that top-off rain and in this region areas have received up to 200% the normal amount of rain from for this time of year and yet would you believe that water officials are still concerned. >> in the north bay today drip, drip, drip, umbrellas part of a
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brighter water outlook that we can see and hear with our ears in places like heeldsburg where the russian river is living up to its fame again. >> ever seen it like this? >> yeah. plenty of times. >> spoken like a woman who has been here through 36 rainy seasons. however, those who observed professionally remain somewhat less hospital mystic. ever seen anything like this before? >> yeah. the difference that when nathan basket in sonoma county water agency looks at rainfalls he sees numbers, trends and histories and this is an expert who still keep college textbooks on his office shelves, used textbooks. the last time nathan saw a winter like this was december of 2012. >> hand then what happened. >> and then we followed with one of the driest calendar years 2013. >> in short, the recent drought began after a december just like the one we're having now. well that in mind, the sonoma county water agency has asked the army corps of engineers to
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stand back on its flood control releases. >> it's to stand water in lake mendecino to have additional water nextal. >> imagine that. the day the drought officially ends the water begins to worry about the next one. >> from the north bay, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> you can keep track of the weather with the abc 7 news app. live doppler 7 on the app and make sure you enable push alerts to get weather advisories on your phone or tablets. >> this is a very busy day on the road for travelers. more than 100 million people across the country. they are headed somewhere during this holiday weekend. >> let's take a live look through walnut creek 680. southbound is looking better than northbound. and that's the slower traffic and that's northbound. >> how about a live look through the bay bridge toll plaza. looks like a lot of people left early or didn't go to work at all and they are cruising across the bay bridge which was much more congested about a couple hours ago. i can attest to that. >> how about the san mateo blige and seems to be moving in both
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directions and perhaps a little bit heavier on your westbound traffic heading to the peninsula on the right-hand side, nah, pretty much about the same. >> it's even. >> we'll call it even. >> we'll have dramatic video of an attempted armed robbery of a hayward convenience store and in this case the robber got a lot more than they bargained for. eric thomas outside that store and tell us exactly what happened. snairk. >> the royal market here, well, it's a neighborhood institution the past 15 years, it's a clean well-run establishment run by nice people and that's why what happened here monday night is such a shock. the gunman enters the store with his pistol already drawn and in no time he has it to the back of the clerk's head and take a close look at security camera video. he's so fixated on getting to the cash he's completely unaware that the clerk's brother is sneaking up behind him. in a flash he drabs the gunman and wrestled him to the floor. during the struggle the gun goes off at least once and possibly
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twice. from another angle you could actually see the gunfire. one brother is wounded in the hip and the other suffers a hand injury but they manage to take the gun away from the would-be robber and pummel him with it. neither brother is seriously hurt and the only damage was a bullet hole in a nearby space heater. the owner of the store did not want to be interviewed but he says nothing like this has ever happened in the 15 years he's been in operation. he says his employees are heros and this neighbor agrees. >> you know, i'm very, very pleased that they are okay and amazed that they had the xoesh tour do what they did. >> deputies tell us the 16-year-old suspect is booked into juvenile hall. both clerks were treated and released from local hospitals and one is already back to work this afternoon. in hayward. eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> the first lawsuits were filed tailed in connection with the ghost ship fire that killed 36 people in oakland. abc 7 news was at alameda county superior court as the parents of
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20-year-old mikayla gregory filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the list of people. they included the primary tenant and the event promoter and performers and a business next door shared its electricity with the building. >> they allowed people to live there and to come, these young people to come to an event where there was no fire alarms no, sprinklers, no good egress no, way to exit. >> we will never see them again and we just want justice. we just want justice. ch. >> the family of 23-year-old griffin madden filed a similar lawsuit today. an east bay family escaped out the back door in their bare feet during a ferocious fire in the oakland hills late last night this. happened on alhambra lane and the family of five is okay and they are now staying with friends and their cars and much of the home was destroyed. neighbors say they were scared the flames might spread. robert whistler lives right next
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door and the fire was so hot it blew out his windows. >> i heard a pop sound and it wasn't very loud, and i didn't know what it was so i just walked up and i was sitting in that chair there and i walked out here and i looked out there hand the whole house wasn't on fire. it's really burning. >> even the readwood trees next to the home began to burn. that spitfire still under investigation. christmas shoppers heading to san francisco's union square had to deal one expected delays this morning abc 7 news was on montgomery and sutter streets at pg&e cruise looked for the source of smoke coming out of a manhole. it was caused by a fire in an underground vault. firefighters quickly put it out but the streets remain closed for hours while utility crews made repairs. >> crews in san francisco repaired a broken water main through the night and the 81-year-old main broke around 9:00 this morning and took crews about 30 minutes to turn it off and the damage had already been done. sky 7 gives us a look at the
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mavis flooding that was caused by the water main. this is the area between third street and 280 evans avenue and remains closed. >> a southern california woman escaped serious injury when she made a wrong turn and saw a train coming towards her. happened last night in the town of santa fe springs. watch as the train plows into the car leaving behind a kral of car parts across an intersection. the driver said she was in the area to visit a friend and mistakenly drove on to the tracks. >> a boy in utah underwent a terrifying ordeal. he got stuck on a ski lift. >> ow! >> the poor kid colleague up there. got in caught by his backpack trying to get off the lift. the traps began cutting into his arms and he was just dangling there n.tremendous pain. a witness feared for the boy's safety. >> i was afraid he would keep kicking and fall and do some damage and break his leg. the ski patrol got a big lalder
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and pulled him to safety. the boy is okay. lift operators generally strongly encourage skiers and boarders to take off their backpacks. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, it's a big day for air travel and there are weather redays across the country. what you can expect if you're heading out. >> and the rush for last minute gifts is on. take you thrive a bay area mall where there's not just gifts and sante narks high demand. >> later the race to the white house,
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that actually does not look that bad there at san francisco sglarpt for the moment. >> for the moment. >> thanks change rapidly. abc 7 news reporter matt keller was at sfo earlier today where he caught up harried holiday travelers. >> the weather outside sfo was frightful, and inside the arrival/departure board and security lines were definitely not delightful for travelers. >> we're here at end of the security line. how do you feel about if. >> >> i'm in shock actually. >> got here early to try to beat in. >> today is the busiest travel day for the weekend.
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166,000 passengers will go in and out of sfo. that's about 45,000 more than had a normal day and add in the rain and it's the perfect storm for dozens and dozens of delays and cancellations. >> delays two hours. >> what are you going to do? >> i hope that it doesn't happen what happened last year which meant we to catch a flight the next day. >> airport officials knew there,would be a stressful time so they brought in singer mika marks to help people feel in the holiday spirit. >> reporter: can you sing a little something so i feel less stressed. ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas ♪ >> i think seven calm now. >> the skies weren't calm above sfo during the morning rush and huge puddles on the road and people hurrying to get inside and however not everyone was expecting the rain. >> it's starting to rain now and not expecting the weather. >> i'm going to have to tell our meteorologist mike niko you weren't watching yesterday.
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>> didn't let me know. >> got to send it to my phone. >> we're trying, we're trying. have you seen our news app. >> i'll tell you about it, all right. >> this is from mike and everyone olds out there. it's reese easy to download the abc 7 news app. once do you that you'll have access to all of our news and weather including line doppler 7 hd. you can see where the vein headed next. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt keller just became management's favorite with that. >> yeah. >> he worked it in perfectly. what can i say? airports can be very stressful if you're traveling during the holiday season, if you know, but passengers are heading to their destination through sacramento and may in for a welcome surprise this year. laugh, look at these guys. airport authorities recently began a program called boarding area relax as corps. >> do they have an app? >> i don't think so. >> not to be outdone.
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san francisco international has its own answer to stress and this is a small spotted juliana pig that helps calm travelers at sfo. >> leila is cute. she's the first non-dog member of the wag brigade. part of the san francisco spca's animal assisted therapy program and sfo did provide us with this very cute video. starting tomorrow through new day parking lots at both ends of the golden gate bridge will be closed. it's move to ease the traffic backups that help when drivers line up trying to find a place to park. bridge officials find passengers fly in the overflow lot and grab public transportation to visit the golden gate. >> the rush is on the day before christmas eve and shoppes are out in force today. jonathan bloom is live at valley fair mall and you're in the parking space. >> there is one and i think
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someone is coming around the corner to dive into if and other than that the parking lots are full and so are the stores. still some shoppers are saying it's not as bad as they worried it would be. seems like the biggest crowd in the entire mall is the spot right in the center, the spot where folks go every year to have a conversation with a jolly old guy and red suit. >> santa's little helplers try anything to get a smile. but if the little one's faces look extra grumpy there's a reason. >> about an hour and 30 minutes. >> today you wait that had long. >> yes. >> the line to take pictures with santa claus seemed to stretch from here to the north sgloel 50 minut pole. >> 50 minutes. >> 5-0. >> we'll see at end where we get in a picture with focus. >> getting lots of kids a lot of time. >> and i'm going ask for a pokemon booster box. >> and parents start getting createive. >> we figure we'll start taking pictures now while my brother is waiting in line. >> despite their best efforts it
4:19 pm
seems like the only one getting smiles around here is -- >> pepper. >> who is pepper? >> the robot. >> give me a big smile, please. >> pepper makes smiling a competition and could be stiff competition for santa's helpers. >> of course the family is feeling really good about themselves is the one you saw santa weeks ago. >> and he already did that in sgloef what did you ask santa for? >> stuff. >> what did you ask him for? >> what did you ask for? >> apparently a secret. >> and what's not a secret is this family likes to get in and out. >> i want to get out and out and out and out. >> you're done with shopping? >> i hate shopping. >> of course, we should point out the second longest line in the whole place was the chinese restaurant right next to where santa hangs out, shopping and smiling both very hard work that can work up an aptitude. now the crowd here could actually continue to get thicker, because as we know folks are getting off fwhork an hour and will come down here to
4:20 pm
get the last-minute presents so we'll lock it down here and keep you posted in a couple of hours. jonathan bloom in san jose for san jose news. >> see you later on in the sglanch that pot is still open. >> jonathan can probably make some money during this work shift. drew tuma is back no. rain to worry about or the raiders game tomorrow. >> perfect, just cold. the rain is out of here, and the cold temperatures will be moving n.will feel like christmas, especially in the morning. >> it was active this morning and what's left over is just widely scattered showers and getting a little tighter inland. live doppler 7. between san rammer, and livermore. light showers and even light showers as you go to street level around daly city and south san francisco and pacifica and much of the heavy rain that we had this morning is moving out. widespread feels a little chilly there. 51 currently in san francisco
4:21 pm
and 52 in oakland and about 49 in vallejo and 519 current number in antioch. currently this morning the storm was a 2. heavy downpours and now that's weakening and exiting it gets downgraded to a 1. light system and scattered showers and through there the chance is there for an isolated thundershower. future weather will go hour by hour for you. the theme really stays unsettled through the next 6 to 12 hours. you do know a couple of showers dotting it the landscape and not the shield of moisture like we had earlier this morning. the activity is really going to quiet down especially as we purse the midnight hour and early on saturday and take a look at the overnight lows. we're drying out and a couple of chilly spots like santa rosa and 38 antioch and san francisco 43 and 42 oakland and 41 the high in san jose. christmas eve. future tracker temperatures will show you midday. a lot of sunshine and you'll need the sxwrakt. temperatures mainly in the 40s as cooler air moves into the region and a mixture of sun and
4:22 pm
clouds and warmer spots only in the low 50s. traveling on saturday i-5 north to reading. i-5 south to l.a. over the grapevine use caution tomorrow afternoon. we'll see have snow showers moving through and delays there. 580 east of the central valley. heading to tahoe just careful. morning lows take a look at this. christmas morning is going to be cold out there. 29 in petaluma and 38 oakland and 39 san francisco and 37 san jose and the freezing fenway park fairfield and antioch so christmas day your planner, no weather worries. chilly in the morning and a lot of sunshine in the afternoon and cool and temperatures topping out in the mid to low 50s so enjoy. the accuweather forecast after the showers get out this evening, all about the cold and chilly sunshine and christmas eve and day it's chilly out there. a touch warmer on tuesday and mild air returns wednesday, thursday and friday with picture perfect and all indications for next weekend's festivities are
4:23 pm
mainly clear skies for new year's eve. >> excellent. coming up, you think you go overboard for the holidays, check out this family. they have had dozens of christmas freeze, dozens and dozens fall one home. >> plus, how the stock market could lead you to the perfect christmas gift thi
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well, just one christmas tree is not nearly enough for a couple in cicero, new york. take a look inside joe and ruth dixie's home. take a look how many they have. take a look. >> you says dozens, so i'm going to go like 32. >> drew, you got a number? >> 45. >> drew says 45. >> they have 110 christmas trees. >> no. >> some are really tiny and others 9 feet tall. started this tradition 46 years ago when they got an angel ornament for a wedding gift and now they have thousands. >> there's always a new tree. dwrf a lot more decorations that still aren't out, so i could do
4:26 pm
several more. >> he still has trees that still aren't out. >> like a full-time job. the main tree alone has 600 ornamen ornaments. >> this they all real or snake. >> can i feel my allergies. >> you're starting to sneeze. >> ama, this is television. >> takes six weeks for joe and ruth to set everything. >> how long to take done. >> oh, geez. >> another six weeks. >> a big christmas toy drive is under way in san francisco's union square. abc 7 is outside lefty o'doul's restaurant. in this case a pg&e gas construction crew unloaded dozens of toys from one of its trucks. >> tried to get toys that kids could have like big eyes and we end up about 35 toys. >> last year lefty o'doul's collected 15,000 toys and they
4:27 pm
will continue collecting until 2:00 a.m. christmas morning. many will be given to local groups so they will be headed out to the needy families. a big giveaway is planned on the christmas day. >> coming up at 4:00, a new york holiday staple will be part of donald trump's inauguration. >> and the manhunt is over. the man police believe was behind the christmas market attack is now dead. how he was f
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and here's what's making headlines at 4:30. caught on camera. 16-year-old is in custody for trying to rob a hayward convenience store. he was stopped by the clerk's brother who took him down. the clerk amend his brother were injured but are expected to be okay. the first civil lawsuit on behalf of one of the victims of the ghost ship fire was filed tailed. the fire broke out three weeks ago killing 36 people the lawsuit alleges a 20-year-old woman who died was unable to exit the building because it didn't meet safety standards. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow will have the late at 5:00. "star wars" actress carrie fisher has been hospitalized after suffering a heart attack on a flight. her brother todd fisher said she suffered a medical emergency and is now in stable condition. the search for the suspect in the holiday market attack in berlin is finally over.
4:31 pm
anis amri was killed in a gun battle with police early this morning in italy. abc 7 news reporter marci gonzalez is live with the latest. >> reporter: ama, there was a massive search all across europe for that suspect, but police say that it turned out to just be a casual encounter that led to his takedown. italian officials now say the manhunt for the berlin christmas market killer ended in part because of a little luck. they explained to overs on patrol near the train station just outside of milan happened to stop anis amri not realizing who he was. they asked for his i.d. and instead investigators amri pulled out a gun shooting this officer in the shoulder. here you can see where the bullet pierced his uniform. that officer's partner then returned fire killing amri. reports today claim the 24-year-old had very little with him, no cell phone and no way of knowing why he was there or who he was. his fingerprints finally coming
4:32 pm
back as a match for those fund on the steering wheel of this truck that plowed through that german holiday market monday confirming the accused killer praising the leader of isis was dead. >> it would have been better if they caught him hey live but now at least he got his punishment. >> investigators are now working to retrace amri's steps from germany saying he may have traveled through france arriving in mill hane by train hours before he was killed. and they are trying to also figure out whether he had help and whether one of the most wanted man in europe was able to travel phyllis theroux countries undetected. ama? >> what are you hearing brm amri said to the police officers just before the shootout? all right. >> he was tunisian but he was jailed for several years in italy and was able to say the language. we're told he said a few things
4:33 pm
to the officers in italian. the main thing he said he called them a derogatory turn and that's it. reached into his backpack, police say, and took out that loaded gun. live in new york, marsee -- mary gonzalez. >> two men who hijacked a plan to malta are in custody and all passengers were taken off safety. the hijackers made no demands. that plane was headed for tripoli from the city of saba before being diverted to malta. media reports say the men appeared to be followers of the late deposed leader moammar gadhafi. >> the suspect in the killing of a 3-year-old boy in arkansas during a road rage incident is now charged with murder. relatives turned in 33-year-old gary holmes late last night. he's charged with capital murder and two counts of a terrorist act. according to the arrest affidavit holmes' girlfriend
4:34 pm
said he fired into a car last saturday because holmes believed it was following him too closely a few moments earlier. 3-year-old acen king was buried this afternoon. new names were added to join president-elect donald trump at the white house after mr. trump tweeted about expanding america's nuclear capabilities. >> reporter: could this single tweet mark a major break from u.s. policy for nearly 40 years, a tweet that read in part that the u.s. must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear cape sglablt there were all kinds of warnings, especially from hillary clinton when she said if a guy that you can bait with a tweet is not someone that you put in charge of nuclear arsenal and one day and one moment he combined that message. >> reporter: the timing of the tweet also triggering concerns posted just hours after russian president vladimir putin said we need to strengthen the military
4:35 pm
potential of strategic nuclear forces. this morning putin responded he saw nothing unusual about trump's pledge. trump's team, meanwhile, announcing new names to his white house communication team including adding veteran republican operative sean spicer as white house press secretary. also in the news, ivanka trump expected to play a key role in her father's administration. >> some guy went up to her and started giving her a hard time. >> a passenger reportedly upset started yelling at ivanka and family on a jetblue flight on their way to hawaii for vacation. the secret service did not intervene but the flight crew eventually removed the man from the flight. and as for trump's tweet here a response today from the newly announced press secretary sean spicer who told media outlets this was a response to a lot of countries, russia and china and others that if they increase their nuclear capability america
4:36 pm
will act. eliz bert hur, abc news, new york. the radio city music hall rock et cetera will be performing. several rockettes have expressed their disappointment about that hand in light of the controversy the owner said the participation in the swearing-in ceremony will be voluntary. many a-list entertainers have refused to perform at mr. trump's inauguration. the holiday travel crunch it's under way from the roads to the air. what you can expect if you're headed out to visit family this weekend. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. late day breaks and the cloud and sunshine and all important
4:37 pm
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well, the holiday travel rush is on. let take a live look at traffic on 101 in san jose and this never happens. 10 is southbound is moving. it's always jammed up. i mean, just wall to wall cars. you know what i gather from this. we're the only people working. >> we need to change that. southbound is the right-hand side by the way, and 880 moving over the top. >> 103 million people are expected to hit the road and fly between january 2nd and of those 2.4 million, they want to fly and with severe weather across the country got to be prepared for major decase. >> a live look at san francisco international where flights are
4:40 pm
delayed between one and two hours on average. >> this looks like virgin america to me. >> is that what that is. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, you're right. >> i know the colors. . >> abc lauren lyfter has had a closer look at today use busy travel day. >> reporter: hon one of the busiest days to fly people are lining up from new york to philadelphia tomorrow chicago, orlando and los angeles, and at some airports it's more than just lines. at l.a.x. flight aware reporting hundreds of delays. a perfect storm of more passengers, rain and runway construction already creating a travel night wear there earlier this week. it rippled to denver. >> i got here hand parked and flights were delayed two hours. >> and philadelphia. >> definitely come early and be mentally prepared to stand in line. >> in san francisco stormy weather today causing at least
4:41 pm
three dozen cancellations and long delays. >> delays two hours. >> it's not all bad and the airport misery not totally lacking in holiday spirit. ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas ♪ >> reporter: but that may prove wishful thinking for some travelers with two storms causing winter weather alerts across the country which could impact trips, and that could affect some of the record 93.6 million drivers expected to road trip this holiday season. some heartening news, overall flight delays and cancellations are far from records relatively speaking. so far they are marginally above an average day. lauren lyfter, abc 7 news, los angeles. >> and live doppler 7 this morning track the downpours this evening and really isolated showers. i do want to take you to mt. hamilton. live doppler 7 that you're seeing on the screen. pinks and purple and colder air working into the atmosphere. mt. hamilton could see a few
4:42 pm
flakes getting into the holiday spirit. storm impact scale, a moderate storm. it's been downgraded to a 1 this evening. light storm. scattered shower and stays breeze and the chance there of an isolated thundershower. everyone was getting soaked. fair play for everyone, .7 of an inch of rain and half an inch and fremont coming over and a third in santa rosa. drought monitor, take a look at this. parts of the bay area have been taken out of the drought. along the peninsula and parts of san francisco and north bay still have a drought inland and more rain is needed. accuweather seven-day forecast. after the showers get out of here this evening. shilly sunshine on the way for saturday and a cold morning on the way for christmas day. lots of sunshine and really a quiet forecast into much of next week and temperatures gradually stepping up and by thursday and friday picture perfect and above average temperatures. >> thanks, drew. >> from the race to the white
4:43 pm
house to the supreme court to the zika virus, a look back at some of the
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
from the presidential
4:46 pm
election to brexit and a record-breaking powerball jackpot that we didn't win, 2016 has been quite a year. >> here's a look back at this past year in news. >> the 45th president of the united states, president-elect donald j. trump. >> he has fimped. >> i look very much forward to being your president. >> the supreme court justice antonin scalia has passed away. >> a political battle brewing. >> this vacancy will not be filled this year. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. >> the bill hb-2 has come under heavy fire. >> impermissably discriminatory. >> toxic water crisis in flint. >> this water is poison. >> officials waiting five months to warn the public. >>the explosive spread of the zika virus. >> we've never seen a mosquito-borne illness. it could cause a birth de >> a child has fallen into the gorilla cage. >> the gorilla shot and killed
4:47 pm
by zoo coopers. >> nearly a million samsung note 7s sold in the u.s. recalled. >> the smoke was unbearable, black, thick smoke. >> a storm for the record books. >> c.d., philadelphia and new york feeling mother nature's punch. >> not a winter wonderland. >> deadly storms plaguing millions. >> where are we going to go and what are we going to do? >> a state of disaster in several counties. >> hurricane matthew is very close to us. >> to the carolinas. >> floodwaters came tearing through here. 3 million americans fleeing their homes. >> no shoes or clothes. >> wildfires raging across the southeast. >> my house is on fire. >> if you're a person that praise we could use your prayers. >> a warehouse party that turned into a deadly inferno. >> felt like seeing a monster. >> we have located and recovered 36 victims. >> a historic handshake in havana. >> this is a new day. >> the longtime cuban leader fidel castro has died. >> it's really quiet here on the
4:48 pm
streets of havana as this country observes a nine-day mourning period but, of course, outside of cuba a much different reaction. >> british people have spoken and the answer is we're out. >> the impact was instantaneous. >> financial markets reeling. the prime minister resigning. >> that powerful image capturing all the heartbreak and the horror of the several war in syria. >> a routine morning became the scene of carnage. >> this was a nightmare. >> three explosions rocked belgium. two an an airport and one at a metro station. >> thousand of people enjoyed a night out when a truck driver clammed his vehicle into crowds of people. >> you can see blood and bodies everywhere. >> three attackers were guns and suicide bombs stormed the airport. >> people were shooting on one side and bombs went off. >> utter terror inside this orlando nightclub. >> it wasn't a typical shooting. it was hate. >> the deadliest mass shooting in american history. >> he's my only child. >> in orlando and i did the shooting. >> shooter omar mateen pledging
4:49 pm
allegiance to isis. >> deadly shooting outside a baton rouge convenience store. >> you shot four bullets into his. >> sadness and outrage. >> no justice, no peace. >> the streets of charlotte were on fire. >> chaos erupting and anger after a deadly police shooting. >> five officers were killed while they watched over a black lives matter protest. >> the suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers. >> overs down. >> deadly ambush in baton rouge. >> these officers were intention lip targeted and assassinated. >> scott kelly back on mother earth. >> the treasury announced harriet tubman will replace andrew jackson. >> 1.5 billion. >> i'm real grateful we got the big piece of the pie. >> and for a lock back at the year in social media go to
4:50 pm and share your most important story of the year. >> there's a proposal to fame state route 104 between pasadena and route 2 in glendale to be named after president obama. pasadena recently installed a plaque mark the apartment building the president lived in while attending occidental. >> anti-bikt use in farm animals keeps climbing. >> and heart disease deaths are increases for the first time in years. here's jane king. >> reporter: u.s. sales and distribution of antibiotics approved in farm animals increased 1% from 2004 to 2015 according to the fda. regular use to regulate growth in form animals continues to the rise of antibiotic resistance
4:51 pm
and pose a significant fillet to global health. facebook lurking could be making us miserable. a new steady from the university of copenhagen says regular use of social media can harm our emotional well-being and overall satisfaction with life. they do recommend taking a break from social media. they say in the study that had an overwhelmingly positive impact and the number of americans increased last year. for the first time in more than a decade that's a wake-up call to the medical and scientist communities. for year medications and lifestyle changes have helped curb heart disease. heart disease is the number one killer in america. responsible for 1 in 4 deaths. from the nasdaq market site in times square, i'm jane king. here here's to your health. >> egg nothing manufacturers miscalculated demand. sales have been higher than normal by as much as 60%. the problem is manufacturers actually cut production by 25%
4:52 pm
leading up hot holidays to spur demand. it worked too well. prepared egg nothing is close to sell out in some places. >> add 25% more braend, you'd be okay. that's my solution to that problem. >> starbucks is offering a holiday gift, free coffee for the next nine days. >> what? >> starbucks is offering free hand crafted beverages to praline lattes. you ready for your lump of coal? the offer is good at select stores for only an hour each day. check online to see what stores are participating. today stores in concord, hayward and san francisco were selected. >> i've got to run out, lar. i'll be right back. the news at 4:00 continues. still looking for a last-minute gift for a child? how about a gift that keeps on
4:53 pm
giving. we'll show you one unusual option. >> and a look ahead at what's up next at 5:00. >> actress carrie fisher is in a los angeles hospital. a heart attack on the plane is a reason. reaction from her fans here in the bay-year. >> also interim police chief tony chaplain talks only to abc 7 news for the first time since he was not selected for the first time job and a robot revolution. 7 on your side's michael finney has last-minute gift advice. are you in a shopping panic. ama and i will see you for the news at 5:00.
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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>> you know, kids typically want clothes and video games as their holiday gifts. what about giving a child a gift that keeps on giving. michael finney partnered with "consumer reports" to see what else they can get in their stocking stuffer. >> jacob loves 6 flags great adventure and two years ago nick bought jacob stock for christmas. >> i told him this is worth "x" numbers of dollars and this would grow every year and he was pretty happy with it. >> must kids might not be begging for stock gifts under the tree but what if they could own one of the favorite things of the world. >> not only is it relatable. it's an easy to digest economics
4:58 pm
let son by following how a company is doing over time young people were learned by savings and vesting. >> now you can learn without going to a broker. they offer e-gift cards online. they come in hundreds of choices and cost the face value of the gift you want to give. anywhere from $1 to $1,000, plus a nominal fee. and for kid appeal you can even buy stock directly from companies like disney and harley davidson. >> children can own stock, but until they are 18 an adult has been responsible for opening and managing a custodial account for them. >> they will be able to log into credentials and see how they are doing. >> jacob said he's learned a lot. you can use that money in the stock market to make more money. >> it's made 18%, 19% a year so
4:59 pm
i'll take that. >> i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. "abc 7 news at 5:00" starts right now. developing news. getting new word on famed "star wars" actor carrie fisher in the hospital after a serious mid-earhart attack. plus -- >> my daughter will never come home. >> parents whose children died in the ghost ship fired filed the first lawsuits against those responsible. >> and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. still showers out there and much cooler air is about to arrive. details in the accuweather forecast next. >> california may not want you. >> arizona rolls out the welcome mat for those cell-driving cars banned from california streets this week. and sent to the edge of space and back. letters written by children to planet earth hope for a more peaceful 2017.
5:00 pm
>> we have an unresponsive passenger so they are working on her right now. >> that woman in need of help iconic "star wars" actor carrie fisher. tonight her loved ones, friends and fans across the globe are hoping for the best after a mid-earhart attack. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz in for kristen sze. >> new information on her condition. her brother todd fisher says she's stabilized in the icu. >> she's clearly suffered a traumatic event. doctors are doing everything they can. she's a real survivor and hauls has been and i would expect the best from this. >> this after emergency crews rushed the actress to the hospital. once her plane landed at l.a.x. around noon. she was on an 11-hour flight and listen to the audio recording alerting the trial tower of the medical emergency. >> we have some pass jerks nurses assisting the passenger unresponsive passenger so


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