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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  December 24, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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he was barricaded in his apartment without gunfire. another man with a gun in july. to take down a teen armed with a knife. chaplin set the guidelines but he gives all the credit to the rank and file. >> deescalation and creating time and distance and basically the saving of human life. >> he was thrust into the job when greg sir suddenly retired after a series of controversial police shootings. >> it's been incredible. i met a lot of people. i appreciate the support they have thrown me behind the troubling times. fra frankly, it's in part to the community gathering behind us. >> now bill scott from the lapd, chaplin says he'll do everything to support him. but his immediate plans have nothing to do with his job.
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>> i'm getting ready to put a period on this thing and go back to living. >> we have new details on the south bay jailbreak that spark aid huge manhunt. chavez, campbell and two other inmates broke out of the santa clara main jail last month. they were all eventually captured. our media partner reports san mateo police officer noah winchester tipped off jail guards about suspicious sounds he heard from a nearby jail cell. winchester is in jail facing unrelated sex charges. in a statement, lori smith denied guards were tipped off about the noises. smith did say there is no evidence that anyone helped the inmates break out. she added internal affairs is investigating. if you haven't finished your christmas shopping, you still have today. last night bay area malls were packed with people buying the last-minute gifts. we have the story. >> reporter: for the most part, pretty smooth, you know? you just have a mission in mind what you want to do and get in and get out. >> he was taking a break on a
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mall bench. he admits he left a lot of shopping until the last minute. >> try not. to i mean, kind of happens. you get busy with work and by the time you realize, the day is upon us. >> reporter: west field oak ridge mall was packed. alexa came to help her dad with his 11th hour shopping. >> people tell us what they want and we try to find them and there is none left. so i think he learned his lesson. >> reporter: the inventory may be picked over, but there can be benefits to procrastinating. >> just get a little exercise, too. but in the meantime, you can see if they have any real good deals. >> reporter: a consumer psychologist said while some procrastinateors are bad planners, others actually care too much. >> they want to do a good job and they get freaked out about making mistakes so they keep putting it off. being late is a better excuse than looking like you don't care, believe it or not. >> reporter: her virs, there is nothing wrong with a gift card or cash. >> you know it's going to be busy and have a hard time
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finding parking and you know there are lines. you can't really get upset about it. you just have to stay in a positive mind frame. >> a good attitude goes a long way. in san jose, abc 7 news. happening today in san francisco, the first candle on the bill graham menorah will be lit in honor of the first day of hanukkah. supervisor aaron peskine will participate. it's been a tradition in the city since 1975. tonight's ceremony starts at 7:00 at union square. bundle up. >> yes. celebrating. can you feel it. it's 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. front moved through. boy, isn't this gorgeous from our tower camera? mid 40s. plenty of sun along the coastline now. you'll see some of those buildups if you look out over the ocean. i'll explain what that means. that means we could see some flakes on the higher elevations. the atmosphere is cold enough and there will be enough moisture right on through the evening. so with that said, let's talk about a dry christmas eve, a dry
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hanukkah in detail in a few minutes. >> thank you, lisa. also next, turning the tables on an attacker. an armed robber didn't see what was coming up behind him. it's all caught on this video. >> and what raiders fans will be doing today to convince the nfl the silver and black s
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an armed robbery at a store started like many others. it didn't end with the suspect get ago way. the clerks were hurt in the attack. the teenage area kused of trying to rob them is in plus custody with a lesson he'll never forget. abc 7 news anchor eric tom hass as the story. >> reporter: royal smashgt a local institution. that's why neighbors are so disturbed by what happened tuesday night. >> we were just thrilled that they're okay. >> reporter: the robbery attempt was captured on store surveillance video. the gunman entered the store with his pistol drawn and in no time he has it to the back of the clerk's head. take a close look it you security camera video. he is so fixated on getting to the cash, he's completely pis sneaking up behind him.other in a flash, he grabs the gunman and wrestles him to the floor. the gun goes off at least once and possibly twice. from another angle, you can actually see the gunfire.
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one brother is wunlded in the hit. the other suffers a hand injury. but they manage to take the gun away from the would-be robber and pummel him it with. neither brother was seriously hurt and the only damage was a bullet knoll a nearby space heater. the owner of the store didn't want to be interviewed. he said nothing like this ever happened in the 15 years he's been in operation. he says his employees are heroes and this neighbor agrees. >> you know, i'm very, very pleased that they're okay. amazed they had the composure to do what they did. >> the suspects was treated for injuries and booked into juvenile hall. the two clerks were also treated and released from the hospital and one of them is already back to work tonight. in hayward, eric thomas, abc 7 news. check out this arsenal. there were eight knives, a couple rifles, a throwing star and an evil weapon called a mace.
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they were found on a man they arrested thursday night trying to break into a plant nursery on highway 116. ricky jorgontas is accused of shooting on the lock on the building. a truck load of uber self driving cars paraded through the streets of phoenix yesterday giving the states governor another chance to take a shot at california. uber began moving the cars to arizona thursday. governor doug deucy says california may not want you but we do. he said his state is everything california is not. >> i think this is a sign of arizona being a welcoming place. not only do people but businesses. we're a low tax, light regulation involvement. plus we try harder. i mean, we want to grow our economy. >> uber stopped its self driving fleet after the dmv said the cars were not properly registered. i new law on january 1st changes rules about children in car seats. kids under age 2 will be
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required to use a rear facing car seat. it stems from the results of a 2007 study that children's rear facing car seats reduce the likelihood of an injury in a car crash. >> whether a child is faced in a rear facing child safety seat, it is much safer than having the child facing forward. so if you have a collision that child is less likely to fly forward inside of your vehicle. children who weigh more than 40 pounds or more than 40 inches tall will be exempted from the new car seat rule. starting to day through new year's day, parking lots at both ends of the golden gate bridge will be closed. to move the traffic backups that happen on weekends when drivers line up trying to find a place to park. visitors park in the overflow lots and then grab public transportation to visit the golden gate. heads up if you ride bart. they're on a holiday schedule until now and january 2nd. instead of running trains every five minutes, trains run every 10 to 15 minutes.
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happening today, state officials will open more of the northern california coast to commercial crab fishing. the area in sonoma county and the county line opens today. it will be extended north to port arena monday with a stretch through humble county. the coastal areas are closed because of unsafe levels of acid. commercial crabbing opened last month. fresh and affordable crab is flying off the shelves in san francisco. abc p 7 news was on california street where they were busy filling orders all day yesterday. tony antonelli said the crab is so plentiful the price is only $10.49 a pound, much lower than previous years. last year was a disaster with algae and weather causing a dismal season. good morning. if you think it's cold now, a colder air mass is moving in over the bay area today. and as it moves over the warmer ocean water, it could squeeze
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out a few snowflakes. so the cold air in place moisture headed in, higher elevations of the santa cruz mountains and highway 17 and 35 and the st. lucia mountains could see snow. we're showing the trajectory of the moisture over the water from northwest to southeast. and it is leaving us with a winter weather advisory. through 6:00 here, the purple from the santa cruz mountains all the way down south here and then also for the next hour or so in the sierra nevada. so there is still looking at snow. some fog is awfully treacherous here, in fact. throughout southern california as well we're looking at the slick roadways. do be careful if you're headed up to the sierras, it's going to take you a while, i'm afraid. from our east bay hills camera looking back at the golden gate bridge, yes, it looks pretty. in the distance, some of that cloud cover, we call it the cold air cumulus that will be moving over the water throughout the day to day. 46 in san francisco. oakland, 40.
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san jose, upper 30s. half moon bay, 48. there is enough wind in the upper levels of the atmosphere that it stays relatively mild around the basement inland valleys, you're still very cold with 31 in sanlt sanlta rosa. 35 in livermore. below freezing in the dealt yachlt this is what we'll have for the next several days. so this morning, it's anywhere from a couple degrees to about 15 degrees colder in our north and east bay valleys. and right by the water with that activity coming in, it's a little milder. check out the sierra nevada. they did well in the upper elevations. and continuing to see about one to three inches throughout the day to day. it is foggy as well up there. so cold morning. we have low snow levels locally here. down to 2500 feet. it will be chilly and cloudy for christmas. next chance of rain looks like by the end of the week. maybe squeezing in another system before the new year. so tomorrow morning as you wake up, upper 20s. if you haven't downloaded our
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abc 7 news app, it is likely you could get a push alert. if do you from the national weather service with some freeze warnings the next couple mornings or frost advisories, you can see concord at 32. livermore as well. this is monday morning. could be one of the coldest mornings. by tuesday morning, not much in the way of modification. it is still a chilly dry air mass. so chp, they are guiding some of the folks down through the grapevine, i-5, it is awfully slick. as we look at oakland today as an example, you're still in the 40s the next couple of hours. highs today just in the low 50s. so around the bay, numbers in a narrow range. just mid 40s in lake port. could even see a little dusting around lake county. so 36 in freemont overnight tonight. 34 in vallejo. that's when santa arrives to the cold, coal morning lows. the seven day forecast, we're going to see warmer mornings and days. it will take until the middle of the week. by the end of the week, maybe a couple showers. not quite sure on that extended outlook. so make sure you stay tuned and
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a lot of us are going to be dreading the credit card bills that follow the holidays. here's good news about that credit card use. >> reporter: i'm buying a gift and using a credit card to complete the purchase. ♪ a common experience. especially this time of year. are you using credit cards today? >> yeah, too much. >> reporter: is that right? >> why do you ask? >> good question. i'm asking shoppers about credit cards because i have some good news. i'm seeing the bags here. are you using credit cards today? >> oh, yes. >> of course. >> reporter: i'm an idiot for asking that question. >> is there anything but? >> reporter: most people don't know that best reason for using a credit card is not the chance to buy now and pay later. and it's not racking up miles either. >> you said protection. >> reporter: there are protections. >> well, yeah. >> reporter: so, for instance, 81% of the cards out there have
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an extended warranty that comes when you use your credit card. you're shaking your head d you know that? >> i didn't know that. >> reporter: warranty will add two years to your warranty. >> not bad for just using a credit card. credit cards has just put together a report on credit card consumer protections. >> what we found is that there are an awful lot of pretty valuable perks lurking in your fine print of your credit card agreement than lots and lots of people don't know about. >> reporter: matt found half of the credit cards offer price protection. >> if you buy something with your credit card in the price drops in the next few weeks after you bought it, you can get refund of the difference back on to your credit card. >> reporter: two more perks you need to know b a quarter of all cards will allow you to return an item even if the retailer doesn't and about half the cards will replace an item if it's
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lost or stolen within the first 90 days. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. starbucks is offering a holiday gift to customers. free coffee for the next eight days. starbucks will offer free tall handcrafted beverages. now here's the catch. the offer is only good at select stores each day for an hour each day. you need to check on there are eight stores including mountain view, sunnyvale, san francisco, berkeley and those are going to be free between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. today. one christmas tree is enough for most families but not for a couple in new york. take a look inside joe and ruth dixie's home. they have 110 christmas trees. some a few inches tall, others nine feet tall. a couple started the tradition 46 years ago when they got an angel ornament for a wedding gift. now they have thousands of ornaments. >> there is always a new tree.
8:26 am
i have a plolot more decoration that's are not out. >> he still has trees that are not out. >> the main tree has 600 ornaments. it takes six weeks for them to set everything up. they keep the trees up until the snow melts which takes a while in upstate new york. the holiday spirit is alive and well at san francisco's lefty owe duel. yesterday we were outside the union square restaurant as people dropped off gifts for the annual christmas eve drive. a construction crew pulled up in a truck and unloaded 35 toys. last year they collected 15,000 toys. toy drive will continue today from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. >> still to come on abc 7 mornings, a warning from the fbi about a holiday hit list. also, the rush for last-minute gifts is on. we'll take you to a bay area mall where it's not just gifts but santa that is in high dema
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we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather. cold out there, lisa. >> it certainly is. and more cold air is to come. here's a look at live doppler 7. you can see some moisture out over the ocean. that's indicating an unstable atmosphere. because of that, the national weather service issued a winter weather advisory of snow levels down to 2500 feet. highway 17, 35, the santa cruz mountains and also down around big sur through 6:00.
8:30 am
look at the wind in the upper elevation and the clouds. that also indicates the unstable atmosphere. so as you're headed out today, bundle up. it's in the 40s right now from mountain view to san jose. mid 40s oakland and here's another look at the chilly numbers have arrived in santa rose yachlt the north bay valley and east bay valleys. 31 you about the delta. p 3 3 in walnut creek. and a final vantage point from our cam rashgs it's a cold morning. it will be a chilly afternoon. it will be dry except if you're into perhaps the coastline, the upper elevations and you can see white christmas perhaps. but we're looking at even colder weather headed our way the next few days. i'll detail that for you in just a few minutes. matt? >> all right. thank you. there's a warning from the fbi going out across the u.s. isis sent out a hit list of churches and addresses on social media calling for attacks on places of worship and other holiday gathering sites on christmas. now authorities haven't identified any specific threats. the warning comes days after a
8:31 am
truck drove into a christmas market in berlin killing 12 people. yesterday police in italy killed the suspect in a shootout and a new video surfaced showing him pledging allegiance to isis. here's abc news reporter matt gutman in italy. >> reporter: this haunting video, migrant pledging allegiance to the leader of isis calling him prince of the faithful. authorities believe amri recorded it days before he drove his massive semitruck through the christmas market in berlin. he met his fate gunned down by italian police after slipping through the pourous borders of three different countries crossing from germany into france, boarding a train there to italy and then on to milan. he came out of this train station at 1:00 a.m. but at that time of night, there are no more trains going to the town where he was killed. the question is how did he get there and why? at 3:00 a.m., two police
8:32 am
officers on a routine patrol spotting amri lurking alone. they found him suspicious and asked for id. instead, they say he pulled a pistol from his backpack and fired shouting police bastards. one officer hit in the shoulder. the bullet piercing his uniform. the other a trainee shooting back and killing the fugitive. and there are still questions. did he have a accomplices? was he planning to meet someone? italian forensic teams on the ground searching for any clues to sol of this mystery. afrpg la america will crediting european cooperation for the manhunt but real i didn't think was the gut instinct much two beat cops that neutralized amri. there is a lot of soul searching in europe about how the most wanted man managed to evade authorities in three countries over four days. matt gutman, abc news, italy. the mother of the suspect in the berlin attack told the associated press she fears the world will never know why he allegedly did what he did. she said within him is a great
8:33 am
secret saying she wants the truth about her son and who is behind the attack. there was a surprise vote at the u.n. security council. the u.s. did not cast a veto in support of israel. they voted to condemn israeli settlements and construction in palestinian territories. instead of casting a veto, the u.s. abstained from the vote. president-elect donald trump is criticizing president obama's decision not to veto it. he tweeted yesterday adds to the u.n., things will be different after january 20th, referring to the day he'll be inaugurated as president. the president-elect also said he welcomes a new nuclear arms race saying the u.s. would outmatch any rivals. abc news reporter mary bruce has the latest. >> reporter: the president-elect teeing off with tiger woods, leaving the world to wonder whether he's reigniting a nuclear arms race. it seemed to start with this. russian president putin vowing
8:34 am
thursday to strengthen the military potential of strategic nuclear forces. hours later, trump took it up a notch tweeting the united states must greatly strengthen and expand the nuclear capability until such time is the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. expanding the nuclear arsenal would up end four decades of u.s. policy and flies in the face of what trump himself said in the campaign. >> the biggest problem we have today is nuclear, nuclear proliferation. >> reporter: newly named white house press secretary scrambling to explain. >> other countries need to be put on notice that he'll not sit back and allow them to undermine our safety. >> reporter: spicer was definitive saying there is not going to be an arms race n a phone call with cable news host the president-elect saying something very different. >> the president-elect told what you? >> let it be an arms race. we will outmatch them at every
8:35 am
pass. >> reporter: frustration from nuclear weapons experts. >> you don't screw around with nuclear policy on twitter. every word matters. these words are rippling around the globe. and this is how arms races start with a war of words. >> reporter: now putin is weighing in saying it's not us who have been speeding up the arms race. and later, perhaps seeking to dial down the tension, trump releasing what he called a very nice letter the russian president sent him last week. putin extending his warmest christmas and new year's greetings adding he hopes they can act in a constructive and pragmatic manner. mary bruce, abc news, washington. new this morning, for the final time is the first family, president obama and first lady michelle obama delivered their christmas address. i couple says this year's white house holiday theme is the gift of the holidays. they say the decorations in the white house reflects some of their greatest gifts as a nation from military families to the impact of the great education. they stress the importance of
8:36 am
honoring service members, veterans and families during this time of year. >> many of our troops are far from home this time of the year. and their families are serving and sacrificing right along with them. their courage and dedication allow the rest of us to enjoy the season. that's why we try to serve them as well as they have served this country. >> the obamas say celebrating the holidays in the white house over the past eight years has been a privilege. today is the last day to drop off any donations for the holiday season at st. anthony's in san francisco. they're taking food, clonings, blankets and toiletries. the dropoff runs from 9:00 to 1:00 on golden gate avenue between turk and jones. happening today, san francisco's memorial church will serve thousands of people as special holiday prime rib lunch. the house of prime rib donated 3700 pounds of meat for this annual event along with mashed potatoes, bread, and a dessert. this is the 25th year the restaurant has donated a day's worth of holiday meals.
8:37 am
the lunch runs from 10. 306789 to 1:30 today. all right. attention procrastinateors. the rush is on to finish holiday shopping and ask santa for presents with one final chance today. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom spent yesterday at valley fair mall in san jose. >> for some, it's a family tradition. >> how could you go christmas without a picture? >> a picture with old st. nick, no matter how long the wait. >> an hour and 30 minutes. >> reporter: today you waited that long? >> yeah. >> reporter: the line stretched from here to the north pole. >> 50 minutes. worth it? >> well, we'll see at the end. we did a picture with -- if it's in focus. >> reporter: it is giving kids lots of time to add to their list. >> i'm going to ask him for a pokemon box. i like collecting pokemon. >> and parents tile to get creative. >> i start taking pictures now while my brother is waiting in line. >> reporter: but despite their
8:38 am
best efforts, it seems like the only one getting smiles around here is -- >> pepper. >> reporter: who is pepper? >> the robot. >> reporter: pepper makes smiling a competition and could be stiff competition for santa's helpers. of course, the families feeling really about themselves are the ones that saw santa weeks ago. >> we did that in november. >> reporter: what did you ask santa for? >> stuff. >> reporter: what did you ask? >> stuff. >> what? >> reporter: it's apparently a secret. but what is not so secret is that family likes to get shopping overw. >> i want to get in and out. >> out and out and out. >> reporter: you're done with shopping? >> i hate shopping. >> reporter: in san jose, jonathan bloom, abc p 7 news. all right. still looking to buy the perfect christmas gift and you don't want to go to the mall? you don't have to leave your couch. amazon has you covered. the company is extending the rush delivery hours for amazon prime now members in 30 u.s. cities including the san francisco bay area.
8:39 am
amazon says orders placed by 9:45 tonight are guaranteed delivery by midnight christmas day. all right, stale head on abc 7 mornings, south bay boy shows the real spirit of the season. what he's doing to give back to others year after year. here's a live look outside from our camera. beautiful shot out. there we got a lot of sunshine. not a lot of heat. lisa will
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raiders fans will distribute thousands of postcards to keep the silver and black in oakland. 5,000 of them addressed to nfl commissioner roger goodell will be given to fans at the coliseum to sign and mail. the card reads in part, i do not believe there is due diligence in finding a solution in the current home market. postcards will be handed out before today's game against the colts. kickoff is at 1:05. how is the weather? >> it will be cool. we're getting into that chillier air mass. we also are looking at the snow in the higher elevations in the sierra nevada. so winter weather advisory still going here. and so another couple hours. but southern california is looking a little more treacherous. northern california clearing out. boy, the chilly air is moving in just in time for the holidays. i'll have your forecast next. thank you, lisa. also next, clay thompson leads the warriors down the stretch in detroit. we have the highlights of golden state's seventh straight win coming
8:43 am
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a huge saturday event of nfl football. the raiders host the colts at the oakland coliseum hoping to stay atop the afc west. kickoff is at 1:05. 49ers return to los angeles for the first time in 22 years to face the rams. kickoff at the l.a. memorial coliseum is at 1:25. last night the warriors extended their winning streak to seven games with a victory in detroit. here's abc 7's sports director with the highlights and this more than's sports. good morning, everybody. the warriors aren't playing
8:46 am
great basketball but they know how to finish. another fourth quarter flurry last night in detroit setting up the game everybody wants to see christmas day. draymond green missed thursday night for the birth of his son. back for this one. steph curry, a couple brilliant passes. between the legs of john lure. behind the back step with eight assists. another mcgee dunk right here. 15 points for him. they were sloppy. 22 turnovers. stanley johnson steals the pass to harris for two of his 26. pistons led by five. kevin durant was great. three ball, finished with 32 points, 110-108. warriors under a minute to go. warriors by two. step back j. dagger. then he ices it with a three. 17 for clay. warriors win their seventh straight, 119-113. 27-4 heading to cleveland on christmas day. >> i think we're not playing that great. we know how to win. there are a lot of thing swrez
8:47 am
to get better at. we have to continue to get better on the defense. but a big part is executing on the offense and not turning the ball over. >> college hoops, diamond head classic, usf taking on illinois state. madison williams head of the pack. with authority. red birds up 31-29. matt mccarthy, two hand flush. he had 11. the best name in sports right now, frankie ferrari, revving it up. the reverse. led them to 17 and surprise, surprise, usf with the upset, of 66-58. now 10-2. they face san diego state on sunday. the sharks and the oilers took the ice last night tied for first place atop the pacific division. both with 41 points. so it seems fitting they end up how about total commitment to christmas and the sharks? that is fantastic. first period, fantastic year. denying carlson. no milkman on the breakaway.
8:48 am
third period, tied at one. couture and will he bank, the one-timer 2-1. 24 seconds later, mcdavid leading the league in points, gets the second assist on the patrick maroon goal. and the rookie ends it right here. top shelf. game over. drive home safely. sharks win 3-2 and take over the pacific division lead. college football, eastern michigan and old dominion play in the bahamas bowl. i like the sledgehammer entrance. the monarchs playing the first bowl game. david washington runnin around scrambling. 47 yard bob to zach pascow. they one the bahamas bowl 24-20. and we're going to the beach! that's a wrap on morning sports. merry christmas, everybody! >> good morning you to. we still have a little bit of
8:49 am
moisture out over the ocean. but you know this is where it's going to stay. a colder air mass is pushing into the bay area. so as the warmer ocean water interacts with this cold, cold air, we could see a few snowflakes in the higher elevations around the santa cruz mountains. highway 17 and 35, winter weather advisory through 6:00. and we could see maybe an inch or so. you can see the purple also highlighted in the sierra nevada where the snow is still coming down. they picked up anywhere from 5 inches south lake to about a foot and a half around alpine and squall. still looking at some really inclimate weather around los angeles, mountains around santa monica. so very treacherous down here. things are improving rapidly in the northern half of the state. but for the next few hours, the snow will continue one to three inches here. and a high of 34 in reno today. upper 20s in south lake. the snow is still coming. the front moved on through. and we will look for some very,
8:50 am
very chilly nights and mornings for the next several days including christmas eve. that's today, of course, and into about wednesday. and emeryville, mid 40s. we have upper elevation wind and that is keeping it raw above mt. tam, hamilton. 40 in gill roy. 48 in half moon bay. but notice all the sunshine here and the flag is flat right there. around the coast, breezy today. 31 santa rose yachlt numbers here haven't changed too much. low 30s walnut creek and livermore. so another system bringing in the colder air mainly dry. it allow for the cold air to stay in place. three consecutive days of chilly weather ahead. 11 degrees cooler than yesterday in livermore. 10 degrees cooler along the bay shore around hayward, look at san jose. you know what's to come. not this but some chilly, chilly nights. looks good in the mountains here. boy, getting there has been tough. so cold mornings, low snow levels locally. 2500 feet down to santa cruz,
8:51 am
3,000 feet to santa luc iflt a mountains. looking for a chilly christmas day with more high clouds. today is the sunnier day of the two for the weekend. a dry pattern for most of the upcoming work week. lows for christmas, waking up to upper 20s. cloverdale, around freezing. concord and livermore, upper 30s around freemont and oakland. we get into monday morning. still quite, quite cold. no change here. if you download our app, i would bet the national weather service will be issuing a freeze warning, a frost advisory for the next couple of mornings. highs to day across the state, low 50s along the coast. looks active. but it soefrt ocean and the higher elevations. keep that in mind if you're navigating, checking out the landscape today. you'll notice those cold air cumulus, the puffy clouds out over the ocean. 51 in san mateo. 52 in palo alto. in oakland today, low 50s. sunny skies. it's going to be cool. overnight lows tonight, it will be anywhere from perhaps the
8:52 am
upper 20s to about 40 closer to bay. the seven day forecast, low to mid 50s for highs at best. i think christmas day probably won't even reach that in some spots. it looks dry right in throughout next several days. it will be nice to waurm midweek. and it looks like the extended forecast model go out to about 16 days. looks like we'll get back into more wet weather after the new year. >> all right. when your son is wearing a santa hat to stay warm, you know it's trouble. you know it's going to be cold. all right. speaking of something that will warm your heart. if you're looking for hope today, we have someone you should meet. at a time of year when a lot of kids are focus opened what they can get this is a story of a boy focused on he can give. you can tell joey childs isn't like most 11-year-olds. just watch him handle this forklift at his parents business moving and storage in san jose. but if you really want to be impressed, check out what he's done for the marines toys for tots program. >> well this year i think i collected maybe 150.
8:53 am
last year i collected maybe 250. >> we're proud of him. he's a hard worker. he's been a hard worker since he was 2. >> joey has been doing his toy drive since he was 6 years old. how does he do it? the fifth grader starts in september by making his flyer. >> i print out a lot of them. i go street by street, door to door, and i talk to people about it and tell them what it's about. and that's how i do it. >> that's very dedicated. >> yeah. it's hard work but it pays off. >> donations roll in and he delivers. every year for the past five years. it's something that caught the attention of the brats at the marine corps center. >> you know, it's cool coming here because, you know, you get to see the base. you get to see the marines and i got to learn to salute the right way. >> i think he has good discipline and good base for. that i think he'll be an outstand mag reen if he chooses to take that path. >> he knows how to salute now. >> he does. >> it's like that. and like that.
8:54 am
something like that. i think. >> solid salute. he plans on doing all of this again next year. up next, santa is getting trod deliver presents. how many letters he received from childre
8:55 am
kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with kisses deluxe.
8:56 am
santa claus is wrapping up the preparations in finland before he starts to give gifts
8:57 am
to children. they get half a million letters and wish lists each year. as christmas gets closer, they get 32,000 letters a day. santa's village sees 300,000 visitors every year to meet santa, play in the snow and get into the holiday spirit. i think we're in the holiday spirit here because of the weather. >> yeah, that's right. in fact, if you know anyone that went to tahoe or coming back, you saw the great snow. but today in the bay area, it's chilly with temperatures in the low 50s. we have low snow levels for the santa cruz mountains. there could be moisture along the coast. but really what we're talking about is the cold weather that settles in the n few days. here are your morning lows for christmas with temperatures in the upper 20s to low 30s for most of our valleys and the afternoon highs with the seven day forecast will be at or below average. until we get to the middle of the week. likely some freeze warnings out there or frost. >> all right. thank you. thank you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm matt keller. we want to thank abc 7 news
8:58 am
viewer charlotte for this great picture of the ferry building and the holiday ice rink. you can share your pictures us with on social media. #abc7now. and the news, of course, continues now online and on twitter, facebook, and instagram. abc 7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. happy hanukkah everyone and a merry christmas. -- captions by vitac --
8:59 am
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>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. >> hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." every time i go out in the field, i meet animal lovers who inspire me. >> by doing this, we're raising awareness. ok, max is done. >> veterinarians helping save some of the world's most endangered species. >> right now, the mountain gorillas are the only great apes in the world whose population is increasing. >> conservationists living in remote jungles. >> you can see these are turtles who have actually been born in the last few days. >> golly! and even a few brave crossing


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