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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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5:00 a.m. on the dot. it's tuesday, december 27th. i'm jessica castro. >> i'm natasha zouves.
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hey, alexis. still quiet on the roads. >> still quiet. a little chilly. not as bad as it has been in days past. >> go figure. the national weather service issued a freeze warning for the east bay interior valleys. we are warmer this morning with cloud cover. yesterday i was scraping my windshield, covered with ice. this morning, not the case. nonetheless we'll be looking for these numbers to continue to drop right before sunrise, which is at about 7:24. at 35 in concord. 31 in santa rosa. a live look outside. it's chilly. numbers coming up a bit more today. lots of sunshine on tap. good morning, alexis. >> good morning. looking at mass transit options for today. yesterday we had limited service, today getting back to normal. increasing through some agencies. ace rail is back to normal service today. yesterday, they had no service. b.a.r.t., limited commute through january 2nd. that means training are running
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every 10, 15 minutes. muni, limited express service, basically this entire week. check before you go. we have one blocking collision in concord. a look at that coming up next. scary moment fors a look at that coming up next. scary moment for for an ube driver this weekend when a person pulled out a gun. matt keller is at sfpd headquarters with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. san francisco police say they picked up this shooting on their shots spotter. this was really frightening for this uber driver who has no idea why he was targeted. listen to what he says happened. >> she tahe take out the gun, ht me. fortunate lit buly the bullet p front of my pace. >> reporter: the 31-year-old's window was shattered into pieces. the bullet hole still clearly visible. the afghan refugee did not want to give his real name. the father of two lives in sacramento but was driving for
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uber around 3:00 saturday morning when he said a man followed him for a few blocks on foot before running to his window and firing. san francisco police say the uber driver did file a report but they do not have leads or suspects. the driver also filed a report with uber. a company representative said they are relieved the driver is okay. reporting live in san francisco, matt keller, abc 7 news. a senior facebook employee faces charges this morning for allegedly soliciting sex from an underage girl. 38-year-old dov katz was arrested last week for trying to have sex with a girl he thought was 15 years old. she was really an undercover cop. san francisco police are trying to find out who stole a giant menorah from a park. the theft happened over the weekend at washington square park in the north beach neighborhood.
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>> reporter: the menorah is a symbol of joy, peace, light for the jewish community and beyond. on this third night of hanukkah, these menorahs stand in place of a larger one stolen from washington square park. >> for somebody to in suc public space take a symbol that means joy, they must be in a dark space. >> reporter: this photo shows the 6-foot, 100-pound menorah in the park last year. this isn't all that was taken this year. >> they cut the wires on the lights so we had to restring the tree, and then lo and behold, they took the menorah. >> with all the crime going on in the city, this doesn't have to be a priority, but it should be in regards to it's the holiday right now. >> reporter: san francisco police are looking into it and surveillance cameras from nearby businesses could offer valuable clues. it was lit christmas eve, but a rabbi realized it was gone on sunday.
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the dark act didn't stop this community from celebrating the festival of lights. >> those people put a lot of work into putting it there and they put a lot of work into their religion, so it's not cool. >> reporter: whatever the outcome, the gatherers say the message of the menorah prevails. from washington square park in san francisco, lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. we are tracking developing news in the east bay. pleasant hill police veiling a shooting at a popular mall. no innocent bystanders were hit. this happened at the cross roads shopping center around 9:00 last night. the mall was open for business when someone opened fire shattering windows. several businesses were hit including a barbecue restaurant and a starbucks. witnesses tell police that the shooter and victim took off. no word on a possible motive for that shooting. in chattanooga, three people were injured when someone set off fireworks inside of the store. people thought they heard gunshots. they started running.
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none of the injuries are considered serious. security guards at a mall in ft. worth, texas placed the mall on lockdown after at least 100 teen there's were involved in fights. dozens of police officers including s.w.a.t. help break up the brawls. police responded of gunfire inside of the mall no one was seriously hurt. four teens received citations. expect more security at bay area malls. police are investigating fights at malls across the u.s. from new jersey to ohio and colorado. violence and chaos broke out at more than a dozen shopping malls yesterday. police are now investigating whether social media was used to plan some of those fights. it's not clear if those brawls in different cities are related. muni riders will be paying more in the new year. on the new year the price goes from $86 to $91 a month for an
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adult price. cash fares will rise. muni drivers want people to move away from cash and on to digital means of payment. it's a more efficient way to collect fares which leads to streamlined service. an astronomer credited with concepting our universe died. veerra rudolph she was 88. she had the theory that some other force was at work, mainly dark matter. she was the second female astronomer elected to the u.s. national academy of sciences. new details this morning about the russian military plane that crashed into the black sea on sunday. one of the plane's flight recorders has been found. the recorder was brought ashore in sochi. all 92 people on board were killed.
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russia held a day of mourning for the victims yesterday. the plane was carrying dozens of red army choir singers to for troops. it was more likely pilot error or plane failure that crash. the plane t soccer players last month ran out of fuel. it circled the airport for minutes before crashing. the pilots were criticized for not asking for priority landing because they were low on fuel. firefighters had to rescue a man whose boat capsized in san mateo county. it happened at pigeon point. the man made it to a cliffside. rescuers brought him to shore and brought him to the hospital no word on his condition. a man in the monterey county jail is going to great lengths
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to steal candy. police caught 42-year-old lloyd frazier trying to take candy, food and beer from a 7-eleven store in salinas. officers arrived to find frazier inside the store holding a garbage bag filled with not money but items from the shelves including candy. frazier faces burglary charges. it is news that sent shockwaves through raider nation. and today derek carr will have surgery on his broken leg. he went down with the injury in the blowout loss to the colts on saturday. he will be out 6 to 8 weeks. the super bowl in five weeks. despite the season-ending surgery, the team is confident they can make a playoff run. >> it's a tough game. it's all about the team, about us moving on with the next opportunity. pulling together as a group of men, being unselfish and sacrificing for each other. all of those things.
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doesn't change regardless of who it is. >> i think our script said the raiders lost. they won. backup matt mcgloin will start next sunday against the broncos. good morning to you. starting out with cloud cover helping us stay warm their morning despite the freeze warning in effect from the national weather service for our north and east bay valleys. also the salinas valley. the areas highlighted in purple, you can see temperatures at or around freezing or below. i think with that cloud cover t probably won't happen. yesterday we saw 20s up in the north bay. 34 in santa clara. 35 in saratoga. 33 in lafayette. we are certainly looking at cold numbers. freezing cold, sunny and cool afternoons right on through the week. in fact, by friday, things could lead to a little bit of rain shower activity over the weekend. not totally convinced with this
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yet. it's the same area of listow pressure that wanted to bring us rain on christmas that didn't materialize. today, sunny skies, mid to upper 50 s. 60s, feeling like spring by the end of the week. good morning, alexis. >> that is sounding nice. i know a lot of folks are off from work and school and can enjoy that. if you have to head back into work today. no major issues. lighter than average volumes, good news in concord. southbound 680 before concord avenue, earlier two-car crash that did totally clear that little backup from highway 4 is gone. south of there, once you make it into walnut creek, southbound 680 moving along fine. new activity on 580 in the dublin area. we'll look at that coming up. thank you. coming up, we told you about the increases in the new year for minimum wage and muni, but there's a whole lot more to there's a whole lot more to cover including a
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c car seats. the million dollar heist and this moment when one of the thieves got hurt. and abc 7 news now showing and abc 7 news now showing us a beautiful view of the bay
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we are less than a week away from some new laws taking effect. here are two. powdered alcohol will be banned in california. the making, selling and buying of it. anyone in violation faces a
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$500 fine. also new, salons and barbershops will be able to legally serve customers a glass of wine or beer without a permit as long as the drink is free. meanwhile, a new law also starting on january 1st, changes and rules about children and car seats. kids under age 2 will be required to use a rear facing car seat. children who weigh more than 40 pounds will be exempted. the corridor bus rapid transit project in san francisco is one step closer to be finalized. the project would create a dedicated bus line from 34th to 26th avenue where the lane would run in the center to just past arwello boulevard. then back to the sides of geary. the final environmental impact report was released this month. riders could save 20 minutes per round trip. surveillance video shows the
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moment three suspects broke into a store in new york. look at this. they stole millions of dollars in furs. one of the suspects probably has a large bump on their head. the thieves broke in to dennis basso high-end fur store early saturday morning. surveillance video shows they used a rock to gain entry. watch closely on your screens. the door actually kind of falls down and whacks one of those guys on the head. it was part of the doorframe. the suspects made off with at least 20 of the stores most expensive furs. the day after christmas traditionally known as a big day for returns, that trend may be changing. abc 7 news was at the target yesterday along with a lot of shoppers. hundreds lined up before the store even opened at 7:00 a.m. they say the deals are too good to miss. store management noticed. >> it's a big, big sales day. there's always talk about it's a big return day. from a sales perspective, it's a really big day.
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people will be buying deal force holiday and buying holiday storage and stocking back up for the house after entertaining. >> that manager told us he expects to see a higher number of returned items over the next week and a half, not in a single day spike. retailers brought in less inventory this holiday season. so though there will be great after christmas sales, they will not be lasting long. sales of sweaters and other winter clothes that usually last until early february are expected to be for the most part wrapped up by late january. if you want bedding or exercise equipment, wait until a few days. and kipplinger says among the best deals are in 4k hdtvs, prices will be cut by as much as 50%. now may be a good time to get a new tv set. >> in today's gma first look, an incredible story of survival. a mom walked 26 miles to help find help for her family after
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they got stranded in a snowy grand canyon. this morning she is talking about what it took to survive. matt gutman has the story. >> in this morning's gma first look, karen klein, her husband derek, and their 10-year-old son isaac set out on a family trip to the grabbed canyon. their gps serving as their guide. >> we were thinking, it doesn't seem right. but this is the way it is telling us to go. >> reporter: they were in the midst of a storm and their car got stuck. so she slogged back to the main road where she had hoped to flag someone down or find a cell phone signal. finally walking 30 miles for 30 hours with a pulled groin muscle, she noticed a cab din near the entrance to the park. she broke a window, crawled in, and collapsed. >> i kept thinking this is not how my life is supposed to end. >> reporter: finally emergency responders on snowmobiles were able to locate eric and isaac's car and tracked karen to the
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cabin. up at 7:00 a.m., we'll have more on this story. i'm matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. the sierra avalanche center reporting moderately dangerous avalanche conditions. back country travelers are urged to use caution. you can see how the newer snow has broken off from the layer below. let's get over to lisa argen in for mike tracking the weather at home. >> good morning, nice and chilly once again. north bay and east bay valleys, live doppler 7. cloud cover moved in while you were sleeping. still looking at temperatures hovering around 32 degrees. for lafayette, santa rosa, also down through mill valley. notice we're in the upper 30s hayward in oakland. it's cooler in concord, 37 in livermore. warmer by the water. slightly warmer by the north bay. it feels cold. it took a long time to warm up
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yesterday. today you'll notice the change. upper 50s. look at what happens on wednesday. 60s by hayward and fremont over into concord on thursday. and this forecast model wants to bring in a little rain come saturday into new year's eve, new year's day. not quite sure we'll see much of it. but we'll keep you updated day-to-day. in terms of your lows, looking at santa rosa, average low is 36. we're forecasting temperatures back into the 20s due to the clear sky. remember this morning we have the cloud cover that helps us stay insulated. this afternoon, few high clouds 59 in san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast, warming it up each and every day. clouding up, cooling off, some rain over the weekend. still not too much happening in the traffic department, as you would guess. a lot of folks off for the holiday. zoom nothing castro valley. a mattress in the middle lanes, north downed 238 ramp to westbound 580. minor issue, but not something you want to run over.
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i did mention a problem in the tri valley. the dublin area, westbound 508 at isabel avenue, we have reports of a collision in the slow lane. looks like that came and went in the last few minutes. all lanes should be back open. southbound 680, highway 4 to walnut creek, 7 minutes. walnut creek to highway 13, 9 minutes. we'll talk the bay bridge toll plaza commute next. thousands showed up to a party after a dad's facebook invite exploded on social media. this is ruby garcia, she celebrated her 15th berth day yesterday. a lot of media was there yesterday and a lot people turned up. her dad invited everyone to the gathering, he meant to invite
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friends and family. all these people showed up to the party and ruby said she was very happy. i'm glad they had enough food and the venue was large enough. >> she looks great. you can't have a parade without marching bands. this drum silicon valley is getting read i do shine in the rose parade. they are the best of the best alumni from the drum and bugle corps summer program age 15 to 25. >> it's like a family reunion. some of these people i haven't seen in years. it's like old-times. like we never left. >> it's only the second time the drum and bugle corps will perform at the tournament of roses parade in pasadena. you can watch the rose parade monday january 2nd at 8:00 a.m. coming up next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. here's one thing we would all love to have, free coffee.
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something the morning team would cherish. the deal starbucks is offering through the new year. through the new year.
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5:25. here are the seven things you need to know before you go. number one, developing news out of pleasant hills. police are investigating a shooting at the crossroads shopping center. several businesses were hit. witnesses tell us police -- tell police that the shooter and the victim took off right after the incident. no word yet on what led up to the shooting. a sacramento uber driver narrowly escaping being shot to death in san francisco. it was early sat morning when the driver said someone came up and fired into his driver's side window he has no idea why he was targeted. police say they did pick up the shooting on their shots spotter. number three, raiders quarterback derek carr is scheduled to have surgery on his broken leg today. he went down with the injury saturday afternoon in the win over the colts.
5:26 am
carr will be out six to eight weeks. number four, freezing cold temperatures. a freeze warning for north bay and east bay valleys until 9:00. temperatures hovering in or around 32 degrees. we have sunny skies on the way and slightly warm their afternoon. number five, still have some light volume, live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is as many vehicles as we had the entire day yesterday. it is busy eout there. westbound albany to the maze, in the green. >> number six, san francisco muni raising its fares beginning january 1st. monthly adult passes going from $86 to $91. cash fares will rise 25 cents each. muni says they want people to move to digital means of payment. number seven, wondering what to do with all the fruitcake you got for the holidays? today is the day to enjoy it. it's national fruitcake day. it's a holiday gift giving
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tradition for many years. eat up and post pictures using the #nationalfruitcakeday. >> we would love a free cup of coffee especially at this hour. you may be in luck. starbucks is giving away a free tall espresso drink from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. each day at 100 of its coffee houses. they're calling it pop up cheer parties. the store locations change each day and are post the on the starbucks cheer website. 1:00 to 2:00 p.m., that's too late. try 1:00 to 2:00 a.m. then we're in business. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including the christmas tradition ruined for hundreds of people who wanted tamales for christmas. and the controversy at the site of a deadly crash in the south bay. south bay. why family members are upset by
5:28 am
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good morning. thank you for being here. it's tuesday, december 27th. 5:30 in the a.m. i'm natasha zouves. i'm jessica castro. along with jessica smith. lisa, you're here with us this morning. good to see you again. >> not bringing warm weather yet. we will have to wait until this afternoon for that. we have a freeze warning for the north bay valleys until 9:00. 39 in oakland. 41 in fremont. 31 by the delta. 34 in liverm 40s noontime. upper 50s by this afternoon with more sunshine.
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all right. we're still doing just fine if you are just about to head out on the roads this morning. here's a live look at golden gate bridge. very light volumes. no problems coming in from marin county. a quick check of drive times, west bound 80, highway 4 to the maze, 18 minutes. bay bridge in the green, and san francisco to sfo, about nine minutes. changes for mass transit this week. i'll talk about those coming up next. police are investigating violence at a pleasant hill mall. bullets fired into two open stores. >> abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield has the developing news. >> reporter: customers here this morning are shocked to hear that this happened. you can see evidence of what happened behind me. there used to be a window there. this is at the hawaiian barbecue. they put up a piece of cardboard to fill the gap. that's because that window was shot out last night.
5:32 am
there are a couple other evidence marker here's of bullets. it happened 9:15 last night at the crossroads shopping center in pleasant hill. the shooter got away, so did a key witness, the victim. so the person who was shot also left the scene. police were not able to talk to the person shot. this happened next door to a starbucks coffee and as customers are arriving this morning they can't believe it when we tell them what happened here. >> i come here every morning. i mean, it's like -- this is supposed to be a good area. i don't know. i'm from oakland, so it's nothing new. i mean, nothing like this ever happens over here. >> reporter: the shopping center was open at the time of the shooting. no one else was hit or hurt. this is a very busy popular shopping center. it's huge. there's a kohl's apartment store, a dick's sporting goods,
5:33 am
it's right next to interstate 680. you can see it from the freeway. now here at the shopping center, you can see a circle where police found a bullet casing and a mark on the wall right next to starbucks war bullet hit. so evidence here of what happened last night. still a lot of shock as people hear about it. live in pleasant hill, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. look at this chaos. this is one of at least 12 reported incidents in malls across the country. this fight broke out at a food court in cleveland yesterday. people are bolting for the exit. officers had to use pepper spray to clear this crowd out. one juvenile was accused of assaulting an officer. they said the incident was loosely organized on social media. colorado police had to shut down a popular mall in aurora after word of a fight spread on social media you can see the snapchat video from the aurora mall. shoppers quickly moving to the
5:34 am
exits here. police say 500 people were inside the food court at the mall to fight. >> several officers were attempting to make an arrest of two people fighting. the crowd began to circle our officers, our officers had to call for help. call for help. >> two people involved in the fight were inju hurt. one of them is seriously hurt. pg&e is investigating what caused a power outage that left 370 customers along san francisco's embarcadero in the dark last night it started at 11:00 last night from beach street to washington street. police put flares on the ground at washington forcing drivers headed to the golden gate bridge to take an alternate route. power has been restored to all customers. two men are in custody in hayward this morning, they're accused of stabbing and killing a man inside a target store on christmas eve. the victim was found in the whipple road target around 8:00
5:35 am
saturday night. he died at the hospital. police tell us that he's a 36-year-old man, but police have not released his name. ones say the three men got into a fight shortly before the attack. police are asking anyone who was there to come forward. police are investigating a possible hate crime in santa monica after someone there vandalized a synagogue. when the rabbi showed up for service on sunday, the second day of hanukkah, they found human waste and rice smeared at the entryway. police are not calling it a hate crime quite yet because it's not specifically anti-semitic. >> it's so sad at this time people should feel they want to express themselves in such a negative way. >> we should note the congregation has been targeted in the past. a month ago a man stood during a service and shouted heil hitler. and last year someone left a letter with a swastika that said get out of here you jews. the faa and ntsb are investigating a crash that killed two people in fresno.
5:36 am
officials say the plane crashed shortly after taking off from sierra sky park yesterday afternoon. sierra sky park is a residential aviation community along highway 99, so residents can land at the airport, taxi down the road and park their planes in their driveways. no word on the victims identities. officials say this is likely the fergs double fatal crash at that airport. 12 people are injured after this jet airways plane skided off a runway in western india. 154 passengers and seven crew members were on board when it happened at goa international airport. jet airways said it veered off track during takeoff and ended up in the grass. passengers were put on a different plane to their final destination of mumbai. happening today, japanese prime minister shinzo abe president obama will make history at pearl harbor. abe arrived yesterday morning in hawaii and later laid wreaths at the national memorial cemetery of the pacific. today abe will become the first japanese prime minister to visit pearl harbor memorial. that honors the sailors and marines killed in the 1941
5:37 am
attack. in may, president obama visited the hiroshima peace memorial in japan. it is current versus future president. president-elect donald trump is responding to president obama's claim that if he had ran for a third term he would have won. president obama said that he's confident if he ran again and articulated it, he believes he could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. the president-elect took to twitter saying no way, jobs leaving, isis, obamacare. mr. trump also said he is shutting down the trump foundation to avoid the appearance of a conflict. that plan facing a major snag now. the new york attorney general's office is investigating the foundation and says it cannot legally dissolve until that investigation is complete. good tuesday morning to you. we have high clouds over the bay area. live doppler 7 picking that up.
5:38 am
looking at the freeze warning despite that insulating blanket from the north bay valleys, east bay valleys, where temperatures are around freezing this morning. so at 35 degrees in concord, definitely cold. 33 in walnut creek. 31 in san ramon. 32 in dublin. the rest of the bay area in the 30s from the peninsula to the south bay. the north bay, 31 santa rosa. 32 at novato. with the cloud cover, we're up a few degrees in the city, down in oakland. looking for temperatures today in the mid to upper 80s. plenty of sunshine. dry weather continues. thursday, the warmest day in the mid 60s. friday not looking too bad. a chance of rain coming into play for your extended outlook. for the short-term, we'll mitigate some of these cooler morning temperatures with those warmer afternoon highs. as a result it will keep us all going up degree by degree, just a bit each and every day. what's going on on the roadways. >> not too much still.
5:39 am
pretty light commute with a majority of folks off for the holidays. zooming into castro sally, a hazard there, 238 ramp to westbound 580, trying to get a mattress out of the middle lanes a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, slowly starting to fill in on a normal weekday, metering lights get flipped on at 5:30. we have not gotten word they flipped those on, but it is starting to look like they have. that is one of the only slow spots. ac transit back on a normal schedule, as it capital corrido corridor. that looks good. next traffic update at 5:50. coming up, new details emerging about george michael. the acts of kindness that the pop star kept secret. a controversial breitbart editor is scheduled to speak at uc berkeley. what the score wants the college republican club to do, or else
5:40 am
it will be canceling the event. 5:39 in the morning. as you get your day into gear, as you get your day into gear, keep on top of weather andk;
5:41 am
5:42 am
. fans mourn the death of george michael, we have been learning about his acts of kindness during his lifetime. >> he gave
5:43 am
to charities to help children as well as those who suffer from cancer and hiv/aids. ♪ baby i know you're asking me to stay ♪ >> michael walden is a three-time grammy winning artist and producer. he worked with some of the biggest names including george michael. walden lives in san rafael now and describes the singer as a brilliant perfectionist. he said as a talent he was one in a million. ♪ baby i know that you're asking me to stay ♪ george michael gave $25,000 to a stranger in a cafe who was crying over debt, and gave $15,000 to a woman who needed ivf. he died christmas day at 53 years old. "20/20" will have a full hour dedicated to george michael and his life tonight. it airs at 10:00 p.m. that's followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. a uc berkeley student group is required to pay the security bill when an editor for the right-wing website breitbart comes to town in february.
5:44 am
the berkeley college republican club invited milo yiannopoulos to visit the campus. his visit is controversial. some students say his stance against feminism and islam help cultivate bigotry. the university is requiring the club to pay $10,000 for security or else the event will be canceled. he is scheduled to speak at cal on february 1st. this one has people talking. the lyrics in a church bulletin shocked people at a service featuring christmas carols. instead of traditional christian prayers and hymns, they found the lyrics of tupac shakur's "hail mary" printed in the booklets at the church. the church apologized for the mistake. a priest said a young boy working for the printer downloaded the tupac shakur hail
5:45 am
mary instead of the christian prayer of the same name. happening today, mayor ed lee will take part in the 11th annual kwanzaa celebration. look at video from last year. yesterday marked the beginning of the week-long celebration. it will continue until new year's day. mayor lee will lead the event at city hall at noon today. a winter storm that clobbered the northern great plains is starting to move east this morning. travel is still a nightmare. take landing at minneapolis st. paul international airport. planes were buffeted by winds so strong, they made the aircraft wobble. over 100 flights were delayed at the airport yesterday. some residents of north dakota found their cars buried under four feet of snow. others don't have power because of an ice storm bringing down power lines. ail things considering, when we look at our temperatures, not so bad. >> especially, there are some areas with a freeze warning right now, right, lisa? here it's pretty mild. >> that's right. good morning, we are looking at
5:46 am
a freeze warning north and east bay valleys with a blanket of cloud cover, live doppler 7 showing areas under partly cloudy skies helping to insulate us just a bit. around the water in the 40s. a lot like yesterday. 34 degrees in blackhawk. 31 in san ramon. 32 in dublin. the rest of the bay in the upper 30s. low 30s, this is where you had the freeze and the frost the past couple of mornings. 44 in san francisco. 41 on the coast. compared to yesterday, some areas are warmer, colder in concord and oakland. freezing cold this morning. looking for sunny and cool weather for not only today, tomorrow, through the end of the week. that will help mitigate the overnight lows. let's check out the highs today. mid to upper 50s, that's an improvement from yesterday. slightly warmer into thursday. we are looking for temperatures to stay mild until the weekend. so let's look at what's to come.
5:47 am
this area of low pressure and rainmaker could bring us some wet weather over the weekend it will give us the cooler days. if you like it milder enjoy today. highs coming up 2 to 4 degrees in some spots. 58 in fremont. 59 in san jose. overnight lows not as chilly. the accuweather seven-day forecast, dry and warmer the next few days. looking at our traffic situation this morning. still mostly seeing green on the traffic flows. one new minor issue, if you're coming out of the central valley, westbound 5 0 at grant line road, report of a two-car crash on the right hand shoulder that backup starts when you get past that, down to about 21 miles per hour as you head towards altamont pass. that is hovering around 30 minutes. another look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it really is filling in here. we still have not gotten word from chp that metering lights are on. i would say if they haven't yet, they probably will soon. a quick check of the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 just to the east of the toll plaza, a new
5:48 am
crash reported. an update on both of those bridges coming up next. with these cold temperatures you may be dream being a summer vacation overseas. you might want to bring some food for your flight. foreign carriers like norwegian air and luft luft are doing away air and luft luft are doing away with in-flight foods now. there's no word u.s. airlines are plan doing the same. but trends like this in air travel cutbacks seem to run through the industry quickly. the race is on to build floats and bring a lot of colors alive in time for the 128th rose parade. some volunteers sliced oranges to decorate one of the floats that will glide through pasadena next monday. others painted and polished trying to make everything shine. some vow they'll do whatever it takes to make next week's parade a reality. >> on the 31st, if we're not done, we'll go through the entire night until the 1st. >> you don't sleep. you just get it done. >> just get it done.
5:49 am
>> i feel very excited. i've never done this before. >> it's a lot of work. a lot of volunteers as you can see in the background. people coming from all over the world doing this. >> the 2017 parade will take place january 2nd instead of the 1st because new year's day falls on a sunday. full coverage at 8:00 a.m. hundreds of southern california residents are a bad batch of tamales for running their christmas tradition. angry people, customers unleashing their feelings demanding refunds after buying the tamales from this market across l.a. county. generation of families have relied on the chain for more than 50 years to provide the holiday staple. this year something was wrong. >> they're not made right. i don't know what they did. it got some people sick in our house. >> we were waiting for the tamale for over seven hours, they didn't cook. >> we've been processing refunds all day long. we will continue to do that
5:50 am
tomorrow. we will do it as long as it takes to get everybody whole. >> the store managers say they're trying to figure out what happened at all four of their locations. >> those folks were angry. >> yeah. rebuild pier 22 and alan to - francisco fire hall could be left floating in the middle of the bay. first, a lot of peoples paychecks are set to go up. >> plus, steph curry in the giving spirit today. it's what the referees did not give the warriors on christmas that everyone is talking about still. and the nba is addressing it now. >> we'll take a quick break. >> we'll take a quick break. we leave you with abc 7 news
5:51 am
5:52 am
oh no. oh no. i hate this belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
5:53 am
police say a woman caused a crash that killed herself and a teenage boy. her family is apologizing to his family. the suspected dui crash happened christmas morning on capital expressway in san jose. mourners showed up to the crash site yesterday to honor the lives lost. a 25-year-old mother of one and in the second car a 14-year-old boy. jessica zamora may have been under the influence of alcohol. family removed beer cans that friends apparently left in tribute at the scene. >> my condolence goes out to the family of the little boy that she took the life of. you know, we're very sorry. it was a bad accident. she made a bad choice. >> zamora crossed the center divide on capital expressway on sunday and careened head on into the lexus. the 14-year-old was killed and his parents are hurt.
5:54 am
there are a lot of changes coming in the new year including an increase in minimum wage. starting on january 1st, the minimum wage statewide will rise 50 cents to 10.50 an hour. cupertino, los altos and palo alto will pay $12. mountain view goes up to $13, as does sunnyvale. oakland and sunnyvale will slightly raise wages on january 1st. san francisco's next increase is not until july. steph curry and his family will distribute boxes of food and other items to help families this holiday season. it is part of the fourth annual curry family feed the children event. the 1200 oakland families will receive a 25-pound food box and a 10-pound box of personal care items. the giveaway starts at 3:00 in oakland. the christmas day match-up between the warriors and cavaliers was not the outcome fans had hoped for. the nba did say lebron james
5:55 am
should have been charged for a technical foul for hanging on the rim after a dunk. that would have given golden state a free-throw and the league also said richard jefferson should have been called for a foul with three seconds left for making foot contact with kevin durant. a foul would have given durant two free-throws and a chance to win the game. a lot of people still talking about that this morning and talking about the weather, too. >> good morning to you. live doppler 7 picking up on cloud cover around the bay area. not doing quite enough to insulate us. that's why the national weather service issued a freeze warning for north and east bay valleys. also the salinas valley chilly. as we look out from mount tam, 40s in san francisco. 44 in oakland. 37 in mountain view. 37 in san jose. it is below freezing in santa rosa and fairfield. 35 in concord. if you're traveling, no problems in terms of weather.
5:56 am
sunny from north to south. 70 in los angeles today. back hoecme, mid to upper 50s. so we are warmer. will that trend last? we'll find out coming up. >> a couple slow spots out there, overall it is very light. san mateo bridge, a collision reported around the toll plaza, westbound 92 on that incline heading towards those tool booths. the far left lane is blocked. a slight delay building there. a quick check of drive westbound between 80 and the maze. the bay bridge metering lights are flipped on. much busier than yesterday. i'll show you that next. here's a road trip story for you. the survival story of a kit whon ma kitten who made a trip across four states under the hood of a pickup truck.
5:57 am
the driver found her after he stopped at a gas station in virginia. he then realized it was the same kitten he had seen at his home in ft. drum, new york, about 600 miles away. apparently the furball was in the engine the whole time. >> he was just sitting down here, around the air box area, just on top of the master cylinder. me and her wrestled for a bit. we got her into a cardboard box and brought her to the emergency vet. >> the kitten is okay. someone in the driver's family has adopted her. >> she still looks stunned, but glad she's okay. there's a search going on for a huge menorah taken from a san francisco park. and muni drivers will need to dig deeper in their wallets. the price changes coming to the transit service. plus -- [ screaming ] [ screaming ] >> taylor
5:58 am
5:59 am
zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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6:00 a.m. on a tuesday. welcome to december 27th. glad you're here. i'm natasha zouves. i'm lisa castro. and lisa, we'll start off with you. we may need an ice scraper this morning. >> an freeze warning for the east bay valleys. cloud cover has filtered in. there are the highlighted areas. how cold is it? 32 in dublin 30. in san ramon. low 30s up in the north bay. 37 in san jose. grab the jacket this afternoon, you'll feel slightly warmer if you're in the sun. >> we got the official word from chp that the bay bridge metering lights were flipped on. so a few folks do have to head into work today. not nearly


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