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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 27, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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>> 60-year-old actress carrie fisher has died. thank you for joining us. >> i'm jessica castro, the 60-year-old had been at ucla medical center since friday. collapsed aboard a flight on friday. abc news reporter dania has the information coming in. >> reporter: at 17 carrie fisher was turning heads in the film shampoo and two years later -- >> i love you. >> i know. >> fisher was best known for playing princess leah in the star wars trilology, a role she
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repraised in the force awakens. she was born hollywood royalty. her mother debbie reynolds and father eddie fisher. she appeared in when harry met salary and 1987's postcards from the edge which she adapted into a movie starring meryl streep. offscreen, she opened up about her personal struggle with drugs and buy polar disorder. >> losing your mind, which is what happened, is a terrible thing. but once it's gone, it's fine. >> in the 80s she was briefly married to paul simon. in the '90s she and brian lord had a daughter billy. the role that made her so famous at 19 is the one she has never been able to shake. >> there were people say to you, this, i get, princess leah, like i'm supposed to go, yes.
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>> what do you do when people say that? >> abc news, los angeles. >> social media reaction to fisher's reaction is pouring in. golden globes honoring the late actress, may the force be with you always princess leah, rest in peace, car re-rea fisher. sail on, silver girl, condolences debbie and billy. billy dewilliams says i'm deeply sadd saddened, she was a dear friend whom i greatly respected and admired. the force is dark today. our crews are out getting reaction to carrie fisher's death, we'll have more on our legacy coming up starting at 4:00 p.m. >> such a loss. on to a developing story out of hayward, police investigating a deadly stabbing inside a stargt on christmas eve. >> a 36-year-old man left behind two small children.
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abc 7 news reporter matt keller joins us live in hayward. >> reporter: what a tragedy for this family. two young kids ages 4 and 5 lost their father to violence on christmas eve. and it all took place inside a target store in hayward. the man and his girlfriend went with the two young children to shop for one last christmas present at the store. the 36-year-old victim identified by family as tyrone grif fin, seen here on photos posted on facebook. family says they were told by a witness, griffin confronted two men playing music with vulgar lyrics loudly in the toy section. a fight took place and he was stabbed. griffinwise taken to the hospital where he died. >> basically tyrone was a real good father every time you say to him if he wasn't at work, he
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was with his children. >> reporter: police arrested two hayward residents after of the stabbing, they are in their 20s and booked in the high ward hayward jail for homicide. they are looking for help to pay for his funeral, they are setting up a go fund me page to help with that. abc 7 news. police are still actively looking for the person who open fire at a pleasant hill mall. bullets sprayed into several stores while they were open for business last night. abc 7 news reporter joins us with reaction from concerned shoppers, amy? >> reporter: i just talked to police and they have discovered new evidence and information. they are working that right now to try to figure out who did this. you can see where the hawaii an restaurant has patched up where the window once was. they just opened for business about 30 minutes ago in this very popular shopping center.
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>> nothing like this never happens over here. >> that is the general reaction to this, a shooting at the crossroads shopping center in pleasant hill. the window of the barbecue restaurant was blown out. you can also see where a bullet hit the wall next to the starbucks, even pleasant hill police say this is unusual. >> this is the first shooting we've had in several months, anyway. but it can happen anywhere at any time obviously. >> they don't know why it happened here. the key people involved didn't stick around to talk to officers. >> they came out about 9:15 tonight for a report that shots were fired and witnesses are indicating that the shooter and the victim both fled the scene prior to the police arriving. >> at starbucks customers arrived for coffee this morning, they couldn't believe this happened right here. >> it's very boring and safe. that is a surprise. it's too bad. >> one man who works at the bank in the shopping center doesn't think people should be afraid to
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come here. >> i hope it's a one time thing and no one got hurt. hopefully it was a bunch of punk kids that decided to stay away. >> reporter: and the manager here at the hawaiian restaurant has no comment. the police did mention a victim. i said was someone definitely shot? they don't know for sure. if a gun is pointed at them, they are classified as a victim but no one else at the shopping center was hurt. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> there's a larger picture here, chaos erupting at malls across the country and fights breaking out and reports of gunfire. with social media at the center of it all. police are trying to answer that now. the panicked shoppers scrambling for safety. >> shoppers scrambling for cover shocked and scared. >> every five seconds we just
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heard running and then boom, boom, boom. >> from new jersey to illinois. >> hitting each other trampling each other. >> north carolina, colorado and indiana. >> it was like everybody get back and putting the door down. >> chaos and commotion in more than a dozen malls, most caught on cell phone cameras. >> at police rushing in as panicked shoppers rush to get out. police now revealing a loud noise during a food court fight in new jersey was mistaken for gunfire. in tennessee, fireworks igniting inside a store started a brawl. and police in aurora, colorado say the fights there were organized on social media. >> there was something going on on social media about a fight that was going to take place here at the town center of aurora which drew all of these people up to no good to our mall. >> reporter: this morning police
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in other cities say their investigation is continuing to see if social media is to blame. in all dozens were arrested, most for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. thankfully no serious injuries. elizabeth herr, new york. >> we're waiting to learn the identity of a 14-year-old boy killed in a crash by a suspected drunk driver. accident happened near snell avenue and san jose early christmas morning. the driver also died. friends and family have set up a memorial for both victims at the crash site. police say zimora crossed the center divide sunday and car reened into another car. the teenage boy who died was traveling with his parents. police say zimora may have been under the influence of alcohol. her family had to remove beer cans and bottles that friends left at the memorial as a tribute. >> they don't realize this is what took her life.
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my condolence goes out to the family of the little boy that she took the life of. you know, we're very sorry. it was a bad accident, she made a bad choice. >> family tells us she was a single mother, her 5-year-old daughter is distraught. >> scary moments for an uber driver in san francisco. he narrowly escaped being shot. the 31-year-old said someone ran up to the window and started firing. he feels fortunate that the bullet just missed him. the afghan refugee did not want to give his real name because he's afraid for his safety. he fled his country to escape the violence there and is shocked someone would attack him here in america. >> he shot from here. >> fortunately the bullet just passed from my face. i'm afraid a lot, it's first time that they are trying to kill me. >> he has no idea why he was targeted. the father of two lives in sacramento but he was driving for uber here in san francisco
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on saturday morning when he was attacked. a representative from uber says the company is relieved that the driver is okay. >> san francisco police hope surveillance video can help them find out who stole a giant menorah from a park. it was taken over the weekend from washington square park in the city's north beach neighborhood. it was lit saturday night and rabbi realized it was gone sunday. some are calling it a hate crime. they asked metal recyclers to be on the lookout for anyone trying to solve it. >> muni riders will be paying more in the new year. the price of an adult monthly pass goes to $91 a month. cash fares and discount cash fares rise 25 cents each because it wants customers to move away from cash and move to digital means of payment. that's a more efficient way to collect fares which leads to more stream lined faster transit service. >> it's news that sent shock
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waves through raider nation and derek carr will have surgery. he'll be out six to eight weeks. the super bowl is in five weeks. despite the season ending surgery, the team is still confident it can make a playoff run. >> it's a tough game, things happen in this game, it's all about the team and all about us moving on with the next opportunity and pulling together as a group of men and being unselfish and sacrificing fwor each other. it doesn't change regardless of who it is. >> matt mcgloin is expected to start against the denver broncos. >> steph curry and his family will be distributing boxes of food and families to help this holiday season, part of the curry family feed the children event. this is video from last year. 1200 oakland families will receive a 25-pound food box and 10-pound box of personal care
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items. the giveaway starts at 3:00 in oakland. >> that's a great tradition. >> coming up on abc 7 news, the high end outlet being slammed for allegedly using a secret code to warn employees about black customers. the sudden death of george michael still has not set in for many fans after the break, a famous music producer remembers the singer he says was a brilliant perfectionist. >> temperatures in the 20s and 30s and already we're in the low 50s in concord. sunshine and warmer afternoon highs coming your way, i'll have
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a music producer in san rafael describes george michael as brilliant and perfectionist who gave 110% to make everything just the way he wanted it to be. ♪ baby i know you're asking me to stay ♪ >> michael waldon is a three-time grammy winning artist and producer who has worked with the biggest names, including george michael. michael died on christmas day at age 53. he says he was a one in a million talent. >> he had it all, sex appeal, dance, great stage presence. great recording. great writing and production, great everything. he's one of those people that i was like, just had everything
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going on. so it's a great loss. >> michael's estate estimated to be $100 million and divided among his several celebrity godchildren. and 20/20 will have a full hour dedicated to george michael tonight, faith and freedom and final hours, airs at 10:00 p.m., followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. >> new details about that russian military plane that crashed on sunday. one of the plain's flight recorders has been found. it was brought from the town of sochi, all 9d 2 on board were killed. the plane was carrying dozens of red army choir singers and dancers on the way to syria to entertain troops. it was likely pilot error or mechanical failure that led to the crash, not terrorism. christmas may be over but the grinch is still creeping around. just ahead, important tips to protect families who are getting rid of all of those shipping
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boxes. live look outside right now, it was a chilly start to the morning but it is beautiful at the golden gate bridge. lisa
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we certainly started out with chilly conditions but we're looking at numbers this morning responding nicely, looking at the clear sky. good radiational cooling and live look outside with all of the sunshine, it's 50. san francisco, oakland, and san jose and gilroy, half moon bay the warm spot at 55 and 47 in mountain view. plenty of 20s and 30s but by this afternoon this should be one of the warmer locations
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close to home, 60 degrees santa cruz. we'll look for mid and upper 60s by thursday there. 46 santa rosa and 49 in napa, mid-40s from novato and 48 in livermore. we're just coming up a few degrees this morning and that will translate into a slightly warmer afternoon. no wind, 3:00, it should feel pretty good. overall going to be a cool day. milder days tomorrow into thursday. cooler with clouds still have a chance of showers for the weekend but not as widespread as we originally thought. the models don't want to agree on that forecast. overnight lows still near freezing in the north bay but at this point no advisories from the national weather service, 49 in fremont, san jose, closer to the bay, low to mid-40s. tomorrow around even warmer day, look at the 60s arrive from oakland down through hayward and san jose. santa rosa and by thursday, we're talking mid-60s. that will take you up to upper
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60s in santa cruz. should feel pretty good. we'll have another chilly night. here's the average low in santa rosa, 36 degrees, we'll be shy of that tomorrow, then with high pressure building in afternoon highs coming up. we'll look at overnight lows coming to the mid and upper 30s through the rest of the week. by the weekend, if we don't see the rain we certainly are cooling off. increasing clouds and temperatures coming back down in the low to mid-50s. highs around the bay looking at 55. san francisco, 61 santa cruz. and you can always download our abc 7 news app to keep track of the forecast because when we have a system like this kind of would belling off the southern california coast, you'll notice we don't have the for sure chance of showers in the extended outlook. the accuweather 7-day forecast calling for sunnier and milder days and chance of showers in the south bay on friday and that system wants to bring more
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showers for new year's eve, not looking like anything impressive but will feel more like winter for the new year. >> we'll keep our fingers crossed the rain doesn't come down at mid night. thank you so much. >> new this morning, the versace outlet accused of using a secret code to alert employees when black customers enter the store, according to a 23-year-old who claims he was fired for being multiracial. he's suing the company and court documents versace denied allegations and asked the judge to dismiss the case. a status hearing is scheduled for march. the gift giving may be over but the thieves are just getting started. >> there's a new warning out this morning about people giving inadvertent clues through their garbage. thieves are driving around and looking at crash to possibly target home burglaries, looking at expensive items and boxes for televisions, other tech. officials advise people to break down boxes and put them inside
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bins to conceal it. do not leave it lying on your curb. >> even your trash isn't safe. >> i know. >> hilarious video you have to see to believe. after the break, how this grandpa sent his family into uncontrollable hysterics. oh, my goodness.
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>> advice for parents about the high tech toys that kids are getting this holiday season. they often overlooked risk. >> if you're returning gifts, be wear, many stores have tightened rules. michael finney has details tonight. many heading to the post office to rush christmas gifts bought online. there are a few things to remember, according to the wall street journal, check the return policy, two, make sure you have a receipt or tracking number and include it with your item, three, don't take the item out of its original packaging if it is clothing, leave on the tags and lastly, double check the shipping cost, you could be on the hook for them. >> the holidays mean gathering with friends and family, food and games. >> absolutely. >> one popular game, speak out, where they wear a mouth piece while trying to speak.
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[ laughter ] >> look at him. such a good sport. her 88-year-old grandpa losing his den tours here. this has since gone viral and you can see why. look, he is such a sweetheart. this is the funniest video you would see today. he realizes what's happening and he just -- is a great grandpa. clearly a wonderful grandpa. >> his eyes got all big. i love that. >> have you played that game? >> not yet. >> i've seen a lot of my friends posting pictures on social media. >> it's a thing right now. we'll have to do it. from all of us here, thank you for joining us. "who wants to be
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>> hello, everybody. get ready. because in the next 30 minutes, you may be watching someone walk out of here very, very rich. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] good. we're in the middle of a very special game. today, our returning contestant is fulfilling a lifelong dream to be on this very show. he's only 3 questions away from winning a million dollars. so, from pittsfield, massachusetts, please welcome back rick beltaire. [dramatic music] ♪ rick, welcome back. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ >> good to have you back. >> great to be back. >> so when we started,


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