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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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what i see is celebrity is just obscurity biding its time. >> born of famous parents and thrust in the spotlight. >> an unwitting celebrity and undeniable talent. >> today we remember actress, author and screenwriter carrie fisher. >> good afternoon. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. we begin with the passing of carrie fisher. >> she died today at the age of 60. abc news reporter lauren lyfter looks back that goes far beyond her iconic role in "star wars" somewheres. >> reporter: best known as the iconic princess leia in "star wars" actress carrie fisher passing away today but leaving behind an unforgettable leg.
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>> i carrie fisher was princess leia, and princess leia was our first real great sci-fi heroine. before her there really was no one else. >> reporter: born hollywood royalty fisher was the daughter of movie star deb enreynolds and singer eddie fisher. at 17 she starred in "shampoo" and two years later became known as the world starring opposite harrison ford in the original "star wars" trilogy, a role she repriced in 2015's new insta installment "the force awakens." >> may the north be with you. >> reporter: in between she appeared in movies like when harry met sally." she was also an accomplished writer penning the book "postcards from the edge" which she adapted into a movie. >> carrie fisher was a noted script doctor, one of the go-to people to fix a script, motor notably to add humor. >> >> reporter: off screen over the years she opened up about her drug addiction and bipolar disorder. >> losing your mind, which is what happened is a terrible
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thing. but once it's gone, it's fine. >> reporter: she was briefly married to paul simon in the '80s and had had a daughter in the '90s and she was known for her exindustries continued and hauler and said the "star wars" wars role was the one she could never shake to you. >> you get play yeah, like i'm supposed to go yes. >> reporter: and homewood reacting today, stars like whoopi goldberg tweeting fisher was funnier and smarter than anyone had the right to be. disney's ceo bob eiger calling her one of a kind and her "star wars" co-star mark hamill tweeting he's devastated. lauren lyfter, abc 7 news, los angeles. and here's more reaction from fisher's famous friends. ellen degeneres said she was a brilliant writer, actor and friend and so much fun. i can't believe she's gone. her mother movie star debbie
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reynolds who has embraced the talents of my beloved daughter and billy dee williams said she was a great talent that i greatly admired. the force is dark today. >> movie fans were just hearing about the loss of carrie fisher. some were at the theater to see the latest "star wars" feature "rogue one." >> she's one of the main ingredients, main elements when you think of "star wars." you think of princess leia and carrie fisher. she's an icon. >> he says he actually met fisher once at a convention and remembers she was happy to meet with fans and tweeted them with grace. we first told you about the passing of carrie fisher with a push alert today. you can get news update as they happened. download the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts. it was a frosty morning for a lot of people along the bay area. abc 7 was in walnut creek where people were putting scrapers on
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to remove the ice on their windshields and roof troops. the ice did not melt until well in the morning. >> good afternoon. you may be describing some/off your windshields tomorrow morning. let me show you what it looked like this morning. it definitely was cold and front of they across parts of the bay area. 28 in fairfield and below freezing in santa rosa at 29 degrees. you'll notice low 30s napa, livermore concord and san jose 34 degrees. live look from our south beach cameras. high clouds and nice recovery from this morning. a good 20 to 30-degree jump. temperatures in the low to upper 50s from san francisco to san jose and filtered sunshine from our golden gate camera with a little bit of a breeze. here's what's going to happen tomorrow morning. santa rosa will fall below freezing at 31 degrees. average low is 36 degrees, but notice it is going to get a little bit milder thursday and friday only to get cold again as we head into the weekend. live doppler 7 showing you the
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clouds that are passing through and here's a live look of the clouds from our east bay hills camera and hour-by-hour forecast showing you a few clouds and temperatures at 40s and 50s at 6:00 and slight dip at 8:00 p.m. and crisp night and by midnight it's going to get chilly, upper 30s to mid-40s. getting ready for newyear's plans, i'll let you know if there's any rain in the forecast. dan in. >> sky 7 was above burlingame after a caltrain hit had a person. sheriff's dip tis are leading the investigation trying to find out why the person was on the tracks near kraiat the caltrain. a cement truck overturned into a backyard just before 2:00
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today on lower crescent avenue on main street. police say abc 7 news the truck flipped on to its side and when a part of the road just crumbled and gave way. the driver climbed out of the truck's cap and wasn't hurt. the homeowner of the property is away on vacation and police say lower crescent avenue will remain closed until the cement truck is uprighted and hauled away. the hannukah celebration will continue in san francisco's north beach neighborhood where someone stole a huge public menorah. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow is live at the park and a replacement menorah is on its way. >> reporter: it absolutely is. we ran into one detective going to nearby businesses looking for clues about the missing menorah and we had a chance to look at some of the surveillance video and did not see anything. meantime the story has caught the attention of a man on the east coast who wanted to help. this 7 foot approximately
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50-pound wooden menorah is being boxed up and overnighted from sharon, massachusetts to san francisco, california thanks to this engineer, a menorah to go. >> i thought if i can help and provide something that will turn something negative no a positive it looked like an ideal thing for me to do. >> reporter: the something negative was the theft of the 6'1" hundred-pound menorah taken from the park sometime this weekend. dozens of people gathered with menorahs from their homes to keep the lights going. >> all the little menorahs brought light to that square. >> reporter: just as an additional candle is added to the menorah each night of hannukah, last night's light is growing brighter with the doe nation of the new menorah. >> you know what, if people want to take the menorah, we'll make more. part of what it means to be a jew in the world. things are going to happen and you have to decide to react negatively or positively. >> as you see, light adds light,
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and one good deed leads to another good deed. >> reporter: san francisco police are investigating. a detective stopped by the san francisco italian athletic club today to look through surveillance video. >> we're waiting for updates from them. they do their judge zobel and we trust them. >> reporter: meantime, miriam says people here are listening to the menorah's lesson. we're going to continue celebrating. the menorah from the east coast will arrive in time for the fifth night of hannukah. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. and we're hearing today from the uber driver injured in a christmas eve shooting in san francisco. the shooting is a sacramento resident and a ref knee from afghanistan. he did not want to give us his fame. police say he was a toyota sedan waiting for a fare at goff and oak streets and at 3:00 a.m. saturday when someone fired a shot at his car. >> he would take out the gun and he shoot me, and -- and north ntalie the -- the bullet just passed from my face.
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>> the bullet shattered the driver's side window and the driver was injured by flying glass. it's okay, as you can see. san francisco police say the victim drove away and later called 911. investigators are still looking for the person who did this. a representative from uber says the company is relieved the driver is okay. >> we've been telling you about violence breaking out at malls across the country. well, now the search is on here for a gunman who opened fire at a pleasant hill mall. bullets were sprayed into stores with shoppers inside. abc 7 news reporter amy hollifield has concern from shoppers. >> nothing like this ever happens over here. >> reporter: that's the general reaction to this, a shooting at the cotts roads shopping center in pleasant hill. the window of the hawaiian barbecue restaurant was blown out. can you also see where a bullet hit the wall next to the starbucks. even pleasant hill police say this is unusual. >> this is the first shooting that we've had in several months
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anyway, but it can happen anywhere at any time obviously. >> they don't know why it happened here. the key people involved didn't stick around to talk to officers. >> he came out at about 9:15 tonight for reports that shots were fired and witnesses indicated that the shooter and the victim both led the scene prior to the police arriving. >> as starbucks customers arrived for coffee this morning, they couldn't believe this happened right here. >> it's very boring, very safe. well, that is a surprise. it's too bad. >> reporter: one man who works at a bank in the shopping center doesn't think people should be afraid to come here. >> i hope it's a one-time thing hand no one got hurt, so hopefully it was just a bunch of punk kids that decided to stay away. >> reporter: the restaurant patched up that broken window and it's open for business today. the manager said that it would have no comment. in pleasant hill, amy hollifield, abc 7 news. >> and as we mentioned violence and chaos erupted at malls across the country last night.
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fights broke out and even reports of gunfire. take a look at some of the city's reporting problems on this map. investigators say social media may have played a role. more on that part of the story coming up in the next half hour of "abc 7 news at 4:00." new details now. you're looking at a man police believe staffed his wife to stacked. marco arias was captured after the crime on christmas eve and he's being held in the santa clara county jail. they found his wife juliana suffering from at least one stab wound when they answered a 911 call at his home on north tenth street on christmas eve. the victim died after being rushed to the hospital. this is san jose's 47th homicide of 2016. pg&e says an underground equipment failure caused a power outage that left 370 customers along san francisco's embarcadero in the dark overnight. in fact, we saw this leaving work last night. >> that's right. >> this video is from our kgo roof cam. can you see no streetlights were working at the time. the outage started around 11:00
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last night from beach street all the way down to washington. power was restored around 3:30 this morning. police put flares on the ground at washington forcing drivers headed towards the golden gate bridge to take an alternate route. >> a little eerie. san francisco could use some help counting the number of homeless in the city. the department of homelessness and supportive housing needs volunteers to participate in its homeless census on january 26th. volunteers are asked to work in teams of two or three for four-hour sflists 8:00 until midnight. it's estimated there are nearly 3,700 homeless in san francisco blamed in part on the high real estate prices. >> a mother forced to bury her son. >> what we're learning about a man stabbed to death at a hayward target store. and a luxury fashion store
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faces charges of discrimination. what a former employee is saying. final meal. a san francisco eatery is close its doors fo
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we're learning more today about a man stabbed to death inside a target stay in hayward. tyrone griffin left four children. his mother shared memories of her son with us. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live now in hayward. lawyer snarks. >> reporter: hi, kristen. well, police have yet to release the names of the two suspects arrested after the incident on saturday night, but we are learning more about tyrone griffin jr. and we're seeing the message he sent to his family just a few weeks ago.
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>> tyrone was a real good father. >> reporter: yol ha nda lindsy is talking about her 36-year-old son tyrone griffin jr. the man she told us is a person stabbed to death inside this target store on christmas eve during a last-minute trip with girlfriend and two young children to get one last gift. the girlfriend told us griffin encountered two men in the toy department. >> he was trying to talk to them about the curse music they were playing in the toy aisle of target while all the children are shopping in around at christmas thyme. >> reporter: hayward police arrested two suspects both in their 20s a short time later. their names have been released but both are hayward residents. lindsey told us her son had spent some time in prison for robbery but since his release was committed to his four children and to improving his own life. this is part of a video he sent his family on thanksgiving. >> count every day as a blessing, every second, every moment. every hour because you never
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know what your life is going to be taken from you. >> i just want my son back. if i could have my son back, but i know i can't so i want to send him home to god right. >> reporter: lindsey plans to set up a gofundmy page to help pay for her son's funeral. the two suspect are expected in court on wednesday. in hayward, laura anthony. abc 7 news. a uc berkeley stunt group is now required to pay the security bill for a speech by an editor for right wing website breitbart. the berkeley college republican club invited milo yan po polous to campus. his visit is controversial and the university is requiring the club to pay $10,000 for security. otherwise the event is going to be cancelled. yanopolous is schedule to speak at cal on february 1st. a former employee at livermore's versace offense is suing the store for unfair
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business practices, accused of using a secret code to alert employees when black customers enter the store, according to christopher sampero who was fired for being multi-racial and suing the company. versace denied the claims and asked the judge to dismiss the case. a court status hearing is scheduled for march. a longtime san francisco restaurant is closing down but not from lack of customers. lori's diner near union square will officially close its doors january 2nd after more than 30 years in business. a sign in the front says the eatery lost its lease. lori's diner has three san francisco locations, but this is the original restaurant that opened in 1986. the diners are known for their rock 'n' roll and 1950s memorabilia. they are a favorite of tourists. well, raiders quarterback derek carr is out of surgery and apparently in very good spirits. about half han hour ago he tweeted surgery could not have gone better. received great news. already started the recovery process.
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thank you all for your prayers as i heal up. the raiders quarterback suffered a broken fibula on saturday. abc 7 news, here's the injury, was at raiders headquarters in alameda as quarterback sean smith expressed confidence even without their star quarterback. >> obviously we won't be the same team as we were without derek carr. d.c. has been the leader since day one and at the same time we have the next man up mentality. the goals don't change and the game plan don't change. we're going to go out there and execute and troy to get a win. >> carr is expected to be out six to eight weeks which means if the raiders make the super bowl he'll miss the super bowl but certainly he's going to make the playoffs for sure. >> absolutely. speedy recovery. meantime, i feel like we're making a recovery of sorts from the drought and the rain. >> yeah. >> we're running about 95% to 148% of normal, dan and kristen. >> really. >> starting to make headway with all the rain coming through the
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bay area. we do have rain chances and we'll get to that in a moment and they are not very promising, let me just say. let me show you live doppler 7 and it's good if you have holiday plans and it's not great for our drought. here's a look at the high clouds passing through the bay area. a nice thick veil of clouds and why it's not so bright outside. temperatures in the 40s and compared to 24 hours ago we're heading in the right direction. temperatures are coming up a few degrees aboss parts of the bay area this afternoon and that's what you're going to see over the next few days from. our tower camera hazy skies due to the high clouds and as we look towards the headlands. chilly morning and milder afternoons the next few days and there's a chance of showers for your holiday weekend. so tomorrow morning we will not see the 20s that we saw this morning, but it is still going to be near freezing or below freezing in some of our inland north bay and east bay value its as you'll notice there. low to mid-30s. right around the coast and the bay and going to be a cool start as well and then the afternoon
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those temperatures are coming up. it will feel better when you're outside and if you have family in town and you're entertaining. it's going to be a nice sunny one. mid-50s to the low 60s for the afternoon. we're going to fast forward to saturday. there is a slight chance of some showers primarily in the north bay around noontime. you'll notice really continuing from 3:00 to 4:00 and then on sunday we also have a chance of showers and once again it's not looking extremely promising as of right now. heading into monday. that's when things could change. a light system and a one on our storm impact scale and a chance of light showers, less than .15 inches expected and breezy at times. snow levels between monday and tuesday could drop as low as 2,000 feet so don't be surprised if we see a little bit of snow over our highest peaks. it's still pretty early. we'll keep you posted and that's why we need to download the abc 7 news app to help you track the storms coming through. monday morning at 8:00 a.m. it's just cloudy. at we head into 2:00 p.m. we see a few showers developing along the coast and in the south bay and then by the nighttime hours
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it's pretty much widespread going into early tuesday morning. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. the morning chill and then the afternoon sun. you'll be able to thaw out. temperatures mid-50s to low 60s. it's milder on thursday and even mid-60s showing up in our warmest bayside communities. as we head into friday, a little more cloud cover. temperatures will be close to thursday, although a little lower. slight chance on saturday for the day and not new year's eve. you're fine and as we ring in the new year there's a chance of showers on sunday, but like i said, models are not in full agreement on this. monday we have a better possibility of seeing a light system. rain is possible and it's going to be a cold couple of mornings monday and tuesday again. dan and kristen. >> shouldn't bet our house on the rain yet. >> not yes. >> thanks, sandhya. >> come up next, an annual count to help wildlife has taken flight. the bay area's role in an effort that stretches from alaska to chile. >> i've never seen anything like that with a bear. >> plus, a bear that just
4:23 pm
doesn't care what happened when a black bear gets a little too friendly. >> all right. let's take you outside and take a look at traffic on the golden gate bridge on this tuesday. as you can see moving nicely in both directions. no problems th
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royce now teams of volunteers are fanning out across the bay area in an activity literally for the birds. they were in san bruno mountain state park for the 40th annual christmas bird count. the events helps scientists track bird populations. it began more than 100 years ago to replace the traditional christmas bird hunt. thereto are now more than 2,000 similar bird counts taking place from alaska to chile. last year the san francisco count documented 184 species of birds and more than 7 about,000 individual birds. different kind of critter to talk about. a brave young black bear gave drivers along a wisconsin
4:26 pm
highway a startling site. the 90-pound bear walked up and stopped cars along the highway and put his paws against the window and slopered all over him. the bears did not seem to be afraid of the people in the car. that was not the sentiment though of those who witnessed this bear. >> made some noise and clapped my hands to try to scare him off the road and he came around and ran back towards me and i got back in my truck. >> he was taken tranquilized to be taken to a reputation center to be checked out. he was scared away from wherever he was sleeping for the winter. another type of animal that created quite a scene on the australian island. tasmania. a massive australian fur seal turned a local town no his new refuge. you can tell from the photos the seal sat on cars and wandered the streets and even tack a nap. parks and wildlife officers captured the animal while it was sleeping. they say the seal cost thousands of dollars of damage in his little trek through the city.
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they have given two nicknames for the captured seal. sealebrity and mr. luseal. giants fan, maybe. twin pandas born a couple months ago made their debut at a wildlife mark in china. the 2-year-old male cubs were put on display yesterday. the cubs are healthy and in great shape. the mother is also doing well. as for names, the safari park is taking proposals on what to call the two pandas. always a lot of people enter the contest. from cute to ugly. a rash of mall brawls broke out across the country. >> oh, my god. >> get in here. >> what police believe is behind the chaos that left shoppers running for safety. also ahead at 4:00, donald trump trashes the united nations on twitter. and take a look. brazen is really the best way to describe this. thieves with discriminating
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. the world is mourning the death of actress carrie fisher, best known for her role as princess leia in "star wars." her publicist today confirmed her passing after she suffered a heart attack on a flight from
4:31 pm
london to los angeles four days ago. fisher was 60 years old. lucas film shared their grief over fisher's death. abc 7 news reporter elisa harrington tweeted this. it's difficult to think of a world without her. she will have more reaction coming up at 5:00. and abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is in santa rosa covering the story of a woman reunited with her father's purple heart. her dad died while in xwalt in the korean war at same day she was the born. wayne will introduce us to her also come up at 5:00. violence erupted at malls from coast to coast yesterday forcing police into action on a busy shopping day. now police are looking into whether social media played a role in organizing these brawls. abc 1 news reporter elids beth hur has the latest from new york. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: shoppers scrambling for cover, shocked and scared. >> every five seconds we just heard running and then boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: from new jersey to
4:32 pm
illinois. >> kids hitting each other and kid trampbling each other, so it was just madness. >> reporter: ohio, connecticut, north carolina, colorado and indiana. >> it's like everybody get back and they are like putting the -- the door down. >> reporter: chaos and commotion inside more than a dozen malls, most caught on cell phone cameras. had police rushing in as panicked shoppers rush to get out. police now revealing a loud noise during a food court fight in new jersey that was mistaken for gunfire. in tennessee fireworks igniting inside a store started a brawl and police in aurora, colorado say the fights there were organized on social media. >> there was something that was going around on social media about a fight that was going to take place here at the town center of aurora which is what drew all of these people up to no good to our mall. >> in morning police in other cities say their investigation is continuing to see if social
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meemdia is to blame. in all, dozens were arrested across the country, most for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, but thankfully no serious injuries. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. well, hundreds of thousands of people will flock to new york city's times square, of course, to ring in the new year and right now work is under way to keep everybody safe. new york city police officers have made themselves highly visible in the area surrounding the so-called crossroads of the world. law enforcement says there are no credible threats against this massive celebration. >> in light of what we've experienced and the attacks we've witnessed overseas law enforcement has to take every situation seriously. >> this year's edition of the new year's eve ball arrived in times square today. it is created by waterford crystals of ireland. donald trump is firing back after president obama said he could have beaten trump on elengths night. trump took to twitter to make his case. abc 7 news reporter kenneth
4:34 pm
moten has details from washington. >> reporter: the president versus the president in waiting. >> very good man. >> thank you. >> reporter: who could have beaten whom if the president could have run for a third term and in a podcast president obama told his former white house adviser david action rolled he's confident in his vision. >> i think i could have mobilized a majority of the people to rally behind it. >> reporter: donald trump fired back on twitter. president obama says he thinks he would have won against me. he should say that but i say no way. later adding the world was gloomy before i won and there was no hope. >> my guess is we're looking ahead to what's going to happen on january 21st. i think barack obama is going to be very assertive and aggressive in taking on donald trump. >> reporter: trump's twitter outrage shifted to the united nationss after the passage of a u.n. resolution call the expansion of israeli settlements illegal. trump tweeted the u.n. has such great potential but right now it's a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time. the trump tweets come as the
4:35 pm
president-elect works to d dis-ntantangle himself from his business and his charitable foundation which he claims unlike most foundations it never paid fees, rents or salaries or expenses. 100% of money goes to wonderful charities. trump's foundation is under investigation by the new york attorney general over questions about its collections, donations and spending. the ag says trump can't legally dissolve the foundation until the investigation is complete. trump busy tweeting and he and his team still a lot of work to do to fill posts. three weeks until inauguration day. kenneth moten, abc news, washington. today president obama and prime minister shinzo abe made history by visit willing peverley harbor together. they met at the memorial that rests on top of the sunken "uss arizona. it's been 40 years since the attack occurred launching the u.s. into world war ii.
4:36 pm
the meeting is just an indication of the strength of the japan/u.s. alliance. more on how the german christmas market attack shows how he made his way to italy. they expect he traveled through central france as he headed from berlin to milan. he died in a shootout with police on friday. 12 people were killed when he slammed a truck into the side of this truck. it's all believe 92 people on board this plane died, including members of the world famous russia's military choir that was headed to a russian military base in officials. a
4:37 pm
and. many people thieves knew exactly what they wanted when they broke no a store stealing millions of dollars worth of fur coats. the crooks grappled the store's top merchandise, sable and children l.a. furs before dashing out snatching 20 items as well early on the morning of christmas eve. the store is located on manhattan's upper east side. >> and new details in the death of actor hand comedian garry shandling. he died from a blood clot to his heart. shandling passed away unexpectedly seven months ago. thereto was a therapeutic amount of xanax and cold medication in his system, that's it. shandling was 66 years old. and mystery surrounds the final months of pop star george michael's life who had shied away from the public eye recently. haynes news reporter t.j. holmes that is or. more details about the circumstances surrounding george
4:38 pm
michael's death. a tweet from michael's reported boyfriend who found the singer's body ♪ i know you're not a fool >> reporter: the london-based hairdresser wrote it's a christmas i'll never forget. finding your dead peacefully in bed first thing in the morning. i'm never stop missing you. as friend and fans paid tribute to the singer, new pictures are emerging this morning michael out to dinner with a friend in his home town of objection nordshire and in them he looks a far cry from the artist ♪ i gotta have faith >> reporter: who fronted ten number one singles and sold more than 115 million records. ♪ baby >> reporter: in the two days since michael's deaths, song streams have increased more than 5,000% on spotify.
4:39 pm
hiss 1995 album "faith" is now in the top five. the one-time pop icon with withdrawn from public life as he tried to overcome struggles with drugs and alcohol and in 2008 he was with agent in a public restaurant. >> i just want to start again and a health scare and some believe now it could be a while before we know of his death. >> and "20/20" will have a full hour dedicated to george michael and carrie fisher tonight. watch two greats, their amazing lives and final hours at 10:00 p.m. followed by "abc 7 news at 11:00." a big taylor swift fan gets a super size.
4:40 pm
skjei it on fshlgs shake it up. story behind the frifrt convert. hear from the father, you may not want to push off getting to the store because some retailers have new rules. not as wealth attorney general morning. i'll let you know how that locks. >> you're looking 101 and traffic moving
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4:43 pm
dash will be playing higher fares. cash fierce increased to $2.50. discount cash fares will also rise 25 cents while passengers who use clipper cards are muney mobile won't see a fare increase. muney wants customers to move away from cash and use digital payments. the agency says it's a more efficient way to collect fares. the price half monof a muni pas increase, caltrans will offer free rides on new year's eve. starting at 8:00 p.m. caltrans will stop charging fares for passengers. the agency is also adding four additional sound trains that operate after midnight. the trains will leave the station in san francisco starting at 12:45 a.m. new
4:44 pm
year's day after the annual fireworks show along the embarcadero. open alcohol contape remembers banned on trains starting at 9:00. you've got to love this. a world war ii veteran is all smiles after getting a surprise holiday visit from his favorite pop star, taylor swift. ♪ the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate ♪ ♪ shake it off, shake it off >> that's the 27-year-old pop star dancing with 96-year-old and she performed an acoustic performance of "shake it off. "why the they believe he might be the oldest swifty >> taylor and a world war ii veteran don't normally go together. >> that's right. >> anything else besides taylor swift that you're really into, anything else that you're a huge fan of? >> no, no, no. >> porter has attended two of swift's concerts with his grand children. how great.
4:45 pm
frts. >> hi there, everybody. take a live like and. in terms of rain fall here's how we're doing acorrode of the game for a region. now you take a look at your highs for wednesday. dry and milder with plenty of sun and mid-50s to low 60s. looking around the state if you're traveling for the holiday weekend, tomorrow is a good day to travel. 7 had in los angeles and bright and sunny and 54 tahoe and 55 euric a. sunshine top to bottom. temperature trend this week for oakland. average high is 57. you'll hover a little bit above normal and get ready for cooler weather. downright chilly next week as we do track a system coming through here. noontime, slight chance of a few showers. 4:00 p.m., hour by hour forecast, cloudy and cool. don't you worry. chilly evening for new year's eve and by midnight it is going to be dry.
4:46 pm
here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. cold mornings, bright afternoons and the next couple of days. not as cold as it has been. dry through about friday and saturday we do have a slight chance of showers with a chance on cindy, but really the best possibility early next week. 1 on our storm impact scale. >> still ahead, the black box. why some are calling the fitness tracking devices. >> and should this fruit come
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a lot of people got fitness trackers for christmas. they are great for counting steps and your heart rate. >> yes, indeed, but they can also be used against you in a court of law. >> 7 on your side's michael finney is here with some consumer nice. >> planning on getting a divorce take that fit tracker off. >> really? >> this is interesting. let me tell you about this. let's see. "the new york daily news" is reporting that police and attorneys have started to recognize wearable denieses as black boxes for the human body and in court these device interests proven defendants were not honest about where they were or what they were doing. trackers like fitbit, monitor
4:50 pm
and record where you are and your activity and they can make or break information in many court cases. you may want to make your holiday return sooner rather than later. consumer world's annual return policy survey finds some big stores are tightening their return policies. macy is requiring all returns within a year instead of any time and kohl's created a january 31st deadline for premium electronics and major appliances bought from costco must now be returned within 90 days. cotts has also been tracking return policies and i'll have a look at what it has found. that's on abc 7 news at 5:00. don't plan a shopping trip to a gnc health store tomorrow. the company has announced it's shutting down for one day so it can give its stores a makeover. when the retailer reopened thursday there will be new simplified pricing and loyalty programs and to make the hopping
4:51 pm
process quicker new checkout systems are being involved. gnc sales fell more than 8% last quarter alone and they made about $8 million less. now i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hotline is open monday through friday and of course always reach me through facebook and never heard half chain doing it all at once. >> one day shut it down, revamping everything and repricing almost everything. >> that's a lot of work. >> that is a lot of work. thanks very much. in today's wellness report one group is asking that grapes have warning labels for kids. and serious yoga injuries are actual little rising now. >> reporter: a leading scottish doctor is calling for warning labels for grapes due to the significant choking risk they present for young children. dr. jamie cooper says that whole grapes are ideally suited to cause pediatric airway
4:52 pm
obstruction and says labels should be put on them at the grocery and parent should slice them in half to prevent choking. more and more americans have been taking up yoga in recent years and the rate of yoga-related injuries has also climbed higher according to a new study. between 2001 and 2014 almost 30,000 americans visited the emergency department for yoga-related sprains, fractures and other injuries according to the report. it's a small number compared to how many people practice researchers and the odds of a serious injury are low. nutrition has been linked to brain health and intelligence in older adults. the study done at the university of illinois says especially green leafy vegetables and broccoli can protect the brain. the foods have lutein which they hope preserve sharpness and cognitive ability as people age. from the nasdaq market site, i'm joy adas. here is to your health. well, you've got that great gadget gift for christmas, but
4:53 pm
now how do you use that thing? >> you may need tech support, right? plus important advice for parents about the high-tech toys for children. the often overlooked risk. >> stay with us for that. stay with us for that at 5:00. a form matter reason is shot and killed and more on a life taken at just 23. >> gilroy police need your help. they want to help you find the man who stole presents from underneath a christmas tree. >> and celebrating like it's 1941. the east bay movie theater asking everyone to join the party. >> that
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
an 11-year-old boy received a christmas gift this year that will last had a lifetime. landon was 5 months old when his step dad daniel game into his life. more than ten years later the young boy became unwhelmed while unwrapping the last gift under the tree, a framed certificate of adoption.
4:57 pm
>> landon's mom janell posted the video to her facebook page and it's since been viewed more than 11 million times. so touching. >> yeah. >> she said her husband took landon in as if he was his own and never treated him any differently from day one. >> that's great. high tech holiday presents can fill you with joy, or with frustration. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom has more on the complexities that come in the days after a 21st century christmas. >> that pretty much some it up. the reason so many people wind up here the days after christmas. >> nothing unusual. we've seen it all. >> from this bluetooth speaker. >> used it four times and now it won't hold a charge when i go to use it. >> to frank salazar's brand new drone. >> just a camera. the camera won't work. the number one thing the
4:58 pm
geek squad pease pcs and brand new ones and you might be tearing into a pandora's box of setup headaches. with mike off the and everything being downloaded from the internet the setup process you have to create an e-mail address and create an account. >> gifts online will keep children safe. >> we would like to remind you to be smart with your approach to internet ready games. >> and the crimes against children task force posted a step-by-step video for managing what your kids can do on the new connected gadgets. >> hand most can be restricted and customized to better protect the users. >> a look here at what thieves are doing. >> driving around the neighborhood look for these boxes and we want to see what's inside your house and what you got for the holidays. >> and break down the boxes and tear off the colorful labels. >> and then get down to the real business of figuring out how to make the darn thing work. >> i would take the next six months and read the
4:59 pm
instructions. >> in san francisco jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> you can get the latest news any time with the abc 7 news app and download is free and be the first to see the breaking news alert where you live. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> shy's an icon. part of my childhood. >> bay area remembers carrie fisher. tonight how she broke boundaries on screen and in books and everyday living. >> a former marine is shot and killed in oakland. people living in the quiet neighborhood are in shock. >> in the north bay, a medal is returned to its grateful owner why. it means so much more than a symbol of sack fielder's choice. >> also a capsible menorah and how it could renew a feeling of faith in san francisco. >> "star wars" is the second film i did. i was 19.
5:00 pm
i thought it would be like a goof. it misbehaved itself and did what it did >> and what it did was send carrie fisher into the global stratosphere of fame. >> and tonight tributes are pouring in after the death of the age of 6 of 0. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> thanks for joining us. >> even though carrie fisher was so much more her princess leia was a touchstone for many. the gold metal bikini still remains in the museum and the side buns and the line about obser obi-wan kenobi became a classic. >> you're my only help. >> she was the first great sci-fi heroine and before her there really was no one else. >> carrie fisher has a strong to the bay area. abc 7 news reporter elisa harrington has more on that


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