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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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goof. it misbehaved itself and did what it did >> and what it did was send carrie fisher into the global stratosphere of fame. >> and tonight tributes are pouring in after the death of the age of 6 of 0. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> thanks for joining us. >> even though carrie fisher was so much more her princess leia was a touchstone for many. the gold metal bikini still remains in the museum and the side buns and the line about obser obi-wan kenobi became a classic. >> you're my only help. >> she was the first great sci-fi heroine and before her there really was no one else. >> carrie fisher has a strong to the bay area. abc 7 news reporter elisa harrington has more on that live. >> kristen, "star wars" fans
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around here are having a hard time saying good-bye to the princess. i'm outside of the presiddio theater showing "rogue one" and we know the role of princess leia made carrie fisher instantly famous and she was known for so much more than that. she was an author and activist and will be missed by many throughout the bay area. >> she's just an american icon and very, very difficult to part, you know, with her. >> it felt like the end of an era for some "star wars" fans at a mat any of "rogue one" in san francisco. >> part of my childhood. i went to see "star wars" for the first time when i what is about 7 years old back in 1977. and it just is a sad day. >> i work in the entertainment industry myself so it really hits home that an important member of our larger family in the entertainment industry is gone far too young. >> fans visiting the yoda fountain on the lucas campus
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leaving flowers and notes. fisher was just in "star wars" "the force awakens" and was scheduled to reprice her role in "star wars" which has imposed production. >> i was pretty devastated because she's such an amazing individual outside of her work in "star wars" 2 and she was also a successful author and she wrote openly and humorously about hollywood and her struggles with mental illness. her books now in high demand at some bay area book stores. >> got some requests already and we've already placed orders for a few of things. "the princess diarist" features authors and celebrities this week and the berkeley represent tory theater shared these pictures from her stage show "wishful drink" and in a statement the director wrote it's a great loss. carrie was a comic genius in my opinion. i've never met anyone who could craft a comic line better than she could. elissa harrington, abc 7 news.
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fisher's many friends and admirers took to social media to react to her passing and her sister and actress julie fisher called it an unto the okayable loss saying the earth is off its axis. how dare you take her away from us. >> and fisher's outspoken fight with mental illness and substance abuse. we just lost a great ally. be strong as strong as she would want you to be and fisher's brother in sparse sparse tweeted a simple and heartfelt message. no words. devastated. >> tonight "20/20" will have more on the deaths of two greats, carrie fisher and george michael. watch it at 10:00 followed by "abc 7 news at 11:00. request the request. >> the happening now in sought line-item veto, trying to clean up the mess after a cement truck overturned into the backyard of a home. >> let's go to abc 7 news reporter lonni rivera live. >> yes. these crews just arrived here in
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lower crescent avenue. can you see the big green truck behind us here on its side. what happened is that it happened at 2:00 this afternoon and the cement truck arrived to help construction going on here at the home. they were building a retaining wall as they unloaded the truck with the cement. the ground gave way and the truck flipped over. the driver, we're told, made it out. he was being checked out at the hond and he's okay. the people inside of the home and the apartment behind it have been evacuated. they are fine. now, of course, the order of business is trying to get this truck back on its side, and so what they are going to have to do is take the rare portion of the truck and detach it and then remove that hand remove the front part of the truck, but right now lower crescent avenue blocked off and a lot of people who live up the hill and very finding road and you can see the yellow tape.
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it's blocked off, but you can see quite a mess here, but the situation could have been much worse. we're live here in sausalito, lonni rivera, abc 7 news. >> a hayward high school graduate and former marine is oakland's 83rd homicide victim of the year. the young man was shot to death on humbolt avenue not far from fruitvale. eric thomas is live at oakland police headquarters with more on the shooting and this young victim. eric? >> reporter: oakland police don't have much to go on when it comes to the person who pulled the trigger. that's why they are asking for the public's help in finding whoever killed the young man. here's what we do know. he was 23 years old and he had spent time in uniform. neighbors say the bullet hole in this car is a reminder what have happened on this quiet east oakland street last night. it was around 7:20 when that quiet was shattered by gunfire. >> very loud noise. a lot of bam, bam, bam, bam,
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bam. >> really loud pop. >> this neighbor doesn't want his face shown. >> four shots, evenly spaced, pause, about four more shots evenly spaced, pause, about eight shots evenly spaced. >> when it was over, 23-year-old christopher killian died on the street. he was a former marine who lived when oakland. these pictures are from his facebook page and police say he was visiting friends on humboldt at brookdale when he was killed. his mother did not want to be interviewed but his sister created this gofundme page. oakland police did not respond to a request for an interview and are asking for the public's health and people who live near the shooting scene are shaken and still believe their neighborhood is safe. >> you can hear a pin drop any day any time. just have i quiet. >> keep my eyes open a little more as i go in and out of the house, but, no, those things
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happen. >> killian is oakland's 83rd homicide victim of the year. at this time last year they were 93. in oakland, eric thomas, aches 7 news. a gilroy man is in custody accused of killing his mother with a baseball bat on christmas day. 39-year-old malt two salewske was arrested on root road at 6:00 a.m. sheriffs arrive to find 70-year-old claudia with head injuries and she was taken to the hospital where she died while she was being treated in the emergency room. the family of a suspected dui driver killed in a crash earlier on christmas day is being shamed now online. police say 25-year-old jessica zamora caused the head-on crash that killed a 14-year-old boy on the capital expressway in san josech the social media backlash has come because investigators say zamora may have been drinking. families had to remove beer cans and bottles that friends left at
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the scene as a tribute. critics are expressing their outrage on a gofundme page set up to raise money to support zamora's 5-year-old daughter. san francisco police continue to look for a american rah which was stolen from a north beach park a few days ago, but there is good news. a are placement menorah is being shipped from the east coast to the bay area. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow is live from washington square park with details tonight. melanie. >> that's right, and that menorah is on its way here. this afternoon we ran into one detective who is going to businesses that surround the park looking at surveillance video. we had an opportunity to look at the surveillance video as well and we didn't see anything. meantime this, story caught the attention of one man on the east coast who wanted to help. one hannukah celebration is going bi-coastal, the 7 foot
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50-pound menorah is on its way. the man heard about this 6'1" hundred-pound menorah stolen from washington park sometime over the weekend. >> i thought if i could help and provide something that will turn something negative into a positive and it looked like an ideal thing for me to do. >> after that was stolen dozens of people gathered monday with menorahs from their homes to keep the light going. >> all the menorahs yesterday brought exor tans of light to that square. >> reporter: just as an additional candle is added each negotiate of hawpe "k" last night's light is growing even brighter with the donation of the new menorah. >> it's part of what it means to be a jew in the world. things are going to happen and you have to decide to react negatively or positively. >> as you see light adds light and one good deed leads to another good deed. >> frisco police are investigating. a detective stopped by the san francisco italian athletic club today to look through
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surveillance video. >> we're looking for updates for them. they do their job well and we trust them. >> meantime, the hannukah celebration will continue with the menorah from the east coast expected to arrive tomorrow in time for the fifth night of hannukah. in san francisco. melanie woodrow. abc 7 news. >> police want help tracking down a burglar who stole presents from a family's christmas tree. video shows a man going into the home on spencer court in gilroy december 15th after rummaging around. he took off with two presents. you'll see this shortly. the burglar disconnected the security camera that captured the video, but it had already been downloaded to the family server. >> raider quarterback derek carr out of surgery now and as positive as ever and that story is next. >> plus -- >> i collapsed on our kitchen floor and no pulse. >> and now he's exercising up a storm, and it's all thanks to his son.
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>> just a breathtaking sunset right now. tracking a chill and some showers for your holiday weekend. i'll have the details coming up. >> at some stores you can return anything any time. >> some stores you're just out of luck. >>the best and worst stores for gift
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last week we told but a personal piece of american history that turned up in the baggage claim of the sonoma county airport. no one knew where it came from or who might have lost it. well, finally we have some answers. abc 7 news reporter wayne freed minis live now from charles m. schultz airport with an update on the story. wayne? >> good evening, dan. it is a happy ending, but it's a strange happy ending. it has more details than we ever imagined. some of those details are very sad.
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maas >> when we visited the sonoma county airport last week there were more than holiday travelers and in the office lost and found. >> we've rehomed ipods, computer laptops, day timers, all kinds of stuff. >> but nevering in like this. a purple heart found on the baggage carousel going around and around and around with no one to claim t.airport marketing manager gina stocker used social media to begin a worldwide search and got more than 100,000 facebook hits as she told us last week. which knew it had an owner and knew it had to find its family. >> today they did. >> these are tickets from the airport. >> after showing proper identification she came to the airport office with her niece alda perez translating for her. >> she was had a little stressed out and i knew that i had all the confidence in the airport people that find it that we were going to get it back. >> and with that the medal returned to its rightful hands.
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>> oh, thank you so much. >> every purple heart has a story and this one is more profound t.belonged to laila's father who grew up in puerto rico and signed up to fight in korea. the day he died in action is the day she was born. >> i always have this with me where i go and they go with me. >> how the purple heart got separated from a box with other medals she will never know and what matters now she has it back and with the presence of that medal she has her father, too. >> i'm very grateful all the way to the sky because you don't find things like that every day. it would have been like losing her father twice. from sonoma county, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. a sonoma county family is celebrating a gift you can't buy, life and now a son will be honored using the skills he used in school.
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retired teacher griffin worked out in santa rosa. he gave his dad cpr when his dad suddenly collapsed had his home after going into cardiac arrest two years ago. >> first and foremost, none of the other medical procedures would have brought me here without him being a first stoppeder. >> i really -- i wasn't thinking at all. i just had so much adrenaline. >> well, now, the father and son duo will ride on the american heart association float in monday's rose parade. that's huge. >> the float is called keep the beat alive to encourage people to learn cpr. fantastic outcome. pasadena volunteers watch and learn before they watch the crew racing to as ball more than 40 floats. flowers will start appearing on the floats on friday. judging to pick the best float takes place on sunday. watch the 2017 rose parade right here on abc 7 starting at 8:00 a.m. january 2nd live from
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pasadena. very exciting. now to consumer news, and we're going along to michael. >> michael, what do you have? >> talking about returns here. >> okay. >> that time of year. >> it doesn't matter if you're either giving them or getting them. a bunch of stuff is going to end up in the return pile so one of the policies and how are things changeing? quite a bit, a great deal, and i'll show you. >> know, if you put something off to the side thinking you're going to return it later and it passes the 30-day deadline. >> have like very credit store return policies after the holiday. >> i will have to settle for whatever price it's at if i don't have the receipt. >> since choosing the perfect gift isn't always possible shopping at a store with a flexible return policy is a smart idea. krrts looked at the return policies of 18 major retailers. >> the most flexible don't require a receipt or impose a time limit on when you can make a return. >> nordstrom and l.l. bean allow
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returns of all their merchandise with no time limit hand no receipt required. l.l. bean may even accept well-usedite members you're not satisfied and give you a store credit or exchange. bed bath & beyond, costco and jc penney also have no time limit on returns and no receipt is require, but not all merchandise qualifies. check out the exceptions online. >> some have really restrictive return policies and may have only 30 days or less to return the item and they will likely insist on the seat. >> the most restrictive, kmart, forever 21, game stop and barnes & noble. keep in mind barnes & noble won't take back anything that has been opened. kmart also will refuse to take back old movies, video games and music. many of the retailers that have these restrictive policies, they relax gift returns during the holidays unless they couldn't sell anything.
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to get details on any particular store's return policy check out the website and be especially careful and look for the exceptions that are spelled out. >> yeah. >> a lot of times it's the high dollar things that have a very short return policy. >> like within a store, the different items can be different. >> within the store stores have very different returns. >> for the record, i like everything you gave me and i'm not returning anything. >> all right. >> raiders quarterback derek carr has undergone successful surgery that will sideline him though for the rest of the season. he tweeted later this afternoon surgery couldn't have gone better. received great news. already starting the recovery process. thank you for all the prayers as i heal up. carr will be out six to eight weeks suffering a broken fibula during the team win on saturday and fans have been suffering ever since. today reporters were allowed into thoor room after practice s the talk turned to what else, carr's backup matt mcgloin. >> he's always going to give
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receivers a chance to make a play and -- and, i mean, we'll see, you know. i have full confidence in him. he'll do an amazing job. >> the playoff-bound raidlers face the broncos at mile high stadium on sunday. >> there you go. is that stunning or what. this is a view from our east bay hills camera as we show you the afterglow of the sunset. live doppler 7 showing you the high clouds giving you the extra burst of color and from our emoryville camera you can see another vantage point. this is really just unbelievable and amazing shots and temperatures right 50s to san francisco to oakland, gilroy and santa cruz another beautiful picture perfect shot as we look there towards the pier. 51 degrees in santa rosa and 48
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in napa. novato mid-40s and one other live picture from the mt. tam cam, high clouds are stacked up and will play into your forecast. tomorrow morning it is going to be chill but not quite as cold as it has been. some patchy frost still possible. milder afternoons the next few days and a chance of showers for the holiday weekend. a look at how cold it was. it was frosty. upper 20s fairefield and santa rosa and low 70s around the inland valleys so we'll see the temperatures come up slightly thanks to the high clouds. 32 degrees in napa and 31 in santa rosa and mid-30s around livermore and concord. afternoon highs will be in the mid-50s to low 60s so even the afternoon temperatures will come up. it will feel better outside especially if your kids are out of school and you're taking them to the park and you're thinking it's been too cole. a look at the new year's eve forecast for those of you taking the little ones out saturday. a slight chance of showers and temperatures upper 40s to the low 50s around 4:00 p.m. and
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still a slight chance of a shower as temperatures start to fall and by 8:00 p.m. it's dry and partly cloudy as you ring in the new year. it will be chilly at midnight. you're looking at those readings in the upper 30s to mid-40s but it will be dry for any of you who are going out. at noontime saturday, here's the hour-by-hour forecast, a few showers may show up particularly in the north bay and this continues into the afternoon hour and before in a activity diminishes. sunday one model is going wet and the other dry and we're keeping a chance for now and we'll fine tune it and we have a storm impact scale of 1. chance of light showers hand here's what i want to emphasize. low snow levels down to possibly 2,000 feet which means some of the peaks could see some snow. breezy at times and still pretty far out. this is all going to change. a look at monday morning. looking at the afternoon hours is when the rain chance comes in and the showers will continue into the evening hours before they haul wound down so if you're off next monday and you have plans you'll want to
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download the abc 7 news app to keep track of the storm and the accuweather will show the morning chill followed by the orphan sunshine and temperatures in the low 60s for the mildest spots on thursday and it's a little bit warmer all over the bay area. that's going to be our mildest day before temperatures begin tofall fall as we head into the weekend. a lot cooler this weekend and slight chance of showers start and new year's eve just fine and chance of showers on sunday and it's going to be dry. 1 on our storm impact scale monday into tuesday. it will be cold enough to where you'll be shivering and we may see some low snow levels. i'm warning you. that's all we have to say. >> going to be january. it's appropriate. >> that's right. thanks, sandhya. >> tourists, imagine this jumping out of the way as a small plane crash l
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a crash landing today on a
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people of in spain's canary islands sent sunbathers for cover. the light aircraft was headed to morocco when it had technical problems. a woman and teenager on board walked away from the crash and firefighters had to cut through the wreckage to rescue a man trapped inside. he suffers serious injuries and authorities say it's a miracle though that no one on the ground was hurt. another aviation story. korean air promised to approve taser training for friendins after an incident last week where an out-of-control passenger attacked crew members and passengers and it was actually a u.s. singer richard marks who finally stepped in to help restrain the man. marks criticized the airline for not being able to use restraints or a taser on him which korean flight attendants are issued. today the carrier says they will improve security training and ensure at least one male flight attendant is assigned to each flight. still ahead, a local movie theater prepares to celebrate like it's 1941 and everyone is
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invited to join. in the story next. first we want to thank abc 7 news viewer craig for a great picture of petaluma. take a look if we can show it
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coming up tonight at 6:00, a father is killed inside a target store in front of his son. tonight we get some perspective on his death from his own words. and new at 6:00, the judge's destation will impact how san francisco police officers are allowed to respond with force. plus the 7 on your side investigation from michael finney that gets a woman a lot more than her stolen money back all coming up in half an hour on the news at 6:00. finally this year marks the 50th anniversary of skwaunkwanz. >> abc 7 news was at san francisco's city hall for a special ceremony commemorating the second day of the holiday that honors african-american culture. kwanzaa is based on seven
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principles including self-determination, creativity, faith and unity. organizers say they are important this year to help the nation heal after a lot of divisiveness. events are planned daily until the final day of kwanzaa on sunday. how about 50-cent movie tickets, in for that? that sounds nice. >> this thursday night the orenda theater will run the very first film shown when the theater opened in 1941. >> yes, tickets for the movie "texas" will be just 50 cents. the art deco theater was almost lost in the early '80s when so many hovey houses were torn down. >> i don't recall what they were going to put up but i remember doing the tv ads that helped save the theater. it has had a special place in my heart. >> texas was a hollywood western starring glen ford. >> and movie-goers are asked to
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wear their 1940s attire. >> "world tonight, we say goodbye to a hollywood force. carrie fisher dead at 60. the actress immortalized as princess leia in "star wars," unable to recover after going into cardiac arrest aboard an airplane. tonight, the tributes pouring in. plus, what she revealed in a rare interview right here with david on "world news." also tonight, mall mayhem in america. security stepped up after scenes like this. out of control teens in illinois. brawling in connecticut. was social media to blame? security scare. a trump tower evacuation. what triggered this scene tonight? new year's nor'easter? a winter weather alert out west. heavy snow and high winds. and all eyes on a storm system threatening new year's eve plans


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