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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> breaking news on the peninsula where officials are battling a husband fire. i am natasha zouves. >> i am matt keller here for reggie aqui. >> yes, i just talked to the chief. this fire behind me broke out at 5:00 a.m. this morning. when they arrived they were not sure if someone was trapped and the first order business was getting in there to see in someone was inside. the owner was already out. right now, they have it some what contained with quit a bit of smoke. they just going around checking forment spots and they have a number of crews here on the scene at california road at lewis which is blocked off. no one was hurt. it is a single story fire. the cause, they not really sure.
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the chief expects to be here quite a while trying to figure out what sparked the pla a2016 is wind down and we will check on the weather. >> frances is here for meteorologist mike nicco. cold out there. especially in the north bay with below freezing in santa rosa at 30. check out mild it is in los gatos at 52. a 20-degree spread. milder start with partly includes this afternoon and near average temperatures in the upper 50's increasing clouds tonight. it will be cooler this weekend. >> good morning, we have a light commute with fog in some areas and the north bay and the central valley but it has not slowed you down. westbound 80 through the emeryville stretch is i have not had any blocking issues the entire morning. you will like the drive times
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when 80 long the emeryville stretch only taking you 17 minutes and nine across the bay bridge and if you are heading out of town a flight at sfo san francisco to the airport southbound 101 in the green at nine americans. >> this morning president vladimir putin the russian president is not listening to the recommendation from his foreign minister to expel 35 diplomats suggesting that the expulsion in response to president obama's sanctions yesterday telling 35 dipments to leave the country in retaliation for russia's interference in the election. vladimir putin said russia will take further steps to restore relations built on policies by the incoming trump administration. all the former deputy assistant secretary of state said covert action could be taken and in there is a counterattack there is danger because the effect are not clear and could blow back on the united states. >> current administration doesn't want to credit a mess
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that has to be cleaned up because it would be part of their legacy. if something is hacked back it will happen in the next dayors weeks. >> president-elect donald trump could reverse the sanctions but it could be difficult because lawmakers from boat pairs are? support of it. >> we alerted you to the sanctions with a punish alert and you can download our free app to be able push alerts for updates. >> interesting news this morning if you like dungeness crab. the commercial fishing is continued to northern mendocino county which was off elements because of high levels of domoic acid. from oregon to northern california fish aremen are on strike after the price was dropped for the price of crab. those not of bodega bay are not working. >> did you spell it? two bay area cities are trying to figure the cause of at the would everyone egg or sulpher smell the last couple of days.
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we were in richmond where the mayor said there have been more than 100 complaints of the bad smell. yesterday the odor drifted into san francisco. so far, no one is taking responsibility. >> everyone is looking at it. it is a big mystery. maybe we should offer a reward for whoever can solve it. >> at bay area air qualitiment district said it appears to be a sulpher release from chevron in richmond but chevron saying it is too usually to speculate. >> we have pictures of a 14 year old boy in san jose kill in a christmas day car crash with his companies hit by a suspect d.u.i. driver. it happened after midnight on christmas day. his family gave this photo in a statement to our media partners saying and i quote, "we grieve thisless to our family we celebrate the immense joy that andrew offered to those he came in contact with.
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andrew will forever remain a source of love and inspiration." the suspected d.u.i. driver in the other car, also died. she is identified at 25-year-old who was wanted on a no bail warrant for a previous d.u.i. arrest. >> breaking news from the live desk. >> the breaking news, we have learned a few kids are reportedly among the six people on before the plane that want missing overnight in ohio. there are three kids on board. the coast guard said two. but they are looking what could be a family with major search with conflicting reports on the exact people there in the land but we know some of them are kids and the coast guard has been searchd the lake using boats and helicopters and still in sign of the aircraft. or the people. it was a small plane, a cessna, that took off from an airport
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near the lake. the pilot and passenger were attending cavaliers game last night heading to ohio state university so not sure if some of the folks have anything to do with the school. they are calling this a rescue, not a recovery of the. that is a little bit of a private spot. >> necessary, the reason bay area lawmakers are urging officials to delay new controversial rules for dogs at the golden gate national recreation area. >> power will storm is moving down on the east coast and danger people could face going into the holiday weekend. >> look outside with abc7 news now we are keeping weather and traffic up through the entire break so you are in walked around the shelter, no intention of adopting. he was the very last kennel in the very last row. emaciated. he was skin and bones. usually what you see in neglected dogs. it was one of those complete, meant-to-be moments...
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>> check out these conditions, a powerful nor'easter dumped more than 1' of snow along with sheets of rain and damaging winds. the storm is projected to be most powerful in the area in two years. the weather weather issued winter storm warnings and winter weather advisory for new england with gusty winds up to 30 miles per hour. it could cause power outages and
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they preparing for that. travel is proving to be treacherous across the area. officials warn people to stay off the roads until after the storm passes and that should by the end of the day. >> an accweather update. >> there is fog in the not by. as a result is new down to only half a mile in santa rose and three-quarters mile in petaluma and a mile in napa. elsewhere, clear. highs are mild. again. under cloudy skies. average temperatures, and 60 in san jose and even 62 in san francisco. next chance of rain is monday and tuesday. with the system comes very cold air. i will talk about snow in my next forecast and the lake tahoe forecast. all the bay bridge toll plaza is the gauge for the commute. no one is there. the majority of folks are
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work. the metering lights will not likely be flipped on. only ace three and five running. four and sisson the run. ace let is out on time and if you plan on working monday there is in ace rail service. so drive or find another option. fiscal year update is 6:20. some bay area resident could notice something in the water and you should not be two yeared. >> looking at the eagles in florida that cap tood america attention. we could see baby egg lets in the next. >> we leave you with a look from the east bay hills camera a glittering bay area. glittering bay area. stay befi was active.gia, i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain.
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>> it is into for us but summer in australia. they are saving a large number of beachgoers yesterday. a. with was swept away in rip current and you can see rescuers hooked her to a wench and flew her to safety. lifeguards saved 14 people yesterday. they gave first aid to 257 others. >> base jumper caught on camera
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crashing into a wall in arizona is talking about what happened. landon said he is still not sure what want wrong after he jumped off a ledge on camelback mountain. bistanders watched as the chute roared open but he hit a wall and slammed into the ground. he is in the hospital with fractured in the hip and two broken ankles. >> 100 different reasons why it could have happened and when it opened it wasn't right. i fly back into the cliff. >> doctors say it will take him six to eight months to recover and he said he will be jump off more mountains. >> palo alto residents are told in their water looks, tastes or smells different, don't be alarmed. the water supplier is switching reservoirs to bring in water allowing inspections and repairs of the mountain town until pipeline that delivers water from the hetch hetchy reservoir.
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treating water from the sunol valley and the wart treatment plant is delivered to palo alto. >> three bay area lawmakers are asking the park service to give dog owners another month to get ready for new leash rules. this month the new requirements for managing dogs in the packs in marin, san mateo and san francisco counties. representatives including nancy pelosi have requested a 30-day delay until february 9. happening right now, the american bald eagle is waiting for the arrival of her baby eaglets. this is a look from the nest from florida camera in ft. myers. they seem ready to enter the world. we were expecting them yesterday but it did not happen so it could happen any moment. you can watch the feed any time at we have it on the free newsup
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which is how we have been watching it this morning. >> breezy up there. there will be no adventures on the bay area but you probably can in the mountains. election? >> so quiet. we are not complaining. if you have to head to work or maybe school, i doubt there are classes in session, you will have an easy ride. the richmond-san rafael bridge approaching the toll plaza it is looking great. highway 4 to the maze is 17 minutes. heading southbound on 101 from san francisco to the airport you are in the green at nine minutes. frances, everyone who had a week off had nice weather. that will change? we have big chains on the way. rain. know. live doppler hd is showing high clouds in the south and that is it. we are looking clear. east by.
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looking toward san francisco and the bay bridge. a slight chance of rain tomorrow. chilly starting this weekend. especially for new year's eve. grab a jacket. showers. and snow. in our forecast. highs today are comfortable and mild in the upper 50's to let 60. oakland will hit 60. san jose at 62. san francisco 57. here is how it looks for lake tahoe. today is partly cloudy a chance of snow tomorrow. sunday, snow showers are possible, likely on monday, snowy and windy with temperatures in the teens overnight. we have cold, arctic air, arriving and bringing us very frigid temperatures so we bring become our storm-impact scale. this is a "1", light on monday and tuesday. snow levels drop down to 1,000' and you can see sunny in the higher elijah high elijah dunn
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vacations and cold scattered showers but less than .1" of rainfall and the biggest impact is the cold weather, so, enjoy a sunny day with a slight chance tomorrow, chilly for the new year and down right cold for next week. alexis has a look at the traffic. >> we have ideal conditions today if you are heading up are in the holiday weeken. we did not have chains reported and we have decent businesses, squaw and alpine 29 to 40" and heavenly is 35 to 59" because of the snow from last week. more snow is on the way. if you coming back sunday into monday it will be treacherous conditions. mount rose up to 50 to 58
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base so good skiing and sunny boarding. >> michael finney is next with tax tips for parents. >> if your kids got a hatchimal for christmas, parents for christmas, parents offended by the toy.
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>> incredible video from texas, with a sky list stolen from a construction site, driven to a credit unit and knocking down the a.t.m. machine and the driver maneuvers the sky list to pick it up and drive the a.t.m. machine away. this hand on wednesday at 2:00 a.m. the a.t.m. was loaded on to what and believed a stolen u-haul. >> more trouble this morning involving one of the must have hot toys for the holiday season, the hatchimal, the egg that is supposed to hatch with engaging little creature inside. >> some parents are not happy.
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they complained that the toy would not hatch and now some claim the hatchimals are swearing. the company denies they are saying anything inappropriate on their own. the company said the toys do make unidentifiable noises while sleeping. don't we all? curse words are not part of vocabulary. >> time to ask finney. now, a question on taxes. michael finney has the answer. >> my question is, what are the tax implications of providing your adult children cash so they can buy a house? >> great meeting you at our ask seven any event in walnut creek. each parent can "gift," town $14,000 a year to their child without the money being taxed. come bind total of up to $28,000. if you are going to provide more money than that, speak with an
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accountant or tax professional. however, to get you started i will post a link with more information on the gift tax on >> thanks for the question and happy holiday. >> if you have a question for michael finney you can share on social media # askfinney. >> 2017 will start with a lot of home nor a little piglet. this is lucy, a rare red big, found abandoned in a field at a week old. a flat broke farms took her in petaluma and she lended to do tricks like sit and twirl. on monday she will be taken to ma'am sanctuary to live with other pigs. >> incredible. look at that video. very cute. >> new developments after president obama's sanctions against russia with a direct
6:26 am
impact in san francisco. >> another lawsuit against wells fargo and what a former local employee is saying after the bank's account scandal. >> more on the breaking news a house fire in palo alto. i will let you know what is happening there. >> get ready for temperatures to tumble, cooling down this weekend by next week we will be 5- to 10-degrees below average with chilly arctic air heading our way. >> keep on top of weather and traffic through the commercial break with a look at the bay bridge with good news for bridge with good news for everyone heading to wor
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>> good morning, east bay. >> welcome to the last friday of 2016, december 30th. >> reggie and mike off and we have jessica castro and frances and alexis smith. >> thank you, alexis! >> thank you, alexis! >> squeeze in
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>> frances? >> cool wet but mild. i have changes. we had an interesting start this half hour and temperatures are cool especially in the north bay with fog in santa rosa and napa. northwest she only 32. san francisco is 48. san jose is pulledder at 43. today we have a milder morning, partly cloudy conditions by lunch and nearly average heading to the afternoon upper 50's to nearly 60 increasing clouds tonight and we have the bigger cool down heading tomorrow and into the new year with more details coming up. >> lesson learned, you are cut out after two hours of no content. the golden gate bridge has a few more vehicles but incredibly light volumes and the only thing weather wise we are talking about is fog so decent driving conditions with the exception of around novato, san rafael, denser fog long 101 so use
6:31 am
caution. we will look at the right drive times next. >> we want to bring breaking news from palo alto. crews are beatleing a two-alarm fire. >> we have the latest information. >> the fire is out. fire investigator isen route to figure out the cause firefighters are now cloning up the mess left over and we learned this morning the home owner is safe and anyone else who could have been inside, it was a big fire and appeal fire said the home was fully engulfed at the scene and they had help from three other agencies, the house located on lewis avenue between embarcadero and california avenue. heads up if you live in the area, fire crews are likely be out there are for quite some time monday offering hot spots. matt? natasha? >> expelled. the clock is tick for three dozen diplomats who must leave the united states.
6:32 am
we are at the russian consulate. amy? >> it is quiet at baker and friend with no activity. no one is hauling suitcases out of the building and looking like they are moving. yet. the most activity we have seen, the only hint of possible moving preparations came yesterday when we saw fullshipping budgets carried in after hours. one person here called president obama's actions "under friendly," and said they can not give us an official comment. some stopped by yesterday and heard a lot of shock and concern. >> i am concerned. it is a bad development. i hope the incoming administration will change this course. >> it is unclear how many russian diplomats work here at the consulate in san francisco. it was business as usual yesterday with people coming here for issues such as processing passports said the
6:33 am
staff was friendly and everything was normal. the order from the obama administration is to learn the country in 72 hours. we will keep an eye on the situation. new this morning, russian president vladimir putin is responding saying russia will not expel united states diplomats despite the recommendation from the foreign minister. he sees the up friendly moves from the outgoing administration as "provocative," aimed at undermining relations. >> president-elect has refused to say that the kremlin had any involvement in the election. say the computers are complicated our lives. the age of computer made it where no one knows what is beginning on. >> he released a statement saying it is time for our country to of my on to bigger and better things and will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week to be
6:34 am
updated with the facts of situation. >> we alerted you to the sans should against russia with a punish alert. you can be able push alerts with update oz your phone or tablet. >> woman is in jail accused of mail theft and it was easy. the 45-year-old woman was in illegal possession of a united states postal service master key allowing her to unlock mail boxes around the bay area and arrested last week in milpitas at 7-eleven parking lot. police say the officers spotted her parked in a handicapped space and discovered more than a dozen pieces of mail from the south and east bay and the master key and hand made keys, possibly used to open up mailboxes. all the arrest and recovery of the key will hopefully help stem some of the mail theft we have experienced. >> police do nut necessity how she got ahold of the master keys and the post office is
6:35 am
investigating. have the investigators say they found she was high on drugs when arrested and meth meg discovered in her car. >> there was a jewelry robbery at the san francisco jewelry center on utah street. the man was taken to the hospital but he did not have serious injuries. >> man caused chaos for bart for an hour running through the transbay tube. the viewer treated the photos from the embarcadero station. trains moved slowly in plan manual mode and tracked him down after an hour and removed him. all the ex fiance of ray mcdonald is reviewing new days of a video that shows a fight. stop! stop! >> she said mcdonald beat her causing bruises while she was on
6:36 am
the team and -- he was on the team and she was pregnant. she recorded videos. >> i used a recorder so he could look back at it the next day and reflect on it. this time i was scared. >> his attorney said that the video was taken out of context and is used to influence the custody hearings. >> wells fargo is hit with yet another lawsuit from a former employee. she said she alerted the san francisco based bank to the illegal practices. brown claims that wells fargo retaliated for being a whistleblower on illegal and aggressive sales tactics and the bank agreed did pay $185 million to settle claims for opening unauthorized accounts to real unrealistic goals. show was let go. >> debbie reynolds received a
6:37 am
send off at a place she made famous, the chinese theater dimmed the lights if her honor. her palm prints are in the cement and filmed part of "singing in the rain," with a small joint service with her daughter who died on tuesday. >> tonight, a special one hour "20/20," dedicated to the lives of debbie reynolds and carrie fisher, "hollywood love story." tonight. >> the update from abc7 mornings. >> there is fog in the north bay. especially long 101, santa rosa three miles visibility and one mile in petaluma and half a mile in napa, elsewhere, looking clear on the peninsula and in the east bay. highs today are comfortable and mild upper 50's to low 60's and it will be mostly sunny and
6:38 am
partly cloudy conditions 62 san jose and next chance of rain monday and tuesday. less than .1". what it will do is bring cold air heading our way so overnight lows are dropping into the 20's and 30's. we are talking about a widespread freeze possible on wednesday morning with more details coming up. if you have done your nails, alexis, what is next? >> i could jump rope in the traffic center, that is how quiet it is. no blocking issues since starting at 4:30 and the toll plaza is light at bay bridge and the metering lights will not be flipped on, and golden gate bridge is six minutes and year's eve sneaking up. some of your transportation options, we have a lot of mass transit agencies offering free rides including muni starting at
6:39 am
8:00 tomorrow with free service around the system. bart is not free but they offer extra service to and from san francisco starting at 8:00 tomorrow until 3:00 a.m. and, remember, bart will alternate the san francisco stops so if you are on the pittsburg bay point line they are not stopping at embarcadero. caltrain has extra san francisco departures until 2:15 and v.t.a. is free until 5:00 a.m. and a.c. transit is regular sort schedule at 8:00 p.m. until 5 o'clock a.m. again, free. c.h.p. said they will be in a maximum enforcement period kicking in tonight at 6:00 through monday at midnight so all available personnel will be out looking for impaired drivers and that doesn't noon you cannot separate. >> if they choose to drink we ask they have a game plan whether it is uber and lyft or
6:40 am
designated driver or taxi. >> expect a lost company. this is along the embarcadero as the fireworks show in san francisco is wrapping up, a lot of could i will in my sweat pants on the couple, and i am not sure i make it to midnight. you? >> take a nap. wake up for the countdown. >> on new year's eve, more security is expected in northbound city on new year's eve, with 7,000 uniformed police officers watching the crowd at times square with no specific threat but the city is not taking any chances, 65 sand trucks are parked on streets around the celebration. it will be impossible for then to drive into the crowd. it will be one of the safe of the places in the world according to the new york city police chief.
6:41 am
>> remember, you can split new year office eve with dick clark's rockin' new year's eve and news at 11:00 and then back to ryan seacrest through midnight. >> locals, if you think your commute is worse, you are right. and a study predicts the future of bear traffic. >> new survey shows shocking date are whose did not consider meeting for dinner. >> but, first, what is ahead on "good morning america" next. dan? >> the counter punch with president obama cracking down on russia with alleged we election hacks expelling diplomats and how russia and president-elect how russia and president-elect are
6:42 am
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plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. you are like look zealing with heavy traffic on the bay area roads, yes, it is getting worse. >> a new report says congestion has shot were by 84% in the last decade. our reporter joins us in santa clara with more on this report. >> good morning. we are here at 101 at great
6:45 am
america parkway. i can see more cars on the highway here and this is the time of day when people begin their morning commute and deal with congestion. we know a lot about that. this report is coming from the business times this morning, just between 2005 and 2015 caltran estimates more than 72,000 hours of delay for vehicles on the road each day. the top counties for congestion include alameda, santa clara, and contra costra and the days with the most congestion starts with the first is wednesday is the worst, with thursday second, and tuesday is third. what is the solution according to caltran? they believe a way to tackle the congestion is to build more connection corridors with more express lanes. we will see if that happens but they predict it is nut going
6:46 am
away but only getting worse. starting monday more ferries back-and-forth between slay let and san francisco. with for new departures from slay let and three from san francisco. the existing 8:00 a.m. vallejo departure is discontinued and route 200 b.s. service is permanently discontinued. >> santa clara taxi company will shut down tomorrow and pay $200,000 to settler a labor case. action transits failed to provide worker compensation insurance required by law. the taxi was fined for misclassifying drivers as independent contractors. they say they are closing for good because of the costs of battling with regulators. >> jessica castro has an update. >> the local story we have been following is new this morning, another local chain stepping up
6:47 am
to try and help out employees who were let go from pomodoro a few minutes ago with an advisory saying wendy's wants to interview those people. pomodoro closed 15 locations this week and let their employees go by text message. employees are supposed to pick up their last paycheck today so we will watch that story. back to you. >> this morning, apple is facing a lawsuit from the parents of a child killed in a car crash. >> they say face time is partly to blame. jane? >> yes, parents of a child killed by a disk -- driver on christmas eve 2014, a driver was use face time on the iphone crashed into another vehicle in texas that killed a five-year-old girl in the back seat. apple was negligent.
6:48 am
>> shoppers and travels may have found the pop-up facebook stores over the holidays what the toes are trying -- the store trying to sell is virtual reality available in several city across the country including denver, new york, phoenix and san francisco. online dateers are too peace or too cheap to go out to dinner on the first date only 7 in 10,000 machines in a survey suggested grabbing dinner, dateers survey say dinner can last a long time and it can be very awkward if the date does not go well. for beginning date others they prefer cocktails. >> stops are have quiet the dow down 2 1/2 points and quiet. as we expect for the holiday weekend. the dow is up 13% this year, with nice gains. >> happy new year.
6:49 am
>> twitter c.e.o. dorsey will summarize suggestions he received in a question-and-answer with followers revealing the most requested feature by users is an edit to fix spelling and grammar mistakes quickly. and a way to cut down on harassment and did not respond to concerns about president-elect donald trump and asked for a better way to asked for a better way to bookmark shared articles. >> look at this, a bull moose running alongside a car down montana highway. it runs past the car and finally ends up darting into the woods. what an impressive clip from a giant animal. something you never see around here. >> probably just trying to stay warm. that is men -- me when it is below 50.
6:50 am
>> it is great you exercise i just bundle up. >> it look like it will be a cold start to 2017. >> and it will be very chilly. live doppler hd shows high cloud from the south but that is it. looking to san francisco, we have clear and calm conditions over the bay and slight chance of rain, and chilly new year's eve with the cool down this weekend and showers and snow next week heading to the bay area but today, mostly sunny conditions, just a few clouds. temperatures are nearly average and comfortable in the low 60's for some areas, 64 in cloverdale and san francisco is 57 and oakland is 60 and san jose is 62 degrees. we have a cold arctic air from canada and it will be moving in and bring us frigid conditions on the stem -- storm-impact scale it ranks a "1", or light. on monday into tuesday the snow
6:51 am
levels could drop to a thousand feet and we could see snow on highway 17, cold scattered showered and the rainfall is less than .1", and we are looking at temperatures tumbling by up to 14 degrees into the next work week and it will be chilly and the seven-day forecast shows a nice day today, slight chance tomorrow, cooling down, and very chilly cold conditions monday and tuesday when we next see our chance of rain. >> the director told me i have the jerry seinfeld of traffic reports a show about nothing. a traffic report about nothing. no one is on the roads. the richmond-san rafael bridge is wide open approaching the richmond side. the traffic maps shows the visibility layer added with some areas with fog. it is thicker in the north bay and napa and the point along highway 37, it is dense and between that and 101 and the
6:52 am
novato area, you could run into the reduced visibility so showdown, take it easy and same in the central valley and into tracy it thins out. we will look at mass transit in less than 10 minutes. >> look at this, the warriors help make the dreams come true for this leukemia parent from oakland. 18-year-old darryl aikens received a bone marrow transplant from his mother in june but the cancer has come back. his mother said the visit was good to boot morale for her son as he continues to fight. >> it was cool, i love to see that big smile. he deserves it. >> someone so strong and courageous we can learn a lot from him, probably doing more for us than we can do for him. >> he is an athlete and plays football at the local high school. we wish him the best. >> great story.
6:53 am
>> great story. stay tuned.
6:54 am
here are seven things to know before you go. one, russian president vladimir putin said russia will not expel diplomats in response to president obama's sanctions. 35 russian diplomats have to
6:55 am
leave the united states following russia's interference in the election. diplomats in san francisco are packing up and heading out. >> two, firefighters are cleaning up a mess left over at this home in palo alto after a fire broke out this morning on lewis road. the homeower is safe. the investigator is on the way to the scene to figure out the cause. >> three, palo alto residents could be drinking water that looks, smells, and tastes funny. the water supplier is switching reservoirs in order to inspect and repair the reservoir. it should be back to normal in a few days. >> breaking news a major search underway near lake erie for a small missing plane, with six people on board including children. they took off from an airport near cleveland. month sign of the plane or people. >> we have a nice day ahead with temperatures comfortable in the upper 50's to low 60's again. new year's eve is looking good
6:56 am
but governor you are out bundle up it will be chilly inland before very cold air is moving in next week. >> extremely light volumes this morning, and i want to give you a net for the service today that is reduced, with just 3 and 5 and if you are working on monday, no ace service on january 2 end. >> amazon is having another huge when day digital only sell today. the giant offer up to big discops including 80% off of video games and 50% off top movies, and tv shows ending at midnight. >> we continue online and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. >> so many of you are interested in the eagle and the baby eaglet. i hope we can bring you another live picture to check on what is beginning on, in florida, right now, we expected it yesterday. it could happen today. once i heard i was going to
6:57 am
be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. ell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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good morning, america. striking back, president obama laying out an unprecedented punishment, cracking down on russia in the wake of those election hacks. kicking dozens of russian operatives out of the country, shutting down two russian compounds in the u.s. and now the kremlin with its new retaliation. saying good-bye. abc news learning overnight that carrie fisher and her mom, debbie reynolds, will have a joint funeral bringing all of hollywood together to celebrate these stars. ♪ words wouldn't come in an easy way ♪ >> the new details from the family this morning about the final farewell. times square on high alert. new york officials stepping up security for new year's eve.


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