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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 30, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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where you live, this is abc 7 news. a stand off with russia ending with vladimir putin standing down. while 35 diplomats in the united states crewing in san francisco are waiting for their flights home. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am matt keller here for kristen sze. >> russia will not rea.t.m. -- retaliate for sanctions. >> this is pay back by the obama administration over interfering with the presidential election. here is more on the story. >> the united states strikes
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back at russia. the obama administration holding ground against russian president vladimir putin. >> not much happens in russia without vladimir putin. >> he is chosing not to retaliate. wait on the man who he has a friendly regulationship, donald trump. president obama slaps sanctions against moscow's top intelligence agencies shut down two russian compounds in maryland and new york, and kicking out 35 russian intelligence operatives from the united states. >> this morning, russia's foreign minister recommended a tit for tat saying we shut force out 35 machine diplomats. but vladimir putin said, no. calling the obama administration move provokive to undermine relations with president trump. >> the reset button is really beginning to be president trump's. >> trump has not accepted the fiendings of the intelligence community that russia was trying to interfere in the 2016
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election and said it is time to move on to bigger and better things. >> i find it fascinating frump said it is time to move on from a cyber war with russia but he actually cannot move on from a bad restaurant review or not winning an emmy award for apprentice. >> he said he will meet with intelligence community leaders next week and while he could reverse the sanctions against russia, that could hurt him politically with members of boat parties in congress want to see tougher measures taken against russia. >> three dozen russian diplomats must leave the united states with the clock ticking for some in san francisco. we were inside the russian chance lat for an unexpected briefing. what do we know, amy? >> the council john pulled us aside and said he wanted to milk an exception and make a comment on what was happening, saying that four employees of the consulate here in san francisco will be leaving the country and
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it will be with the families, 11 people total, three of them are children. >> we conceded the sanctions completely are unsubstantiated. unreasonable. very detrital to the relations between two neighbors, the united states of america and russian federation. i am sorry for my employees and our friends. >> one of the employees who will be going back to russia is the chef. he is in charge of making food for new year's eve party with hundreds of people here for the party a big deal, one of the biggest holidays in russian culture, as big as christmas is to christian in the united states. he said the children will not be getting the gifts they expect to get on new year's eve and the families will barely have time to get their affairs in order before they have on get out of
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the country. he calls it a low point of his time sense he has been assigned here and is hope it will be the lowest. as far as business at the consulate, it is open. we have seen people arrive here today to get their pass although it could be slower because they are losing employees. >> we are track all of the developments on the sanctions right here. download it for free by enabling push alerts with breaking news the moment it happens. >> we have new detail on a shooting in san francisco in the civic center that is now a homicide. at golden gate avenue at 5:30 two machine -- men were shot. a 39-year-old died and a 49-year-old suffered non-life
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threatening injuries. investigators are looking for two suspects. >> had was a robbery at the san francisco jewelry center a whole sailer took his jewelry out outf the car. a suspect punch him in the cleft and grabbed the case and took off. the jeweler has minor injuries. >> palo alto home owner is safe after a two alarm fire ripped through their home. the fire started at act this morning on lewis road between embarcadero and north california avenue. no other homes in the area were affected. it took 0 minutes to put owe the flames, gaze are looking into the cause. >> employees of pomodoro that suddenly closed on monday or in demand. in san jose at pomodoro the window what nearly covered with wendy's and wingstop, all wanting to interview the jobless
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employees. also, an ominous note saying a sum of $18,000 is owed for december. employees found out in a text message they were out of a job. they were told they could pick up their final paycheck today. >> preparations for new new yeas eve celebrations are underway. jessica? >> as you stock up the city and police departments are clearing up for huge crowds. this weekend is this different with the holiday follow on a saturday. the the biggest sign is the fencing being installed along the embarcadero to keep the crowds safe. they do have d.u.i. check possibilities in place. police will have all hands on deck tomorrow looking for anything suspicious including suspicious manages. police will be in uniform and
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plain clothes. people have asked, are we increasing our security? no. we have already increased our security to the maximum level. >> they are working with several agencies to monitor social media posts and quickly spend to any threats online or anything suspicious. other important things the heaviest patrols in downtown, embarcadero and market and castro. you cannot drink in public. no open containers. watch your belongings. if you get a cell phone or small item swiped do not call 9-1-1, san francisco police department said it is most effective to flag down an officer on the street. if you see something, say something. thank you jessica castro.
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>> this are plenty of ways to get around on new years years eve. the key is for get you there safe. what are the options? >> we have free options. a lot of budget-friendly ways to get around including muni. all lines and routes totally free, 8:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. on sunday. bart is not free but they are increasing service and will run until 3:00 a.m. with downtown san francisco stops the lanes alternate between montgomery and embarcadero. caltrain is increasing service and free with a.c. transit on regular saturday service tomorrow and free service on sunday. c.h.p. will be in a maximum enforcement gear until midnight on monday meaning all available personnel will be on duty looking for impaired drivers.
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>> if they drink for the holiday, have a game plan, whether it is uber, lyft or designated driver. >> plan on delays. this is a look at embarcadero as the fire, would show was ending last year, we are expecting the same thing this year. saying home is an option, as well, and if i can stay awake until midnight. >> watch the 9:00 fire woulds. >> that works. >> if you taking uber home, it could cost. uber is expecting to give 15 million rides across the country a record-breaking night. when demand increases, the prices increase up to ten times the rate. so called dynamic pricing helps ensure drivers are always mere and you can get a ride during high demand. how do you avoid surge pricing new years? do not ride from midnight to
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3:00 a.m. split the fare office wait a minute and wait for the prices to go down. officer -- or you can celebrate from the comfort of your hope and rockin' new year starts at 8:00 p.m. and abc7 news at 11 is next and then back to ryan seacrest. >> dealing with traffic, something you likely know well, and might be have in the to yourself it seems to be getting worse, you are right. we are at 101 with the new report. >> go figure, we doing a traffic story and there is little traffic but it is friday. it is a holiday weekend. the report said that average vehicle spends an hour in
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traffic. it is not fun. frustrating. time consuming. >> lot of lights, and a lot of cars with traffic congestion tell. >> i can get to work without traffic in 15 minutes but 45 to get home. >> if you think it is getting worse a new report said that it is. caltrain tracked an increase of 72,000 daily hours of delay for vehicles over a decade. >> alameda is at top of the list with 35% of traffic congestion. santa clara has the number two spot at 22%, san mateo has 11%. surprisingly traffic is at 7%. >> horrible. especially peak hours. i do nut -- not go anywhere but work and home.
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>> worst days? wednesday and then thursday, and then tuesday. >> mondays people are aware it will be hectic so they plan ahead. >> it is lick it was during the boom. >> really? >> i only drive three miles so i have it easy. >> he speaks for only a few. >> caltran said they have a few long term plans it deal with the problem including express lanes. >> coming up a basketball game and a flight to ohio state university but the plane never arrived. what can help the rescue crews in the republican for -- the search for six missing people. >> we have sunshine and warm temperatures and rain and snow in the forecast and chilly conditions. next week temperature could drop into the 40's with the seven-day
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forecast in two
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>> coast guard officials are hopeful to find a miss plane with sex people that disappeared loan the shores of lake erie. it took off from cleveland en route to columbus. four adults and two children were in the cessna. a spokesperson said they were heading back from cleveland cavaliers and flying to ohio state university. the weather hampered the search
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but the forecast will improve today. >> carry fisher and debbie reynolds will have a joint bother-daughter funeral but the date and election are still not known. the 84-year-old december died of a stroke on wednesday hours after officialer passed away on tuesday. the two were so close they lived next door to each other. tonight, we will have a special one hour edition dead kitted to the leaves of carrie fisher and debbie reynolds, years and close bond "hollywood love story," right here after abc 7 news at 11:00. >> a kids' toy saying adult things. >> and our camera on the embarcadero and the bay bridge a beautiful shot. it will be cold for the new year. frances will have detail on that. here is a look in san jose, cold there,
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>> now ambassador update from abc 7. >> we have high clouds moving in from the south. we had fog this morning but it is quiet. temperatures range, warming up in the south by where we are at 51. san mateo and mountain view but cooler in the not by at 49 in santa rosa. a nice afternoon. like yesterday. temperatures are near average or above in some areas. look for upper 50's with partly cloudy skies to low 60's. san jose will hit 62 and san francisco 56 and oakland 60.
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big carolinas in the forecast. a chance of showers tomorrow morning and it will be chilly and dry new year's eve. snow and light rain possible in the bay area next week. i will show you that. latest animation a few isolated showers popping up tomorrow morning and they are hit-and-miss showers. to be honest, the models have been in disagreement. but it is out there. tomorrow afternoon we will see more sunshine. here is what you can expect new year's eve. a slight chance by lunch but diminishing clouds in the afternoon. in the 40's and chilly inland if you have new year's eve celebrations you will need a thick coat. i want to tell you of the first cold air heading our way. it is coming in, the cold air, frigid air bring us the next
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storm. on temperature stem -- on storm-impact scale it is "1" or lit. the snow levels are down to a thousand feet so you could have snow through the santa cruz mountains but the rainfall will amount to less than .1" the rain is not the issue. it will be the temperatures. in san jose, for example, our average high is 57. today is 62. look how they will tumble to the 40's for the middle of next work week and we have widespread freeze with morning lows in the 20's, as well. and the seven-day forecast shows companily sunny sky today in the 60's with a slight chance of a shower on saturday morning and happy new year, chilly and cold, cold, cold.
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freezing. cold. >> and a challenging forecast. you can stay updated on our news app. >> there is more trouble this morning involving the hottest toys this season, many parents went to great lengths to get hatchimals and some are not happy. first, the toy eggs would not hatch and the sounds sound like swearing. the company is addressing this saying the hatchimals making random sound when sleeping but bad words are not part o
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>> coming up at 4:00, you can use your cell phone while driving will change with steps to avoid a fine. the risk and reward of a restaurant and how it is changing the face of union square at 5:00. >> looking for something fun this weekend, we have you covered. >> and jessica has ideas. >> plenty of people are ready to be done where -- with 2016. >> the annual great polar bear
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plunge is sunday at ocean beep, double-trouble this beach combining efforts with the world naked bicycle ride. meet at 10:00 at great highway and lincoln way. hop on the bicycle and jump into the ocean. clothing optional. a towel sounds like a good idea. >> from ice cold water to ice, shed off a few layers, ring in the new year in your swimsuit in the polar bear skate happening at young square at 2:00 sunday with costumes encouraged. >> we have prizes. first place wins a suite at the cliff, $100 to john's grill and macy's gift card $100. second is sugar bowl tickets, incentive to get dressed up. >> union square has a lot of shops, just in case. >> the west fooled mall -- west field mall with 20 local artists
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showcasing their products under the dome with a beautiful christmas tree and it runs through january 7 so plenty of time to by unique items 4:00 to five o'clock each day. >> there is plenty to do this weekend with more ideas on our website. happy new year. all the were side down christmas tree take my breast away. incredible. >> thanks for joining us. frances, quickly, are we safe? will we have dry new year's eve? >> at night, the morning could be dry but potential pop-up shower. thanks for joining
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>> hey, everybody, on today's show, we've got some great contestants, great questions, and a great deal of money on the line. and it's all starting right now. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] wow, fired up. let's do it. our first contestant left a ten-year career working in news to become a driver. luckily, he still remembers all the facts and stories he covered. from decatur, georgia, please welcome joe mattern. joe, what's up, buddy? good to see you. they are fired up in the "millionaire" arena today. >> i am too. >> i don't know what they're serving, but it's good. it's all about you winning


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