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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 1, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> fireworks explode along san francisco's embarcadero, ringing in 2017. hundreds of thousands of people lined the street for the annual event. and then it seemed like everyone decided to leave at once. huge traffic jams last into the early morning hours. but this morning the streets are quiet as the new year begins. good morning. it's sunday, january 1st, 2017. happy new year to you. i'm cornell barnard in for carolyn tyler. let's start with the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. happy new year. >> happy new year. there's a good deal of cloud cover and visibility has been reduced. a quarter mile from santa rosa and 2 1/2 in napa visibility. breezy winds. 34 in napa but check out half moon bay, hayward and san mateo,
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50 for you. your forecast today calls for cool sunshine to start and then we look for partly cloudy skies, a chance of showers in the afternoon. once again, we talking no levels as low as 1500 feet in the north bay. it looks to be a pretty the wet week ahead. details in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. developing news out of oakland this morning. a driver trying to get away from police ran into a homeless encampment, injuring three people, leaving one with a broken leg. officers driving westbound on 9820 noticed a driver was speeding and tried to pull him over. the driver instead took the 27th street exit and overturned on north gate avenue, landing on a tent occupied by homeless people. two other people inside the car were arrested. the driver tried to run away, but was caught. fireworks, as usual, were spectacular, but as usual, the time it took to get home may have taken the sparkle out of the eric. here's what it looked like on the embarcadero at 12:30 this
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morning. a solid line of red lights going toward the bay bridge. our emeryville camera when the same slow-moving red lights too. bart ran trains until free this morning. stations were packed for the ride home. earlier in the night protesters shut down a portion of market street. they said they were taking a stand. >> someone who is a veteran, has worked in the federal service for several years, it is alarming to think that we as americans have voted in an individual who stands for all things negative. >> however, it did seem that most people walked away with bright thoughts for the new year. abc7 news was at san francisco's asian art museum when people got a jump on ringing in the new year. they took turns clanging a
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2100-pound bell that dates back in the 16th century. we invite you to share your new year's eve pictures with us on social media using the # abc7 now. we may share it on social media or an tv. developing news out of turkey this morning. officials say at least 39 people are dead, another 70 wounded after a man opened fire in an istanbul nightclub. they call it an act of terror. a gunman wearing a santa claus hat started shooting at people inside. at least 15 killed were foreigners visiting turkey. the gunman changed clothes and got away. he is now the target of a manhunt. a solemn ceremony was held on new year's eve to remember this year's homicide victims in oakland. abc7 news was at saint columbus catholic church where community
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members, clergy and city officials prayed for the victims. there were 83 homicides in oakland in 2016. for every person that was killed, they place a white cross on their front lawn. they say it was time to take them down in hopes of a more peaceful 2017. catholic charities, oakland community organizations and other groups made it a service to remember those who lost their lives and work towards changing statistics for the following year. >> the church also has a special cross to honor the 36 victims of the ghost ship warehouse fire. it's the 8th annual a all-white vigil for oscar grant at the fruitvale bart station. on january 1, 2008 grant was shot and killed by a bart police officer. the officer served 11 months. today's attend december are asked to come dressed all in white.
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vigil is from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m.. they hope a broken vehicle's broken side view mere find the driver who left the scene after hitting a bicyclist on new year's eve. the victim suffered a serious head injury. he was struck on columbus parkway around 4:00 p.m. yesterday. he was rushed to the hospital aboard a medical helicopter. vallejo police want to hear from you if you saw the crash. two crashes shut down interstate 5 year bakersfield yesterday. that's because 20 cars were involved north of the highway 99 split. two victims died. both were from mantika. and all lanes at the grapevine open this morning. the chp closed the freeway for several hours at 7:00 last night because of heavy snow. this was in the town of gorman. as you can imagine, traffic was backed up. chp escorted cars through the
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area until it cleared up. thousands missed new year's eve get togethers and instead spending time in idling cars. a man is accused of walking into a doughnut shop and threatening people with asamari sword. >> a guy came in with the sword and i saw him going bonkers. >> at first the man hit a chair with his would sword and then threw it across the doughnut shop. you can see one of the customers telling him to leave. people driving by started calling 911. >> a caller passing through the area. >> the man's rampage only lasted a few seconds. he didn't cut or hit anyone but left damage before walking out of the shop. >> came over to the display case, broke that one, and hit the other one and didn't break that one. then he walks outside. >> witnesses say it looked like
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he was angry at someone but that person wasn't in the shop and that made him angrier. >> i followed him down to where the u-haul is and over there four police officers tased him so he's in jail now. the police also confiscated his two-foot long sword. he did break the doughnut case but they fixed it the next day. >> have you seen a sword before in here? >> no, but one came in with a fake gun once. >> she's just happy no one got hurt. a mainly shake-up involving the san francisco 49ers. several reports say both head coach and general manager are about to lose their jobs. our sister network report both chip kelly and gm trent
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aa the lke will be gone after today's game. the team has not yet commented on the report. happening today, a cool christmas tradition in san francisco's union square. the polar bear skate. a big difference than the normal skate around. they are encouraged to put on their bathing suits and take the plunge. the fun begins at 2:00. what do you think? >> that looks fun. you know what? the ice will definitely not melt the next couple of days. we have a couple weather systems headed our way. all week long looks very active. the ifers will be chilly air. you see the clouds from the camera. it's still mild in hayward, half moon bay, san francisco. upper 40s to 50s. cool 30s in the north bay. we talk about low snow levels, a good deal of rain, sierra snow. we have it all for you in 2017. >> thank you, lisa. also next, the trump's
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administration public response to u.s. sanctions against a country a was dozens try to leave. and the spectacular fireworks on the strip.
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>> good morning and happy new year to you. a look from our sutro tower cam. things kind of quiet in san francisco. the crowds have gone home and the fireworks are over. things are dry out there but that's going to change. lisa argen is going to tell us
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about some wet weather that's headed our way in just a moment. right now expelled russian diplomats who worked at the consulate in san francisco are headed back to moscow. the four diplomats and seven family members drove to lax to catch a flight to russia. meanwhile as reporter mary bruce reports, there's new evidence that suggests russian hackers may have breached an american power company. >> 35 russian diplomats and their families, almost 100 people in total, leave. new concerns, the russians may have also target the the american electrical system. a code linked to the russian hack found on a laptop associated with a vermont electrical company. the apparent hack did not disrupt operations, but it raises questions about the security of the u.s. power grid. the discovery comes as president-elect trump it praisng russian president
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putin, tweeting it was a great move for him not to retaliate against the new sanctions saying i always knew he was very smart. but even some republican lawmakers disagree. to come out and say that, a, it never happened, and if it did eights not a big deal and we have done way worse, is a totally different thing, and i hope that tone changes. >> trump has repeatedly denied u.s. intelligence and questioned whether russia was behind the hacking. now in an interview his new press secretary questions whether the punishment fits the crime. >> you look at 35 people being expelled, two sites being closed down, the question is is that responsive in proportion to the actions being taken. maybe it is, maybe it isn't. it's important whether there is a political response here rather than a diplomatic response. >> trump said happy new year to all including my many enemies.
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mary bruce, abc news, washington. >> you can watch jonathan karl's complete interview with his press secretary shawn spicer at 8:00 a.m. on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. we will take a look at celebrations across the country. in las vegas there were fireworks for 8 minutes and a huge party on fremont street downtown. 330,000 people welcomed the new year in las vegas. in seattle the space needle put on a fireworks show for the 32nd consecutive year. the space needle is considered one of the world's largest structure launched firework displays. the ten minute show featured fireworks launched from nearly 90 different points. and the granddaddy of the new year's eve celebrations was in new york. the ball dropped in times square and the party began. right now the streets are pretty clean. sanitation workers went to work just after the ball dropped with 45 collection trucks.
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last year crews picked up 44 tons of debris. well, last night marked the eighth and final night of hanukkah. one group in san francisco shared positive thoughts after a thief nearly ruined the celebration. ♪ >> last night a rabbi led prayers and songs at san francisco's washington square before lighting all 8 candles. the wooden menorah was donated after someone stole another one last week. and there's a look at what people were talking about around the world in 2016. starting at number 10 is the hbo hit game of thrones. then rest in peace, for all the beloved people who passed away. donald trump, black live matter movement and brexit show some political awareness. and the top five is the oscars shown right here on abc7. don't forget the gaming trend pokemon go was another mention of this year's presidential elections and sports made two of
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the top five trends with european soccer and the olympics. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning, everyone. happy new year. looking at live doppler 7 where we do have cloud cover, keeping temperatures pretty mild, san francisco and oakland. but we have a weather system, a quick one moving down from the north that will bring much chillier air and the low snow levels. right now golden gate bridge, no problems. it's 50 in the city, 44 san jose, 39 in gilroy. half moon bay, you are at 50. from emeryville the sun coming up late. we will look at the sunset after 5:00. 34 novato, concord at 47. livermore at 46 degrees. we are looking at several things happening this week. the first being the fog, and isolated showers late with the low snow levels today. in fact, the north bay could see snow levels down to 12500 feet. the good -- 1500 feet. the moistur is limited but after that the next seven days lack active and we could see
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some potential flooding by the end of the upcoming work week. 54 today is the high in san jose. notice the cooler air settling in just temporarily and then as more moisture heads our way, the snow levels come up and we will begin to see more precip. so 1 on our storm impact scale for monday. the light showers less than a tenth of an inch. it will be cool. let's take you hour by hour, starting with today. we have partly cloudy skies and by the afternoon you notice a few showers. this is when the cold air settles in by later on today and tomorrow. this is monday. after monday's system the snow levels begin to raise and look what happens on tuesday. by late tuesday light showers. then it looks like the front wants to lift to the north by wednesday. yet there's more. we will look for the rain to continue through thursday and friday. looks like even saturday we will get more energy. if you put all of this together,
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very preliminary estimates for the next week. you know this is going to change. over an inch to inch and a half of rain. the next seven days. already in the sierra nevada we are looking at a winter weather advisory from tonight through 10:00 on tuesday. 10 to 15 inches west of highway 89 around mount rose. wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. we will look for chain restrictions. once again preliminary right around now and through tuesday but an additional foot of snow in south lake. so travel is going to be pretty tricky all week long. if you are planning on heading to the mountains, you are really going to want to stay tuned to the forecast. high temperatures today with sunshine early. on the cool side. low to mid-50s. showers late in the day. and tonight look how cold it's going to get in the north bay. there's enough moisture we could see some snow here and even in the south bay with temperatures even in the 40s. we've got that cold air in place. so with a little moisture it wouldn't take much to ring out a few snow showers. the seven-day forecast then,
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getting cooler. you notice the first weak system. then tuesday things get a little more active. 1 on the storm impact scale all week long. that certainly could change. download our app at and breeze city winds today. it will feel like january. >> for sure. jacket and umbrella. >> yes. >> got it. >> and the forecast. >> thank you so much. just ahead, we are joining millions of americans keeping watch over the bald eagles nest and we wait to see
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it. >> buying tickets to a show or supporting event is eatscy when you go joplin but a bay area cpa he somehow sold tickets he never bought. michael finney helped him out. >> bob was there to board a cruise ship on the atlantic and decided to check his e-mail first. >> once you get out at sea it's very difficult and expensive to get any internet. >> he actually saw the puzzling message from stubhub. >> thank you for purchasing those tickets. blow is a link to download them and print them. >> the e-mail said bob just purchased tickets to the event. >> i didn't order those tickets. i had no idea how they were ordered. >> he had to jump on the ship so he quickly replied saying i didn't order them, please reverse them. >> stubhub promised to fix it
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but later they said the charge was correct. they said it was not a fraudulent transaction. so i was being charged $88 for ticket i didn't order, i was 3,000 miles away so i called stubhub. >> someone promised to look other into it further and he never heard back. >> it was frustrating because i was trying to be on vacation and i was furious they wouldn't reverse it. >> bob contacted "7 on your side". we asked stubhub how those tickets got into his e-mail. he said there was no evidence of fraud and the purchase was made from the same act, an i.p. address used to make a purchase one month prior but as a one-time courtesy we refunded him. >> within a week the amount was refunded in full. he said no one else knows his name or account number so it's still a mystery how the tickets landed into his e-mail.
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he changed his password and disabled his account as a precaution a city councilman wants to ban adults from going on playgrounds unless they are accompanied by a child. he said the proposal was aimed at protecting child. any lone adult could not hang out for a space meant for kids. the adults could use the other areas of the park. new york, santa monica and miami beach have similar laws. critics believe it unfairly targets the homeless and single people. you are looking live what was a happy new year's eve for a pair of bald eagles in florida. that's where an eaglet tapped onna years eve and is waiting for another to join it in the world. about an hour ago we saw the egg moving with a new eaglet alongside. yesterday the live stream also captured the moment right after the first chick broke its eggshell. you can go on to our website,, to see what's happening now.
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that's the second eaglet could hatch at anytime. incredible video shows a raccoon stuck in a pipe in watsonville. a man heard cries coming from the drain around 3:00 friday morning. he called police for help. eventually wildlife emergency services had to step in. the only way to get to the raccoon was to cut through the pavement and dig to the pipe. 20 hours of relentless work later they pulled the animal out and sadly, despite the tremendous effort, the severely dehydrated raccoon did not survive we have new details on the knott's berry farm ride that stranded 21 people. of the ride remains closed and it's under investigation. the sky cabin stopped moving around 2:00 friday afternoon. it took 8 hours to get everyone off safely. first report said the ride was 150 feet in the air. turns out it was closer to
6:26 am
100 feet. not that it mattered at all to the 21 riders, including seven children trapped inside. witnesses below could only watch and hope. >> i couldn't even look out the window. so if that was me up there right now i would have to be sedate today come out. >> they will have a heckuva tale to tell when they get back to school. >> for sure. no word when the ride will reopen as the park investigates what exactly went wrong. some retailers are scrambling to keep fresh local crab in stock because of the cracking strike. the fishermen from bodega bay up to canada went on strike after a mainly wholesale buyer dropped their price from three dollars to $2.75 a pound. fish he were men in half moon bay said they would stay out of the water this weekend as a show of solidarity. some crab sellers in san francisco say they are now out of dungeonnous crab. other fish markets report a very limited supply.
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still to come on abc7 mornings, how people in the bay area can pay tribute to carrie fisher tonight in san francisco. and ride sharing puts the spotlight on places to be in silicon valley. stops you won't want to
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>> good morning east bay. >> this is abc7 mornings
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>> good morning and happy new year to you. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. happy new year. some cloud cover this morning allowing to keep the temperatures a little milder. although there is fog up in the north bay, less than a quarter mile. look at napa, three quarters of a mile. and we also are looking at milder temperatures from san mateo, the the peninsula, s. the forecast today calling for partly cloudy skies to start. breezy, a cooler afternoon, a chance of showers late, and these will be showers that could drop a little bit of snow in the higher elevations. we are talking low snow levels and an active weather week ahead. details a few minutes away. >> thank you so much. happening today to honor the lake carrie fisher, a theater will screen the film "post cards from the edge." it as meryl streep. fisher died on tuesday at the
6:31 am
age of 60 after experiencing cardiac trouble during a fly from london to los angeles. the film starts at 6:30. next, big changes that just took effect for 2017. new laws from what you can and can't smoke to how to catch a catfish. abc news correspondent ron claiborne tells us what we need to know. >> in california, nevada, massachusetts and maine, recreational amounts of marijuana can be used and sold legally. the deadly 2015 accident between a fedex delivery truck and charter bus led to a new california law requiring charter bus drivers to provide better safety instruction toss passengers. >> 911. we have an active shooter here! >> man, listen to me. take a deep breath. okay, is he still shooting? >> oh, my gosh! >> in the wake of the 2015 san bernardino massacre that claimed 14 lives, new gun laws in california ban easily
6:32 am
releadable semiautomatic weapons and prohibit magazines of more than 10 bullets. and a rush to purchase just those kinds of weapons. illinois is expanding the fight against domestic and sexual violence. and 20 states raise their minimum wage. ranging from missouri where it goes up by a nickel to arizona where it jumps nearly two dollars an hour. in illinois you will be able to as you a pitchfork, a spear gun or a bow and arrow, your choice, to hunt catfish. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> the new year is bringing a lower sales tax but before you celebrate it may not have much of an impact. it will drop by a quarter of one percent to 7.25%.
6:33 am
pleasant hill voters aproved a half% increase that takes effect in april. and to help workers pay the tax, minimum wage is going up in various bay area cities. oakland rises 31 cents to $12.86 an hour. a 38% jump will raise the minimum rage in richmond to $12.30 an hour. workers in san jose won't notice a difference, the minimum wage goes up just ten cents to $10.40 an hour. a around full of new safety laws takes effect. among them drivers will know longer be allowed to hold a cell phone in their hands for any reasons. motorists will still be able to use their smartphones if they do it hands-free. the phone must be mounted on the dashboard or windshield. another new law requires dui offenders to install enter lock devices for a specified time to get a restricted driver's license or to reinstate their license and children under two years of age must a ride
6:34 am
rear-facing in their safety seat. children weighing 40 pounds or more or taller than 40 inches are exempt. the top drop off location for h. rift in san francisco is sfo, but what tops the list in silicon valley? matt got a had had lyft to find out. >> we started with lyft to the most visited stop in silicon valley, this station. >> there are seven lyft cars around us right now. they revealed their local had rewards for the most popular locations in silicon valley. with he needed an expert opinion so we requested a driver. a car drove up in his white toyota prius. >> this is my photographer ian. >> hi. >> hop in. >> karl has been driving for had rift in san jose for about a year. the airport, deerdon and google and face look and menlo park are the most popular.
6:35 am
the latter is the only one in the had rift award. >> they want their picture taken with the thumbs up. they come from all over the world just to do that. >> with so many sharks games and concerts it's no surprise the sap center wins the award for the most visited event venue. but in nightlife downtown san jose is the place to go. you probably just won't go with a car. >> i'm not a daytime guy so that's probably more a younger set. >> the market bar is the most visited bar. and right next door this is the most visited restaurant. for karl it's not always the destination but the journey is the most interesting. >> interesting people from around the world, learn something different about a country or state. you become more tolerant and understands people where they are coming from a little more so it's good for me. >> one more lyfty award to talk about. a spot at santana road called
6:36 am
roots and rye and this one for trending destination. abc7 news. all right. thanks, matt and thanks, karl. still on abc7 mornings, meet those who are about to be a part of tomorrow's rose parade. a live look from our abc7 roof cam. where did everybody how go? the crowds are gone from new year's eve and some of the fireworks. but some wet, cold weather are headed our way. we have
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>> good morning and happy new year to you. guess what? this is the first shot of the golden gate bridge for 2017. pretty cool, right? well, yeah, why not? nobody on the bridge at this moment. everybody has gone home from new year's eve celebrations. some cold, wet, chilly weather headed our way. lisa argen is going to tell us all about that coming up in a few minutes. 2017 is starting off with some cosmic style. n.a.s.a. said a come met will be visible for the next couple weeks. the come met was discovered a few months ago. it will be hard to sea with the naked eye but a telescope and even binoculars can spot it. look for a bright spot on the horizon. it will be visible through the second week of january. n.a.s.a. said it's the first of several comments people will be able to view throughout the year. we've got some inclement weather coming now. you may not be able to see it. >> you are right. we have several weather systems. we will try to sort through them
6:40 am
all in the next couple of minutes. but right now as we take a look outside, already getting light. isn't that nice when the exploratorium camera? 7:25 the official sunrise. 38 here, 32 in novato. the cold weather system first and then the wet weather with milder conditions to follow. i'll have your full forecast in just a few minutes. >> did i say inclement? i've never used that word before. >> you got it. >> also next, coming up in sports, the dig changes the 49ers are reportedly planning to make after their season finale against the
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>> good morning and happy new year to you. i hope your 2017 is off to a good start. no traffic here on the bay bridge this morning. lisa argen says cool, wet weather is headed our way. she will tell us about that coming up in just a few minutes. in sports, this afternoon both the raiders, niners playing their biggest division rivals. oakland will try to clinch the afc west the in denver against the broncos. kickoff at 1:25:00 p.m. and the niners battle the seahawks. kickoff also at 1:25. some big changes will reportedly happen in santa clara after the game. here is anthony with the details in this morning's sports. >> it's going to be one and done for chip kelly with the 49ers but's not the only one about to be out of a job. according to multiple reports, including espn, the niners will fire kelly as head coach and general manager trent baalke
6:44 am
after the season finale against seattle. in many ways their futures were linked together. the 49ers are 2-14 with with kelly's first year with the team. including a franchise record 13-game losing streak but it's largely due to free agent signings and draft picks by baalke. if fired the niners would have four different coaches in the last seasons. baalke has been would be niners since 2005. he took over at gm in 2011. the team has not commented on the report. unfinished business was the battle cry for clemson this season after losing to alabama in last year's national title game. the tigers were not shy about they wanted a rematch against the tide and they got it after taking care of business in the fiesta boy. taking on ohio state. already up 10-0 in the second quarter. deshawn watson with the 30-yard touchdown pass to cg fuller.
6:45 am
what a catch. no interference on the call. fuller still making the grab. 17-0 tigers at the half. third quarter, watson's second rushing td of the game from 7 yards out. 24-0 clemson. buckeye fans in disbelief. jt barrett and the buckeye offense off their game. drake has one of are two clemson interception necessary the game. urban myer was never shut to the u. out as head coach until this game. they will head to their second straight national title game. in the other semifinal game, trying to upset alabama. they scored on the opening drive. ryan anderson with the pick 6. husky fans in shock. tide rolling 17-7 in recess. check out this run! 69 yards. that would ice the game. he finished with a bamma bowl record 182 yards rushing and two
6:46 am
scores. bamma wins it 24-7. a rematch of last season's national title game that was won by alabama the sharks playing their tenth game on new year's eve and all have been on the road. san jose 7-1-1 on the last day of the year going into the game at staples center against the kings. these two teams do not like each other. opening seconds of the third, sharks down 2-0 until brett burns lets one go from near the blue line and trickles home. sharks on the board. less than four minutes later, kings on the breakaway. jeff carter rips it fast martin jones. the kings go up 3-1. six minutes to go. brenden dillon's shot. and it's flipped home. sharks trail by 1, 3-2. the sharks can't get the equalizer in the final minutes. 3-2, the final. these two teams will play their first game of 2017 against each other on tuesday. well, today the raiders and 49ers close out the regular season. highlights tonight on abc7 news
6:47 am
at 5:00 and 6:00. hey, everyone, have a happy new year. >> now the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> happy new year to you. here's live doppler 7. cloud cover aclouds for temperatures to stay up. light precip the next 48 hours. here's a live look outside. you see it looks pretty good from sutro. 50 san francisco. 44 mountain view as well as san jose. 40 gilroy with 48 in half moon bay. a milder start. emeryville and temperatures are much cooler in the north bay. freezing novato. 36 in santa rosa. it's 46 livermore. and finally, you are looking at some of the cloud cover there in the distance. patchy fog. visibility about a quarter mile in the north bay. it will get breezy later on today. we see scattered showers. snow levels continue to lower especially this the north bay, down to 1500 feet later today. we still could see a few flakes out there.
6:48 am
it will get quite unsettled and a milder pattern throughout the middle of the week and heavier rain on thursday, into next weekend. so a storm impact scale, we are bringing in a 1 for tomorrow. it should be very, very light precip, if you see any at all. but you certainly feel the change with the colder air mass. this is a two-daytime line. starting throughout the day today. by later on in the afternoon notice a few light showers especially along the coast. most of the energy running along the coastal hills. by overnight tonight we have the colder air in place. mt. hamilton over 4,000 feet could see a dusting, as well as perhaps mt. tam. you can see the showers here right on through monday afternoon. so we get a little bit of a break into tuesday. then we will be looking at heavier rain as we go towards the latter part of the week. so by 9:00 tuesday night, showers in the north bay. overnight on wednesday the system looks to lift north.
6:49 am
and then by thursday we have more rain. looks like it will last right on into the weekend. so into saturday, yeah, it's way far out, but preliminary estimates throughout the next seven days show that the rainfall will continue to increase. it will be warmer systems and we will see anywhere from over an inch of rain to upwards of two inches perhaps. that's the loose timeline. so we do have a winter weather advisory from 7:00 tonight and through 10:00 on tuesday. 10 to 15 inches west the of highway 89. very gusty wins with chain controls. that's just the first system. with this system we will add to about a foot of snow. but beyond that a lot of folks still have next week often. its going to be really advisable to stay tuned to the forecast for push alerts and national weather service advisories. highs today in the low to mid-50s. a cool afternoon with low snow levels. and tonight even with the cloud cover, the cold air is in place so we could see a few flakes of snow. the accuweather seven-day forecast, bikes it's going to be a wet time of it.
6:50 am
some of these 1's on the storm impact scale could be boosted to 2's. gusty winds and by the end of the week the rain will continue to accumulate and add up, which is all good news but you will have to stay tuned. things will change for sure. >> january is here. happy new year's to you. >> thank you. >> you can't have a parade without marching bands, right? one drug and bugle corps is getting ready to shine in tomorrow's rose bowl parade. we have the details. >> reporter: they are here from 28 states and three countries. >> it's like a family reunion. some of these people i haven't seen in years and it's like we never left. >> not just here to hang out. >> it's hard. the hardest thing i've ever done in my life. >> every movement sin
6:51 am
synchronized and precise. >> it's big for us. >> on its 50th anniversary the fan guard drum and bugle guard was chosen to perform here at tournament of roses parade in pasadena. >> during the parade you hear everything from "god bless america" to "uptown funk." the best of the best, the alumni and the touring summer program, ages 15 to 25. they make it look easy, but it's not. >> have you been hit in the head with a rifle? >> yes, i have. i have men scars. >> on day one they are fitted for uniforms. >> you feel history when you wear this thing. >> then ten hours a day, ag taking the performance from good to perfect. >> we have to eat like 4,000 calories a day sometimes because we burn more than that. >> with practice this intense, strangers become friends. >> you make new friends overnight and by the end of the week we have a set of new
6:52 am
friends. >> they leave with a new feather in their cap, the honor of marching in a world famous parade. >> takes a lot of time and patience but at the end of the day it becomes a beautiful moment. >> jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> good luck, guys. you can watch the 2017 rose parade. it starts tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. live from pat dina. coming up, a new year's day tradition that's more than just
6:53 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
6:54 am
all seems beautiful to me.
6:55 am
>> check your tickets. here are the winning numbers from last night's $70 million powerball drawing. . >> nobody picked all six numbers so wednesday night's jackpot estimated at $80 million. the winning numbers from last night's $65 million super lotto plus drawing. nobody picked all six numbers in that drawing either so wednesday night's jackpot increases to $66 million. check this out. happening today, it's called either the greatest or the worst tradition in san francisco, the polar bear swim. people swim from alcatraz to aquatic park, 1.4 miles of bone-numbing splashing. the water temperature expected to be a toasty 50 degrees-ish. they say it's invigorating and others say it keeps them young. it starts at 7:30 so you still have time to get there ask cheer them on or go in the water.
6:56 am
i say whatever you need to do to kickoff 2017, right? >> i agree >> burrrr! >> good morning. we are starting out on the mild side in the city. later on today temperatures aren't going to budge much. low to mid-50s today. low snow levels through tomorrow with a weak weather system. a little bit of a break on tuesday and a very wet week ahead. this will change. we will add gusty winds, heavier rain by the end of the week and lax like some substantial sierra snow. >> for sure i have to get up to the sierra. >> yeah. >> happy new year to you. >> thank you. you too. >> thanks for joining us on abc7 mornings. i'm cornell barnard in for carolyn tyler. along with lisa argen. abc7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. "good morning america" is coming up next. we hope your 2017 is off to a great start, everybody. happy new year from all of us!
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good morning, america. good morning, america. ringing in the new year. times square packed with people to welcome 2017. we're right there with the crowd celebrating in style. >> it's a new year's rockin' eve from new york city. ♪ that body move >> and mariah carey taking the stage at the crossroads of the world. ♪ and never brought to mind >> to hollywood -- ♪ i don't know who is going to kiss you when i'm gone ♪ >> to the best of this star-studded celebration. >> new year's resolutions. our fitness expert has your back. the best ways to get in shape


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