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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  January 1, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. good morning, america. ringing in the new year. times square packed with people to welcome 2017. we're right there with the crowd celebrating in style. >> it's a new year's rockin' eve from new york city. ♪ that body move >> and mariah carey taking the stage at the crossroads of the world. ♪ and never brought to mind >> to hollywood -- ♪ i don't know who is going to kiss you when i'm gone ♪ >> to the best of this star-studded celebration. >> new year's resolutions. our fitness expert has your back. the best ways to get in shape
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and get your best body ever. we're breaking it down for you this morning. >> and movie mania 2017 shaping up to be a box office blitz of hits. >> do you need a hug? >> no, no, i do not. >> from sequels to superheroes. >> who is this woman? >> she's my secretary. >> the movies you will be lining up to see in this new year. ♪ >> and good morning, everyone and happy new year. dan, can you say 2017? >> i can. 2017. >> how does it sound? >> it sounds -- it's going to take a while. i know i'm going to write a lot of checks incorrectly in the next couple weeks. >> and this is the year you're going to turn 23. so, happy birthday pending, right? what a scene it was in new york city's times square as always. loads of excitement. huge crowds. i knew you were right there in the middle of it, dan. >> no, i was not. we're not here either. we want to let you know we're on tape this morning so we can be home just as you are spending this first day of the year with our families. >> we have a special holiday show for you this morning,
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but first let's get the headlines and for that we send things over to ron. >> paula and dan, happy new year to you. happy new year, everyone. we begin in turkey with breaking news overnight. a deadly attack at a packed nightclub where hundreds including some foreigners were gathered. abc's jennifer eccleston is in our london bureau with more. >> reporter: good morning, ron. turkish authorities had intelligence that a terror attack was likely and put 25,000 police on the streets of istanbul for new year's eve. overnight new year's massacre, 39 dead after a terrorist attack at reina nightclub in istanbul. as many as 65 more injured after at least one armed attacker allegedly dressed in a santa suit opened fire just after 1:00 a.m. the gunman seen here in this surveillance video storming the nightclub's entrance armed with a long barreled weapon, shooting a police officer and one civilian before making his way through the front doors.
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once inside, the assailant changing clothes according to the turkish interior minister. the popular outdoor club still packed with more than 500 partiers ringing in the new year just an hour before the assault. some clubgoers jumping into nearby water to get to safety. while ambulances rush to help the injured. turkish authorities issuing a temporary media ban as special forces scour the area. searching for the gunman who remains at large. >> the names of the foreign victims have yet to be released but several wnba players were next door to the shootout. their coach confirmed they are all safe. ron. >> jennifer, thanks. and it was fears of terrorist attacks that led to beefed up security around the world where crowds gathered to greet in the new york. here in new york, unprecedented measures taken at times square where more than 1 million people turned out to watch the ball drop. >> three, two, one, happy new
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year! >> at the stroke of midnight revelers cheering in the new year, and elsewhere, new zealand was the first to bid farewell to 2016. then sydney harbor in australia lit it up paying tribute to pop singers, prince and david bowie. and in dubai fireworks at the world's tallest skyscraper and european capitals are ringing in the new year with plenty of lights and color. in england buckingham palace announcing this morning queen elizabeth will not attend church services this new year's day. the queen is still battling what the palace says is a heavy cold and she also missed the christmas day church service because of illness. and finally, it was a big day and a big night in college football. we now know who will meet for the college championship. here's espn's kirk herbstreit. >> well, the college football playoff has gotten us to one more step. we now have the championship set up with clemson and alabama. and if you watched the games yesterday, a little bit uneventful. you looked at what washington and alabama had to offer. we all expected alabama to be able to get through that
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football game. it really played out the way we expected. they did a nice job with their defense being able to contain washington and that defense led them to an opportunity to get into the championship game. the question of the night was really ohio state and clemson. i think a lot of people wondered if ohio state would be able to score with clemson. could their offense after having four weeks to get ready for the clemson defense be able to withstand some of the pressure that they would face and the answer was an emphatic no. clemson was just too much for ohio state. the offense led by deshaun watson, in my opinion, the best player in college football this year, did a very good job of wearing ohio state down. but really the story had to be brett venables, the defensive coordinator from clemson and the tigers defense shutting out urban meyer for the first time since urban meyer has been a head coach, and now we get a rematch from last year's championship, alabama and clemson. many people including myself at the preseason thought this could be the matchup for the championship.
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they met last year. it was an epic battle. we can only hope, ron, that we have one more big-time matchup deshaun watson and clemson, nick saban and the alabama crimson tide on january 9th on espn. >> kirk, thanks. those final scores, alabama, 24-7 and clemson, 31-0. happy 2017 to all, paula and dan. >> thank you, ron. it's a new year, as we've said, and there is a new president in just a few weeks. donald trump will be taking the oath of office. >> january 20th to be exact. and with a brand-new legislative agenda as the obamas prepare to leave the white house. abc's mary bruce joins us from our washington, d.c. bureau with a look at what's ahead in 2017. good morning, mary and happy new year. >> reporter: good morning. happy new year. well, as you mentioned, a new year, a new president and new concerns about the new administration but before trump gets to work, this city is getting ready to inaugurate the 45th president of the united states. now, don't expect this celebration to be like years past.
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in an effort to reflect trump's historic campaign, officials tell us it will be a workmanlike inaugural, not a coronation. ♪ coming home ♪ coming home >> reporter: kicking things off, 16-year-old jackie evancho, the child prodigy is set to sing the national anthem as donald trump is sworn in on the capitol steps. the theme of the five-day celebration is a familiar one, make america great again, but the festivities will be notably scaled down. trump is slated to attend just two official inaugural balls and a third party to salute the armed forces. playing a key role in the events the next first lady. >> she's a full partner in the victory celebration for the president-elect. >> reporter: once the confetti settles, trump has big plans for his first 100 days. first up, overhauling obamacare. >> we have absolutely no choice. so we're going to repeal and replace obamacare and you're going to get health care at a
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much lower price. >> republicans on capitol hill agree. >> obamacare doesn't work. >> reporter: but first, trump needs a cabinet. his picks are headed for their senate confirmation hearings. senator jeff sessions takes the the hot seat first as democrats examine his record and consider him for attorney general. >> as attorney general, jeff sessions would have dangerous new authority to attack civil rights. >> sessions was previously rejected for a federal judgeship over allegations he made racist remarks, charges he's passionately denied. >> these are troubling things and the only fair thing to do is ask a lot of questions, very thorough questions and then make an opinion. >> and get ready for fireworks when lawmakers question trump's pick for secretary of state. former exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson who has deep ties to russia. >> i have obviously concerns of reports of his relationship with vladimir putin, who is a thug
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and a murderer. >> reporter: all this as president obama eyes the exits. the obamas plan to stick around washington while younger daughter sasha finishes high school. >> our attitude is that if you have a teenager and you really want to make sure that they never talk to you again, then pull them out of high school right in the middle of sophomore years. >> you're right. >> now, after leaving the white house, president obama says his top priority is a nice long nap followed by a relaxing vacation. after eight years here in washington, he's looking forward to some much needed r&r. dan. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. now is the time of year when people think about their health. lots of us get ready to make it a top priority. in this new year, joining us with her own medical forecast, the things she's looking forward to in 2017, abc news chief women's health correspondent dr. jennifer ashton. good morning. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> thank you. >> what's the number one health trend you're looking at going forward? >> i think it has to be women's health, dan.
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and i think in 2017 we really need to broaden our horizons as to what we actually think that is composed of. we're not just talking reproductive health. we're talking breast cancer, gyn cancers, pregnancy care, menopause, polycystic ovarian syndrome. we really need to make this the first and foremost mission as a country. whether you're a woman or not. you care about women's health. and the fact of the matter is, our world ranking in maternal child health indices is abysmal. we can do better. we need to do better and i think that has to start with not just more access but better delivery and better health literacy. we need to know a lot more about how our bodies work. >> well said and good on you for raising awareness about this. >> thank you, sir. >> now, there are other things you're looking at as we head into this new year. one of them has to do with aging. >> right. now, i think you said it perfectly. it's aging, not anti-aging, and i would go one step further and say it's really longevity. there is no accredited specialty of anti-aging medicine. so, people need to proceed with caution when they see a doctor
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who says i'm going to promise you the fountain of youth. but the fda is starting its first ever trial on longevity and are looking at a drug called metformin. it's been out for decades and there's very promising research about its effects as anti-cancer and expands longevitity in animal studies by 20%. so, that's the drug to keep your eye on. we're not saying don't live a healthy lifestyle but that medication is going to be getting a lot of attention. >> that is interesting, now, the other thing, the final area you want to discuss was stress and mental health. >> it's all about the brain, dan. you talk about it a lot. we're not just talking about stress, mental illness. we're talking about traumatic brain injury and alzheimer's disease. this is an area of active intense research. we will be hearing more about the brain and how it affects our entire lives in 2017. >> said by a woman who meditates daily. >> absolutely. as do you. >> something i approve of strongly. thank you very much.
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and we appreciate it. >> you both meditate. two more reasons i should meditate in the new year. >> can't you feel the calm oozing off of us? >> yes, exactly. >> i think she's maybe not telling the truth. >> i do feel the calm. anyway, it's a brand-new year for movies and 2017 promises to deliver some long awaited blockbusters, and abc's chris connelly has a preview of what's hitting theaters this year. >> reporter: if 2017 sets up as a year of seismic change, these months in the making movies hope to offer the familiar pleasures that franchises bring. like the marvel cinematic universe putting the band back together for "guardians of the galaxy, part two." >> do you need a hug? >> no, no, i do not. >> reporter: the long awaited live action version of disney's "beauty and the beast" with a shimmering emma watson as its bookish heroine. hits movie theaters this march. >> hello. >> you can talk. >> of course, he can talk. >> reporter: wonder woman gets her own movie this summer amid the strife of world war i. is there a fast eight?
7:13 am
there sure is. call it the "fate of the furious." >> we're going to need a bigger truck. >> reporter: the weekend before valentine's day will bring the sequel, "50 shades darker." dakota johnson and jamie dornan reteaming for sweet torment. "pirates of the caribbean: dead men tell no tales" offers javier bardem eager to find johnny depp's jack sparrow. >> find sparrow for me. >> reporter: it's not all fun and games. the world war ii drama "dunkirk" puts christopher nolan back into the director's chair. jada pinkett smith and queen latifah hit the road for "girls' trip." "ghost in the shell" offers a cyborgy scarlett johansson. jake gyllenhaal and ryan reynolds are in orbit when something goes a little awry. that's life. idris elba is front and center for the stephen king saga "thedark tower" and there's no gravitas needed for the lego batman movie which the cape construction fights crime and an overexuberant robin.
7:14 am
>> do i get a costume? i love it. but the pants are just a little tight. i got an idea. rip. it's better. >> reporter: all that plus a "spider-man" reboot, another "transformer" sequel and by december "star wars: episode viii." it's not the worst time to have something loud to look forward to. for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> nothing makes me happier than going to the movies. i love watching stories like that. >> is it the movie that you go live to see or is it just the bucket of popcorn? >> it's a mixture of all of that. i won't lie to you. twizzlers as well. >> no raisinets? >> i don't know if dr. ashton would approve. >> it's all right. you meditated. it makes up for it. rob has a look of your new year's day forecast. hi, rob. >> dan, paula, we have a new storm developing for the new year. over the next several days it will bring rain, snow, wind and severe weather across the central u.s., the northern side, obviously, the snowy side but texas down through louisiana,
7:15 am
across the gulf states could see heavier rain, potentially flooding, lighter amounts across parts of the northeast. but looking ahead towards what we think is going to happen two weeks from now, the second week of january the climate prediction center is saying we're going to continue to see this below average chunk of cold air dive down across much of the western half of the country and the jet stream really active across the south. so, that means wet across parts of southern california and across the gulf states with the cold air in place and it does include parts of the northeast and this sort of pattern, and we often look for an ice or snowstorm potentially across parts of the eastern third of the country. so, be wary of that as we go through the middle part of january. so, be wary of that good sunday morning. looking at clouds around san francisco. our exploratorium cameras, breezy, snow levels down to 1500 feet in the north bay and we'll
7:16 am
look for a rather unsettled pattern throughout the week ahead. high temperatures ranging from about 50 in lymph to low 50s aroundndndndndndndndndndndndndnd >> hello, 2017.dndndndndndndndnd and, again, looking towards the middle part of january we're looking for an active weather pattern, the northern tier and that includes paula's home state of michigan looks to be on the dry side and that's good news after the very active december. guys, we'll have another weather update in the second half hour of the show. see you then. >> all right. let's talk money. the start of the new year is a great time to take a look at your financial picture. so, here now with some advice is abc's chief business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis. good morning. >> good morning. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> so, what's the first move we should be making as we head into 2017? >> it's always a good idea to get in the habit of the new year to check your credit report. this is really important because the number of hacks that we have seen last year. there were so many high-profile
7:17 am
hacks and what can happen when these criminals get information about you from your facebook page information to the things you put in accounts, they can create new accounts under your name without your knowledge. the only way in some cases that you're really going to know about this is if you go over that credit report with a fine tooth comb. you can find a free one at >> the other thing you talk about in terms of advice is going digital. >> yes, because there's so much paperwork, as you know, when it comes to your finances and you can really move most of that online. now banks all have apps. so, many banks you can bank through the app. you never even have to visit the location if you don't want to. you can move so many of your accounts online with things like you can use that to track all of your accounts. it just gets rid of a lot of that clutter in your life that distracts you and keeps you from earning and growing your money. >> yeah, but when you go
7:18 am
digital, doesn't it create a lot of digital clutter, like clutter in your in-box? >> which, by the way, you can also get rid of that. unsubscribe. there are probably over the holidays you might have done shopping online perhaps and used your e-mail address for that shopping. you should unsubscribe from there. that will allow you to not have the clutter and it will also keep you from spending money you don't want to spend. >> and what about credit card debt and looking at ways to deal with that because that's a huge problem for so many people. >> huge problem. annual balances on a credit card in this country is over $5,000. the number one thing for people to do is obviously to pay them down. we know that interest rates are going higher which means that credit card balance will continue to grow faster and faster in the year ahead. there's great ways to look at new credit cards because the credit card you have might not be the best credit card for you. are you paying a fee? are you getting the rewards you should be getting? two great websites for that, and and that will help you look at all the credit cards to determine what's right for you.
7:19 am
>> i would have loved to have been in the room when they came up with that name. what about 401(k)s? what's your advice on that front? >> so, every year we talk about this but it is so important that you max out that 401(k) and get what the employer is giving to you. most employers now are doing matching within 401(k)s. if you're not doing that, if you're not taking the full match, you're leaving money on the table. so max out the 401(k). do it at the beginning of the year so you don't forget about it and then you just spend the rest of the year increasing your money hopefully. >> planning for retirement. thinking about living on a yacht. >> indeed. living 10% happier in retirement. >> exactly. i love that. it's a good return on investment. rebecca, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> i know we've said this a time or two, but i think new york city, fair to say, knows how to throw a party. >> they have perfected the art. but after the ball drops and the crowds head home, it's time for an epic cleanup and diane plays cleanup here on the set. >> all the time. >> that story. >> it's a big job but somebody's
7:20 am
got to do it. it's not always fun but lucky for us new york city has it down. >> five, four, three, two -- >> reporter: for millions of american, it's all about that moment. when the iconic ball drops and over 3,000 pounds of confetti sail through the sky. ♪ but what does it take to clean up after one of the biggest parties in the world? for the times square alliance the real fireworks start just after midnight. as an army of 180 sanitation workers descend on the aftermath flanked by 50 street sweepers and garbage trucks. not even six hours later, 52 tons of party hats, confetti and debris have vanished. >> the ball drops at midnight and then by literally 6:00 in the morning on the 1st the department of sanitation from the city of new york has done an amazing job picking up so much of the trash that's out there
7:21 am
and it really looks like there hadn't been a million people in times square the day before. >> and that's just the trash. >> thousand miles of cables. we're building three stages, extra platforms. and literally within 24 hours, the stages come down and times square is back to normal. the confetti has disappeared. it's all been taken care of. >> but taken care of doesn't always mean disposed of. tens of thousands of those little slips of confetti actually have handwritten wishes on them and not everyone so quick to throw them away. >> my wife and i every year reach into the sky and pull down a wish together and read it and take it home with us and hope it comes true. >> and if you'd like to get your wish on the times square confetti, every december there's a wish wall in times square where you can write it down in person or this year you can post your wish on twitter or instagram with the #confettiwish. i bet a lot of sanitation workers were wishing to have this morning off. >> they were wishing for less confetti. >> thank you very much. >> maybe we'll find that confetti wish next year. >> we'll try. >> got their work cut out for
7:22 am
them this morning, thanks. here's what's coming up on "gma," the sensational trials we're going to be following this year. who is at the center of these courtroom battles and what is at stake? and lukas graham sings his hit "take the world by storm" coming up on "gma" on this new year's day morning. ♪ you got the right to know what's going on ♪ ♪ as i struggle to remember how you used to look and sound ♪ o look and sound ♪
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good morning and happy new year. i'm cornell bernard. 27 teams started off with a bang in san francisco. there you have it, fireworks exploded along embarcadero.
7:28 am
people lined the streets for the event then it seemed like everyone decided to leave at once. huge traffic jams in the early morning hours. this morning streets are pretty quiet as the new year begins. lisa argen checking your forecast. >> thank you. cold here but warm elsewhere. starting 50 in san francisco, 30s with fog in the north bay. cool and breezy today. look for a chance of low snow levels throughout the afternoon. cornell. >>
7:29 am
7:30 am
♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "gma" on this january 1st. that's a look at how some countries around the world rang in the new year. >> we do want to wish you a happy new year. happy 2017 and remind you that we're on tape this morning so like most of you, we could be home with our families. not that any of us would be upset spending new year's day with one another because we are a family here at "gma" as well. >> although, you know, it's tough to work with you when you're hungover. >> i don't drink on new year's eve. what are you talking about? >> we want to turn to one of the big legal battles shaping up in the new year. thanks for throwing me under the bus, dan. >> you're welcome. there are a number of high-profile cases on the docket as we head into 2017, and abc news senior legal correspondent sunny hostin is here with the names of the folks who will have their day in court. sunny, good morning. >> good morning. dan, paula. well, from celebrities to documentaries to subjects.
7:31 am
famous names will have their cases heard with the results, anyone's guess. they are the crimes that dominated the headlines in 2016. rocking hollywood. a big year that turned binge watchers into crime solvers. >> this is a prepaid call from -- >> adnan syed. >> reporter: adnan syed's story has captivated millions since the 2014 launch of the podcast "serial." the series recounts a then 17-year-old syed's arrest and conviction for the 1999 murder of his high school ex-girlfriend hae min lee. syed was sentenced to life behind bars but has always maintained his innocence. >> it is what it is. if someone believes me or not, i have no control over it. >> reporter: but the now 34-year-old is getting another chance. a maryland judge granting him a retrial. that new trial on hold in the appellate courts. the netflix documentary series "making a murderer" turned millions into armchair
7:32 am
detectives. >> common sense all point to one person. >> reporter: the new year comes with new hope for steven avery to try to get his conviction of the 2005 murder of theresa halbach overturned with a new high-powered attorney by his side. >> we're going to get to the bottom of who killed theresa halbach. and we firmly believe that we will establish that it was not steven avery. >> reporter: and then there's eccentric millionaire robert durst, the focus of hbo's docu-series, "the jinx." >> what the hell did i do? killed them all, of course. >> reporter: as that finale aired, durst was arrested for the 2000 shooting death of his friend susan berman. according to the newly released associated press transcripts, durst told los angeles prosecutors in march 2015, i just didn't really, really, really think that i was going to end up arrested.
7:33 am
also, he allegedly claimed he was intoxicated throughout the taping of the hit hbo mini series saying i was on meth, i was on meth the whole time, it should have been obvious. the trial is expected to take place in los angeles later this year. he has pleaded not guilty. and quite possibly the most sensational case of 2017 is the trial of america's dad, bill cosby. for years beamed into our living rooms as the patriarch of the huxtable family. cosby is facing a sexual assault accusation in court this year. former temple university employee andrea constand alleges the 79-year-old entertainer drugged and molested her at his pennsylvania home in 2004. prosecutors want 13 of his 50 accusers to testify. they say to show cosby had a signature pattern of behavior that spanned decades. cosby's attorneys claiming that his age and failing eyesight render him unfit to defend himself. cosby's attorneys have
7:34 am
consistently denied these allegations from these women. trial is set to begin this summer. >> there's so many of them. >> there's so many huge trials and then, of course, there's sergeant bowe bergdahl who has been charged with -- >> court-martial. >> yes. he's been charged with leaving his fellow soldiers over in afghanistan. what do we know about this? >> well, we know that his court-martial is set for april 2017, and i think what's very interesting is that one of the charges, this charge that he deserted and endangered his fellow soldiers, he's looking at a possible life sentence. and so his attorneys have asked president obama to pardon him. i don't think that's going to happen. if you look at president obama's track record over the past eight years, he's only pardoned 70 people. so, i suspect that he will go to trial. >> sunny hostin, you're going to have a busy year. >> yes, you are. >> i am, right? >> so many monumental cases. >> the legal nerd in me is very excited. >> a lot to talk about on "the view" in 2017 as well. >> that's true. that's true. >> great having you, sunny.
7:35 am
>> thanks. >> let's take one more look at you new year's day forecast and for that here's rob. >> hey, dan and paula, here's what's going on today for weather across the southeast where you'll see your storms and maybe some heavy rain across the gulf coast. some snow showers across the northern tier. finally drier in southern california. another batch of mountain snow for some fresh powder there. that's what's shaking good sunday morning. happy new year. i see fog in the distance, cool, breezy, a few clouds. low snow levels lana >> time to shake off your >> time to shake off your hangover and all you have eaten. we're going to go through a post new year's workout in just a few minutes. dan and paula, back over to you, taking the jacket off. >> thank you, rob. coming up on "gma," setting your fitness goals for the new year. >> you want to bench 250, 350? >> that would be setting my goal to arrive in the hospital at a certain time. >> no, you're stronger than you look. i have to say that.
7:36 am
those biceps are popping right now. speaking of biceps popping, chris powell joins us with some great advice. we're going to be right back on "good morning america." we're going to be right back on "good morning america." ♪ and i love it, ♪ i love it and baby hey, ♪ you should too ♪ so let 'em say what they wanna say ♪ ♪ they gonna feel how they gonna feel ♪ ♪ but i love it, yeah i love it, ♪ ♪ baby, hey get well chosen deals at target, like buy any two annie's products, get one free. achoosnap achoo! snap achoo! achoo! snap snap achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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welcome back to "gma" on this new year's day. we're here with chris and heidi powell, hosts of the hit tv show, "extreme weight loss." a lot of people have new year's resolutions. the holidays are over. we have gorged ourselves. what are the best ways to get up and going? >> you know, one of the best ways to get up and going is just get up and go. and sometimes we have this huge mountain of promises and commitments and resolutions we just made. you know what, scale back. we always say focus on one commitment at a time. we're 83% likely to keep a commitment if we make one. if we make two, we're only 35% likely to keep those commitments. >> so, whittle it down to one. chris, how do you keep it going? >> the biggest thing is that understand we're all human. nobody is perfect. we're going to mess up. everybody messes up. heidi messes up. >> i don't. >> i don't mess up that often. no. i don't mess up. but here's one thing that we want everybody to remember, you are only one meal away from being right back on track at any given time. [ applause ]
7:41 am
>> it's true. it's true. and so many times you're like, i didn't have time, and so i went to the drive-through. that's it. i'm done. throw my arms up and i failed. no, you didn't. just get right back on track. pick yourself right back up. >> what i'm hearing from your husband is forgive yourself. >> absolutely. 100%. it's true. we're all, i always say, perfectly imperfect. >> does that work at home for you, too? i don't want to get into your marriage. >> now you're talking about it. >> give us a couple. you got the mats out. what can you do if you don't have time to get to the gym or something easy at home. >> so, we're talking baby steps. a lot of times for the folks watching they're thinking i can't do burpees or jumping jacks and all this stuff. you don't have to. we all start small, we all start somewhere. chill on the couch. if you're sitting at home watching us right now, first of all, happy new year. second of all, you're in the perfect position to start moving with the biggest muscle groups of the body, our legs, our glutes, quads and hams. i want you to extend your arms right out in front of you and
7:42 am
stand up. you just did a beautiful squat. and sit right back down and stand up again and guess what? now you're working out. now you are keeping your new year's resolutions. do a few of these, maybe 10, 15, 20. and then let's transition it right there. >> there you go. >> that's right. right back down to the ground. a lot of people are thinking i can't do a push-up. no problem. instead we're going to do a cobra. you're going to leave your hips on the ground and press up and come right back down. >> that feels good on my lower back. >> it feels amazing. >> stretches your abs, core, those hip flexors. >> and it's working the powerful upper muscle, your chest, shoulders and triceps. >> all right. i love it. all right. i feel terrific. >> take a seat again. >> back to the chair. >> guess what? we just took our first steps toward working out in the new year. >> i love it. yes. chris and heidi powell. those are your tips. happy new year, everybody. much more of "gma" coming up. ppy new year everybody. much more of "gma" coming up. much more of "gma" coming up. thanks to breakthrough discoveries at
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time for the weekend time for the weekend download. time now for "the weekend download." at a most basic level as we enter this new year everybody wants the same thing, to be happy. many of us, however, don't have a lot of time to work on this, so here now with quick mood boosters for 2017, emma seppala, ph.d. author of the book "the happiness track." happy new year. >> happy new year. >> so, your first step is to get moving. >> that's right. research shows that when we take a walk no matter where we're going, what we're doing, we actually feel better and being outside in nature also boosts our mood. finally, we know exercise is fantastic for our well-being. so, when you take a short ten-minute walk at lunch or right after work you're doing all three. you're taking a walk, you're getting outside and you're exercising. >> what's your advice for stress? >> research shows that yoga,
7:47 am
meditation, breathing exercises are fantastic for stress and they don't need to take a lot of time. you can do some stretches in the morning. a little bit of breathing during your lunch break and short meditation right before bed. >> i always tell people even one minute of meditation counts. >> finally you have a counterintuitive tip here, if you want to boost your own happiness you say actually spend some time worrying about other people's happiness. >> that's right. we're often focused on ourselves, our work, job, family responsibilities. but if we take just a few minutes a day to do something for a neighbor, a friend, a colleague, we'll not only boost our mood but we'll actually improve our health and longevity. >> i think that's transformative advice. thank you and happy new year. i want to tell everybody if you want to hear much more of my conversation with emma seppala, you can check out the 10% happier podcast available on and on apple podcast or wherever you get your podcasts. we'll be right back. the chronid pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain.
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joining us on this first day of 2017. thank you very much for pointing out my biceps as we head into this new year. >> they're impossible not to notice. >> yeah, i know, i know. >> i mean i'm just pointing out the obvious. >> as beyonce says, i woke up like this. >> you did. do you look in the mirror and think, gosh, you handsome devil, don't you ever die? >> yes. >> you got some too. so do you, ronnie. i love working with all of you. >> thank you. happy new year. >> i love starting the new year with my "gma" family. and we do want to leave you with a performance by lucas graham singing his hit, "take the world by storm" and a look at the behind-the-scenes crew who make "gma" shine every day, they are the true stars and true hero of this program. >> absolutely. none of this could get done without the folks behind the scenes who work incredibly hard. happy new year to everybody. >> happy new year, ladies and gentlemen. are you looking forward to this year, fellas? did you have a good 2016? well, 2017 is definitely going to be better. yeah? woo!
7:53 am
♪ i've always dreamt to travel ♪ why should we die when we were born ♪ ♪ born ♪ some roads are laid with gravel ♪ ♪ sometimes you got to build your own ♪ ♪ own ♪ i want to tear down boundaries ♪ ♪ i want to greet my enemies ♪ i want to see what i haven't seen ♪ ♪ 'cause i know there's more ♪ i take the world by storm ♪ storm >> yeah, you got them drums. ♪ storm ♪ i take the world by storm ♪ storm
7:54 am
>> they're going to give you a nice little drum feelin' in the third row. you got me? ♪ i don't have any answers ♪ i know them all ♪ don't don't ♪ i don't know where i'm going ♪ but i'm going to search because i see home ♪ ♪ home ♪ i want to tear down boundaries ♪ ♪ i want to greet my enemies ♪ i want to see what i haven't seen ♪ ♪ 'cause i know there's more ♪ i take the world by storm ♪ storm ♪ storm ♪ storm ♪ i take the world by storm
7:55 am
♪ storm ♪ storm ♪ storm ♪ there's got to be more than this, i got to figure about how to juggle all ♪ ♪ i want to live and learn ♪ don't matter if i land or if i fall ♪ ♪ i know on my return at least i know i'll be walking tall ♪ ♪ i'm not afraid because i take the world by storm ♪ ♪ storm ♪ storm ♪ storm ♪ i take the world by storm ♪ storm ♪ storm >> ladies and gentlemen, give it up for my boys. ♪ i take the world by storm ♪ storm
7:56 am
♪ storm ♪ storm ♪ i take the world by storm >> gonna give me a little bit of a buildup. c'mon, bass. ready? yeah. ♪ i take the world by storm [ cheers and applause ] >> thanks very much, ladies and gentlemen. nks very much ladies and gentlemen. , ladies and gentlemen. good morning and happy new year. i'm cornell bernard. developing news out of oakland trying to get away from police ran into a homeless camp. noticed the driver was speeding and tried to pull them over, took the exit and overturned on
7:57 am
north gate landing on a tent occupied by homeless people. two other people inside the car was arrested. the driver tried to run away but was caught. to a major shake-up involving san francisco 49ers. several reports say head coach and general manager are about to lose their jobs. espn reporting chip kelly and trent baalke after the season finale. 2-13 with his first year, baalke since 2005, took over as gm in 2011. the team has not commented on the report. >> good morning to you. see the sunshine behind you. we have a cold weather system that's going to head through the day. lake county, see a few flakes with very limited precipitation right on through tomorrow. right now 50 in heyward, good morning to you, as well as
7:58 am
oakland. cool 30s with fog in the north bay. the plan 50 in lymph, low 50s partly cloudy to start, this lasts into monday. one on storm impact scale. them heavier rain, milder conditions through the workweek. a winter weather advisory through sierra nevada. once we get going with rain, looks like all week long we'll see significant showers. stay tuned for the forecast. >> thanks for joining us
7:59 am
8:00 am
starting right starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. russian roulette. vladimir putin bets big on donald trump. refusing to retaliate against new u.s. sanctions and with russian diplomats moving out, donald trump is moving on. >> i think we ought to get on with our lives. >> but will trump's own party follow his lead? >> we will be urging increases on sanctions on russia. it is a threat to the fundamentals of democracy. >> with three weeks to go, what will the new president do on day one? incoming trump press secretary sean spicer is here. plus -- >> make america great again. >> new year's revolution. 2016 broke all the rules. so what's next?


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