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tv   ABC7 News 9  ABC  January 1, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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all seems beautiful to me. good morning bay area. >> let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> fireworks explode along san francisco ringing in 2017. hundreds of thousands of people lined the street for the event and it seemed like everyone decided to leave at once. huge traffic jams lasted into the early morning hours. but this morning the streets are quiet as the new year begins. good morning. it's sunday, january 1st. happy new year. let's start with a quick look at the weather with lisa. lisa, happy new year. >> thank you.
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same to you. it looks nice with the sunshine but we have fog in the north bay and clouds around the bay around. you'll notice the precip to the north. that's a cold weather system headed our way and a winter weather advisory for lake county. sano ma in the 30s. sunshine throughout the day. cool, breezy. showers towards evening and overnight with the cold air in place and snow levels down to 1,000 feet. we'll talk about a wet week ahead. >> breaking news out of los angeles this morning. an off duty l.a. police officer is dead following a crash with an uber driver. the collision which involved cars with two people inside happened shortly after 2:00 this morning. the remaining three people have unknown injuries. unclear what caused that crash. we have developing news out of oakland this morning. a driver trying to get away from
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police ran into a homeless camp injured three people living one with a broken leg. officers noticed the driver was speeding and tried to pull him over. the driver took the 27th street exit and overturned landing on a tent occupied by homeless people. two people were arrested. the driver tried to run but was caught. fireworks as usually were spectacular but as usual the time it took to get home may have taken the sparkle out of the evening. here's what it looked like at 12:30. a solid line of red lights toward the bay bridge. our camera had slow moving red lights. ran trains until 3:00 this morning. stations were packed for the ride home. earlier protesters shut down a portion of market street saying they are protecting civil liberties which they believe will be in danger on january 20th. >> someone who is a veteran and worked in the federal service
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for several years it is alarming to think we as americans have voted in an individual who stands for all things negative. >> however, it did seem most people walked away with bright thoughts for the new year. [ bell ringing ] >> abc 7 news was at the art museum. they took turns changing a 2,100 pound bell that dates back to the 16th century. we invite you to share your new year's eve pictures on social media using #abc7now. now to a shakeup involving the san francisco 49ers. reports say both head coach and general manager are about to lose their jobs. espn reporting the niners will fire chip kelly and trent bulky after the season finale against
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seattle. bulky has been with the niners since 2005 and took over as gm in 2011. the team has not commented. >> developing news out of turkey. officials say at least 39 people are dead and another 70 wounded after a man opened fire in anis tan bull nightclub. the governor calls the shooting an act of terror. media reports the gunman wearing a santa claus hat killed a police officer guarding the door at 1:00 and shatttarted shootin people inside. at least 15 were foreigners visiting turkey. the gunman changed his clothes and is now the target of manhunt. a ceremony held on new year's eve to remember this year's homicide victims in oakland. abc 7 news was at st. columbus catholic church where members prayed for the victims. there were 83 homicides in oakland in 2016. for every person killed, a white
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cross on its front lawn. organizers say it was time to take them down in hopes of a more peaceful 2017. >> charities, oakland community organization and several other groups and services to remember those that lost their lives and worked towards changing the following year. >> the church also placed a special cross to honor the 36 victims of the ghost ship warehouse fire. happening today, this is the eighth annual all white vigil for oscar grant at the bart station. on january 1st, 2009 grant was shot and killed. today's attendees are come dressed in white. the individual is from 12:00 to 4:00. a vehicle's broken side-view mirror helps them find a driver after hitting a bicyclist new year's eve. he was struck along columbus
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parkway 4:00 p.m. yesterday. paramedics rushed the man to a trauma center aboard a helicopter. police want to hear from you if you saw that crash. two massive crashes shut down interstate 5 near bakersfield. 20 cars involved north of the 99 split. two people died. both victims are with from man teke ka. all lanes of interstate 5 are now open. the chp closed it for several hours last night because of snow. this one in the town of gormon. the chp escorted cars until the snow cleared up. thousands of people missed new year's eve get togethers. instead, spending time in idling cars. i've done that drive many, many times. >> we miss that one. >> yes. better weather. >> yes, we had clouds that kept the temperatures up.
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right now sunshine. a weak weather system bringing cooler weather. 50 in oakland. only in the 30s in the north bay with fog. we have a chance to see snow in the higher elevations and then things get warmer but much wetter for the new year. i'll have the timeline in just a few minutes. >> lisa, thanks. a new year's eve nightmare for mariah carey. what went wrong before the balance drball dropped in times square? we'll choose. choose. choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make.
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accused of walking into a donut shot and threatened people with a samurai sword. here's some surveillance video. >> from the security video you can see the samurai sword sticking out of his sweater. for customers it was a shock. >> this guy came in with a tiny sword and started going bonkers. >> at first the man hit a chair with his sword then threw it across the donut shop. in the video you can see one of the customers telling him to leave. people driving by started calling 911. >> the caller said it was a male with a sword going into the donut shop. >> the rampage lasted a few seconds. he didn't hit or cut anyone but did leave damage. >> he came over to the display case. broke that one and hit the other display case and didn't break that one. then he walks outside.
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>> witnesses say it looked like he was angry at someone. but that person wasn't in the shop and that made him even angrier. >> i followed him down to the u-haul and four police officers tased him. he's in jail now. >> the police confiscated his sword. >> the swordsman did break the donut case but they fixed it the next day. a shop working says this was odd but not the first time something out of the ordinary happened there. has anyone come in here with a samurai sword? >> no. but someone came in with a fake gun. >> she's just happy no one got hurt. >> let's take a look at new year's celebrations across the country. in vegas fireworks from the top of seven hotel casinos and a huge party downtown. an estimated 330,000 people welcomed in the new year in las vegas. in seattle space needle put on a
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show for the 32nd consecutive year. the space needle is considered one of the world's largest structure launched fireworks displays. featuring fireworks from 90 different points. the granddaddy of new year's eve celebrations was in new york city. the ball dropped in times square and the streets are clean. sanitation went to work after the ball dropped but 45 collection trucks. last year crews picked up 44 tons of debris. ♪ >> we're missing someone. but it is what it is. >> but i like the way you -- ♪ ahh >> i always say let the audience sing, okay. >> oops. superstar mariah carey had difficult end to 2016 last night on the dick clark rockin' eve
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show. she started and stopped singing while singing "emotion" and later confirmed there were technical problems during her show. brand new year for movies. 2017 promises to deliver long awaited blockbusters. chris connelly has a preview of what's hitting theaters this year. >> in 2017 sets up as a year of seismic change, these months in the making movies hope to offer the familiar pleasures that franchises bring. like the cinematic universe for guardians of the galaxy part two. >> do you need a hug? >> no, no i do not. >> disney's "beauty and the beast" with emma watson as its hero heroine. >> wonder woman gets her own movie this summer. is there a fast eight? there sure is. call it the fate of the furious.
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>> we're going to need a bigger truck. >> the weekend before valentine's day will bring the sequel 50 shades darker. dakota johnson from sweet torment. pirates of the caribbean dead men tell no tales eager to find johnny depp's sparrow. >> find sparrow for me. >> it's not all fun and games. the world war ii drama dunkirk puts christopher nolan back in the director's chair. queen latifah hits the road for girls trip. jake gyllenhaal and ryan reynolds are in orbit when something goes ary. that's life. the steven king saga the dark tower. and no gravitas needed for the batman movie which the cape construction fights crime and overexuberant robin.
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>> i love it. >> pants are just a little tight. >> i got an idea. rip. it's better. >> all that plus a spiderman reboot and by december "star wars" episode 8. it's not the worst time to have something loud to look forward to. chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> last night marked the eighth and final night of hanukkah and one group shared positive thoughts after a thief nearly ruined the celebration. ♪ >> last night a rabbi led prayers and songs at washington square before lighting all eight candles. the wooden manurea was donated. twitter was giving us a look at what people were talking about in 2016. number ten as the hbo hit show game of thrones and rest in peace for all the beloved people who passed away.
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donald trump, black lives matter movement and some folks talking about brexit showed political awareness. the top five, the oscars shown here on abc 7 and don't forget the gaming trend pokemon go. this year's presidential election. and sports made up two of the top five with european soccer and the olympics. >> now you're accuweather forecast. >> here's live doppler 7. cloud cover. partly sunny conditions but fog as i widen the perspective. this is what's on the way. it's a cold area of low pressure and a front going to sweep through the bay area today into tomorrow bringing colder air. the possibility of snow here. also the oakland hills, just temporarily before we warm up again into tuesday and wednesday. here's a live look from where the numbers are mild. so much of the night you had
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cloud cover that kept the numbers up except for the north bay where you have fog and cold readings. 34 in santa rosa. nevada, 36. 49 in concord. and 47 in livermoore. winter weather advisory through wednesday allowing for maybe a foot of snow by wednesday. with cold snow levels headed our way an advisory for lake county down to 1,000 feet and remember the limited moisture with it will allow for just the potential for some dusting of snow. not a lot with it and we will see unsettled weather next week. to add to our rainfall totals, r running below 100%. 54 for today. this is where we get more moisture into the forecast with a series of wet weather makers. we bring in our storm impact scale for tomorrow. showers, less than a tenth of an
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inch with chilly temperatures and advisory for lake county and for more of the north bay. through today we have a chance of showers late in the day, the winds kick up. it's going to be cooler and right on through tomorrow you'll notice the white, some pink here, higher elevations certainly could see snow. things quiet down into monday night and picks up into tuesday and wednesday where we look for more light rain headed our way. most of the activity in the north bay through wednesday night and then into thursday more wet weather right through friday and into saturday. so timing on this in the amounts way too early to tell. but if we were to do a rough idea in the next seven days we're looking at over an inch to two inches of rain. we'll watch it closely and the winter weather advisory for lake county also for the west slope and lake tahoe where we'll see 10 to 15 inches, wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour and
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additional foot of snow right on through midweek. highs today, mid 50s, a cool one overnight lows together. the cold air in place. some could be a rain/snow mix with scattered showers and the accuweather seven day forecast we have got the chance of rain after tuesday, the systems could strengthen. and wind advisories. make sure you download the abc 7 news app. >> if you missed the rain no worries. it's back. >> it's coming back. >> welcome back january. thank you very much. just ahead millions of americans keeping watch over this bald
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buying tickets to a show or sporting event is easy online but somehow a man was sold tickets he never bought. michael finny helped him out. >> bob kaplan was about to board a cruise ship on the atlantic and decided to check his e-mail first. >> once you get out to sea it's difficult and expensive to get any internet. >> that's when he saw the puzzling message from stub hop. >> thank you for purchasing these tickets. below is a link to download and print them. >> the e-mail said bob just bought tickets to a football
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game between the bears and ucla. two teams he never watches. >> i didn't order those tickets. no idea how they were ordered. >> he had to jump on the ship so he quickly replied. >> saying i didn't order them please reverse them. >> they promised to fix the problem but the charge was correct. >> they said it was not a fraudulent transaction. so i was being charged $88 for tickets i did not order and i was 3,000 miles away. didn't know what to do. so i called stubhub. >> someone there promised to look into it further. bob says he never heard back. >> i was furious they wouldn't reverse it. >> bob contacted 7 and we asked stubhub how they got into his e-mail. it said there was no evidence of fraud and the purchase was made from the same account, an ip address used to make a purchase one month prior. but as a one time curtsy we
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refunded mr. kaplan. >> within a week the amount was refunded in full. >> bob says no one else knows his account name or address and seen no other evidence of being hacked. it's a mystery as to how tickets landed in this e-mail. he changed his password and disabled his account as a precaution. >> you're looking live at what's a happy new year's eve for bald eagles in florida where there is a wait on for another to join its sibling. 30 minutes ago we saw it being fed by its mom harriet with the unhatched egg alongside. yesterday the live stream captured the moment right after the chick broke its egg shell. amazing. you can go to our website, as the second eaglette. should hatch any moment. >> a man heard cries from a
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drain around 3:00 friday morning and called police for help. wild life services stepped in. the only way to get to the raccoon was to cut through pavement and dig to the pipe. 20 hours of releaptless work later. unfortunately they pulled the animal out but despite tremendous effort the dehydrated raccoon did not survive. we have details on the ride that stranded 21 people and remains closed. sky cab stopped moving around 2:00 friday afternoon. took eight hours to get everyone off safely. first reports said this ride was 150 feet in the air. it was closer to 100 feet. not likely that mattered to the 21 riders including seven kids who were trapped inside. witnesses below could only watch and hope. >> i couldn't look out the window. so if that was me up there right now i would have to be sedated to come out.
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>> one heck of a tale to tell when i get back to school. >> no word yet on when the ride will reopen. as the park investigate went went wrong there. still to come, 20 more days until inauguration. a look ahead at president-elect donald trump's new legislative agenda and controversial cabinet choices and how people in the bay area will pay
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good morning south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa. happy new year. >> thanks. happy new year to you as well. hi everyone. starting out with mild temperatures in parts of the bay. that would be 51 the coast. we have fog and cool temperatures in the north bay. partly sunny conditions and winter weather advisory through wednesday. headed that way for the bay
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area, showers late today into tomorrow. low snow levels and much warmer conditions for tuesday. i'll detail the extended forecast coming up. >> thank you. just 20 days before donald trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the united states he's bringing a new legislative agenda and controversial cabinet choices. here's a look at what's ahead. ♪ coming home >> kicking things off 16-year-old jackie evancho set to sing the national anthem as donald trump is sworn in on the capitol steps. the theme of the five day celebration is a familiar one, make america great again. but the festivities will be notably scaled down. trump is slated to attend just two official inaugural balls and a third party to salute the armed forces playing a key role, the next first lady. >> she is a full partner in the victory celebration for the
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president-elect. >> once the confetti settles trump has big plans, first up, overhauling obamacare. >> we have absolutely no choice. so we're going to repeal and replace obamacare and you're going to get health care at a much lower price. >> republicans on capitol hill agree. >> obamacare doesn't work. >> but first, trump needs a cabinet, his picks are headed for their senate confirmation hearings. senator jeff sessions takes the hot seat first as democrats examine his record and consider him for attorney general. >> as attorney general jeff sessions would have dangerous new authority to attack civil rights. >> rejected for a federal judgeship over allegations he made racist remarks. >> these are troubling things and the only fair thing to do is ask a lots of thorough questions and then make an opinion. >> get ready for fireworks when
9:32 am
law makers question trump's pick for secretary of state, rex tillerson who has deep ties to russia. >> i have concerns of reports with his relationship with vladimir putin who is a thug and a murderer. >> as president obama eyes the exits. the obamas plan to stick around washington while younger daughter sasha finishes high school. >> our attitude is that if you have a teenager and you really want to make sure they never talk to you again, then pull them out of high school right in the middle of sophomore years. >> mary bruce, abc news, washington. >> happening today to honor the late carrie fisher, roxy theater will screen the film "post card from the" starring meryl streep and shirley maclaine. fisher died after experiencing cardiac trouble during a flight from london to los angeles. the film starts at 6:30.
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william christopher is dead at 84. christopher died yesterday at his home from cancer. he had been diagnosed over a year ago with tdisease and had been in hop miss since monday. loretta swit say he was the most perfect casting ever known. a new law that allows state residents to smoke marijuana legally. the famous hollywood sign has been changed to read hollyweed. in november california voters voted to make it legal. if you sell it the state takes 15% in the form of a tax. a ton more laws in effect today. abc news correspondent ron claiborne tells us what we need to know. >> in california, nevada, massachusetts and maine
9:34 am
marijuana can be used and sold legally. a charter bus and a delivery truck led to a new california law requiring charter bus drivers to provide better safety instructions to passengers. >> 911. >> we have an active shooter. >> ma'am, listen to me. take a deep breath. is he still shooting? >> oh, my gosh. >> in the wake of the 2015 san bernardino massacre that claimed 14 lives new gun laws in california ban easily reloadable sem sem semiautomatic weapons and prohibit magazines of more than 10 bullets spurring a rush to purchase those kinds of weapons. illinois expanding the fight against domestic and sexual violence to recognize signs of abuse and 20 states raised their minimum wage ranging from missouri where it's up by a nickel to arizona where it jumps nearly 2 an hour. in illinois you'll be able to use a pitch fork, spear gun or
9:35 am
bow and arrow to hunt catfish. >> the new year is bringing a lower state sales tax. before you celebrate that it may not have an impact. starting today taxes will drop by a quarter of 1% to 7.25% but at least eight bay area cities approved a local state sales tax increase. all county will pay an extra half cent sales tax in april. same goes for east palo alto. a half percent increase takes effect in april. to help workers pay that tax, minimum wage is going up today in various bay area cities. oakland rises 31 cents to $12.86 an hour. a 38 cent jump in richmond to $12.30 an hour. in san jose the minimum ways up 10 cents to $10.40 an hour. a handful of new traffic laws with the new year.
9:36 am
among them drivers will no longer be allowed to hold a cell phone in their hands for any reason. motorists will be able to use their smartphones and if they do it hands-free the phone must be mounted on a dashboard or a windshield. another law requires dui offenders to install a device for a specified time in order to get a restricted driver's license or reinstate their license. kids under 2 years of age must ride rear facing. children weighing 40 pounds or more or taller than 40 inches are exempt. a city councilman in los angeles wants to ban adults from going on to play kbrounds unless accompanied bid a child. the proposal is aimed at protecting children. any lone adult could not hang out at a space meant for kids. adults without children can continue to use all other areas of the park. new york, santa monica and miami beach have similar laws.
9:37 am
critics believe it unfairly targets the homeless and single people. ahead, meet the local performers about to be part of tomorrow's rose parade. a live look from our cam. gorgeous day. chilly out there. guess what, wet weather is
9:38 am
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developing news, south san francisco firefighters extinguished a two alarm fire. a commercial building up in flames before 7:30 this morning. officials say seven businesses have been affected by the fire, water and smoke. no injuries reported. about an hour earlier firefighter responded to a fire on visitation avenue. not clear if anyone was injured. 2017 is starting off with cosmic style. a comet will be visible,
9:40 am
c-26-u-1 was discovered a few months ago. a telescope, binoculars can spot it. look for a bright spot on the horizon. it will be visible through the second week of january. nasa says it's the first of several comets that people will be able to view throughout the new year. san jose, has the first baby born in 2017. grace was born seconds after midnight at o'connor hospital weighing six pounds, 11 ounces and 20 inches long. her dad is stationed at camp penalton. they did not expect to go into labor last night. everyone is in good health and congrats to them. >> very cute. good morning everyone. we're looking at a 17 degree spread from the valleys to the peninsula. the you'll notice the cloud cover. it's 48 in the city as well as
9:41 am
fr freemont. you could see some snow. warmer by tuesday and more rain for your first week of the new year. i'll have your full weather forecast in a few minutes. >> also coming up in sports, big changes, the 49ers planning to make after their season finale against the seah
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good morning and happy new year. i always think it's new england if new england had palm trees i
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guess in the background. of course it is beautiful santa cruz. it is getting chilly and rain on the way. lisa will tell us coming up in a few minutes. in sports this afternoon both ray ders and the 49ers playing their biggest division rivals. oakland will try and clench the afc west. kickoff at 1:25 p.m. the 49ers, kick also at 1:25. some changes in santa clara after the game. here's details in this morning's sports. >> it's going to be one and done for chip kelly with the 49ers but not the only one out of a job. according to multiple reports including espn the niners will fire kelly as head coach and general manager after the season finale against seattle. their futures were linked together. the 49ers are 2-13 in kelly's first year with the team including a franchise record,
9:45 am
13-game losing streak but the record is due to poor draft choices and free agent signings. if kelly gets fired it would mean the 49ers would have four different head coaches in four straight seasons. whomever takes over for kelly. bulky has been with the niners since 2005 and took over as gm in 2011. the team has not commented. unfinished business for clemson after losing to alabama in last year's title game. the tigers were not shy saying they wanted a rematch against the tide and they have got it after taking care of business in the fiesta bowl. taking on ohio state already up 10-0 in the second quarter. deshaun watson with the 30 yard touchdown pass to cj fuller. what a catch. no interference on the call. fuller making the grab. 17-0. tigers at the half. third quarter, watson, second rushing td of the game from
9:46 am
seven yards out. buckeye fans in disbelief. j.t. barrett and the buckeye offense off their game. one of two clemson interceptions in the game. urban meyer had never been shut out until this game. clemson wins 31-0 and heading to their second straight national title game. washington trying to upset alabama. the dogs scored on their opening drive but then the bama defense came to play. ryan anderson with the pick six. husky fans in shock. the tide rolling 17-7 at recess. check out this run. 69 yards. that would ice the game. he finished with a bama bowl record, 180 yards rushing and two scores. chris peterson's great season in washington comes to an end at 12-2. bama wins it 24-7. a rematch won by alabama. the sharks playing their tenth
9:47 am
game on new year's eve and all on the road. san jose, 7-1-1 going into the game at staple center against the kings. these teams do not like each other. opening seconds of the third, sharks down 2-0 until brett burns let's one go from near the blue line. sharks on the board. less than four minutes later, kings on the break-away. jeff carter past martin jones. up 3-1. six minutes to go. dillon's shot is blocked. sharks trail again by just one. 3-2. the sharks can't get the equalizer in the final minutes. 3-2 the final. these teams will play their first game against each other on tuesday. today the raiders and 49ers close out the regular season. highlights on abc 7 news at 5:00 and 6:00. have a happy new year. >> now your accuweather forecast with lisa. >> good morning. happy new year. a look at live doppler 7 showing
9:48 am
cloud cover. we have some reduced visibility in the north bay but we have a weak weather system moving down the coast throughout the day today and tomorrow. very limited moisture with it. you can see all the sunshine here from the golden gate bridge. numbers will be on the cooler side of average though today. 50 in san francisco right now. oakland and mountain view in the upper 40s. the coast is at 50. and from this vantage point our cam looks nice and sunny but the clouds increase, the breeze will pick up along the coast. we could see showers north of the golden gate. could be mixed in with snow, snow levels down to 1,000 feet and we will be looking at that cooler air staying in place until about tuesday. here's kind of a hazy shot. breezy at the coast later today. with low snow levels a few flakes of snow. the highest elevations by tuesday. the temperatures go up and significant rain by the middle of the week.
9:49 am
even into next weekend where things look to be more active. highs today in san jose, 54. your rainfall for the season is below average. we need to get more rain in. looks like the week ahead is cooperating and the middle of the week it will be slightly warmer. this next system tomorrow is a 1 on our storm impact scale. the cold air in place after today and we'll take you into monday, the spotty nature of the showers. this means it's colder air mass but limited moisture. 3:00 in the morning from around lake county. you can see the higher elevations. mt. st. helena can get snow and then over. we'll look for the temperatures to come up and by tuesday our next storm system will bring light rain and then more significant rain. wednesday we get a little bit more of a break and looks like by thursday and friday looks to be particularly wet right on into next weekend.
9:50 am
amounts way too early to tell but it's going to be at least an inch, an inch and a half and this of course will change throughout the workweek ahead. we already have a winter weather advisory for lake county, the west slope, laker tahoe right on through tuesday and we'll see wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour. snowfall, an additional foot of snow into wednesday morning. good news with this next coming system, the snow levels will be low enough. no rain in the mountains. highs today 50. tonight with some scattered showers and cold air in place and a little bit of snow here and there. the accuweather seven day forecast, wet weather through the week and the timing and the intensity of the systems will likely change. as you download our abc 7 news app you'll have the up to date information. it looks like the stronger systems are towards the end of the week. you'll want to stay tuned to that and get the winter weather,
9:51 am
umbrella in the next few days. >> i was hoping for some warmer weather but i guess i have to -- hold my breath. thank you so much. you can't have a parade without marching bands. one drum corp is getting ready to shine in tomorrow's rose parade. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom has details. ♪ >> they're here from 28 states and three countries. >> it really is like a family reunion. it's just like old times. like we never left. >> they're not just here to hang out. >> it's hard. it's the hardest thing i've ever done in my life. >> every movement synchronized and precise with one week to make it all perfect. >> this is a big honor. this is a big thing for us. >> on its 50th anniversary the santa clara was chosen to
9:52 am
perform here at the tournament of roses parade. >> during the parade you'll hear everything from god bless america to bruno mars uptown funk. >> they're the best of the best. alumni from the summer prachl, ages 15 to 25. they make it look easy but it's not. >> have you been hit in the head with a rifle? >> yes i have. >> this is a very intense experience. >> on day one they're fitted for uniforms. >> you feel 50 years of history. >> then it's ten hours a day taking the performance from good to perfect. >> we have to eat like 4,000 calories a day sometimes because we burn more than that. >> with practice this intense strangers become friends. >> you make friends overnight and by the end of the week they'll have new best friends. >> they'll leave with the honor of marching in a world famous parade. >> takes a lot of time but at the end of the day it becomes a
9:53 am
beautiful moment. >> in santa clara, jonathan bloom, abc news. >> you can watch the rose parade starting tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. live from pasadena. coming up, the bay area ice rinks where people will be skat
9:54 am
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okay. some new year's luck is heading your way. check your tickets. winning numbers from last night's $70 million powerball
9:56 am
drawing. 1, 3, 28, 57, 68, powerball number 9. nobody picked all six numbers. jackpot estimated at $80 million now. the winning numbers from last night's super lot toe plus drawing. 1, 3, 10, 46, 47. meg fwa number, 6. nobody picked all six numbers. wednesday's jackpot increases to 66 million bucks. happening today a cool christmas tradition in san francisco's union square. the polar bear skate. it's a bit different from your normal skate around skaters encouraged to put on their bathing suits. grab their shades. maybe some sunscreen and take the plunge. begins at 2:00. a similar event called ice-palooza at 11:00 a.m. you want to head over or what? >> i've got to get my bikini. not. we're talking about a cold
9:57 am
weather system headed our way bringing low snow levels. down to 1,000 feet later on but the moisture is very slim. so you may not see anything at all. it's going to feel cooler today. breezy along the coast and temperatures warm up by tuesday and switching out the colder weather for warmer air and moister systems all week long. you should have your umbrella. stay tuned to abc 7 news for updates. we're likely to see a couple inches of rain by the end of the week which could cause problems because some will continue to fall perhaps in the norts bay, santa cruz mountains. too early to tell but definitely looking very wet for the first week of the new year. which is good. some neighbors below 100% for rainfall. let's bring on the rain and some more snow locally and in the sierra nevada several feet.
9:58 am
>> a skiers paradise. thanks. happy new year. thanks for joining us. the news continues now online on twitter, facebook and instagram. abc 7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. for all of us here, happy new year everyone.
9:59 am
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>> the following is a sponsored program. >> welcome to "bay area buys." i'm henry tenenbaum, and we're at russell's fine furniture in santa clara where that's half-off, that's half-off, that's half-off, that's half-off, that's half-off, that's -- you get the idea, folks. russell's fine furniture in santa clara is having what has become their biggest sale of the year. richard russell and josh. so, for example, this item is half-off. >> yeah, it's a beautiful what we would basically call room divider, but it could go up against the wall. but, a lot of -- you can see that this is not cheaply made, a lot of curvature. >> it's finished on both sides. >> yeah, and i thought one thing interesting is this goes out both ways. >> oh, that is clever. >> isn't that clever? >> and look at the shape --


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