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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  January 1, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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. >> live where you live this is abc 7 news. the 49ers faithful seem to be a dying breed with the losing season just ending. there's already one confirmed change at the top. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler in for eric thomas. we begin with a look at the far-reaching impact of a disappointing season for the 49ers. just about a half hour ago the 9ers ended their season with a loss against sielgts e seattle at one of the worst records in the league. now there's confirmation about changes at the top.
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rick in tonight for the general manager confirmed a short time ago that he has been ned. >> yes. now official. i think most people saw this move coming. carolyn, before today's contest against seattle general manager trent bulky confirmed he has been fired by the 49ers. no surprise there as the team lost a franchise record 13 straighten route to a 2-1 season. as for head coach chip kelly, there's still no confirmation he will be let go after just one season. kelly still has three years left on his contract. with nothing to lose they go for it on fourth and goal. san francisco led 14-3, but the 9ers can't hold the lead. thomas rolls with a one-yard touchdown. seattle led 19-14 at the half and went on to win 25-23. the 9ers dismal 2-14 record ties the franchise mark. after the game kelly was asked about his future. >> i don't think anything surprises me, so, you know, i don't live my life -- i live my
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life in vision and not circumstances. i control what i can control and what we can control is how we coach our players and what we do with them. if that's good enough, then that's good enough. if that's not good enough, then so be it. >> trent is officially out. we'll show you how they did later on in sports. carol. >> so no official word on chip kelly, but you would imagine that a new gm would want his own guy. >> probably. the way kelly was talking during today's press conference, it sounded like he knew this was going to be it. >> all right. thank you, rick. much more ahead. let's now go to abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley live at a sports bar in santa clara. you have a look at the wider impact of the losing season. >> well, that's right, carol. i can tell you that talking to fans today it's kind of a bummer right now for them. they're certainly grateful that the 2016 season is in the rearview mirror.
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they're trying to look ahead, but the 49ers' performance is having an impact on businesses like this one. the santa clara restaurant that depends on happy fans. >> reporter: brian dickey is the guy at the bar, the only guy at the bar at a place that is usually jammed with fans watching 9ers games. >> a lot of the customers we've talked about it, and including even the waitresses here and waiters. it is kind of a sad thing to see, but there's always next year, and hopefully it will be a better season. >> it's that hope for the future that keeps 49ers fans afloat. >> every team has their rough periods. our down year. we'll come back in a year or two. give it a year. we'll be making the playoffs. >> maybe we get a new general manager. then we can start rebuilding the time e team. >> 9ers for life. 9ers for life. >> tickets were sold out long ago, of course, but after a 13-game losing streak, many seats have been empty.
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santa clara counts on attendance for revenue. almost $9 million a year from a slice of ticket sales and parking. >> even though they look bad on the field, we look good at the tailgate. don't forget it. >> so 2017 kicks off with new leadership to get the team back on track and to reignite faith among the faithful. in santa clara, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. you know, we sent -- when trent first confirmed his firing. you can get all the latest developments with the 49ers on your mobile device with the free abc 7 news app. just enable push alerts for instant updates. let's take a live look outside right now. there is a chance of some rain tonight and monday's commute could be damp. meteorologist drew tooma is tracking the timing of some showers. drew. >> and, carol, it's been a quiet start to the new year, but things are changing overnight tonight. live doppler 7 showing you to the north we go around eureka.
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a weak weather system is gathering some moisture at this hour, and we'll sink south. on a storm impact sale, it's a light system. it's a one on monday. light showers. right now the best chance does look like for showers in the north bay with less than one-tenth of an inch of moisture. you look at the week ahead, though, and we have ample chances to see moisture here in the bay area. the next week ahead does look to be rather unsettled. we have a much closer look at your rain chances in the hour by hour forecast coming up in accuweather. >> drew, thank you. zpliencht t the new year got off to a deadly start in san francisco where two men died in separate shootings this morning. the first happened at 2:00 a.m. in the mission district. a man found with a gunshot wound to the chest at 26th and shotwell streets. he was taken to sf general where he died. the other shooting happened just before 11:30 today in the bay view. a man was found shot in the face at third and oakdale streets. police say they're investigating each homicide as separate incidents. no arrests have been made.
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people gather toad together to remember oscar grant, eight years to the day a bart police officer shot and killed him. ♪ let our rejoicing rejoicing rise ♪ >> abc 7 news was in oakland's fruitveil bar station, the site of the 2009 new year's day shooting. grant's family joined others paying tribute to him. they also called for an end to violence and police misconduct. grant's mother says she's still remembering the moment she was told her son had been shot. >> each day a prayer. i'm stig thinking about oscar every day, but each day with prayer i'm healing. >> grant was unarmed. a jury found the former bart officer johannes medicine zerley of involuntary manslaughter. firefighters on the peninsula put out a two-alarm fire this morning. abc 7 news was in south san francisco where the fire was reported inside a mills
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peninsula hospital lab just before 7:30. that office is located in a strip mall on elcamino royale. firefighters extinguished the fire within an hour. no one was hurt, since that office was closed for the holidays, but the damage from the fire will leave the lab closed. >> i'm debating where i can go, what lab i can go that's going to be open, so i came here to look at this one, and mills and i see they're closed. >> the cause of the fire under investigation. also on the peninsula this morning firefighters put out another two-alarm fire at this brisbane apartment building. crews were called to the complex on visitation avenue near mara pos a street just before 6:30. the fire damaged at least one apartment and displaced some residents. developing news out of istanbul where a memorial is growing for 39 people killed in a nightclub
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attack. nearly 70 others were injured during yesterday's mass shooting, including an american. tonight the search is for the gunman captured on surveillance video outsid the club where people were celebrating new year's eve. a warning some may consider the following video graphic. the gunman is also seen on camera entering the nightclub. survivors say at first they thought the gunshots were fireworks. >> they're shooting. i'm hiding. >> funerals for the victims have already started. the turkish government says two-thirds of the people killed were foreigners. many from the middle east. some claims of responsibility yet, but u.s. and turkish officials say that it is a terrorist attack. some of the russian officials who were ordered to leave the u.s. headed out this morning. russia's state-run news agency sputnik confirmed a plane sent by moscow left washington with some of the expelled government
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officials aboard. the moves are in response to u.s. intelligence claims that russia interfered in the 2016 u.s. presidential election. 11 people expelled from the consulate in san francisco left yesterday afternoon. the consul general said they boarded a flight to moscow at l.a.x. he called the expulsions detrimental to relations between russia and the united states. up next a new year brings a slew of new laws. we'll detail snft new rules of the road including one change involving car seats. also, an update on that baby bird that's captured the attention of the nation.
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thousands of employees here in the bay area start the new year with a pay raise. the minimum wage increased in several cities, including san jose. up 20 cents to $10.50 an hour. beginning today richmonds went up to $12.30. while oakland's minimum wage is now 31 cents more at $12.86 an hour. some cities are implementing these increases in an effort to reach $15 per hour in several years. starting today drivers will not be able to hold their cell phone for any reason behind the wheel unless they're mounted on the dash. that's one of several new traffic laws taking effect today, including a requirement that children age 2 and younger ride in a rear-facing child
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seat. the law was passed in 2015, but takes effect today. there's now expanded use of ignition interlock devices for dui offenders state-wide. that follows a successful pilot program in alameda county. well, a lot of eating and sleeping. that's what florida's famous eeg eaglet is doing today. today we saw the newborn being fed with a second unhactched eg along side. the website has soared in popularity since the egg first appeared back in november with more than 50,000 people typically watching during the day. let's take a live look now at the southwest florida eagle cam. it's in fort myers. nt a lot going on right now. you can go to our website, abc 7 to see what's happening now. ahead, a performance that some say is a fitting end to
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2016. >> i'll just get through the moment. okay? >> yeah. it's the moment that made mariah carey a trending topic on twitt twitter. in accuweather we're tracking what was a quiet start to the new year, but the week ahead we are tracking a series of storms. first
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about entresto. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. hundreds of thousands of people line the embark dario for the new year's eve fireworks show. police say no major problems after the display. it seemed like everybody decided to leave at once. huge traffic jams lasted well into the early morning hours.
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oh, it was a roughened to 2016 for pop star mariah carey. >> we didn't have a check for this song, so we'll just say it went to number one, and that's what it is. okay. ♪ feels like a >> more like a nightmare last night on dick clark's rockin new year's eve. carey started and stopped singing her song "emotion." a rep for the singer blamed it on technical difficulties, and then carey appeared to be lip syncing another song. the incident became a trending topic on twitter with people both condemning and defending mar mariah carey. >> your forecast withdrew. >> we'll see clouds move in. a couple of showers possible the next 24 hours, but really an unsettled week ahead as we go through the next several days. it's a pretty quiet scan in terms of current numbers out there. we're at 51 in oakland. we're down to 49 in san francisco. holding at 50 in mountain view
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and san jose, and vallejo. overnight tonight here's the call. it will be chilly out there, but this is wintertime. it's not unexpected. a couple of 30s on the board. most spots holding in the mid to low 40s. the bigger story, you do notice showers begin to enter the picture. live doppler 7 along with satellite you see a little bit of spin in the atmosphere right around portland. this system is going to sink to the south the next 24 hours. the north bay looks to have the best shot of moisture. anyone is fair game for a shower. probably less than one-tenth of an inch of rain. future weather hour by hour we go. we're back on air at 11:00. the best chance will come on monday. future weather showing you it's an unsettled pattern. it won't be raining the entire day, but the threat is there, and that even lingers into the afternoon. do you notice around clear lake
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there could be mixed precipitation. it's for tt fact a winter weather advisory is in effect until tuesday evening for lake county, and what this means as a system sinks to the south, there could be a dusting of snow down to 1,000 feet. above 2,000 feet. could see three to eight inksz of snow. just know in that area travel delays are very likely. highs on your monday. take a look. 54, san jose. 55 oakland, and 52 the high in fairfield. the next seven days there's a lot of chances for rain. i know this graphic looked ominous, but it's not going to be a wash-out every day. the take-away from this graphic that we have a chance of showers each and every day the next seven days. what to expect for the week ahead, showers at times, and right now how the forecast looks saturday next weekend does feature to have the heaviest rains. just take the umbrella every day. accuweather isolated shower for your monday.
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tuesday morning looks dry. then an evening shower works into the picture. could linger into wednesday morning. a slight chance on thursday. friday we see an evening shower. that looks to be the wettest day with downpours and wind and then sunday a lingering shower. >> i notice that your computer model changed for saturday. it was a one. >> now it's upgraded. >> now it's a two. well, talk about a big shake-up in sports. >> good news is the 49ers season is over. >> yeah. >> it was also a rough day for the raiders too. coming up, the 49ers wrap up one of the worst seasons ever, and with the afc intercourse that's painful due to menopausal changes.
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if the raiders had beaten denver, they would have won the afc west and secured a first round buy, but with no derek clark at quarterback, okland played one of the worst games of the season. this is gary kubiak's final game as the bron yoez head coach. he will retire because of health reasons. denver gave davonte booker the edge and scores on the game's first drive. 7-0, broncos. he takes a hard hit here, and he would later leave with a shoulder injury. he is done for the day. still in the second. on third and 18 trevor simeon with the screen pass to booker. he will go virtually untouched. 43 yards for a touchdown. it was 17-0 at the half. with rookie connor cook at qb, the raiders were driving, but harry sacked and fumbled.
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the broncos then take the ball 64 yards. simeon, the virgin green. the point after made it 24-0. this is one of oakland's few highlights. cook goes deep for amare cooper. coup doing a great job. a two-point conversion try was no good. cook completed 14 of 21 passes for 150 yards. he also threw this late interception. broncos win 24-6 so the raiders have to settle for the fifth seed in the afc and will play at houston either saturday or sunday. with the raiders losing kansas city was able to claim the west title by beating san diego. tyriq hill has been spectacular. he returns this punt. a franchise record. 95 yards for a touchdown. the chiefs win 37-20 and get a first round bye. as we reported at the top of the show, 49ers general manager trent balke has been fired and it appears head coach chip kelly are will follow him out the door. kelly is scheduled to meet later this evening with team ceo jeb
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york. with nothing to lose, they go for it on fourth and goal. 14-3. turnovers hurt san francisco. duwan harris gets stripped of the football. it would lead to seattle's first score of the game. wilson threw for 258 yards. the seahawks took the lead later. it was 19-14 at the half. we go to the fourth quarter. colin kaepernick and possibly his final game with the 9ers finds garrett. they cut the lead to two, and san francisco would get no closer. 25-23 was the final. it's 2-14 finish tied for the worst record in franchise history. kelly was asked if he was given a roster he could win with. >> we don't control the roster, so i think the one thing is our jobs as coaches is to create an environment where players have an opportunity to be successful, and that's what we have to do. i don't look at, hey, i wish i had this or that. you know, we're fortunate for the guys we have, and we tried to coach them as well as we could. >> i will say i appreciate chip
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and what he has done. as far as coming to work every day, and not very good circumstances as far as how our team was playing win-loss record-wise. >> with cleveland losing today, the 4ers will pick second overall in this year's nfl draft. balke is out, and we may find out if chip kelly is out as head coach zbl coach. >> then the draft, let's hope they don't pick somebody healing from an injury. thanks, rick. zpliefrmgt ahea ahead, meet
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on abc 7 new at 6:00 good samaritans put themselves in danger to save a driver who ended up being arrested. a look at some of the lesser known new laws here in california that cover everything from barbers to bed bugs and barry bonds' autographs. unexpected new year's surprise for a family visiting the bay area. abc 7 news was at san jose's o'connor hospital where grace emily march action newsa was born 12 seconds after midnight. her dad is stationed at camp pendleton in san diego county, and they were visiting family here when mom went into labor. by the way, the doctor who delivered grace also delivered her father at o'connor hospital 22 years ago.
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that is it for abc 7 news 5:00. happy new year, everyone. we'll see you at 6:00. tonight, on this first day of 2017, an urgent terror manhunt. a gunman opening fire in a popular nightclub packed with new year's revelers. the graphic moments caught on camera. more than three dozen killed in the massacre. now, the security warning for americans. a deadly mid-air collision. the fiery debris crashing down near a busy shopping center. witnesses running for cover. donald trump's new promise on russian hackers. the new information he says he'll reveal. and tonight, his advice to americans worried about cyber security. a pair of dangerous new year's day stunts. first, hollywood wakes up to a transformed landmark. then, an nfl game disrupted. protesters going to extremes. and, mariah's lipsync mishap.


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