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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 1, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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. live where you live. this is abc7 news. i don't feel nervous and i don't look at it as going to see the principal. i just think, you know, it's an end of the year meeting. > at that meeting, 49ers owner jed york decided to fire coach chip kelly. one of the moves made tonight by the team to clean house after a disappointing two-win season. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. eric thomas is off tonight. york elected to fire general manager trent baalke who hired chip kelly just 353 days ago. rick kwan is here and rick, ownership is hitting the reset button. >> yeah, not a big surprise. something had to be done. after losing a franchise record 13 straighten route to a 2-14 season, there was little doubt changes were store for this once proud organization. today it became official as the
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niners fired both general manager trent baalke and head coach kelly. kelly leaves after one season of his four year $24 million contract. the niners are still paying off his predecessor jim tomsula. ball key was with the niners since 2005 and helped the teams that create that reached three straight nfc championship games and one super bowl. a roster depleted have left san francisco with the second worst record in the league. when kelly was asked if he had the players to compete, he made no excuses. >> i don't look at i wish i had this or that. we were fortunate for the guys we had and tried to coach them as well as we could. >> we know things have got change around here. they are what they are. whatever changes come about, just got put yourself in the best position going forward. >> so the search now begins. 49ers ceo jed york will meet with the media tomorrow morning
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at 10:00 a.m. i'm wondering if he'll take any responsibility for the shape the organization is in. >> i think he probably will take some responsibility. and be accountable for that. but who he will hire as the gm, nobody knows for sure right now. >> thanks, rick. fans are sounding off about the firings. abc7 news reporter lilian ken is live at levi's stadium with how niners faithful are responding to tonight's announcement. >> reporter: despite the horrible season, fans left today with something to look forward to, a future without trent baalke. >> i'll tell you this, 2017 just became a lot better when i he herd he got fired. >> reporter: the faithful didn't hold back when they heard ball key was fired. many fans still blame him for jam harbaugh's departure as head coach. love for harbaugh is still palpable in santa clara.
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a banner said levi's stadium, the house that harbaugh built. >> harbaugh would still be here. we'd have another ring by now. >> reporter: fans had a very different reaction over the firing of chip coach. in his case, there's a lot of sympathy. >> kelly hasn't been here that long. i say give him another shot. let him find the right players. >> i think he's a victim of the situation. i think that he is not a bad coach. i don't think he's to get rid of him is not the answer. >> reporter: in a statement, ceo jed york said despite my feelings for jed and chip, i felt the change in leadership was absolutely necessary. unfortunately, the change did not happen. that is why now is the time to find a new direction tore this team. >> it's about time they take a little bit more steps into trying to reinvent the niners and bring back what are fans of and have been fans of forever. reporter. the 49er faithful holding out hope for a winning season and
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ultimately another super bowl. in santa clara, lilian kim, abc7 news. in response to the firings, sports director larry beil tweet add, classic 49ers move by jed. leak firings, confirm nothing, ensure awkward finale. wait for reporters to leave, issue release on firings. and you wonder why the 49ers have become a last place team. it starts at the top. now, as rick kwan just mentioned, jed york is scheduled to address the media tomorrow morning at 10:00. we will stream that live on our news ap and send out a push alert as soon as he starts speaking. the abc7 news ap is free on the ap store and google play. now to the weather. a live look from our sutro tower camera. it is rather foggy out there. a wet pattern is headed our way. drew tuma is here. >> we're seeing isolated showers
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live tonight. right down the street level. live doppler 7, a couple sprinkles. half moon bay, redwood city, woodside at this hour, as we take you into closer to san francisco, some light showers even into so ma. into the south bay, a few sprinkles around evergreen. that's about it for the time being. a much stronger system, look and there on tuesday is set to take aim on the bay area. a moderate storm ranking at 2 on the scale. that's one of several storms we are tracking. the next seven days will be a rather active pattern. get ready to use that umbrella for the week ahead. we'll talk about the timing of each storm we have in the next seven days. a wes week ahead. home and business owners in downtown he will sobrante wants to know who pay for the damage left by a water main break. a viewer shared video of water rushing through a parking lot
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this morning. abc news was there as a restoration cleaned up flooded out offices, a stereo store and apartment homes. mud is caked everywhere and the damage inside is even greater. >> like any flood, everything is gone. you know? if it dries out, it's you know, warped or molded by then. i think we've still got maybe a foot of water under our office. >> 43 customers were without water service all day. tonight, service has been restored for everyone. a good samaritan and off duty police officer saved the life of a driver early this morning. after the man's car overturned and caught fire. the crash happened at 1:00 a.m. along the northbound lanes of highway 101 near the mckee road exit. the driver flipped his sedan and then it caught fire. the bystander and off duty officer had to break the car window and pull that driver out of the burning wreckage. authorities say they found beer
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cans inside the car and determined the driver was under the influence. he was taken into custody. police in santa cruz are urgently looking for a car burglar caught on security cameras stealing several loaded handguns. that break-in happened monday between 9:00 and 10:00 at night on doyle street. you see the man lurking around a parked jeep. police say he broke the window and took a duffel bag on the car seat. officers say that bag contained four loaded handguns and ammunition for them. the suspect rode away on a bicycle. tonight, we're hearing from an american who survived a new year's eve massacre at a nightclub in istanbul, turkey. police are on a nationwde manhunt to find the gunman who killed at least 39 people and wounded 70 others. abc news reporter mark rem lard has the story. >> security camera video catches
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the gunman at work, bullitts ricocheting in the streets, running for their lives. the shooter killing a policeman and another person before barreling through the front door. inside, we see a gunman in white wearing a hood. authorities believe the attacker changed clothes. he stayed inside for seven murderous minutes shooting at the crowd that gathered an estimated 600 people. at least 39 people dead include morgue than two dozen foreigners. the club popular with tourists. dozens more were injured including jake rock from delaware who was shot in the leg. >> i don't know. i saw one person shooting. i'm hiding, man. >> earlier in the evening, people were celebrating the new year with sparklers and confetti. then. >> people were falling down because of shooting. it was terrible thing. >> translator: my husband told me to get on the ground. then a man came. this woman says on my left, right, everyone was crying.
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the smell of gun powder was everywhere. the u.s. and turkey calling it a terrorist attack. there's been no claim of responsibility. but turkish police sources tell abc news they believe the shooter was a trained isis fighter. >> the nightclub with a target, a symbol of secular decadence that makes it attractive to terrorists. as families bury loved ones, the u.s. consulate warning americans in istanbul to shelter in place. abc news new york. 35 russian diplomats expelled from the united states are all back in russia tonight. the last group boarded a plane at washington dulles airport this morning. landing in moscow tonight. the white house accused them of being spies after u.s. intelligence agencies concluded russians hacked the u.s. presidential election. the 11 people expelled from the consulate in the san francisco left yesterday. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, a times square nightmare
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for mariah. >> i can't hear, but i'll just get through the moment. okay? >> who her reps are blaming tonight for her disastrous new year's eve performance. also, the iconic sign looking a little different today. yes, that says hollyweed. tonight police are looking for the person behind this new year's prank. meet the first baby of 2017 born in the bay area. and snow is coming down tonight in the sierra. much more may be on the way. our meteorologist
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>> we didn't have a check for this song. we'll just say, it went another way. >> maybe they should have had a
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sound collect. it was not such a smooth new year's eve for mariah carey. tonight her reps have an explanation for her disastrous performance in front of millions in times square. abc news reporter eva pilgrim has the story. >> times square will let's hear it right now for mariah carey. >> reporter: tonight her meltdown. the ball drop before the ball drop that began innocently enough. ♪ should auld aquaintance be forgot ♪ >> but no one will forget what happened next. ♪ >> just brought me now. >> reporter: the performance spiralling into disaster. >> i can't hear but i'll just get through the motions. >> reporter: carey standing on stage not singing. >> we didn't have a check for this song. we'll just say it went another way. >> reporter: carey tried turning it over to the crowd. >> i'm going to say let the
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audience sing, okay? ♪ >> reporter: the pop legend directing her dancers on stage. >> just flip me because you know how to do it. >> reporter: at one point speak together audience while her vocals could be heard. >> i want a holiday, too. can i have one? >> reporter: just when you thought it couldn't get worse, "we belong together" going no better. millions watching on the abc broadcast. >> just don't get any better. >> reporter: carey immediately trending on twitter, some tweeting i tried to sing alongside mariah carey but she can't sing along. others showing their support. way to handle that with grace, girl. mariah explaining the performance with an expletve that stuff happens saying her earpiece was not working. right now, you can see her fiddling with it. her reps say they told the stage
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manager about the problem but it was not fixed. we asked dick clark productions. they have no comment. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. after their new year's eve celebrations, los angeles residents woke up this morning to an altered hollywood sign. someone changed it to say hollyweed. police say there's surveillance video showing one person hanging large tarps to change the letters. this is the second time someone changed it to hollyweed. in 1976, someone did it on the day marijuana possession was reduced to a misdemeanor. this sign coincides with the recent vote to legalize marijuana. an unexpected new year's surprise for a family visiting the bay area. a healthy baby girl, grace emily moreno was born 12 seconds after midnight at san jose's o'connor hospital. her dad is a marine stationed in san diego county. they were visiting family and
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the newman did not expect to go into labor last night. the sierra is getting hit with another round of snow tonight. we have a look at driving conditions a little earlier tonight from caltrans camera on i80 at castle peak. drivers have to deal with snow and ice. you will need chains if you plan to drive east of placer county tonight. >> now your forecast with drew tuma. >> this evening, we do have a very active pattern the next 70s days. a series of storms look to have their sights set on the region and each and every day, wav got a chance of rain. it's going to turn active. live doppler 7. got a few isolated showers over the city of san francisco and the sunset in richmond district. a few light showers falling right now, soma and bayshore at this hour. along the peninsula, light scattered showers around redwood city, woodside, portola valley. the cell is moving to the south
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and to the east. in the next half hour or so as it does that trek, we'll see palo alto around eleven 22:00 p.m., mountain view arouelevato. out there right now, a bit of chill. it is winter. it's not out of the ordinary to see 37 in santa rosa, 46 in san jose, 47 in san francisco, the same in hayward. antioch at 44 degrees. the first system we are tracking for your monday, it's a light system. it's a 1en ot storm impact scale. light showers for monday. the north bay has the highest amounts, about a quarter inch. future weather, hour by hour for you on monday morning. 7:00 in the morning. hit or miss isolated showers out there. it stays unsettled throughout the day as this weak ripple of energy passes by the region. it's not a washout of a day. into the afternoon and evening, that chance of an isolated shower is there. so on your monday, highs very similar to where we were today.
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in the 50s. 55 oakland, 52 san francisco, 54 in san jose with an isolated shower. 53 in napa. lake port temperatures in the mid 40s. in the higher elevations we could see snowflakes. we do have a winter weather advisory in effect for tuesday evening for parts of lake county. there could be a dusting of snow as low as 1,000 feet. above 2,000 feet, 3 to 8 inches is likely. note, there could be travel delays in that region. certainly slow travel in the sierra. a winter weather advisory in effect through tuesday. snow showers into tuesday means up to 6 inches below 3,000 feet. 8 to 20 inches perhaps bob 3,000 feet. on tuesday locally, a stronger storm moves into the bay area. tuesday looks wet. this is a moderate storm on tuesday with scattered downpours winds will pick up tuesday evening. some spots could see over an inch of rain. we'll get you into your tuesday when many of us are heading back to work and school.
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the morning looks okay right now. the activity looks to ramp up in the afternoon and evening. future weather showing you pops you see on your screen you see by tuesday evening. those are downpours through the region. forecast shows you that's two of several storms we're tracking. monds tomorrow an isolated shower. tuesday in the evening with scattered downpours wednesday perhaps a morning shower. our next system friday into saturday gets upgraded on saturday to a 2. a moderate storm on the storm impact scale. very active pattern. follow it on the abc7 news ap. track any showers tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. >> it's really a fluid situation. >> it is indeed. >> thank you, drew. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, an the eaglets are coming. one little guy hatched this weekend. ri
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the miracle of life
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continues to fascinate the world into the new year. this is a live look at harriet, the bald eeg in florida. thousands of viewers are now waiting for her second egg to hatch. earlier today, we saw the mama feeding e-9, her first eaglet born on saturday morning. the unhatched egg is right next to the baby. you see it there. and you can join in on what is now eagle watch 2017 anytime on our website abc7 or on the abc7 news ap. and rick, i know a couple of 49er front office people ho were given the bird today. >> i was going to say the niners laid an egg this season, as well. >> coming up in sports, good-bye mr. chip as the 49ers fire head coach chip kelly after just one season. and it was also a bad day for the raiders as they not onl
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abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> the raiders did not start 2017 the way they wanted. not only did they blow a chance to win the afc west by losing to denver, they also had another quarterback get hurt. this was gary kubiak's final game as the head coach. he will retire because of health reasons. matt mcgloin had to leave late in the second quarter after hurting his insured on this play. he was done for the day. on third and 18 in the second, trevor siemian throws a pass to devontae booker. he goes virtually untouched for a touchdown. 17-0 at the half. with connor cook at quarterback, the raiders drove. here he is is sacks and fumbles. the broncos would take the ball
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64 yards on ten plays. siemian to virtual green. this is one of oakland's few highlights. cook connects with amari cooper and coop does great job reaching for the pylon. a two-point conversion try no good. broncos win 24-6. the raiders now have to play at houston on saturday at 1:30. you can watch it here on abc7. the extent of mcgloin's injury is still unclear. >> i wanted to play out there tonight. it's what's best for the team. if i'm not healthy, that's not what this team needs. i plan on being 100% healthy and going to do everything i can in the training room or in the weight room this week to try to get myself back to 100%. >> one goes down, next man gets up. felt good to get out there. not the way they wanted it to go. >> the niner season finale against seattle proved to be chip kelly's final game as head coach. after signing a four-year $24
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million contract last year, he lasted just one season. san francisco got off to a good start. shawn drone scores. the niners led 14-3. a pair of if you mean bes hurt the niners. harris's turnover led to seattle's first touchdown. russell wilson to luke wilson. late in the second, rawls powers his way in to give the seahawks the lead. in the fourth, colin kaepernick finds garrett sellick. the point after cut the lead to two. but san francisco got no closer. 25-23 was the final. the niners 2-14 record ties for worst in franchise history. despite the loss, kelly was proud of the team's effort. >> ten points off of turnovers really killed us. so that first drive, after that we got into a little bit of rhythm and did good things. but i love the way our guys battled back and fought back. >> we have a lot of injuries and
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players new stepping on the field. we went out and fought together. and we stayed together till the very end and gave everything we had for each other. >> and this abc 67 sports report has been brought to you by river rock casino. >> new era for the 49ers. thanks, rick. a programming note for tomorrow. you can watch the 2017 rose parade right here on abc7. it starts at
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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live where you live. this is abc7 news. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler in for eric
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thomas. in tonight's headlines, san francisco 49ers fans say they are happy to see general manager trent baalke go. the team made it official tonight. baalke and head coach chip kelly have been fired. some 49er faithful feel sympathy for kelly and believe he took the fall in a bad situation. 49ers it ceo jed york will hold a news conference 10:00 tomorrow morning to discuss what's next for the team. singer mariah carey blaming problems with her live new year's eve performance on a mlfunctioning earpiece. you saw her stop singing last night on new year's rock & eve we ryan seacrest right here. despite her tweets saying she did not have a sound check, she did have a rehearsal before the performance. in turkey tonight, a manhunt for a gunman who killed 39 people at a nightclub on new year's eve. at least 70 were wounded
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including one american in what's believed to be an isis-inspired terror attack. it's the election controversy that just will not go away. 2017 is beginning the same way it ended for president-elect donald trump with questions about russia and hacking. abc news reporter mary bruce is in washington with the story. >> reporter: a political story from 2016 hanging over the new year. the russian hacking scandal. >> and i know a lot about hacking. and hacking is a very hard thing to prove. it could be somebody else. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump on the record at his new year's eve bash in florida saturday night once again questioning u.s. intelligence that russia hacked the democratic party last year and interfered in the election. >> i also know things that other people don't know. >> reporter: trump appearing to promise a revelation of some kind later this week. >> you'll find out on tuesday or wednesday. >> reporter: but members of congress say the hacking is not in doubt. the evidence is solid. >> it's indeed overwhelming and the president-elect as you know
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also said he knows things that other people don't know. he needs to stop talking this way. >> trump's team casting doubt on whether president obama's retaliation against russia including the decision to kick out dozens of diplomats and shutdown two russian compounds was appropriate. >> the question is, is that response in proportion to the actions taken. maybe it wasn't. maybe it was. >> reporter: the new administration might run into roadblocks if trump tries to roll back obama's actions. the republican-led congress is pushing for more punishment. >> we will be working for much tougher sanctions against russia. they attacked the united states of america. we hope to make 2017 a year of offense. we believe that putin has hacked into our elections in america. that he's trying to undermine democracy all over the world. >> reporter: trump will meet with officials this week to discuss the reports on russian hack. just 19 more days until the
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inauguration. mary bruce, abc news, washington. several new laws for 2017 you may not have heard of before. you can now take a selfie with your ballot and most it on social media. landlords cannot show rent or lease an apartment or room if they know it's infested with bedbugs. if you buy an autograph worth more than $5, it has to come with a certificate of authenticity. and your barber or stylist can now serve wine and beer to customers but only if it's free. moviegoers rang in the new year at a special screening in the mission devoted to two stars who passed away just before end of 2016. news reporter sergio can tana was at tonight's showing of "post cards from the edge" at the roxy theater. >> it's been 26 years since the movie "postcards from the edge" was out in theaters. you this year's showing at the roxy got a great reception. >> i came out tonight for both
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reasons of carrie passing away and her mother debbie reynolds and also because player streep is in the movie. >> reporter: on screen, they play a mother and daughter with an unusually difficult relationship. >> remember my 17th birthday party when you lifted your skirt in front of all those people. >> i did not lift my skirt. it twirled up! sfwhr the movie is based on the novel written by carrie fisher but the comedy was about fisher's relationship with her mother debbie reynolds. both died last week so the pfaff figured this was a fitting tribute. >> they had an amazingly close relationship. we really felt you know, "star wars" is playing everywhere. this represents who carrie fisher was. >> reporter: the special showing sold out. fans packed the house. instead of seeing previews of coming an trakdss they watched old interviews and tv appearances. they died just a day apart from each other. son and brother todd fischer has
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said they'll likely have a joint future. a date has not been sent. in san francisco, abc7 news. protest terz took aim at u.s. bank today during an nfl game in minneapolis. three environmental protesters unfurled this banner at u.s. bank stadium during the chicago bears, minnesota vikings game today. it called on u.s. bank to divest from the controversial dakota access pipeline project. the protesters were eventually arrested. the game was not interrupted. nearly a century after it was first proposed, new york city's newest subway line opened for business today. new york governor andrew cuomo helped inaugurate service on the long awaited second avenue subway this morning. that route brings much needed subway service to manhattan's upper eastside with three new stations along the way. officials hope to one day exend the route to cover the entire length of manhattan. the idea for subway under second avenue was first proposed back
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in the 1920s. here's something you don't see every day. that's a whale taking a swim in new york city's east river. it was spotted yesterday by officials on a new york city police boat. it's not the first whale sighting in new york city. three humpback whales were seen last month in the hudson river. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, we all have our own new year's's traditions and for one family, for the past few decades, it's involved hitting the road. >> and the new year offers several chances for rainfall. a couple isolated showers right now. a few damp road
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many of us celebrate cherished holiday traditions. but if you want to sign up for the creative way the drose family rings in the new year, you better hit the road. news reporter john donvan has
11:46 pm
the story. >> reporter: last year's new year's card from the family, one in a series which began 37 years ago in a story told by "the wall street journal" when the family was just a 3-year-old named leaney and her single dad dan who took them out to a highway for this photo because of the sign. >> when i saw the intersection of 79 and 8, i realized that was the perfect place. >> reporter: a year later similar thing, different sign because 1981, a card that found its way to a woman named kathy whom dad had a crush on. >> it's the end of december. >> third year, there's kathy. she liked the card. > the card was an impetus to call back. >> reporter: she ended up marrying dan and on it went as more kids came along and crowded into the frame and then in later years, as the kids started to disburse. >> this is life. children grow up. >> reporter: so they showed up in insertses. >> looking at these pictures the record has brought back the
11:47 pm
moments in time. >> reporter: so from an all grown up now family, their card for 2017 from the side of a road from the side of lots of roads. >> happy new year. >> reporter: john donvan, abc news. one animal at an australian zoo about sums up how many people may have felt this new year's day. they posted this video on facebook of a meerkat with the caption who else is struggling like this after the new year last night? as you can see this little guy is just lounging around enjoying his slow sunday. it's been a very busy sunday for drew tuma with the weather pat teres changing. > really over the last week, the weather patterns did a 180. arctic blast put on hold. now a series of storms. light showers right now. isolated one at best. that chance sticks with us through at least monday afternoon. 50s on the board with the chance
11:48 pm
of an isolated shower. a stronger storm moves in on tuesday. a moderate storm. we could have scattered downpours winds likely picking up in the evening. there could be spots close to an inch if not a little bit more of rainfall. so future weather. hour by hour for you on your tuesday evening, you see the pops of yellow and orange on your screen. those are the downpours that will likely set up shop. as you head back to work on tuesday, you'll need the umbrella, the rain gear as we track the storm moving through. seven-day forecast, we are tracking a series of storms. there's that isolated shower chance tomorrow. scattered downpours mainly tuesday. lingering shower by wednesday. by friday into saturday more downpo downpours. the wind picks up. the rain gear gets a workout. >> the wet start to the new year. rick kwan is back. we know what you'll be leading with. >> it has not been a happy new year for the 49ers and raiders. coming up, the niners fire chip kelly after just one season as
11:49 pm
head coach. the raiders are once again looking for a
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abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. if the raiders had beaten denver today, they would have won the afc west and secured a first round bye. with no derek carat quarterback, they played one of its worst games of the season. an keep talib breaks michael crabtree's gold necklace. they knock mcgloin out of the game. he was done for the day. connor cook took over and had something going but loses the football here. the broncos recover. denver would then take the ball 64 yards on ten place. trevor siemian to virgil green about the point after made it 24-0. broncos 24-6. the raiders now play the texans saturday at 1:30 right here on abc7. >> had a great week of practice.
11:53 pm
played hard. excited to play this game. we knew what was at stake. we couldn't get it done. >> you don't want to feel like this every game. you have that taste in your mouth. the whole week of preparation onto the next one. we didn't want to feel like this. we're going to study hard, bust our tails in practice and give our all. >> with the raiders losing, kansas city able to claim the west title by beating san diego. tyreek hill has been spectacular on special teams. the speedster returns this punt a franchise record 95 yards for a touchdown. the chiefs win 37-27 and get a first round bye. on sunday night football, the packers an lions squared off for the nfc north title. few do this better than aaron rodgers. buy time before finding a receiver. green bay beats detroit 31-24. the former cal star threw for 300 yards and four touchdowns. the wildcard schedule on
11:54 pm
saturday, raids are at houston. watch the game right here at 1:35 followed by detroit at seattle at 5:15. then on sunday, the steelers host the dolphins at 10:00 in the morning. then the giants play at green bay at 1:40. as we reportedyer, both 49er general manager trent baalke and head coach chip kelly have been fired. the 49ers went just 2-14, tying the worst record in franchise history. to be fair to kelly, he didn't have much of a roster to play with. san francisco got off to a good start against seattle. on fourth and goal, shawn drone scores. the niners led 14-3. but the seahawks scored 16 second quarter points. it was 19-14 at the half. colin kaepernick playing in perhaps his final game with the niners finds garrett sellick for the score. the point after cut the lead to two. 25-23 would be the final. the chip kelly era ends with another loss. >> i appreciate chip and what he's done as far as coming to
11:55 pm
work every day and making sure the team stays focused. and being resilient. >> when we lose, like you know like we did had a season like we had, chances are made or can be made. and that's from coaches to players. it's all of us. >> the browns lost to pittsburg in overtime. landry jones to kobe hamilton for the touchdown. 27-24 the final. cleveland with a record of 1-15 will get the number one pick in this year's draft about the niners will pick second. in college basketball, the cal men continued conference play hosting arizona say the. let's go out to haas where the always colorful bill walton was holding court. graham follows up the steal with the two-hand jam. the bears answer with ivan raab who had a sixth double-double of the season. 20 points and 15 rebounds. he scores with the put-back. cal only led by one at the half but pulls away to gin. jabari bird with 16 points.
11:56 pm
the bears win 81-65, now 10-4. stanford no chance against number 18 arizona. there is a chance on the wildcats roster. chance comanche with the flush. nice put-back here. but arizona dominated kobe simmons with the steal will finish with the windmill dunk. the wildcats win. they're now 13-2, 2-0 in conference play. a thriller as at cal women took on arizona state. the bears thomas hits from the corner to tie the game at 55. they would need two overtimes to decide this game. sophie brunner gets the shot to fall for 2 of her 21. arizona wins it in double overtime, 72-62, arizona state. it's cal's first loss of the season. and this abc7 sports report has been brought to you by river rock casino. as we've been saying, jed york meeting with the media tomorrow. we'll find out what the next
11:57 pm
step is. >> that should be very interesting. too early for speculation about a possible replacement. >> first figure out who the gm is and leave it up to the gm to hire the next coach. >> that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. for drew tuma and rick kwan, thanks for joining us. have a happy start to your 2017 and a great year ahead.
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