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tv   ABC 7 News at 6  ABC  January 2, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> wayne friedman is live at team headquarters. owners, wayne, do not get dismissed. >> reporter: good afternoon, larry. we hear the word culture. culture, 16 times in the first 25 minutes. that from a man whose team has won 15 games in the last three years. that sets the scene for what we saw here today. if you play a sport long enough, even this ritual is routine. same in the 49ers practice facility as players cleaned out their lockers after a season that began with high hopes and concluded at 2-14. >> we come into a season and hope for the best. after that, hopefully you left it all out on the field. >> for see owe jed york had more to do with management today as he met with reporters to explain the firings of general manager trent baalke and chip kelly.
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that's his third firing of a head coach in three straight years. >> why are you confident to lead a search? >> nothing i say is a satisfactory answer. we need to make sure that our success speaks for itself. >> it's still wave the 49ers flag to people like a teacher from palo alto who spent a relative fortune on his seats. >> who would you fire? >> get rid of york. >> i own this team. you don't dismiss owners. >> what jed york said sounded like what he said in 2016 and in 2015 before that after firing his last successful coach, jim harbaugh. >> i can't look backwards. we need to make sure we're looking forward and doing everything we can to get the team back. >> by instilling a winning culture, he said by hiring a general manager and head coach on the same page. players say they learned about chip kelly's firing from a text last night. york met with them this morning.
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>> this is isn't acceptable to me. it's not. our fans deserve better than this. >> there's no questions from us. he's the boss. he informed us of what had happened. and we're rolling from here on. >> and rolling out. literally until next year. whatever that brings. >> do nat stand in the middle of the street. >> from levi's stadium in santa clara. wayne friedman. >> as wayne mentioned, the coaching position with the niners has been a revolving door. three coaches in three years. jim harbaugh was at the helm for four seasons. left in 2014 after the niners failed to reach the playoffs for the first time under his regime. he was replaced for a single season, jim tomsula, 5 ln 11. then chip kelly, got worse. fired by the eagles, 2-14 with % san francisco. well, now to a dream season for the raiders.
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really turning into a nightmare. >> they've got a major quarterback problem. uncertainty after losing their second string quarterback during the loss to the broncos. laura anthony live in oakland with that story. laura? >> reporter: hi, larry. just when you thought things couldn't get worse for the raiders, their backup quarterback is hurt in a key game. while others may be writing off this team, you won't hear any of that here from their fans or their head coach. it's been a tough couple of weeks for the raiders and their nation. from pre-holiday visions of going all the way to the super bowl. >> mcgloin has to lean back. he's getting pressured. >> to the host holiday blues. >> you saw mcgloin went down yesterday. what were you thinking? >> oh, lord. >> the raiders chances of winning the afc west went out the door. though connor cook seemed to
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hold his own, the raiders and their fans are feeling victimized. >> we've won all year as a team. we lose as a team. it wasn't a good day for us. >> now we got to go to houston. we're not doing too well, raider nation is kind of tough. >> that's not to say that raider nation lost the faith. backs against the wall and all. >> it's a touchdown. >> i hope we can go over and to houston and win. i mean, if we go and win, come back as strong. >> it's a hard road. there's always hope in a raider fan. always hope. >> i really felt yesterday, i thought when we generated that turnover after a score, i thought here we go. we're getting ready to do it again. it just didn't quite materialize. we've got a good group. >> in alameda, laura anthony, abc 7 news. you can watch the raiders kick off wildcard weekend on abc
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7 taking on the texans in houston. coverage starts at 1:30 on saturday on abc 7. let's get to the weather. we're going to get familiar with our umbrellas. we have a series of storms approaching. a short time ago, abc 7 news was in petaluma. drivers dealing with a sloppy ride there. abc 7 weather anchor spencer christian says we can look for precip or rain. >> sometimes heavy precip. live doppler 7. areas of light to moderate showers right now. it's been wetter in the north bay so far than anywhere else. we're all going to get wet as this storm approaches. it ranks 2 on the storm impact scale. moderate to heavy rainfall. rainfall totals will range from a half inch to 2 inches across the bay area. here's the forecast animation taking us through the overnight hours. by 6:00 a.m. fairly widespread of light to moderate rain. that may slow down the morning commute. notice what happens. we get pounded by widespread
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steady, heavy downpours all across the bay area. the areas of yellow and orange represent the heavier, steadier rain which will continue through the afternoon and evening hours which means the evening drive will produce downpours. you'll encounter downpours, ponding on roads. rainfall potential by about 10:00 or 11:00 tomorrow over the next seven days, we expect totals between 4 and 7 inches and if santa fe gets the inches we expect, it will be more than 1/3 of the average annual rainfall total. ama? >> thank you, spencer. we first started to hear about snow overnight. look at this. it came down hard in napa county along highway 29 by mt. st. helena. snow was reported as low as 2,000 feet. we captured light snow flurries around 9:00 this morning along marin county. only enough to make the roads a
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little wet. the last measurable snow on mt. tam was last march. >> snow on mt. hamilton in san jose today. what they found in the bay area was pretty great. here's reporter alyssa harrington. >> reporter: a dusting of snow at the top of mt. hamilton brought this family up the hill for a rare bay area snowball fight. >> right now it's really cold. i'm not used to it. i could hardly feel my hands right now. >> they had planned to visit lake tahoe but took a shorter drive to santa clara county and ended up closing for the day anyway. >> snowball fight. it's closed. we have a -- >> cal trans closed the road to the summit. this is our drive up. the long windy road, wet and foggy with at least an inch of snow. >> i'm stoked on it. >> matt brooks works at the
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observatory. like many employees, he lives on the mountain. >> i've got some guests here. we weren't expecting it. woke up, looked outside and everything was covered in snow. >> the chilly change of weather a surprise for his friends visiting from arizona. >> we came to california not expecting snow. so my feet are wet and i'm pretty cold. but this has been pretty cool. >> we've seen a mix of rain and snow flurries throughout the day. you can see it's sticking to the trees and to the ground turning this part of of the bay area into a winter wonderland. a pretty special way for some families to start the new year. on mt. hamilton, alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. abc 7 news was in clayton today as the city's holiday decorations came down. they were going to be up until next week but the forecast changed everything. at least the city's maintenance superintendent. got some help from a lone volunteer this morning. >> we had good holidays. definitely. it was a lot of fun. lot of family, lot of fun. lot of memories.
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>> now she's a volunteer. the only volunteer helping take them down. >> we're supposed to do it next eekend. there will be more volunteers here. but there's a storm coming. so we woke up this morning and i thought, man, i'm going to get a jump on it so i'm not taking them down in the pouring rain. >> the johnsons were happy to spot a little bit of snow this morning. barely visible as the bright morning sun rose over the mountain. >> part of the 80 is closed because of dangerous driving conditions causing spinouts. it's from truckee to seven miles east of there. winter storm warning goes into effect with heavy snow and high winds expected. here's a look at heavenly mountain resort. skiers expect an incredible weekend. they have most of their runs open. you can track the rain and snow with the abc 7 news app. we have live doppler 7 there any
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time. get weather advisories on your phone or tablets. a midair meltdown over a seat on a flight. >> i'm being so i am polite. aren't i? [ bleep ]. >> a passenger captured on a flight to san francisco. sergio quintana has more. the plane landed back in auckland. >> the flight from sydney from san francisco was to take 13.5 hours. because of the diversion it didn't arrive here until this morning, more than 26 hours behind schedule. >> throughout the flight, the man butted heads with the crew. >> don't put someone else in -- >> the passenger says the unruly man was unhappy pretty early into the flight. he didn't like sitting between two other men. >> they were briefly talking to
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one another. passing the paperwork or they were going home finally. that was it. they were talking over him. >> kay and his wife had just wrapped up a trip to sydney where they celebrated the new year. most everyone on board was in great spirits except for the angry guy who threatened his seat mates and the flight crew. >> dupe how cool it would be for the plane to turn around. you would be do that. i'm being so i am polite aren't i? >> after the cap tan made the remark that we were turning around. he said i can't believe they're turning the flight around. >> he was escorted off the plane by police. a new zealand police said he was handed over to immigration official toss arrange transfer to his home country. the crew couldn't continue the flight because their work hours would have expired so the airline had to put all the passengers up in a hotel for the
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night. we accommodated passengers on a flight that arrived in san francisco at 9:40 a.m. january 2nd. we apologize to our customers for the inconvenience all because of one unruly passenger. sergio quintana, abc 7 news. >> what a nightmare. a security warning from police and realtors. >> they slept in the house, left smoke butts. >> this comes after a rash of break-ins and burglaries. targeting one type of home. unplug
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new details on a strip mall fire on the peninsula.
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we know police arrested a man on the arson charges. abc 7 news on el camino real as fire crews responded yesterday. 61-year-old john anthony morgan was arrested after witnesses say they saw him walk from the building as the fire started. police say morgan is a transient who set two fires to the back of the business. a medical office was among those damaged in the fire. home burglars in the east bay are focusing on one particular type of home. up for sale and staged. the burglars are getting comfortable inside. leslie brinkley looked into this. >> they are specifically targeting homes for sale and stanld. in december, they hit nine homes in livermore. >> we have four agents in our office who had break-ins. i heard about it from another party. essentially, parties are taking bolt cutters to the lockboxes, cutting them off, getting access into the house, by getting a key
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free from what was supposed to be a secure lockbox. >> they've taken electronics and televisions but they've targeted home decor, even taking picture frames off the walls. >> we found cigarette butts, pillows on the floor which appear that they've been maybe sleeping in the home or showering in the home. police are getting the word out to realtors to alert neighbors when a home is for sale and keep alarms activated even if the residents moved out. they suggest a house sitter and scheduling viewings by appointment only. >> we've heard of agents in other areas reporting these kinds of incidents. it's critical that all homeowners have to be on guard for any kind of break inor criminal activity. >> livermore police are processing fingerprints to track down the suspects. i'm leslie brinkley. abc 7 news. snow seekers were delighted by what they saw in the high sierra. several inches of fresh powder greeted them.
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as reporter gabriel a carroll shows us, they were eager to share pictures with us. >> in effect along much of highway 50. it means people are pulling over to put on their chains. they're also finding time to snap photos. people are waiting to put chains on the cars so we can head up to the mountain. >> taking photos as well? >> yes. definitely. i love up, you were face timing someone? what were you doing? >> what were you talking about? >> i was showing all the snow. she lives in india. over there in the western part of india, you don't get snow. i was showing her how beautiful it is. >> of course, the snow is beautiful and it's tempting to share it. but it's a better idea to pull off the freeway to a rest stop like this than stop on the side of the road. sacramento bee is reporting that cal trans is considering adding more no parking signs along
6:18 pm
highway 50 to stop the picture takers imt. >> hard to pass up an opportunity to take pictures of the kids. >> absolutely. where we live now, they don't get a lot of snow. we have to come up here to see it every winter. >> did you pull over when you saw this field? >> yes, we did. we almost didn't make it. >> we stopped kind of quick and the car slid a little bit. >> yikes. >> a little fun. >> thankfully, the bit of fun ended safely. it's a good reminder, each a bit of snow can create much more dangerous conditions for drivers. maybe consider adding one more resolution to 2017's list. no more selfies in the snow. at least along highway 50. in placerville, gabrielle care royal. get out the rain gear and prepare for commuting delays. here's live doppler 7. we have pockets of rainfall scattered in the bay area right now.
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rain will become more widespread and steadier overnight. by tomorrow this time, we'll be drenched here in the bay area. this is a live view looking out over san francisco where conditions are relatively quiet right now. 57 across the bay at oakland. 49 at mountain view. gilroy -- this is the view in emeryville. looks quiet there. 40 degrees in santa rosa. 48 at napa. 50 at concord. 46 at livermore. here's a view from the rooftop camera looking at the embarcadero. snow levels to 2500 feet over the bay area peaks. heavy rain and wind expected tomorrow. we'll have an unsettled stormy pattern over the next seven days. the storm approaching us tomorrow ranks 2 on the storm impact scale. a storm of moderate intensity. it will produce moderate to heavy rain with occasional
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downpours. it will be windy in the afternoon with gusts up to 40 miles per hour at times. rainfall totals 20 to -- rainfall totals half an inch to 2 inches. here's the forecast animation. overnight by 5:00 tomorrow morning, rain becomes more widespread, better organized. steadier. later in the day tomorrow, it will be heavier and more widespread. by early afternoon, the areas of yellow and orange indicate where the heaviest rainfall is. moderate to heavy for most of the bay area. through the afternoon hours into the evening tomorrow. so the afternoon evening commute will likely be a challenging one. on to winds tomorrow and tomorrow evening. they'll be gusty. generally between 20 and 30 miles per hour in the afternoon hours. but on the coast, perhaps higher. over 40 miles per hour in some spots. the winds becoming calmer late tomorrow night. now we'll look at projected rainfall totals. by late tomorrow night, totals range from 1 inch to nearly 2.5
6:21 pm
inches in some spots. it's going to be very wet. that's the beginning of it. meanwhile, in the sierra, a winter weather advisory in effect until tomorrow morning. about 10:00, 5 to 10 inches of snow up to that point. gusty winds over the ridges. and a winter storm warning is in effect for the sierra from 10:00 tomorrow morning to 4:00 thursday morning. look for up to 2 feet of snow or more in some spots with whiteout conditions. in fact, our animation is projecting more than 2 feet of snow by 4:00 a.m. thursday in south lake tahoe and kirkwood. the snow will continue to fall off that. the bay area overnight, low temperatures, mainly low to mid-40s. rainfall chances the next several days, near 100% for most of the week ahead. here's a look at the animation beginning on friday night into the weekend. another wave of stormy weather moving through for both saturday and sunday. it's going to be quite wet and windy weekend and both weekend storms rank 2 on the storm impact scale.
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if you look at the seven-day forecast, the only day that might be dry is this thursday. a cloudy day. even then, a slight chance of rain. but more than a slight chance of all of the other six days in the seven hp day forecast period. >> thank you, spencer. still ahead, the moment that many tesla car owners have been waiting for. >> like a tuneup,
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. tesla is rolling out it's much anticipated autopilot update. it tops the bay area business brief. elon musk tweeted that the autopilot software was uploading to 1,000 cars. the rest of the h w-2 fleet should get in sometime this week. this update is for the advanced hardware package that includes more cameras, ultrasonic sensors. it includes automatic emergency braking and lane guidance. see how chrysler expanded the partnership with google to develop a you connect infotainment system. the software will be introduced at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. the in-vehicle comfort systems music and other controls will new system.ssible through the - it will be fully compatible with the android apps. another top executive left twitter. kathy chen announced departure
6:26 pm
eight months after taking the job as twitter's managing director for china. in october, it was going to cut 350 sales in sales, partnership and marketng organization. if you have to check work e-mail during off hours, you might be interested in a new law in france. that measure went into effect yesterday. it gives workers the right not to check e-mails when they're off the clock. it applies to companies with 50 or more employees throughout the country. companies can't punish workers if they choose to ignore e-mail or other communications during off hours. lawmakers say it's a way for companies to respect their workers' work life balance. fresh crab is more of a delicacy. >> everybody is staying in solidarity. >> crabbers refusing to lower their pots. a look at the impact it's having for those trying to get their hands-on fresh local crab. >> does he know something we don't? president-elect donald trump will have a big reveal involving
6:27 pm
election hacking. an
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crab season in the bay area is on hold for the time being. san francisco fishermen vowed to say -- while a strike continues over a price dispute. >> lyanne melendez tells us what you can expect. >> more than 20 fish ep men met at the headquarters at fisherman's wharf to make sense of this unexpected pause in the season. >> we talked up and down the coast. everybody is waiting to get $3. when we get three bucks, we'll go. right now we're tied up. >> local supermarkets are feeling the effects. >> everybody is calling, do you have crab? no. it's hard to tell them no. you do what you got to do. a couple people had orders tomorrow that we had to call up and say we haven't heard yet. >> the strike began last wednesday after a large buyer, pacific choice tried to renegotiate the price per pound from $3 to $2.75. even though san francisco
6:31 pm
fishermen are still getting $3 they will stay idle while the strike continues. >> the holidays are over, and some of the buyers think they want to go into the freezer with it. >> some of them didn't return our calls. he's a retired united auto workers member from detroit. he refused to buy any crab today. we said they're not going to touch the crab until they settle the dispute. >> there's a healthy supply at fishermen's wharf. >> reporter: crab season is meant to continue through june 30th. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. president-elect donald trump promises he'll share more information as soon as tomorrow about the investigation into whether russia hacked the u.s. election. mr. trump is due to be briefed by intelligence officials. so far the president-elect expressed doubt that russia tampered with the election here
6:32 pm
and he's questioning president obama's actions against russia for the alleged cyber attack. >> i also know things that other people don't know. so they cannot be sure of the situation. >> what do you know that other people don't know? >> you'll find out on tuesday or wednesday. >> if he's going to have any credibility, he needs to stop talking this way. >> he's questioned the sanctions that have been -- that includes expelling diplomats. he urged rahm emanuel to -- if he can't curb street violence in the third largest city. there were over 700 homicides. mayor emanuel said if the federal government wants to help, they can enact tougher gun laws. diplomats expelled by the obama administration are now back in moscow. russian government charter plane arrived caring a contingent of
6:33 pm
diplomats ousted from washington, d.c. the diplomats were ordered out to punish russia over cyber hacking allegations. they were expelled from san francisco, their flight arrived in moscow over the weekend. in developing news, turkish police released the photo of the gunman accused of killing people at a nightclub seconds into new year's day. it appears they didn't make any arrests. nearly 70 people were injured, including a man from delaware who called it a massive tragedy. >> i was with nine people. seven were shot. seven of us were shot. i wake up in the united states. i eat breakfast. you guys wake up and have to think of this. it's so sad. i really wish everybody here the best. i've only met very good people. >> investigators say they're working closely with facebook and twitter to shut down
6:34 pm
provocative accounts that supportter tore. turk irk jets carried out attacks since the nightclub attack. aerial footage was released today. more than 100 isis targets in syria have been hit by turkey and russia in separate operations. at least 22 suspected militants were killed. england's royal family says that queen elizabeth is on the mend even though she's not been seen in public for more than two weeks now, including a church service. the kweep's daughter told well-wishers that she's doing better even though she's battling a cold. >> we're talking about a 90-year-old woman battling a cold. she didn't want to be in a cold church braving that terrible rain and didn't want to risk getting worse. she was advised by her doctors to not take the risk. >> you're looking at the last time she was seen by the public on december 14th. when she recorded her annual christmas message.
6:35 pm
some areas could get nearly 6 inches of rain this week. >> spencer is tracking a series of wet weather systems. >> yes, it's going to be a wet week ahead. a few pockets of scattered showers. there will be a lot more than that tomorrow. the accuweather forecast coming right now. a nightmare. from 7 on your side, how a friend's suggestion helped a bay area woman solve a year
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it was one mistake after another for a san leandro woman who wanted her new stove to work the way it should. >> after a full year. apparently a lot of patience. maybe not. she called on michael finney for help. >> wait until you hear how this panned out. >> it's going to be painful. >> it is painful. many consumers rely on the experts to make sure things go right. when those experts let you down, it can be a long and frustrating experience. >> if i can get it turned, we'll be happy. >> diana cone is doing what she enjoys most. >> i love cooking. >> that's why she was so frustrated when the new stove she bought lacked the sizzle she expected.
6:39 pm
here's a picture of the stove after it was installed more than a year ago. it had very low flame. i could only use these two burners. >> it was so low, it took 16 minutes to boil four cups of water. she called lowe's and they immediately agreed to replace the stove. the new stove didn't work well either. you wanted to do a he told her the line under her house was too small. it took her time to get the money to install a bigger line. >> a friend suggested she ask lowe's if it had accidentally install a propane stove. she did. >> she said you do have a propane stove. we don't work with that supplier anymore or that installer anymore. here's her receipt from the purchase. it said she bought a natural gas
6:40 pm
stove. they promptly sent her the stove she wants with the sizzle she wantsment. >> it's beautiful. >> she wants to be re -- lowe's offered her a $500 credit. she wasn't happy and could be tacked 7 on your side. she said she contacted store management to share concerns about her cook top in july and august of 2016. when we learned of the issues we were happy to resolve them and understand that she's satisfied with the outcome. lowe's refunded half the cost of the stove and paid for the unneeded gas line and all installation fees. zienl michael finney, thank you so much. thank you very very much for being there for all of us. thanks for reaching out to us. if you have a consumer issue, i want to hear from you. monday through friday from 10:00 until 2:00.
6:41 pm
4145-954 n 8151 also through abc 7 news. >> and water can now be boiled. how frustrating. >> thanks, michael. mcdonald's opened up near st. peter's square near vatican city. not everybody is loving it. they're objecting to the fast food joint so close to a sacred place. especially the cardinals who live above the restaurant. they're making a lot of money on the deal. it's renting a space to mcdonald's for more than $30,000 a month. up next, of the crowd wowing moments of this
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sthoof. cloudy skies could be a damper on one of the beloved traditions. the 128th rose parade brought out colors and brought sounds to life. christina salvo from our sister station in los angeles has more. ♪ >> not the threat of rain or the cold could scare away the spectators. >> it is kind of cold. >> it is kind of cold. >> but michigan it is super
6:45 pm
cold. >> we're here. >> for many it's tradition. >> others a bucket list first. >> i want to see this big dog float, the largest ever. >> spectators coming from all over and converging on to colorado boulevard. >> a bunch of cars and zigzag all around until we found our seat. >> this year's grand marshal, a trail of olympic gold medalists. janet evans, greg louganis. >> and the rose court. from temple city. >> echoes of success is the theme. from the looks of it, it's already a huge success. >> but, of course, lots of penn state fans out as well. >> phenomenal.
6:46 pm
absolutely phenomenal. love the excitement today. how energetic. how colorful. and how enjoyable. what a great start to 2017. >> in pasadena, christina salvo, abc 7 news. next time you put on a pair of jeans, you'll be wearing an official symbol of california. among the 900 new laws taking effect today, one makes denim the official state fabric. denim was invented in san francisco during the gold rush. it's since become a symbol of culture, worn by miners, hippies and tech workers. 96% of americans own a pair. 75% of the premium denims sold in the world originates from here in california. florida's famous bald eagle harriet is still waiting, two days after her first eaglet hatched, her second is still in the shell. she seems fine.
6:47 pm
earlier today, we saw her feeding her first eaglet. she laid the eggs in november. she has no idea that thousands of people, including ama daetz, are watching the live stream waiting to see her second little one come into the world. you can join in what's now been called eagle watch 2017. it's available any time on your website, abc 7 or on the free abc 7 news app. it's better in the daylight. but it's still good even though it's dark outside. we are preparing for a good dousing of rain. >> let's get the latest on the timing of the storm from spencer christian. basically, rain until further notice, yes? >> that's basically it. we have a little bit of rain now. we'll have a lot over the next seven days. let's get down to it. i'll take you to the next graphic. the one coming in tomorrow ranks 2 on the storm impact scale. it will be a storm of moderate intensity and produce moderate to heavy rainfall. windy conditions in the afternoon and evening tomorrow.
6:48 pm
we expect a half inch to 2 inches of rainfall total across the bay area. here's the forecast animation beginning at 5:00 tomorrow morning. by mid-afternoon, into the late afternoon and evening hours, we'll have widespread moderate to heavy rainfall. it's certainly going to be a slow commute tomorrow. the storm will produce snow in the sierra. up to that time, only 5 to 10 inches of snow will fall. gusty wind over the ridges. a winter storm warning in effect from 10:00 tomorrow morning to 4:00 a.m. thursday. snow will be heavy at times. expect whiteout conditions. strong powerful gusts over the ridges. we expect snowfall accumulation to be over 2 feet in many locations. meanwhile, back in the bay area, more rain will come in over the weekend, both days will be washouts and blowouts, because the heavy rain will be accompanied by strong winds. the seven-day forecast, we
6:49 pm
expect one day to be dry. that's thursday. even then, there's a slight chance of rain. get the rain gear ready. >> thank you so much, spencer. you called it a rant earlier. i called it passionate discussion about the 49ers discussion about t discussion. -- he said culture, culture. culture 16 times day. with the gm and the coach now gone, we'll look a tall married small? with sleep number, there's an adjustment for that. make it firm. make it soft. adjusts to any duo. does your bed do that? come into a sleep number store where the c2 mattress is now $699.99. it's a no brainer.
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well, it is becoming an annual tradition for the 49ers. santa brings gifts and then jed york brings the new year's pink slips. york addressed the media after dismissing trent baalke and chip kelly who went 2-14. >> it wasn't saying you're fooird and jim not saying i don't want to be there. >> i apologized for a 2-14 season. i apologized for being back here again. >> over the span of three
6:53 pm
seasons. the 49ers fired three head coaches and a general manager. the only person apparently not on the hot seat is jed york himself. i own this football team. you don't dismiss owners. >> york's 49ers are 7-25 since parting ways with jim harbaugh. they now owe $69 million to coaches that are no longer with the team. >> i'm going to do everything i can to get this right. this isn't about a business and running an operation to make money. we're making sure that we're doing everything that we can to re-establish this culture. >> while the niners personnel will change once again. there's little evidence that anything will be truly different going forward. the real question is, has jed york learned from his mistakes? >> whether it was today, whether it was four years ago, whether it was ten years ago. i think he would have been ready to step in and take the job. i couldn't be more excited than to hire chip kelly as the new head coach of the 49ers.
6:54 pm
we were 2-14. we didn't do a lot of things right this year. if we're going to reset and re-establish, that's where it starts the head coach an the general manager. >> painful just to relive the news conferences there. >> the niners looking for a new head coach. >> the raiders are in the playoffs without their quarterback. after losing derek carr for the season, the raiders struggled mightily in denver with matt mcgloin who got hurt himself. injured his shoulder. connor cook, the third stringer had to make an nfl debut. he looked pretty good. the starting qb suffered a concussion in the second quarter against the titans. his status undetermined. combined with a short week. you have nervous head coaches. >> you're dealing with a tough situation, dealing with your backup. maybe a third stringer.
6:55 pm
quarterbacks are going to give us what they have and do the best they can. we've got to play well around him. we can't expect them to come in and put us on their shoulders. >> i think there's a lot of different factors. health is part of it, no question about it. there's a lot of different factors. we move the ball well. brock did a nice job when he was in there. there's a lot of different factors. >> we're excited to be in the post-season. we'll be energized come game time. an epic rose bowl. usc taking on penn state. 27-21 trojans. check out penn state's -- single handedly taking the entire usc defense on a tour of pasadena. breaking tackles, a 79-yard run to give penn state the lead. fourth kwofrter. trojans down 7. minute and a half to go. sam darn old finds -- 49-49. 38 seconds left.
6:56 pm
trace mcsorely. picked off on the sidelines by marshall. he returns it so the trojans in field goal range with a chance to win it. usc kicker matt boremeister. 46 yards. good night. game over. drive home safely. the trojans win a thriller over penn state 52-49 in what i believe is the highest scoring rose bowl ever. what a finish. >> good stuff. >> that is incredible. >> thank you so much, larry. be sure to join us tonight for abc 7 news at 11:00. we're tracking the storms heading our way this week. in the north bay, more snow could be coming at higher elevations. you may wake up to icy roads. also, a critical bay area water supply is being cut off tonight so officials can decide how to fix or replace a tunnel at risk of catastrophic collapse. here's a look at the primetime lineup on abc 7.
6:57 pm
at 8:00, the season premiere of the bachelor. followed by a special post bachelor edition of jimmy kimmel live at 10:00 and then stay with us for abc 7 news apartment 11:00. that's going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news on twitter. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. snooim larry beil in for dan ashley. see you at 11:00.
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"this is jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- an attorney from oklahoma city, oklahoma... a software engineer from parker, colorado... and our returning champion, a music teacher and singer from montclair, new jersey... ...whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. happy holidays, everybody. yeah, mukund, winning all that money is an eye-opener.
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