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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 2, 2017 10:01pm-11:01pm PST

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if i'm rejected again, i will be heartbroken, so i hope she says yes. >> jimmy: oh, my god. that was incredible! this is gonna be a great season. can you imagine getting to date nick? >> yeah. >> definitely. >> jimmy: no, but seriously. just imagine. living in that mansion with all those other women, drinking too much chardonnay at the cocktail parties, seeing nick's abs up close, sticking your tongue down his throat -- >> yeah. we can imagine. >> jimmy: wearing 19 different beaded evening gowns, crying in the back of a limo, getting chlamydia in the hot tub -- >> yes! we can imagine! >> jimmy: wait a minute. i just realized something. are we on a two on one right now?
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>> we are. >> but you aren't. >> come on ladies. it's time to make your fantasy sweet. >> oh, yeah. [ applause ] >> tonight. get ready for an episode of "jimmy kimmel live!" unlike anything you've ever seen before. featuring the most shocking, unbelievable monologue in late night television history. an interview with joel mchale that will leave you speechless, for decades. a conversation with bachelor nick that will change everything you have ever thought about anything in your entire life. and then, kaitlyn and andi sit down with nick and jimmy for a chat so explosive, you will literally die. and finally, one of these men, will be going home. actually, all of them will be going, because they don't live here. it's all happening tonight, on a
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very special "jimmy kimmel live: here for all the right reasons." and now, here to begin this amazing journey, rosetradamus himself, jimmy kimmel. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: this is an amazing journey. welcome to the new year. that's very nice. we are back to work. i hope your vacation selfies got a lot of likes over the break. i'll tell you something. it's always funny coming back and asking your co-workers how their vacation was even though you saw every moment of it exhaustively documented on instagram. we are back in the nick of time. literally, the season premier of "the bachelor." the bachelor, nick viall is here with us. [ cheers and applause ] i'll say it will be nice for him
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to be on a show where not everyone is trying to have sex with him off the time. before becoming "the bachelor," he was on "the bachelorettebacho times. this time, he has vowed to give america a happy ending, and yes, we will have to pay extra for that. [ laughter ] so believe it or not, this is the 21st season of "the bachelor," and the biggest season. this time, there were 30 women to choose from. it's funny, you know, if a mandates 30 women on tv, it's a reality show, and in real life, it's a cult. it's a diverse group, and it shows young women, that when it comes to love between two people, it doesn't matter what race you are, what job you have or where you come from, so long as you are under 110 pounds and have medium to large sized breasts. you can find love. my wife is so excited about this
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show. i consider my wife to be a very intelligent, balanced woman. she doesn't go overboard. she is appropriately enthusiastic in every situation, until this show comes on. you know that guy at the raiders games who paints his face black and he has skulls with spikes? that's my wife when "the bachelor" comes on tv. i keep a taser tucked in the sofa just in case she turns on me. my favorite part is i like the first part when the contestants pull up and introduce themselves. by the way, they make it seem like each person has their own limo. that's not how it works. there's one limo that circles around like an airport shuttle. they are standing at a bus stop waiting for them to get picked up. i like the part when they have all 30 women come up one by one. it's, like, the bunny ranch, but with a wedding at the end. and almost all of them feel the
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need to do something funny to make an improtection on him. >> i hear you like a good hump. >> where are we going with this? >> i need you to turn around for me. >> so do you know that girl wearing underwear? >> i don't. >> neither do i. >> >> i'm so excited to meet you. and i dolphin-itally can't wait to go inside. >> jimmy: you're definitely not making it past week three. that was a woman named alexis. she is an aspiring dolphin trainer who wore a costume. it sparked what might be the biggest controversy of the new year so far. >> oh, my god. a shark!
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>> i'm a dolphin. >> she is in a shark costume, but she is a dolphin. >> i just love dolphins. >> that's a dolphin and not a shark? >> i'm a dolphin. >> i keep thinking it's a shark. are we sure? >> there's a debate whether she is a shark or dolphin. >> jimmy: obviously, she is a dolphin. sharks don't make that noise. by the way, she got a rose. which had to make the women there not feel very good about themselves. the drama was that nick didn't seem to recognize a contestant named liz, even though they apparently met at a wedding and had sex six months ago. he just looked puzzled, and then we saw a season preview with a lot of the other women crying about this. appare apparently, they found out and they were sobbing. i don't know if they thought he was a virgin going into this or what, but it's so -- if i was the bachelor, right at the start
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of the show, i would make an announcement. i want this to be fair, and all of you to be treated equally, so i'm going to be having sex with everyone in this house. chris harrison included. so if you have a problem with that, go be on "survivor" or something like that. some of these women come, in maybe because nick has been on "the bachelor" 15 times now. they are star struck, and it's like justin timberlake walked in the room. they are in love with a guy they have never met, which, you know, is a recipe for a strong long-term relationship. probably the most aggressive of the women was corinne who repeatedly said, i run a multimillion dollar business. it's her father's, and she has something that i doubt any other 24-year-old woman living in america has. >> hi. i'm corinne. i'm 24 and live in miami. corinne's world is glamorous. i live with my family and i work with them.
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we are together 24/7. can you have raquel get me my snacks? that would be great. >> okay. >> and there's my nanny, raquel. she does everything for me. thank you so much. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: she has a nanny who brings her cucumbers. which as far as red flags go is downright maroon. i mean, but corinne is in. she got a rose. we also met raven tonight who owns a fashion boutique in arkansas, which is funny, but she also -- she appears to be very down to earth. >> i'm raven gates, and welcome to arkansas. i have an amazing family. i have ans amazing life except i'm lonely and i want love. nick is very attractive, and i know he has had his heart broken. >> jimmy: oh, my god. you hate to -- [ laughter ]
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that's so raven. nick sent eight women home tonight. we are down to 22. nobody wants to go home, but none of the women go home, who would be around to teach us pilates? i love the jobs on t"the bachelor." it's four real jobs and then madeup ones. cocktail waitress and twin was on there. i know a number of them are dental hygienists. it's time to put your intuition and aptitude for trivia to work. dental hygienist or not? shannon from season 13. was she a dental hygienist or not? yes! shannon was a dental hygienist. from season 19, mckenzie. was she a dental hygienist or --?
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>> no! >> jimmy: the audience says no, and she was. we go back to season 15, and ashley herbert was -- the audience says yes. some of the gentlemen say she was a student. by now, she is probably a dental hygienist. everybody was right. next up, monica from season 16. yes or no? >> yes! >> jimmy: we are split again. monica was a dental consultant. which is not a hygienist. they just talk about teeth. they don't do anything, and finally, from season 20, mandy kramer. yes or no? >> no. >> mandy was a dentist! not a dental hygienist. stop being so sexist. it's 2017. women can be dentists now. that was dental hygienist or not. [ laughter ] i will say this.
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it didn't seem so great on tv, but if you play it on nitrous oxide it's a lot of fun. the best job hands down is aspiring dolphin trainer. the dolphin girl was the breakout star of the night. in order to further her career in marine biology, we paired it with the cartoon, "jabberjaw," and it works. >> i have a shark, and she thinks she is a dolphin. that's a concern. >> i'm excited to know you more honestly. i'm in a dolphin suit. >> i mean, it's a shark. >> i want to be the first dolphin to get a [ bleep ] rose tonight. >> so that's a dolphin and not a shark? >> i'm a dolphin. >> i keep thinking it's a shark. [ making dolphin noise ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we have to take a break. when we come back, mariah carey
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gave quite a performance on new year's eve, and i'll share my thoughts on that, and we'll be back with bachelor, nick, kaitlyn, andi and joel mchale, so stick around. ♪ ♪ they gon' feel how they gonna feel ♪ ♪ and i love it, ♪ i love it and baby hey, ♪ you should too ♪ so let 'em say what they wanna say ♪ ♪ they gonna feel how they gonna feel ♪ ♪ but i love it, yeah i love it, ♪ ♪ baby, hey get well chosen deals at target, like buy any two annie's products, get one free. customer service!d. ma'am. this isn't a computer... wait. you're real? with discover card, you can talk to a real person in the u.s., like me, anytime. wow. this is a recording. really? no, i'm kidding. 100% u.s.-based customer service. here to help, not to sell.
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with sleep number. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi there. welcome back to our
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special "bachelor" post show. kaitlyn and andi are here, but first, the new year is here. finally, you know, it's funny. people keep saying i'm so glad 2016 is over. if you didn't like how last year turned out, you're going to hate this one. i mean really. according to -- they did one of these polls, the resolution for 2017 is to be a better person. exercising and losing weight is tied for second. losing weight is -- it's too hard. i decided to shoot for -- this year instead of weight, i'm losing blood. i'm going to -- it's a lot more doable. guillermo, i saw your new year's resolution on facebook. >> that's right. >> jimmy: my resolution is do more yoga and meditation. you mean -- [ cheers and applause ] you meditate? >> yeah. i want to be relaxed and happy,
10:18 pm
you know. >> jimmy: do you sit down and meditate? >> i do. >> jimmy: you know that's napping. not med daitatemeditating. how often do you go jyoga? >> once. >> jimmy: twice this year, and you will have achieved your goal. do a yoga position for us. what is that? >> i think the share position. no the share position is like this. >> jimmy: the share position? >> yeah. like a share. >> jimmy: do downward chihuahua. let's see what that looks like. >> what? >> jimmy: never mind. good luck with that. >> all right. >> jimmy: i had a weird thing happen over the break. my amazon alexa, you know, that thing fell in love with a hat i hatchimal. they ran off together. i'm out 300 bucks. my daughter who is 3 1/2 years old has conversations with
10:19 pm
alexa. like corinne with her nanny. this is an interaction between alexa and a young boy that is basically every parent's worst dream about the future. >> alexa, play -- >> can you tell it to play "wheels on the bus"? >> amateur porn. playing porn. >> alexa stop! >> jimmy: alexa with three "xs." this is from the auburn georgia basketball game. players from georgia found themselves in a huddle with an unexpected new teammate. >> 1:39 to go. allen harper is -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's a team player right there. for both teams.
10:20 pm
mariah carey ended 2016 on a rough note. did you see her on dick clark's new year's rocking ryan seacrest eve? here's the wreckage that was. ♪ i lost a part of me ♪ is that so hard to believe ♪ come back because we belong together ♪ ♪ times get rough ♪ who is going to talk to me on the phone until the sun comes up ♪ ♪ there ain't nobody better ♪ oh, baby, baby, we belong together, baby ♪ >> jimmy: she lipped -- she just forgot to sing. if you think about it, that was the perfect ending to 2016. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ]
10:21 pm
next time, she should put peanut butter in mariah's mouth the make it look like she was doing something. she claims she was sabotaged by produce producers, or maybe they are mad they heard her christmas song a million times. they say they did that to boost ratings. for real. they deliberately messed with her ear piece supposedly, which is such a crazy theory, some people think she might be positions herself to run for president of the united states. mariah carey wasn't the only confused person in times square. we had this individual. ♪ come back, baby please because we belong together ♪ >> wearing novelty glasses that say 2007. maybe we found a time traveler. that confusion managed to
10:22 pm
befuddle gloria estefan. >> where are you? it's almost 2007. >> jimmy: 2007 with gloria estef estefan. we have a lot of fun in store tonight. it is our very special bachelor special. we're here for the right reasons. "the bachelor" himself is here. kaitlyn and andi are here, and we'll be right back with joel mchale, so stick around. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] thank you for dining with us. hope to see you again soon. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance,
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back friends and lovers of love. it is a night of intensely manufactured romance. the bachelor, nick viall, is here. nick will be greeted later on by two women who dumped him on television, andi and kaitlyn will be here. tomorrow night, taraji p. henson will be here, from "fences" jovan adepo. we will have music from mike posner, and later this week, kevin costner,
10:27 pm
joel edgerton, k. trevor wilson. music from fantastic negrito and andy richter, whom you know from conan, is here to promote his new game show which is based on a game show from our show. it's called "big fan." next monday night at this time, matthew mcconaughey and green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers will go head to head with their biggest fans to find out who knows more about matthew mcconaughey and the packers' quarterback, aaron rogere rodgers. that's next monday here on abc. starting at 10:00 p.m. our next guest loves helicopters, and he is host of the people's choice awards on january 18th. please say hello to joel mchale. ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
10:28 pm
♪ >> thank you. >> jimmy: welcome. welcome. thank you for coming. happy new year to you. >> thank you. happy new year. should we clear this shark/dolphin [ bleep ] right now? >> jimmy: what's your opinion? >> it's a [ bleep ] shark costume. i asked them to pull up the stupid -- show the picture. those are gills. sharks breathe water. to stay alive, they must move the water through them or they die. dolphins breathe air. thank you. >> jimmy: wow. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> jimmy: i had no idea you knew so much about the sea. >> i do. thankfully -- i'm an oceanographer. i'm going to fix that right now. >> jimmy: you hosted "the soup"
10:29 pm
how long? >> i was fired by kim kardashian. she and her ass showed up in my dressing room, and it was, like, we're not all going to fit in here. >> jimmy: was that a good part of the show? >> never showed a clip. it was a huge part because abc has a real hit in bc"the bache " bachelor." i called it the parade of unstable absolutsluts trying to date. >> jimmy: that was the original title. >> and then there was "the favor of love" and that was what it was. they pretend they want to fall in love, and what's more scary, and they think they will actually find it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: do you think they are pretending -- i think they actually -- >> i think you're right, which is really frightening. but we -- my favorite bachelor
10:30 pm
was brad womack who chose no one. i was, like, greatest, most sensible person. then they brought him back and he chose someone. >> jimmy: you're right. >> i also love jake because he looked like he should have starred in "american psycho." [ laughter ] he was terrifying and he and nick do the same thing, which is they talk while smiling. hopefully you have seen it. if you watch nick, he is coming out here, and they have almost finished shaving down his body as you saw in the opening, that soft core porn he shot right before he did "the bachelor," he'll be, like, yeah. you're pretty, too. i love your dress. it's really great. it's a great dress. it's great. [ laughter ] and a puppet will appear from behind him. >> jimmy: i haven't noticed that, and now i won't be able to focus on anything else now.
10:31 pm
>> it's great to be here, and i can't believe it. this is amazing. >> jimmy: what about "the bachelorette"? who is your favorite? >> of all time? >> jimmy: back to the 1800s. >> i'm going with mertl -- no. i'm going to go with kaitlyn. there was, like, five named kaitlyn. >> jimmy: there must be a lot of kaitlyns. you mean the one here tonight? >> i don't care. i want to point out that chris, the host, he is just always on the verge of bursting out laughing. [ laughter ] because they're, like, this is a real big deal. >> jimmy: to the golf course. >> and i saw it because they sent me an advanced copy of the show, so ha ha ha. two people in this episode said, you know, my friend submitted me for this, and that is just [
10:32 pm
bleep ]. >> jimmy: you don't believe it? >> no. because here's how these shows work. your friend might have gone, you should go on there, and the number of hoops to get through and hurdles to jump through to actually appear on the show, you have to make a real effort. >> jimmy: you probably have to give your social security number. >> absolutely, but when they walk -- there's tests. there's all sorts of interviews. they want to make sure you're hot and unstable and weird. stop saying your friend did this. >> jimmy: that's good advice. >> everybody knows you were the weirdest, hottest person in your high school, and this is exactly what we expect. >> jimmy: i think you have given these bachelor contestants and us for that matter a lot to think about. >> i'm glad. >> jimmy: in a way, you have ruined the show for everyone. congratulations, joel. >> you're welcome. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. >> i'm sorry that i have not
10:33 pm
stopped talking for the last four minutes. i used to just make fun of these shows and this is a real therapy time for me. >> jimmy: glad you could get this off your chest, and spare your wife while she is trying to watch the show. >> your segment producer asked, does your wife watch? i was, like, nope. she does not watch television at all. >> jimmy: really? you could say anything you want about her right now? >> i can. she grew a tail last year, and she could slap me in the face with it and i didn't know it was coming. >> jimmy: you're hosting the people's choice awards. [ cheers and applause ] you led your own applause there. >> thank you. yep. it's pretty much the biggest deal in hosting this year. anyone else on stage, nobody is hosting a bigger deal award show. >> jimmy: but that is -- >> you're hosting the oscars. >> jimmy: but that doesn't -- [ cheers and applause ]
10:34 pm
that doesn't minimize that you are hosting "the people's choice awards." >> it does. it does minimize it a bit. mine's more important obviously. >> jimmy: have you started working on "the people's choice awards"? >> no. i'm going to show up and do it. >> jimmy: really? >> you better be working on yours. >> jimmy: i'm under my desk w k workiwor working on it. >> what happened when you got the news? >> jimmy: i threw up. i had a migraine. >> then that passed and you were, like, it's show time. you were so good hosting the emmys that you have -- >> jimmy: thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> that here -- >> jimmy: we are showering together at this point. >> you're going to have a hard time topping that. i get -- i don't know how you -- i get nervous right before.
10:35 pm
i fe i feel like this is going to be funny. >> jimmy: then you see people you continue know staring at you. >> you say imagine everybody naked, which doesn't make sense. i ask you what you are doing, and i'm imagining people naked, and it's weird. >> jimmy: it's terrible advice. >> it doesn't make sense. >> jimmy: you could get sexually excited and start humping people. >> much like that girl on "the bachelor" who rode a camel in. you saw that? >> jimmy: we saw that. >> the producers were, like, this hump joke is going to be huge. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: use it on "the people's choice awards." >> i might. >> jimmy: joel mchale, the "people's choice awards" airs january 18th on cbs. and "the great indoors," his very own television show. we'll be right back with the
10:36 pm
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello, we're back. with our post bachelor special. our next guest is the most sexually active man on television. he is the man of the hour with a lot of important decisions to make. please say hello to the bachelor, nick viall. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: now ooii'm going to h to watch. >> i'm going to try not to smile the entire time.
10:41 pm
[ laughter ] >> jimmy: only joel can make smiling into a bad thing. >> very self-conscious now. >> jimmy: good to see you. how are you doing? >> i'm well. >> jimmy: who did you kiss on new year's eve? >> my mom. >> jimmy: did you really kiss your mom on new year's eve? >> no. >> jimmy: anyone on new year's eve? >> i did not. >> jimmy: you ruined the show. we know what happened now. >> sorry. >> is it safe to say you are single now or not in a relationship? >> i don't think i can say anything. >> jimmy: you can tell us. >> you promise not to tell anyone? >> jimmy: we'll keep it just between the 202 of us. yeah. >> all right. so i picked -- >> jimmy: i know who you pick. i knew before you even got signed up to do this who you were going to pick. that's why they call me rostradamus. >> i could pick someone and i
10:42 pm
have a track record. >> jimmy: that has happened to you before. the important thing is who you pick and not how it turns out. we know what happens after the show ends. you're on the magazine with the rip down the middle. that's how it goes. [ laughter ] >> you're laughing. >> jimmy: i want to ask about a couple of the women on the show. first of all, liz, who is the woman that you met -- she was what? the maid of honor at a wedding. >> she was. >> jimmy: you met her? >> i did. >> jimmy: then you went to her room or your room? >> i don't remember. >> jimmy: you don't remember. so after you -- you con ssummat your like, i guess, you said, can i have your number? and you said, no. >> she gave me, like, the let's leave it alone. i said, okay. >> jimmy: i think that would shake me to my core. >> i was -- i was okay with it. >> jimmy: why?
10:43 pm
>> i respected her decision, and -- >> jimmy: uh-huh. you're good at this getting dumped thing. i mean really it's like -- [ laughter ] you're the best at it. have you ever been fired from a job? >> no. >> jimmy: that will be easy for you too. how do you still have a job by the way? how is that possible that you are still working? >> i have been able to do some other stuff as a result of being on so many times. >> jimmy: you're not working at that job anymore? >> i don't do the software thing anymore. i'm lucky enough to have my own. >> jimmy: all hardware from now on, right? that liz -- did you recognize he her? >> i recognized her right away. 14 other women showed up, and i was, like, that's liz. she walks up and just has this grin, but didn't say anything. so i was just -- i'm thinking to myself, on the off chance that i am wrong, i didn't want to be, like, nice to see you again.
10:44 pm
and her say, nope. not me. so i was, like, okay. i'm pretty sure this is liz, and she went with the whole i'm going to see if she knows me. i was caught off guard by it, and she walked in, and i was, like, i know that's liz. >> jimmy: yeah. oh, wow. and i couldn't text her because you didn't have her phone number. >> yeah. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: so one of the other women was corinne, who really was very aggressive with you right away. one of those interrupting things. >> she was fairly assertive. it's fine. >> jimmy: when they interrupt and say, excuse me -- isn't that offputting in a way? >> why? no. i did my fair share of that i like a lady who knows what she wants. >> jimmy: you like an adult woman who has a nanny? >> you know, the thing is, no. i didn't know right away. took a couple of weeks.
10:45 pm
>> jimmy: you don't get to see -- >> you don't know, right? see her intro, and so it was brought to my attention by one of the other ladies. >> jimmy: wow. >> as, like, a potential red flag. she was, like, i need to let you know corinne has a nanny. while i appreciated the potential red flags as a grown woman having a nanny, i thought, what are the benefits? if this works out, do i also get the thnanny? >> jimmy: right. that's smart. [ laughter ] all right. so we're going to take a quick break here, and we're going to meet two faces from your past. two women you may remember. in fact, they are -- andi and kaitlyn are here. >> very exciting. >> jimmy: yes. [ laughter ] >> thank you. >> jimmy: you're welcome. bachelor nick, everybody. we'll be back with andi and
10:46 pm
kaitlyn. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
10:47 pm
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we're back with bachelor, nick. our final guests this evening are two of the reasons nick is still living with strangers in a strange house. they are former bachelorettes who asked him not to put a ring on it. please welcome andi dorfman and kaitlyn bristowe. ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
10:50 pm
well, this is awkward for everyone but me. >> i disagree. >> can i just say thank you for not picking me? >> you're welcome. and thank you. >> thank you. >> i have something to say before we even get started. because the last time i was on this show, you bet me -- you made me put my hand on a stack of "us weekly" magazines to swear that i would still be together with shawn b. after a year. and we are. >> jimmy: all right. [ cheers and applause ] guess what? guess what? i happen to have partly in 50s, $1,000 for you, and give shawn b. his half of his money. i wanted to challenge you because we will walk down the aisle. so i was thinking double or nothing. i have my attorney here. >> jimmy: i see. >> i would advise against it,
10:51 pm
but, you know. >> i followed my lead once, and i regret it. >> jimmy: i'll go double or nothing on you getting married. >> i won't give any to joel mchale because he is a [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: we'll see, and how long until you get married? >> give us, like, another year. >> jimmy: another year? >> yeah. $2,000. we did just meet a year and a half ago. >> jimmy: when was a laos time the combination of you saw each other? >> this is so awkward. >> i don't think so. >> it's been a -- >> they were at the wedding. >> jimmy: the wedding where liz -- did you know about that? >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: that's what he said. >> the maid of honor. >> yeah. i recall. i was doing sober january, and so i left. >> you were not fun at that wedding. >> i sucked and i was, like,
10:52 pm
boo. this is boring, and so i went home. >> i was, like, the single girl, and they were up on the bridesmaids and apparently maid of honors. >> i wasn't up on anyone. >> it was an interesting morning after. >> jimmy: do you contact each other or anything like that? >> not a ton. >> first, we talked every once in a while. >> we run into each other. we're friends. >> yeah. not fends like we are. >> yeah. >> we're friendly. >> i mean, this is so awkward. might as well text it out. this is gold for you right now. >> i feel like i'm not a part of this. >> way to rub it in. >> jimmy: i want to do another post show for the three of you after this. >> sure. >> jimmy: that would be the greatest thing after. >> just don't invite joel mchale. i saw him backstage, and i was, like, i don't like him.
10:53 pm
i may be your favorite, but i don't like you. >> jimmy: he knew. he knows what's going on. >> mchale said, that's your real name? >> jimmy: who knew all the anger would be directed at joel mchale? you owe joel is what happened here. >> take that money and give it to joel. >> jimmy: we're going to take a quick break, and see two things when we come back. we're going to see me predict the final four, and you can say -- >> shark. dolphin. >> jimmy: we'll show you a clip from nick's new show here on abc. it's our post "bachelor"
10:54 pm
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nick viall was jolted on "the bachelorette" twice, and then failed on "bachelor in paradise," and now things are going to be different. >> see you later, nick. >> see you on the group date! ♪ >> no tears. no screaming. ♪ all by myself >> no bickering, no fighting, no drama. no women. "the bachelor:home alone". >> hi, nick. >> please! >> nick. give me that rose. >> the bachelor:home alone". [ screams ] >> jimmy: that's what a dolphin
10:58 pm
sounds like. we're back with nick and andi and kaitlyn, and it's time for me to pick my final four. let's pay special attention to nick's face. rachel, who you gave the first impression rose. i believe she will be in your final four. yes? >> i say yes. i like her. >> you usually are right, so i'm going to go with you. >> jimmy: thank you very much. next, danielle l. showed a lot of cleavage, yes? >> i think if they brought their a game and d cups, they are in. >> jimmy: next, corinne. she has a nanny, and they are setting her up to be the villain, which means she will be there close to the end. >> she seemed sexy and sassy. >> jimmy: you guys would know.
10:59 pm
there's corinne, and finally, the winner of "the bachelor" season 21, vanessa. [ cheers and applause ] vanessa will win. >> i always smile. >> jimmy: what do you say? >> i always smile. >> you're smiling. >> jimmy: there you go. nobody has to watch the rest of the season. >> perfect. >> jimmy: thank you all for being here. thank you for sharing. i wish you a lot of luck. i wish all of you a lot of luck. watch "the bachelor" monday nights on abc. thanks to joel mchail, andi and kaitlyn, and we apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. "nightline" is next. good night! ♪
11:00 pm
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