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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 2, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. now at 11:00, check out all of this snow, and this is not in the sierra. wine country is getting some of the most significant snow it has seen in many years. and it's just the beginning of a week that is expected to pack quite a punch. good evening, thank you for joining us, i'm ama dietz. >> you're going to have to keep the rain coat and umbrella handy the entire week, more snow in the north bay. and we'll check in with spencer christian who is tracking the weather. >> yes, this is certainly going to be a week of active weather, we have pockets of rainfall mainly and snow in the higher elevations around the bay area but the rain will become more widespread overnight. the storm approaching us ranks two in the impact scale, with
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moderate and heavy rainfall, windy conditions, half an inch to two inches of rain expected in the bay area. and here are the projections, we'll see increased areas of rainfall then by mid-morning to mid-day we'll see areas of yellow and orange indicating moderate to heavy rainfall and we'll have moderate to heavy rainfall into the evening and after hours tomorrow night. and we'll see downpours ponding on roads and windy conditions gusting up to 25-30 miles an hour. and we'll get more to the snow levels. and let's talk to cornell barnard, cornell, people you talked to say this is the most snow they have seen up there in years? >> reporter: oh, yeah, you're right about that, ama, a rare sight for sure, wild weather here, up here in the mountains of hillsberg.
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we're at the 3100 foot level here just started to snow a couple of moments again. and a lot of people are coming up here to check out this winter wonderland. this heavy snowfall is not happening in the sierra. would you believe? wine country. the snow-covered pine flat road near hillsberg, a beautiful sight for sure, but driving is treacherous. but some snow-seekers were up for the challenge. there were snowball fights between these friends from santa rosa. >> not doing anything, boards, cool you could drive an hour and find snow upon the hill. >> i love it, i was just in tahoe last week, why not come here instead? and locals say also been years since it snowed on top of this mountain. and yes, still enough snow for me to be able to make my own
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snowball. >> we saw something like that ten years ago in santa rosa, but nothing like this. >> really cold, not used to it. >> reporter: jesse adams needs a jacket but is ready for winter fun. a couple of snowballs? >> yeah, a couple of them, yeah, a couple of snowballs. >> reporter: it is very, very cold out here as we come back to a live shot of all of this snow according to my abc 7 news app. about 29 degrees. now if you come up here to check out the snow be very, very careful, because the roads are very icy. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. cornell, go inside, he is drenched. a snow dust of mount hamilton in santa clara county, the road to the summit was closed as a
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precaution and they saw a mix of rain and snow and should be freezing overnight. and in the sierra chains are required because of dangerous driving conditions. and tonight, caltrans shut down miles of interstate east of truckee. the national weather service issued a winter storm warning this afternoon, some areas could see more than three feet of snow this week. a reminder you can track the rain and all the snow but downloading our abc 7 news app. our traffic anchor, alexis smith, will have the road conditions on abc mornings. and starting tomorrow, the access to san francisco's main water supply will be shut for nearly 60 days to inspect a very old tunnel. more on what it means long-term and where your drinking water will come from in the meantime. >> reporter: ama, customers are already receiving a mechaniix or
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from local reservoirs and the system. you shouldn't notice a difference when hechhechee is closed down, this is the best time of year to do this work but this upcoming inspection does have potential impacts long-term. >> hidden in the sierra nevada. an 18-mile long mountain tunnel streams water to the bay area. imagine for a moment. >> just walking through the mountain and the walls are granite, that is what it looks like, the lime portion has concrete on the sides and if you think of driving through a tunnel it looks more like that. >> reporter: he says the nearly 100-year-old hetch hetchy system shows some wear. >> last year in our inspection we noticed deterioration of the lining of the tunnel. >> reporter: starting tomorrow they will cut off the tunnel to
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inspect the flow. >> you have the deterioration. >> reporter: the 60-day long shutdown is longer than usual inspections. but ssp says? >> we have it covered with local reservoirs. >> reporter: five regional reservoirs are already in service and have been for a few weeks. the 2.6 million people served by hetch hetchy should not notice the difference in the town. this inspection is different and determines the fate of the mountain tunnel. >> to see if we can rehabilitate the tunnel in future years or if we need to build a new one. >> reporter: the shutdown ends in march, and then the ssp will make a decision in the coming months. abc 7 news. northern california crabbers and seafood whole salers plan to meet tomorrow to stop a strike that has stopped the crab season, they are trying to
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renegotiate the price for crab, some retailers have already sold out of fresh crab after the holiday rush. and a plane load of passengers landed early, after a man's outburst caused them to stop early. you can see the man arguing with a flight attendant as the plane flow over the area yesterday. one of the man witnessing the incident said the man was upset because the man was between two people talking to each other. >> once he tried to deescalate everything he then used the homophobia-type slurs towards the passengers. >> reporter: the new zealand police removed him from the jet, he was not on the make-up flight. and the 49ers are looking for a new head coach, after chip kelly and trent balke were both
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fired. tonight they had a news conference to discuss the firings and the direction the team will head. he said the team will consult with people outside the niner organization but ultimately the new coach and the gm would be his decisions. >> i own this football team, you don't dismiss owners and i will do everything i can to get it right. >> there are no questions about it. he is the boss, he informed us of what happened. and we're rolling from here on. >> reporter: gm and coach interviews will begin this week. so come this year and come back next year strong. >> it's a hard road but it's always hope for the raiders fans. >> cautious optimism for raiders nation, the fans are excited the team finally made it to the playoffs. matt mcgoin was injured and it's
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not clear if he will be back in action. cnnor clark will play. and coverage starts at 1:30 p.m. on saturday. ahead, a dramatic collision on a california highway. and next we'll hear from the hero who helped to save the driver. also a smash and grab, making off with $3,000 worth of electronics. >> i never thought this could be something as big as it is now. >> a bay area student using technology to help other teens dealing with difficult times. and firin
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a man in southern california is alive thanks to a tv news photographer who pulled him from a burning suv yesterday morning. the freelance photographer had his camera rolling when the suv crashed into a car right there. this is on the 110 in los angeles, he then put down his camera and went to help. >> grabbed my fire extinguisher, and got met with flames and smoke. took a deep breath and managed to pull his shoulder belt down and ripped him out. >> talk about heroic, diving into the flames. another look at the crash there, you can see the dark colored suv didn't have any flash on it. the man escaped with minor injuries, that was scary. and surveillance video captured the video of these thieves swiping the electronics in orange county, they grabbed
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dozens of boxes of laptops, took them six minutes to steal at least a quarter million worth of goods. and limiting the power of the independent watch dog, the office of congressional ethics, the rules package will be expected to be adopted tomorrow which was the first day of congress, created eight years ago after a series of embarrassing scandals, here are the key changes, it will be the office of complaint review, and overseen by the house ethics kmoe. the group will no longer have to release information to the public and will stop investigating anonymous complaints. the producers of new year's rock & eve are firing back at mariah carey, after she blamed them for the incident. >> carey struggled to keep up with pre-recorded music while
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singing to saturday's countdown to midnight. the production company said their equipment was working properly. the stand-in rehearing rehearin >> and nadia gafari has launched a website for teens where they can find support from their peers. >> the idea was in response to the high number of deaths with teens. >> i realized when i looked in the mirror i was not happy with who i was. >> the concept is simple, a website for teens as operated by teens, young people from around the world sharing their stories of survival and hope to let others know that they're not alone. >> like research shows if a teen is in trouble, they want advice from someone, they're much more likely to go to someone their own age.
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>> reporter: the high school junior came up with the talk after a research during her psychology class, it was about the high school students killing themselves on the train tracks. >> it was kind of brushed under, teachers didn't really want to talk about it. and i just felt like this needs to be talked about. and we need to get everyone the help that they really need. >> reporter: nadia designed teens talk herself, and much of it is driven by a handful of ambassadors, in addition to teens sharing their stories there is help from mental health experts. >> i never thought it could be something as big as it is now. so it -- it's kind of nice to know that i can make a difference in this way. >> reporter: already making a difference at 17 years of age. in los altos, lilian kim, abc 7 news. all right, let's get back to spencer and the forecast and the
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morning commut tomorrow will be -- treacherous. >> even worse as the day goes on. the afternoon and evening commute will be even more so it's just a mess. here is live doppler 7, not looking very messy yet. at the moment we have areas of scattered light rainfall, more steady in some spots, as you probably know, snow is falling in some of the bay area's higher elevations. here is a live look over san francisco right now. 49 degrees in the city, 46 degrees in oakland, upper 40s, in mountain view, gilroy, half moon bay, a look at emeryville, under increasingly cloudy, 41 degrees, napa, 47, 43, and livermore, and here is a view from the roof top camera, and abc 7 looking over the embarcadero, showers tonight with snow levels getting lower and lower, heavy rain with gusty winds, and a little break here
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and there, the forecast starts 9:00 a.m., widespread rainfall most of it light to moderate until a little bit later just after about 11:00 a.m., and through the entire afternoon we'll see areas of downpours, moderate to heavy rainfall as indicated by the yellows and orange, right into the evening commute, it will be quite a stormy day tomorrow and rain will continue into wednesday not quite so hard as tomorrow's rainfall. rainfall estimates by tomorrow, 11:00, we project will range from an inch to san jose and over an inch in oakland, nearly two inches in santa rosa, and fairfield, quite wet in the bay area, in the sierra, snowing over the next few days. winter weather advisory in effect there until 10:00 a.m. and then a winter weather advisory, from 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 thursday morning. during that time, snow will be heavy, whiteout conditions,
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widespread, winds gusting over the ridges, and snowfall totals to exceed two feet by 4:00 thursday morning, the snow totals will go even higher. overnight lows here in the bay area, mainly in the low-to-mid 40, upper 30s at sea level in the north bay already down to about freezing in the higher elevations. now here is the forecast animation starting friday night at 10:00, notice it will be a wet and stormy weekend both days saturday and sunday we can expect substantial rainfall and strong gusty winds. so we have really stormy weather ahead of us. rainfall totals potential over the next several days maybe up to several inches in san jose, which is actually about half of san jose's average annual rainfall. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow, the storm breaks two on the impact scale, a little bit weaker storm on wednesday, thursday, one on the impact scale and both days over the weekend we have storms ranking two on the impact scale. we have lots of stormy weather
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coming in. all right, coming up, eagles watch
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all right, let's do it. let's take a live look at the bald eagle camera. harriet the mom and dad are looking to see if the chick has hatched. this is time lapsed video from today, look at the little one there. there were a lot of feedings, dad dropping off some food, a little grooming going on. you can join in on what is now eagle watch 2017, on abc 7 or the free app. >> so mom gets a name, she is harriet.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. the warriors open the new year at oracle arena where they will be for seven of the next eight games, stefan curry looking to start 2017 right. and iguodala, seven feet tall and you can't teach that. keep your eye on draymond green,
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sets the screen, hustles, and they get it to kevin durant for the dunk. final seconds of the half, kd, he had 21 in this game, dubs by four at the half. he is 6'10", goes behind the net. 21 for the serbian, and look at draymond, battling here, this completed a triple, 13 assists as the warriors win 27-19, and as he pointed out himself today after dumping coach chip kelly, the owner was not going anywhere, kelly was fired for going 2 and 14 in his one and only season with the red and gold. balke as well.
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and essentially a free fall for running harbaugh out of town. jedd does not however know how to build a winning ohi inning te keep trying. >> we're making sure that we're doing everything we can to reestablish this culture. we were 2 and 14, i think that speaks for itself. we didn't do a lot of things right this year, but if we're going to reset and reestablish that is where it starts is with the head coach and general manager. >> the niners reportedly scheduled interviews with the patriots offensive coordinator. shanahan and bills coordinator anthony lin. and joe bets, there is joe putting out his usual array of fine meat. he shows how you can get to 321 pounds, to eat a prime rib. josh, usc taking on penn state
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in the rose bowl. trust me, he finished. the granddaddy of them all. trojans down seven, game-tying 27-yard touchdown, 49 apiece. penn state gambling, they get burned. picked off by marshal, the trojans in field goal range and a chance to win it. sc kicker, matt boimeister, and that's your ball game. highest scoring rose bowl
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. all right, that is our report, if i'm rejected again, i will be heartbroken, so i hope she says yes. >> jimmy: oh, my god. that was incredible! this is gonna be a great season. can you imagine getting to date nick? >> yeah. >> definitely. >> jimmy: no, but seriously. just imagine. living in that mansion with all those other women, drinking chardonnay at the cocktail parties, seeing nick's abs up close, sticking your tongue down his throat -- >> yeah. we can imagine. >> jimmy: wearing 19 different beaded evening gowns, crying in the back of a limo, getting chlamydia in the hot tub -- >> yes! we can imagine! >> jimmy: wait a minute. i just realized something. are we on a two on one right now? >> hm -- >> we are. >> but you aren't. >> you're no


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