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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 4, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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wanted someone that would hold them accountable. kirkpatrick wants to lead a department transformation changing the culture. >> right now american policing is a very hard time to be a police officer, but we have a bright future, and what we need is leadership. >> kirkpatrick says she looks forward to the job and to living in oakland. here is a little background on ann kirkpatrick. she's 57 years old a memphis native and a lawyer. kirkpatrick spent some 34 years in law enforcement serving in six departments, three of them as chief of police including spokane, washington. >> chicago's police superintendent picked her to head the burro of professional standards to lead reforms within the department. >> the i-team has been digging into her background and joins us with the latest. >> ama and dan, she will have to deal with several scandals that hit the oakland p.d. and appears
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she is suited for the job with a background as a police reformer, but she has her critics. the chicago police bored chose 57-year-old ann kirkpatrick for one of the top cop positions last year. when she didn't get it, the mayor picked her to head police reform efforts after the shooting of a 17-year-old boy, a case that sparked national outrage. >> i'm confident that she'll be very successful in oakland. >> reporter: the chicago police board's president was impressed by kirkpatrick calling her a natural leader. >> oakland has a lot of same challenges as a police department and with violence that chicago has so she's got a lot of experience that she'll bring in the job that lies ahead. >> reporter: for the job in chicago kirkpatrick said she should have the mind set of guardians first and warriors when they need be. >> i have the courage to stand
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by you and i will. >> reporter: kirkpatrick started as a police officer in memphis 34 years ago. rose through the ranks of small departments in washington state, served as chief deputy for the king county sheriff and taught leadership to law enforcement executives at the fbi academy. she took over a spokane police chief in 2006 months after officers beat and hog tagged a janitor that tied after the altercation. after her five years as chief, a report sponsored by the justice department found there is an opinion within the community the department has done little to change the internal culture that led to the officer's use of deadly force and improper investigation of the force. while upper management supported her, officers issued a vote of no confidence. >> i cannot and will not be bullied by a vote or lawsuits or whatsoever. i'm going to do my part. >> reporter: kirkpatrick did have the support of the
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community according to the chicago police board president. >> her retirement party was thrown by the members of the largest african american church in spokane. that to us really spoke volumes about the kind of quality person that she was. >> about a month before she left spokane, a jury ruled kirkpatrick wrongly fired a detective accused of threatening his wife and awarded him $700,000 in damages. i'm posting more on the chief at abc 7 news at come including her essay answers. important insight into who she is, ama? >> dan, thank you for that report. new to the weather. the storm clouds have parted a bit, but another stronger system is approaching. we saw light spotty showers today. abc 7 news was in concord where there were sprinkles this afternoon. taking a live look outside now a few sprinkles are out there on the bay bridge. you can see the wetness out there. let's find out when we'll see the heavier rain from abc 7 news
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spencer christian. >> we'll start with what is left of this current storm. as you can see, live doppler 7, greens means the moderate rainfall pushed out and light shower activity. what remains of the storm ranks one on the impact scale, light intensity and produce light showers and we may see up to a quarter of an inch of rain. we get a two-daybreak and dry weather tomorrow and a strong storm on saturday. it will bring periods of heavy rain, strong gusty wind and ranks two on the scale and that storm will intensify on sunday, and will be upgraded to three on the storm impact scale. sunday morning that storm will produce heavy rainfall, strong gusty wind and concerns about flooding and wind damage from this storm from this intensified storm. urban areas may see an inch and a half to three inches on sunday the alone from this storm and the santa cruz mountains could see three to eight inches of rain. i'll give you a closer look at the developing storm and track it for you in just a few
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minutes. dan? >> spenls cer, thanks a lot. communities in the santa cruz mountains haven't had a chance to dry out and they are getting ready for more powerful rainmakers. eric thomas has a look at what today's rain left behind. >> reporter: the san lorenzo river unleashes roar after steady rain in the santa cruz mountains. the upside of the storm. >> i love the water. love the water. >> reporter: jason says his rain gauge at home logged 11 inches of rain. a welcome change of years of grout and a downside. the run off from a creek not only filled this culvert but depost knitte deposited a load . glen and donna smith own it and two acres of cabins and woods. it's the second slide in a few months and cleaning up is a chore. >> it took us three days with three and four people working because you have to do it by
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hand because you can't get a man in here. >> reporter: that was last time. this time the estimate is four days or more. >> it is frustrating, totally completely frustrating. >> reporter: the smiths had to postpone an out of town trip to clean this up and haven't figured out how to prepare for the next rain this weekend but say it's part of the living in the santa cruz mountains. this woman says it's easier when it's your home. >> roof is clean. gutters are clean. wood is covered outside. i have a fire pit in the backyard. >> reporter: getting ready for a storm is a way of life in the mountains and may be a nuisance but the people that live here will take a few days work after several days of drought any time. in the santa cruz mountains, eric thomas. >> in addition to flooding, the storm strtriggered mudslides li this one that blocked part of highway 9. news crews discovered water
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falls on that same road. all the recent rain pushed the reservoir in santa cruz to capacity. scity officials said the reservoir began spilling this morning. the city of santa cruz' drinking reservoir holding a year's worth of drinking water. the city's board of director says it's a promising start to the year when it comes to the water supply. marin county got a serious soaking during the last storm with spots getting more than three inches of rain in the last 24 hours. wayne freedman was in the north bay. >> reporter: another rainy day, another shift filled with predictable uncertainty for steve who has more than a decade's experience driving a tow truck in sonoma county. >> anything can happen. >> reporter: they did when trouble spots like todd road looked more like water world. that's money on the way to a tow truck driver's bank. by the time we caught up with
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steve today, it had already been a busy one. this is highway one past dawn. the driver of a mercedes made an all too typical mistake. general rule, if you cannot see the yellow line, turn around. >> it was dark and she couldn't judge the depth and probably went a little too fast and pushes the water back up under the engine. it's electronics and you're pretty much done. >> reporter: she was trapped, carried from the car by a milk truck delivery man. cars do not perform well as boats and elsewhere, we found boats that did not perform well as craft. >> the wind was really howling through year yesterday and the sea always winds. >> reporter: this is in a past tour. it's called ship wreck central. they tend to blow in. boat after boat floundering if not falling apart on the shore. >> happiest day of a boat owner is the day they buy it and the
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day they sell it. >> reporter: where would this fit in? >> not so happy day. >> reporter: lessons learned. be cautious when driving through water and throw out an extra anchor if you're living on top of it. from the north bay, wayne fredman, nbc 7 news. slick roads likely led to this four-car accident in san francisco. check it out. the driver of a mini van hydroplaned and hit three parked cars around 3:30 this morning. nobody was hurt. the wet weather means a boom for businesses like roofing companies, for example, as you can imagine. people in the bay area are looking for a roofer now and if you are, you'll have to wait. david louie is live in san jose where david, homeowners are being told you got to be patient. we're busy. >> reporter: dan, let's face it. few homeowners have the inclination or skill to climb up on the roof to inspect them. so the league is often the first indication something is really wrong, but we're finding that to get somebody to come out to do
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any repair work is going to take about two weeks. there is no such thing as an idle roofer today. that's not good if you have a leak. >> some people need like it right away and unfortunate, we are very, very busy. >> reporter: those tiny spots on the ceiling were dripping water early this morning during a downpour landing on the face of her sleeping son, you must be concerned about the big storm this weekend? >> i am now. i wasn't before but i am now. >> reporter: a crew covered the leak with a tarp until they can return to put in a new roof when the weather clears, however, contractors say the roof isn't always the culprit. it depends where you live. >> when you have a lot of wind, that can create a lot of different types of leaks, not all necessary related to the roof. it could be window leaks, could be siding and stucco leaks, chimney leaks, things of that
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nature. >> reporter: so when the phone rings, they try to diagnose the cause to avoid an unnecessary service appointment. one thing alex bergeron emphasizes is not delay when you see the first sign of a leak, especially with a heavy rainfall expected from this weekend's storms. >> it's just going to get worse. you need to call somebody immediately if you see the smallest of leaks because if we're leaking now, any -- we haven't had that much rain, we're going to get a lot more leaking going on. >> in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. >> all right. if you were thinking about heading up to the sierra tonight, you may want to rethink that. look at this camera on i-80 at colfax. traffic heading eastbound is not getting through. in fact, you can see the chp is turning drivers around. here is why. if you look at the camera just a little farther up the freeway at king vail, heavy snow covering the lanes. it really changes. the chp is concerned too many drivers would get stuck.
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showing backup and snowy conditions. highway 50 is the only way to get in and out of the sierra. keep in mind you can track the rain and snow with the abc 7 news app. we have live doppler 7 there any time available to you and enable push alerts to get weather advisories on your phone or tablet. cat the days are numbered fn empty building. >> one casualty of erosion and could be a thing of the past. >> i really don't think anything is going to help. >> no positive reaction tonight from taxi drivers after san francisco issues rules to help them better compete with ride share services. >> a familiar name in politics to help democrats in legal challenges against the trump
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a tech bus hit and killed a woman while it was raining last night. it happened about 5:15 on the campus of west valley college. the bus is operated by a charter company under contact with google. the 51-year-old victim does not appear to have any connection to west valley college. san francisco wants to level the playing field between taxis and uber and lift. they approved changes. the changes make it easier for drivers to return to the industry and no longer require cab companies be locate in san francisco. taxi companies say these changes will have little impact. >> they have to be based in san francisco to have a dispatch office. we have to pay rent, pay insurance, workers' comp, big money. >> taxi companies want fair controls on uber and lift and more regulations like limiting
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the number of cars picking up passengers. companies are regulated statewide by the public utilities commission. a special meeting to approve a deal to demolish this building. the vacant apartment complex sits on a bluff. the ground supporting the building is eroding as you can see. if approved, demolition could begin as soon as next week. well, california did something very politically unusual today before the start of the trump presidency. it hired a former u.s. attorney general to defend the state against anticipated trump administration policies. abc 7 kristin is here with details. >> the california legislature hired eric holder to serve as outside counsel. he'll advice the state when there is a legal conflict
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between california and the federal government. potential issues include climate change, the environment, civil rights, immigration and voting rights. they disagree over whether we'll see the conflicts that holder's hiring would suggest. >> we're devoted to being able to work with the federal government and the congress in particular, the speaker ryan and the leader kevin mccarthy. >> the rhetoric from administration -- from the future administration is as far as i'm concerned and as far as many californians are concerned is so extreme. >> holder is part of a team from covington a d.c. based law firm where he worked before and after serving as the top law enforcement official. his fee is yet to be set but the state will make it public when it is. dan and ama. >> thank you, kristin. we'll start with live doppler 7 showing our current storm is weakening now and
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winding down a bit but there are still areas wide spread of light rain and drizzle. so still pretty wet out there. lots of wet pavement if you're driving be aware of that. could be ponding and if you're walking outside, you may need an umbrella. things will change and we'll have a little clearing overnight. this is the view, live view at sfo where it is waiting a bit and there are flight delays. there is the forecast future. cold air and mainly sunny and dry but heavy rain and wind will come. it will last into early next week. we're looking at temperature readings at a narrow range from mid to upper 40s in most locations but a couple spots checking in at 51 in los gados. it will be cool but not cold in most spots. lows will drop into the mid to upper 40s. chilly in the north bay with lows at 39 and 37 santa rosa and
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tomorrow will be the sunniest day in awhile but cool with highs only in the low 50s. now let's look ahead to the approaching stormy weekend. storm arrives on saturday morning ranking two on the storm impact scale. storm of moderate intensity and morning showers and afternoon and evening downpours, winds will be gusty about 30 to 50 miles an hour. we expect north bay, santa cruz to receive one to three inches of rain from the storm and elsewhere a quarter of an inch to an inch and a quarter. forecast animation at 5:00 friday afternoon clouds thickening. that storm surges in with moderate rainfall. just drenching the bay area through the day saturday and into saturday night. then the storm intensifies and will be upgraded to three on the storm impact scale for sunday. sunday morning look for heavy rainfall, strong gusty wind, flooding concerns, wind damage a concern with the storm. urban areas could see an inch and a half to three inches. santa cruz mountains may get
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three to eight inches. notice this large area of yellow and orange as the storm surges stretch sunday morning right away hit with heavy rainfall accompanied by strong gusty wind and continuing into monday morning. let's look at the winds. winds will be gusting by saturday afternoon between 20 and 25 miles per hour for the most part. they will intensify a bit overnight and then on sunday afternoon, winds gusting from 30 to 35 miles per hour. it's going to be quite a stormy weekend. these are the concerns with the wind and the rain. we're concerned about creek, stream and river flooding, debris flows and downed trees and power lines. so here is a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. couple of dry days tomorrow and friday. calm but a little on the cool side and beget the storm coming in early saturday ranking two on the storm impact scale and grows in intensity becoming a three on the impact scale for sunday with heavy downpours and windy conditions and stormy monday and
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what's left over monday ranks two on the impact scale and tapers off and weakens tuesday or wednesday we'll get showers and light rain. what a stormy weekend it will be. >> no kidding. thanks, spencer. up next, maximum capacity. a local animal shelter is dealing with an overnight influx of pets looking for a home. that story is next. a reminder, raider nation, you can watch your team kick off wild card weekend here on abc 7. the raiders take on the texans. live coverage starts at noon saturday with kick off at 1:20 on abc 7. abc 7 wayne freedman will have reports from houston and highlights and postgame interview s on after the game.
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the shelters is very crowded. it's so crowded contra costa animal services kennels are jammed packed with adoptable dogs and cats. the shelter is near ka ps capac >> the best scenario could be a double run and have the dog to really be able to walk back and forth but when we're overcrowded, they have to be half kennelled.
6:25 pm
>> reporter: yesterday 42 animals were dropped off. smart paws pet resources shared these photos showing nine dogs in one kennel. an animal services spokesperson said they are reaching a critical level, something that tends to happen this time of year. >> the winter months we generally see a higher level of intake. that's due to inclement weather with high winds blowing open fences and doors and what not. >> reporter: he says this week's storms might have caused more animals to run away from home or get lost. >> but, you know, when we do see a number like 40 animals come in, our typical is between 20 to 30 a day. so that's obviously a lot higher and certainly, not something we want to become a trend. >> reporter: this is just one of about 400 dogs being sheltered through contra cost to animal services. a number much higher than normal. volunteers say it's more important than ever to find homes. they want to get the word out now anyone thinking of adopting should come down.
6:26 pm
their goal is to see these cages empty. alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. a group of divers is telling quite a tale of coming face-to-face with a great white shark. they say it's true and here is the video to prove it. they were swimming off the coast of florida sunday when they spotted the great white. they were hoping to see a shark, maybe two and hit the mother load. as for the shark, it just keeps on swimming. >> goodness. democrats warn of what they say are dire consequences of repealing the affordable care act. >> it would make america sick again. >> ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00, the strategies both sides are taking to gain support to either keep or scrap the health care law. also, the california congressman who spent $600 in campaign funds on a rabbit. and pedal to the medal, a california startup puts electric car development into high gear and that effort could bring jobs
6:27 pm
to the bay area. stay with us. more to come.
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good evening once again. president obama and his fellow democrats are huddled today and trying to come up with a plan to save the affordable care act, what we all call obama care. >> a little more than two weeks before he leaves office and came as mike pence spoke with republicans about repealing obama care. they accused the gop of having in plan to replace it. >> the republican plan to cut health care wouldn't make ap america great again, it would make america sick again. >> we want ever american to have success to quality american health coverage. all the things obama care kept from the american people. >> president elect donald trump has vowed he will work quickly after he's sworn into office to undue many policies put into place by the obama administration. >> keep in mind over 5 million californians have insurance as a
6:31 pm
result of the affordable care act and if repealed, there may be serious consequences for the state. leeayanne melendez with the lik impact. >> reporter: roughly 25% of all americans covered under the affordable care act live in california and undercovered california health plans, those who couldn't afford the cost of health insurance have benefitted the most. more than 1 million consumers received federal subsidies to help them pay their monthly premiums. gabrielle is one of them. she's 26, single and makes a low-living wage and will pay $78 a month for health insurance. >> it does help me really well, especially on my other payments i have to deal with. >> reporter: if the affordable care act is repealed, she won't be able to afford a more coastl health plan and california would not be able to subsidize consumers under the plan. the state receives more than $20 billion a year in federal assistance. if repealed, insurance brokers
6:32 pm
believe the changes won't happen overnight. >> that's going to take at least a year to two. >> reporter: simon chu believes it has many flaws and need to be revamped. some younger clients find ways around it because the tax personality is low. >> the tax penalty is 2.5% of the annual adjusted gross income. i have a client that makes $100,000 and that's only $2500. >> reporter: if his client had to pay for insurance, it would cost more than $6,000 a year. directors of the cia and fbi will brief donald trump about the investigation into possible russian interference into the election. president elect trump is voicing skepticism russia was involved in the hacking of democratic e-mails and pointing out wikileaks founder julian aasang said it wasn't russia and voicing healthy american
6:33 pm
skepticism about intelligence findings. a san diego congressman admits he spent hundreds of dollars in campaign money to fly a family rabbit. duncan hunter made that revelation to make an example of over reach by the house ethics committee. he's among the gop house members that defended gutting the committee this week. this is not the first time hunter faced questions about campaign spending. it was revealed hunter spent $1300 in campaign funds to buy video games for his son. federal investigators are looking into the cause of a commuter train accident that injured passengers in new york city. it happened during the morning rush. officials say the train didn't stop and smashed into the end of a track in brooklyn. the train went over the bumper meant to stop it causing it to retail. many were brought out on stretchers but the injuries are considered minor. >> it was like a huge impact and people literally flew e eve
6:34 pm
everywhere. you saw people fall to the sides and slide down. >> investigators are looking at the train speed as it approached the station and why the operator didn't stop the train. startup future wants to beat tesla at its own game. it wants to build a vac tory in valle vallejo. here is gabrielle carol in sacramento. >> first, let's take a look at the car they unveiled at the consumer electronics show calling the ss 91. >> see what happens. it's moving already. okay. there you go. >> it's an all electric four-door sedan patrromising 1, horsepower and range of 387 miles and 50% to full charge in under four and a half hours and the company is talking about building a 1 million square foot facility on the island, which might make it sound even sweeter. when i talked to city manager
6:35 pm
dan keen in may, he said the company could bring hundreds if not thousands of jobs to the abandoned naval shipyard. >> this is not a deal where the city is looking to receive a lot of money as we're looking to receive a lot of investment in the community. >> reporter: faraday future's agreement expired in december. the city counsel decided to extend the agreement for 90 days. [ applause ] >> just like that. just like magic. >> we had a lot of questions early on about is this real? >> work stopped in november on faraday's billion-dollar plan. i spoke with dan schwartz who doesn't believe the company has the money to continue building and it's behind on payments. i reached out to the company for comment but haven't heard back. when asked schwartz what advice he would give about pursuing a deal, he laughed and told them
6:36 pm
to do their due diligence. in sacramento, gabrielle carol, abc 7 news. changes are coming to an iconic department store. >> macy's is selling dozens of stores. what it means for locations here in the bay area. also ahead. >> these things for the pure novelty of it. >> a look at the latest gadgets that could prove to be more than just a novelty. abc 7 news at 6:00 will b of reach for far too long:s have health insurance.that's been out how? they enrolled through covered california.
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some breaking news, bart trains are not stopping at the 24th mission station for a medical emergency. a train hit a person, that person is trapped between the car and the platform. fire crews are trying to free that person. the platform has been evacuated. the incident is causing delays system wide. for breaking updates on this story, be sure to download the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts and follow us on twitter. tesla has began battery producti production. it tops the business briefs. the company announced it began mass production of lithium ion battery cells. they will be used to power the
6:40 pm
energy storage products and model 3 car. apple will invest a billion dollars in the soft bank vision fund and a spokesperson tells business insider apple believes the new fund will speed development of technology that could be strategically important to apple. the fund invested in the tech sector globally. macy's announced it will close 68 stores as part ocf a reorganization. all bay area stores will remain open. stones town mall will be sold but leased back. the closings announced today are among 100 store closures announced in august. macy's posted disappointing holiday sales numbers and expected to cut some 6,000 positions in additions to the jobs lost in the store closures. you may remember joan rivers, well-known for the famous catch phrase, can we talk. >> from appliances to cars, channelling a bit of joan rivers, as well. >> michael finney is here to show you how that question really is changing lives. >> that's a good way of putting it, you guys.
6:41 pm
the annual consumer electronics shows officially opens tomorrow in las vegas but there is plenty of buzz about advances in technology that are about to be unveiled. from appliances to automobiles, gadgets are learning to talk to each other and maybe to you. >> amazon echo is designed around your voice. >> the echo proved to be a popular gift. amazon announced days before christmas that it had sold out. this week, whirlpool will showcase a host of products that can be controlled through your amazon echo or even your smart phone. >> you get these things for the pure novelty of it. >> glen of consumer reports says after the fun wares off, functionality takes over. it will make it easier for your appliances to get software updates and diagnostics. >> people will expect this of their appliances. >> cars are beginning talk to each other, too. the new vehicle to vehicle or v
6:42 pm
the i or vehicle to infrastructure technology is already here. audi has a system that does it right now. >> that's cars talking to each other, in order to avoid collisions for instance and provide warnings to the drivers or talking to infrastructure like stoplights for instance. the audi system allows you to see how much time is left before the light turns green. >> fleets of self--driving cars are tested in mountain view but consumer reports says don't expect to see these in wide use outside of the test areas. more detailed mapping needs to be done. >> it's going to take a long time for the data about those roads to really become useful enough to the systems that you can expect to drive a self-driving car. >> so, what's the draw back? with this connectivity, you get a loss of privacy. consumer reports say pay close attention to what you're gathering and what they are doing with it after they gather it. ahead, you don't always get
6:43 pm
what you pay for. >> no, a look at how the cost of food could be fooling you. high school students in san jose are watching hard work pay off live from space. i'm jonathan bloom with what
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
students in the south bay made sports history. the first high school to send an experiment to the international space station and today entered another chapter. jonathan bloom spent the day with the kids from san jose's valley christian school. >> the astronauts were sleeping but the students here at valley christian high school were wide-eyed with excitement. >> being able to get the signals directly from space. >> we're live streaming a 3 d print that is happening in space right now. >> a 3 d print of two objects designed by these very students. >> it's pretty amazing that something we can design on earth in a high school classroom is being printed on the iss. >> his team designed these players. >> we figured the most useful thing would be a tool. >> a team of younger students designed this honoring astronauts. >> the first people to stay there for a whole year up in spa
6:47 pm
space, which is impressive. >> students from valley christian visited space on nasa's campus. it's the startup that sent the first 3 d printer to the international space station. >> to test the technology and see if 3 d printing worked. >> it worked and the students got a sneak peak at the second printer. they had to follow nasa's strict guidelines. >> they don't like things sharp or dangerous. >> they revised them again and again to print in a lab with no gravity and wasted material allowed. >> this class taught us to focus on the small parts because those are major. >> becoming the first students ever to 3 d print something in space. it's an experience light years away from learning formulas in a book. >> they constantly ask when am i going to use this and this is an instance they are doing something useful in today 's society. >> jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. well, just because some
6:48 pm
foods cost you more doesn't always mean they are better for you. a group of researchers looked at people's habits and many people believe healthy food just needs to be more expensive to have a higher nutritional value than quote cheap and unhealthy food. one expert suggests you can find it by reading labels. a study appears in the journal of consumer research. all right. let's go back and update the weather forecast. more intense storms on the way. >> spencer as the timing of it all. spencer? >> the umbrella that cost you more seems like a good deal, that doesn't mean it won't blow way this weekend. light rain over the bay area. this storm is winding down. tomorrow we'll have a sunny day. we haven't seen one in awhile. high temperatures in the low 50s. but coming our way this weekend, we have strong stormy weather. here is the three-day outlook. friday the first storm, the storm moves in on saturday morning and it will rank two on the impact scale and will quickly intensify by sunday to a stronger storm ranking three on
6:49 pm
the impact scale and here are the impacts we expect morning heavy rain and strong gusty wind and there will be concerns about flooding and wind damage because a tremendous amount of rain will fall. over an inch and a half to three inches of rain from the storm. three to eight inches in the santa cruz mountains and a winter storm watch is in effect for the sierra from late friday to late saturday. 8 to 15 inches of snow from this storm. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. the weekend will be a washout or blowout if you add the strong wind and on monday, we'll have stormy conditions ranking two on the impact scale. so get ready for downpours. >> in for it. >> thanks, spencer. we have larry beil here now. >> no pressure. >> not at all. >> on the raiders' quarterback. >> strongly advice everybody to stay in saturday to watch the raiders' game on abc 7. i'm here to help. when the biggest win of your life is in the rose bowl, how do you prepare for an nfl play-off game? the kid getting ready for
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platform. this happened at the 24th street mission station. trains were not stopping at station while the rescue was in progress, as you can imagine. the man is in serious condition. for breaking updates on the story, download the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts and follow us on twitter. now abc 7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. connor cook has played in big games and big stadiums but all that was in college at michigan state. so he is the great unknown as the raiders head into the wild card play-off game saturday in houston. the rookie was named the starting quarterback officially today. cook was inactive, the third stringer until last sunday when matt got hurt. cook was solid touchdown pass and two turnoverers and ball security is an issue. like we said, cook played on the big stage in college and threw for 332 yards in the 2014 rose bowl game. beat stanford. this is obviously a dramatic jump from the rose bowl to an nfl play-off game.
6:54 pm
jack del rio liked what he saw. >> this is an easy option. he played well when he went in and matt is hurt. >> i'm embracing the opportunity to go and have fun and let it all hang out and prepare my butt off and do what i've been doing all season long and go out there and have fun with my teammates. >> we're looking forward to playing as a team and i think what happens is that position gets so much attention, and understandably, but for us, it's about letting one young man do his job and the rest of us worry about ours. >> go out there and play, really. you always have nerves leading up to the game and have a couple senates and get hit, get knocked down and goes away and you start to play ball. >> and belle have raiders texans here on abc 7. pregame at noon. kick off at 1:20. there are seven nfl teams looking for head coaches but only the 49ers are looking for a new coach and general manager. they have a flurry of beer vi s
6:55 pm
interviewed. he was promoted to offensive coordinator and finished as the interim head coach when rex ryan was fired. the interviews begin tomorrow with two members of the green bay packers staff. onto the nfl for two bay area stars and thomas leaving ston ford 6'3" and 273 pounds a. monster projected as a first-round pick for the draft and chad hanson is giving up his senior year. he had 92 catches last year 11 for touchdowns for the bears and with uncertainty at quarterback for cal heading into next season. maybe it is the right time for him to go. hoops, the warriors host the trailblazers. oakland's damion lillard will not play. he's out with an ankle injury. ridiculous 30-5. last time they played portland that was two and a half weeks ago. they won by 45 points. the major question coming into the season is how this group would gel.
6:56 pm
they are trying to cut down on turnoverers and players say they police themselves to some extent. >> nobody takes it personal. it's all about getting better as a team and learning. so, you know, times -- i won't say what he says to me coming to the bench sometimes but that's what teammates do and you enjoy, you know, someone helping you get better. >> probably got some gems in there but a lot of it is mostly just keeping the perspective of what's going on. couldn't roll through the lines with what i say sometimes i don't remember. >> the harlem globe trotters are coming to down to mark the occasion, buckets blake went to the top of or killacle arena an from steph curry range. we don't know how many takes it took buckets blake to make that shot but buckets makes buckets. happily named. >> thanks, larry. see if we can get a camera our direction. >> or not.
6:57 pm
>> on me for a few more moments. [ laughter ] >> that's enough. quite enough. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20, cable channel: on abc 7 news, stranded in the snow, the bay area man forced to spend a night in the cierra and finally >> that's it for n
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