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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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now at 11:00, live doppler 7 tracking the storm, bringing showers to the bay area tonight, we're not done yet. the strongest storm of the season is just days away. >> we saw showers across the bay area tonight, abc 7 news was in scotts valley. steady rain came down. you definitely needed umbrellas and a good rain jacket here. >> abc 7 news was along the embarcade embarcadero. where walter pooled on the road tonight. making it tricky for pedestrians. these are live pictures from the san mateo bridge. drivers headed home tonight face slick roads, forcing many commuters to slow down. >> light showers, that slowed
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the commute down, still falling in parts of the region, live doppler 7 on top of it all. we'll show you where those light showers are right now, getting on to street level. just some light mists, light rainfalling at this hour. into the south bay we go, a similar setup from mountain view, sunnyvale, and santa clara. watch as we go through the next eight hours, those showers are going to get out of here overnight. first thing tomorrow morning, we are dry. do not get used to that dry weather pattern. it's a two, a moderate storm moving in for the first half of the weekend. showers turning into downpours and the winds will strengthening, the storm will strengthen on sunday. we have only had a handful of threes on the storm. we're going to go hour by hour, walk you through the weekend. show you when the heaviest rain will fall. show you how much rain can you expect. the concerns we have with this
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system. >> katie is live in scott valley, preparing for the worst ahead of this big storm this weekend. >> i talked with the director of public works, the crews are trying to work overtime. 11 roads have been impacted in the last month. they're looking for significant flows in the creeks and rivers. >> you can tell where they have been many signs mark this deep slipout. >> that's the worst type of damage we can have. crews are working to clear mudslides off of roadways. trees have come into power
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lines. the worst may be yet to come. we're very concerned about this weekend storm. >> alexandra lives on the river in ben lomb an. >> it's coming pretty close to my mom's porch. we expect it to be separate up to our house this weekend. >> she's not the only local bracing for storm impact. >> i have a couple trees that are scary as well. >> jeremy neil keeps a close eye on road conditions. this example is in gilroy. closing silva's crossing. katie march zulle low abc 7 news. >> meteorologist alexis smith will be tracking any rain and the impact on your morning commute.
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the rain isn't helping the crumbling cliff. sky seven shows you the scene. the city council finally decided to demolish the building before it collapses into the ocean. >> this apartment building could collapse at any moment. demolition could begin as early as monday. the cliff has been eroding quickly over the past several weeks the fear is that pieces of the apartment building will be in the ocean. >> if we wait too much longer, we're going to have structures on the beach. and the cleanup of that disaster is time-consuming and difficult for the environment too. >> tonight the city council voted unanimously to take a big chunk out of the discretionary fund to pay for the demolition.
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the property owner is supposed to pay for it himself, but has declared bankruptcy it will be the third building to be demolished due to erace. >> if the implications of having it fall to the beach weren't so dire, we would not be taking these actions. >> people who have witnessed the cliffside saga say they won't be sorry to see the building go. >> we've had squatters. i've been out here when people were breaking windows. it's not safe to have it. >> the contractor that won the bid, needs three days to mobilize. lilian kim, abc 7 news. >> a fire drove 30 people from their homes in concord. it broke out just after 6:00 this evening. the fire damaged four units.
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paramedics took two girls to the hospital, they suffered minor injuries while escaping the flames. oakland's new permanent police chief shared her vision today for holding officers more accountable while making the city safer. the search for a new police chief -- >> i don't consider it a mess. it's an opportunity. and it's all about going-forward. it's about going from good to great. >> kirkpatrick plans to live in oakland. unlike some of her recent predecessors as chief. >> why police leaders in chicago were impressed by her plus those who had their doubts.
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>> kirkpatrick will have to deal with several scandals. it appears she's suited for the job. she has her critics. >> the police board chose ann kirkpatrick as one of the top finalists last year. the mayor picked kirkpatrick to head police efforts after a shooting of a 17-year-old boy. >> i'm confident she'll be very successful in oakland. >>ed chicago police board's president was impressed by kirkpatrick. >> oakland has a lot of the same challenges. she's got a lot of experience she'll bring to bear in the job that lies ahead. >> for the job in chicago, kirkpatrick wrote officers should have the mind-set of mentors first. and warriors when they need to be.
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>> i have the courage to stand by you. >> she rose through the ranks of small departments and taught leadership at the fbi academy. kirkpatrick took over as spokane police chief. after her five years as chief. a report sponsored by the justice department found that the department has done little to change the internal culture that led to the officer's use of deadly force. upper management supported her, rank and file officers issued a vote of no confidence. >> i cannot and will not be bullied by a vote or lawsuits or watsoever, i'm going to do my part.
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>> kirkpatrick did have the support of the community. >> her retirement party was thrown by the members of the largest african-american church in spokane. that really spoke volumes about the kind of quality person that she was. >> about a month before she left spokane, a jury ruled kirkpatrick wrongly fired the detective accused of threatening his wife and awarded him $700,000. i'm posting more on the story at more insight on who the chief is. coming up next at 11:00, a bart station evacuated and closed at the height of the evening rush hour. >> it's the first time we've had something like that, it was a little unusual. >> the emergency rescue never attempted before by san francisco first responders. also -- >> i didn't realize how much further out i was. >> stranded in the sierra, the bay area man forced to spend a
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night in the snow, and how he was finely saved. when the customer isn't always right, what this man did inside a bay area fast food
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the quick thinking of san francisco firefighters saved a man pinched at the waist between a bart train and the platform. >> the man was conscious and talking as they rescued him. katie is live to explain how rescuers -- >> firefighters have never used this type of rescue before the battalion chief who responded on scene tonight usually worked for
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bart before becoming a firefighter, you have to hear the story from him to believe it. >> it was an unusual circumstance. we've never had that before. >> firefighters found a man pinched at the waist. >> he was very fortunate. i don't know how he maintained half his body above the area of the car. >> a witness, too shaken to go on camera, tells me the man appeared to be intoxicated. stumbling in front of the car as it pulled into the station around 6:00. >> he was conscious, unbelievably, he was alive and speaking. >> firefighters stopped the train car. >> knowing where the victim was and the electricity was, i felt safe. >> they used air bags to push the single car away from the platform and victim. >> it comes out as a flat pillow, it's a very large, they're called air bags but they're very large.
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they're 16x16 inches and they can move 20,000 pounds. >> they used air bags to push the train backwards? that's creative. >> before they could free him, rescuers had to make sure the uncirculating blood did not shock his system. >> we gave the appropriate medication so we could relieve the pressure. >> firefighters freed the man in around 20 minutes. the victim is believed to be in his late 20s. new at 11:00, an experienced outdoors man credits some of the survival skills he's learned over the years. aaron is warm and dry back in san francisco. he faced really major challenges after getting disoriented in the hills of callabaras county.
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we found another way to stay warm. >> from that point on, every hour or so i would walk for 15 or 20 minutes and find myself a new spot. >> very smart a search an rescue team found him. police need your help to find a man who spat on a pregnant employee at a fast food restaura restaurant. witnesses say the trouble started when the man complained about his order. take a look now at the car that he drove away in, this was on december 14th. live doppler 7, very busy this weekend. tracking heavy rain moving through. you can see in the past 16 minutes, the showers have really fallen apart tracking light rain right now. this is all pushing off to the
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east. what is getting replaced by the light showers. live doppler 7 is showing you visibility right now. san jose down to 2 1/2 miles, not out of the question, first thing on your thursday. outside we go, showing you low cloud cover right along the horizon. the forecast will call for showers exiting overnight mainly sunny afternoon the next two days heavy rain and wind will return this weekend. >> out there right now, we're holding in the 40s. these numbers are not going to fall too far from where they are right now. >> we're going to squeak out a fair amount of sunshine this afternoon. partly cloudy skies, 51 san francisco. 53 oakland and 52 napa. the weekend will feature downpours. this will be a moderate storm
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starting off with light showers in the morning, intensifying in the afternoon and evening. the winds will strengthen saturday afternoon and evening. most urban spots, between a quarter and inch and a quarter of rain. future weather, we'll start you off on friday. friday evening right now, it does look dry, it will feature a lot of cloud cover, the rain arrives in the predawn hours on saturday. it will come widespread. saturday morning, we're all seeing showers. it does not look like it will let up at all on saturday. expect that rain to be light to moderate from time to time. the system gets a fresh injection of energy on sunday. and it gets upgraded to a strong storm, a three. we've only had a handful of threes. the concern is for flooding. an inch and a half to three inches of rain. future weather, look at these
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bright yellows and oranges. much of sunday looks to be wet as well. saturday and sunday looks like it will be a washout of a day. the showers could lead to monday. this is where we could see some issues. they'll take the brunt of the storm right now. the south bay a little less. the majority of the bay area, about 2 to 4 inches of rain. that coming in a short amount of time. here are concerns, creek, stream, river flooding as we head throughout the weekend. we could have some power outages, thanks to downed trees, a lot is happening over the weekend. you have two days of dry weather, enjoy it, it all goes down hill on saturday. it looks like the strongest part of the storm will come on sunday. more downpours like tuesday.
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check this out, the harlem globetrotters are coming to town in two weeks. buckets blake went to the top of oracle arena, and hit from steph curry range. blake was positioned 100 feet above the hoop, which was also 100 feet out. warriors in action tonight? >> they call him buckets for a reason. >> steph
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good evening, the warriors had beaten the blazers badly, twice this season. portland came limping into town. without their star damion lillard. not so fast. lillard out with an ankle injury. devin durant playing great defense. c.j. mccullom. who else wants some. hits the three at the other end. the blazers wouldn't die. allen crab, the three ball. blazers up 64-59. curry, steph for three there, nine unanswered, and the next possession is nuts. wants to pass, but zaza pachulia not ready to receive, so he
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spins it off and somehow reverses it. steals, scores, gets fouled. 35 points, suddenly this is a six point game. the dubs finish it off. warriors win 125-117 steph knows he needs to look for his shot more. >> i'm not going to fall into the temptation just to say i shot more. i have to be aggressive, not turn down shots that i usually take and can make the way we've been flowing. you have to rise up for those kind of moments. conner cook admitted he was nervous last week. after being activated imagine how many butterflies he's going
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to have as the starter this saturday. cook was named the starter officially today cook came in, threw a touchdown pass he fumbled the ball, cook has played some big games, those were in college michigan state beats stanford jack delrio is rolling the dice with the kid. >> it's an easy option. he played pretty well when he went in. >> i'm embracing the opportunity. out there to have fun, let it all hang out. i'm preparing my butt off. just go out there and have fun with my teammates. >> the 49ers, let me tell you about the game, the raiders and the texans will be seen right here on abc seven. kickoff at 1:20 and toyota after the game with a complete
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wrap-up. 49ers have begun their barrage of interviews. anthony lynn started the year as the running backs coach. the gm interviews will begin tomorrow with two members of the green bay staff. abc
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live doppler 7 showing you scattered light showers on their way out. a dry by thursday and friday before wet weather returns saturday and sunday. we'll have an update at 4:30 in the morning. >> thanks. that's our report, we appreciate your time. >> thanks for joining us on
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jimmy kimm live. kevin costner. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- kevin costner. from "big fan," andy richter. and comedian k. trevor wilson. and now, more likely than not -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, welcome. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. it is my pleasure to welcome you. that's right. thank you.


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