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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 5, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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a terrifying moment for a family in oakland. 22-month-old little girl shot. the girl is now at ucsfbenning hoff children's hospital. >> the little girl and her mother were in a car when she was shot in east oakland on outlook avenue near 66th, near mills college. laura anthony is live near the scene and joins us with the latest. >> reporter: hi lar rah. first the update on the condition of the little girl. see is in stable condition with non-life-threatening injuries. the shots rang out in this neighborhood just before noon today here on the 6600 block of
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outlook avenue. oakland police say the 22-month-old toddler was shot once while in a car with her mother. investigators don't know yet whether it was unprovoked or an exchange of gunfire between two cars. from what neighbors tell us, there were many shots fired in rapid succession. >> it was about maybe four or five and then there was a pause and then there was another probably four. to me it sounded like it was probably nine or ten total. >> the mother and the child were in a vehicle at the time of the shooting, and again, the child did sustain a gunshot wound, 22-month-old little girl. >> now police confirm they are investigating to see whether today's shooting of the little girl was in some way related to the murder of a man on myrtle near 16th in oakland yesterday afternoon, perhaps some kind of retaliation, but they do not think the toddler was the intended target.
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those who live here say this neighborhood known ads millsmont is relatively quiet. at this point, police are not releasing any suspect information or an identification or a description of a car. they say they are though looking for the suspects and they will be looking for video in this neighborhood to see if they can develop any leads. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> laura, thank you. the child was taken to children's hospital in oakland where doctors are taking care of her. this is video from sky 7. the child's family there is ena spokesperson is asking for prayers. elissa harrington will bring us a live report from the hospital at 5:00. turning to the weather and the big storm that will be hitting this weekend. live look from our mt. tam camera. this is a beautiful day today, but all of that is about to change. we have team coverage on the storm that's moving into the bay area. >> spencer christian will have the forecast and eric thomas is looking at preparations on the peninsula. we begin with wayne friedman
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live in the north bay today. wayne? >> reporter: after a big beautiful day like this it's almost embarrassing to stand here under blue skies talking about rain. you know what we've had and what's coming and the dean street bridge in petaluma, yes, they do have concerns. in petaluma along the river this was a good day for looking an inert dean street bridge and taking stock of the past as it might relate to this upcoming weekend. are you worried about this weekend? >> no, i won't be here. >> it's just a storm. us californians aren't used to so much rain so we freak out at the first little sign of it. >> reporter: wellness by design had a great view of the rising petaluma river two weekends ago when waters reached just three feet beneath that fabled bridge but they're not worried now. the last big flood here happened in 2005, with more nuisance water last year on the north side of town.
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jeff shack is not overly concerned about this weekend. >> we don't have any king tides this weekend but they're pretty close up in that seven-foot range. when the tides are that high in the lower petaluma river, it does prevent the water from clearing the river as quick and can backup a little more upstream. >> reporter: a few miles south here is a group that is concerned. they're the regulars who sell at marin county's sunday farmers market. >> we have to deal with the rain. we deal with everything. 24/7. >> reporter: javier toscano makes the trip twice a week from lodi. the vegetables are the same ones he pulled yesterday in a downpour. not enough water during a drought and too much water in a deluge, which leaves us with questions. will the friends of these roasting chickens get a reprieve? will the customers go shopping in gollashes? >> i'd be less likely to come down here. >> reporter: two out of three sellers say they will set up
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shop even in the rain. as for that pesky or maybe wise 33%? >> probably they'll rest. napping has not been done for a while at my house. >> reporter: chickens, some of you may get an extension. in the north bay, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. preparations are under way in the santa cruz mountains where flooding, mudslides and power outages are a real possibility during this weekend's big storm. the area along the san lorenzo river which runs alongside highway 9, feltton and boulder creek are vulnerable. folks at the mt. christian conference center, they don't seem to be worried. they will be open this weekend, over 500 guests. they're used to bad weather and will be well prepared. >> we to our regular things, just cleaning out our drains, making sure the gutters are clear and from flashlights and umbrellas for our guests coming through. >> scarborough homes supply is seeing a steady stream of
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customers with people snapping up candles, lanterns, batteries, tarps, rain suits, et cetera. they say preparation is key in mountain living as well as looking out for your neighbor. rushing floodwaters trapped a man in los angeles. the man had moved to a patch of vegetation in the middle of the river but couldn't get back to shore. rescuers got him into a raft and pulled him to safety. firefighters say it's not uncommon to be called to the area for rescues during seasonal storms. walnut creek police issued warnings about fast moving water. stay out of rain-swollen creeks and canals and if you see somebody in one of the canals maybe they're stuck call 911, don't try to rescue anybody yourself. now to spencer christian for a look at what we're expecting this weekend. >> is going to be stormy. you couldn't tell that looking at live doppler 7 because conditions sore quiet over the bay area. check out our chances of rain over the next seven days.
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it's every single day and we posted numbers corresponding to the storm impact scale on each of the days except tomorrow. let's look at the storm impact scale for saturday's storm. it will produce heavytown pours in the morning hours, showers in the afternoon, the winds will get stronger in the evening hours. rainfall totals one to two inches over the north bay and the santa cruz mountains, elsewhere about a quarter inch to an inch of rain from i shouldn't say first storm, one storm but it will intensify and it will be upgraded to a category 3 on sunday. so look for even stronger storm impacts on sunday. sunday morning heavy rainfall, strong, gusty winds, there will be concerns about flooding and wind damage. we expect you are pan areas to receive an inch and a half to three and a half inches from this storm on sunday, and santa cruz mountains three to five inches. the forecast animation starting in the afternoon tomorrow, clouds increase late tomorrow into tomorrow night as the rain pushes in during the overnight hours, by 8:00 saturday morning
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we'll see widespread areas of heavy drenching downpours and i'll show you what else to expect in a few minutes. larry? >> thank you, spencer. we have a list of sandbag locations throughout the bay area on our website at another group of people concerned about this weekend's storm live on houseboats, strong winds and waves can cause some serious damage to their homes. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas live in redwood city with how people are preparing for the storm. >> reporter: people who live on houseboats take life a little differently. you can see that at the dock town arena, different size house, age, design house boats but they have one thing in common, they have to get through this weekend's storm. rule number one of living on a house boat when a big storm approaches, make sure the mooring lines are tied tight. >> when the wind starts coming in, it slams on the docks. it gets pretty extreme. >> it gets a little rocky for sure. you can feel it. >> reporter: james grew up on a houseboat here at dock town
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mari marina. he and his parents are among the 80 or so who reside here, a mixture of young families, retirees and veterans drawn by lower rent and of course the water. >> it's nice, very serene, friendly neighbors. >> reporter: some are small and float fleely, others mistaken for cul-de-sac and sit atop concrete slabs. occasional storms are a way of life. >> we tie our ropes tighter to the dock. we try to make sure that all the rocking and stuff goes on, we try to make sure nothing gets caught on the dock itself because sometimes the boat comes far up, we have to make sure everything is secure. >> reporter: things are looking up in one area that often has flooding problems during big storms, new flood control measures have been installed at the bellmont mobile home park. just before christmas 2014 the park was evacuated because of high water but not since the instaui installation of pipes, pumps and
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generators one resident calls the octopus. >> ths octopus takes care of anything and the biggest problem is water on the other side of the wall coming into our park, but it has not flooded. >> reporter: but just in case, they know where the county's free sandbag stations are located. in redwood city, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> we have a list of sandbag locations on our website at nearly seven feet of snow have smothered parts of the sierra over the past few days. heavy snow caused road closures and whiteout conditions around lake tahoe. they were able to reopen highway 50 with chain requirements. big concerns about flooding in yosemite this weekend as a warmer storm moves through, this is video of a flood that caused extensive damage to roads and campgrounds back in 1997. officials will decide the next day or two whether to shut down the park. they're concerned that intense rain will bring the merced river
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well above flood level. and you can track the approaching storm with the abc 7 news app. we have live doppler 7 there any time, enable push alerts to get advisories on your phone or tablet. coming up, dramatic rescue during a two-alarm fire, an unconscious woman pulled from her burning home and a firefighter is injured. plus -- >> they are very strong. they can resist up to 1,000 pounds to hit. >> the changes at san francisco bus stops after an accident. plus people going nuts over these new government guidelines, how it could help lower the chance of your child developing a peanut allergy. and at 4:11, traffic across the san mateo bridge is moving in both directions. your eastbound traffic is on the left-hand side, perhaps a little bit heavier. stay with
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. it was a dangerous rescue for firefighters in san francisco this morning, a woman was badly burned in a two-alarm condo fire in the city's forest knowles neighborhood. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield has details. >> i ran to the phone and ran to the window and flames were just leaping out of that window. >> reporter: residents of the weeds condominium complex in san francisco ran outside around 8:00 this morning when they saw fire coming from one of the homes. >> your heart just leaps in your throat and you think, oh my god. >> reporter: residents say the man who owns the condo was at work, but a woman who often stays with him was here, and was not able to escape. >> found a victim on the middle
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level. she was unconscious. you could tell she had smoke inhalation. she was covered with soot. >> reporter: firefighters got the fire out quickly, and kept it from spreading to any other homes. the president of the homeowner association says the man who did lose his home will be able to count on this community for support. >> we will rally around and help him. plenty of people he's closer to him than i am. people will help out. >> reporter: it doesn't look bad from the outside but the condo is destroyed. the destroy gave way and a firefighter's leg fell all the way through it. the firefighter is okay. they are still trying to figure out what caused this fire. in san francisco, amy hollyfi d hollyfield, abc 7 news. a fire last night in concord has forced two families out of their homes. one telling abc 7 news today they lost everything they had. that fire broke out just after 6:00 last night and fire victims returned today to salvage what they could as the leanup began. the red cross is helping family
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answer fire investigators have yet to determine a cause of that blaze. a chinatown property owner wants the city to install steel barriers around bus stops to protect pedestrians. abc 7 news was on san francisco's busy stockton street as pias lee explains his concern. he was standing at the spot where a car crashed into a muni bus shelter last month. ten people were injured. he said the shelter wasn't strong enough to protect people waiting for the bus. he wants steel barriers similar to those protecting gas pumps and utility boxes. >> you can see the steel bar at the gas station there, you know, they are very strong. they can resist up to 1,000 pounds of things to hit, very strong. >> supervisor aaron paskin who represents chinatown says it's unrealistic to put barriers at all bus stops. big moves by the parent compan of one of america's largest restalers. sears holdings will close
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4 sears and 108 kmart stores, none of them located in the bay area. sears announced it's selling its well-known craftsman brand to stanley black & decker for $900 million. analysts say sears is just bleeding cash and desperately needs to generate some new revenue. parents listen up, the federal government is now telling us everything you've learned in the past about peanut allergies is wrong. >> abc 7 news anchor kristen sze with new guidelines may have you rethinking how you feed your kids. >> when i was pregnant, and it was a while ago, i was told avoid eating peanuts and don't give my baby peanuts until she was 3. it's time to throw that recommendation out the window. new government research shows the best way to prevent a peanut allergy is feed your baby peanut foods early and often and the more allergy prone the child the earlier they should be exposed to train their immune systems so babies with severe ex-ma or egg
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allergies should start on peanut based foods four to six months when they start solid foods. those with mild allergies six months and for anyone else is whenever the parents and the doctors see fit. the new recommendations come after large trial found regular peanut consumption before the age of 5 cuts the child's allergy risk by 80%. so right now about 2% of u.s. children have a peanut allergy. that number has quadrupled in the last 13 years. so hopefully these new guideline also make a dent, and one more note. peanuts obviously can be a choking hazard so you want to ask your doctor what is the best way to safely give to your baby. >> thank you, kristen. sports news the raiders two days away from their first post season game in 14 years. unfortunately they could be without their all-pro offensive tackle donald penn. he didn't practice today because of a knee injury he suffered sunday against the broncos. the raiders offense already a concern starting a rookie quarterback, connor cook making his first pro start in a playoff
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game. he's been forced into action because of injuries to derek carr and matt mcgloin. carr's injury has devastated raider nation including tiger woods. in a blog post today woods wrote "i'm heartbroken about the injury to oakland raiders quarterback derek carr, who was having an mvp season." woods added "hopefully guys will rally and take it as far as they can. i'll be pulling for them in the playoffs." the raiders game you can watch it here on abc 7 on saturday. wayne friedman will be headed to houston for the wild card game with the texans. live coverage starts at noon and kickoff is at 1:20 here on abc 7. wayne will have reports from texas on saturday, plus a complete wrap-up with yours truly, and a cast of thousands. live interviews after the game. it's going to be a perfect weekend, bundle up on the couch. >> sit and watch tv. >> that's what i'll be doing. we've got a big storm coming our way. you can't tell that by current conditions. we have mainly sunny skies and
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very calm conditions. it is turning chilly and going to get downright cold overnight. let's take a look, live view from our roof top camera, embarcadero over the bay, we have a freeze warning for our inland areas overnight, mainly sunny and dry tomorrow, but storm rolls in quickly overnight tomorrow night. we're going to get heavy rain and wind this weekend. looking at temperature readings generally in the upper 40s to just above 50 degrees so rather narrow range of current temperatures. temperature also plummet tonight. freeze warning in effect from 3:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. tomorrow for all of the areas outlined in the purple are wind protected inland valleys. low temperature also drop between 24 and 32 degrees overnight, well below freezing, it will be a good idea to protect plants, pipes and pets in conditions so cold. specifically looking at lows overnight at 26 degrees in santa rosa, 27 at cloverdale, 30 at napa and fairfield.
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livermore and morgan hill low 30s, around the bay, upper 30s on the coast. tomorr tomorrow's high mainly sunny earlier in the day, clouds will increase later in the day, highs tomorrow in the upper 40s to low 50s, that even includes the inland areas and locations around the bay. storm impact scale the saturday storm ranks two on the impact scale t will produce heavy downpours in the morning hours, showers in the afternoon, strong, gusty winds in the evening hours. we expect rainfall totals range from one to two inches over the north bay mountains, north bay in general and santa cruz mountains, elsewhere quarter of an inch to an inch and that storm will intensify overnight into sunday, it will be elevated to three on the storm impact scale, a sorm of strong intensity producing heavy downpours, concern about flooding and wind damage. sunday could see 1.5 to 3.5 inches of rain, santa cruz mountains 3 to 5 inches of rain. on to the forecast animation starting at 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, notice the storm surgeries in.
4:22 pm
saturday morning moderate storm, starts to break up late afternoon, saturday but reorganizes and energizes overnight and is elevated to three on the impact scale for sunday, and it's going to be accompanied by strong, gusty winds as i mentioned. weekend rainfall potential look for santa cruz mountains 4 to 8 inches of rain, 1 to 3 inches of rain in the east bay, 2 to 4 in the east bay and 3 to 5 in the north bay and gusts will exceed 40 miles per hour around much of the bay area on sunday afternoon. that is a powerful storm. concerns? storm concerns for sunday are high for streak -- stream and creek flooding, for debris flows, burn scars, hydroplaning, only moderate concern for power outages and low concern for river flooding. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. with the exception of tomorrow rain is expected every single day after we get through the powerful storm over the weekend we have more rain coming next week. >> wow. >> thank you so much, spencer.
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coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, close call at buckle ham palace and why the queen almost got shot.
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a private memorial was held for carrie fisher and debbie reynolds in beverly hills today. the service attended by meryl streep and meg ryan was for family and close friends only, it was held in the coldwater canyon area of los angeles where fisher lived. fisher died december 27th at the age of 60. her mother, debbie reynolds, died the very next day. she was 84. the two will be buried friday at forest lawn memorial park, a public commemoration is expected later but details about that haven't been released. private letters sent from the late princess diana are up for auction today. one describes young prince harry as being constantly in trouble while at boarding school. the six handwritten notes were sent to cyril kick itman stewart at buckingham palace in the 1980s and 1990s.
4:26 pm
the collection also includes a boxed piece of cake from queen elizabeth ii's wedding back in 1947. and a stunning report out about queen elizabeth. "people" magazine is reporting her majesty was having trouble sleeping yesterday, decided to take a little stroll through buckingham palace about 3:00 in the morning. patrolman came across what he called a figure in the darkness. >> oh, no. >> he assumed there was some intruder in the palace. he calls out, the patrolman replied "bloody hell your majesty, i nearly shot you." the queen said "that's quite all right. next time i'll ring through beforehand so you don't' have to shoot me." >> wow. >> i don't think you want to be patrolman that shoots the queen. >> not going to end well for you. >> no, might find yourself on the return side. >> yes. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, former congressman dan coates joins president-elect
4:27 pm
donald trump's cabinet. what it means for the intelligence community. plus -- >> because it's important for the american people to understand that it's our democracy that has been interfered with. >> new details on those allegations that the russians hacked the u.s. presidential election.
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and here are the stories making headlineness at 4:30. 22-month-old girl is in stable condition at children's hospital in oakland after she was shot around noon today. sky 7 was over the scene at 65th avenue and outlook avenue not far from mills college. suspect has not been arrested in the case. laura anthony is on the scene talking with witnesses. this woman heard the gunshots and ran outside. abc 7 news reporter david louie is tweeting about preparations ahead of major rainfall this weekend coming in the santa cruz mountains as well as the rest of the bay area. at 5:00, he'll show you how locals are getting ready for the storm and the devices they're using to stay safe when disaster strigz. the nation's top intelligence officials and a bipartisan coalition of senators affirmed findings on russia's interference in the u.s. presidential election. the move took aim at president-elect donald trump's public skepticism.
4:31 pm
karen travers is live in washington. >> good afternoon, larry. this issue has created a very interesting dynamic here in washington. you have lawmakers from both sides of the aisle, democrats and republicans in agreement with the white house and donald trump still expressing that skepticism about the intelligence community's conclusions. he's out there as an outlier. today the director of national intelligence said that healthy skepticism about intelligence is one thing, but disparagement is another. top intelligence officials came to the white house thursday, presenting their comprehensive report on russia's election cyber attack, what it did and how. >> the president has also directed the intelligence community to make as much of the information that's included in the report public, because it's important for the american people to understand that it's our democracy that has been interfered with. >> reporter: on capitol hill, overwhelming bipartisan agreement with the intelligence community's conclusion that russia was behind the cyber
4:32 pm
attack, putting lawmakers at odds with president-elect donald trump. on wednesday, trump tweeted wikileaks founder julian assange's claim that russia didn't give him the hacked dnc emails, but today the president-elect said he wasn't in agreement with assange and called himself a big fan of the intelligence community. that embrace of the fugitive hacker seemingly over the intelligence community drew attention from lawmakers. >> makes me mad quite frankly that the president-elect would embrace anything julian assange said. >> reporter: senator john mccain asking specifically about assange. >> do you think that there's any credibility we should attach to this individual, given his record of -- >> not in my view. >> senator tim kaine, hillary clinton's running mate brought up another aspect of russia's election interference. >> i had a little role in this election. i was along for the ride for 105 days and was the subject of a couple of fake news stories.
4:33 pm
>> the director of national intelligence said that the hacking was actually just one part of russia's multifaceted campaign that also included propaganda and misinformation. donald trump will get his own briefing on this report tomorrow in new york city. lar larry? >> karen, when is congress expected to get this report and will the public ever be able to see any of it? >> the white house wants the public to see this. they want the public to see as much information as possible about the detail, how the intelligence community reached these conclusions about russia's election interference. congress gets it first. they're going to get this classified report next week and the public is expected to get a much briefer version of declassified information also next week. larry? >> karen, thank you. karen travers live in washington. donald trump is expected to pick a former senator from indiana as his head of national intelligence. dan coates retired after 16 years with the senate.
4:34 pm
he would replace james clapper, who is pushing back against trump's criticism of the u.s. intelligence community. clapper and the heads of the cia and fbi will brief the president-elect tomorrow about hacking during the 2016 election. the president of a historically black college in alabama has agreed to let its band perform in president-elect donald trump's inauguration parade. the move follows a barrage of criticism and intense debate on social media. now to that absolutely horrifying case in chicago, where a video that was streamed on facebook live shows a young man who was held captive and tortured in a really disturbing video. abc news reporter marci gonzalez has the latest. >> shut up. >> reporter: felony charges just filed against the four people accused in this vicious attack on an 18-year-old with mental health challenges in chicago. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: investigators now
4:35 pm
calling it a hate crime, explaining the white victim was held captive for hours, bound, beaten, cut with a knife, forced to drink toilet water, and verbally abused by his four black captors, including with racial slurs and even mentions the president-elect. >> [ bleep ] trump. [ bleep ] trump. >> reporter: all while the suspects laughed and streamed the attack live on facebook. >> let me be very clear, the actions in that video are reprehensible. >> reporter: this police report shows the victim's parents reported him missing on monday, while authorities searched, they claimed the parents began getting text messages from people claiming to be his captors. investigators then found this video and discovered the victim wandering on a street. >> he was discombobulated, he was injured, confused at which time i called an ambulance. >> reporter: police believe he knew at least one of his attackers. the suspects, jordan hill,
4:36 pm
tesfaye cooper a long with brittany and tanishia covington face a list of charges including hate crime and aggravated kidnapping. and they're expected in court on friday. meanwhile, a facebook spokesperson tells abc news they don't allow people to celebrate or glorify crimes on facebook and say the original video has been taken down. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. we're now getting a look at the damage of isis fighters cause toed an ancient site in iraq. fighters demolishing artifacts in the ancient town of minrud. iraqi forces regained control of the area so we're getting a look at the damage. as you can see this 13th century structure is demolished. experts also believe isis raided tombs there looking for gold. still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00, if you drive in san francisco you've probably seen all the roadwork along van ness and stuck in traffic. similar scene could be playing
4:37 pm
out on another thorough fare. i'm spencer christian, looking at the soon to be setting sun. this weekend we'll be looking at falling rain drops. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. now looking at the traffic across the golden gate bridge, which is moving in both directions northbound on your right-hand side. library break! shhhhhhhh. have a break, have a kit kat!
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people are surprised how gentle it is and how little they even feel. >> reporter: they're waiving the registry fee on saturday. drive by 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. visit comedy oakland, the all women comic performances on friday at 7:30 p.m. in the spice monkey bar and restaurant on webster, expect food, drink and laughter. sunday is for detoxing, at the yoga center in the sunset district. it starts at 7:30 a.m. with meditation, when a three-hour yoga class and finally a vegetarian brunch. just 30 bucks. for ticket information go to we'll link you up with hoodline. all right let's talk about the dramatic change coming in our weather pattern. right now things are calm and clear but that's going to start changing late tomorrow. early part of the day mainly sunny skies, clouds increase in the afternoon, highs cool side
4:42 pm
upper 40s to low 50s and the weekend storm arrives. here is our three-day forecast, ntice we have stormy weather saturday and sunday. saturday storm ranks two on the impact scale, it becomes a stronger storm on sunday, will be elevated to a three on the impact scale. it will bring morning heavy rain and strong gusty winds, flooding concerns will accompany this storm along with the possibility of wind damage. and the santa cruz mountains could see 3 to 5 inches of rain from this storm. this is the accuweather seven-day forecast and as you can see we've got an extended period of stormy weather coming our way. we've got the storm over the weekend, ranking two on the impact scale saturday, intensifying to three on sunday, then there will be scattered showers on monday, what's left over of the system ranks one on impact scale and another storm tuesday ranking two on the impact scale with morning showers lingering into wednesday and then some evening showers on thursday, just going to be an active weather pattern. >> all right. thanks, spencer. apparently you really are
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it's the case that captured the attention of the country, the menendez brothers eric and lyle convicted of killing their wealthy parents. lyle is speaking out for the first time in 20 years. here's abc news reporter angelica spanos. >> reporter: 27 years after killing their parents, abc news uncovers the hidden family unrest that led eric and lyle menendez to their brutal crime. >> as i went into the room i just started firing. >> reporter: what was in front of you? >> my parents. >> reporter: it was the original trial of the century, a rich hollywood movie executive and his wife gunned down, execution style, inside their palatial beverly hills estate. >> if you looked at the menendez brothers as teenagers you saw spoiled rich kids spending out of control. >> if i kill my parents i don't
4:47 pm
think i'd buy a porsche that first week. >> reporter: in an abc exclusive hear from one of the convicted brothers, lyle menendez telling his side of the story from inside prison describing what was really going on inside that home. >> secrets upon secrets. i was just trapped in the same nightmare. >> reporter: what happened in 1989 to the seemingly perfect family at their luxury mansion -- >> i'm just a normal kid. >> oh, erik you're a normal kid who killed your parents. >> yes, i know. >> reporter: in tonight's two-hour special, we take a closer look at the investigation and conviction with never before seen home videos and photos and for the first time, hear from family and friends as they were the private details of what life was like. did the brothers kill for millions of inheritance or payback for a lifetime of alleged abuse from their own mother and father? angel da spanos, abc news, new
4:48 pm
york. >> the details will be revealed tonight in this true crimes special "truth and lies: the menendez brothers" at 9:00 on abc 7. its extreme debt is burdening so many college students and the next story illustrates this story so well. >> michael finney has more. >> a lot of people don't know this. we've been reporting on this for a while and it is hard to believe but many senior citizens are being buried under a mountain of debt from student loans. report from the consumer financial protection bureau backs that up by finding more than 37% of seniors with student loans in default. some are old ones the seniors took out for their own college education decades ago. many were taken out or cosigned on behalf of children or grandchildren. the report blames difficulties accessing protections under federal law, many seniors are also not informed about programs that limit monthly payments
4:49 pm
based on income. that's estimated there are 2.8 million people over the age of 60 paying off student loans. that's four times greater than it was just ten years ago. a lawsuit has been filed in san francisco federal court charging d-link with knowingly failing to take steps to protect its network and ip cameras from hackers. dlink is a manufacturer of popular networking and smartphone products. the federal trade comission alleges in its suit that the vulnerabilities have existed for a decade despite being easily fixable. dlink says protecting its customers' private data is a top priority and denies the allegations. uber may have left california to continue testing its driverless vehicles but one of the state's leading consumer groups is still hot on uber's tail. consumer watchdog is demanding uber release results from its testing in arizona. you might recall uber began testing its driverless cars here in california but failed to get
4:50 pm
the necessary permits. the state ordered uber to get those permits, instead it chose to move to arizona. consumer groups now say uber did that to avoid having to make its test results public. this could end up a huge fight. we will keep track. >> it will be interesting to see how it plays out. thank you, michael. in today's wellness report, salmon can help prevent brain shri shrinkage. >> and why couples should dread next monday january 9th. >> the aging brain is a shrinking brain, genrally a brain whose performing and reaction is declining. shrinkage is less pronounced in older diets of mediterranean people. and regular moderate consumption of fish and red wine. it's been shown to be effective at driving down heart attack, stroke and premature death risks and improving health conditions
4:51 pm
overall. for cancer patients who have lost their taste buds a tiny berry may help. the miracle fruit as it's called dpro grows on a small tree, eating the tiny tropical fruit the size of a jelly bean affects the way food tastes. january 9th is the day statistically most likely for someone to start an affair. gleeden a dating site looking for people to cheat, january 9th is the day your partner is most slykely to stray in 017. the site which has more than 3 million members user activity increases in the new year. from the nasdaq i'm jane king. here's to your health. a silicon valley company is showing off its new high-tech breast pump at the consumer electronics show in vegas. it's called willow and is said to be the first smart wearable
4:52 pm
breast pump. the device fits in a woman's bra, pumps silently and dishwasher safe. it sells fors $340. something for the kids unveiled at the consumer electronics show in las vegas, called the think and learn smart cycle an exercise bike made by fisher price with a tablet holder in its handle bars. it's designed for kids between ages 3 and 6 years old, comes with a free learning app. the idea is the kids will learn as they pedal the bike and get some exercise along the way. good idea. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. first van ness, now garry. more changes are coming for san francisco drivers. city officials hope it will speed up buses, but will it slow everyone else down? right now dan's here with a look at what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> coming up police protest and
4:53 pm
why 679 days is a big deal to the demonstrators. plus the local lawmaker who wants california to be relevant in the election process and what he plans to do about it. also the chunk of hawaii that collapsed into the ocean. those stories and more when christian
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
here's a look at tonight's prime time lineup on abc 7 at 8:00. the great american baking show, at 9:00 truth and lies, the menendez brothers and stay with us for abc 7 news at 1:00. the long awaited garry bus rapid transit project is closer to being a reality. >> the board of supervisors is expected to approve its design and environmental impact report. leanyanne melendez shows us what will look like. >> reporter: it crosses san francisco from nearly one end to the north. geary has the number 38, the busiest bus line which carries on average 52,000 people a day.
4:57 pm
>> one of the best used bus lines in north america. >> reporter: proposed projects to improve this corridor have had their ups and downs. >> it has been a long, slow road. >> reporter: today a serious plan finally reached the board of supervisors, one backed by the san francisco county transportation authority. >> even those that don't take the buses, this project contains street repaving, also pedestrian safety elements. >> reporter: here's animation of the project. the bus would have a so-called red carpet lane that would save time, up to 20 minutes per round trip. >> getting back to my work faster. >> reporter: safer crossings with shorter distances. right now pedestrians have to pick up the pace when crossing this very dangerous and long intersection. let's see how long it will take me. 22 seconds. >> and you're actually eight times more likely to get hit
4:58 pm
along geary than the city average as a whole. >> reporter: he says this project is long overdue. >> this would be one of the major improvements in quality of life of san francisco. >> reporter: the cost $300 million. the project is set to start this year, 2017, and completed by 2020. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. average weekday ridership for caltrain has dropped each of the last three months. the transit agency tweeted that this morning. caltrain officials say they're not sure why. they're looking at a number of possible causes, including overcrowding during peak periods and limited parking, lower gas prices and competition from ride share companies like lyft and uber could be factors. >> get the latest updates with the abc 7 news app. enable push alerts to be the first to know about breaking news where you live especially with the storms we're expecting this weekend. you want the app. that is going to do it for
4:59 pm
this edition of abc 7 news at 4:00. thank you for joining us. i'm al ma daetz. >> nbc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> the child did sustain a gunshot wound. >> gunfire breaks out in a quiet oakland neighborhood. little girl is shot while sitting in a car with her mother. we are live with team coverage. plus rivers already high, and now the south bay has to get ready for more. >> we can have anywhere from a few hours to a few minutes to alert the public. >> the video berkeley police want you to see. people hitting the ground as a bank robber makes his move. live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> video from sky 7 shows you the scene where a toddler was shot in the street and it may be linked to a homicide yesterday afternoon. shooting that was oakland's first of the new year. good evening, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. thanks for joining us tonight. this happened near 6th and outlook in -- 66th pardon me and
5:00 pm
east oakland near mills college. laura anthony is there live and begins our team coverage for you. laura? >> reporter: hi dan. the police have cleared out now but they did spend several hours here collecting evidence that includes looking for video surveillance footage of this incident. police are also looking into whether this shooting today of the little girl is somehow related to the murder of a man in another part of town yesterday. >> it was about maybe four or five and then there was a pause and then there was another probably four. >> reporter: the shots rang out in an east oakland neighborhood before noon, a quick succession, a pause and several more. >> right after the last gunshot i heard a car peeling abe. it's horrible. it's awful. it's the most kind of awful you could imagine. >> reporter: another neighbor heard it, too, but didn't want us to show her face. >> i just heard five or six gunshots, and they sounded very close, right outside my window


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