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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> live where you live, this is abc 7 knees. >> now at 11:00, cold and rain in the accuweather forecast as we take a live look outside. expect freezing temperatures, the strongest storm of the season takes dead aim on the bay area. >> first breaking news, a frip l shooting inside a taqueria. kriet now crime tape surrounds the restaurant and the search is on for the gunman or gun men. good evening. thank you for joining us. >> shots were fired just before 8:00 tonight. >> it happened at a taqueria on south sunset avenue and story road in san jose which is where we find the reporter with the breaking details. katie. >> reporter: investigators are still on the scene here, still investigating so many elements as to the circumstances what exactly happened here tonight. but what we do know, it was around 7:45, three men were shot
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either in or near the taqueria and two of them are dead. >> we have multiple shots that were fired at the scene and which resulted in three victims being struck by at least one round each. >> reporter: police say the third victim is in stable condition at the hospital. police are not saying if the victims were targeted or if this was a robbery. we have no information tonight on a possible motive. i did talk with a woman who works at one of the businesses next to the taqueria and she described for me what she heard. >> she was a customer, i think she's related to one of the victims. she was screaming and she got a phone call i'm guessing from family member. they didn't know what was going on. she ran outside screaming like saying, no, like and just panicking. >> reporter: police are not saying if there was more than one shooter and we have no description tonight of the shooter or shooters, but whoever did this is on the loose as we
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speak. the victims' identifies its will not be released until their families are notified. live in san jose, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> let's turn to the weather and the freeze warning tonight before the strong storm of the weekend. >> we do have live team coverage. let's begin with meteorologist drew. >> we are checking several locations that will drop below freezing by 3:00 a.m. freeze warning in effect, areas shade ed in purple from santa rose a to napa, san martin, that is where the temperatures will drop below 32 so protect the plants, bring in the pets and protect your pipes. it's going to be cold. we go from freezing to flooding. look at this. this is so impressive. not only one day of rain chances, six out of the next seven days we have a number on the storm impact scale. all goes downhill starting saturday morning. it gets a 2, a moderate storm on the storm impact scale. morning down pours to afternoon showers with stronger evening winds and then this storm system
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gets an injection of energy and it gets upgraded to a 3, a strong storm. we have only had a handful of 3s so far in the storm impact scale. we're talking morning heavy rain and wind so, the concern is there for widespread flooding and also wind damage. we'll take a much closer look at the time line, we'll go hour by hour and take a finer detail at those threats and forecast. >> thank you so much, drew. >> happening now to help keep people safe from the freezing temperatures tonight, santa clara county has extra beds available. the armory winter shelter and reception center have 150 more beds than usual. shelter workers say the cold can obviously be deadly to vulnerable people. >> so, so difficult when you're in survival mode to be able to -- to be safe and to be warm during the wet and cold. >> reporter: the cold is also dangerous to some of your plants like citrus, avocado and
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hibiscus. an expert says if you don't is a frost blanket water your plants. the frozen water will actually insulate and protect them from frost it. >> while the freezing temperatures are of concern tonight, the big threat is the huge storm that's barrelling toward the bay area this weekend. >> abc 7 reporter is live in mill valley tonight with the preparations before this big storm hits. lisa? >> reporter: dan, you know, this spot off the highway is prone to flooding and to really a lot of problems. that's a why the owner of sea point adventures decided to take some of his planes out of the water and over there to my right. the house boat community and the owners there are bracing themselves for what's to come this weekend. this is the first time in years that aaron singer is tying down and grounding his fleet of sea planes. with the upcoming storms, he's be taking any chances. >> we have to figure out how to get them latched down and protected, get most of the airplanes off the dock because it puts a lot of strain opt
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dock. >> reporter: the last major storm caused dock damage and a plane to break loose. this photo shows how bad things can get here. jaft few feet away, house boat owners are ready. they have balanced and tightened lines, checked roof and pilings. >> you can get all the rain in the world you want. if you have wind and high tides, these 100 ton boats can move around dangerously. >> reporter: in nearby all eyes are on the creek. those downtown don't want a repeat of this. last month flood horns sounded and police evacuated the streets. this time lapse shows just how quickly the creek rose. it was just a foot from leaving its banks. >> we just kept watching it go higher and higher and higher in our backyard. so, yeah, it was pretty scary. >> reporter: that's why tonight sandbags are out and ready for use. li lisa, abc 7 news. >> the santa cruz mountains could get the bankrupt of this weekend's heavy rainfall and
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that has emergency officials preparing for the possibility of evacuations. geological survey has 70 monitors at the river. measurement came in at about 7 feet but the level could easily hit 16 to 19 feet this weekend. >> we'll see flows that we haven't seen in this area for in excess of ten to perhaps 15 years. >> we're talking well beyond flood stage? >> most likely to hit flood stage. county officials say they'll give residents three to nine hours. they're worried about roads being washed away by the rain. >> at a morgan hill rv park in danger of flooded, tenants left this evening. better safe than sorry. the property owner has ordered them to leave by 5:00 tomorrow evening. tenants say they appreciate the advance notice considering how much time they were given during last year's storms.
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>> we had a ten minute flood warning. it was on a sunday. we were on our way in and they blocked the driveway from anybody coming in and everybody was evacuating. >> the rv park sits along the shores of uvas creek in danger of topping the creeks with the heavy rainfall. displace the ten abs have the option of staying at another rv park in san benito that will be much safer. you can track the weather any time with the abc 7 news app. that's where you'll find live doppler hd. you'll get weather advisories on your tablet or phone immediately. >> police busted a drug lab this afternoon. short ridge avenue and south 26th street, police say they were following up with a different investigation when they found the drug lab. they didn't say what drugs they found or if they made any arrests. if you have business to take care of at the santa clara county government building tomorrow, probably won't get done. in san jose this morning, an
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electrical problem closed it today. repairs still aren't done so it will be closed tomorrow, too. it should reopen monday. officials blame a faulty switch gear for the outage. >> new at 11:00, the smart train that runs from marin county into wine country will be free for the first few months. today the smart board of directors said it won't cost you a dime through july fourth. then it will be half off for the rest of the summer with special deals on monthly passes. plans are underway to test the regular schedule along the train's 43-mile track. service begins late this spring. also new here at 11:00, late tonight the san francisco county transportation authority board formally approved the geary bus rapid transit project. it's an upgrade to the 38 geary route. the project includes bus-only lanes, new stations and new traffic signals. these changes are expected to shave as much as 20 minutes per round trip. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00, a toddler was shot while
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sitting in a car with her mother. tonight we have an update on the girl's condition. >> plus a bay area red light runner, the car accident caught on camera. look at this. warning to drivers also. >> who is going to pay for the wall? 100%. >> well, maybe not. tonight sources close to the trump transition team say someone else will be paying for that wall. >> and live doppler 7 along with satellite tracking our weekend storm that will bring some of the heavy est rain
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>> we are following developing news tonight. a toddler remains in an oakland hospital after she was shot while sitting in a car with her mother. >> it happened today near 65th
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and outlook in east oakland near mills college. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley is live at children's hospital in oakland. leslie. >> reporter: i can tell you that i talked to this little girl's mom tonight. she's very shaken up and still in shock that her little girl was shot today. relatives say that she's the only one allowed in the intensive care unit tonight and that's where little yari is listed in stable condition. family drove in from across oakland and from fresno and sacramento to be there for little yari who will turn two next month. the family says yari was strapped into her car seat in the back. her 7-year-old sister was buckled into the front seat alongside her mom. when there was a hail of gun fire just after noon, according to witnesses at the corner of 66th avenue and outlook. >> it was about maybe four or five and then there was a pause, and then there was another probably four. right after like the last gunshot, i heard like the car peeling away. >> reporter: oakland police say
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they are still investigating what happened. >> we're trying to determine if the car was parked at the time of the shooting. we're trying to determine that right now, or if it was moving. >> reporter: they are also looking into whether several cars fired on each other. and if there is any connection to a homicide the day before. many are appalled at the violent cross fire in oakland. >> that's my child, too, that got shot, that little girl. so, they're crying, i'm crying, we're all in this together. >> i'm asking for prayer, prayer. that's all i'm asking is prayer. >> reporter: yari is hanging in there with a lot of support. at the hospital in oakland, i'm lesl leslie brinkley, abc 7 business news. >> reporter: the video shows the suspects restraining and beating the teen in addition to kid napping and assault charges, the four have been charged with hate crimes after comments made by some of the assailants against white people and president-elect donald trump.
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the victim was later treated at the hospital and is now recovering at home. a private funeral service was held today for carrie fisher and her mother debbie reynolds at the gated beverley hills compound where they lived. stars including merrill streep, gweneth pal troe were among the celebrities who attended the service. fisher died december 27 after suffering cardiac arrest on a flight from london to los angeles. her mother died the next day. >> republican lawmakers have a new plan to strip planned parenthood of all its federal funding. today they tied dee funding the women's health service to a bill that would repeal obamacare, however, it could run into some problems as some republicans are pro choice. the u.s. government gives planned parenthood $500 million a year though by law none of it actually funds abortions. it appears donald trump is backtracking on one of his campaign's biggest promises. he told voters that the u.s. would build a wall and mexico would pay for it to fight illegal immigration. today cnn reports his transition
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team now wants americans to pay for the wall. they want to add the plan to a funding bill that would make democrats less likely to fight it because a standoff could cause a government shut down. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with drew. >> at this time doppler seven will be tracking showers on shore. we have 24 hours of dry skies before the weather really goes downhill. in this short term it's all about the cold numbers. out there right now many spots have dipped into the 30s. 32 right now in santa rose a, 37 in concord, we're at the freezing mark in san ramon, 36 in fremont and half moon bay equally as chilly, the temperature of 36 degrees. so, that freeze warning in effect overnight tonight for our shelter valleys. we have that cold start on friday. it's a chilly afternoon, but the dry afternoon. we'll have sunshine giving away to clouds and temperatures in the lower 40s, high 50s. 50 in san francisco and santa rose a. a cold 48 in fairfield and concord, up to 49 degrees.
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and then saturday morning the rain arrives. on a storm impact scale to start off the weekend it gets a 2. a moderate storm saturday. down pours with afternoon and evening showers. you'll notice in the evening winds will pickup. rainfall amounts likely between a quarter and inch of rain in urban areas. a little more in the north bay and santa cruz mountains. but then the storm system gets an injection of energy. thanks to the atmospheric river, what that means is it gets more moisture and it gets stronger. we upgrade the storm to a 3, strong storm. this is going to be a serious system moving in sunday morning. heavy rain, strong winds so the concern is there for not only flooding but also wind damage. urban areas an inch and a half to 3 1/2 inches of rain on sunday and the santa cruz mountains could see up to 5 inches of rain in a short amount of time. future weather let's go hour by hour. watch the time stamp in the corner of your screen. tomorrow evening 5:00, dry for the evening rush on friday. clouds begin to build and the rain arrives shortly after midnight on saturday. so, saturday morning we see
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these down pours beginning to develop in the morning. it will be some moderate to heavy rain to start off our saturday. as you go into the afternoon, new information is kind of noticing that we could have a couple of dry spots, some scattered showers, but do not be fooled. the storm system will pickup energy saturday night and sunday. it will intensify into a strong storm. down pours really ramp up by early sunday morning, 5:00 in the morning. you could see widespread heavy rain and along with the heavy rain we will see some strong winds. future tracker rainfall amounts we'll show you three to 5 inches of rain likely for marin, parts of sonoma and napa county. the heart est bay area two to 4 inches along the santa cruz mountains, high rainfall, four to 8 inches. on the lee ward side of the mountains, a little bit less but significant around san jose, one to 3 inches of rain. not only the rain, it's the wind. future tracker wind gusts showing you sunday morning those winds will likely be gusting anywhere from 30 to 50 miles per hour. so, the concerns we have especially on sunday, a lot of
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rain in a short amount of time means stream and creek flooding is high concern. burn scars high as well as hydro planing as you travel on sunday. power outages are possible with the wind. river fronting looks low but we will track as the weekend progresses. a dry day on friday, a chance around midnight as the storm arrives saturday. then it ramps up on sunday. not only that it's just active early next week. moderate storm forecast on tuesday. a little let up as the rain arrives on satur
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>> a crash in newark was caught by a traffic camera. this was new year's eve.
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cherry boulevard and maw ee avenue, the driver was skietd f -- cited for not having a valid license. nobody was injured. >> contra costa county credit the compassion of abc 7 news viewers for helping them find new homes for dozens of cats and dogs. 42 pets were brought in to the martinez shelter. we took in 43 more animals yesterday. it caused crowded kennels and filled the shelter to capacity. officials say the cats and dogs are fiernding new homes in response to our elissa harrington. 13 animals have been adopted and another 13 lost pets have been reunited with their owners. that is nice to hear, isn't it? cute little faces. >> all right. >> speaking of cute faces. >> i didn't want to go there, but, you know. >> some would say. >> you should see me without my makeup. but they won't allow that.
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>> announcer: abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> good evening thursday night means a ton of college hoops. ucla is ibaka mong the best in the country. bears almost pulled off a huge come back. snoop dogg checking out the bruins in l.a. t.j. lee with authority. dunking over 7'1" kingsly, come get some at 18 points, 11 boards, all bruins in the first
11:29 pm
half. alonzo, good young player with a three ball before the buzzer. ucla was up 20 at the half. cal makes a come back. ivan rab went for 17 points and 20 boards. cal gets within five and no closer. ucla wins 81-71 cal one and two in conference play. warriors watch us host number 5 gonzaga, putting on a show. the lefty finishing, 36 points, 11 boards, six assists. smooth on the step back. gonzaga rolls 95-80, they are now 15-0. remember 19 saint mary's, still thinking about matthew with the bucks. another aussie, they have seven aussies on their roster. jacques completing the alley-oop then goes down hard. went for 24 points. he's okay. dale is on a 13-0 run. saint mary's 87-66, they are now 13-1.
11:30 pm
stanford at number 25, usc, three seconds left in the half. jordan mclauchlin, where is the defense? he just knives right through. 36-28 trojans the break, second half, 30 on one. stanford falls 72-56. in the nhl big national story was columbus seeing their 16-game winning streak end, with a thud the blue jackets lose 5-0 to washington. the sharks and the wild pickup the second period, then go to the net. and poke in his 13th of the season so it's 2-0 sharks. but the wild tie it in the third. zach parise ee over the shoulder of martin jones right here. 2-2 game, patrick marleau would make it 4 continue 2 his 11th of the year. the defense collapsed. tie it at 4. and a one-timer to win it 5-4 wild take it. as if connor cook doesn't have enough to worry about, make it
11:31 pm
his first start in the raiders playoff game saturday in houston could be without all pro left tackle with a knee injury. cookout of michigan state thrown into the fire because of injuries, offensive coordinator has little time to figure out what cook can really do. >> this is his first week running with the ones. last week was his first week of receiving a uniform on game day and dressing out. so, we're working the process and we're really looking forward to washington play. it's a great time of year to be playing football and we've got a young qb that's ready to get out there and have a great game. >> and we'll have it for you here on abc 7. sp
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>> all right. that is our report. we appreciate your time. >> and >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- mel gibson -- from "the crown," claire foy -- this week in unnecessary censorship -- and music from fantastic negrito. and now, before i forget, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for coming. thanks for braving the


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