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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 6, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> reporter: good morning, matt. if you're waking up this morning, you have an early start, expect a lot of time. you're going to have to allow yourself a lot of time, because look at all these cars, you guys. just covered in frost here. we're just off of capitol expressway here in san jose in front of a car dealership where you can just see a sea of cars covered in frost here, and that was pretty much the same story for another car off of zancor road covered in frost from front to back, so you want to allow yourself some time to warm your car up, clear off the frost. also, grass and plants this morning were just noticing it all covered in the crystal white frost. if you haven't already, bring yur plants inside, such as citrus crops and vulnerable plants, also pipes and your pets, the three ps, just to show you how cold it is out here. i don't know if you can see it coming from my mouth.
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it's freezing. live in san jose abc7 news. >> thank you, lonnie. the north bay, the incoming storm is worrying a lot of residents and business owners. many are taking advantage of dry weather to prepare. sandbags were piled in and outside businesses and employees told us they had to move merchandise off the ground. big concern is the san enselmo creek. >> we live on the creek so we were just watching it rise and we just kept watching it go higher and higher in the backyard so it was pretty scary. >> homeowners told us there's not much they can do to fend off the water besides using sandbags. with the risk of flooding looming, residents of a morgan hill rv park have until tonight to evacuate. abc7 news was at the thousand trails rv park as people started leaving last night. it sits along yuvis creek, which could overflow this weekend.
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tenants say they appreciate the advance notice. >> we had a ten-minute flood warning on a sunday. we were on our way in and they had just blocked the driveway and everybody was evacuating. >> the property owner says everyone has to be out by 5:00 today. displaced tenants have the option of staying at another rv park. >> a lot of bay area filling stations have sandbag areas set up. we have a list of locations on our we said, and you can track the approaching storm with the abc7 news app. we have live doppler 7 there any time. enable push alerts to get weather advisories on your phone or tablet. breaking news, and a major alert for folks in the city right now. there are problems for san francisco's 911 system. it went down around midnight all because of a power outage at the dispatch center and things are still not up to speed so if you have an emergency, listen up, you will need to call the
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non-emergency number for police dispatch. write this down. it is 415-553-0123. again, that's 555-0123 and we will repeat the number for you in just a few moments and also post it on our website at people are being forced to use two-way radios and phones to communicate. the city's 16-year-old 911 system currenty in the process of being upgraded. our news room monitoring that progress for you. i will let you know as soon as the 911 service is fully restored. thank you, jessica. police are searching for the gunman who killed two men and wounded a third at a san jose taqueria. shots were fired on south sunset avenue and story road just before 8:00 last night. two of the men died at the scene. the third was taken to the hospital. a woman who worked next door told us what she saw. >> she was a customer. i think she's related to one of the victims. she was screaming and she got a
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phone call, i'm guessing from family member, letting her know what was going on and she ran outside vietnaminscreaming, say just panicking. >> last check, the man in the hospital was stable. neither a motive nor the victims'it victims' identities have been released. officers tell us that the driver of an suv hit a parked car as people were unloading groceries from it in sunny vail last night. a woman who confronted the driver was dragged a short distance. the driver will be charged with felony hit and run when caught. if you have business to take care of at the santa clara county government building today, you'll have to wait until monday. san jose building is still closed because of a major electrical problem. sky 7 was over the complex at west heading and north 1st street right after the power went out yesterday morning. repairs are taking longer than expected. officials say the county's
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online services are available if you need to take care of something right away. happening today, landlords are fighting back. an association representing them plans to sue richmond over a voter-approved rent control measure. an attorney for the california apartment association claims that measure l passed in november is unconstitutional for several reasons, including the mandate that landlords must accept subletting. the mayor says he is against rent control but added that since people voted for it, they should get what they want. all right, if you're on the fence over whether to rent or buy here in the bay area, the story may help you decide. according to a new federal study, renting is more affordable than buying in eight of the nine counties. contra kos ka is the exception. homes there remain relatively affordable, especially in the inland areas. this lopsided split is a result of skyrocketing home prices and slow increases in income. but here's the caveat to this study. if you rent, marin county may
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not be the place to be. a typical earner is likely to spend up to 77% of their income. >> 77%. i can't get over that number. happening today, a sure to be tense briefing between president-elect donald trump and u.s. intelligence agencies. the point of contention, of course, whether russia hacked the presidential election. the nation's top intelligence officials say they have no doubt about the matter. in fact, they say they know who passed the stolen e-mails from russia to wikileaks during the presidential campaign. they also intercepted communications where russian officials celebrated trump's victory. trump cites a conspiracy among democrats and main stream media. president-elect donald trump is clarifying details of his plan to build a wall. around 3:30 a.m., he tweeted that mexico will reimburse the u.s. for the wall. they are hoping to get it paid for initially through a government funding measure that
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would make democrats less likely to fight it because a standoff could cause a government shutdown. . let's check out some of those cars down in walnut creek. wow, look at all that thick frost. this is the kind of frost that will break your credit card so don't even try to use a credit card. get the real ice scraper out, take some time and let the car warm up a little bit this morning. you may have to adjust a little extra pollution into the air because you got to let it warm up but that's going to the safe measure this morning. we talked about it was going to be thick with all that moisture in the ground and sure enough, there it is. we dropped another 4 to 15 degrees compared to yesterday's chilly conditions. here's the reason why we have black ice in our inland east bay neighborhoods, across the altamont pass, the temperatures about 30 to 31 can goes, as you descend into livermore, warms up into 34, but we're freezing everywhere until you get to pittsburg at 36, there's some black ice as you approach all of
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the third and fourth bore. what's happening is the hills are kind of weeping a little bit and some of that water is running over the roads and that is freezing. 34 right now in san jose. we have 30 in napa, 28 in santa rosa. a warm 40 here in san francisco as you look from the east bay hills. on the roads, black ice this morning. on the water, tranquil today. let's talk about the flash flood watch, two of them, 4:00 tomorrow afternoon through 7:00 sunday in the north bay and through 11:00 sunday in the santa cruz mountains so that's 24 to 36 hours of streams and rivers overflowing and the possibility of debris flows in the santa cruz mountains. we've got more watches and warnings and i'll give yan upda next. good morning, mike. you mentioned that black ice on 24 right around caldicott tunnel. altamont pass area, we've had eight vehicles go off the roadway here or spin out around
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north flynn road so right as you head through the altamont pass stretch. the back-up definitely forming. we did just talk to chp. they said they didn't think any lanes were blocked but i think this is quite the back-up, 14 miles per hour and 9 miles per hour and i just asked mike as well and he said about 31 degrees right now around altamont pass to cold enough to have black ice form. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, not any reports of ice in this stretch and of course nice and light at this early hour. republicans are moving to cut federal money to planned parenthood but may end up derailing their push to repeal obamacare. also, first van ness, now san francisco drivers face another major road change. the bus project that is correct make the commute even more challenging. 4:39, and we're glad you're here. we're keeping up weather and traffic where you live so you can keep tabs
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it's the second leading cancer killer in the u.s. but, it is almost entirely preventable. most colon cancers start as polyps. and screening finds polyps, so they can be removed, before they even turn into cancer. if you're over 50, get screened for colorectal cancer. screening saves lives. and that breaking news, we're just hearing about crews battling a three alarm fire at an apartment building in oakland. it is burning near harrison street and mac arthur boulevard. this photo just tweeted out. she says she woke up to children screaming, help, save me, and saw the building across the street burning. we are hearing at least one rescue is in progress.
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that crews are gaining ground on this fire but it is still a very active scene. we have a crew headed that way right now. we're going to bring you a live report coming up in just a few minutes. an east bay sthat state senator plans to introduce legislation to help artists comply with construction codes. the goal is preventing another ghost ship warehouse tragedy. she wants to give building inspectors expanded authority to enter properties. legislation would also provide loans to help landlords meet construction codes. investigators still haven't determined the cause of the ghost ship fire. you may remember all the hoopla over uber's self-diving cars in san francisco and whether they should be on our streets. one assemblyman is trying to make sure that never happens again. phil ting introduced legislation yesterday that would impose fines on any company operating autonomous cars without a permit. it's more than just a slap on the wrist. it could cost companies up to
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$25,000 per car. a plan to speed up one of san francisco's most heavily used bus routes officially has the green light. transportation leaders signed off on the geary bus rapid transit project this week. it includes bus only lanes, new stations and new traffic signals along the 38 geary route and the perks don't stop there. >> even those that don't take the buses, this project contains street repaving, also pedestrian safety elements. >> for bus commuters, these changes are expected to save off as much as 20 minutes per round trip. the project is set to start this year and be completed by 2020. happening today, the four people accused of attacking a special needs teen and streaming the crime on facebook live will appear in court in chicago. we first showed you the disturbing video yesterday morning. it shows the suspects restraining and beating the teen. in addition to kidnapping and assault charges, the four are charged with a hate crime because of comments they made against white people and president-elect donald trump. the victim was treated at the hospital and is now recovering
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at home. a republican lawmakers have a new plan to cut off taxpayer money to planned parenthood and they've added a measure eliminating funding to the group as part of a bill repealing obamacare but the measure could put the entire repeal bill in jeopardy because two pro-choice senators are already questioning the move. the bill needs approval of 50 senators to pass. u.s. government gives planned parenthood $500 million a year. by law, none of it actually funds abortions. it's been a busy week for weather here in the bay area. several days of rain. we have a brief break before much more to come. we are seeing the storms, much of the rest of the country is bracing for severe weather of its own, particularly in the south. here's abc news reporter janae norman. >> reporter: about two-thirds of the country is waking up to winter weather alerts. >> this is what denver is looking like. >> reporter: in denver, passengers watched as crews worked to deice planes although more than 130 flights were canceled anyway. snow totals in other parts of
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colorado could top 2 feet. in buffalo, new york, some people were stuck in traffic for more than five hours. in pennsylvania, driving conditions made for a messy commute where at least ten cars collided. >> it's about the scariest thing that's ever happened to me. >> reporter: now, parts of the south are bracing for the worst of it. governors in alabama and georgia have already declared states of emergency in all counties ahead of the storm and at this point, there's no real end in sight. it could be next week before roads in some areas are clear. abc news washington. now, breaking news from the abc7 live desk. >> we continue following this breaking news that's problems for san francisco's 911 system. it has been down since midnight following a power outage at the dispatch center and now here's that number to call if you have an emergency. it's 415-553-0123.
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we have the number as well on our website, police are right now using two-way rooz to communicate while they work to get the system running again. we'll continue to repeat this number for you throughout our newscast and stay on top of the situation for you as it develops. matt and natasha, back to you. thank you. we've got a big storm heading here this weekend. but we've www.some cold temperatures this morning. let's check in with mike nicco with more. >> hi, everybody. let's talk about the wind advisory, just another advisory up like that flash flood we talked about a few minutes ago. starts at 4:00 tomorrow morning, through 7:00 sunday morning so about 27 hours or so we're going to have the possibility of wind damage. above about 1500 feet, though, to 2,000 feet, up to 60 miles per hour and that's going to down some trees and some power lines so all the areas you see shaded there in burnt orange, they're the most likely to see the damage and possibly the rest of us have to deal with it in
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the form of no power. let's look from the explo exploratorium. dry and cool day, saturday and sunday, flooding, poe likely. we have a low coming in from the north. subtropical moisture coming up from the south. by 9:00, sprinkles, my midnight, already steady, light to moderate rain. gets a little heavy towards saturday morning and then it tapers to waves of showers until we get to 8:00 saturday evening and then just look at all those yellows, oranges, and reds through 7:00 a.m. sunday morning, and then it starts to slide to the south as we head towards the afternoon and into the evening hours. rainfall amounts we're still looking at about 8 to 10 inches in the santa cruz mountains, anywhere from 2 to 5 for the rest of us. here's a look at any seven day forecast. another storm slated for tuesday
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and wednesday. >> not going to be fun on the roads here this weekend. not off to a great start this morning either. drive times, tracy to dublin almost at an hour right now. several spinoff and slideout crashes. westbound 580 around north flynn road, due to black ice. slow down, really take it easy this morning and obviously traffic approaching those scligss is going pretty slow right now. southbound 680 out of dublin looking okay. kupt also looking good. no problems here. westbound 80 through the emeryville stretch but we do have some issues with san francisco bay ferry again today. vallejo, 6:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. replaesed by bus service day due to mechanical issues. from alexis to alexa, amazon's echo taking the consumer electronics show in las vegas by storm. >> we have a look at it in this
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morning's tech bytes. >> amazon's alexa steals the spotlight. >> the voice activated digital assistant is partnering with a wide range of smart appliances and devices and can even place food delivery orders. >> and serious gamers will be on the lookout for a new concept laptop from razr. >> you can see the laptop has three screens, all of them are 17 inches. the two on the side also slide out automatically from the central display. no word yet on the price. >> that's seriously for gamers. and ed sheeran fans were surprised overnight, he released two new singles on social media. >> castle on the hill and "shape of you" are his first studio recordings since 2014. he says he hopes fans are as excited about this new material as he is. >> new album soon. those are your tech bytes. . on the north bay's version of b.a.r.t. is about to start rolling. next, a smart move officils are making to lure riders. this is not how you want to
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ring in the new year. what led to this terrifying new year's eve crash in the east bay. and abc7 news viewers respond in
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take a close look at your screen. this heart stopping red light crash in newark. the driver travels at full speed before being t-boned at the intersection of cherry boulevard and maui avenue and newark police say drugs or alcohol
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actually not factors in this case. the driver who ran the red light was cited for not having a valid license and despite the violent impact, fortunately, no one was hurt. wow, this morning, volkswagen is facing yet another lawsuit stemming from its emissions cheating scandal. the car giant must face a lawsuit filed by investors. they want back their money. company shed $63 billion in market value after the scandal became public in september of 2015. volkswagen tried to argue the u.s. had no jurisdiction in the investor lawsuit. 4:54 now, in mexico, at least four people have been killed and more than 700 arrested in protests over the price of gasoline. here in the port city of veracruz, police arrested looters. the price of gas rose to $0.90 a liter. at 4 liters a gallon, gas costs almost as much as the minimum wage for a day's work in mexico.
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the smart train that will soon be running from marin county into wine country will be free for the first few months. the smart board of directors has decided not to charge a fare until july 4 and then it will half off for the rest of the summer with special deals on monthly passes. the plans are underway to test the really schedule along the train's 43-mile track. service begins late this spring. we'll start first with saturday, which is still a 2 on the storm impact scale, a moderate storm because the heaviest rain will be in the morning and showers through the afternoon. hours before it gets heavy again during the evening and overnight and that's why sunday is still a 3. we're going to see the greatest potential for damage sunday. so here's the way we're going to rank things. stream and creek flooding high, debris flows, high, hydroplaning high, power outages, moderate, and if you're heading to the sierra, 4:00 tomorrow morning to 10:00 tomorrow evening, 5 to 10 inches at 5,000 feet, 2 feet of show at the higher elevations. i would not try to travel through there.
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good advice, mike. rough going this morning, too. black ice really a concern for us with that freeze warning across much of the bay area and we do have black ice reported along with several spinout crashes, westbound 580, up to about a seven-mile back-up and that is going to take you an hour now if you're leaving tracy and heading towards dublin. delay at daly city, sounds like the problem on the track has been re happening today, if you're looking for a place to drop off donated items, you now have a new option in san francisco. this morning, goodwill will be celebrating the grand opening of its new facility in north beach. the new store and donation dropoff center is located on bay street near powell. a ribbon cutting ceremony will get underway at 8:30 a.m. and goodwill says revenue will help fund its job training program. animal control officials in contra costa county credit the compassion of abc7 news viewers for helping them find homes for
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dozens of cats and dogs. we told you about the pets on tuesday. now we learned the shelter took in 33 more animals yesterday, filling the shelter to capacity. officials tell abc7 news the cats and dogs are finding new homes in response to reporting by our alyssa harrington. 13 animals have been adopted and another 13 lost pes have been e reunited with their owners. so in cute little faces there. san francisco mayor ed lee will appoint a new member to the board of supervisors today. how this election will make history at city hall. a toddler is shot while sitting in a car with her mother. we have an update on the girl's condition. and that breaking news i'm tracking for you at the live desk. the 911 system in san francisco still down at this hour. we have the number you need to call instead. plus more on what's going on next. next. and hitting the deck, a
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good morning, and thanks for joining us on this friday, january 6. i'm matt keller in for reggie aqui. >> and i'm natasha zouves. we have jessica castro, good morning. alexis smith and mike nicco giving us one more quiet day before this weekend. we're all looking forward to it. >> really? who are you trying to convince there? yourself, everybody else? yeah, it's going to be really, really tough this weekend. tough issues this morning, though. hi, everybody. remember those freezing cold temperatures we talked about yesterday? there you go. they're still out there until at least 9:00 so make sure those plants, pipes, and pets are protected through that time frame in our north bay, east bay valleys and also down in


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