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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 6, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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accused of opening fire in a crowded airport, killing five people. he's now in custody as investigators dig through his past to find a motive. good evening. thank you for joinin us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. investigators believe the gunman acted alone. they said 26-year-old esteban santiago seen in custody grabbed a land gun from one of his checked bags, opened fire at the baggage carousel of terminal two at the fort lauderdale airport. >> five killed, another eight injured. witnesses say the shooter kept firing till he ran out of bullets, then laid down to be arrested. witnesses got away as fast as they could, including one man in a wheelchair. >> i just heard screaming and not five minutes, people came running down the hall screaming gun, gunman was coming. so everybody ran and luggage flying, purses flying. and i can't move very fast because of surgery. so i got up and started
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hobbling. >> investigators say he had been undergoing meant it will health treatment for voices in his head pep claimed the cia was forcing him to join isis and told the fbi back in november. at the served a year in iraq and a member of the alaska army national guard until being discharged four months ago. investigators expect the airport to reopen at midnight local time when security sweeps are finishes and the pangss trapped on the tarmac for hours are just now being escorted to airport buses that will take them to one of two staging areas. >> passengers from fort lauderdale landed at san francisco international airport this morning and they were just shocked by what happened while they were in the air. >> abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow live from sfo with what they had to say. >> reporter: passengers we spoke to told us they heard about the shooting while in the air watching tv. take a look at the board here at sfo. there was a flight that was scheduled to leave for fort lauderdale at 10:267 tonight. it is one of several that has now been canceled.
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these fort lauderdale passengers bound for sfo were in the air when they saw the news. >> i saw through the seats, the person in front of me and it said fort lauderdale shooting and kind of slowly you looked around and everyone was tuning in to different programs. >> what in the world just happened. >> reporter: a shooting at the baggage claim. william says he passed through it earlier today. >> when you're that closely connected to a tragedy and to a shooting that hits home. >> suzanne worried about her daughter. >> i would just throw myself on top of her literally. i was thinking that coming up here. what would i have done as we're sitting waiting for bags. >> reporter: flights to and from fort laider were initially delayed here. many later canceled. >> you can expect to see heightened vigilance by law enforcement but the way that a passenger gets to an airport, goes through an airport and gets on a flight remains the same. >> this is the moment of friends
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and family and parents. i hate for this to go away because of one incident. >> reporter: others say airports need different security measures. >> back in the day you could go to the gate. you have this other side that hasn't been looked at. you're looking at tarmacs. people get on there all the time. >> reporter: a deadly incident raising new questions about airport security at sfo. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> social media played a huge role as the tragedy unfolded. >> news anchor kristen sze with a sample of what people shared during the event. >> people are explessing condolences, outrage and political views in the wake of this mass shooting. let's begin now the with reporter steve campion within ktrk in houston. his flight had just landed when account cabin crew made the scary announcement. >> airport is under security at there time. what happened here right now, i don't know what just happened here right now. >> we're here being held on the plane after landing.
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i got to tell you a lot of anxious people on this plane right now. this is my hometown airport. i've never seen people on the runway like this. >> i'm pretty nervous. >> anxious. >> like to know what's going on on the inside. >> reporter: berkeley born tv writer steven faulk was trying to fly out when he had to evacuate on the tarmac and into a terminal where false alarms sent everyone back onto the plane. lieutenant governor gavin newsom tweeting my heart breaks for all those affected. we must continue to work to end gun violence. oakland raiders offensive lineman jonathan feliciano who is in houston right now is getting ready for the game tomorrow. he tweets, what's wrong with this world? his wife was headed to fort lauderdale. she is safe. larry and ama? >> thank you. you can show your support for the victims of the tragedy and their families by sharing this post on facebook on our page news. >> turning now to our other major story locally.
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that is the weather. you can see a little bit of green starting to creep up on live doppler 7. it's what's coming behind that an that has so many people concerned tonight. we kick off our storm watch coverage tonight with the spencer christian. this storm is a 4 on our storm impact scale. we've never seen that before. >> we never have. we have not yet had a four. one is on the way. here's a look at our chances of rain over the next seven days. we rank each day's storm intensity according to the storm impact. the storm will arrive tonight and tomorrow ranking only 2 on the impact scale but will intensify. by sunday achieve a ranking of 4, it the first time ever and the highest impacts felt between midnight tomorrow night and sunday. look for heavy rain', powerful and potentially damaging wind gusts. we expect flooding and wind damage with the storm. the main concerns, there is high concern with the storm for stream and creek flooding, debris floods in the burn scar
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areas and hydroplaning on roadways. moderate concern for power outages and river flooding. the approaching massive moisture begins arriving late tonight starting 11:00 tonight. the first wave of light to moderate rain arriving. between midnight and 6:00 a.m., widespread areas of moderate to heavy rain with drenching downpours, strong winds and only stronger on sunday. a closer look coming up later. >> the we'll see you in a few minutes. santa clara county and the monterrey bay area are right in the crosshairs for the coming storms putting levees and creeks to the test. >> also challenging residents to prepare for flooding. david louie is live atop an old levee in watsonville. >> reporter: we know, of course, rivers and creeks are very crucial to channel all that rainfall that we're going to be having to get out to the sea. we also know time after time that those creeks and rivers can also overflow banks as a result of log jams and debris
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potentially putting an entire city such aswat sonville and santa cruz at risk of flooding. levees are also really important. campers at the thousand trails rv parking had to vacate by 5:00. safety agencies are concerned a fast rising creek might cut off access to a bridge standing them. the creek is more like a river flowing at a fast rate before storm expected soon. >> there's a couple of rv parks available in gilroy and we're going to set up camp down there. we're good to go. >> reporter: they have the property next door but staying in place since they have goats, ducks, peacocks and cows. >> we've sandbagged already. for now we're at the higher ground. most of our neighbors are above groundswell. >> reporter: a big concern in santa cruz county are the levees that protect watsonville built on a flood plain. they have failed repeatedly in major storms and plans to rebuild them have stalled. >> there are some levees in the
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south part of the county that are old old levees and wouldn't probably meet today's standards for levee materials. reporter. the city of gilroy already closed a portion of miller avenue when the creek flooded the crossing near the garlic festival grounds. fear of flooding created a run on sad bags to keep homes and businesses from damage. why so many sand bags? >> because i don't want the water to come into my cottage. when they built new homes, everything looks like the grading came towards my property. i don't want my cottage to flood again. >> reporter: emergency agencies are expected to be working 24 hours this weekend to respond to problems, of course. but they're all counting on the rest of us, all of us individuals to be sure that we're prepared for the worst. in watsonville, david louie, abc7 news. >> thank you. this weekend's storm is expected to be so bad, that a specialized search and rescue task force is on standby to come here from southern california. the orange county fire authority
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loaded up on tools and supplies this morning just in case. the fema sponsored team trains year round to handle flood rescues. >> boats, we have inflatables. we have boats and all the equipment we need to for any kind of still water or dynamic water rescues. >> this is one of eight specialized rescue teams in the state of california and just 28 in the entire nation. all roads leading into yosemite national park are now closed. park officials closed the roads for safety reasons. this weekend's rain could dump up to a foot of rain on the area. that could mean flooding and heavy runoff especially in the valley. be warned if you plan to drive to see era. caltrans and chp say drivers could face delays. the intense storm could flood roadways and knock over trees and power lines. drivers should expect chain controls in most mountain areas. up next, our storm watch continues this friday night. >> i'm live in pacifica where the city will close its popular
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pier for the next couple days. i'll explain why. >> sandbags, lots of them standing by in the north bay in a big way tonight. we'll tell you why no one is taking any chances ahead of the storm coming up. and later, by some measures this is the world's largest library with not a book in site. tonight here florida san francisco, the internet archive is t of reach for far too long:s have health insurance.that's been out how? they enrolled through covered california.
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a man accused of kidnapping and raping a woman who was waiting for b.a.r.t. made his first appearance in court today. police said meany foster attacked the woman near the bay fair b.a.r.t. station. the woman was a stranger, somebody trying to get home.
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abc7 news anchor eric thomas joining us live from that station. eric? >> reporter: and foster is being held in jail tonight without bail on a probation violation. police say in this case, the evidence they had have is strong starting with b.a.r.t. surveillance video of the beginning of the attack and a dna match. san leandro police are taking this case personally. >> this is probably one of the worst crimes that anybody could ever be exposed to. you can only imagine how traumatic it can be. >> the suspect 27-year-old meany foster, a san francisco transient was arrested a couple of days after christmas and arraigned this had afternoon in hayward superior court. the charges include. >> kidnapping with the intent to the commit sexual assault as well as several other sexual assault crimes. >> reporter: the ordeal began at the bay fair b.a.r.t. station. a woman in her mid 20s got off b.a.r.t. around midnight after
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having a few drinks at at after work party. that's when foster pounced forcibly dragging the woman almost a quarter mile to railroad tracks behind a local kfc and raping her. >> at about 3:00 in the morning, covered in mud, she was able to go to a nearby residential neighborhood. she banged on a door and saw the help. >> reporter: investigators gathered dna from the victim and matched to foster. >> if convicted of all charges brought against him, by the alameda county district attorney could face life in prison without the possibility of parole. >> reporter: foster's on probation from san francisco where he was convicted of lewd behavior on a bus. he was ordered to register as a sex offender but doesn't appear on the state megan's law website, a surprise to san leandro police. they say the victim was so traumatized they considered not releasing details publicly to spare her more pain. eric thomas, abc7 news. we're learning new details about a service disruption last
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night to san francisco's 911 system. the department of emergency management says an error by a technician doing maintenance work made the system lose power for ten minutes right around midnight. dispatchers lost access to their computers and desktop radios. 911 calls were still able to get through though. the dispatchers had to switch to manuel mode. >> they write down the information on a form. a runner runs it over to a radio dispatcher who then controls police fire and medical services. >> the 911 dispatchers have handheld radios that run on batteries as backups. desktop radios were back up and operating within a couple minutes but the computer system took three hours to come back online. the chp is questioning a man who admitted to starting at least one of several fires along 101 in san jose. as news reporter vic lee was first to report, several suspicious fires have broken out near story road over the past week. the latest was last night near the southbound 280 keker ramp.
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officers arrested javier cabrera after he told them he started the fire while burning copper wire. he said he started fires in the past. the chp says it's too early to tell if he's responsible for all the freeway fires. >> all this rain has officials in pacifica taking action tonight. >> elissa harrington continues our storm watch live from the pacifica pier. >> at 10:00, the pier closes and it won't reopen until monday at the earliest. this is to keep the public safe during this big storm. wild weather is expected to pum had pacifica causing high tides, large swells and gusty winds. city workers are also concerned about trees falling and flooding. the pier is extremely popular. it's always crowded with fishermen and families. people did not note about the weekend closure but aren't surprised to hear the city is
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taking extreme measures during what's expected to be an extreme storm. >> i hope it's not too crazy. everything seems to be eroding between here and montara. >> i think it's a good thing to keep people safe really. i mean, but then again, the water they're looking at the tides and they're pretty mellow so that's actually a good time to go crabbing. >> reporter: even with the pier closed, public works officials remind people to be aware of your surroundings and never turn your back on the ocean. there are also three sandbag locations around pacifica. so people can protect their property from any potential flooding. reporting live in pacifica, elissa harrington, abc7 news. now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> okay. let's take a look at the approaching storm. you can see that huge mass of moisture building just offshore. it's closing in on the bay area. we'll start to see rainfall later tonight. here's a look what's going on. here's our storm impact scale. first wave of the storm arrives
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tonight and tomorrow ranks 2 on the storm impact scale. moderate intensity. tomorrow night into sunday, the storm will infence tie to ranking a four on the storm impact scale. the first storm we've had to rank 4 in the two years we've been using the scale. we'll see the highest impact of the storm between midnight tomorrow night and 10:00 a.m. sunday. heavy rainfall, powerful wind gusts, flooding is likely along with wind damage. let's take a look at the forecast animation starting 7:00 this evening. between 11:00 tonight and 8:00 tomorrow morning, a surge of sudden surge of strong stormy weather with lots of areas of moderate to heavy rainfall indicated by yellows and orange there. that will be the first wave that will start to break up a bit in the early evening hours tomorrow. after 8:00 or 9:00 tomorrow, the second surge and then between late tomorrow night and 2:00 a.m. sunday, we'll see widespread areas of heavy rainfall. this storm ranks 4 on the impact scale. a major storm. this is not hype.
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this is going to be indeed a major storm that we need to prepare for because it could bring with it flooding, wind damage. the rainfall potential from the storm up to about 10 inches over the weekend in the santa cruz mountains. 2 to 3 inches around san jose. 3 to 3 1/2 into the east bay. 3 to 6 inches could fall up in the north bay. flash flood watches in effect beginning tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. for most of the bay area except for san francisco and inland east bay. on we go to look at our rivers up north. the napa river at st. helena crests at 3:00 p.m. sunday. flood stage is 16 feet. forecast to crest at 18.6 feet. nearby flooding is likely on the napa river in the area of st. helena. the russian river at guerneville expected to crest at 4:00 p.m. monday. flood stage is 32 feet. forecasted to crest more than four feet above flood stage. moderate flooding likely in the area along the russian river, as
6:20 pm
well. wind viry in effect from 4:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. tomorrow for all the area in yellow. gusts up to 45 miles per hour and high wind warning goes into effect at 4:00 tomorrow morning for all the bay area hills and mountains, winds of the go to 60 miles an hour. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. rainy and breezy. intensifying to 4 on the impact storm. major storm on sunday. expect heavier rain, gusty wind and potential for flooding and wind damage is high. lingering showers on monday. another storm on tuesday. imagine another storm ranking three that soon after all this weekend rain. there's great potential for flooding, all kinds of hazardous conditions, mudsliding and property damage. >> we're looking at rain for the next week. >> seven days, there will be some rain each day in the next seven days, some heavy. still ahead on abc7 news at 6:00, the pride of oakland is on
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display tonight. some teens get to share their impressive accomplishment with the entire community.
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there was jubilation in downtown oakland today and a parade for the warriors. >> not the golden state warriors. we're talking climb man's high, their football team. laura anthony has the story. >> reporter: it's a parade for
6:24 pm
the warriors. not the highly paid professional basketball players but rather the high school football team from west oakland. that won the city's first ever state championship. >> yes, yes. >> feel like you're an inspiration to the city? >> yeah, of course. >> you get up every day with power, with love, with focus. >> last month, mckleiman's upset la jolla country day, 20-17 in the 5a championship. >> it's amazing. this phenomenal. we ain't never been here before. this is the first time for us. we're all excited and pumped about it. >> the fact that our school probably doesn't even have 400 students and they made it all the way to state and they won, this is a school of champions. i'm telling you. >> reporter: mccliman's you have made oakland's star shine even brighter. >> reporter: after a rally, the players rode a bus through
6:25 pm
downtown into the west oakland community that doesn't always have great reason to celebrate. >> one of the most dangerous places to be, you can seeding and making it to a state championship first in history to do it, it's a blessing. it's an honor and it feels good to put a positive you know, note on our city. >> reporter: it's an accomplishment, a victory, a moment these young men, their school and their city won't soon forget. >> yeah. my family, man. my family. we're a family, man. >> reporter: laura anthony, abc7 news in oakland. >> keeping the sports theme, raider pumped up about the game tomorrow which you can watch. raiders and texans here on abc7. live coverage starts at noon. kickoff is at 1:20 and wayne freedman is heading to houston for the wildcard game with the texans. wayne just arrived and tweeted, welcome raiders fans to houston where they build things big. hopes included. wayne will have reports from texas tomorrow in our newscast.
6:26 pm
we'll have a complete wrap-up of the raiders/texans playoff game with live interviews after the game. we need to your help to prove to houston that raiders fans are the best fans in the nfl. our sister station in houston challenged us on facebook, the station whose post has the most interaction wins bragging rights. comment on share or react to this post on our abc7 news facebook page. >> much more ahead. spencer christian tracking live doppler 7. you can see the green. that is just the first part of a major storm heading our way. >> a digital library with millions of books and years worth of television takes on a new project archiving the words of donald trump. i'm jonathan bloom here at the internet archive ahead on abc7 news. >> and an emotional good-bye at the white house tonight for the first lady. >> being your first lady has been the greatest honor of my
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of reach for far too long:s have health insurance.that's been out
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how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today. >> live where you live. this is abc7 news. tonight a former u.s. service member is accused of killing five people at the fort
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lauderdale airport. investigators say esteban santiago pulled a gun and ammo from bags he checked in and opened fire on the crowd. >> his family says he's been mentally unhealthy since serving a year in iraq that started in 2010. he recently became a father to a baby boy. right now, he is in custody. security is doing a sweep at the airport. it is expected to finish at midnight local time. we welcome you back for another half hour of abc7 news and keep track on the latest developments on the fort lauderdale airport shooting. download our abc7 news ap and enable push alerts. turning to the weather now, the approaching storm. in the north bay people are taking precautions to protect homes and businesses while there's still time. >> cornell bernard in sonoma county with the story. >> reporter: a last-minute effort to prevent flooding in penngrove where this creek has flooded before. crews are working to beat the storm clock. >> trying to get a little
6:31 pm
something before the rain hits. >> think it's going to work. >> time will tell. that's all we can do. >> the red line is the flood stage. >> reporter: the office of emergency services is open with the flash flood watch in effect. officials expect flooding on the russian river by sunday or monday. dan is ready in forestville but worried about his neighbors. >> i'm worried about people that live right on the river. i'm high enough up i'm not so worried about my house getting flooded. you never want to see people's homes get destroyed. >> reporter: they're take nothing chances ahead of the storm this real estate firm where the entire store front is covered in flask and lots of sand bags are standing by. >> the worry is that this turns into a creek. the creek extends itself right on the avenue. >> reporter: the owner has seen several false alarms before with flooding from nearby san anselmo creek. this time he's not sure. >> touch wood. we've been very lucky.
6:32 pm
we've always doned a bullet but i kind of have a feeling my luck's about to run out. >> reporter: every merchant armed with sand bags. the town manager debby stutzman warns the potential for flooding is real. >> we worry about a lot of rain at one time. that runoff all goes into the creek. >> reporter: weeks ago, flood sirens sounded in downtown san anselmo was evacuated when the creek rose to near flood stage. this shows how fast the creek filled up in hours. luckily flooding never happened. this time folks are ready for everything. cornell bernard, abc7 news. this week marks the 35th anniversary of one of the worst storms to ever hit the bay area. an el nino fueled system dumped more than 24 inches in a matter of days starting january 4th, 1982. all that rain triggered 18,000 separate mud and rock slides killing 33 people including 10 in the neighborhood of love creek. more than 7800 homes were
6:33 pm
damaged. at that point, it was the bay area's worst natural disaster since the 1906 earthquake. a political outsider who is revered biay the political establishment will be taking over the board of supervisors seat. abc 67 news reporter lee and melen dez introduces to jake shy honoring harry milk's legacy. >> the mayor appointed a family. >> known as a progressive, 59-year-old jeff sheehy has retaken the term family values. today his husband and daughter stood by him. he made it clear that supporting families would be on his new agenda. >> and if we don't do right by our kids, we're not creating the right future for the city reporter. the texas native spent years defending gay rights. in the mid '90s, he pushed city hall to do business only with those companies providing domestic partner benefits. under then mayor gavin newsom,
6:34 pm
sheehy was san francisco's aids czar. he led the city toward the goal of reaching zero cases of new hiv infections he'll be the first supervisor living with hiv. >> i will be the lgbt supervisor. >> reporter: he also spoke about an issue some city officials have grown tired of addressing. public safety. >> at least two or three times immediately outside my window, there's been a car with a broken window. >> reporter: many in district 8 say homelessness and affordable housing are two of the most pressing issues. >> i can't tell you how many people have told me that they're so afraid their building is going to be sold and they'll be on the street. >> i've got to see what we have in terms of proposals and you know, and start digging in and getting the work done. >> reporter: he'll be sworn in on sunday by mayor lee and on the job on monday. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. today vice president joe biden declared the presidential
6:35 pm
election officially over. >> donald trump of new york has received for president of the united states 304 votes. hillary clinton the state of new york received 227 votes. >> congress tallied up the electoral votes today and donald trump has been elected the next president surpassing the 270 votes needed to win. mike pence will be vice president. the reading of the votes was interrupted several times by protesters who were removed from the public gallery. >> a new intelligence report concludes that russian president vladimir putin ordered russians to influence the u.s. election so that donald trump would win. the director of national intelligence and the heads of the fbi, cia, and nsa presented a 25-page public report to the president-elect today. mr. trump is still not publicly accepting russia's interference in the u.s. election. and san francisco people are archiving web pages, books, tv shows and now the words of president-elect donald trump. >> abc7 news reporter jonathan
6:36 pm
bloom visited the internet archive for the launch of their newest experiment. >> reporter: the building was once home to a church but now. >> you might think of it as a church of data. behind meed are servers. >> reporter: a sanctuary for information where books are digitized, video games are preserved. >> perhaps the largest digital public library in the world. >> reporter: the internet archive has also been saving copies of tv news which allowed them to create this. >> what we're calling a trump archive. >> reporter: a growing collection of televised speeches and interviews by america's next president. >> i'm going to look for the word foundation. >> reporter: the video is searchable because of text used for closed captioning. >> millions and millions. >> reporter: it's cure rated by hand but they're looking for partners to help them use voice and face recognition and already working with news agencies to find and fact check significant statements. >> you'll see who fact checked it and a direct link to the source of the fact check. >> reporter: and tracking whether policies change over
6:37 pm
time. >> we build a wall. >> reporter: the incoming administration has prompted the start of another project here at the internet archive, one that won't be housed here in this building. >> we're now looking to make a full copy in canada to beak keep things safe. >> reporter: founder but sister cale says it's been in the works for a while but a search through the archive might show why it's now on the fast track. >> i find the press to be extremely dishonest. >> said things like he wanted to close up parts of the internet and freedom of the press he mocked freedom of the press. >> reporter: they're halfway to raising the $5 million they would need to back up the whole internet archive on canadian servers including snapshots of posts is since deleted a tool he finds more useful now than ever. >> there's a lot of tweets that have gone away or denials of having said things. having permanent access to materials can be an antidote. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. as the president-elect's team gets ready to take office,
6:38 pm
first lady michelle obama is thanking all her supporters. she got choked up today while delivering her final publicra, from the white house as first lady. >> i want our young people to know that they matter that they belong. so don't be afraid. you hear me? young people, don't be afraid. be focused. be determined. be hopeful. be empowered. so i want to close the day by simply saying thank you. thank you for everything you do for our kids. and for our country. being your first lady has been the greatest honor of my life. >> the first lady hasn't announced her post white house plans. still ahead on abc7 news at 6:00, should wells fargo be forced to stop selling identity theft protection? michael finney will look into that question coming up. >> i'm spencer christian big
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so should wells fargo be forced to stop selling is identity protection? consumer action says yes.
6:42 pm
>> michael finney joins us with the story. michael. >> reporter: this was an interesting one. there's been a lot of talk about the 2 million fake accounts wells fargo accused of setting up or at least its employees. gone unnoticed by many is the bank's on going sale of identity theft protection. wells fargo is still open for business and thriving. it recently paid $185 million in civil penalties. accused of taking its customers' information and secretly opening millions of bogus accounts. but did you know that the bank is still selling identity theft protection? it is. here's a portion of a video from the wells fargo website. >> while there isn't just one way to completely prevent identity theft, wells fargo identity theft protection alerts you at the first sign of a potential problem like a spike in your credit usage or a new account being opened in your name. >> reporter: consumer action is alarmed and says regulators should move in and stop the bank from selling i.d. theft
6:43 pm
protection. >> at the very least, a known identity thief such as wells fargo should be prohibited from selling identity theft protection products. it charged people $13 a month which needless to say did not disclose account biggest threat to the identities of the people buying the stuff was wells fargo itself. >> reporter: we asked them for comment. they wrote, as the wells fargo our priority is to make things right for our customers and to restore trust in our bank. we are working very hard to undo harm that may have been caused to our customers. we want to make sure no wells fargo customer loses a single penny because of these issues. that does not satisfy consumer action. >> we wouldn't let say an arsonist sell fire insurance or a ring of burglars sell home security systems they can get around so they can commit crimes. we shouldn't let identity thieves city identity theft insurance either. >> reporter: no regulators have shown any interest in shutting down their sale of i.d.
6:44 pm
protection. i want to hear from you. my hot line is open monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. till 2:00 p.m. 415-954-8151. that doesn't work, reach me through facebook or online at abc7 >> what a story. >> all right. >> thanks, michael coming up at 6:00, maybe the best football player on the planet right now taking time to comfort the family of a baseball
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anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr
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and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. another round of layoffs lit theranos today. the it sapphired more than 150 employees. about 41% of the current workforce. this follows their cutting 340 jobs in california and two other states in october. theranos had set up a partnership with walgreens to offer low cost blood test. questions arose about the accuracy of tests marketed by theranos. >> nfl superstar tom brady is explaining why he reached out to the family of a young athlete who was gunned down in san francisco. he wrote a two-page handwritten note to calvin riley's parents. the 20-year-old junior college baseball player was shot and
6:48 pm
killed while playing pokemon go at aquatic park in august. riley, like brady, played baseball at unipero high school. >> a friend of mine from high school kind of told me the situation and how special a kid he, calvin was. and something that i thought i could do to maybe raise their spirits a little bit. >> calvin riley lived in massachusetts till he was 15. he grew uprooting for brady's team, the new england patriots. u.s. park police have not made any arrests in his death. we want to get back to the weather and those storms heading our way there weekend. >> here's spencer. >> live doppler 7, at approaching storm is getting very close as you can see from the large area of moisture just offshore. the rain will start to move in tonight and tomorrow. the first wave of the storm ranks 2 on the storm impact scale but going to intensify into sunday and the ranking will increase to 4 the first 4 we've seen since we introduced the scale two years ago.
6:49 pm
the storm is expected to produce highest impacts between midnight and 10:00 a.m. sunday. heavy rain, wind gusts, flooding and wind damage are likely. some of the concerns laysed by the storms are high concerns for stream and creek flooding, hydroplaning, moderate concern for power ought ands and river flooding. here is the seven-day forecast. it doesn't get a lot better after the weekend storm. we'll have lingering showers on monday and another moderately strong storm arrives on tuesday. that will rank 3 on the impact scale. each day after that for the remainder of the seven-day period rain is expected. some measure of rain whether light or heavy, it's going to keep being wet for the next week. >> thank you so much, spencer. >> we'll turn to sports now. can connor cook do the unimaginable? win a playoff game on the road in his very first nfl start and without one of his
6:50 pm
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♪ break me off a piece of that kit kat bar ♪ we're both chance the wrapper. no, i get it. have a break, have a kit kat. of reach for far too long:s have health insurance.that's been out how? they enrolled through covered california.
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it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today. >> it's official and it's not good for the silver blank. raiders left tackle donald penn will not be able to play in the wildcard playoff game. that means he'll be missing a game for the first time in his ten-year nfl career. he tweeted this out today. i did everything i could to play
6:53 pm
tomorrow. i mean everything. in tears right now. haven't missed a game my entire career. lost for words. so right tackle menelik watson will be replace him on the left side. austin howard moves in to fill out the offensive line and he'll have to protect connor cook's blindside against one of the league's top defense, watson. houston was 24th in sacks. the raiders couldn't move the ball when they played in the regular season in november. connor cook, this has been a whirlwind three weeks. he went from third string to playoff starter but he's been planning for this moment. >> just the name of the game. you see things like this happen a lot. anything can happen. anything can change at the drop of a hat. so you've always got to be ready and whether it's out there on the practice field, mental reps, putting yourself through it mentally, now getting reps you've got to approach it and approach every single day like it's the same. >> there's an nfl owners meeting next week. the raiders are expected to push
6:54 pm
their proposed move to las vegas. charles barkley was in vegas for the consumer electronic show and pulls no punches what he thinks about this deal. >> these owner who are billionaires been screwing these fans forever making them build them new stadiums. it's amazing. we have the awful public school system. we can't pay teachers but they come up with money. if you have a team, you're going to print money. i think it's a disgrace we make these poor people build these [ bleeped ] stadiums. there's always money. they can move to santa clara and play where the 49ers play which would be fair to the fan base. they don't care. they want the most money. >> the cleveland cavaliers all in for another championship. this could be a game-changer. reports are the cavs are close to acquiring sharpshooter kyle corer from the atlanta hawks. he didn't travel with the hawks on the road trip to dallas in anticipation of this trade being completed by sometime tomorrow. he's an all-star shooting guard making just over $5 million in
6:55 pm
the final year of his contract. averages almost ten points per game. he's a 41% three-point shooter. the hawks are expected to get players in the first-round picking in return. as for the words, they host memphis tonight. another chance for pachulia to rack up more votes for the all-star game. he's second in the west behind only kevin durant. draymond green was a player who didn't start in the game last year because zaza. he's got a different reaction. >> definitely passed me off last year. this year's funny. i'm definitely voting for him. we're going to start campaigning for him for the players to vote for him, too. >> you never seen me asking for anybody to vote for me because you know, i'm concentrating on this team and on the game. so this is my priority. it has been all the time. >> the voting is hacked.
6:56 pm
almost game winner last night, hornets, pistons half a second left. look at marco belinelli bounce it off the back of marcus morris. and then drills the three. >> what? >> yeah, he throws it off the backside of the defending player. upon further review though, he only had half a second. did not get the shot off in time. needed a split second more. belinelli a former warrior. >> join us tonight at 9:00. cop up, health experts pinpoint the source of a mysterious smell that zristed to san francisco across the bay. the conclusions tonight at 9:00. and a bizarre death inside a b.a.r.t. station after a man was pinned between a train and a platform. on abc 67 news at 11:00, we're hearing from his loved ones the first time as they try to cope after their loss. >> coming up tonight at 8:00, "last man standing. >> followed by "dr. ken," and at
6:57 pm
10 "20/20" followed by abc news at 11:00. >> at 11 .35 it's jim kimmel. >> i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz for spencer christian, the entire news team, we hope you have a great evening. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a social worker from columbus, ohio... a congressional press secretary from washington, d.c... and our returning champion -- a professor and associate dean from florence, massachusetts... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thanks, johnny. hi, folks. a most interesting finale to yesterday's competition. joe did not have the correct response
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