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tv   ABC7 News  ABC  January 7, 2017 5:30pm-6:31pm PST

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then he's there and he's the last one at night to leave. so you put so many hours, so many months -- >> people have no idea. >> and then suddenly there is a freak injury here, and a bunch of injuries in this game and you just have a chance is just over. it is it and the season is over. >> a great season by the raiders, though. amazing and should be proud and they are on the upswing. >> for sure. let's go back to houston and tommy tran. standing by with jallen rashard. >> and obviously the outcome is not what you expected. what can you share with us of what coach shared with you guys here in the locker room. >> he shared with us at the end of the day, we can't make no mistakes. people are going to try to bring up losing derek carr, losing donald penn, but everybody in the league is losing people and everybody is banged up right now and it is the next man up mentality so we have to tilt our hat off to the houston texans, they out played us today and
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they prlayed a great game and w weren't able to come out with the win but rest assured we're coming back with a chip on our shoulder next year and making another playoff run. >> from new orleans until now you had a knack for making impact plays so when you had the 37 yarder for the touchdown from latavius and what was it like at 10-7, do you feel like you were in it. >> we felt like we were into it until 8:00 left in the game. that is our mentality all year and that is so frustrating because we feel like we are still in the game and that is our spirit as a team. and feel like it is unique. i've never been around a team where no matter what we still felt we had a chance to win. until 6:00, if we get another score it will be fine. so i love my teammates, i love my team and we'll be back next year. >> you guys have a tough night on third down, started 0 for 11 before you match and was it mixing and matching or something
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houston was doing to you guys. >> i would say a little bit of both. romeo crennel does a good job of giving you different looks and stunts and pick and blocks and they have physical edge rushers an big physical linebackers and some shut down corners, so they just outplayed us today. they have a great defense. and obviously they're going to continue on to the playoffs and we're going home. but they just outplayed us today and that is all that it has really been. >> well, the other numbers that were notable for rashard was seven returns for 106 yards and it was that return that we showed you in the highlights that got -- >> the spark. >> where anybody did anything. but there is not enough defensively, there were too many leaks to plug the way things were going here and with so many injuries. penn, irvin and smith and crabtree goes out with a concussion and it snow balled in a bad way.
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more to come in toyota after the game as we continue to break down a 27-14 season-ending loss.
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welcome back to toyota after the game. the raiders, you love the graphic, right. >> that is the first time avenue seen it. >> that is the way i look most of the time. >> he calms down on air and you have the bear bryant jacket on. >> i didn't realize rick rubin put me in that outfit. >> i suppose you would have to
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be the gm and you would take a cut in pay. >> there is truth to that. on the saturday night show, shu and i don the headsets and become the staff. if pressed, don would admit we help him out a lot. >> and i mentioned to him, and he said i've heard about it. >> i'm sure he's heard. cal, we have not been able to help that much. but the influence may be minimal, it did lead to the creation of this graphic. >> it was worth it right there. >> the best two seconds we've ever done. coach shu was happened to the wide receivers in this game dropping passes from connor cook. >> they are not using to the way his ball comes in and it comes out of his hand because they don't even see this guy in practice. so if you saw a lot of the balls were kind of right at them or -- or you -- there is no excuse for that. but as a result, no rhythm and timing between connor cook and these receivers. he was throwing it right at them and as a result you are not getting balls out in front, so you could run out to the catch.
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but i think, too, everybody was pressing a little too hard to cover for the rookie quarterback. and as a result, you're not watching it all the way in and you saw some get through the hands and to the chest and a defensive back, that is a good defense, too. but just unacceptable at this level for those wide receivers not to make those catches. especially a guy like michael crabtree. i know his middle finger is banged up. >> and a concussion late. he hasn't been the same since talib yanked the gold chain off his neck. >> he learned a lesson there, i guess. just inexcusable for receivers to drop the balls. and we haven't seen it all year. and amari cooper, he just -- he disappear disappeared. >> we have connor cook live at the podium. let's go to him. >> and let the guys go make some plays. it didn't really go that way. coming in first start against a very, very good defense, wanted to establish the run game and then just wanted to be more efficient in the passing game and that is on me.
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>> [ inaudible question ]. >> just pressured a little bit. got to me sometimes. but that also falls on me, just holding on the ball too long. i need to get it out miff hands and get to it my backs who are checking down and stuff that i could improve on. and then this very good coverage on the outside. they play very good defense and the window were tight and that falls on my shoulders and being able to deliver very accurate balls to my receivers where they could go make a play on it. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> great play by him. me trying to make a play in a hard situation like that, you have to be safe and throw it away. he is a great athlete and made a great play on it and i have to be safe and i have to ditch it. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> yeah, the one i overthrew, great route by him. i think i tried to throw it too
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hard. i could have just laid it out there in the middle of the field and have him run up and make a play on it but i got excited seeing an opening and sailed it and the last one was fourth down, and threw it before he broke to the outside just trying to make a play. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> just not executing. like i said, they were playing some good man coverage. then when they were playing soft zone, trying to check it down to the running backs or tight ends and then they would come and make a play on it but me holding on to the ball too long and taking a sack or just not making a good pass. >> and that is the difference between colonel and tlege and t. you think you might have it in there and then a db is knocking the ball down. the fact that he didn't get to play this much this year, one game, he just didn't have the feel for the nfl defense. it is a lot to ask of a guy -- a young player like this. they had no choice because
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mcgloin got injured but he was there in practice all week throwing. so i'm into the sure what is going on there. >> let's listen into matt mcgloin who talked to reporters after the game. >> just like i said, i just had tremendous help from the strength and conditioning staff throughout the course of the week to be as healthy as i could be and to be available if they needed me. >> do you feel you could go? >> i was -- you always want to get in there and play and that's why we have team doctors and trainers, they are looking out for the best interest of you and the team. >> nobody wants to blake anything on injury in this game, but is there a lament that you didn't go into this thing 100% capable of what you could do in this playoff run. >> it is was a playoff, i don't think any team is 100%. this is a team sport. guys have to go out and play and make plays and try to -- try to help the team win and do their job. and again, i don't think any team is 100% right now. >> is it fair to say that that
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big turnover early, you knew that you didn't want to get into a come-from-behind battle, is that a key thing to this game. >> i wasn't out there so i couldn't tell, couldn't tell what was going on. i think that is something you have to ask the guys on the offensive side of the ball. >> too early so say this team could grow from this experience or can you think about that. >> i think it's obvious to see how far we've grown in just one year. from where we were last year to how well we played this year. and we had a playoff appearance. that is growing right there. and i think with the staff that we have of players in this locker room, we will continue to get better. >> nobody asked why they didn't ask him to play in the second half. >> and whether he could have played. was it the shoulder bad or they just didn't have confidence in him and they felt that cook would do better. i don't know. to the #ask atg. here is the first question from eric. can we expect a lot of activity in the free agent mark since oakland is a desirable destination again? what do you think.
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>> they built this team with free agency and the draft so i think he is solid right now and now he needs to fill certain positions. if it is in the draft or free agency, reggie will do it. he has the money to spend and done a fabulous job. they will dip into the free agent mark and you mentioned it, a veteran quarterback, if matt mcgloin is not here because they have to pay him now. his rookie contract is up. >> you have to be comfortable with a guy could you put in the game and not go with a guy whose last start was in college against alabama, which -- >> that might be the first thing they look for. >> also i think help in the secondary. second one, michael asked, how about derek carr letting his back-ups get some reps. could you speak to this. hashtag rish gannon, nobody got any reps. the number one quarterbacks, they want all of the reps. speak to this, please. >> the collective bargaining agreement only allows two hours of practice so your third quarterback will never get reps. he doesn't even get scout team reps. the second quarterback gets that.
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connor cook, he had to stay after practice himself and with the new -- like i said, with the new collective bargaining agreement you can't stay out there for three hours and it hamstrings a team in terms of developing the second and third players, a players. >> and the players and the coaches themselves say it is so frustrating because you are not allowed to work with your guys and we could go down to the school yard but you can't do anything organized because of the time limitations. so in any case. that is ask atg. if you have any questions, shu will answer them online. he is here all night. you're going to be here. >> i have have h a little break. >> texans beat the raiders 27-14 and we'll be back as we continue to wrap up this raiders season.
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welcome back to toyota after the game.
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larry beil and mike shumann. the raiders season ends 27-14 in houston. given the struggles on offense, the raiders needed somebody to make a play on defense to turn things around. they didn't get any turnovers. they need khalil mack to be like the nfl defensive player of the year candidate that he is. and it just didn't happen. >> i don't think they even got a sack. and i think when bruce irvin went out and malcolm smith got injured. texans could easily double up on mack. as a result, nonfactor. i don't care how good you are in the nfl, a double-team is tough to beat no matter what the position. defense brought nothing to the table but on the field the entire game due to a no-show by the offense. so a combination of things. and when you have a young quarterback like this, you have to run the ball and play great defense in the post-season and they got neither today. >> and all of the objectives that jack had put down, they weren't able to accomplish any and it snowballed. when they met in the regular
5:47 pm
season and we have the game here from mexico city on abc and they couldn't run the ball and what happened today was not a surprise. murray was held to 33 yards on 12 carries in that game and it wasn't much better at all in this game. it was 12 carries for 39 yards. he did find the end doan but you try to run against clowney. and vince well fork at like 375, 400 pounds and mercilus, good luck. >> and there is no question. they beat them down in mexico city throwing the ball to the running backs. the wide receivers didn't contribute as much. they have a 75 yard touchdown pass to olawale. and they kind of got away from what they did. but they had derek carr there. so that is a big difference in what you are able to do. because they had to dumb down the offense a little bit for connor cook. >> for sure. >> because he had enough reps in that offense. >> after crabtree went out with a concussion, holmes got some playing time and he provided a spark and he is standing by with
5:48 pm
our tommy tran. >> we're here inside of the raiders locker room and you end up on the losing end of a playoff game but what was it like to participate in one after the raiders haven't been there for a long time. >> it felt very good. been here for, you know, a few years and we haven't had a chance to make the playoffs and finally we get there and it felt really good. but we want more. so we have to dig in this off season and come back strong. >> all of the talk this week is connor cook making his first start. you guys found a little bit of rhythm late but so much struggles with third down and 0 for 11 and offensively what was the struggle with today in your eyes. >> i'm not really sure. i think we just couldn't move the ball today. i don't really have an answer for you as far as that.
5:49 pm
texas played very well on defense. they played well on offense. and they were the better team today. and they got the win. >> we've seen how prolific this offense can be. but so much key injuries. it was tough kind of having different pieces mix and match and had the offense out of sync a little bit. >> yeah. but that is part of the nfl. every team is playing with a lot of injuries, to key players. texas didn't have j.j. watt all season. so that is just a part of the nfl. and credit to them. they get to move on. >> certainly appreciate it. guys, back to you. >> and you could see in every one of their faces, yeah, they are upset they lost but at the same time, it is 14 years and most guys haven't been to the playoffs. so they are excited to be there. and now they know what it is like. and you can see it on their face, they can't wait to get back to practice next year because this team has an upside when derek carr comes back and they could make a dent and this is a team that some people
5:50 pm
thought might get to new england and get lucky and get to the super bowl. you could see it. they are disappointed but at the same time they know they have something going here. >> and i think the number one 11 raiders or 1/21 or 12 with previous playoff experience and the only holdover was janikowski. were you hanging out with him in tampa -- was it in san diego. >> i covered the bucs down there, remember. >> well, yes. you had the winners that day. all right, we're coming right back. we'll look ahead to next year with derek carr and tiger woods weighs in on his favorite quarterback, next.
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welcome back to toyota after the game. tiger woods is a big raiders and dare carr fan. he tweeted this. i'm heartbroken about the injury
5:53 pm
to dare carr, who was having a mvp season. typical football. next man up. you are one play away from having a deaf tating injury and that is just the way it is. and he is a raiders fan because he wore the santa hat, looking rugged there in his christmastime post. >> it is kind of interesting, for him to say next man up when in a sport when it is a solo sport. >> and he knows about having to come back from injury. >> exactly. >> what do you expect from carr after this. >> i think he improves again. he is so into the game of football and loves it so much and in there with jack lel rio first and leaves last an the players rallied around him and he will get better every year. you saw this year with what he did. he is a fabulous flavoplayer. but they need to bring in a veteran quarterback whether connor cook develops more and connor has to get more reps. but carr had an mvp season and good offensive line and good group of running backs on the
5:54 pm
offensive side and so i think their set to make another run next year. will they be 12-4. i don't know. they surprised everybody. but the afc west is a tough division. >> it seems cruel to run those great derek carr -- if we only had him this afternoon. >> boy, he was good. >> a great gunslinger and a great guy, too. >> wouldn't be 27-14, but hopefully he healed up and is able to come back at full strength and raiders could build around him. and not talked about is that -- that finger that -- at first they said it was dislocated and it turned out to be fractured but that has to heal up but he'll be okay coming back from that. and let me ask you here, because we saw the texans with the overwhelming defense. do you think they really have a chance in the divisional round if they were going to new england. remember bill o'brien is from the bill belichick tree so it is
5:55 pm
mentor versus pupil there. would that defense, whether at kc or new england, do they have a shot. >> i think they do. >> really? >> it doesn't matter what kind of weather you play in on defense. offensively, it is tougher to throw the ball in cold weather. and in either one of those, kansas city or new england, it is cool. so i think the texans they are the number one ranked defense in the league and number one ranked defense the last tree years and gone to the super bowl -- three years and gone to the super bowl and if brock osweiler could continue to play well like he did today, i think they have a shot against the chiefs and/or the patriots. >> put a bow on this raiders season. because obviously everybody is depressed with the way this game went and at half time you are thinking -- oh, is this the way it is going to end and is this the way we're going out and it turned out to be the case in a 27-14 loss. but it is clearly a team on the rise with so much potential. you have playmakers on both sides of the ball here. and will next season -- i think if the raiders would have gone to the super bowl this year, i
5:56 pm
would have said, wow, they are certainly a year ahead of schedule and maybe two years ahead of schedule. but where are they when you look at the rest of the afc. >> i think they could make a run to the super bowl next year. a couple of new places, get a couple of players on defensive side of the ball, up the middle. i think karl joseph is going to be a good safety. sean smith didn't turn out to be the corner we like. amorson i like on the other corner. so they have to fill a few spots, reggie mckenzie and i think they could make another run easily. this is a team on the rise and a lot of young players and at key positions with mack and carr, so this is a team that is really on the rise and i think will make some noise next year. >> and in the most competitive division in football you could argue because the chiefs, we know how good they are, beat the raiders twice in the regular season and denver if they get a quarterback and i assume john elway will take care of that this off subueason, that is a problem. so optimism for the future but challenges exist as well. that is a wrap for mike shumann and tommy tran, i'm larry beil. raiders fall in the wildcard
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on abc 7 news at 6:00, weather is blamed for a tree crashing down and killing a woman in the east bay. today showers are just a sample of what is to come. most of the bay area under a flash flood watch through tomorrow. also on abc 7 -- >> we're automatically family and having fun -- >> we are live with raider nation in houston. their reaction to today's playoff loss. a woman in the east bay could be the first casualty of the weekend storm. she died after she was struck by a falling tree. hello, i'm eric thomas, thank you for joining us, breaking news out of san ram on. it came crashing down on her at the canyon lakes golf course and was walking on a path course
6:01 pm
with one other person and the tree was found on the woman and they rushed her to the hospital where she died. first responders said she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> it was just a kind of a plain tree that was about six inches, seven inches in diameter that again just everything lined up with the wind and fell over. >> no one else was hurt in the incident. we are getting other reports though of downed trees tonight. abc 7 news was in oakland where a tree toppled on to the southbound lanes around 4:00 this afternoon and nobody was hurt and with can he expect more scenes like this. lisa argen is tracking the timing of the approaching heavy downpours. lisa? >> that's right, eric. it hasn't hit us yet. we just had a couple of showers earlier, from.2 to.8 and here is live doppler 7 right now and we have very little activity but we have had some flooding in the san joaquin valley and check out
6:02 pm
the rain from the south. monterey, big sur, this is what is heading our way. channel islands and santa barbara looking at gusty winds. the main event has just been delayed. if you look off shore, we have a funnel of moisture headed our way. so tonight the next few hours, rain through midnight increasing from south to north. gusty winds up to 50 miles per hour. it is a two on the storm impact scale. and from 6:00 you in the the rain pressing northward on the peninsula, peska daro and half moon bay and by 9:00 more heavy downpours. in fact, we are still looking at any where from 2 to 4 inches of rain in gem. coastal hills will see higher amounts. we have high-wind warnings and a flash flood watch and this is expected to last right on through early tomorrow afternoon. i have all of the details and the time line for you coming up in a bit later. eric. >> lisa, thank you very much. more on the wind and the rain we've seen on and off throughout the day. let's check in with abc 7 news reporter alyssa harrington.
6:03 pm
where are you? >> where the wind is sure picking up and it has been raining on and off throughout the day. you might notice that the pacifica municipal pier is empty. usually it is lined with crab fisherman and fishing poles but because the city closed the pier throughout the weekend to prepare for what could be a dangerous storm. >> makes me nervous. >> tara lived above the eroding coastline in pacifica where crews started filling a sinkhole in the cliff. the giant hole has been blocking the path to the beach off esplanade avenue. >> i love the beach and i would love to get back down there so it is sad we have not been able to. >> choppy waves have been pounding the sea wall with much more on the way. the city even closed the pier for the entire weekend because of high surf. >> hardware stores like kohl's in san francisco are seeing a crush of customers buying flashlights, batteries and other storm-related items. >> a roof tarp for patches on the roof.
6:04 pm
wat water dams to try to prevent flooding and ponchos. >> this man packed his sandbags off of caesar chavez. his home has flooded one before. >> it was really bad. we lot a lot of furniture and carpet was really bad. and i hope that doesn't happen again. >> reporter: san francisco is under a flash flood watch. the department of emergency management said city agencies are prepared. >> just stay away from flooded areas, whether you are walking or driving, you don't know what is in the water. there could be down power lines or hazardous materials. >> he said it only takes six inches of water to sweep you off your feet. alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. in redding today, people woke up to snow. a light powder covered the city this morning. caltrans reported several crashes in the area because of the snow, including a big rig that jackknifed because it didn't have chains on its tires. the snow has since given way to rain and they could see up to two inches of rain through the night. live doppler 7 will be
6:05 pm
changing and you could track the approaching storm with the abc 7 news app. be sure to enable push alerts to get advisories sent straight to your phone or to your tablet. if you saw the game, a disappointing end to an exciting season for the raiders with the loss against the texans. we have live team coverage through larry beil and mike shumann with the highlights -- is that the word we're going to use here? >> there were highlights for the texans. >> yeah, right. >> low lights for the raiders. >> we'll stay to the raiders. >> 14 year playoff drought ended today but so did the season. the texans won it and eliminted oakland 27-14. and rookie quarterback starting for the raiders, connor cook, this is the first nfl start in a playoff game. you need a miracle to win this game. >> there is no question. before derek carr went down with a broken leg a few weeks ago. >> was the third string quarterback. >> last week he dressed and now he is starting. he went 18 for 45, 161 yards and a touchdown and three picks and when you have a young player like that, and even if the playoffs, you have to be able to run the ball and play defense.
6:06 pm
and they did neither today. and it just made it tough for connor cook to have any success. and then some injuries started happening along the offensive line and on the defensive side of the ball and it just -- it was a domino effect from there. >> could you see he had problems with accuracy and did connect on a touchdown pass. but when you are talking about taking a kid whose last meaningful game before he got thrown in last week is against alabama -- >> on our college football show last year. >> playing for michigan state in the college football playoffs and lost that 38-0, just a tough task. and so the busiest guy today for the raiders was marquette king who punted ten times. raiders offense couldn't do anything and the season is over 27-14. we'll hear from the raiders coming up later on in sports. eric, thank you very much. and members of the raiders nation went to the lone star state in hopes of see some of the highlights we were discussing earlier and let's find out what they think now. wayne freedman is live in
6:07 pm
houston. wayne? >> reporter: well, they think they want to wait until next year. the beauty of sports is, you love going to the game, you are hoping for an outcome and the sad part of sports is the out come doesn't turn out the way you want it. that is what happened here today. but coming in, the raiders nation was high. >> it is part of the culure. texas is for texans and if there is a state in the yunon that thinks of it as a republic, we are here and looking at it. >> you can't beat texas. >> and what happens when the raiders nation arrives. >> we'll bring it to the field. >> this is what happened pregame when texas fan stacy wandered into a cap of die hard transplanted living in texas raiders fans. it was either ugly or beautiful or maybe both. >> no matter where you go, we are automatically family and
6:08 pm
having fun. we are fun-loving people. >> and talk is talk and that never wins games. raiders fans watched a team that looks different due to the absence of carr and a first start by a young quarterback who showed heart but needed more experience as it all ended raiders fans remain philosophical and hopeful. >> i'm upset but i didn't expect to win tonight. >> you didn't? >> no. i'm hurt. >> i'm encouraged. we showed up. we didn't give it all we had. but you know what, next year we're going to be fine. >> i can't wait until next year. i can't wait until next year. i know that. i love my bay, i love my raiders. >> reporter: i'll tell you what, the dallas texans fans love, they love the idea that the super bowl is taking place in this stadium about a month from now and they like the idea that maybe, just maybe, they'll be playing in it and who do they want to go against? who else? the dallas cowboys. in houston, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> wayne, thank you very much. we have a taste of this just a few moments ago but larry beil
6:09 pm
and mike shumann will break down the plays of the game and we'll have more in just a few minutes on the abc 7 sports. new details about charles manson who was reportedly rushed to the hospital this week. he's now out of the hospital and back in prison. tmz reported that he required surgery for a lesion in his intestines and he was too weak and scrubbed the surgery. he has recovered his strength and doctors have been cleared to perform surgery sometime soon. berkeley police say the man wanted for a vicious killing near the cal campus yesterday has been captured. this is the suspect, 24-year-old pablo gomez jr., a native of the north hollywood area of los angeles. he was arrested today in burbank. he's accused of stabbing a person to death friday at a home on ash by afternoon and accused of hurting another woman at a co-op living space on ridge road and she is in the hospital recovering. new details about the florida airport shooting. ahead on abc 7 news, federal
6:10 pm
investigators get closer to pinpointing a motive. also coming up, we may not get that fresh local crab as soon as we expected. the crabber
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6:13 pm
new details are emerging about yesterday's deadly shooting rampage at the ft. lauderdale airport in florida. the suspect was charged today and he could face the death penalty. the iraq war veteran is accused of killing five people at the baggage claim area of the airport and wounding six others. three of the injured are in intensive care. tonight the fbi said they are still searching for a motive but they do not think there are ties to terrorism. >> kaelindications are that he here to carry out this horrific attack. we have not identified any triggers that would have caused this attack. >> today the airport reopened but the terminal where the shooting happened remained closed. los angeles international airport is one of several u.s. airports to increase security in response to the attack. at l.a.x. more police officers were out in the terminals. bay area airports say they will adjust security protocols if need be. bay area crab fisherman are ready to go back to work after a
6:14 pm
strike in solid air yit with crabbers in washington and oregon. the strike ended last night with the crab boats at half moon bay are still docked. storm is creating conditions that will keep the boats from going anywhere until at least monday. the strike was over the amount of per pound of crab paid to the fisherman by processors. $2.87 is now the agreed upon price. ahead, what to expect at the airport if you plan to travel this wet weekend. plus the storm is a big letdown for people looking to hit the slopes in tahoe. >> and you may have dodged a few light showers today. gusty winds, a four on our storm impact scale is still on the way. a major system had a hits overnight and into tomorrow. i'll time it out for you and tell you how much rai
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or dementia so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks. estrogens should not be used to prevent heart disease, heart attack, stroke or dementia. ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. check out this collapsed road in the heart of wine country. south houl mountain road buckled because of a landslide during today's rain. just north of st. helena. it is closed between kop valley road and deer park road. people on the napa river are keeping an eye on the level. it is expected to flood. sometime tonight it is expected to peak near st. hell owna and
6:18 pm
that would be considered major flooding. today's overcast is causing big problems at san francisco international airport. 55 departures and 42 arrivals were canceled. it is expected to severely impact flights tomorrow as well. no cancellations at oakland or san jose international airport. you are asked to check with your airline for updated flight status. the sierra is getting soaked with heavy rain. a look from caltrans at the wet road as long highway 15 and 80. there are no chain controls because the rain has melted most of the snow. the national weather service has canceled a winter weather advisory with all of the rain, the concern now is flooding and mudslides. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen, we certainly are looking at this storm slowing down a little bit but still on track to bring us some major rain and flooding. but the good news in the sierra nevada i wanted to touch on, the time this is behind us, we have
6:19 pm
another system on tuesday that will bring snow to the mountains so that will replenish the snow pack melting away. here is live doppler 7 with heavy rain from big sur to monterey and this will push up through the bay area in the next couple of hours. we've had gusty winds, strong thunderstorms. along the central coast here, san luis obispo and this is what is pointed at the bay area, northern california and the entire state really. it is actually a funnel mechanism where we'll see round after round of rain head our way through the overnight hours into tomorrow. so flash flood watch through tomorrow evening for the entire bay area. we're looking at possibility of some roadways flooded and a wind advisory through the afternoon. now this will bring southerly winds, 20 to 30 miles per hour, wind gusts up to 45. some of the wind gusts today and then the high-wind warning in the higher elevations where winds gust to 50 to 60 miles per hour. so let's check out the winds tonight. you notice 20 to 25 miles per hour. but as we get into early
6:20 pm
tomorrow, when we have very heavy rain, the ground is saturated, very likely we could see some power lines down and trees down with wind gusts here of 50 miles per hour throughout the afternoon. and we're still going to see some heavy downpours through about 1:00, 2:00, a live look outside. it is quiet. look at how warm we are. 20 degrees warmer from yesterday. 60 in mountain view right now. so that is why we have all of that wet weather in terms of rain in the sierra nevada. 54 in fairfield. 58 in livermore and some of the highlights are the possibility of flooding, debris flow, hydroplaning and power outages and in through tomorrow and this brings in our storm impact scale, a four, through tomorrow with 3:00 in the morning until 1:00 in the afternoon, the highest impact with the heavy rain, powerful winds and that is when we get flooding, but the rivers will crest on monday. so let's pick it up at 5:00 tomorrow morning where we have heavy rain into the north bay. this sags south across the
6:21 pm
central bay into the south bay. 9:00 and then there is more heavy rain right on through 1:00. could you see the pockets here in the 2:00 hour. it is really after 3:00 when things begin to quiet down. but in terms of amounts, we're still looking at 2 to 4 inches of rain around the general bay area. but along the coast, ben low man, 5.5 inches. we are looking at some locations in excess of five and six inches, the santa cruz mountains perhaps 12 inches. so looking at the russian river on monday, flood stage, 32 feet. we're looking at this to forecast at 35 feet. the napa river also on sunday afternoon over 18 feet and nearby areas could be flooded. we're also looking at the paharo and san lorenzo river and windy along the coast and mild tomorrow. we do it late monday into tuesday and then looking for scattered light showers all week long, it is wet.
6:22 pm
we are so saturated. this is -- what happens this time of the year. so hopefully you have cleaned out of the storm drains and are hunkered down. >> you will be on top of it tonight and mike nicco tomorrow morning. thank you very much. great to see the players back in the playoffs until kickoff. >> it didn't go as they hoped, after a 14 year wait they were treated to a playoff game, finally, shu. >> in houston they had a
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
good larry beil and mike shumann. one and done for the raiders after ending the long playoff drought shown the door today by the texans. connor cook making his first career start, a rookie playing without his pro-bowl left tackle in donald penn and cook was pressured all day long. there you see penn, his first missed start in his ten-year procareer. clowney was in the backfield all day long. there is the interception early in the first quarter that set things up for the texans. >> that will set up lamar miller. ran for over 500 yards and here for the touchdown run. 10-0 texans and it was the first quarter. murray punches it in from two yards out but 2:00 to go in the half and brock osweiler going deep to hopkins, 38 yards down
6:26 pm
at the 3 yard line. and then two plays later, they connect again. a quick slant, 27 texans at the half. >> so connor cook finished with a passer rating of 30 and 18 of 45. i'll say it again, 161 yards and a touchdown and three picks and did not get help from cooper, as shu says. son, that is what your hands are for. that would have been a big gain. fourth quarter osweiler on the bootleg and that will do it as the raiders get eliminated from the playoffs, 27-14 the final. here is young connor cook. >> i have high expectations for myself and to come in here and play like that, that is not a good feeling. i want to give my team a better chance to go out there and win. but it is a learning experience and just have to move on. >> we weren't able to come through with the win. but rest assured, we're going to come back with a chip on our shoulder next year and making another playoff run. >> we had an abrupt ending and
6:27 pm
that could happen in this league. you have to win to advance and we knew that. >> we hate to lose. we came in to compete. we had a great season at 12-4. so the guys came in and played we just didn't do enough to win today and houston was the better team today. >> and this is the difference in this league and everything else. it is not best four out of seven, it is one and done it is and so abrupt when you lose from going 12-4 and then, bam, your season is over just like that. >> the raiders needed to play a perfect game and have that setup for connor cook to have success. we mentioned the offensive line and donald penn not playing set up the domino effect because watson had to move into his position and howard had to flip flop and they couldn't get anybody blocked, shu. >> and no question. the offensive line, one of the strengths this year and unfortunately with all of the moving parts, it just became a domino effect. and houston is the number one ranked defense if the league so no surprise there. >> and brock osweiler, while he may not live up to the moniker of the $72 million man, he was
6:28 pm
decent, through for 168 yards and was not sacked and didn't make any costly mistakes. >> he got it going early. they completed quick and short passes and got his confidence going. made a difference in the two young quarterbacks and you could see it in brock osweiler. >> it would have been different if the raiders had carr. not able to go. look ahead to next season. >> wait until next year. >> high hopes for the raiders. that is a wrap for now. eric, back to you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. we'll see you back here for abc 7 news at 9:00 and 11:00. bye-bye.
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