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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 7, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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visit today. live, where you live, this is abc7 news. >> you see it right there on your screen, a solid sheet of green with pockets of yellow. live doppler 7 showing the rain associated with a powerful storm, lapped landing on the bay area and the worst is yet to come. i'm eric thomas. thanks so much for joining us. the rain has already generated flood warnings in rivers in the north and south bay. a live look on the bay bridge. it's wet out there now. we're on the storm watch and we have team coverage across the bay area, beginning with lisa who is tracking the rain live. >> the rain has steadily increased over the past couple of hours and that's why we have it as a 2 on our storm impact scale. as we go to live doppler right now, the yellows are picking up
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across the bay. as we go in closer, around vallejo, marns, and concord, some heavier cells, flooding in burkly and orinda. rain for belleenas, and you can see the enhanced oranges and yellows offshore. this will continue as this deep plume of moisture is focused over the bay area. it's going to be raining for at least ten hours. and it's going to pick up in intensity. so as we go through the rest of the night, the winds will kick up, here, the next several hours, we'll see flood warnings for the guadalupe river, the napa river near san helena and san and cell mow creek, just to check out a few. at midnight the reds and oranges beginning to push into the north way, 1:00, two and three, it's raining, the central bay, the north bay, later on in the afternoon, it begins to sink
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south. we are certainly looking at that for still a major system that will allow for not only the potential for rainfall, but up to six to ten inches in the santa cruz mountains, two to four inches lower elevations and upper wards of six inches in the coastal hills. winds are picking up as well. we'll talk about the timing of your sunday and how much rain you could see in your neighborhood and a look at the seven-day outlook, which includes more rain. >> thank you very much. our team coverage continues now live in san ramone. what's it like out there, lisa? >> eric, the rain has started up again, in fact, it's caused a dangerous situation out here. take a look. this is what is left of a tree. they cut it down a short time ago. they're not taking any chances. >> at around 11:00, this 20-foot
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tree fell in 50-mile-an-hour winds in canyon lakes golf course. it hit and killed a 56-year-old woman as she walked on the golf cart trail with her husband. firefighters call it a freak accident. it wasn't a very big tree. it was something you wouldn't really think would be an issue. unfortunately with the circumstances, everything lined up to end in a tragic event. >> reporter: no one else was hurt, but those who live nearby are shocked. >> i wouldn't imagine anything like this could happen in this neighborhood. yeah, we have pig parks, so many trails, we are out all the time. >> i really didn't think that could happen, to be honest. i thought you would hear it, or you would see something. >> reporter: meantime, at nearby canyon woods, a leaning tree is a big worry. >> the whole tree, the whole tree's gotta go. >> an arborist rushed to chop down this tree after firefighters deemed it unsafe tonight. the tree's lower branches were hitting cars as they passed
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underneath it. >> it could have been leaning this morning, but now after the rain, it will be leaning a lot more. >> reporter: and the wind and the rain will be picking up later tonight. the arborist that i spoke with a while ago said he expects to be running around and being very busy tonight. live in san ramone, lisa amin gulezian. >> lisa, thank you very much. in western marin county, this tree fell on top of power lines and across lucas valley road. the road is closed from westgate drive to na hasio valley road. crews will work through the night to remove the tree. and the marin county swift water rescue team tweeted, saying they're preparing for an active late night just in case anyone needs assistance. the peninsula tonight, residents are getting ready with sandbags just as the rain is arriving. let's continue your team coverage with sergio can tata
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live in red wood city. good evening, sergio. >> reporter: good evening, erik, this storm snuck up on the peninsula this evening and has caused problems throughout the day for san francisco international airport. i checked with the duty manager a while ago, they tell me since the start of service this morning at about 5:00, they've had about 240 flight delays, 75 flight cancellations. here in redwood stayed, the umbrellas came out about an hour ago. so far it's just been a steady downpour. the winds haven't arrived just yet, but the coming storm is something plenty of people are taking seriously. cities across the bay area have been offering up free sand and sandbags to help protect against any potential flooding near their homes. one resident said he's laying a sandbag around his home's back door. >> i'm doing it today. i've done it twice before. so, you know, because this is
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more predicted to be a seven year one, i've decided to do it. >> i've been monitoring conditions throughout the peninsula and the south bay. so far, there have not been many weather related emergency calls, and we've noticed that also through the surface streets in a lot of the communities and even on the freeways, there's not a lot of traffic, likely because a lot of people have gone home in preparation of the coming storm. live in red wood city, i'm sergio keen tana. >> thank you, sergio. rains fell steadily tonight in a precursor of what we'll see in the next few days. those out for a stroll hunkered down under umbrellas. but the rain and wind is not enough to cancel the hot chocolate run scheduled to take place tomorrow through some of the most inclement parts of san francisco. abc7 news was in golden gate park for the set-up. the 15k portion will take runners down the great highway
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and back to the park. abc7 news was in oakland where a tree toppled onto the southbound lanes of highway 13. the road was cleared and nobody was hurt there. the sierra is getting drenched with rain tonight. this video and from cal transcamera along i-80. the melting brings new concerns about flooding with more rain on the way. even though there's no snow now, the plows are out preparing for the next round of heavy snow expected early next week. and tonight, yosemite officials are concerned for the worst flooding there in 20 years. all roads are closed through sunday and this weekend's rain could dump up to a foot of rain in that area. live doppler 7 radar will be changing and you can enable push alerts to get advisories straight to your phone or tan let. we're learning an 8-year-old boy and his mother drowned in an
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icy kansas pond yesterday afternoon during a trip to visit family. it happened in moundridge, and authorities have identified the victims as 8-year-old trent classen and his mother, 45-year-old poly classen. the fire chief said the two and t -- three fell in the water, but the father was the only survivor. >> they said they were from california and i know they don't get weather like this. yeah, unfurnl, no awareness. was just a bad deal. >> the ice on the pond appeared to be less than an inch thick. berkeley police say the man wanted for a vicious killing near the cal campus yesterday has been captured. this is the suspect. 24-year-old pablo gomez jr, a native of the north hollywood area of los angeles. he was arrested today in burbank. he's accused of stabbing a person to death friday at a home on ashby avenue. he's also accused of seriously
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injuring another woman at a student co-op living space on ridge road. she's in the hospital recovering. we have much more ahead on abc7 news at 11:00. a tough night for raider nation. >> i am encouraged. we showed up, we didn't give it all we had, but you know what, next year, we're going to be fine. remain positive after a season-ending loss. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman reports from houston next. also, the crabber strike is over, but they're still not in the water. and we're looking at rain increasing over the bay area right now. moderate to heavy rain, wind gusts to 30 miles an hour along the coast and san jose and we're looking at heavier rain
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welcome back. a live look at doppler 7, live doppler 7. you can see plenty of green over the bay area now with just a scattered bit of yellow and orange. meteorologist lisa argen will have the full forecast in just a few minutes and tell you when things will really pick up. the raiders' season came to an end with a loss in houston today, but raider nation is still proud of the big steps the team made this year. wayne freedman was at the game and as the story from nrg stadium. >> reporter: welcome to nrg stadium. raiders fans began the day with hope. >> for fans in the silver and black, this was like a foreign country.
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>> they're good people. we're just a little bit better than them. >> those are texas fans talking about the raider nation. a show of force with all the bluster, all the love, all the hope. >> every four years we come here and teach them how to party. come here, spank their booty, like today. >> reporter: now we know how to turned out. talk is talk. raiders fans watched a team without derek carr that didn't look at all like the same team with derek carr. postgame, the raiders' players were graceful and philosophical in defeat. >> the guys came in and played, we just didn't do enough to win. >> i love my teammates, i love my team and we'll be back next year. >> as for raiders fans, still a nation undivided. >> i'm upset. i'm hurt. >> i am encouraged. we showed up, we didn't give it all we had, but next year, we're going to be fine. >> i can't wait until next year. i can't wait until next year. i love my bay, i love my
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raiders. >> reporter: win or lose, that is what love's about. in houston, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> and mike shumann will have more on the disappointing end to the raiders' season in a few minutes in sports. bay area crab fishermen are ready to go back to work after a strike. the strike ended last night, but the crab boats in half moon bay are still docked. the storm coming in is creating conditions that will keep the boats from anything anywhere until at least monday. >> earlier it was blowing 45 knots, which was bad. and there was 20, 22-foot swells. so just choppy and nasty. >> the strike was over the amount per pound of crap paid to the fishermen by processors. $2.87 per pound is now the price.
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as if there was not enough water on the streets, a suspected drunk driver caused this gushing fire hydrant in redwood city this evening. the driver sheered off the hydrant and a pole at broadway and chestnut street. the driver was taken into custody by police. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> we have adeep surge of moisture and that plume is headed right towards the bay area. just getting going right now, and as we look at live doppler seven, you'll notice the yellows that have appeared all over the bay area, and this is what is going to take us through the overnight hours, and into the first portion of our sunday. so the continuous rain in the same spot as this band shifts to the north, and then to the south, is what is going to cause problems as we get through later sunday and monday. you can see the enhancement offshore with the yellow. and we go in closer to mere valley, very happy rain, across 580 and through the richmond,
11:18 pm
san rafael bridge. napa, you have moderate rain and bonn eesha as well. to bay point and concord, light to moderate rain at times. further south, it's been light for you, hayward, oakland and fremont. you notice the whole here, the rain shadow effect, we'll begin to see rain in san jose, but look at what is offshore. this is why we're very concerned about the santa cruz mountains, the burn scar area, we're already beginning to see some mudslides and rockslides here. with rain rates now increasing to perhaps a half inch an hour, we could see even greater rain rates. and look what's here, thunderstorms. we've added those to the forecast tomorrow. this is a very strong band of storms. this will continue to push on through and as you look at this moisture plume, it's just been sitting offshore all day long. so we had a break, we had the gusty winds, but it is continuing -- it will continue to feed in moisture, the
11:19 pm
possibility of thunderstorms and that rain, 10 to 12 hours of it, at a moderate to heavy clip. that's why we have our first 4 tomorrow for our storm impact scale. where we get the heavier rain after midnight, right on through the afternoon. so flash flood watch for the entire bay area, for debris flows. the high wind advisory and the wind warning for the upper elevations. this is for the lower elevations. with that rain, the wind is going to increase. we saw it back off throughout the day, as well as the rain. it was a nice break, we needed it, because we're going to have this for the next day or so and there's another system behind it. winds gusting from 25 to 30 miles an hour, that's where we're getting the steadier plume of moisture. through the rest of the day, tomorrow morning, the winds are gusting, the ground is saturated and the winds stay with us all throughout the evening hours. and the rain does end from north to south tomorrow, but right now, we have the mild temperatures, light rain
11:20 pm
outside, 58 in san jose and gill roy. 55 half moon bay. the winds not too bad at sfo with mid and upper 50s. but it's very mild, raining all day long in the sierra nevada, so the snow is melting. what we have to watch out for here, the stream and creek flooding, the debris flows, hydroplaning, power outages and half a dozen rivers outside their banks on sunday. at 5:00 tomorrow morning, this is when the moisture plume heads to the north, and then it's going to sink back down to the south. we're already in the afternoon. that's why it's a 4. we'll see rain through 2:00, then it begins to break up. the low-lying areas, still holding with two to four inches of rain. upper elevations, six to eight min inches through tomorrow night. santa cruz mountains, eight to ten inches. rain rates of one inch per hour. at the loma area, and with the windy conditions, it's just
11:21 pm
going to be a mess out there. so you probably won't even sleep through it, the downpours will continue to increase. the accuweather seven-day forecast, we get a break much of the day on monday. and then late monday the rain cranks up into tuesday. look, have you noticed what i've done? dried it out thursday, friday, and saturday. that's good news, a change to the seven-day outlook. download our app and be advised of the latest conditions, it will be changing for sure. >> and they will push alerts. all right, lisa, thank you very much. still ahead, you have to see this. it looks bad,
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remember that old cat poster that says "hang in there"? the sheriff's office in
11:25 pm
louisiana posted a picture of a cat stuck on top of a garage door. it looks scary, but bella the cat was not hurt. a sheriff's deputy worked for hours to get her out safely. neighbors and construction workers found her. bella thinks she was sleeping on top of the garage door and didn't notice when he left to run errands -- well, you get the idea. but good, bella's still with us. >> can take a catnap anywhere, i guess. >> he's got a million of them. and start with the raiders. >> they took a catnap on offense today. raiders started connor cook in his first ever game, and it was against houston in the playoffs. connor struggled but didn't get much help as this game slipped right through the silver and ♪
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♪ ♪
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>> abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> well the postseason in the nfl can be so final. and it was just that for the 12-4 raiders after a 14-year wait, they are one and done, shown the exit door by the houston texans. connor cook, making his first career start without donald penn. cook was pressured all day especially by clowney. clowney tips this one to himself for the interception. that sets up lamar miller's five-yard touchdown run. 10-0, texas in the first quarter. raiders able to find some momentum. latavius murray, 39 yards rushing. two minutes to go in the half. brock osweiler, deep to hopkins. great throw and catch, 38 yards down to the 3 yard line. two plays later, same two connect, quick slant, perfect slow. 20-7, texans at the half.
11:30 pm
cook finished with a 30 passer rating, 18 of 45, 161 prds. touchdown, three picks, didn't get any help. amari cooper, one of the many drops on the day. fourth quarter, osweiler on the bootleg, finds pay dirt. 27-14, the final. here's the rookie connor cook. >> i have high expectations for myself, and to come in there and play like that, it's not a good feeling. i want to give me team a better chance to go out there and win, but it's a learning experience, and you just gotta move on. >> we just weren't able to move through with the win, but rest assured we're coming back with a chip on our shoulder next year and making another playoff run. >> we just had an abrupt end, that can happen in this league. >> you always hate to lose. we came in to compete. we had a great season. 12-4. so the guys came in to play, we just didn't do enough to win today. and houston was the better team
11:31 pm
today. >> in the nfc, seattle hosting detroit, hawks trying to get back to the super bowl after a year off. 12th man, once again a huge advantage for seattle. second quarter, still scoreless. russell wilson lobs to paul richardson. watch this catch. only needs one hand. my oh my. 10-3, hawks at the half. thomas rawls, 27 carries, 167 yards and one touchdown. four yards here, in the fourth, seattle up 19-6. wilson, second td pass of the game. doug baldwin, another one-handed grab. seattle wins it and face the falcons next week in atlanta. >> i've been in support of these guys for quite some time. really the second half of the season. we had a couple of games that weren't the way we wanted. but look at the numbers for the last six out of the nine games, there's been a lot of runs, we've been making yards and russell's contributed to that as
11:32 pm
well. more from the it raiders, sharks on the ice, and a little college hoops. stick around. >> nice catch by doug baldwin. not sure he was the target, but nice catch. much more to come, our storm watch continues this saturday night. and while we deal with the
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>> live where you live. this is abc7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. tonight's headlines, live doppler 7 shows us a major winter storm we're tracking that's drenching the bay area tonight. it's moving slow and it's likely
11:36 pm
to produce flooding through the night. lisa argen will be back in a few minutes with a timeline of when and where the heaviest rain will hit. a tree, weakened by rain fell onto a woman in san ramone, killing her. 50-mile-an-hour winds this morning, caused the tree to topple at canyon lakes golf course. the 56-year-old woman was walking on the golf cart trail when it happened. ? western marin county, lucas valley road is closed after a tree fell and blocked the road. the closure is until at least 8:00 in the morning. crews will work through the night to remove that tree. fierce winter weather stalking much of the eastern united states tonight with bitter cold, snow, ice, and whipping winds. thousands are without power tonight, with more blizzard-like conditions to come help here's abc news reporter elizabeth herr. >> if you're a bird, it's not so bad. a heavy snowfall, very scenic from the sky. but if you're on the ground, the new year is blowing in with some
11:37 pm
wicked weather. a winter which is brutal, turning highways into hazards. >> horrible. i'm skidding everywhere. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: causing hundreds of crashes. >> don't go on the roads if you don't have to. >> especially if you don't have four-wheel drive, don't get out on the road. >> reporter: advice that came too late for some. >> this is my first car, driving in the snow, ran off the road. >> reporter: in central connecticut, travel nightmare. it shut down the northbound and southbound lanes, traffic snarled for miles. air travelers fared little better. so many flights delayed or grounded. >> i'm going to pretend like it's not snowing. >> blizzard-like conditions are sweeping snow and sleet up the east coast. 50 million people under weather advisories, bitter cold and windchills in the forecast. and what do you do when the snow cansels your swim meet?
11:38 pm
these guys made quite a splash, diving in for warm-up laps that turned out pretty cold. michael phelps never tried this. >> when snow tires and chains don't cut it, an oregon woman has the injury. mckenzie is a competitive dog-sledder. this week, she was snowed in and had to get to the store. two treacherous to drive because of ice and snow, she hopped on her sled and grabbed the dogs and mushed to the market. >> i loved it. i never thought in a million years i could go mushing down my streets. there was all these people taking photos. they're like, would you take me to work? >> she said while it was a fun sight for locals to see, she said her dogs were excited about the journey. we're hearing now from witnesses who saw the deadly shooting rampage at the ft. lauderdale airport in florida and we're learning more about what the shooter did months before the attack, an early sign
11:39 pm
of trouble. kenneth moaten is there the latest. >> it started, we hit the ground, i turned around and she was shot in the head and killed. >> reporter: travelsers in the thick of the chaos. >> the guy next to him was shot in the cheek. the guy next to him was face down. he was dead. >> reporter: witnesses looked on in horror as a gunman unleashed a hail of bullets. >> he reloaded and he's walking with his arms straight out. stone-faced. >> i saw a man get shot in the head. i saw -- there were people with blood on them. >> reporter: this man saved by his laptop as hundreds ran for cover. >> i was crouched up against the conveyor belt, and i felt a thud. later i found out there was a bullet that ricochetted and entered my backpack. without the backpack, without my laptop in the plastic case, the bullet would have gone through
11:40 pm
my shoulder blades. >> heavily armed s.w.a.t. teams rushed to the scene. under tweft, 26-year-old esteban sant yogo, who threw down his gun and surrendered without a struggle. experts say last november he walked into their army office g agitated and incoherent. >> there's currently no indication mr. santiago is working with any other individuals when he planned and carried out yesterday's attack. >> terminal two is open again as airlines work to get thousands of air travelers to their destinations. the suspected gunman is expected to be in court monday. kenneth moaten, abc news, ft. lauderdale. one day after president-elect donald trump received an intelligence briefing, concluding that russia tried to influence the presidential election in his favor, he went on twit tore announce there's no evidence that hacking affected the election results. he tweeted having a good relationship with russia is a
11:41 pm
good thing, not a bad thing. only stupid people or fools would think it was bad. he followed up with tweets suggesting russia will respect the u.s. far more than they do now once he becomes president, and the countries will work better together to kofl the world's problems. seven of donald trump's cabinet picks are scheduled to appear on capitol hill next week, including controversial attorney general pick jeff sessions and secretary of state nominee, rex tillerson. the rush of confirmation hearings, while not unusual has prompted the head of government ethics to warn the senate not to confirm the nominees before their background checks are complete. bay area democrats are fighting back against efforts to kill the affordable care act. abc7 news was at the zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center as house minority leader nancy plosa and jackie sphere and barbara lee held the first of what they say will be many actions. they introduced a man from san bruno who said before obamacare, he didn't have medical care for
11:42 pm
more than 20 years because he couldn't afford it. >> there were times when my blood sugar was so low that i'd pass out at the dinner table. that's how dangerous it was. syringes and regular medical treatment were not affordable. >> pleak trump has led the effort to repeal and replace obamacare and the house introduced a plan to do that on wednesday. the bill includes a plan for tax credits to offset the coverage. still ahead, a magical look at our earth from millions of miles away. the new images tonight from nasa, next. >> the rain has picked up in the last three hours. now the rain is going to continue for the next ten hours. and that's why we're looking at flooding and enhanced rain rates of a half in
11:43 pm
11:44 pm
11:45 pm
>> if you've ever wondered what
11:46 pm
the view is like from the other side, check this out. nasa released this picture today, showing the earth and moon from mars. the high resolution photo was taken from the most powerful telescope on nasa's mars reconnaissance orbiter. the red planet was about 127 million miles from earth at the time. and a reminder tonight about the dangers of avalanches ahead of the wet weekend in the sierra. this video was posted, a back country skier triggered a min i avalanche in mt. st. helen's in washington state. speaking of major amounts of rain, that's what we'll be getting overnight. here's lisa argen with the very latest for us. >> hi there, eric. that's right, we're beginning to see the heavier rain bands push onshore, but this is what is going to lead up to the heavier showers throughout the overnight hours. so as we go to live doppler 7 right now, you can see the yellows right now.
11:47 pm
let me take you in closer. we're off the coast between davenport and monterey. this will push up against the coastal hills, get extra lift, that's why we're looking at more moisture for half moon bay, the san mateo coast, and through the santa cruz mountains, where the rainfall rates will be the heaviest. mill valley and sausalito, san francisco, heavier downpours. 580, berkeley, up to the north, through val hoe and benicia. and lighter returns from danville, san ramone and castro valley. in the south bay, light rain, but it will pick up for you as well. that's why throughout the early morning hours, it becomes a 4 on our storm impact scale, a major storm. it will be raining six hours by the time you wake up tomorrow or more, and we haven't had rain today. a wonderful break, but it's not going to help us, because we're going to see heavy rain
11:48 pm
throughout the afternoon. look what happens. look at the reds, the oranges. this is how it lifts to the north, 5:00. and then sinks to the south, 9:00. not in a hurry to go anywhere. because from 10:00 to 12:00, we still have heavy rain. not until after 3:00 when we begin to see things quiet down. all around the bay area, we're talking two, four, maybe five inches of rain. talked about the extra lift, the coastal hills, that's why you could see eight to ten inches there. all the way down through the santa cruz mountains, looking at big time problems with flooding. many rivers and creeks will be over their banks sunday. and monday the accuweather-seven day forecast, a big break, monday into tuesday. this will be the worst and then we'll have a dry second half of the week. >> lisa, thank you very much. she'll keep on top of this as will mike nicco tomorrow morning. what we're on top of right now is the end of the raiders season. >> wild-card weekend did not work out for the raiders. raiders and lions are out of the playoffs curtsy of the texans
11:49 pm
and seahawks. the
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>> abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. the sharks have lost three straight, including two at home, they got back on track against the red wings, with their best night on offense. before the game, they honored the california seals who entered the league 50 years ago and helped pave the way for the sharks. first period, san jose down 1-0. and a red wings' defensemen. donskoi gets credit. his sixth of the year. tied at one. later in the period, patrick marleau, edging closer to his 500th career goal.
11:53 pm
seven shy of this shot beats jared coreau. 3-1 sharks after one. third period, joe pavelski, 600th career point and second goal of the game. sharks with their best offensive output of the season. they beat the red wings, 6-3, the final. >> houston hosting the raiders, starting connor cook, his first nfl start is in the playoffs and it showed. cook, without his blind side protector, pro bowl tackle donald penn. clowney tips this interception to himself. 10-0, texans. only in the first quarter. raiders able to find some momentum. murray, 39 yards on the day, two yards here. 10-7 ball game. texans get it back. osweiler to hopkins, quick slant. perfect throw, 27, texans at the half. cook finished with a 30 passer rating, 161 yards, one touchdown, three picks. amari cooper, one of the many
11:54 pm
drops on the day. oz wile or the bootleg, look at him go. raiders eliminated from the playoffs, 27-14 the final. they're more frustrated because they felt like this game was theirs for the taking. >> we felt like we were in the game all the way into the fourth quarter at eight minutes left in the game. that's been our mentality all year. that's why it's so frustrating, because we always feel like we're still in the game. that's our spirit as a team. and i feel hike it's unique. i've never been around a team that no matter what we felt like we had a chance to win, even down to six minutes, we're like, if we get another score, it will be fine. so i love my teammates, i love my team. we'll be back next year. >>. >> i looked at it, like i was going to come in here and play really well. i was confident in the game plan, confident in the guys around me, that i could rely on them. i think i just tried to do sometimes a little too much out there at times. >> and they made more plays than us tonight. it's just very disappointing. because the guys in that locker
11:55 pm
room worked really hard. you know, getting prepared for this game, and our coaches prepared real hard to give us -- everybody has worked hard in our building. it's just disappointing that we leave in the first round. >> the way i approach it, you go forward, you believe, and you teach and you grow and you continue to add, you know, and to grow stronger and you know what you want it to look like, and you keep pushing for it. do you end up having some growing pains? typically, yes. does that mean i feel good about it? no. >> seahawks hosting the lions. second quarter, still scoreless. russell wilson on the play action. watch this catch by paul richardson. phenomenal. under the player, one-handed grab. 10-3, hawks at the half. thomas rawls ran for 161 yards on 27 carries and a touchdown. four yards right here, seattle up 19-6. wilson throws his second td, this time to doug baldwin,
11:56 pm
another one-handed grab. seattle wins and face the falcons next week in atlanta. college hoops, wcc st. mary's. six seconds left in the first. ronnie obese drives and banks it in. up two at the break. jock throws it in. gales up three. they would run away. panew, corner three. st. mary's wins it. they're 4-0 in conference play. santa clara and l.a. facing loyola mary mount. k.j. fagan. 21 points on the night. broncos down one. mark johnson, two of his 12. calvin amayo, throwing it down. 8-9 overall. loyola on top, 66-56 the final. this abc7 sports report brought to you by river rack casino.
11:57 pm
complete wild-card weekend tomorrow and we'll have the results for you at 5:00. >> it's going to be cold back east. just wet here. not just wet here, but you want to download the abc7 news app, so you can keep track of what's going on weather wise. our meteorologists will be on top of it when the rough weather comes in. that's it for tonight. you can join us tomorrow as we track the major torm. for mike shumann and lisa argen, thanks so much for joining us. have a great evening and a better morning.
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