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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 8, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> take a look. a solid sheet of green with yellow and red. the rain drenching the bay area right now. we are waking up to the most power that will storm we have seen in a decade. >> conditions on the bay area roads are treacherous this morning, and to make it worse, the rains are flooding highway under passes and bringing trees down. >> good morning, everybody, on this stormy sunday morning, january 8th. i am carolyn tyler. >> and we are wrapping up the coverage for you as the team
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covers this. >> we will start with our meteorologist, mike nicco. >> long time no see, huh? good to see you this early in the morning. >> yeah. >> in all seriousness, let's talk about what is going on. i put the flash flood warning and some of the other warnings, flash flood occurring in san martin, and below edmundson avenue is flooding right now and will continue to flood. just up the road a little bit, the guadalupe river, we are going to have flooding there until 11:15. and then let's head up to the north bay, what we are seeing around the pen grove area, and the gauge saying the creeks will push out of their local banks if
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they have not already. and then from marin county up 101 from mill valley, and we keep heading north and some of the heaviest rain over the russian river. that's heavy and intense rain, and what that means is more pounding on the roadways. that's where the heaviest of rain will be over the next couple hours. you will see rains across the rest of our neighbors, and walnut creek, i had an accident happen before my eyes this morning, and i will tell you more about that coming up. the heaviest rains in the north bay and then central bay and then south bay, and more on that coming up. >> as you said, the north bay is the one being pounded all morning long. >> yeah, so often the case the storms hit the north bay first. >> and amy, right now, they are getting a break from the rain?
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>> reporter: good morning, dan. we are getting wet but not pounded. we are on sir francis boulevard at highway 101. streets are wet and there's standing water here and there, and it will sneak up on you and it's dark out, so it's worth slowing down to be extremely careful, and not a lot of cars out this morning and quiet on the highways and a lot of people got the word this is a good morning to stay in, and chp is juggle calls for service right now, and they said nothing major, and it's a subjective term, so it's hard to classify -- feels like the rain is picking up as i stand here. nothing too tragic to report, and they say the reporting -- responding to the typical stuff you would get in weather like this, a spinout here and there, and lucas drive is closed because of a tree down, and we
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will wander the north bay to show you what conditions are like. life in san rafael, amy the weather is causing big headaches for drivers, and melanie woodrow is live with what she is seeing there. >> reporter: dan, we had been seeing a tree that was down blocking the onramp here to 280, and a eucalyptus tree like one of these that you see right here. the call came in at 2:00 a.m., and we have video to show you what it looked like, a fallen eucalyptus tree that was dropping the on-ramp to 280 here in burlingame. this was one of more than 35 incidents we have seen this
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more, and we have been checking the chp incident log, and lots of little accidents across the bay area, and there are more serious ones like this, a tree blocking the on-ramp, and crews are out and prepared and responding quickly. by the time we arrived this morning at about 4:45, the on-ramp was already back open and we are seeing a couple remaining orange cones, but they had removed the branches and that tree, and of course your best bet this morning is to stay home if you can, and if you have to go out, of course, to be extremely careful. live in burlingame. we have seen a number of crashes overnight, including one that mike saw himself coming in, and one has a remarkable ending. >> hard to believe nobody was
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hurt. >> weather likely to blame for this one although police are still investigating this one. this is at 280 and highway 1 a short time ago, and highway patrol firefighters and the driver himself flip over that suv with their bare hands, and the reason they did this, is there was a one-hour delay, and no word on injuries, and based on the video, any driver and any occupants are fine considering they were able to get the car flipped up right, and the car had significant damage to the side, and the roads are slick out there. pg & e crews working as quick as possible to restore power to hundreds of customers this morning. here's a look at the out ridge map that, and the green dots are representing areas where customers are without electricity now. the crews are moving quickly, just two hours ago 6,000 were
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without power in mountain view, and service has been restored to nearly everybody there. and then a tree came crashing down in santa claire this morning, and a driver drove the car over the branches and got stuck, and it's unclear if the tree fell moments before they drove by or did not see it. a woman died after a 25-foot tree came crashing down on her in san ramon yesterday. it happened at the canyon lakes golf course before 11:00 a.m. the 56-year-old was walking on a cart path with her husband when the car pinned her down. it's just a freak accident. >> it was not a big tree. it was something that you wouldn't think as being an issue. but unfortunately with the circumstances, everything lined up to make it a tragic event.
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>> her husband was okay, but, of course, devastated. at a nearby canyon woods, the tree's lower branches dropped and were hitting cars as they passed beneath. that's pretty dangerous. firefighters deemed it unsafe. >> we expect to see more of this as the day goes on. it's the tree that holly just mentioned. closed from westgate drive to nicasio valley row. crews have been working through the night to remove this tree. the ma rain county swift water rescue team is ready in case they are needed. they tweeted out these photos saying they are prepared for an active morning. an area of concern is where the loma fire left burn scars in the santa cruz mountains, and residents have been preparing for the wind and rain in an area that could see mudslides and debris flows now that the area
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is bare. >> rain came down, and redwood cities are offering free sand and sandbags to help protect against any potential floodings near home and businesses. one resident said he is laying a sandbag barrier around his home's backdoor. >> i am doing it today and have done it twice before, so you know, because this is more predicted to be a seven-year won, i decided to do it. >> looks like he's not alone by the number of people taking bags. looks like many decided to stock up. if you are looking for sandbags where you live, we have a full list on our website, abc the city closed the pier all
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weekend because of surf. >> none of us have been able to get down there. >> crews started filling a sinkhole on a walking path on the beach below. it opened up last month following another storm and several days of king tides. >> we think you should keep live doppler 7 as this storm moves through. be sure to enable push alerts to get advisories sent straight to your phone or tablet. 5:10 in the morning, and it's still intense. >> mike nicco is here and tracking it all. >> the second push is still going to come in and cause more flooding and power outages and more rock and mudslides, and san jose has seen the least of the heavy rain, and as we look at 101 and 880, i will give you an hour-by-hour look, and how much
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more rain we will get coming up. the roads that have already been seeing some problems. and this is the sierra brace for trouble as the storm hits the
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discover real value worth sharing. i just think that home, it's wherever your family is. maxx life at t.j.maxx. welcome back, everybody. 5:15 on this sunday morning. thank you for waking up early to join us for the abc 7 mornings. this is a live look from the san rafael camera, and you know the north bay is the area that will really get hammered early this morning. you know, if you take photos or videos of the weather where you live, be sure and post them with the #abc7now.
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you might see them right here on nbc 7 news. >> no question you want to avoid allegheny boulevard this morning. a section of the roadway is flooded. this is under highway 101. officials are reminding people of the dangers of driving through flood water, you could get stuck and it could be tempting, just don't do it. don't ignore warning signs put in place to protect you. >> good advice. public safety officials are keeping their eyes on the napa river this weekend, and the river expected to peak near 20 feet, which would be considered major flooding. check out this collapsed road in the heart of wine country north of saint alana. it's closed indefinitely now between deer park road and con valley. and then look at that on
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highway 13. it blocked the southbound lanes for about two hours yesterday. the good news, nobody was injured. look at the size of that root. pretty big tree. >> heavy rain in the sierras making travel for drivers headed to tahoe. this is a look from cal transat the wet roads along i-80 and 50. some chains are required, and there are no chain controls required right now for 50. if you are headed to tahoe, take chains and let somebody knows where you are going, and conditions can change with little notice. and deputies are going door to door in the foothills warning they may need to evacuate. search and rescue and dive teams are on standby this weekend, it
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could get that serious, and residents are being warned to be ready to leave in a moment's notice. >> the river is rising, and instead of waiting for a rescuer to try and get you out because they may not be able to get to you. >> officials expect levels along truckee to be at their highest levels in a decade. and then park officials fear heavy downpours and melting snow will cause the myrrh set river to flood. all camp grounds on the floor are being evacuated, and the rest of the park is open, but services will be limited. all that fresh snow we had, and that is melting under the rain.
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a lot of people have been asking me, is it still a 4? yes, it's still a 4. you did not see the impacts until you started watching the news this morning. we will have more flooding and more wind tkpblg. here's a high wind warning, still in effect until 3:00, so the higher elevations, we still have gusts, even below that, 20 to 30,000 feet, and as i was driving across the bay bridge, rain coming downsi sideways. the car tends to jerk to one side or the other, so be careful. let's start in the south bay. a look at morgan hill, still moderate to heavy pockets of rain there. we have heavy rain being reported in napa all the way to
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vallejo. and up towards -- you can see -- wow, the computer is acting on its own right now. excuse me a second, and i will try to see what it's doing and slow it down a little bit. here's a look at what is going on up to the vallejo, and we just cycled through the whole thing. what we will show you is what is going on in walnut creek right there. you can see the rain let up just a little bit. there we go. heading up towards where live doppler 7 is now. the rain is hot because it's in the middle of the storm crowd. the rain is heavy but not that heavy, and when you see purple it's when you see a little hail. not sure that's going to happen. too warm for that. and then marin county, more is coming your way, and let me put this into motion. you can see more developing off the coast, and the atmospheric river is still there and has to
5:19 am
hit the right areas for you to think it's important. let me show you the areas. 7:00, north bay, and 8:00 starts moving into the heart of the bay, and 9:00, 10:00, in the south bay, and then another one developing in the north bay by 11:00, and that's going to stay up there through 1:00, and then weakens by 5:00, and then 11:00, down to scattered showers. and the 7-day forecast, what you are going to see. two tomorrow, as we have scattered waves of showers, and rains possible tuesday and wednesday, but today is the big deal, and when the next storm comes in, everything is obviously scratch rataturated, a car doing 80 miles per hour, right next to another car, and the car was like this, and the car swerved across three lanes, and hit him, and then that car went into the guardrail. >> you said he was going 80? >> in the torrential rain. >> couldn't see a thing.
5:20 am
dumb. abc 7 was in half moon bay where the crabbing boats are still docked. the storm coming in is creating conditions that could keep the boats from going anywhere, probably until sometime tomorrow. >> i believe it was blowing 45 knots, which is bad, and there was a 22-foot swell. choppy and nasty. >> bay area crab fishermen were out of work, and that strike which was settled friday was over the amount per pound of crab paid to the fishermen by the processors. glad it's over. >> absolutely. stay here with us. runners are willing to brave the storm, but a lot of people will wait it out indoors, and live doppler 7 showing us the storm
5:21 am
watch. >> we showed up and did not give it all we had, but next year we will be fine. it was a tough day for raider nation, but fans try to remain positive after a glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad.
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so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, right now, the best buy rated c2 mattress is only $699.99 learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. this is why i am telling you it's not over yet. look at the atmospheric river, stretches down to the south and still has a bullseye for us and it's when the energy comes through and rings out that moisture, and it's going to be two hours except for up in the north bay. stream/creek flooding, and
5:24 am
hydroplaning, witnessed it in front of me, and power outages and river flooding, a little bit lower but we are going to have some on the russian river and napa river and we will talk about that in the next half hour. the level 4 storm means folks like him are on deck this morning. >> always love to work with you anytime. >> we want to continue our weather coverage with francis. >> reporter: i'm up on the roof and noticed the rain picked up a lot in the past hour. the bpweubiggest issue has not the rain, but it's has been the rain and gusting, and at times i have seen the rain almost come straight across. the bay bridge is behind me and there's a high wind advisory across the bridge, and our producer said it was a white
5:25 am
knuckle drive and felt like he could swerve and hit the wall. winds have been gusting. i found in los gatos, it peaked to 64 miles per hour. i want to show you impressive rain totals over the last six hours, and more on the way. in the north bay, over an inch in san rafael, and in san francisco, three quarters of an inch. san jose has gotten less, but again we are getting ready for the big storm. and there you go, you can see it. and more is yet to come. i am jessica castro at the live desk. at least four people are dead and 15 hurt after a truck drove into a crowd of israeli soldiers, and officials at this hour are calling it a terrorists attack. this happened at a popular
5:26 am
promenade overlooking the old city, including mt. zion. abc news learned from the paramedics on the scene, four were killed, they were soldiers, all young in their 20s. i will continue to get the details here at the live desk here. and the vet who killed five and injured more will make his appearance in court tomorrow. the 26-year-old santiago threw down his gun and surrendered. one would-be victim was saved by his laptop. >> i was up against the conveyor belt, and i felt a thud and there was a bullet that rick ashade and entered my backpack, without my laptop in the cape
5:27 am
the bullet would have gone through my shoulder blades. >> sanitiago was charged with a act of violence at an international airport resulting in death and could face the death penalty. officials were forced to shut down the building. panybody that needs to conduct business with the county is asked to go online until tomorrow. maybe next year raider fans. it was one and done for the silver and black and their hopes to advance in the nfl post season, and their first playoff appearance in 14 years. this was oakland's first post season since 2000, and cook made his first ever nfl start for the raiders, but they could not get it done. the team eliminated from the playoffs after falling to houston, 27-14.
5:28 am
>> i had high expectations for myself and to come and play like that, it's not a good feeling. i want to give my team a better chance for their win, and it's a learning experience and you have to move on. >> the injured quarterback tweeted it didn't end had you i thought it would, but i am so motivated to come back stronger than ever. he broke his right leg and had surgery three days later. a warning, if you are tempted to cross flooded roads. the small amount of water that could cause you a good amount of trouble. and then the rain not only making it a chang to get around right now, and trees are blocking major highway ramps. the worst of the storm, no matter where you are, you are not going to escape the rain
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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. and lit up in green with splashes of yellow and orange as the most powerful storm we have seen in ten years hits the bay area this morning. >> the big impact is on bridges, roads and highways. you are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza right now, and slow down. you know, the roads are slick. you do not want to hurt yourself or others. take your time. we are already seeing flooding that is expected to get worse throughout the morning. good morning, everybody, on this stormy sunday morning, january 8th. i am carolyn tyler. >> i am dan ashley. let's start with meteorologist, mike nicco. >> since we last talked, dan and
5:32 am
carolyn, hi, everybody, a new flood warning, it's the secondary push of light green you see above pen grove and pan tau hraoupla. we are seeing flooding developing right there right now so you juwant to watch out if y live near the creeks overflowing their banks. look at the yellows and the oranges and reds. so the next three to five hours we're going to have real issues with flooding up across the north bay. that's where the heaviest of the rain is. look along the peninsula coast. san francisco down to the bay, and you can see those pushing across and creating localized flooding. i was going to tell you about the rivers quick. and it will last through monday,
5:33 am
and then the nappy river near napa, and the russia river, 3:00 tomorrow through 3:00 on tuesday, and this is going to stop raining tonight but the affects could last more than a couple days. the rain is lighter now than it was a few hours ago, as mike is telling us, but still making for a mess if you have to be outside. >> and who has to be outside, abc news reporter, amy holyfield. >> reporter: hi, carolyn. we are getting a little break right now, not getting drenched. it's still raining. here's a look at what happened while you were probably sleeping, heavier rain here in the north bay, and there's driving video, and this is like mill valley on highway 101. heavy rain coming down, and
5:34 am
really probably created flooding that you might run into this morning if you are out and about, and that's what the chp says, you have to be very careful about. if you are going anywhere near 60 miles per hour or going over that, you are going too fast in this weather. if you over compensate with that steering wheel and with pumping the brakes you could end up spinning out and facing the wrong way, so take it slow, be calm, and just take your foot off of the gas and try to ease your way through it, and hope that those tires are in good shape and going to get you through. standing water is the issue that people need to look out for, and officers say it happens, and trash gathers up around the storm drains and blocks them, and so officials will try to be out and clear things as well as they can, and they are trying to keep things safe this morning
5:35 am
but a little bit is on us to slow down and be careful. >> great advice. we are also tracking the power outages that are all over the bay area this morning because of this stormy weather. >> let's show you the pg & e outage map. they say they have a crew at the scene and they are working to repair a broken power pole in the area, but can you expect a lot more people to be without power as the day goes on. the outages are caused by downed power lines. >> a lot of times people don't know what to do, but pg & e has guidelines. jessica castro has that story from the live desk. >> sending out great tips this morning to keep you safe, and the most important quick tip is to be staying far away and don't
5:36 am
touch a downed power line. what do you do if a power line actually hits your car? here are those tips. you want to stay inside your vehicle, and do not get out because the ground near you could be energized. honk your horn to get peoplpeop attention nearby, and call 911, and wait for emergency crews. if a fire starts then you have to get out, and in that case pg & e suggests you remove any loose clothing and jump out of your car as far as possible and shuffle away instead of picking up your feet, and grant it a lot to think about if you are in an emergency situation, and it's something to put on your radar and know. >> maybe just don't go out and about. officials are warning drivers of flooded roads today, if you don't have to drive anywhere, you are advised to stay off the roads to prevent accidents or your car getting stuck in
5:37 am
floodwaters. this 25-foot tree fell yesterday killing a woman in san ramon. he was walking on a golf cart path with her husband when it happened. first responders rushed her to the hospital but unfortunately she died. firefighters say it was a freak accident and nobody else was hurt by the falling tree. and then the sheriff's office tweeted out this picture. flooding started at 10:15 last night on beach drive and nearby streets. and then the creek here had dozens of residents evacuating from near morgan hill, and since the facility most recently flooded in march residents had no problem complying with the order to get out. residents along the creek that we spoke to say they are confident they are on high
5:38 am
enough ground to weather any blo flooding. >> hope they are right. and then officials tell us that several levees in the south part of the county are so old now, they would not mast muster with today's standards. the levees have failed a number of times in major storms and plans to rebuild them have stalled. in sonoma county the concern today is flooding pen grove. the office of emergency services is open as a flash flood remains in effect this morning. still ahead on abc 7 morning, a tragic turn for one los gatos mom and her son. and a different weather threat talking about a lot of snow. let's take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see the lights on and
5:39 am
the wipers go, and mike nicco is tracking the latest
5:40 am
5:41 am
welcome back, everybody. 5:41 on this sunday morning. this is a live look at the wet, windy conditions on the golden gate bridge. please slow down as you are driving. people asked mike nicco, is this storm still an impact 4 on the scale? absolutely. it's heading this way and in a big way. if you take photos, post them
5:42 am
with the #nbc7now. a suspected drunk driver caused this gushing fire hydrant in the city last night, and sheared off a pole in redwood city. and firefighters were able to cap the leak and the driver was arrested. president-elect donald trump has taken to twitter saying there's no evidence that hacking affected the election results. the intelligence officials say russia did try to influence the election in his favor mr. trump said only stupid people are fools who are think it is bad, and he suggested russia will respect the united states far more than they do now once he becomes president and the countries will work better together, he says, to help solve
5:43 am
the world's problems. >> seven of mr. trump's cabinet picks are scheduled to appear on capitol hill, including controversial picks, sessions and tillerson. it has prompted the head of the office of government ethics to warn the senate not to confirm the nominees before their background checks are complete. president obama sits down for a final interview with abc's george stephanopoulos. president obama will discuss the promises he made during his eight years in office and the mark they will leave on the country's history. this week with george stephanopoulos airs at 8:00 this morning followed by our abc 7 morning news at 9:00. developing news now. efforts to save a los gatos woman and her son from drowning
5:44 am
in an icy pond were delayed because rescuers did not have a boat. that happened in kansas about 45 miles north of wichita. authorities identified the drowning victims of 44-year-old poly classen and her 8-year-old son, trent. the two and the boy's father all fell into what they believed was a frozen pound. after the boat was found, the dad was the only survivor. >> they said they were from california and i know they don't get weather like this, but unfortunately, no awareness was just a bad deal. >> the ice on the pond appeared to be less than an inch thick. people back east are probably wishing for weather like ours, and they are dealing with heavy snow and high winds, and
5:45 am
wrecks. >> if you don't have a four wheel drive, stay off the roads. >> 50 million people are under weather advisories, but the swim team members didn't seem to mind. their meet in virginia was cancelled but they took warmup laps in their speedos. >> never did that in my speedo. >> you don't have any pictures of you in the speedo by chance? >> no, those are long gone. good morning, guys. still have serious weather ahead of us and serious stuff happening right now, and still flash flood warnings out there. i will tell you all about those coming up. first an idea of what to expect, so far an inch and a quarter in san francisco. winds strong all the way up until 3:00, and heavier rains until 7:00.
5:46 am
and they will exit us by sevens, and then we will start to downgrade the storm, so don't let your guard down. >> what a difference a storm may make. the five years of d ♪ ♪
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♪ i need to promote my new busi can make that business cards? business cards, brochures, banners... pens? pens, magnets, luggage tags, bumper stickers. how about foam fingers? like these? now, get 15% off making your company stand out. staples. make more happen. we know we are going to get a lot of rain today, but winds are also a big concern this morning. >> absolutely. that's going to continue. francis is live atop the kgo roof. >> reporter: that's right. the rain is even lighter than half an hour ago, but the winds, i have been standing out here and had to hang on to the railings a few times. they have been gusting and they are strong.
5:49 am
peak gusts in los gatos hit 64 miles per hour. and half moon bay, 43 miles per hour. you can see it's busy in oakland and in san jose and oakland. a scary drive across the bay bridge, and the san mateo bridge as well, and once the winds pick up -- wow, i can feel it now, especially if you are in a minivan or suv. we will keep track of that as well. what i want to show you are some of the advisories out there now. we will start with this one down in the south guadalupe river. we have flooding near the expressway, and that will continue until about 12 minutes after 11:00 this morning. some of the other issues are
5:50 am
flood warnings for pen grove and pedestrian hraoupla. this is going to continue until at least 10:30, and then you can see santa rosa all the way down to sears point. that's for a lot of areas around the creeks that are starting to overflow their banks. we have to watch out for that until at least 11:15. and getting a lot of questions about whether the storm impact is still a 4. yeah, the heavy rain is causing power outages, and that happened while a lot of us were sleeping. the second wave is still coming in and in the north bay that's why we have the flood warnings right now, and they will slide down across the rest of the bay area over the next several hours as the storm temporarily moved to the north and then sliding
5:51 am
back south. now through 4:00, our highest impact, heavy rain and powerful wind gusts as francis just told us, and this storm is not over because we are in a lull where you live right now, doesn't mean you are out of the woods, more flooding and wind damage is on the way. 60-mile-per-hour gusts above 1,500 feet. more trees are going to come down, and more are us are going to lose power. and so here are my concerns, storm, stream and creek flooding. we are going to have more. debris floods, and we are going to have more. hydroplaning, i saw an accident happen in front of me because some clown was driving too fast for the conditions and took out another car. and i saw three accidents within ten miles of my house this morning.
5:52 am
there's more developing offshore. the heaviest right now is across the north bay. look at the reds and yellows, and as soon as it hits the ground, it's going to run off and flood, and the ground cannot hold anymore. here we are 6:00 this morning, some of that heavier rain starting to move into the heart of the bay, and you can see by 7:00, starts to exit. and then, wow, look, there's more coming. and it's more widespread and heavier at 10:00, and 11:00, and noon, it's back into the south bay, and reds showing up. that's heavier rain for the south bay and santa cruz mountains. so here's what is going to happen with the accuweather 7-day forecast. scattered showers and lighter showers mond showers tuesday and wednesday, but from now until 4:00, this is not over. >> don't be fooled. >> right. >> thank you, mike. having an emergency kit is
5:53 am
really important on days like today. >> absolutely. you never know when you are going to need it. jessica castro is at the live december west coast a -- live desk. >> you may experience an emergency at your home as the storm continues, and you still have your lights on and you are watching us on television, so you want to have the basics, a gallon of water, canned food and blankets and a first aid kit and a flashlight. an extra cell phone battery if you have one, or a wrench and flyers to turn off any water, and here's something i had not thought of, prescriptions or eyeglasses you may need, keep them in one place so you know where they are, and additional tips on our website, and we put
5:54 am
that on our home page this morning for you at abc 7 news. >> thanks, jessica. coming up, another check of your weather from mike nicco. you are looking at live doppler 7 showing which parts of the bay area are nosy neighbor with a glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad.
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this time i want you to think about it before you head outside, six inches can knock down you and me, and 12 inches will flood a small car, and 24 inches can flood a vehicle, so turn around and don't down. the worst of the storm is still ahead of us. coming up next, the storm is passing through the bay area, and the damage it already caused overnig overnight.
5:57 am
>> warning signs in place about the dangers of driving during this storm. a lot more to bring you in the next hour.
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let's take a look. green, yellow and red are telling the story of the morning. live doppler 7 showing the rain drenching the bay area right now. >> can you see from the live pictures conditions on bay area roads are a big concern and are going to become more so as the day progresses. making it worse, the rain is flooding some highway under passes and bringing trees down as well. good morning on this stormy sunday morning, january 8th. i am carolyn tyler. >> i am dan ashley. the storm is here and we are seeing some of the flooding we were worried about. >> mike nicco is tracking the storm with live doppler 7. the worse


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