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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  January 8, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. well, we weren't in the clear yet. >> problems are mounting after a pounding amount of rain swept through the bay area. >> we begin with our bay area storm watch as the one of the biggest problems is flooding. we're seeing several washed-out roads. this is the napa river creeping past flood stages. >> trees just can't hold on. this one crashed on top of a car in san bruno. and strong wind gusts in san francisco blew down scaffolding into the middle of the street at 7th and market.
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fortunately no one was hurt. let's begin with an update from meteorologist drews tomba. -- tuma. daly city into oak lend, and even inland. some showers in the santa cruz mountains, very practicedic. the south bay just dealing with a lot of cloud cover. you see some isolated downpours with the pops of yellow around santa rosa. the biggest certain is certainly napa river, forecast to crest at flood stage around 9:00 tonight. we also have a flood warning in effect along the russian river, in guernville. and right around gilroy we're getting issues of ponding. we'll talk about the top line, and more storms on the horizon. he details in a few minutes? >> drew, thank you.
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there's growing concerns about flooding along the napa river. abc 7 news reporter alyssa harrington has a live update. >> reporter: we're seeing vineyards under water. here along deer park road, it is impassable. the road is closed and there's several inches of standing water blocking lanes of traffic. we're just up the road from the beringer vineyard and the culinary institution of america. i found some longtime residents trying to get home, who were surprised to see the road flood. >> this area always gets pretty bad, we thought it might be flooded a bit, about you nothing like that. >> i've never seen flooding like this, never. >> i think it's a long time overdue, but it's scary, really,
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actually this much flooding, but we know that it came fast. that's probably why it's flooded so quickly. >> reporter: drone video shows the swollen napa river. it is expected to crest to the highest level since 2005 and be at flood stage later tonight. we also stopped by yountville, where the cross road was closed. where it bridged the river because of flooding, one resident told es he's not seen anything like this in more than ten years. again vineyards under water. it is very windy. another thing we should mention is there's all sorts of debris all over the ground from the wind and from the water that has been creeping up and then receding. we've also seen people trying to drive through flooded roads like this, never a good idea. it only takes a foot of water to move a car.
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reporting from st. helena. >> thank you, this is the santa rosa creek along montgomery drive. look at the raging water in that area. this is not father from an adel state park. forced first responders into action and cost one -- live in oakland with that story. cornell? >> reporter: eric, first responders didn't waste any time locating that submerged vehicle, though it was too late for the driver. later in the day, the oakland fire department rescued a group of teens from this rages creek. a dramatic rescue unfolded on the oakland estuary, the driver of a teak missing after witnesses saw the car disappear into the water during the storm. >> he left the airport or one of the taxi stands and somehow lost control. >> reporter: a short time later rescue diver locate the car. the cab was pulled from the
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water. >> one person inside, just a driver. you know, we werible to get him out with the rescue swimmers from alameda city and oakland fire. >> reporter: the man died later at a hospital. fellow cabbies knew him as raj. >> he was from i saidia. we are good friends. we always know each other very well. very good person. >> reporter: in the oakland hills, a swiftwater rescue when a group of teams tried body surfing. >> i just saw them go down, like my friends -- >> the friends got stuck in a storm drain tunnel, and were pulled out by the oakland fire department. >> it wasn't very cold because wet wetsuits, but definitely scary. >> >> that was a scary phone call i got, saying they got swept away. i wasn't sure what happened. not the brightest thing to do. >> yeah, dad not happy at all,
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but he was very relieved, his son and his friends were okay, but they were very cold. we're live in the oakland hills, abc 7 news. thanks, cornell. a tree came crashing down over montague expressway. it's not clear if the tree fell just bottom or if the driver simply didn't see it and drove over it. power lines are being ripped done causing outages. pg & e says 8600 are impacted on the peninsula. in the east bay there are 2700 without power and nearly 2,000 without power in the south bay, including entire neighborhoods in the santa cruz mountains. there's a flood warning no those living along the san lorenzo river in the santa cruz mountains. >> lillian kim is live in felton
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with the story. >> felton grove is on high alert. we're in front of the sheriff's department. one of the parking lot that residents are encouraged to move their cards too. people all over came to the covered bridge to look a good look at the river. >> in 2008 it got pretty high, but, it hasn't been that high since. usually it's just very, very low. so it's pretty cool to come out and see what's going on. >> we need you to get ready to leave the neighborhood. >> reporter: volunteers with the planning committee went door to door alerting residents about the rising river. they say so far the process has gone smoothly. >> i feel like people are doing pa good job. we give them lots of warnings. the county has also used the reverse-911 system. >> reporter: homeowners have been through this before. many have elevated their homes over the years, but the peterson
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family did what they would to keep potential floodwart. >> it's not new. we clean up and start toefr. at least it's during somewhat of the daytime, instead of at 2:00. >> i just spoke with the sheriff's deputy, and it looks like the river will remain within its banks, but still too early to tell. live in felton, lillian kim, abc 7 news. thank you. to an incredible rescue in placer county. a 12-year-old girl was pulled from an overturned car in a creek. deputies spotted the car on highway 49 about 30 miles northeast of amounto. good samaritans helped pull the girl out. she was unresponsive, but given first aid. there's no update on her condition just yet. in the north bay some people got a firsthand lesson about the
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dangers in drive in high water. amy holyfield has a look. >> reporter: two drivers found out thathood rained a lot. . meanwhile, they got a hot of attention. >> that's just stupid. c'mon. >> reporter: constant, heavy rain all over the north bay all morning long. drivers had to and a half get through deep, huge puddles all over highway 101, huge gusts of wind also created a challenge for driver. this huge obstacle in park. the driver briefly gets stuck in the mud. we also saw a driver think about it, then turn around. we caught up with him when he
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walked around the mess. >> i picked the wrong weekend to rent a mustang, a convertible, welcome to san francisco. >> reporter: police say they're hoping this serves as a cautionary tale of what can happen if you try to drive think standing water. amy hollyfield, nbc 7 news. and rain delays, what you can expect if you plan on catching a flight anytime soon. also
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sky 7 was over the vineyards where accumulated rain turned
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some vineyards into ponds and lakes. we've seen several other vineyards with similar flooding. one operator says it's too early to determine what impact, if any, the ponding will have. speaking of flying, today is not a good day to fly in or out of san francisco's airport. not the rain, but the wind has led to long delays, cancellations and a few diverted flilgts. the duty manager at sfo tells abc 7 news about 140 cancellations, an equal number of delays. no delays have been reported at either oakland or san jose airport. the golden gate national recreation area has shut down several parks and attractions because of the flooding and dangerously high winds, including muir woods, point bonita lighthouse, tennessee valley, stinson beach, and the parking lot at lands end in san francisco. a rocky muddy mess in
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the sierras. >> why it meant no business at all for some resorts. and i'm meteorology drew tuma, a wet weekend to end it on our sunday. more showers on the life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all.
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mud and rock slides on i-80 in the sierra are creating traveled headaches. flooding caused -- closed i-80 at soda springs and mudslides closed it briefly west of fliriston, and cal france just posted this. heavenly is one of six ski resorts today that closed because of the rain and wind. we're getting a look at the damage. thanks to all of our viewers who are posting all of their pictures and videos on social media with the #absence7now so
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we it find this content. you can see all the flooding from courta madera creek. and also check this out. catherine, she sent this picture, that car driving through that flooded area. she said, anyone have a canoe we can borrow? peak high tide 8:00 a.m. this morning, so keep these photos and videos coming. just be sure to use th the #abc7now. all those photos coming a storm ranked at a 4, the first time that high since we created it two years ago. we're on the tail end of this system. downgrate it, light to moderate rain, and that wind is going to be with us throughout the
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evening. livesh stip continuing to track some showers out there. let's go down to street level at this hour. some light showers around san francisco, san mateo, over to hayward, just to the north of fremont, a couple sprinkles right now and some around danville. to the north we go. heavier downtowers between healdsburg on 101, and the pops of yellow with very high rainfall rates. that's why we've been seeing so much in the flooding. future weather show youing 9:00 tonight we'll likely be tracking some downpours, continuing to move through the region. even as we approach midnight, still a rather unsettled pattern. the flash flood watch is in effect for the majority of the reason everywhere you see shaded in green, at least until 11:00, because we've seen so much rain already, any more could cause flooding. that's what we'll be tracking the next couple hours. another big prout out there
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is the wind. it's been gusting over 50 miles an hour, still gusting 22 in santa rosso. sfo still has a wind gust to 41 miles per hour, part of the reason why they have so many issues. san jose gusting to 22. that wind is out of the south. you probably noticed it feels kind of miles. it's pumping in warm air. 59 in oakland and 59 in napa. overnight tonight the call will be a mild night. mid 40s to low 50s, not a chilly night like we have experienced much of this winter season, but we still are tracking showers, that will lead the way to showers. monday will get a 1. this will be a light system. damp roads, but showers do look to impact the monday even rush. winds do not look to be an sure. so future weather in the early morning hours on monday, 3:00 in the morning, some downpours likely moving through the south bay. by 6:00 not out of question as
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the monday morning commute gets under way. midday we'll likely see a lot of clouds in the sky and no rain falls. that will change monday evening. future weather showing you 6:00, the evening rush does get impactedably showers, likely lasting through 9:00, 10:00 at night. even more rain on tuesday. this is a stronger storm moving through on tuesday. it's a 2. a moderate storm for tuesday. so we're tracking periods of rain. likely we'll have scattered downpours, but the big difference compared to monday is the winds will pick up, once again gusting between 25 and 30 miles per hour. the acuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow is not as windy, but weft scattered showers to contend with. really in the evening that could have a hamper on the commute. tuesday it's rainy and windy. that's why it gets a 2, could have a morning shower linger and finally we dry out by thursday. the sun will return, but likely flooding as we head towards
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tuesday and wednesday. when we come back, sports is next. a little chinaing of the guard? >> a little surprise over on the cal campus with the football
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a bit of a surprise another cal camp tuesday boo as sonny dykes was relieves of his duties. he had a 19-30 record, one winning season and one bowl victory, but they fell to 5-7 last year. his defense was one of the worst
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in the nation. he was openly interviewing for others jobs the past two weeks and mike williams decided it was time to pull the plug. he thanked coach dykes for his tenure, but it was never a good fit. the timing not ideal for find ago quality candidate as the offensive coordinator becomes an interim head coach. wild card weekend concludes. two more games today. we kick off in the frozen tundra of green bay. they did not mind the 13 degree weather bev the game. never give ach record engineers a hail mary attempt in the playoffs. 4 it yards to randall cobb, are you kidding me? third quarter, eli manning through for 299 yards. 41 right down the middle to tavares king. but then it was all rodgers and cobb. cobb five catches, 116 yards, three touchdowns, then rod jess
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for a packer record four tds. they winter it, they'll place the first-place cowboys next week. steelers in pittsburgh, dolphins left their game on miami beach. roethlisberger, antonio brown, brown does the rest. 50 yards down the sideline for the score. next steeler possession, roethlisberger to brown again, this time over the middle. brown 62 yards, 124 yards on five catches. pittsburgh had touchdowns in the first three possessions of the game. le'veon bell set a report with 167 rushing yard. he also had two tds. pittsburgh captures their most they'll face kansas city next week. of course pittsburgh native and our 5:00 p.m. producer could not be happier. babb back to you. we have penn state grads here? holy smokes. still ahead, the radar shows
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rain continuing. >>
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a man saved from underneath a collapsed tree is one of several wet weather rescues. and some helping hands get this vehicle babb upright. why they didn't want to wait for a tow truck. that's new at 6:00. here's a quick recap of the possible trouble spots. >> abc 7 meteorologist lisa argen has the latest.
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>> we're still looking at the flood potential around the bay eastern. we still have showers out there with a flood warning for the run river. until monday. these are when they rivers continue to rite after the rain has stopped, but we'll see showers for the next several days. 20 to 40 miles an hour out of south, so it is going to be a blustery night tonight. you can see the scattered showers through 580 and 680, certainly slippery from the peninsula to the south bay and into the north bay. scattered showers continue tonight with a flash flood watch pretty much for the entire bay area, and then as drew talked about, we have a number 1 on our storm impact tomorrow, and a 2 to follow. pretty we had days ahead. it's not over yet. the weather team is on it. we'll have the lating at 6:00. that's it for abc 7 news at
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5:00. thanks for being here. that's right. for drew, lisa, welcome to "world news tonight." we start with breaking news. the deadly winter blast. white out conditions in the east. dangerous pileups on the highways. the major storm out west, the worst in more than a decade. flooding and mudslides. evacuations under way. new video of the deadly airport shooting in ft. lauderdale. the alleged gunman firing his first shots. did he have contact with isis? why his family says the fbi could have prevented the tragedy. brian ross standing by. >> breaking overseas. the terror truck attack in jerusalem. the driver seen slamming into the crowd. four israeli soldiers killed.


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